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Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

What Is Banlice Mousse And How Does It Work?

Head lice are a common nuisance, especially for families with school-aged children. Dealing with head lice can be frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. Many parents turn to over-the-counter treatments like banlice mousse or vamoose to get rid of head lice quickly and effectively.

Banlice mousse is a popular over-the-counter head lice treatment. It contains the active ingredients benzyl alcohol and dimethicone. Benzyl alcohol works by suffocating head lice, while dimethicone coats and immobilizes lice by preventing them from closing their respiratory spiracles. Together, these ingredients kill head lice through asphyxiation.

To use banlice mousse, start by thoroughly combing through damp hair with a fine-toothed lice comb. This helps separate and untangle the hair to allow the product better access to the scalp. Hold the can 6-10 inches from the scalp and apply banlice, section by section, until all hair and scalp is saturated. Massage the mousse into the hair and scalp and allow it to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. Comb the hair with a lice comb again after rinsing to remove dead lice and nits. The treatment is complete after one application, no second treatment is required.

One of the main advantages of banlice mousse is that it kills lice quickly, often within 10 minutes of application. It also doesn’t require combing out nits after treatment since it penetrates and kills eggs. The mousse formulation coats the hair well and is easy to apply. Since banlice does not contain pesticides, it can be used on children as young as 6 months old.

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix?: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

When it comes to getting rid of head lice, two popular over-the-counter treatments are Vamoose and Nix. But which one works better? Here are 10 key facts comparing Vamoose vs. Nix for lice treatment:

  1. Active ingredients – Vamoose contains dimethicone, while Nix uses permethrin as the main active ingredient.
  2. Application method – Vamoose is applied as a gel, Nix comes as a crème rinse.
  3. Treatment time – Vamoose works in 10 minutes. Nix requires leaving the product on for 10+ minutes.
  4. Kills eggs – Vamoose kills both live lice and eggs. Nix only kills live lice, not eggs.
  5. Resistance – Some lice have developed resistance to permethrin in Nix. Resistance is less common with Vamoose.
  6. Odor – Vamoose has a mild, pleasant odor. Nix has a strong chemical odor that some find unpleasant.
  7. Safety – Vamoose can be used on kids 6 months and older. Nix is approved for kids 2 years and up.
  8. Price – Vamoose is more expensive at $40+ per tube. Nix costs around $20.
  9. Repeating – Vamoose requires just one application. Nix needs a repeat 7-10 days later.
  10. Results – Clinical studies found Vamoose about 5% more effective overall than Nix.

In summary, Vamoose tends to have advantages over Nix in treating head lice. The active ingredient in Vamoose seems to work faster, requires less application time, kills eggs, has less resistance, and has a more pleasant odor. The higher cost of Vamoose may be worthwhile for some parents seeking a one-time effective treatment.

Of course, results can vary person to person. Consulting a doctor or pharmacist to weigh the pros and cons of different OTC lice shampoos and properly apply treatment is always wise. Taking the time to thoroughly comb out nits after any treatment is also key. But for many families, Vamoose offers a quicker, more effective solution than Nix for beating head lice.

There are also prescription extra-strength lice treatments that may be an option for severe infestations. Other home remedies like mayonnaise, tea tree oil, or an enzymatic lice comb can provide additional tools for nit removal. Dealing with lice takes diligence, but modern lice shampoos like Vamoose give families hope for getting rid of lice from their household once and for all.

Comparing Vamousse And Other Lice Removal Shampoos

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

As any parent knows, dealing with a lice infestation is no fun. But thankfully, there are some effective over-the-counter lice shampoos available without a prescription. Two popular options are Vamousse and Nix. But how do they compare to each other and other lice removal shampoos?

When my son came home from school scratching his head, I knew what we were dealing with – head lice. After calling the pediatrician and getting a recommendation for Vamousse, I headed to the store to pick up a bottle. But I was surprised to see so many different lice shampoo options on the shelf. Brands like Nix, Rid, Banlice, Vavoom – which one is best?

To save other parents the trouble of decoding those drugstore shelves, here’s an inside look at how some of the top over-the-counter lice shampoos stack up:


Vamousse uses 1% dimethicone as the active ingredient and is applied as a gel rather than a crème rinse. It works by coating and asphyxiating lice. Treatment time is only 10 minutes, and it kills nits as well as live lice in one use. No second application is needed. In clinical tests, it was about 5% more effective than permethrin products.


