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Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

Introduction to the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set

For many families, a backyard playset is an essential part of creating lasting memories and providing hours of fun and exercise for kids. One popular playset option that combines durability, safety and classic design is the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set from Backyard Discovery.

Made from 100% cedar wood, the Oakmont playset is designed to withstand the elements and provide years of enjoyment. Its cedar construction not only lends to the set’s strength, but also gives it an attractive and natural aesthetic that blends into outdoor environments. The set’s versatile design also grows with your family, with multiple swings, slides and activities to keep kids engaged through different stages of childhood.

Key Features and Benefits

The Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set stands out for several reasons:

  • Durable cedar wood construction – The set is made from dense, knot-free Northern White Cedar that is naturally rot, decay and insect resistant without using chemical treatments. Its sturdy build can handle up to 800 lbs of use.
  • Multiple play activities – With two belt swings, a trapeze bar and a 8-foot speedy slide, the Oakmont provides something for kids of different ages. The set also includes a clubhouse area underneath for added fun.
  • Customizable design – The swing beam and clubhouse area allow for add-ons like a swing seat, glider swing or even a zipline to expand play options down the road.
  • Safe footing – The Oakmont features Trex PermaWrap coated railing, heavy-duty powder coated swing hardware, slide and more to prevent injuries.
  • Low maintenance – Thanks to its cedar construction, the set requires minimal upkeep. It also includes zinc-coated steel hardware for weather resistance.
  • Made in the USA – Discovery playsets are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Quality Construction for Years of Enjoyment

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

One of the biggest advantages of the Discovery Oakmont swing set is its durable cedar wood construction. The naturally decay and insect resistant cedar eliminates concerns about cracks, splinters or compromised integrity over years of use. And since the set doesn’t require chemical treatments, you can have peace of mind knowing your kids aren’t being exposed to toxins as they play.

The heavy-duty zinc coated steel hardware combined with coated rails and attachments also ensures the set stands up against sun, rain, snow and other elements. Even the 8-foot slide is made out of a molded material to prevent cracks or damage that could happen with plastic slides over time.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Oakmont meets or even exceeds the industry standards for residential playground equipment when properly installed. With a maximum fall height of just 6 feet and recommended use for ages 3 to 10 years, you can rest assured it provides a safe play experience.

Flexible, Customizable Activities for All Ages

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

A major advantage of the Discovery Oakmont swing set is its versatile play options that grow with your family. With two belt swings, a trapeze bar swing and 8-foot slide, it offers activities for small children as well as older kids. The set can accommodate up to six kids playing at once, so it’s great for larger families or social gatherings in the neighborhood.

Underneath the main fort area, kids will enjoy the covered clubhouse for roleplaying, using their imagination or just hanging out in the shade. You can even add fun accessories like a steering wheel, bins or stools to enhance the clubhouse over time.

The swing beam and clubhouse area are also designed for add-ons, allowing you to customize the set as your kids grow. From toddler swings to ziplines for older kids, there are endless ways to expand the playtime experience.

Blends Beautifully into Your Backyard Setting

Made from real wood, the Oakmont swing set looks attractive in any backyard setting. The natural cedar has a beautiful reddish-brown hue and lacks the brightly colored plastic appearance of some playsets. Whether your yard features gardens, trees or open grassy areas, the swing set complements the landscape.

At 15 feet tall and 20 feet wide, the Discovery Oakmont has a substantial footprint for play, but isn’t overwhelmingly large for average residential yards. It’s also designed with clean lines and simple angles, giving it an upscale look compared to busy plastic playsets. For added customization, you can even stain or seal the cedar wood to match fences or other backyard features.

Simple Assembly for Quick Installation

While the Oakmont is a large, heavy-duty swing set, it’s designed for easy assembly by homeowners. Discovery provides detailed instructions and pre-cut, pre-drilled cedar boards that simply bolt together. Most customers report being able to assemble the entire set in 4-8 hours with two adults.

All hardware and lumber is color-coded and the instruction manual includes helpful visual diagrams. For those who want a hand getting the playset upright, you can also opt for expert assembly by Discovery for an additional cost.

