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Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here’s Everything You Need

Introduce Different Fisher Price Dollhouse Models (Loving Family, Little People)

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse? Here’s Everything You Need:

For generations, Fisher Price dollhouses have been a staple in children’s playrooms. From the classic Loving Family farmhouse to the newer Little People highrise, these intricate dollhouses allow kids to create imaginative worlds for their dolls and figures. If you’re looking to enhance your Fisher Price dollhouse with fun new furniture and accessories, you have plenty of options!

The Loving Family Dollhouse

The Loving Family dollhouse first debuted in the 1960s and quickly became a favorite for its charming farmhouse design. This two-story wooden dollhouse opens up on both sides, allowing easy access for little hands. The neutral color scheme and cozy decor make it easy to design endless living scenarios.

Some great accessories for the Loving Family dollhouse include:

  • Rocking chairs for the porch
  • A grandfather clock for the family room
  • Floral bedding and curtains to decorate the bedrooms
  • Farm animals like cows, horses, and chickens for the yard

You can find replica vintage Loving Family furniture on Etsy and eBay. Newer versions like the dollhouse oven and bathtub are also available. Add lights, rugs, and other modern touches to give this classic dollhouse a fresh new look.

The Little People Dollhouse

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

The Fisher Price Little People line launched in the 1960s too, with its signature peg-shaped figures. Over the years, Fisher Price has designed contemporary Little People dollhouses like the two-story Discovery House and the portable Treetop Hideaway.

Great accessories for Little People dollhouses include:

  • Modern furniture like couches, beds, and kitchen sets
  • Interactive elements like a working elevator or helipad
  • Vehicles like cars, planes, and construction equipment
  • Community figures like doctors, construction workers, and delivery drivers

You can find all kinds of themed Little People playsets too, like a campsite, school, or airport. Mix and match furniture between sets for more fun.

Creative Crafts Dollhouse

Another classic Fisher Price dollhouse is the Creative Crafts model from the 1970s. This customizable dollhouse came with cardboard furniture and decorations that kids could color and personalize. Add-ons included window boxes, fence pieces, and a front patio.

For the Creative Crafts dollhouse, look for:

  • DIY furniture like beds, couches, and tables made from craft wood, popsicle sticks, or clay
  • Removable wallpapers and carpets to decorate rooms
  • A dollhouse art set with mini canvases, easels, and art supplies
  • Customizable rooftop and exterior like awnings, flower boxes, and picket fences

Let kids unleash their creativity by making unique CC dollhouse furnishings and decor.

Modern Fisher Price Dollhouses

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

Today’s Fisher Price dollhouses cater to contemporary kids with features like apps, lights, and motion activation. Check out options like:

  • Laugh & Learn Smart Home: This tech-filled dollhouse has an interactive door, 120+ songs, and activities that teach STEM skills.
  • Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Cottage: This sparkling cottage has a cupcake-making conveyor belt and furniture fittings inspired by favorite Disney princesses.
  • Barbie Dreamhouse: The 3-foot tall Barbie mansion comes fully furnished and has a working elevator and pool slide.

Cool accessories for high-tech dollhouses include things like:

  • Character figures like Disney princesses or collectible dolls
  • Interactive pets, cars, or objects
  • App control hubs to activate lights, sounds, and moving elements
  • Supplementary playsets that connect to the main dollhouse

Electronic dollhouses bring imagination to life in a whole new way!

Vintage Dollhouse Accessories

In addition to current Fisher Price dollhouses, many families own or inherit vintage models. Some great places to find accessories for old Fisher Price dollhouses include:

  • eBay: Search for the exact dollhouse name or model number to find genuine vintage accessories from sellers.
  • Etsy: Many sellers offer replica furniture and decor for vintage Fisher Price dollhouses.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Look for local listings of used dollhouse furniture and playsets.
  • Thrift stores: Scan the toy section for potential dollhouse items and repurpose other finds.
  • Your own childhood collection: Check your parents’ attic for preserved dollhouse furniture and toys.

With a little creativity, you can bring an old Fisher Price dollhouse back to life with replacement furniture and newly crafted decor.