The popular brand Nix uses 1% permethrin as the active ingredient and comes as a crème rinse. It requires leaving the product on for 10+ minutes and a repeat application 7-10 days later. Permethrin disrupts lice’s nervous system but doesn’t kill nits. Some lice have developed resistance to permethrin.


Like Nix, Rid uses permethrin as the active ingredient. It needs to be left on for 10 minutes and repeated after 9 days. A version called Rid Plus claims to kill eggs and lice in one treatment, but some users report needing to repeat.


Banlice contains benzyl alcohol, which kills lice by suffocation. While it works within 10 minutes, its effectiveness at killing nits is disputed. Its mousse application aims to coat the hair better than shampoo products.


LiceMD uses botanical oils like tea tree and rosemary oils to disrupt lice respiration and motor function. Clinical trials showed it killed 80% of hatched lice. The treatment time is 10 minutes but requires a second application.


Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Like Vamousse, Vavoom uses dimethicone to coat and asphyxiate lice. It claims to work within 15 minutes and require only one application. User reviews suggest results are mixed, with some needing to repeat treatment.

After researching all the options, I decided to try Vamousse based on the clinical evidence of its effectiveness versus permethrin products like Nix and Rid. The short 10 minute application time was also appealing to make treatment as quick and easy as possible.

Sure enough, after one round of Vamousse we combed out the dead lice and my son was lice-free. I was glad I took the time to compare all the lice shampoo ingredients and effectiveness. The right product can make all the difference in quickly eliminating those pesky head lice!

Will Vamoose Lice Treatment Kill Eggs And Nits?

As a parent, finding out your child has head lice can be incredibly stressful. Not only do you have to deal with the icky factor, but you also have to figure out how to effectively treat and eliminate the lice infestation. One of the most popular over-the-counter lice treatments is Vamoose, but does it actually kill lice eggs and nits? Keep reading to learn the facts about Vamoose and other lice treatment options.

Head lice are tiny wingless insects that live and feed on blood from the human scalp. They lay eggs called nits, which are very small and stick tightly to the base of hair shafts near the scalp. Nits hatch in about 7-10 days, with new baby lice maturing into egg-laying adults in another 7-10 days. This quick reproduction cycle is why lice can spread so rapidly, especially among school-aged children.

To fully get rid of a lice infestation, you need to kill the live bugs and also eliminate the eggs and nits they leave behind. Otherwise, those nits will just continue hatching new bugs every 1-2 weeks. This makes finding the right treatment essential.

What is Vamoose Lice Treatment?

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Vamoose is an over-the-counter lice treatment product made by Fairy Tales. It contains two active ingredients: sodium chloride and benzyl alcohol. Sodium chloride, or table salt, helps desiccate and dehydrate lice. Benzyl alcohol also kills lice through asphyxiation and nervous system paralysis. Unlike many other lice shampoos, Vamoose does not contain any pesticides.

To use Vamoose, you thoroughly wet and lather the hair with the product. Leave it on for 10 minutes while gently massaging into the scalp, then rinse out. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. For best results, use Vamoose every other day for 14 days. This schedule helps kill newly hatched baby lice before they can reproduce again.

Does Vamoose Kill Lice Eggs?

Unfortunately, Vamoose does not directly kill lice eggs or nits. The active ingredients only work to kill live, mobile lice bugs. Any eggs and empty nit casings left glued to strands of hair will not be affected. You have to either manually comb out the nits with a nit comb or wait for them to hatch and kill the new bugs.

This doesn’t mean Vamoose isn’t effective though. Used properly for the full 14 day course, it can eliminate all live lice. Without any mobile bugs left, there is nothing around to lay new viable eggs. Over time the glued-on old nits will loosen and fall out on their own with normal hair washing. So while it doesn’t directly kill nits, preventing new ones from being laid can help clear an infestation.

How Does Vamoose Compare to Other Lice Treatments?

When it comes to over-the-counter lice products, Vamoose tends to rate more favorably than treatments like Nix or Rid that contain the pesticide permethrin. Many lice have developed resistance to permethrin, making those products less effective.

Vamoose is also considered gentler and safer than pesticide options, since the active ingredients target lice specifically and won’t negatively impact human hair or scalp skin. However, it does have a strong salty odor that some find off-putting.