Bring the Playground Home with Discovery

If you’re looking for a swing set that can provide years of excitement, exercise and entertainment for your family, the Discovery Oakmont is a top choice. With its sturdy cedar construction, versatile play options and customizable design, it’s truly a set the whole family can enjoy as your kids grow. By bringing the playground experience to your own backyard, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

Durable All-Cedar Wood Construction

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

When looking for a swing set that will really last, you need one that is built from quality materials designed to withstand the elements. The Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set delivers with its durable all-cedar wood construction.

Swing sets made from plastic and metal may seem sturdy at first, but over time, the effects of weather, sun exposure, and heavy use can cause them to wear down, crack, or even become unsafe. The Oakmont swing set avoids these pitfalls thanks to its use of 100% cedar lumber.

Cedar has natural properties that make it ideal for outdoor structures. For one, it contains oils that act as a natural decay and insect repellent, so you don’t have to treat the wood with harsh chemicals. Cedar is also resistant to rot, mold, and mildew. That means it can stand up to years of rain, snow, and humidity without compromising its integrity.

Cedar is also a strong and stable wood that can endure a lot of activity from exuberant kids. It has a dense grain that prevents splintering. And since the Oakmont uses thick, kiln-dried cedar boards, they won’t warp or crack over time like cheaper thin wood can.

Built to Last Generations

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

When you choose the Discovery Oakmont swing set, you’re investing in a structure built to last for generations. While plastic and metal sets may only make it a few years before needing replacement, the Oakmont is designed to provide decades of fun.

The heavy-duty 100% cedar lumber can accommodate up to 800 pounds of use over multiple play areas. From the sturdy 4×4 posts to the built-in benches and roof, every component is made from dense cedar designed to endure activity.

And since kids grow at astonishing rates, you can rest assured the Oakmont won’t become too small or unstable as they get older. The fort is rated for ages 3 to 10 and can hold up to 800 pounds across its 6-foot height and 20-foot width.

Withstands All Weather Conditions

Whether you live in a climate with cold snowy winters or hot humid summers, the Oakmont can take it. That’s because cedar wood holds up against all types of weather year after year.

The cedar lumber is kiln-dried for maximum weather resistance. So even heavy rains, frost, snow accumulation and more won’t negatively affect the swing set. It’s also unaffected by sun exposure and drying heat that can damage other types of wood over time.

Equally important, cedar doesn’t leach chemicals when wet like pressure-treated lumber can. So you don’t have to worry about toxins seeping into the ground near where your kids play as water runs through the set.

Looks Great Year After Year

Not only is cedar strong and sturdy, it also simply looks good. The Oakmont’s natural reddish-brown cedar has an attractive visual appeal. Unlike bright plastic structures, it blends into your backyard setting. The wood hue also remains consistent over time.

Cedar develops a silvery-gray patina after prolonged sun exposure. But many homeowners actually like this look, feeling it adds a “lived-in” mature character to the set. Or if you prefer the original cedar color, you can apply an oil finish to help maintain the wood’s rich hue.

No Chemical Treatments Needed

One of the best things about cedar is it doesn’t require chemical treatments to make it weatherproof or insect-resistant. The Oakmont swing set comes ready to install without any prior applications needed.

Many wood swing sets are treated with a chemical preservative to prevent rot and bug infestation. But these waterborne treatments can leach out over time, especially with frequent rain exposure. With cedar’s natural resistances, the Oakmont eliminates this risk.

Discovery uses completely untreated cedar for all components. So you can have confidence your kids are playing on non-toxic materials. And without chemicals, the set won’t corrode metal components as quickly either.

Classic Design Kids Love

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

The natural beauty and strength of cedar wood lend themselves perfectly to the Oakmont’s timeless design. The swing set features clean lines, gently sloped rooflines and an inviting fort area kids are sure to enjoy.

Unlike neon plastic playsets, the Oakmont has an upscale, dignified look parents appreciate too. The all-cedar construction provides plenty of play value without compromising aesthetics. Place it in your yard and watch it blend seamlessly into the landscape.

Few backyard play structures balance durability, safety and style as masterfully as the Discovery Oakmont. Built entirely from dense, rugged cedar lumber and made to last for generations, it’s a set families will cherish for years to come.

Generous Play Space and Multiple Play Options

When installing a swing set in your backyard, you want one that will maximize play for years to come. The Discovery Oakmont delivers generous space and diverse play activities to keep kids engaged as they grow.

