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Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

Introduce aluminum roll up camping tables

Camping adventures create lasting memories, but only with the right gear. A cumbersome, heavy camp table that takes ages to set up is not the magic recipe for happy campers. Enter the aluminum roll up camping table – an innovative solution perfect for car camping, tailgating, backyard barbecues, and more.

These clever aluminum camping tables offer a winning trifecta: lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. Built with aircraft-grade aluminum, they are incredibly durable yet much lighter than standard camping tables. The foldable aluminum legs collapse flat, while the tabletop uses a flexible roll top design that folds up like a rolled newspaper. This compact size takes up little space in the trunk or camper, a blessing for storage and portability.

Benefits of aluminum vs other materials

Aluminum offers many clear advantages as a camp table material:

  • Lightweight – A fraction of the weight of wood or steel tables
  • Strong – Aircraft-grade aluminum is incredibly durable and dent-resistant
  • Rustproof – Doesn’t corrode like steel models
  • Fireproof – Much safer around the campfire than wood tables
  • Low maintenance – Doesn’t need varnish or paint like wood
  • Conducts heat – Top stays cooler in the sun than plastic tables
  • Affordable – More budget-friendly than exotic metals like titanium

For camping and outdoor use, aluminum outshines common table materials. It strikes the perfect balance between sturdy yet lightweight, making aluminum roll up tables easy to transport and setup after a tiring day of activities.

Top features like foldable legs and roll top surface

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

Standard aluminum camping tables include several well-designed features:

  • Folding legs – Collapse flat for storage and transport
  • Roll top table – Flexible surface easily rolls up when folded
  • Carry handles – Built-in handles for easy portability
  • Sturdy frame – Powder coated steel or aluminum legs for stability
  • U-shaped legs – Wide stance prevents wobbling on uneven ground
  • Bonus features – Side tables, storage pouches, umbrella holes on higher end models

The foldable legs and roll top table surface enable these aluminium camping tables to collapse down smaller than ever. Carry handles make transportation a cinch from the car to the campsite. Sturdy wide-stance U-shaped leg designs prevent tipping accidents. Convenient extras like side tables, pouches, and umbrella holes offer versatile functionality at the campsite.

Consider weight capacity and stability

Aluminum camping tables support plenty of weight for camping meals, games, and activities. But it helps to consider:

  • Table size – Larger surface area supports more weight
  • Frame design – U-shaped leg stance improves stability
  • Leg locks – Locking mechanism prevents accidental collapse
  • Table thickness – Thicker aircraft-grade aluminum withstands more weight
  • Weight capacity – Check manufacturer specs, typical range is 100-200 lbs

Bigger tabletop surface area paired with a wider U-shaped leg stance offers the best stability. Leg locks are useful for keeping foldable aluminum tables safely extended. Thicker aluminum translates to higher weight capacities on the range of 200+ lbs.

Look for built-in carry handles for portability

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

Transporting bulky camp gear can make road trips feel endless. Aluminum camping tables simplify logistics with built-in carry handles for easy portability. Other features that improve convenience include:

  • Storage bag – Protects table in transit
  • Compact fold size – Fits perfectly into car trunk or camper
  • Roll top design – Creates smaller folded footprint
  • Lightweight – Weighs half or less than a wood table
  • Easy setup – Unfold legs and unroll tabletop in seconds

The compact fold size fits neatly into vehicles for travel. At around 10-20 pounds, carrying the table short distances is manageable for most people. Purpose-designed aluminium roll up camping tables make mobility so much easier compared to heavy wood picnic tables.

Compare sizes like compact vs full size

Aluminum camping tables come in a range of sizes to suit different needs:

  • Compact – Ideal for kids or tight spaces
  • Medium – Accommodates 4-6 people
  • Large – Seats 6-8 people comfortably
  • Bar height – Standup table for food prep or hanging out
  • Picnic – Low to the ground style like park tables

Consider the intended use before deciding on a size. Compact 24″ square tables work well as end tables. Medium and large options in the 30-72″ range have surface space for family meals. Bar height and picnic tables fill specialty niches. Measure tent dimensions or storage space in your vehicle when shopping.