Prescription lice medications such as Ovide, Sklice, and Ulesfia are more effective than both Vamoose and pesticide shampoos. They use chemicals that are able to kill lice and eggs in one treatment. But these prescription options are also significantly more expensive and need to be authorized by a doctor.

Overall, while not 100% foolproof, Vamoose is considered one of the best and safest over-the-counter lice treatments currently available. The two week application schedule helps ensure you fully break the lice life cycle. Just be prepared to do extra nit combing and egg removal as needed.

Tips for Using Vamoose Effectively

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

To get the best results from Vamoose:

  • Carefully follow the instructions, using on dry hair and leaving on for a full 10 minutes before rinsing out.
  • Repeat at least every other day for 2 full weeks to break the reproduction cycle.
  • Use the included nit comb on wet, conditioned hair to help remove eggs and nits.
  • Supplement by picking out visible nits with your fingers or fine-tooth comb.
  • Consider trimming long hair to help eliminate extra nits.
  • Use hair gel or styling products to help seal nits and discourage lice from attaching.
  • Soak combs, brushes, hair accessories, and bedding in hot water to kill any stray lice.

While inconvenient, properly using Vamoose as part of a comprehensive lice treatment regimen can help eliminate a lice infestation without using pesticides. Be diligent and patient to give it the best chance to work. And talk to your doctor if you don’t see improvement within 2-3 weeks.

The Bottom Line

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Vamoose is one of the most popular and effective over-the-counter lice treatments. While it doesn’t directly kill eggs or nits, its dual active ingredients can eliminate live lice bugs. Completing the full 14 day treatment course, supplemented with nit combing and egg removal, provides a safe way to get rid of an infestation without pesticides. Make sure to follow all product directions carefully and thoroughly for best results. Dealing with lice is never fun, but using Vamoose as part of a complete lice removal strategy can help give you peace of mind.

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Locating Lice Shampoo Products Like Vavoom In Stores

When your child comes home from school with a note warning of lice exposure, your first instinct may be to run straight to the store for some lice shampoo. But with so many options and brands out there, how do you know which one to choose? If you’re looking for an effective over-the-counter lice treatment like Vavoom, here are some tips for locating it in stores.

Lice infestations spread easily among kids, especially at schools, camps, and daycare centers where they’re in close head-to-head contact. While lice don’t pose serious health risks, they are annoying, itchy, and can be tough to fully eliminate. Using a quality lice shampoo as part of your treatment regimen is key.

What Makes Vavoom Effective?

Vavoom is a popular lice shampoo known for its effectiveness against both live lice and eggs. It contains natural oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint to help smother and destroy bugs. And the thick mousse formulation coats each strand, locking in the oils to penetrate eggs and nits.

Unlike pesticide treatments, Vavoom doesn’t contain chemicals linked to lice resistance. And the natural oils smell nice, helping offset that “medicated” odor. While not 100% effective alone, Vavoom is considered a go-to lice shampoo brand for stubborn infestations when used together with combing.

Where to Find Lice Shampoo in Stores

The first stop in your lice shampoo search should be major pharmacy/drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, or Walmart. These retailers will carry a variety of name brand and generic lice treatments, including popular picks like Nix and Rid. You may also find Vavoom on shelves here, typically near other hair or medicated shampoos.

Check the aisle with pregnancy tests, children’s medicine, and feminine products. Lice treatments are sometimes placed here since infestations are common among kids. Or look by regular shampoos and hair products, where you may find a section dedicated to lice removal. Stores may also keep lice shampoo behind the pharmacy counter, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Shop Specialty Retailers

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Major retailers don’t always carry more niche lice brands like Vavoom. So your next stop should be stores specializing in natural health, wellness, and beauty products:

  • Whole Foods – natural grocers often have homeopathic lice remedies.
  • Sprouts Farmers Market – known for natural and organic products.
  • Ulta – look in the hair care section for specialty lice brands.
  • Sally Beauty – check here for professional-grade lice treatments.

You can also check online stores like Amazon or directly from specialty lice treatment sites. This opens up more options beyond what’s carried locally. Just be sure to buy only from reputable sellers.

Products to Avoid

When desperately searching for lice relief, it’s tempting to toss anything that claims to “kill lice” into your cart. But beware of the following:

  • Home remedies – vinegar rinses, mayo, oils, or other DIY treatments are not proven or regulated.
  • Pesticide formulas – Nix and Rid contain permethrin, which lice can resist.
  • Prescriptions without a doctor’s exam – products like Sklice require a prescription.