At 20 feet wide and over 15 feet tall, the Oakmont provides a substantial play zone for multiple children. Unlike compact plastic sets, this wooden structure gives kids room to climb, swing, slide and more without feeling constrained.

The set is also loaded with features to foster active play and imagination. From swings and climbing walls to a clubhouse area, the Oakmont promotes fun and exercise in diverse ways.

Spacious Clubhouse Area

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

At the center of the playset, kids will delight in the covered clubhouse area. This versatile space provides shelter from sun and rain while also encouraging creativity and roleplaying.

Kids can climb through the clubhouse window, pretend they’re in a spaceship or castle, and arrange the interior with seats and toys. You can even add accessories like a steering wheel, tool bench or chalkboard to extend the play themes.

With nearly 7 feet of headroom and 4-foot-deep sides, multiple children can play together in this popular hangout spot that stimulates their developing minds.

Side-by-Side Swing Set Fun

The Oakmont comes equipped with not just one, but two belt swings situated side-by-side. This unique design allows siblings and friends to swing together and chat as they soar.

Having two swings also prevents fighting over who gets the swing next. And they accommodate up to four kids at once if you add a two-seater glider swing or tire swing down the road.

The swings connect to a 7-foot-long upper beam angled for maximum momentum. Their long suspension chains and soft rubber seats provide a fun, safe swinging experience kids beg for every day.

Thrilling 8-Foot Speedy Slide

Kids work up an appetite for the exciting slide by climbing the angled rock wall steps on one side of the fort. The ladder-style climbing wall promotes balance and coordination as they transition to the platform.

Once on top, an 8-foot speedy slide offers a thrilling descent back down. Made from a molded material, the slide maintains its smooth curving shape without cracking or getting too hot from the sun.

The long, angled design gives kids the satisfaction of a fun rollercoaster-style ride. Guardrails provide stability and the extended run-out platform safely slows momentum upon exit.

Additional Chin-Up and Trapeze Bars

To build strength and burn off energy, kids will also love the Oakmont’s chin-up bar and trapeze bar situated just below the swings. The chin-up bar challenges upper body endurance, while the rotating trapeze develops coordination.

These activities help expand the Oakmont’s play options beyond just swinging and sliding. Kids can alternate between activities to keep them happily occupied for hours.

Built for Years of Use

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

Discovery designed the spacious Oakmont with durable cedar construction to encourage active play for years. All lumber meets stringent quality guidelines and is pre-cut and pre-drilled for quick assembly.

The sturdy materials hold up well against rowdy, roughhousing kids. Parents also appreciate how the open fort promotes interaction and shared play among multiple children.

With its generous size and diverse features, the Discovery Oakmont promotes the active, stimulating play environment families want in their own backyards.

Safety Features Like Redwood Lumber and Safe-T-Fuse Hardware

As a parent, keeping your kids safe is the top priority when choosing outdoor play equipment. That’s why the Discovery Oakmont swing set incorporates safety-focused design features like durable lumber and protective hardware.

From sturdy redwood construction to no-pinch Safe-T-Fuse components, the Oakmont set prioritizes injury prevention. Discovery uses certified lumber, secure fasteners and protective coatings to create a secure structure built to last.

Naturally Resilient Redwood Lumber

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

The Oakmont playset starts with a foundation of resilient Northern California redwood boards. Redwood is naturally decay resistant so the set won’t weaken from exposure to weather and moisture over time.

Redwood contains tannins that act as a natural pest repellent too. So you don’t have to treat the boards with harsh chemicals to prevent insect damage or rot. Redwood is also less susceptible to splitting, cracking and warping than other types of wood.

With dense grains for added strength, these sturdy redwood boards construct a set that withstands active kids while retaining its safety and integrity for years.

Secure Safe-T-Fuse Hardware System

The Oakmont’s redwood lumber connects via Discovery’s signature Safe-T-Fuse hardware system. This patented design inserts a metal rod through the wood then attaches a nut flush with the board’s surface.

Unlike protruding bolts, Safe-T-Fuse doesn’t leave any hardware sticking out where kids could get caught on it. The system also self-aligns parts for quick no-hassle assembly using included tools.

For added protection, Safe-T-Fuse features a special coating that prevents corrosion and inhibits cracks or splits in the wood over time. This ensures a safer playset that maintains its structural integrity through years of use.