Assess extras like side tables or storage pouches

Standard aluminum roll up camping tables deliver on the basics, while higher-end models include useful extras:

  • Side tables – Provide secondary surface like a sidecar
  • Storage pouches – Keep essentials like phones handy
  • Umbrella holes – Let you insert beach umbrellas for shade
  • Benches – Built-in seating attached to some large tables
  • Wheels – Improve mobility around the campsite

Side tables increase tabletop space and serve additional functions like food prep. Storage pockets safely stow items under the table lip. Umbrella holes transform the tables into shaded hangout areas. Wheels upgrade mobility over short distances.

Shop smart – compare prices and reviews

Quality aluminium roll top camping tables delivers years of reliable use but cost less than you may think. Pricing ranges from:

  • Budget – $50 to $100 for basic no-frills models
  • Mid-range – $100 to $150 for upgraded frames and features
  • Premium – $150+ for specialty styles like bar tables

Research brand reputation and read user reviews on sites like Amazon. Look for durable materials, smooth folding hinges, and stability ratings holding 200+ lbs. Seek out a 1-year manufacturer warranty at minimum.

Care tips – cleaning, storage and maintenance

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

Keep your aluminum camping tables looking shiny and new with these care tips:

  • Wash with mild soap and water after trips
  • Check hinges periodically, lubricate if needed
  • Wipe down and allow to fully dry before storage
  • Store folded in carry bag or upright on end
  • Avoid harsh cleaners that can strip paint finishes
  • Use touch up paint on scratches to prevent corrosion

Periodic cleaning keeps aluminum tables looking like new over the years. Lubricating hinges ensures smooth folding functionality. Let tables dry fully before bagging up for storage to prevent moisture damage. With basic care, your aluminum roll up camp table will deliver years of stellar service.

Our top 5 favorite aluminum roll up camp table picks

After comparing countless options, these aluminum roll up tables rise to the top:

  1. GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Cook Station – Sturdy dining table with storage and foldout food prep counters
  2. Trekology YIZI GO – Lightweight and compact portable table great for kids or tight spaces
  3. CampLand Aluminum – Basic folding table at a budget-friendly price
  4. Stylish Camping FS-007 – All-purpose outdoor table with umbrella hole for shade
  5. COCOMO Roll Up Table – Oversized surface and bench seats for family gatherings

The right gear makes all the difference on camping trips. Ditch the clunky folding tables for a lightweight aluminum roll up pick that simplifies packing, portability, and setup. Make memorable outdoor moments happen this season with one of these fantastic aluminum camping tables!

Benefits of aluminum vs other materials

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

When picking the perfect outdoor dining table, the chosen material matters. Wood, plastic, steel – they all have pros and cons for the intrepid camper. But aluminum? Now we’re talking benefits.

Aluminum roll up camping tables offer a winning combination of durability, strength, light weight, and weather resistance. Let’s dig into why aluminum beats out other common table materials:

  • Wood – Classic material, but heavy. Requires painting/staining to prevent water damage. Not ideal for frequent transport.
  • Plastic – Very affordable but not the sturdiest. Can crack or warp over time. Gets hot in the sunlight.
  • Steel – Strong yet super heavy. Can bend or rust without proper maintenance.
  • Aluminum – Lightweight but still robust. Won’t corrode or degrade outdoors. Easy mobility.

Wood and steel boast strength but weigh a literal ton. Plastic is too flimsy for serious dining or prepping food. Aluminum’s aircraft grade durability offers the winning combo of sturdy yet ultralight.

Let’s explore key advantages that make aluminum the darling material of portable camping tables:


Standard folding aluminum camping tables tip the scales around 10-20 pounds. Compare that to 40-60+ for steel or solid wood. The lightweight metal construction ensures effortless portability from car trunk to campsite.

Aluminum’s low density means tables fold down slim and compact. Fitting two aluminum tables in the back of the car is no sweat, unlike bulky wooden picnic-style versions. Compact storage and minimal added weight keep road trips running smoothly.


Don’t let the featherlight design fool you – aircraft-grade aluminum offers incredible strength. These handy tables hold up to vigorous family meals, food prep, games, and everything in between.

The metal’s high strength-to-weight ratio means thin walls provide sturdy support. Typical weight limits land around 200 pounds – plenty solid for camping shenanigans. Aluminum’s robust nature also resists dents, dings, and damage.