Endless Fun Customizing Your Dollhouse World

Whether your Fisher Price dollhouse is a hand-me-down heirloom or a high-tech new version, there are endless options to build out your dollhouse universe. Mix and match modern furniture with vintage finds, or customize items yourself for a personalized touch. Add fun character figures and playsets for new storytelling adventures. With the right accessories, your Fisher Price dollhouse can provide hours of imaginative play and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Essential Furniture: Tables, Chairs, Couches for Every Room

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse? Here’s Everything You Need:

Furnishing a dollhouse is so much fun! As you design each room, think about the essential pieces your dolls need for an inviting, realistic home. From cozy couches in the living room to cafeteria tables in the school, furniture brings dollhouses to life. Here’s a room-by-room look at must-have furnishings for your Fisher Price dollhouse.

Living Room

The living room is where your dolls will gather for conversation, reading, and playtime. Essential furniture includes:

  • Couches and armchairs for seating
  • Coffee and side tables
  • A television and media console
  • Bookcases, shelves, and cabinets for storage
  • Area rugs and accent pillows to decorate

Customize your living room with toys like a piano or guitar for music-loving dolls. A fish tank or houseplant adds a nice lively touch.


The heart of any dollhouse, the kitchen needs furniture like:

  • Kitchen table and chairs for dining
  • Stove, oven, and sink for cooking play
  • Refrigerator and kitchen island with storage
  • Counters, cupboards, and shelves for dishes

Extras like a kitchen toolkit, blender, and coffee maker increase the play value.


Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

No dollhouse is complete without comfy, cozy bedrooms. Must-have furnishings include:

  • Beds with nightstands
  • Dressers and wardrobes for clothes
  • Desks or vanities for play and homework
  • Lamps, area rugs, curtains, and bedding

Personal touches like books, stuffed animals and family photos give bedrooms warmth.


Even dolls need furnishings in the bathroom like:

  • A tub and shower combo
  • Sink and mirror
  • Toilet
  • Cabinets for towels and toiletries

Add a rug, shower caddy, and scale for a complete bathroom setup.


For dolls with little ones, furnish a nursery with:

  • Crib
  • Changing table
  • Rocking chair
  • Toy chest and shelves

Plushies, learning toys and books make a cozy kids’ room.

Home Office

Even doll families need a space to pay bills and manage paperwork. Include:

  • Desk and desk chair
  • Filing cabinet
  • Bookshelf
  • Laptop, printer, supplies

An office bulletin board and calendar help doll parents stay organized.


Extend your dollhouse into the great outdoors with patio and lawn furniture like:

  • Picnic table
  • Benches and lounge chairs
  • Hammock
  • Planters and pots

Wind chimes, a grill, and outdoor toys encourage outdoor play.

Endless Possibilities

When furnishing your Fisher Price dollhouse, look for miniature versions of real home furnishings. Craft unique pieces yourself too. With a little imagination, you can design the dollhouse of your dreams complete with every essential item!

Fill the Kitchen with Appliances, Dishes, and Food

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse? Here’s Everything You Need:

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and dollhouses are no exception! Fill your Fisher Price dollhouse kitchen with everything your dolls need to cook up some fun. From appliances to tableware, realistic kitchen accessories encourage imitative play.

Major Appliances

Start with the major appliances every dollhouse kitchen needs:

  • Stove/oven combo with knobs that turn and oven door that opens
  • Fridge with functioning doors and shelves
  • Sink with turning faucets and plug stopper
  • Microwave with numbered keypad and opening door
  • Dishwasher with racks that slide out

Look for appliances scaled to dollhouse size but with detailed features to inspire creative play.

Countertop Appliances

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

In addition to major appliances, incorporate countertop appliances including:

  • Coffee maker
  • Stand mixer with rotating bowl
  • Toaster
  • Food processor
  • Blender
  • Electric kettle
  • Can opener

Mom and Dad dolls will love whipping up meals with all the essential kitchen gadgets.