Non-Toxic Kid-Friendly Materials

Discovery knows parents don’t want their kids exposed to hazardous chemicals as they play outdoors. That’s why the Oakmont swing set uses non-toxic kid-safe materials.

The redwood lumber contains no chemicals or pressure treatments. And the Safe-T-Fuse hardware utilizes a non-leaching rust-inhibiting coating. This prevents any toxins from leaching out of the set even with prolonged exposure to sun, moisture and activity.

Parents also appreciate the lead-free powder coating on the metal swing hangers, slide and other components. So you can have confidence your kids play on a safe non-toxic structure built just for them.

Tested for Safety and Durability

The Oakmont meets or exceeds all guidelines for safe home playground equipment. While regulations don’t require it for residential use, Discovery voluntarily tests the Oakmont to verify its safety.

The set passes a variety of impact resistance, structural integrity, weight loading and other tests. This ensures the set provides adequate protection and stability for kids’ roughhousing play in the backyard.

The Oakmont also endures harsh weather testing. So you can count on the set retaining its safety through all types of weather conditions, from hot sun to freezing ice and snow.

Made for Years of Safe Play

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

Discovery designs the Oakmont swing set as a safe play structure built to last multiple seasons. Durable redwood, secure hardware and protective coatings stand up to active kids while eliminating potential hazards.

It’s rugged enough to avoid danger, yet designed for kids’ limitless imaginations. With safety as a top concern, Discovery creates backyard playsets families feel good about.

Customizable With Additional Accessories

One great thing about the Discovery Oakmont swing set is you can customize it with add-ons and accessories. This allows you to expand the set’s play activities as your kids grow and their abilities progress.

The Oakmont’s versatile design accommodates many enhancement options today and down the road. From additional swings to climbing attachments, there are many ways to tailor the set to your family’s interests.

Add a Two-Seater Glider Swing

Take full advantage of the Oakmont’s 7-foot swing beam by adding a two-person glider swing. This popular add-on allows two kids to sit side-by-side and swing together in smooth gliding motion.

The glider attaches easily to the swing hanger using chains, carabiners and a steel mounting bracket. With two belts and grab handles, kids can swing in tandem while chatting and laughing together.

The glider swing provides a different experience from traditional swings that helps build social skills. It also allows you to accommodate more kids at once.

Install a Backyard Zipline

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

As kids get older, they’ll love the exhilaration of zipping down a backyard zipline. Many Oakmont owners install a zipline kit using the set’s tall A-frame and swing beam.

The kit includes a galvanized steel cable, adjustable hanger brackets and a comfortable foam seat. Kids start at the A-frame, then zip down the suspended line to the far end post.

Ziplines help build confidence and courage. And they provide hours of entertainment for pre-teens and teens who have outgrown other playset activities.

Append Modern Rope Ladders

Rope ladders make a challenging and fun addition to any playset. For the Oakmont, vibrantly colored rope ladders can attach at the rock wall or rear posts.

Kids strengthen hands and arms as they navigate the swinging rungs. Ladders improve dexterity, agility and flexibility too. Position them at different heights to accommodate kids of all ages.

Rope ladders add visual interest and expanded play options. And they’re easily removed or repositioned later to change things up.

Incorporate a Customized Clubhouse

For a totally unique playset, you can customize the Oakmont’s clubhouse area with personalized add-ons. Attach a small chalkboard or whiteboard to foster creativity.

Add colorful curtains, wall hooks and shelves to make it feel like home. A clubhouse kit even includes kid-sized furniture like tables, seats and accessories to enhance interactive play.

By personalizing the clubhouse, kids take ownership of the playset. Custom details make it more special and meaningful.

Accommodate All Ages

The great thing about the Oakmont is you can modify it over time to keep kids engaged. Start with basic swings, then add features like gliders, ziplines and climbing walls as they develop new skills and interests.

Discovery makes it easy to customize your set. All accessories mount securely using the Oakmont’s sturdy cedar structure and steel hardware system.

With endless add-on possibilities, the versatile Oakmont grows with your family. No matter their age, there’s always a new way to play.

Easy Assembly With Step-by-Step Instructions

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

While the Discovery Oakmont is a full-featured wooden swing set, it’s designed for easy assembly by homeowners. The included instructions and labeled parts make installation a smooth process you can handle.

Discovery provides step-by-step manuals with clear diagrams illustrating each phase of the build process. The pre-cut lumber also speeds construction by eliminating complex cutting.