Nothing spoils outdoor fun faster than gear that degrades in the elements. Rain, humidity, ocean air – aluminum just laughs it off. It won’t corrode or oxidize into a rusted mess like steel tables.

The protective oxide layer that forms on aluminum’s surface shields against deterioration. No need to obsess over covering it or bringing it inside in sketchy weather. Just wipe it down and get back to the party.


Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

A campfire just isn’t complete without swapping stories ’round the picnic table. But wood tables and fire? Big no-no. Aluminum’s non-combustible nature brings peace of mind around the campfire or grill.

Accidentally bump the portable propane stove? No worries with fireproof aluminum. Its high melting point means spilled food or flaming s’mores won’t burn holes through the tabletop.

Low Maintenance

Wood tables need constant TLC to look nice – sanding, staining, sealing. Forget about that with anodized aluminum’s low maintenance finish. Just wipe it down with soap and water to restore the shine.

No finishing or painting required to keep it looking sharp. Aluminum cleans up nicely for years of reliable use with minimal effort. The less time spent refinishing camp gear means more time enjoying those sunrise hikes.

Conducts Heat

Ever burned yourself on a scorching hot plastic picnic table? Aluminum’s heat conductivity prevents hot spots by quickly dissipating heat. No more fried thighs at blazing hot public BBQ pits.

Its natural conduction gives aluminum tables that cool-to-the-touch feel. A blessing under the blistering sun or when setting down piping hot dishes from the grill.


Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

Aluminum costs a fraction of high-end exotics like titanium. It represents an attainable sweet spot of price versus performance. Basic aluminum tables start around $50 – a bargain.

Mid-range $100-150 models include bonuses like side tables, storage, and umbrella holes. Still an affordable splurge for significant lifestyle upgrades at the campsite. Aluminum punches way above its modest price point.

Clearly aluminum brings an undeniable edge over standard materials for outdoor roll up tables. Its rare blend of sturdiness and light weight flexes serious utility muscle for the nomadic camper’s benefit. Ditch the cumbersome wood picnic table – the innovative aluminum roll up is here to reshape summer!

Top features like foldable legs and roll top surface

Standard aluminum camping tables boast clever designs tailored for portability and quick setup. Key features create compact footprints for packing while remaining sturdy and versatile for dining, games, and more.

Let’s review top traits that enable aluminum roll up tables to strike that perfect balance of portable yet practical:

Folding Legs

Collapsible legs enable impressive shrinkage that transforms bulky full-size tables into slim packages. Folding straight leg or X-style leg designs flatten out and lock for travel.

Spring-loaded joints smoothly extend and collapse the legs with a simple push or pull. Locking mechanisms keep legs safely fixed in position when set up. Folding legs revolutionize packing and portability compared to traditional bulky tables.

Roll Top Surface

Rolling the tabletop surface condenses its footprint into a slim cylinder. This ingenious alternative to a fixed flat top folds to a fraction of the deployed size.

The aluminum tabletop accordions on hinges, flexing as it’s rolled up tight. Unfurling it creates a sturdy surface for dining, prepping food, playing games, and more.

Carry Handles

Integrated handles on the table frame provide grab points for transport. No more awkward hugging or heavy lifting bulky tables.

Large inset handles on opposite sides balance the load. They let you grip and carry the 10-20 pound table with ease. You’ll be shocked how effortless trekking from car to campsite can be.

Sturdy Frame

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

Robust construction ensures aluminum camping tables don’t buckle under the strains of vigorous use. Powder coated steel or anodized aluminum legs offer max stability.

Aircraft-grade aluminum tabletops also stand up to vigorous use. Family meals, colorful crafts projects, and intense rounds of cards – bring it on!

U-Shaped Legs

Wide U-shaped leg stances create a stable, wobble-free base on uneven ground. Each “U” provides a wider footprint that resists tipping or rocking.

Narrower X-style folding legs can’t match the stability of U-leg designs. Get peace of mind that your food and drinks won’t spill even on ruggedterrain.

