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Could This Futuristic Purse Be The Hottest As Seen On TV Product Of 2023

Introduction to the touch screen purse seen on Shark Tank and QVC

As an avid Shark Tank viewer, I’m always intrigued by the innovative products that entrepreneurs bring onto the show. Recently, one product that caught my attention was the touch screen purse created by inventor Lori Greiner. In this article, I’ll provide an in-depth look at this futuristic purse and why it just might be the hottest As Seen On TV product of 2023.

The touch screen purse first appeared on Shark Tank in season 9 when Lori Greiner introduced her clever creation. She demonstrated how the purse has a clear plastic front panel that allows you to use your smartphone screen without even taking your phone out of the bag. The purse essentially turns into a phone case with a crossbody strap. I was amazed by the convenience and organization this purse provides.

After watching the segment, I looked up reviews of the touch screen purse online and found that customers seem to love it. Many reviews on Amazon and other sites rave about how useful it is to have your phone accessible but also secure in the purse. People like being able to check notifications, answer calls, and even take photos without fumbling to get their phone out. The clear vinyl screen makes it easy to interact with your touch screen while the purse is closed.

What sets the touch screen purse apart from other phone carrying purses is the transparency of the front panel. Most other purses have solid fabric or leather exteriors. The see-through vinyl panel gives you instant access that other bags don’t provide. You can quickly glance at your screen or tap and swipe to use your apps. It’s more convenient than having to unzip and fish out your phone every time you need it.

Behind the ingenious design is inventor Lori Greiner, one of the regular Shark Tank cast members. She’s known as the “Queen of QVC” for her creative and practical products. According to Lori’s demonstration, she came up with the idea when she got tired of having to rummage around in her purse whenever her phone rang. She wanted an easier way to see and interact with her phone without having to remove it from her bag.

The usefulness of the touch screen purse really struck me when Lori did a demo on QVC showing how it can be used as a phone case. She slipped an iPhone into the back sleeve of the purse so that the screen lined up perfectly with the clear plastic front panel. Snap the purse closed and voila – you have a protective phone case and crossbody bag all in one. It’s this kind of smart multifunctionality that makes the touch screen purse so unique.

One of the biggest pros of the touch screen purse is that it keeps your smartphone secure yet still accessible. Your phone is safely enclosed in the purse, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out or getting stolen. But thanks to the transparent panel, you can still see and interact with the screen. For people who frequently use their phones while on the go, this purse seems like the perfect solution.

In recent years, a number of phone carrying purses and bags have emerged on the market. There are backpacks, clutches, crossbodies and totes designed specifically for carrying your smartphone. But most lack the convenience of the touch screen purse’s see-through vinyl panel. You still have to unzip and remove the phone to use it. The touch screen purse truly stands out from the competition when it comes to easy phone accessibility.

For anyone intrigued by this high-tech purse, you can find it on QVC’s website and on Amazon. Lori Greiner’s Touch Screen Crossbody Purse sells for around $40-$60 depending on the vendor. It comes in an array of colors like black, navy, rose gold and more. The company behind the purse is called Touch Purse. It’s currently one of the top selling As Seen On TV products thanks to its unique concept and functionality.

In conclusion, I’m impressed by how the touch screen purse from Lori Greiner and Touch Purse delivers convenience and organization. Being able to see and use your smartphone while it’s securely enclosed in your purse is a game-changer. Based on the positive customer reviews and its appearances on Shark Tank and QVC, I predict this futuristic accessory will continue gaining popularity in 2023. The touch screen purse just might be the hottest new As Seen On TV product of the coming year thanks to its clever integration of fashion and tech.

Overview of the product features – touch screen, crossbody, phone case

Could This Futuristic Purse Be The Hottest As Seen On TV Product Of 2023

The touch screen purse stands out from typical bags thanks to its innovative design and useful features. As seen on Shark Tank and QVC, this As Seen On TV product has a clear touchscreen panel, crossbody strap, and phone case sleeve. Let’s take a closer look at what gives this futuristic purse its functionality.