Play Sets

For the little chef in training, add play sets like:

  • Pizza-making set with dough, toppings, and mini baking tray
  • Ice cream maker with flavors and cones
  • Barbecue grill with hot dogs and buns
  • Taco truck with tortillas, meat, toppings

Kids can role play along with their dolls for interactive kitchen fun.


Set the dining table with miniaturized dinnerware including:

  • Plates, bowls, cups in glass, plastic, and wood
  • Silverware sets with tiny forks, spoons, and knives
  • Napkins, placemats, serving platters
  • Salt and pepper shakers, butter dish

Extras like table runners, flowers, and candles help set the scene.

Pantry Staples

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

Fill up the pantry with non-perishable food items like:

  • Boxed and canned goods with detailed labels
  • Spice jars filled with miniature spices
  • Sacks of rice, flour, sugar, etc.
  • Fruits like plastic apples and bananas

A well-stocked dollhouse pantry facilitates all kinds of imaginary play.

Refrigerator Foods

The fridge needs a fresh selection of miniature foods like:

  • Dairy products like yogurt cups and cheese slices
  • Produce such as tiny plastic carrots, grapes, etc.
  • Deli meats and cheeses
  • Condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayo

Don’t forget dessert! Mini cakes, pies, and ice cream tubs are must-haves.

Endless Mealtime Possibilities

With fully equipped kitchens, Fisher Price dollhouses inspire kids to imagine countless cooking and mealtime scenarios. Whip up a gourmet feast or grab a quick snack—the kitchen is the heart of the home!

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse? Here’s Everything You Need:

Decorate Bedrooms with Beds, Dressers, Lamps and More

If you’re lucky enough to have a Fisher Price dollhouse, you know how fun it can be to decorate the little rooms. The bedrooms in particular offer lots of opportunities for creativity and play. From picking out the perfect tiny beds to choosing coordinating lamps and nightstands, you can create charming sleeping spaces for your dolls or action figures. Keep reading for tips on decking out dollhouse bedrooms with all the furnishings they need for sweet dreams!

Beds for Dolls and Stuffed Animals

One of the most important pieces of bedroom furniture is, of course, the bed! Fisher Price makes lots of dollhouse-scale beds to choose from. There are basic metal-framed beds as well as more ornate wood or plastic options with headboards and footboards. You can find them in all different sizes – twin, full, queen, even bunk beds. Look for beds sized appropriately for your dolls or stuffed animals.

If you want bedding to match, Fisher Price has dollhouse-scale sheets, blankets, and pillows too. Mix and match solids and patterns just like you would for real bedrooms. You can also DIY tiny bedding by cutting down fabric scraps. Add some plush microfiber blankets or quilts for an extra cozy look.

Stylish and Practical Dressers

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

A bedroom dresser is great for storing a doll’s wardrobe. The Fisher Price dollhouse dresser collection includes classic wooden dressers with drawers as well as more modern low dressers and shelving units. Look for pieces that fit the decor style you want – traditional, vintage, modern, etc.

The number of drawers offers different storage options too. A dresser with two or three drawers is perfect for separating clothes types. Go for a tall narrow dresser to store doll outfits standing up. Wide low dressers provide room for play scenes like doing makeup at a vanity. Mix and match to create the ideal dollhouse dresser for your needs.

Stylish and Practical Nightstands

Nightstands are must-have bedroom furnishings for both style and utility. Fisher Price makes individual wood or plastic nightstands that sit nicely next to dollhouse beds. There are also combo nightstand/bed units with attached end tables built right in.

Nightstands give you a place to accessorize the room with lamps, books, clocks and more. Kids can play out bedtime routines by having dolls turn down the covers, turn off the light, and get cozy under the blankets. Nightstands also simply make the bedroom layout more realistic and complete.

Fun and Stylish Lamps

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

From classic bedside lamps to fun novelty lights, Fisher Price has tons of tiny lamp options to brighten up dollhouse bedrooms. There are traditional table lamps, floor lamps, sconce lights, chandeliers – anything you need to shed some light.