Bonus Features

Higher end aluminum tables tout bonus features for enhanced experience:

  • Side tables – More surface area for food, drinks, games
  • Storage – Pouches to corral phones, wallets, keys
  • Umbrella holes – Add shade by inserting beach umbrellas
  • Wheels – Improve mobility around campsites
  • Benches – Built-in seating on larger tables

With brilliantly adaptable traits like folding legs, roll top surfaces, and carry handles, aluminum camping tables deliver max portability without sacrificing an ounce of strength or stability.

Their smartly designed features let you enjoy carefree camping meals, crafts, and hangouts while simplifying transport and setup. Aluminum roll up tables blend top-notch materials with innovative functionality sure to delight vagabond vacationers and weekend warriors alike!

Consider weight capacity and stability

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

Aluminum camping tables must balance sturdy support with portable designs. How much weight can they realistically handle while resisting tipping on uneven terrain?

Consider these key factors when evaluating stability and weight capacities:

Table Size

Larger tabletop surface areas offer more real estate for spreading out weight. A bigger footprint enhances stability just like widening your stance.

Compact 24″ square tables hold around 100 pounds – fine for kids or tailgating snacks. Look for medium to large options in the 30″ – 72″ range to confidently bear family feasts.

Frame Design

U-shaped leg stances widen the base’s footprint for better stability, especially on rugged ground. X-style cross legs can’t match their unshakeable stance.

Durable powder coated steel or aluminum legs add critical rigidity as well. Flimsy plastic legs negatively impact overall sturdiness and weight capacity.

Leg Locks

Secure locking mechanisms ensure legs stay safely extended during use. Collapsing legs cause chaos!

Locks prevent accidental closure so family feasts or tailgating parties aren’t interrupted. Just double check locks are secure before placing heavy platters.

Table Thickness

Aircraft-grade aluminum offers impressive durability, but thickness matters. Choose at least 18-20 gauge (.04-.05”) for adequate heft.

Thinner aluminum risks buckling under the strain of one too many over-filled platters. Thick metal withstands long-term wear from vigorous use.

Weight Capacity

Check the specs! Average weight limits range 100-200+ pounds, with larger and thicker models on the upper end of that spectrum.

Consider your needs – will it be lightly loaded with just drinks or snacks? Or filled with bountiful campfire feasts? Map usage to stated capacities.

Real-Life Testing

Don’t overload right off the bat! Gradually add weight while checking for stability to determine a safe personal limit.

Load up the center first, then work outward to find the tipping point. Let kids climb aboard sturdier models for some family fun!

Aluminum roll up camping tables balance impressive strength and stability with lighter-than-air portability. Assess weight capacities against your intended uses, and favor larger tabletop sizes and durable U-leg bases when loading up hearty helpings.

With smart design choices and cautious loading practices, aluminum tables can confidently bear abundant camping feasts while whisking away for compact storage. Let the revelry commence!

Look for built-in carry handles for portability

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

Hauling bulky camping gear can make road trips feel endless. Luckily, aluminum roll up tables simplify logistics with smart built-in handles for easy portability.

Keep an eye out for these design traits that improve convenience and mobility:

Carry Handles

Integrated side handles on the table frame provide effortless grip points for transport. Large inset handles allow you to easily heft 10-20 pound tables.

Strategically placed handles help balance the load. Thoughtful designs prevent strained muscles or scraped knuckles from awkward lifting.

Storage Bag

A purpose-made storage bag protects the table during transit while keeping all parts together. Padding shields from bumps and scratches.

Bags with shoulder straps allow you to carry the table hands-free. Some convert to a convenient side table or stool onsite.

Compact Fold Size

When collapsed and rolled up, aluminum tables shrink to impressively slim silhouettes. The folded package conveniently fits into car trunks and campers.

A smaller footprint while packing lightens your load. Less bulk in the back leaves room for other essential camping gear.

Roll Top Design

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

The roll top table accordions in on itself, reducing its storage footprint to a slender cylinder. Rolling condenses its size to a fraction of the deployed surface area.

The flexible roll top enables the ultra-compact folded state unlike fixed flat tops. Less space consumed equals easier portability.


Weighing around 10-20 pounds, aluminum tables are a breeze to convey short distances by hand. Far lighter than 40-60+ pound steel or wood.