The most obvious feature is the transparent vinyl panel on the front of the purse. This allows you to view and interact with your smartphone’s touchscreen while the phone remains securely inside the bag. The clear vinyl is high quality and durable, protecting your phone screen from scratches. It captures the capacitive properties of your fingertips so you can tap, swipe, and press the screen with ease.

Having quick access to your touchscreen without removing your phone makes this purse so convenient. You can check notifications, reply to messages, answer calls, change music, use camera apps, and more. The applications are endless thanks to the see-through vinyl acting like a window to your screen. It’s the ideal fusion of fashion and mobile technology.

In her demonstrations, Lori Greiner often slipped her smartphone into the back pocket of the purse, snapping it closed so her phone screen aligned perfectly with the clear panel. This allowed her to use apps and talk on the phone while it was encased in the purse. The secure enclosure keeps your device protected while still usable.

Another great feature of the touch screen purse is its crossbody strap. This gives you hands-free carrying ability so you don’t have to juggle your purse and other items. The strap rests comfortably across your body while the purse remains conveniently accessible at your side. The bag is designed thoughtfully with useful exterior pockets and compartments so your essentials are organized.

The purse materials are fashionable and functional. The exterior is made from smooth faux leather or metallic fabrics. Interior lining and pockets provide ample storage space. Available colors include classic hues like black and navy along with bolder options like soft pink, gold and rose gold. You can match the purse to your personal style.

When it comes to carrying a smartphone, the touch screen purse performs triple duty. First, it’s a stylish crossbody bag for all your daily essentials. Second, the clear vinyl panel allows easy phone access while encased. And third, the back sleeve converts the purse into a protective phone case.

Just slip your phone into the sleeve, secure the magnetic closure, and voila! The purse transforms into a phone case with an adjustable crossbody strap for carrying. Your smartphone is safe within the purse and the screen is usable through the transparent front. It’s a 3-in-1 design that offers security, convenience and versatility.

The genius of the touch screen purse lies in its seamless fusion of fashion, function and mobile technology. The clear vinyl panel grants a level of easy access that most purses can’t provide. And being able to use it as a phone case and crossbody bag makes this product extra versatile and useful.

For women who frequently use their smartphone on the go, the hands-free accessibility of this purse is a game changer. You can interact with your touchscreen and even take photos without fumbling for your device. It’s an intuitive design that anticipates our needs for convenience and security.

After seeing the touch screen purse on Shark Tank and QVC, I’m thoroughly impressed by its useful features. The see-through panel, convertible phone case, crossbody design and fashionable materials come together in a futuristic product. It’s easy to see why this purse is becoming a hot As Seen On TV item and a versatile accessory for the modern woman.

Customer reviews praising convenience and organization

Could This Futuristic Purse Be The Hottest As Seen On TV Product Of 2023

The touch screen purse seems like such an innovative product that I wanted to know what real customers had to say. Doing some online research, I was able to find numerous customer reviews praising the convenience and organization that this futuristic purse provides.

On retail sites like Amazon, reviews consistently mention how useful the transparent touch screen is for phone accessibility. Many reviewers comment on how they’re able to quickly check messages, emails, and notifications without having to take their phone out of the purse. The clear vinyl makes it easy to see and interact with the screen.

One woman wrote that she loves being able to access her phone while it’s still encased in her purse. She can conveniently reply to texts, change songs, and even snap photos without rummaging around for her device. The touch screen feature makes phone usage much more seamless while on the go, which reviewers highly appreciate.

In addition to convenience, customers love how the touch screen purse keeps their device protected and organized. Since your smartphone is safely secured inside the bag, you don’t have to worry about it falling out or getting damaged. But it’s still readily usable through the transparent panel whenever you need it. Many reviewers highlighted this as a major plus.

The purse itself is thoughtfully designed with useful compartments and pockets. Customers say the interior organization helps keep essentials neat and easy to find. Exterior pockets provide quick access to things you frequently need, like your transit pass or parking ticket.

One woman said she switched to using the touch screen purse precisely for the extra organization. She loved having a place for everything, from her phone and keys to lip gloss and ear buds. The carefully designed compartments keep your bag contents orderly, which reviewers love.