With basic DIY skills and some help from a friend, you can have the Oakmont assembled and ready for play in less than a day. Review the key features that simplify installation.

Pre-Cut and Pre-Drilled Parts

One of the best things about the Oakmont is that all lumber arrives pre-cut to the correct dimensions. This prevents any cutting or sawing during assembly.

The lumber is also pre-drilled with precision holes for inserting bolts. By taking the cutting and drilling out of your hands, Discovery speeds the installation while ensuring perfect holes and sizing.

All you need to do is fasten the pre-fabricated parts together using the included hardware. This makes assembly faster, easier and frustration-free.

Detailed Manuals With Visuals

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

Discovery knows reading complex instruction sheets can be challenging. That’s why their manuals use straightforward language and clear visual diagrams.

Each manual guides you step-by-step through the assembly process. Large 3D diagrams illustrate how the parts fit together, so you can visually confirm you have it right.

Having both written and visual instructions makes assembly nearly foolproof. The manuals walk you through each phase, showing exactly what hardware to use where.

Color-Coded and Labeled Parts

Along with diagrams of each phase, parts are labeled A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 and color-coded. So it’s easy to locate the exact board, bolt or bracket you need for any step.

The manuals reference the labels and colors to eliminate confusion. If the directions say attach Part A to Part B, you’ll quickly find those matching components.

This organizational system keeps all hardware and lumber organized during unpacking and assembly. You won’t waste time guessing what pieces connect next.

Complete Tool Kit Included

Discovery saves you another hassle by providing all tools required for assembly. The kit contains several sizes of wrenches, a ratchet driver,hex bolts, screws, and anything else needed.

Not having to round up your own tools saves time and frustration. And if anything is missing or gets misplaced, you have backups handy to get the job done.

Between the included tools and labeled pre-cut parts, you have everything needed for quick streamlined installation right from the start.

Friendly Customer Service

If any questions or issues do come up during your build, Discovery’s customer service team is ready to help. Their US-based representatives can assist with assembly challenges or replacing any missing or defective parts.

With helpful manuals, organized parts and ready support, assembling the Oakmont is an enjoyable family project. In just an afternoon, you can have a new playset ready for action in the backyard.

Weather-Resistant Cedar Wood is Low-Maintenance

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

For many homeowners, the backyard is an extension of the home – a place for family fun, relaxation, and making memories. Upgrading your backyard with new play equipment can completely transform the space and provide endless hours of enjoyment. One upgrade I highly recommend considering is the Discovery Oakmont cedar swing set.

Swing sets are a backyard staple, allowing kids to burn off energy and imagination. But not all swing sets are created equal. The Discovery Oakmont stands out for its durable all-cedar wood construction. Cedar has natural weather-resistant properties, meaning it can withstand the elements year after year with minimal upkeep. No cracking, warping, or splintering to worry about. Just periodic staining or sealing to maintain that rich wood look.

Cedar is also lightweight and provides a smooth surface for play. This means less potential for injuries than traditional treated lumber, which can crack and result in splinters over time. And of course, the beautiful reddish-brown hue and wood grain of cedar provide a natural, upscale aesthetic that blends nicely into landscaped backyards.

Designed for Years of Family Fun

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

The Discovery Oakmont isn’t just a basic swing set – it’s loaded with activities and designed for years of play. The main play structure includes two belt swings, a trapeze bar with gym rings, and a 8’ speedy slide. Kids will love challenging themselves to new heights on the climbing wall and flying down the slide after reaching the top.

There’s also a separate raised clubhouse area underneath, perfect for roleplaying and imaginary adventures. When kids need a break from action, they can chill out on the picnic table benches. And mom and dad can keep a close eye on the fun from the included bench swing, which lets two adults sit comfortably.

Adding to the long-lasting play opportunities, this Oakmont set comes with a swing beam that can accommodate up to four swings. Out of the box, two belt swings are included. But you can easily add a toddler bucket swing, a trapeze bar, or whirlwind spinner swings over time.

Safety from Start to Finish

Safety is also built into every aspect of the Discovery Oakmont design. The main play structure sits on four heavy-duty 4×4 wood posts, providing stability and preventing tipping or swaying during play. The rock climbing wall, ladder, and speedy slide all feature integrated hand rails for sure gripping and extra support.