The metal’s low density improves maneuverability. Smaller packed sizes also enhance mobility around the campground.

Easy Set Up

Aluminum camping tables take mere seconds to deploy – just unfold the legs and unroll the top. Rapidly transition from collapsed to picnic-ready.

Minimal assembly means more time enjoying sunsets and less fiddling with gear. Unpack, unfurl, done!

Portable furniture and easy living – aluminum roll up camping tables deliver both. Seek out carry handles, compact fold designs, and lightweight materials to keep outdoor fun rolling from dawn to dusk!

Compare sizes like compact vs full size

When it comes to choosing an aluminum roll up camp table, one of the most important considerations is the size. Camp tables come in a range of dimensions, from small, compact tables to larger, full-sized options. The right size for you depends on your intended uses, how much space you have available, and how many people you need to accommodate.

Compact aluminum roll up tables are usually around 4 feet long by 2 feet wide when set up. This smaller size makes them ideal for solo campers or couples who want a table for minor food prep, holding a lantern or stove, and having a surface for eating. The compact size also makes these tables easy to transport and stash in a car, and they take up minimal space at a campsite.

Here are some key benefits of choosing a compact roll up aluminum camping table:

  • Lightweight and portable – Compact tables may weigh 15 pounds or less
  • Fits in small tents and tight spaces
  • Quick to set up and take down
  • Affordable option for 1-2 people

On the other hand, larger full-size aluminum roll up camp tables offer more generous proportions for groups, usually around 6 feet long by 2-3 feet wide. These tables allow 3-4 adults to dine comfortably together, provide ample prep space for cooking, and can hold more gear like lanterns, camping stoves, and board games.

Here are some benefits of choosing a full-size aluminum camping table:

  • Seats more people – Accommodates 3-4 adults
  • Provides more workspace for cooking
  • Holds more camping gear and accessories
  • Ideal for families and groups

While full-size aluminum tables offer more space, they do come with some downsides to consider:

  • Weigh 20-40 pounds, less portable
  • Bulkier for transport and storage
  • Higher price point
  • May be too large for small tents

When deciding between compact and full-size roll up aluminum camping tables, first consider your intended uses and determine how much space you actually need. Solo campers and couples will likely be happier with a smaller, compact table that meets their basic needs but doesn’t take up excess room at the site. Larger parties will benefit from the additional workspace and seating capacity of a full-size table. Just be ready to haul the extra weight.

You’ll also want to measure the interior floor space of your tent, as larger tables may not fit comfortably. Having everyone gathered around a cozy compact table can be a fun, intimate experience for 2-4 people. But more than that and you’ll quickly feel cramped without enough elbow room. Make sure to choose a table size appropriate for both your number of people and your available space.

Key Factors in Compact vs Full Size Camp Tables

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

When deciding between compact and full-size roll up camp tables, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Portability – Compact tables weigh less (around 15 lbs) and are easier to transport than heavier full-size tables (20-40 lbs).
  • Set up and Take Down – Compact tables are quicker and simpler to set up and take down.
  • Space Limitations – Make sure the table fits in your tent and campsite. Compact tables take up less space.
  • Seating Capacity – Full-size tables seat 3-4 people comfortably, while compacts only have room for 1-2.
  • Cooking Space – Full-size tables offer more prep area for camping stoves and cooking.
  • Price – Compact tables are generally more affordable than full-size.

The right balance depends on your own needs and priorities. Solo campers will likely find a compact table meets their needs at an affordable price point. Bigger groups will appreciate the larger seating capacity and workspace of a full-size even if it costs a bit more. Measure your tent, consider your intended uses, and choose the size that best fits your camping lifestyle.

Top Compact Aluminum Camp Tables

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

If you decide a compact aluminum roll up table is right for your needs, here are some top-rated options to consider:

  • GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station – Just over 4 feet long when open but slim profile. Integrated side racks for holding lanterns and gear.
  • Helinox Table One Hard Top – Very lightweight at only 2 lbs but supports up to 110 lbs when open. Waterproof and durable hard top.
  • Alcott Explorer Folding Camp Table – Budget-friendly option that packs small but sets up to a 4 foot table.
  • REI Co-op Camp Roll Table – Rolls up neatly into an integrated zippered carry case. Aluminum frame with plastic tabletop.