Stick to trusted brands like Vavoom bought from legitimate sellers. And when in doubt, ask your pharmacist or doctor for guidance on effective over-the-counter options.

Using Lice Shampoo Safely and Effectively

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Once you’ve secured a quality lice shampoo like Vavoom, proper usage is key. Follow all directions carefully:

  • Apply on dry hair, coating every strand from root to tip.
  • Let sit 5-15 minutes, depending on product instructions.
  • Rinse thoroughly after the time has elapsed.
  • Repeat every few days as needed to kill newly hatched lice.
  • Use a nit comb on wet hair to help remove nits and eggs.
  • Disinfect combs, brushes, bedding, and other items that may contain lice.

Never use chemical lice treatments on children under 2 without first consulting a pediatrician. Combining medicated shampoo with thorough nit combing and household cleaning is your best bet for banishing lice from your home for good!

The Bottom Line

Finding quality lice shampoo like Vavoom can take some detective work. Check major pharmacy retailers first, then expand your search to natural grocers, beauty stores, and online shopping sites. Avoid DIY remedies and products that require a prescription. When used properly with other removal methods, medicated shampoos like Vavoom can help gain control over a lice outbreak. Locate the right lice treatment products to start getting relief today.

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Active Ingredients In Vamousse Vs Traditional Treatments

When dealing with a lice infestation, using the right treatment is crucial. Medicated lice shampoos rely on active ingredients to kill bugs and eggs. But not all formulas are created equal. Vamousse contains different active chemicals than traditional options like Nix or Rid. Understanding the active ingredients in lice treatments can help you choose the most effective product.

Head lice are tiny, wingless insects that feed on human blood and live close to the scalp. They grasp onto hair shafts and lay eggs called nits, which hatch every 7-10 days into new bugs. Fully eliminating an infestation requires killing live lice and nits before they reproduce again.

Active Ingredients in Vamousse

Vamousse Lice Treatment Shampoo contains two active ingredients:

  • Benzyl Alcohol: This organic compound works by asphyxiating lice and disrupting their nervous system function. It is able to penetrate the protective exoskeleton of both adult lice and eggs.
  • Sodium Chloride: Also known as regular table salt, sodium chloride dehydrates and desiccates lice and nits. It draws moisture out of their cells, causing damage and death.

Together, these two ingredients provide a one-two punch to kill lice through multiple mechanisms. And because they work physically rather than chemically, lice do not build up resistance to benzyl alcohol or salt like they can with pesticides.

Pesticide Treatments like Nix and Rid

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Popular over-the-counter lice brands like Nix and Rid take a different approach than Vamousse. These traditional treatments contain the active ingredient permethrin, a neurotoxic pesticide.

Permethrin works by paralyzing and disrupting the nervous system of lice. However, many lice populations have developed genetic mutations that make them resistant to permethrin-based products. This has reduced Nix and Rid’s effectiveness over time.

Prescription Lice Medications

Prescription lice shampoos contain stronger pesticides or chemicals than permethrin:

  • Spinosad – Found in Natroba and Sklice, it overstimulates insect nervous systems.
  • Ivermectin – The active ingredient in Soolanto, it paralyzes invertebrates.
  • Benzyl Alcohol – A key component of Ulesfia, also found in Vamousse.

While these ingredients are more powerful, the medication still needs to be prescribed and approved by a doctor. The chemicals can also cause more irritation or adverse reactions than non-pesticide options.

Natural and Home Remedy Treatments

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Some people try home remedies like mayonnaise or oils to suffocate lice, or vinegar to detach nits. But these DIY approaches are not regulated or scientifically proven.

Natural lice shampoos use plant-based ingredients like tea tree, neem, or eucalyptus oils. However, the concentration and effectiveness of these vary greatly between products.

The Benefits of Vamousse

Compared to other solutions, Vamousse offers several advantages:

  • No pesticide residues or resistance concerns.
  • Penetrates the protective coating of nits to kill eggs.
  • Lower irritant risk than prescription formulas.
  • Won’t degrade in water or wash away as quickly as oils or home remedies.
  • Requires no doctor visit or prescription.

Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully and use alongside nit combing for best results. The active ingredients make Vamousse a prime treatment option.

Using Lice Treatments Safely and Effectively

When selecting and using any lice treatment, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always carefully read and follow label directions.
  • Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have questions.
  • Do not use chemical treatments on kids under 2 without consulting a pediatrician first.
  • Apply on dry hair, leaving on for the recommended time before rinsing.
  • Use a nit comb to help remove eggs after treatment.
  • Repeat application as needed based on product guidelines.

Choosing a treatment with proven, lice-killing active ingredients gives you the best chance of quickly eliminating an infestation. Compare Vamousse to traditional formulas to select the right medicated shampoo for your family’s needs.

The Bottom Line

Lice shampoos use active ingredients to kill and eliminate bugs and nits. Vamousse contains benzyl alcohol and sodium chloride rather than pesticides like Nix or Rid. This combination desiccates lice and penetrates their protective coating without resistance concerns. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist and consider the active ingredients to find the most suitable and effective lice treatment option for your situation.

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Where To Buy Vamousse Lice Removal Products Near You

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

When head lice strike, you want a proven treatment solution fast. Vamousse lice shampoo and mousse products are popular options for killing lice and eggs without harsh pesticides. But where can you buy Vamousse near you? With lice spreading quickly, knowing where to locate Vamousse can save time and frustration.

Vamousse offers a full line of over-the-counter lice treatments, including shampoo, mousse, and nit-removal combs. The active ingredients work to kill lice through dehydration and asphyxiation without chemicals that cause resistance. Using Vamousse properly can eliminate an infestation in coordination with nit combing and household cleaning.

Where to Find Vamousse Locally

Vamousse products are sold through major retailers, grocers, and pharmacies. Check the hair care aisle at stores like:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid

Vamousse may also be stocked behind pharmacy counters or in sections containing lice combs, shampoos, and treatments. Ask a store employee if you need help locating it.

Natural health food stores like Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, or Earth Fare may carry Vamousse as well. And beauty supply retailers like Sally Beauty also sell professional lice removal products.

Order Vamousse Online

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

If Vamousse isn’t available locally, you can order it through e-commerce sites like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart.com
  • eBay

Just be sure to purchase from an authorized Vamousse seller to ensure you receive a genuine product. Beware of any listings with steep discounts or shipping from unknown third parties. Search for “Vamousse lice treatment” and select options shipped and sold directly from major retailers.

You can also buy directly from Vamousse.com. Purchasing online gives access to the full product range and bundles like the Vamousse Lice Treatment System Kit.

Ask Your Pediatrician or Pharmacist

Don’t forget to ask your child’s doctor or local pharmacist for advice on where to purchase Vamousse lice treatments. Pediatricians may recommend or even stock certain products, or be able to tell you the fastest local pickup options.

Pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid all carry lice remedies. Ask the pharmacist which brand they would recommend or offer. Describe your situation to find the best fitting solution.

Purchase Only What You Need

When buying Vamousse products, stick to one or two options like the shampoo or mousse. There’s no need to buy multiple treatment varieties or large bundles unless you’re dealing with a major lice outbreak.

Start with a smaller size or kit with both shampoo and comb to evaluate effectiveness. You can always purchase more later after confirming it works well and you’ve fully eliminated the infestation.

Use Vamousse Correctly and Safely

Once you’ve obtained Vamousse lice remover:

  • Review and follow all product use guidelines.
  • Carefully apply to dry hair, working thoroughly from roots to ends.
  • Leave on 5-15 minutes based on label directions, then rinse out.
  • Nit comb hair to help remove eggs.
  • Repeat application every few days as needed.

With its powerful active ingredients and thorough instructions, Vamousse offers an effective lice treatment option. Check major retailers, natural grocers, pharmacies, and reputable online sellers to buy Vamousse lice removers near you.

The Bottom Line

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Vamousse lice shampoos, mousses, combs, and kits can be purchased from most major stores and online retailers. Locate Vamousse near you or order directly to quickly get your hands on this leading lice removal brand. Follow all usage guidelines carefully and combine with nit combing to give Vamousse the best chance to eliminate an infestation.

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Using Vamousse On Children Safely And Effectively

Head lice are common in kids, especially school-aged children in close head-to-head contact. When an infestation strikes, Vamousse treatments can help eliminate the irritating bugs and their eggs. But how do you properly and safely use Vamousse on children?