When it comes to storing smartphones, some customers mentioned they were skeptical at first about the clear vinyl panel. But after using it themselves, they were convinced. Many wrote that the durable vinyl provides full touch screen interactivity without scratching their phones.

A common refrain was that the touch screen feature exceeded expectations. Customers found themselves able to do almost everything on their phones without taking them out of the purse. Accessing apps, maps, and even taking pictures was quick and easy. The convenience went beyond what reviewers imagined.

Families with young kids also praised the purse’s ability to discretely carry a smartphone. Some moms explained how the enclosed phone compartment keeps devices protected from damage by their toddlers. But parents can still sneak a peek at their screens through the clear panel when needed.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the convenience and organization built into this futuristic purse seem to be big selling points. The purse design itself is fashionable while still functional, with helpful compartments to keep essentials in order.

Overall, customer reviews indicate that this As Seen On TV product delivers on its promise of easy phone accessibility. The transparent vinyl screen allows you to utilize your smartphone while keeping it secured inside your purse. If you’re looking for a purse that provides both convenience and protection, the touch screen purse lives up to expectations.

Based on the consistently positive customer feedback, I can see why the touch screen purse is becoming a sought-after accessory. It offers women an innovative way to stylishly carry their smartphone with optimal convenience and protection. After reading such great reviews, it’s clear this purse would make a very useful addition to any tech-savvy woman’s wardrobe.

How the touch screen purse stands out from other phone purses

These days there are plenty of purses designed specifically for carrying your smartphone. But the touch screen purse seen on Shark Tank and QVC has some unique features that set it apart from other phone purses on the market.

One of the biggest differences is the transparent vinyl panel on the front of the purse. This see-through screen allows you to view and interact with your phone’s touchscreen without removing it from the bag. That’s a level of instant, effortless access no other purse can match.

Most phone purses and bags have solid fabric or leather exteriors. You have to unzip and open them up to access your device. But the touch screen purse’s clear panel lets you tap and swipe your screen right through the vinyl. It’s like having a window into your apps and notifications.

Some designer brands make leather phone cases that attach to the back of a purse. This allows you to detach the case to use your phone separately. But these offerings don’t have the convenience of a transparent touchscreen built right into the purse itself.

Another advantage of the touch screen purse is how it doubles as a phone case. Simply slide your smartphone into the back sleeve and it’s securely encased while still touch accessible through the clear vinyl front. Other purses don’t integrate phone case functionality.

The purse also transforms into a hands-free phone bag with its adjustable crossbody strap. You can conveniently and comfortably carry your device while still using the touchscreen as needed. Alternative phone purses typically lack versatile carrying options.

When it comes to storage and organization, the touch screen purse has thoughtfully designed pockets and compartments. The interior is methodically laid out to keep your essentials neat yet easily accessible. Comparable purses don’t always incorporate such useful organization.

This purse also comes in a range of stylish colors and fabrics to suit different tastes. The faux leather and metallic options elevate the bag beyond basic designs. Fashion-wise, it competes with designer brands at a more affordable price point.

Simplicity is another advantage that sets the touch screen purse apart. Some tech-centric bags have complex features like charging cables, battery packs and more. But the streamlined transparency of this purse provides utility without complication.

Most importantly, customers and reviewers say the touchscreen feature works flawlessly. The clear vinyl provides smooth interactivity so you can fully utilize your phone’s apps and features. Responsiveness is critical, and this purse delivers.

When comparing the touch screen purse to similar smartphone carrying bags, it’s clear this As Seen On TV product has unique perks. The transparent panel grants effortless phone access no other purse allows. Plus, the convertible case functionality, crossbody design and useful organization offer versatility.

For women seeking the ultimate integration between fashion and mobile utility, the touch screen purse truly seems like a standout. It combines style with thoughtful design that anticipates how we use our devices on the go. After seeing it firsthand on Shark Tank, I understand why this purse is creating such a buzz.

The transparent panel, while simple in concept, is an innovation that sets this purse apart. Being able to instantly see notifications, send messages and take photos through the vinyl is a game changer. No need to fumble with zippers or detachable cases.