Top Full Size Aluminum Camp Tables

For larger groups, here are some excellent full-size aluminum roll up tables to consider:

  • Helinox Table One Hard Top XL – Very large but still lightweight. Sets up in seconds, supports up to 110 lbs.
  • Coleman Outdoor Folding Table – Budget-friendly choice. Steel frame with aluminum tabletop. Folds to fit in included carry bag.
  • Kamp-Rite Oversize Roll Top Table – Spacious tabletop and integrated side shelves/cup holders. Telescoping aluminum legs.
  • Trekology Portable Camping Table – Aluminum alloy frame withstands up to 176 lbs when open. Carry case included.

Whether you go compact or full-size, be sure to choose an aluminum camping table that rolls up or folds down neatly for easy transport and storage. Look for durable, lightweight metal frames paired with tabletops designed to hold up to the rigors of camping. With the right roll up table, you’ll have a multifunctional surface that serves you well for years of outdoor adventures.

Assess extras like side tables or storage pouches

When selecting a roll up aluminum camping table, it’s not just the size and portability of the main table that matters. Extras like side tables, benches, and storage pouches can greatly enhance the functionality and convenience of your camp table setup.

Here are some add-on features to consider when shopping for an aluminum camping table:

Side Tables

Many aluminum roll up tables offer optional side table attachments that provide extra surface space. These compact side tables, often 12″ – 18″ wide, fold out from the ends of the main table. They create handy space for plates, drinks, camping lanterns and gear while keeping them off the main table.

Side tables help maximize your usable table area without requiring a larger footprint. They allow each person to have their own individual space as well. Shop for camping tables that offer side table options or look for universal add-ons that can attach to various table brands.

Storage Pouches

Integrated storage pouches provide a place to stow tableware, cooking tools, playing cards, and other essentials right on your camp table. Models like the Trekology Portable Camping Table include a large mesh pouch that hangs beneath the table and keeps items off the ground yet easily accessible.

Other aluminum camping tables feature pouches that attach to the sides or ends of the table. This self-contained storage keeps everything in one spot so items don’t get lost around the campsite. Pouches with multiple compartments and pockets help you stay organized.

Bench Seats

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

Adding a folding bench seat to your aluminum camping table setup creates convenient seating for meals and gatherings. Matching benches designed to pair with specific table models fold right up along with the table. They provide comfortable seating without requiring separate camp chairs.

Benches add weight, so portability will be reduced. But the all-in-one functionality can be worth it for car campers. Consider how often you’ll realistically need to move the full setup and if the added convenience outweighs the bulk.

Table Dividers

Divider attachments provide customizable segmentation of your camp table surface. Use them to create individual spaces for plates and place settings when dining. Or divide the table into different functional zones – one side for food prep, another for games and drinks.

Dividers stand vertically in pre-set slots on the table surface or attach with clamps. They’re great for families and groups who want defined spaces for meals or activities.

Mosquito Nets

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

For camping in buggy areas, look for accessories like mosquito nets that enclose your seating area. The REI Co-op Camp Roll Table Set offers a zip-up net that protects you at the table. Other versions like the CORE Side Table Mosquito Net have netting panels you affix over your existing table.

Mosquito nets allow you to enjoy hanging out at your camp table without getting bitten alive. They create an enclosed space that keeps pests away from the table itself and anyone sitting around it.

Portable Tablecloths

Add a bit of flair while protecting your aluminum tabletop with a custom-fit portable tablecloth. Offered by brands like Helinox, these lightweight nylon cloths add a touch of color and provide a smooth plastic-free eating surface.

Tablecloths designed for camping tables fold up small and often come with carrying cases. They’re machine washable and some offer water-resistant and stain-guard treatments too.

Cup Holders

Integrated cup holders help prevent spills by giving drinks a secure spot on the table. Models like the Kamp-Rite camping table have built-in cup holders at each end. Other universal options like the MIER Table Cup Holder Insert securely hold cups and cans.

Individual cup holders keep beverages upright and contained. For larger groups, look for tables that offer cup holders for 4, 6 or 8 drinks so everyone has a spot for their glass or mug.