Table lamps let kids accessorize nightstands or dressers. Mini chandeliers and sconces add elegance and ambiance. Floor lamps placed in a corner are great for reading nooks. With bright colors and detailed designs, the lamps aren’t just functional but really decorative too.

Finishing Touches for the Bedroom

Once you’ve got the major furnishings like beds, dressers and lamps, it’s time for the accessories that give a bedroom personality. Fisher Price makes all kinds of dolls, action figures, stuffed animals and pets that are the perfect occupants for dollhouse bedrooms. Place family photo frames, cute wall art and shelving with books and collectibles. Add cozy chairs for reading corners or throw rugs and curtains for a homey vibe.

Really bring the bedroom theme together with matching bedding and accessories in complementary colors and patterns. You can also use similar wood tones for dressers, nightstands and beds for a cohesive look. A well-decorated Fisher Price dollhouse bedroom makes for endless play and storytelling fun. Let your kids’ creativity shine as they make their dollhouse bedrooms just as comfy and stylish as their own!

With Fisher Price’s wide selection of miniature bedroom furnishings and accessories, you can create the perfect sleeping space for your dolls and stuffed animals. Have fun picking out beds, dressers, lamps and everything else needed to deck out your dollhouse bedrooms. Let your kids take the lead in designing rooms that spark their imagination for roleplay and storytelling adventures. With these tips, your Fisher Price dollhouse will be fully furnished and ready for sweet dreams!

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse? Here’s Everything You Need:

Bathroom Basics: Tubs, Toilets, Sinks, and Accessories

The bathrooms in a Fisher Price dollhouse provide plenty of play potential. Kids can let their creativity run free when designing tiny tubs, toilets, sinks, and all the accessories that bring dollhouse bathrooms to life. With durable, scaled-down versions of real bathroom fixtures and decor, the options for play and storytelling are endless.

Tiny Tubs for Bath Time Fun

A mini bathtub is a must-have for any Fisher Price dollhouse bathroom. Clear plastic tubs let kids “give baths” to dolls, action figures, and stuffed animals. Sturdy white plastic tubs have a classic look. For a splash of color, choose a pastel pink or blue tub. There are even wood-look porcelain tubs for a vintage vibe.

Bath playsets include hoses for “washing” dolls hair and tiny toys like rubber ducks. Towels, shower caps, and bathrobes add roleplay fun. Kids will love acting out bath time routines with their favorite dolls and stuffed pals. The right tub sets the stage.

Realistic Mini Toilets and Sinks

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

No dollhouse bathroom is complete without the essentials! Fisher Price makes pint-sized plastic toilets and sinks scaled perfectly for playsets. The white porcelain toilet and sink designs look just like the real thing.

Kids will enjoy flushing the mini toilet and pretending dolls are washing hands at the sink. Open shelves above are great for storing mini soaps, toothbrushes, towels and other bathroom accessories. Add a plastic bath mat for a homey touch.

Fixtures and Hardware for Authenticity

It’s the little details that make a dollhouse bathroom truly realistic. Add metal shower rods, plastic shower curtains, and cloth towels. Use tiny hooks to hang up rubber duckies or bathrobes. Apply mini wallpaper or bathroom tiles for backdrop.

Plastic faucets, shower heads, and movable drawer knobs bring sinks and vanities to life. Place a tiny toilet paper roll by the toilet and maybe even a plunger! Kids will have fun adding all these special touches.

Decorative Touches for Bathroom Style

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

Once the major fixtures are in place, accessories add personality to a dollhouse bathroom. Pick shower curtains and towels in fun colors and prints. Use baskets and shelves for storing colorful mini soaps, candles, and bathroom products.

Tiny green potted plants liven up counter space or the tub. Wall art, framed photos, and floating shelves give character. A laundry hamper, wastebasket, and bath mat complete the lived-in look. Let kids get creative decorating their dream bathroom!

Endless Roleplay Possibilities

A fully-decked out dollhouse bathroom unlocks all kinds of play and learning opportunities. Kids can act out hygiene routines – brushing teeth, washing up, bathing dolls. They’ll learn sequencing and responsibility. Add laundry elements for washing doll clothes at a tiny sink or washer.