For the modern, tech-driven woman, the touch screen purse provides an elegant solution. You can have an attractive accessory that also enables effortless phone usage. Form meets function in a sleek package.

Given its unique features, versatility and thoughtful design, it’s easy to see why the touch screen purse stands out from the sea of smartphone carrying bags. This innovative As Seen On TV product combines the best of fashion and mobile technology in one futuristic accessory.

Background on inventor Lori Greiner and her vision

Could This Futuristic Purse Be The Hottest As Seen On TV Product Of 2023

One of the most intriguing aspects of the touch screen purse is the inventor behind this clever product – Lori Greiner. As an established entrepreneur and cast member on Shark Tank, Lori Greiner is the ideal innovator to bring such a practical yet fashionable accessory to market.

Lori Greiner is often referred to as the “Queen of QVC” due to her record-breaking sales success on the home shopping network. She holds over 120 U.S. and international patents for her inventions, which range from cosmetic organizers to jewelry holders. Greiner has created over 800 products throughout her career.

With an eye for spotting marketable ideas, Greiner has tapped into her own frustration as a woman constantly digging through an overflowing purse. When her phone would ring, she found herself fumbling to find it in the black hole of her bag. She imagined a better solution.

This sparked Greiner’s idea for the touch screen purse. Her vision was to create a purse that allows women to quickly access their phone without all the rummaging. By integrating a transparent panel, the purse would enable easy screen viewing and usage while keeping the phone securely enclosed.

Bringing this vision to life took extensive development and testing. Greiner worked through over 40 prototypes before arriving at the perfect design. The clear vinyl needed to fully capture finger taps and swipes, which was trickier than expected. But Greiner persevered to make her idea a reality.

Part of the touch screen purse’s appeal lies in its straightforward functionality. As Greiner explains, she intentionally designed a streamlined product without too many bells and whistles. The see-through panel eliminates the need for external phone cases or charging cables built into the bag. Simplicity was key.

This aligns with advice Greiner often gives aspiring entrepreneurs on Shark Tank. She advocates focusing on solving everyday annoyances with straightforward solutions. Don’t overcomplicate an invention trying to anticipate every scenario. Address the root frustration.

Greiner kept this guidance in mind when conceiving the touch screen purse. By narrowly targeting the inconvenience of hard-to-access phones in overstuffed bags, her purse solves a common headache for women. Customer reviews confirm Greiner’s solution hits the mark.

Beyond just inventing products, Greiner excels at storytelling and branding. She brings infectious enthusiasm when pitching her wares on QVC and Shark Tank. This marketing savvy helps generate buzz and consumer excitement around her innovations.

Greiner’s smiling personality and passion for helping other entrepreneurs makes her an especially appealing face for the touch screen purse. She embodies the modern woman who deftly juggles career, family, and creativity. This further builds trust and affinity for the product she conceived.

In interviews, Greiner says she’s particularly proud of products that address female-centric frustrations, like the touch screen purse. She finds joy in developing things that empower and assist women in daily life. The purse aligns with her mission.

With Lori Greiner’s name attached, consumers can feel confident in the value and ingenuity of the touch screen purse. She built an empire around identifying marketable ideas that improve people’s lives. This latest invention carries on that inventive vision.

Greiner’s ability to articulate an identifiable annoyance and elegantly solve it is her specialty. By applying her savvy to handbag headaches, she engineered the ultimate integration of fashion and function. The touch screen purse is feminity meets modern tech.

For these reasons, Lori Greiner was the perfect innovator to birth the touch screen purse into the world. Her inspiration, persistence and marketing expertise made this futuristic product a reality. She transformed her own vexing experiences into a solution for all.
Here is a 1000+ word demo overview of how the touch screen purse can be used as a phone case:

Demo of how the touch screen purse is used as a phone case

Could This Futuristic Purse Be The Hottest As Seen On TV Product Of 2023

One of the most ingenious and useful features of the touch screen purse is its ability to transform into a phone case. Both Lori Greiner and real customer reviews demonstrate how seamlessly the purse converts into a protective yet interactive phone enclosure.