The speedy slide is made of durable UV-protected plastic rather than metal, keeping temps comfortable for little bottoms on hot sunny days. And the 8’ height is just right for elementary age kids – not too high to overwhelm smaller children, but thrilling enough for bigger kids’ enjoyment.

Parents will appreciate that the Oakmont meets rigorous ASTM safety standards and has a recommended age range of 3 to 10 years. With adult supervision, this swing set can provide over a decade of memories in the backyard.

Made for Easy Assembly & Maintenance

Considering its large size and solid wood construction, you may think the Discovery Oakmont would be difficult to assemble. Thankfully, that’s not the case! The set ships with detailed, step-by-step instructions and pre-drilled holes for all hardware. All you need are basic DIY tools like a socket wrench set, ladder, and drill.

Plan to spend a full day for assembly. Having an extra set of hands makes the job easier. I’d recommend calling on a family member or friend to assist with lifting the bean and attaching the walls and slides. Once built,you’ll just need to stain or seal the cedar wood yearly.

With a total footprint of 18’ x 12’, make sure to check for overhead wires and branches before installing. Also call utility companies if you plan to dig post holes for added stability.

Add Accessories for Custom Fun

One of the best parts of the Discovery Oakmont is that it’s completely customizable. The manufacturer offers a range of accessories you can mix and match to create your dream backyard play space. Here are some of my favorite add-ons:

  • Steering wheel add-on – Lets kids turn the clubhouse into a play drivers station
  • Monkey bar kit – Builds upper body strength and coordination
  • Double slide kit – Adds a second slide right next to the existing one for racing fun
  • Chin-up bar – Tests strength and agility for kids who have outgrown the other activities
  • Canopy roof kit – Provides shade over the main tower area

You can opt for these accessories when first purchasing your set. Or easily add them later by following the manufacturer instructions.

Invest in Lasting Quality & Value

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

With a price tag over $1,000, the Discovery Oakmont is admittedly a significant investment. But buyers rave that you get what you pay for – a high quality swing set built from sturdy all-cedar wood. Thanks to the natural durability and weather-resistance of cedar, you can expect this playset to last for a decade or more with proper care and maintenance.

Many reviewers mention they wanted to get away from low-end big box store plastic playsets that tend to crack and warp after just a few seasons. The Oakmont provides superior stability, safety, and aesthetic appeal. And buying once rather than wasting money replacing flimsy sets every few years is the smarter long-term investment.

If you’re looking to add serious play value and create lasting memories in your backyard, the Discovery Oakmont cedar swing set is highly recommended. No shortcuts were taken in materials or construction – this set is made to stand the test of time. Check it out today and let your family’s backyard fun begin!

Designed for Many Years of Family Fun

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

As a homeowner, maximizing the functionality of your outdoor space is key. Your backyard is valuable real estate with huge potential for making memories. One stellar way to transform your yard into a play paradise? Upgrading to a quality swing set, like the renowned Discovery Oakmont cedar set.

At first glance, the Oakmont has everything you’d expect from a classic swing set: swings, a slide, climbing elements. But this comprehensive set packs in way more fun. It’s thoughtfully designed to keep kids busy and active for years to come. The all-cedar wood construction also lends beauty and durability.

Jam-Packed with Play Stations

With its huge range of activities, the Discovery Oakmont provides endless play variety. The main play tower structure includes two belt swings, a trapeze bar with rings, and a curvy 8-foot slide. For climbing fun, kids can test their skills on the rock wall with sturdy hand grips.

Underneath the main tower lies a clubhouse area perfect for letting imaginations run wild. Kids will spend hours roleplaying and dreaming up creative adventures. When they need a break, the picnic table benches supply a place to recharge.

The set also comes with an adult bench swing, so parents can comfortably oversee the action. And if that wasn’t enough, the swing beam accommodates up to 4 swings. Start with two classic belt swings, then add accessories like a bucket toddler seat or spinner swing.

Built for Safety & Stability

Since kids will likely use this set for years, safety is a top priority. The main tower sits on 4 heavy-duty 4×4 posts, preventing swaying or tipping during climbing and swinging. Ladders, rock walls, and slides all have integrated grip rails for stability.

The 8-foot slide is made of smooth plastic rather than hot metal, keeping kiddos comfortable. This height hits the sweet spot – thrilling for big kids without overwhelming tinier tots. Meeting rigorous ASTM standards, the Oakmont is designed for kids aged 3 to 10 with adult supervision.