Bathrooms also provide a scene for stories and social interactions between doll characters. With Fisher Price’s detailed mini bathroom fixtures and accessories, children’s imaginations will overflow, just like the tub!

Fisher Price delivers every standard bathroom amenity in ultra-realistic mini proportions for dollhouses. With tubs, toilets, sinks, hardware, fixtures and plenty of decor, you can create a dollhouse bathroom as elegant or playful as you like. Let your kids take charge to design their dream space filled with bathroom roleplay potential!

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse? Here’s Everything You Need:

Give the Nursery Cribs, Changing Tables, and Rocking Chairs

The nursery is one of the most fun rooms to decorate in a Fisher Price dollhouse. Fill it with adorable baby accessories like cribs, changing tables, and rocking chairs for the ultimate roleplay experience. All the lifelike miniature nursery furnishings inspire kids to act outparenthood storylines and caretaking activities with their dolls.

Cute and Cozy Mini Cribs

No nursery is complete without the essential crib, and Fisher Price offers plenty of pint-sized options. Choose from open metal frame cribs to enclosed plastic models with cute animal themes. Pastel colors like white, blue, and pink create a soothing vibe.

Add mini crib bedding like blankets and sheets in soft fabrics and prints. Plush microfiber and cotton quilts lined with shiny satin trim look just like the real thing. Place baby doll accessories like plush bears and rattles inside.

Changing Tables for Play Care Routines

Changing tables provide the perfect furniture piece for acting out diapering and dressing baby dolls. Fisher Price makes both open and enclosed plastic changing tables in white and wood tones.

Kids will love using the attached shelves to store all the essentials for baby care play like diapers, wipes, powder, and tiny outfits. Changing pad, diaper pail, hamper, and even a cute mobile complete the realistic nursery scene.

Rocking Chairs for Soothing and Feeding

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

A rocking chair is the ideal cozy spot for nursing baby dolls or rocking them to sleep. Fisher Price’s mini rocking chairs have smooth rocking bases and come in traditional wood as well as bright colors like pink and aqua.

Place rocking chairs next to cribs or changing tables for a complete nursery furniture setup. Add throw pillows and soft blankets to create an extra comfortable vibe for playing out bedtime routines.

Toy Boxes, Shelves, and Hampers for Organization

A Fisher Price nursery has lots of accessories, so organization is key! Mini open bins or shelving units with fabric drawers are perfect for corralling all those tiny toys, bottles, blankets, and clothes. Woven hampers hold doll diapers and fabric scraps for laundry day play.

For a whimsical touch, use an open metal crib or white shelving unit as a dreamy bookcase. Fill it with mini baby books and framed family photos for your dolls. Pretty soon the nursery will be fully stocked and move-in ready!

Nursery Decor for Personality

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

Once the major furniture is in place, add decorative touches to give the nursery charm and personality. Wall decals with animals or alphabets liven up the backdrop. Use colorful area rugs and sweet window curtains. Arrange picture frames and shelves for displaying toys.

Inspirational wall hangings like “Love” or “Dream Big Little One” create a nurturing environment. The options for embellishing and customizing the perfect dollhouse nursery are endless!

With all the cozy baby furnishings and accessories from Fisher Price, kids can create a nurturing space for pretend play with dolls. Playing out real-life routines like feeding, changing, rocking babies and more builds such valuable skills. And designing their ideal nursery setting sparks creativity and self-expression. Fill the dollhouse with all the nursery essentials for fulfilling roleplay adventures!

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse? Here’s Everything You Need:

Outfit the Living Room with Rugs, Lamps, TVs, Shelves

The living room is the heart of any home, and that includes Fisher Price dollhouses! This main family gathering space lets kids get creative arranging furniture, decorating, and adding electronics and accessories that encourage pretend play. Deck out the dollhouse living room with all the comforts of home for enriching roleplay.

Stylish and Cozy Mini Furniture

Fill up the living room floor plan with classic furnishings scaled perfectly for dolls. Couches, chairs, ottomans, and tables invite dolls and stuffed animals to have a seat. Detailed wood and fabric upholstery make the plastic furniture look authentic.