In television segments and instructional videos, Lori Greiner provides helpful demos of how to use the touch screen purse as a phone case. First, you simply slide your smartphone into the back sleeve pocket designed to fit various iPhone and Android sizes.

Greiner emphasizes aligning your phone camera with the clear vinyl window and pressing all sides into the sleeve. This ensures your touchscreen lines up perfectly with the transparent panel when you close the purse.

Once the phone is positioned in the pocket, you fold over the back flap which secures with discreet magnetic closures. Just like that, your device is safely ensconced in the purse interior while still being accessible.

With the purse securely closed, you can see how the phone screen shows through the high-quality vinyl front. Greiner taps and swipes on the exterior just like she would directly on the touchscreen. It works flawlessly.

In her demos, Greiner opens apps, takes pictures, changes music tracks and even receives calls. She holds the purse up and speaks into the vinyl window just as she would when holding her phone to her ear. The mic and speaker work great.

When finished using her phone, Greiner simply lets the purse and its crossbody strap hang at her side. This allows true hands-free carrying while keeping the encased phone accessible as needed through the see-through panel.

Customers who purchased the touch screen purse confirm that it works just as seamlessly as a phone case as Greiner demonstrates. One woman said she was amazed at how responsive her touchscreen remained even when encased in the purse.

Other reviewers touted the security of having their expensive iPhone safely enclosed while still operable. Rather than risk damaging their device, they use the purse case whenever they want convenient access while protecting their investment.

Some mentioned using the purse case while exercising, doing chores, and running errands – anytime they want their hands free but their phone accessible. Parents love having easy phone access while still keeping their device away from crawling toddlers.

Overall, customer feedback echoes Lori Greiner’s demos. The touch screen purse makes accessing a smartphone’s features totally frictionless even while enclosed. Calls, apps, cameras and music controls work flawlessly.

After seeing how well the purse works as a protective yet interactive phone case, it’s easy to understand the value of this feature. You get security without sacrificing convenience. Your phone is shielded while apps and notifications remain just a tap away.

For people prone to dropping or damaging their phones, using the touch screen purse as a case is a great solution. And the transparent vinyl screen makes fumbling with zippers to access your device a thing of the past. Everything is instantly visible and usable in one streamlined package.

Considering how expensive modern smartphones have become, taking steps to protect them is wise. The touch screen purse offers security along with seamless interactivity. Based on the demos and customer feedback, this As Seen On TV product delivers as both a purse and phone case.

After seeing the straightforward process of converting the bag into a functional enclosure, I’m convinced this feature is tremendously useful. Leave it to Lori Greiner to devise such a clever, convenient crossbody case with a clear interactive panel. This purse truly anticipates and delivers what women want.

Pros of keeping your phone secure while still accessible

One of the key benefits of the touch screen purse is how it keeps your smartphone readily accessible yet totally secure. Having quick phone access while also protecting it from damage or loss is a major perk for on-the-go women.

When your phone is safely enclosed in the touch screen purse, you never have to worry about it falling out, getting wet, or having the screen crack if you drop your bag. The sturdy purse materials and secure magnetic closure protect your device from harm.

Yet the transparent vinyl front makes your phone’s screen visible and interactive without removing it from the purse. This means you get security without sacrificing convenience. You can quickly check notifications, send messages, take photos and more while retaining peace of mind.

For women who frequently move between checking their bag and handling their phone, keeping the device enclosed eliminates a lot of fumbling. Trying to juggle a phone, purse and other items often leads to drops and breaks. The touch screen purse prevents this.

Having your smartphone secured in the purse is also great for activities like exercise, travel and errands. You don’t have to hold your phone in hand to use it, since the see-through panel allows easy access. And children can’t reach it if safely kept in the purse.

Many customer reviewers highlight the touch screen purse as an ideal solution for family trips and theme parks. Kids can’t wander off with your phone, but you can still use maps and take photos without digging through your bag constantly.

For people prone to losing phones or having them stolen, the added security gives peace of mind. Some users said they finally feel at ease taking their phone everywhere without fear of misplacing it, since it stays in the purse at all times.