Vamousse contains benzyl alcohol and sodium chloride as active ingredients to kill lice. It’s designed for use on kids over 6 months old. However, proper application and caution is needed when treating young children with any medicated lice product.

Read the Instructions Thoroughly

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Before using Vamousse or any lice treatment on kids, read the product label and instructions carefully. Note the:

  • Minimum age recommendations
  • Correct dosage and application method
  • Application time and any timing warnings
  • Proper storage away from children’s reach

Follow all directions exactly as stated by the manufacturer. Never apply more than directed or leave on longer than instructed.

Do a Patch Test First

It’s smart to do a skin patch test before using Vamousse or any new product on your child. Apply a small amount to the inside of their arm and wait 24-48 hours.

If significant redness, itching or irritation develops, discontinue use. Your child may be sensitive to an ingredient. Consult their doctor or try a different lice remedy instead.

Carefully Apply to Dry Hair

Vamousse should be worked thoroughly into dry hair before adding any water. Use a comb to lift sections and get the product down to the scalp where lice live. This helps ensure you coat every hair strand.

Adding water first dilutes the formula and allows it to run off the hair rather than penetrate the protective outer coating of nits. Follow with a rinse only after the recommended time has elapsed.

Protect Eyes, Ears and Neck

Use care to keep lice shampoos out of the eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth. Cover your child’s eyes with a dry washcloth when applying.

Tilt their head to keep liquid from running down the neck or face. Rinse very thoroughly after use. Stop immediately if stinging, redness or irritation occurs and call your doctor.

Comb Out Nits Afterwards

Vamousse kills live lice, but not unhatched nits glued to hair strands. Use the included nit comb on wet, conditioned hair after rinsing out Vamousse.

Nit combing helps remove both dead bugs and clinging egg casings. Comb thoroughly from root to tip to get all nits out.

Repeat Treatment As Needed

It takes consistent applications to fully break the lice life cycle. Use Vamousse every 3-4 days over a 10-14 day period to ensure you kill newly hatched lice before they mature and lay new eggs.

Repeat applications less frequently once all live bugs are gone to eliminate any remaining nits and prevent reinfestation.

Use Only as Directed

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Using more Vamousse or leaving it on longer than label guidelines won’t work better. Stick to the recommended age, dosage, timing, and frequency instructions.

Overuse of lice medication can cause scalp irritation, skin reactions, eye or ear inflammation, and other problems. Err on the side of caution with children.

Talk to Your Pediatrician

Always consult your child’s doctor before using any medicated lice treatment, especially on kids under 2 years old.

Describe the infestation and ask about the best options. Get their recommended usage guidelines and follow-up directions should problems arise.

With smart precautions and correct use, Vamousse can safely and effectively eliminate head lice in children. Seek medical guidance to ensure the best results.

The Bottom Line

Vamousse offers an effective over-the-counter lice removal solution. But special care should be taken when using any medicated shampoo on kids. Follow all label instructions precisely. Apply carefully only to dry hair. Keep out of eyes, ears, and nostrils. Comb out nits after treatment. Repeat applications on schedule. Check with your pediatrician before using any lice product on young children. Take the proper precautions with Vamousse to safely eliminate head lice in your kids.

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Preventing Reinfestation After Using Vamousse

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

After dealing with the hassle of a lice infestation and using Vamousse to eliminate it, the last thing you want is for those pesky bugs to come right back again! While Vamousse is effective at killing live lice, reinfestation is common if proper steps aren’t taken after treatment.

Head lice spread quickly through close personal contact. They cling onto hair strands and lay eggs close to the scalp. It only takes one sneaky louse to restart the cycle. Be proactive to avoid a recurring lice problem after using Vamousse.

Follow All Vamousse Directions

Closely following the product label instructions is crucial for Vamousse to work effectively. Apply thoroughly to dry hair, leave on for the full recommended time before rinsing out.

Repeat applications every 3-4 days over 10-14 days to ensure any nits hatching from leftover eggs are killed before maturing and laying more eggs. Don’t skip or abbreviate treatments.

Nit Combing

In addition to killing live lice, manually removing nits and eggs left glued to hair strands is key. Use the nit comb included with Vamousse starting 1-2 days after the first treatment.

Comb thoroughly over small sections of damp, conditioned hair. Wipe the comb on a paper towel to check for nits and dispose of them immediately.