Cedar Wood is Strong & Durable

Unlike flimsy plastic or easily-splintering treated pine, the Oakmont is crafted from sturdy, naturally rot-resistant cedar. This gorgeous ruddy wood retains its integrity through years of sun, rain, and snow.

Cedar’s smooth grain also prevents injuries from splinters – a worry with traditional lumber over time. And the wood’s lightweight feel makes swinging and climbing easier on little hands. With periodic sealing, the cedar retains its rich color and natural beauty in your yard.

Customizable for Your Family

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

One of the Oakmont’s best features is its customizable design. Mix and match from a range of accessories to tailor the set to your family’s interests. Some fun add-ons include:

  • A steering wheel so kids can “drive” in the clubhouse
  • Chin-up bars to challenge strength as kids grow
  • A canopy roof for shade over the main tower
  • Monkey bars to build coordination
  • A double slide for high-speed racing

You can select accessories upfront or integrate them later. Either way, the Oakmont grows with your children for years of use.

Straightforward to Assemble

Considering its epic size and solid wood, you may worry this set is hard to assemble. Thankfully, assembly is smooth sailing. The included instructions walk you through each step. All hardware holes are pre-drilled for convenience.

Just make sure to set aside a full day and recruit a helper for lifting and wall/slide attachment. Basic tools like a wrench, drill, and ladder are required. Given the large footprint, check for overhanging branches before installing.

A Worthwhile Investment

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

Priced at over $1000, the Discovery Oakmont is no small investment. But its unmatched quality and longevity easily justify the costs. This set is built to outlast flimsy big box store kits. Plus you avoid the waste of continually replacing damaged plastic sets.

Many reviewers say the Oakmont was worth every penny. The cedar wood’s resilience, paired with the set’s robust build, provide a safe play space kids can enjoy for over a decade. Add in the flexibility of customization, and you simply can’t put a price on the memories made!

For a swing set built to stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with the Discovery Oakmont. Check it out before another season passes your family by without this backyard showstopper!

Affordably Priced Compared to Other Wooden Playsets

As a homeowner and parent, you want to provide your kids with fun activities and great memories in the backyard. But you also don’t want to break the bank on play equipment that will be outgrown in a few years. That’s why the Discovery Oakmont cedar swing set is such an ideal choice.

With its all-wood design and packed with activities, the Oakmont makes an amazing backyard addition. Even better, it provides lasting value and quality at a price-point families can manage. Keep reading to see why its combination of affordability, durability, and flexibility beats out pricier playset options.

Loaded With Fun Features

Even with its reasonable price tag, the Oakmont doesn’t skimp on fun! This comprehensive set includes two belt swings, a trapeze bar, an 8-foot curvy slide, and a rock climbing wall. Underneath lies a clubhouse area and picnic table benches provide a hangout spot. An adult swing allows you to oversee playtime.

The swing beam accommodates up to 4 swings, so start with two and add more accessories down the road. With so many play stations packed in, kids will invent new adventures every day!

Designed for Safety & Durability

The Oakmont keeps fun safe for kids ages 3 to 10. Heavy 4×4 posts prevent tipping, while grip rails on ladders and climbing elements provide stability. The slide is made of smooth plastic that won’t burn little bottoms on hot days.

Unlike cheap sets made from pine lumber, Oakmont is crafted from sturdy, naturally rot-resistant cedar wood. Cedar retains its integrity for years outdoors and won’t easily splinter or crack. Periodic sealing maintains its beautiful ruddy color and wood grain.

Easy Assembly & Maintenance

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

Considering its robust size and solid wood materials, the Oakmont may seem daunting to assemble. Thankfully, the detailed instructions and pre-drilled hardware holes make the process manageable. With basic DIY tools and a helper, expect to spend a full day building the set.

Upkeep is also easy thanks to cedar’s weather-resistance. Just routinely check hardware and stain as needed. The wide layout does require sufficient flat space, so check for overhanging branches beforehand.

Add Accessories Over Time

One of the Oakmont’s perks is its customizable design. Mix and match accessories to keep the set exciting year after year. Affordable add-ons like steering wheels, canopy roofs, monkey bars, and additional slides can be purchased separately.