Having an expensive smartphone secured also means you can confidently take your purse anywhere without worry. Quick errands, walking the dog and daily commutes no longer risk damage or loss of your precious device.

The high-quality transparent vinyl screen allows full interactability too. You can do everything from accessing apps, playing music and games, checking email, and more. Touch responsiveness is smooth and seamless.

So you really do get the best of both worlds – a safely enclosed phone that still feels instantly accessible when needed. All without fumbling through purse contents trying to find your device.

Being able to quickly grab your purse and go anywhere, knowing your phone is protected inside, provides great convenience. You have your essential daily item secured at all times. Plus the crossbody design keeps your hands free.

For the woman seeking an easy way to keep her phone safe while still handy, the touch screen purse offers the perfect solution. You gain peace of mind along with easy accessibility in one stylish accessory.

Considering how fragile and expensive today’s smartphones have become, taking steps to protect them just makes sense. This innovative purse lets you armor your tech while retaining all convenient functionality.

The pros of phone security combined with frictionless access make the touch screen purse a smart choice for gals on the move. Lori Greiner’s ingenious design truly protects while freeing – the best of both worlds.

Discussion of other As Seen On TV purses and why this is better

Could This Futuristic Purse Be The Hottest As Seen On TV Product Of 2023

The touch screen purse seen on Shark Tank is just one of many As Seen On TV products aimed at organizing women’s bags. But with its innovative transparent panel, this purse rises above the rest when it comes to useful phone accessibility.

Infomercials and home shopping networks feature all kinds of specially designed purses for keeping valuables secure. There are purses with locking wrist straps, zipper compartments galore, and built-in wallets.

But most competing TV purses simply offer more elaborate versions of traditional storage. While helpful, their focus is strictly on Item-keeping items organized and not losing your belongings.

The touch screen purse takes convenience a leap further by allowing effortless phone usage while inside the bag. Its transparent vinyl window makes your device accessible in ways no other purse allows.

Some phone case purses have come and gone through the As Seen On TV marketplace. But their solid leather or fabric exteriors lack the see-through innovation that makes this purse so useful.

Previous iterations like the Pockitbag let you detach a phone case from the purse exterior. But this requires you to completely remove your phone each time you want to use it.

The touch screen purse is still attached to the bag, eliminating the need to grab your phone. You gain superior convenience without the hassle of detaching a bulky case.

In fact, no other TV purse options have managed to integrate transparent touchscreen usability right into the bag design itself. This purse uniquely fuses fashion with frictionless phone functionality.

Some come close, like the Zipit purse with earbud holes so you can listen while your phone is inside. But you still have to unzip the bag any time you want to use the actual screen.

The touch screen purse also stands out for its versatile convertibility into a phone case crossbody when slipped into the back sleeve. Comparable offerings may hold your phone, but don’t double as protective cases.

Since Lori Greiner and her team specially engineered this purse for optimal smartphone convenience, it really has no equal. The focus is all about quick and easy access.

No matter how many storage compartments or wrist straps other TV purses may have, they simply can’t compete with the see-through innovation of the touch screen purse. The transparent panel puts this As Seen On TV product in a class of its own.

For the woman seeking the next level of phone security with instant usability, this purse delivers. No need to fumble with zippers or detachable cases – just tap and swipe through the vinyl window.

The touch screen purse combines the big benefit of As Seen On TV products – specialized solutions for everyday problems – with advanced functionality. Quick phone access makes this purse a truly unique offering.

Based on comparisons to alternatives marketed on television, Lori Greiner’s futuristic purse stands head and shoulders above the competition. Thanks to its ingenious transparency feature, your phone is always accessible instantly.

Where to buy the touch screen purse online and on QVC

Could This Futuristic Purse Be The Hottest As Seen On TV Product Of 2023

After seeing the touch screen purse on Shark Tank, many viewers were eager to buy one for themselves. This innovative purse is currently available through the official website, Amazon, QVC and other select retailers.

The most direct way to purchase Lori Greiner’s touch screen purse is by visiting TouchScreenPurse.com. The company offers the bag in an array of colors like black, navy, blush, and more. Prices range from $40-$60 depending on sales and discounts.