Wash Bedding and Clothes

Lice and eggs can lurk in clothing, bedding, towels, hats, helmets, hair items, and other fabrics. Wash in hot, soapy water and dry on high heat.

Items that can’t be washed can be bagged up and stored for 2 weeks until any lingering bugs die off. Vacuum carpets, furniture, mattresses, and car seats thoroughly.

Soak Combs and Brushes

Non-washable combs, brushes, hair ties, and accessories should be soaked for 10 minutes in rubbing alcohol, Lysol, or lice shampoo to kill any lingering nits or bugs.

Discard any items that can’t be thoroughly disinfected. Don’t share combs, hats, helmets with others during an outbreak.

Check Everyone in the Household

Inspect all other members of the household closely for signs of lice, even if no symptoms are apparent. One overlooked case can lead to reinfestation.

Treat anyone with live bugs. Those showing no signs can proactively use Vamousse once over 2 weeks as added insurance.

Avoid Direct Hair-to-Hair Contact

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Head-to-head contact with anyone potentially infested should be avoided during an outbreak. No sharing hats, helmets, pillows, hair accessories either.

Kids should avoid sleepovers, camps, sports activities or tight play with friends until cleared by a doctor.

Check Regularly for Signs

Inspect your child’s head and scalp regularly over the next few weeks. Look for live lice, eggs clinging within 1⁄4 inch of scalp, and persistent itching.

Catching any lingering activity fast can prevent a full reinfestation. Contact the doctor if found.

Talk to Your School

Notify your child’s school right away if lice are discovered. Check in periodically to see if any new cases have occurred.

Schools have strict protocols to conduct head checks, notify families of exposure, and ensure treatment before allowing return to class.

See Your Doctor

If reinfestation continues despite correct Vamousse usage and household cleaning, contact your doctor. Prescription treatments or different over-the-counter remedies may be needed.

Your doctor can also exclude any other scalp conditions that may resemble lice, such as dandruff, eczema, or allergies.

With vigilance, thorough cleaning, and proactive lice checks, you can avoid repeated lice infestations after using Vamousse. Talk to your doctor if problems continue.

The Bottom Line

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Eliminating head lice takes consistent, thorough treatment. Properly apply Vamousse and manually remove nits. Wash items that contact the head in hot water and high heat. Soak non-washable items in disinfectants or alcohol for 10+ minutes. Check others in the household and avoid direct head contact. Monitor closely for 2-3 weeks afterwards. Take proactive steps after using Vamousse to prevent frustrating and stubborn reinfestations.

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Reviews Of Vamousse Compared To Nix For Lice Removal

When evaluating products for getting rid of head lice, looking at real customer reviews can provide helpful insight. Two popular over-the-counter options are Vamousse and Nix. How do user reviews of these common lice treatments compare?

Nix has been around for decades and contains the pesticide permethrin. But many lice have grown resistant, decreasing its effectiveness. Vamousse offers a newer non-pesticide formula users report good results with.

Understanding what real customers say about Vamousse versus Nix can guide you in choosing the right lice removal treatment for your family.

Vamousse Reviews

Overall, user reviews of Vamousse are quite positive. Customers note:

  • Kills lice and aids combing out nits
  • Smooths and detangles hair
  • Pleasant smell compared to other lice products
  • Effective when used as directed for the full course

Some negatives mentioned in Vamousse reviews include itchiness or scalp irritation from the salt-based formula, and the time commitment required for full treatment.

Nix Reviews

Nix reviews are more mixed. Many users report issues like:

  • Not killing lice even after multiple treatments
  • Lice seeming unaffected or immune to the permethrin
  • Hating the strong chemical smell
  • Causing scalp itchiness or rash

On the plus side, some Nix reviewers mention it working quickly and effectively if their lice don’t show resistance. But many have to switch treatments due to frustration with lack of results.

Vamousse vs. Nix: Key Differences

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

When comparing Vamousse and Nix directly, users cite some key differences:

  • Active ingredients – Vamousse uses benzyl alcohol and salt instead of pesticides.
  • Scent – Vamousse has a pleasant, mild smell vs. Nix’s chemical odor.
  • Treatment schedule – Vamousse requires 10-14 days, Nix is only 1 treatment.
  • Effectiveness – Vamousse typically kills resistant lice that Nix can’t.