When furnished with the right accessories, your roll up aluminum camping table becomes an even more versatile basecamp. Evaluate which add-ons would help you get the most out of your table – side tables for extra space, pouches for organized storage, benches for seating, and more. The convenience is worth the minimal added weight for car camping and shorter treks.

Shop smart – compare prices and reviews

With so many options on the market, it pays to shop smart when choosing an aluminum roll up camping table. Comparing prices, features, and reviews will help you find the best table for your needs and budget.

Roll up camp tables range widely in price from around $50 on the low end to $200+ for ultra-light backpacking models. Consider when and how often you’ll use it – car camping just a few weekends a year or serious backcountry adventures every month. This can help guide what you should invest.

Here are some useful strategies for shopping smart:

Set Your Budget

Having a budget in mind before you start browsing tables helps narrow your options. Lightweight portable tables made for backpacking start around $100. Simple car camping models can be found for $75 and under. Decide how much you’re willing to spend for the features you want.

Compare Construction Quality

Look at the materials used for the frame and tabletop to assess durability. Aircraft grade aluminum offers superior corrosion resistance and a better strength-to-weight ratio. Avoid cheaper steel frames if you want an ultralight table.

Tabletops are typically aluminum, plastic, or a lamination over wood or board. Plastic folds most compactly but aluminum is more sturdy. See if the product specs list weight capacities.

Read Camping Table Reviews

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

Don’t just rely on the manufacturer’s claims. Read reviews from other campers to learn how tables perform in real-world conditions. Reviews give insight into ease of setup, stability, tabletop surface, and how well it holds up to repeated use.

Look for pros and cons from experienced users. Watch out for reviews focused only on initial impressions that don’t speak to durability over years of camping trips.

Compare Key Features

Make sure to compare the size, folded dimensions, weight, capacity, available accessories, and ease of setup between different table models. This helps you identify which best match your needs.

Consider must-have features like cup holders, storage pouches, side tables, and mosquito nets. Also look at the folded size if it needs to fit in your car trunk when transporting.

Check the Warranty

A longer warranty often signals more confidence in a product’s quality and lifespan. Look for camping tables backed by a warranty of 1 year or longer. It protects your investment if issues arise early on.

Make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered. Damage from normal wear and tear usually voids the warranty. Register your table when you get it to have formal proof of ownership.

Compare Retailer Price & Return Policy

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

Don’t just go by the MSRP – check final price from different authorized sellers. Sign up for retailer emails to save on sales and coupons too.

Know the return policy in case it doesn’t meet expectations. Some retailers like REI have 1-year return windows for a full refund.

Shopping smart for a roll up aluminum camping table takes some research up front. But being an informed shopper helps you score the best table for your particular camping needs. Prioritize the must-have features given your usage and budget. Take advantage of sales and coupons. And don’t forget to enjoy your new table!

Care tips – cleaning, storage and maintenance

Investing in a quality aluminum roll up camping table will serve you well for years if you take proper care of it. Here are some useful tips for cleaning, storage, and maintenance to help keep your table in top shape.

Cleaning Your Camp Table

It’s important to clean your aluminum table periodically to prevent dirt, food debris, and spills from building up. Here are some cleaning tips:

  • Use a soft sponge or cloth with mild soap and warm water. Avoid abrasive scrubbers.
  • For tougher dirt, spray with a 50/50 vinegar and water solution. Let sit 5 minutes before wiping.
  • Rinse tabletop thoroughly after washing to remove all soap residue.
  • For plastic tabletops, use gentle cleaners specified as safe for plastics.
  • Allow table to completely air dry before packing away for storage.

Transporting Your Table Safely

When transporting your folded aluminum camping table, keep these tips in mind:

  • If checked air travel, protect in a hard case or use a duffel with padding.
  • In car, brace bottom and prevent sliding or tipping over.
  • If carrying any distance, use haul straps to balance weight.
  • Keep tabletop surface free of abrasions from other gear.
  • Allow to dry fully before packing in car or storage to prevent mildew.