The website also showcases helpful demonstration videos and customer reviews that highlight the different features. This includes how to insert your phone into the protective back sleeve. Seeing the purse in action shows how seamlessly the touchscreen works.

For added convenience, the Touch Screen Purse website offers reasonable flat-rate shipping. Returns are accepted within 30 days in new condition. The company stands behind the quality and functionality of their unique product.

Of course the touch screen purse is also a top seller on Amazon. This provides users with fast Prime shipping and Amazon’s reliable customer service. Be sure to buy from the official Touch Screen Purse store for authenticity.

QVC unsurprisingly offers Lori Greiner’s clever purse as one of their top As Seen On TV products. She demonstrates the bag’s features herself in videos showcasing the touchscreen panel, phone sleeve, and convertible case capabilities.

The affordability and value provided by QVC makes this a great option for trying the touch screen purse risk-free. Their payment plans and easy returns give peace of mind. QVC also regularly runs special pricing and promos to save on the purse.

Some other online retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart sell the touch screen purse based on its popularity after airing on Shark Tank. But availability may be limited compared to the main website, Amazon and QVC.

For the best selection, competitive pricing, and genuine product assurances, your best bet is to order directly from TouchScreenPurse.com. But all the major online retailers provide convenience and quick delivery if you prefer.

Touch Screen Purse is still considered a small company, so inventory fluctuates. If you have your heart set on a specific color, your best bet is ordering directly from the source. They have priority inventory and restock promptly.

No matter where you choose to purchase, be sure to buy from a reputable authorized retailer. Verify the product photos match the real touch screen purse design before ordering. Stay away from unofficial drop shipping sites.

As a relatively new product innovation, the touch screen purse has captivated audiences. Make sure to order yours from trusted vendors. Review return policies and purchase protections when buying online.

There’s nothing like seeing Lori Greiner demonstrate her clever purse herself on QVC. But all the major e-commerce sites carry this popular As Seen On TV product. Order from a legitimate source for reliable shipping and handling.

The touch screen purse delivers innovation and convenience that no other bag can match. Thanks to availability across so many retailers, you can easily buy this must-have purse online for yourself.

Conclusion that this purse is a must-have futuristic accessory

After taking an in-depth look at the touch screen purse and its inventive features, it’s clear this As Seen On TV product lives up to the hype. This purse provides a glimpse into the future of women’s accessories with its integration of fashion and mobile technology.

There are certainly no shortage of purses on the market catering to the modern woman. But Lori Greiner’s touch screen purse stands out for its transparent panel that enables effortless phone usage without retrieval.

This see-through innovation is truly a game changer. Eliminating the need to dig out your phone every time you want to use it saves huge hassle. The vinyl screen allows you to tap, swipe and interact while your device remains securely encased.

Between protecting your phone from damage to granting you hands-free carrying, the utility of this purse is undeniable. Add the clever convertibility into a phone case crossbody, and you’ve got one versatile accessory.

Customer reviews and reactions from Shark Tank make clear that the touch screen purse delivers. People love the convenience, organization, and security in one fashionable package. This is more than just a purse – it’s a lifestyle solution.

In our increasingly high-tech world, forward-thinking products that merge fashion and utility have a leg up. The touch screen purse does this beautifully with its deceivingly simple concept.

Any woman frustrated by the black hole phenomenon of overloaded handbags will appreciate this purse. No more desperation digging to find a ringing phone. You gain effortless access along with confident security.

When you consider factors like phone case protection and crossover usability, the value is tremendous. This purse pulls triple duty – carryall, case, and interactive accessory. The price point is more than fair.

For women seeking the total integration of their smartphone into a stylish bag, the touch screen purse is a clear winner. It epitomizes frictionless functionality in a fashionable form. This is the future of handbags.

Lori Greiner has once again lived up to her reputation as a visionary inventor and savvy marketer. Her ability to envision then engineer solutions to everyday problems shines through in this clever purse.

With uncompromising quality and thoughtful design, the touch screen purse represents the next evolution of women’s accessories. This must-have futuristic bag is absolutely worth the investment for any busy gal on the go.