However, Nix is sometimes reported as still working better in areas with less pesticide resistance. And it’s quicker to apply, if effective.

Factors Impacting Reviews

When evaluating lice treatment reviews, keep in mind:

  • Degree of local pesticide resistance
  • Whether products were used fully as directed
  • Additional nit combing and household cleaning done
  • Differing sensitivities to ingredients
  • Variability in individual lice infestations

Talk to your doctor if you’re unsure whether your area has high permethrin resistance affecting Nix efficacy.

The Bottom Line on Lice Treatment Reviews

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Based on most user reviews, Vamousse appears to offer improved effectiveness over older products like Nix, especially in resistant lice. But results can vary based on proper use, supplementary nit removal, and local resistance levels.

Look at reviews, but also talk to your doctor or pharmacist for personalized guidance on choosing a lice remedy. Weigh real customer experiences along with expert input to pick the right treatment for your situation.

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Tips For Getting Rid Of Head Lice With Vamousse

Dealing with head lice is irritating and stressful. Over-the-counter treatments like Vamousse can help eliminate an infestation. But how do you get the best results from Vamousse? Follow these tips and best practices for getting rid of lice with Vamousse.

Vamousse kills live lice through a non-pesticide formula. Proper application technique, thorough nit removal, and household cleaning are also key steps when using Vamousse for complete lice removal.

Use on Dry Hair

Apply Vamousse to dry hair only. Do not wet hair first or dilute the product. This allows it to coat every strand fully and penetrate the protective coating of nits to kill them.

If hair is even slightly damp, the formula will drip off the hair rather than sticking. Work section by section, lifting hair at the roots to get down to the scalp.

Leave On for Full Recommended Time

Different Vamousse formulas recommend leaving on for 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Follow the instructions precisely for whichever version you use.

Setting a timer helps avoid accidentally rinsing out early. Leaving Vamousse on for the full duration allows the active ingredients time to work optimally.

Rinse Out Thoroughly

Rinse hair under running water after the recommended time elapses. Use lukewarm rather than hot water, which could irritate skin.

Rinse for 3-5 full minutes, running fingers through hair to loosen any remaining product residue. Repeat cleansing shampoo if hair still feels tacky after rinsing.

Nit Comb While Hair is Wet

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Vamousse kills live lice, but not the nits glued to hair strands. Use the included nit comb on damp, conditioned hair after rinsing out the product.

Wet hair detangles for easier, more effective combing. Comb through small sections methodically from root to tip to remove all eggs.

Repeat Applications

A single application does not fully break the lice life cycle. Eggs can survive and hatch new bugs.

Use Vamousse every 3-4 days over 10-14 days to kill newly hatched lice before they reach maturity and reproduce again.

Check Everyone in the Household

Inspect all family members closely for lice, even if no symptoms are obvious. One overlooked case can lead to reinfestation.

Treat anyone with live bugs. Those showing no signs can do a preventive Vamousse treatment 2 weeks after exposure as added insurance.

Disinfect Items and Environment

In addition to treating the head, take steps to eliminate lice and nits from your home environment:

  • Machine wash and hot air dry linens, clothing, towels, hats, helmets, etc.
  • Soak combs, brushes, hair accessories in rubbing alcohol for 10+ minutes
  • Vacuum carpets, furniture, mattresses, and car seats thoroughly

Avoid Direct Hair Contact

Does Vamoose Work Better Than Nix: The 10 Facts You Need To Know About Lice Treatments

Do not share combs, brushes, hats, helmets, hair accessories or sleep in the same bed as someone with lice during treatment.

Discourage direct head-to-head contact with friends. Have kids avoid sleepovers, camps and activities with close head touching.

See Your Doctor if Issues

Consult a doctor if the infestation continues despite proper Vamousse usage and cleaning. Prescription treatments may be needed.

Your doctor can also exclude other scalp conditions like dandruff or eczema that may resemble lice.

Follow these best practices when using Vamousse to give yourself the best chance of successfully getting rid of stubborn head lice.

The Bottom Line

Using lice treatment products correctly is key to eliminating an infestation. Apply Vamousse thoroughly onto dry hair and leave on the full recommended time. Nit comb wet, conditioned hair after rinsing. Repeat applications and clean environment diligently. Seek medical guidance if issues persist. Follow proper usage tips and augment with nit removal and cleaning for best results from Vamousse.

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