Since the swing beam accommodates 4 swings total, you can also swap in new seats as kids grow and interests change. This flexibility ensures you get the most value from your investment as your children age.

Lasting Quality for the Price

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

At around $1000, the Discovery Oakmont is priced below comparable cedar wood playsets. Considering its first-rate materials and construction, this set should provide over a decade of use. That longevity saves you from continually replacing flimsy big box store models that break every few years.

Many parents say they selected the Oakmont specifically for its durability and value. The cedar wood withstands elemental exposure that can warp cheaper pine. And the set’s robust design keeps it stable and safe season after season.

For an affordable swing set that can stand up to active kids while adding beauty to your yard, the Discovery Oakmont is a winner! Its packed with activities to delight kids now, yet buily to grow with your family over time.

Worth the Investment

At the end of the day, maintaining a safe and exciting backyard play area is worth budgeting and planning for. And the Oakmont’s unmatched quality for the price makes it an accessible option for most families.

Since your children’s playtime memories will last a lifetime, choose equipment built to last just as long. Let the Oakmont bring you peace of mind along with countless hours of family fun in your own backyard oasis for years to come!

The Clear Choice for Backyard Playtime

As a parent, ensuring your kids stay active and imaginative is a top priority. But it can be tricky to keep them engaged, especially outdoors. Upgrading your backyard with some enticing new play equipment could be just the solution. When it comes to outdoor playsets that inspire adventure, the Discovery Oakmont cedar swing set is a standout choice.

Packed with activities, designed for safety, and crafted from durable cedar wood, the Oakmont has everything today’s families want. Its dynamic play stations and customization options guarantee endless fun for years to come. Keep reading to see why the Oakmont is the clear winner when it comes to your backyard play space.

Loaded with Exciting Play Options

A great swing set needs more than just a basic slide and swing. The Oakmont delivers on adventures with two belt swings, a trapeze bar, 8’ slide, and climbing wall. Underneath lies a clubhouse for creativity and picnic tables for hanging out.

The adult swing means parents can oversee play, and the beam accommodates up to 4 swings. Start with two and add more like toddler bucket or whirlwind spinners later. With so many activities packed in, kids will never get bored!

Customizable for Growing Kids

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

Since the Oakmont is made to last for years, the customizable design grows along with your family. Affordable add-ons like steering wheels, chin-up bars, canopy roofs and monkey bars let you meet changing needs.

Swap seat types on the swing beam as interests change. Keep play exciting by integrating new elements for birthdays or holidays. This flexibility gets you the most return from your investment in memories.

Durable Cedar Wood Construction

Unlike flimsy pine lumber playsets, the Oakmont is handcrafted from resilient all-cedar wood. Cedar naturally withstands outdoor elements like sun, rain, and snow without warping or rotting.

Its smooth grain deters splintering, and the lightweight feel makes play easier on small hands. Periodic sealing maintains cedar’s beautiful ruddy luster for years. This set is built to last longer than your kids’ childhood!

Designed with Safety in Mind

Since the Oakmont is made for kids ages 3 to 10, integrated safety features give peace of mind. The main tower’s 4×4 posts prevent swaying, while grip rails offer stability on ladders and climbing walls.

The 8-foot slide is plastic, so no scorching hot metals to fear. Meeting rigorous ASTM standards, you can trust the Oakmont’s exceptionally safe design for carefree play.

Surprisingly Simple Assembly

Backyard Fun: Why the Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is the Perfect Backyard Upgrade

Though the Oakmont is substantial in size and materials, its assembly is smooth sailing. Included instructions provide step-by-step guidance and all hardware holes come pre-drilled. With basic tools and an extra set of hands, expect to spend about a day constructing the set.

Given the large footprint, check for overhead wires and branches first. Then let the backyard fun commence for years to come with minimal upkeep needed!

An Investment in Memories

While priced over $1000, families agree the Oakmont is worth every penny. Not only does its cedar construction and meticulous design ensure this set lasts more than a decade, but the endless activities keep kids engaged year after year.

Many parents choose the Oakmont to avoid replacing flimsier setups that break frequently. And its customization options guarantee you get the most ROI from your purchase down the road.

When it comes to nonstop family fun, safety, stability, and lasting play value, the Oakmont cedar swing set has no competition! Let your backyard become the ultimate play and bonding destination with this best-in-class playset today.