Storing Your Camp Table

Properly storing your table between camping trips will maximize its lifespan:

  • Fully extend legs and tabletop before folding to keep joints limber.
  • Roll up tightly and secure with built-in strap or bands.
  • Store indoors in a dry, temperate area away from extreme cold or heat.
  • Use table’s carry case or place in breathable waterproof duffel.
  • Avoid stacking heavy gear on top that could bend legs or damage frame.

Routine Maintenance

Periodically inspect your table for any wear and perform preventative maintenance:

  • Check locking mechanisms and tighten hardware if needed.
  • Inspect tabletop for cracks; seal small cracks to prevent further damage.
  • Wipe down metal frame and apply car wax to resist corrosion.
  • Extend and fold table multiple times to keep hinges and joints moving freely.
  • Replace any damaged or worn out parts through manufacturer.

Winter and Off-Season Storage

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

For prolonged storage during winter or if not using for long periods:

  • Clean table thoroughly before storage to prevent mold/mildew.
  • Fold up and allow to fully dry first.
  • Store in cool, controlled environment like a basement or closet.
  • Unfold and re-fold periodically to keep materials flexible.
  • Cover folded table with a breathable material to limit dust and dirt.

By properly cleaning, transporting, storing, and maintaining your aluminum camping table, you’ll enjoy many seasons of reliable use. Don’t neglect regular care – a well-loved table will offer years of faithful service on your outdoor adventures.

Our top 5 favorite aluminum roll up camp table picks

After extensive research comparing sizes, features, performance, and overall value, these are my top 5 favorite roll up aluminum camping tables to consider for your next adventure:

1. Helinox Table One

The Helinox Table One is arguably the best lightweight backpacking table on the market. Supremely portable at just 2 pounds and sets up in seconds thanks to the single-pole design. Remarkably sturdy aluminum and polyester construction supports up to 110 pounds. Small but perfect for solo trips.

2. REI Co-op Camp Roll Table

Need a Lightweight Camp Table That Folds Away. Discover the Best Aluminum Roll Up Camping Tables

This affordable option from REI weighs only 11 pounds but offers excellent stability and a spacious tabletop for meals and games. Rolls up into an integrated zippered carry case. Aluminum frame resists corrosion and stands up to years of use. Hard to beat for the price.

3. Coleman Outdoor Folding Table

The Coleman Folding Table is a great choice for car camping and base camping. Steel frame with aluminum top supports up to 100 pounds when extended. Very quick to set up and the attached bench seats make it ready to use right out of the car. Lots of surface space for the price.

4. GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Cook Station

If you want a space-saving compact table, the GCI Slim Fold Cook Station is excellent. The unique design folds up thin for storage and transport but offers ample room for meals or food prep when opened. Integrated side tables provide bonus surface area and racks for gear.

5. Kamp-Rite Oversize Roll Top Table

The Kamp-Rite Oversize Table is built for larger groups with its spacious top and folding bench seats integrated right into the frame. Roll top design allows you to partially fold just one end for unique setups. Cup holders and side racks included – very functional.

While preferences vary, these five camping tables shine for their thoughtful designs, quality construction, and versatility. The Helinox Table One is supremely packable for backpacking. The REI and Coleman tables offer lots of affordable space for car camping. And the GCI and Kamp-Rite models provide smart compact or larger designs perfect for meals, games, or hanging out.

What We Look For In a Quality Camp Table

Here are the key factors we evaluate when selecting the best aluminum roll up camping tables:

  • Lightweight yet sturdy – Made from strong but lightweight metals like aluminum.
  • Compactly folds – Easy to transport and takes up little space.
  • Fast setup – Intuitive or single-motion setup for quick use upon arrival.
  • Spacious tabletop – Large enough surface area but not bulky.
  • Weather-resistant – Durable construction that withstands outdoor elements.
  • Beneficial extras – Side tables, storage, benches, etc. for added convenience.

Roll up aluminum camping tables strike an ideal balance between portable and spacious. We look for thoughtful designs that set up and pack down fast, fold into a compact bundle, but provide ample stable space once unrolled at your site. Quality construction and weather resistance ensures years of reliable use trip after trip.

Everyone’s needs and preferences differ slightly depending on group size, intended use, and camping style. But our top 5 picks cover a range of excellent options whether car camping or backpacking. Any of these quality aluminum roll up tables will serve you well on all your outdoor adventures for years to come!