Set up conversation areas with coordinating chairs or include extra-plush couches and loveseats for family movie nights. Add ottomans and side tables for a lived-in feel. Include wood console tables behind a couch to expand the layout.

Rugs and Decor Define the Space

Once the furniture is arranged, rugs and decor provide those homey finishing touches. Scatter fluffy rectangular and oval rugs made of microfiber or felt. Use decorative pillows, throws, and plants to accent the couches and chairs.

Place framed photos, wall shelves and hanging artwork to spice up the walls. Fill shelves with mini collectible figurines or plastic plants and books. Choose decor in matching color schemes and material textures for a designer look.

Entertainment for Family Game Nights

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

What’s a family living room without entertainment? Add a flatscreen TV on a plastic entertainment console or wall mount. Choose from old school wood-frame TVs to flat plastic screens. Place game consoles and video game cartridges nearby for gaming fun.

Display a mini record player on a sideboard along with tiny records. Shelves filled with miniature board games, playing cards, and game pieces complete the scene for lively game nights. Dolls can gather and play together just like a real family.

Lighting Sets the Mood

Proper lighting can make or break a living room. Accent the space with table and floor lamps in metal and plastic. Go modern with sleek tubular lights or pick classic bamboo or ceramic lamps. Use drum, cone, and globe shaped shades.

Overhead lighting like mini chandeliers or pendant lights add ambiance. Place matching lamps throughout the space for a cohesive look. Add tabletop candles and sconces above shelving for a soft glow. Lighting details spark realism for imaginative play.

With furnishings, electronics, decor and lighting, kids can create a warm, welcoming living room environment. Added accessories like throws, pillows, books and collectibles make the space look lived-in. Fill up the Fisher Price dollhouse living room with all the essentials (and more) for your doll family.

Add Fun Touches Like Clocks, Phones, Computers, and Toys

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse? Here’s Everything You Need:

A dollhouse isn’t just a dollhouse – it’s a home filled with endless possibilities for play and imagination. And no one knows that better than Fisher Price, makers of the famous Loving Family Dollhouse and other iconic toy homes. A basic dollhouse is great, but adding fun touches like clocks, phones, computers, and other toys can take playtime to the next level. Keep reading for a deep dive into decking out your Fisher Price dollhouse with cool accessories your kids will adore.

Get Cooking in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home, so fill up your dollhouse kitchen with everything your little chefs need. The Fisher Price Loving Family Kitchen set comes with over 20 accessories like pots, pans, plates, silverware, and play food. Kids can pretend to cook full meals for the whole dollhouse family. For extra fun, add the Loving Family Blender, Microwave, or Mixer. Your kids can whip up imaginary feasts in no time. Or pick out individual miniature play sets like the pizza parlor or ice cream shop to inspire specific creative games.

Chatter On the Phone

Add a touch of retro charm with a dollhouse phone. The Fisher Price Vintage Phone Set includes a corded phone in classic colors plus mini address books – perfect for sparking imaginative conversations. Call the grandparents, order pizza, or just giggle with friends. For modern flair, opt for the Loving Family Smart Phone instead. Kids can pretend to text, take selfies, and play on apps just like mom and dad. With either phone, your kiddos are sure to talk up a storm.

Check the Time

A dolls house needs to keep track of the time, so cute clocks make great accessories. Hang the Loving Family Wall Clock with its colorful daisy design in the kitchen or nursery. Or try the Fisher Price Analog Alarm Clock with working alarm for more interactive play. Kids can set the alarm then jump into character to get the family up, just like a grownup. For on-the-go time telling, add petite wrist watches in fun colors and patterns that Loving Family dolls can sport. Your kids will love acting out getting ready in the morning complete with checking their watch.

Browse on a Computer

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

In today’s digital age, a personal computer is a must-have for any modern dollhouse. The Loving Family Laptop is sized just right for play with working screen, keyboard, and mouse. Kids can pretend to work, play games, and surf the web just like they see parents and older siblings do. For a more retro option, try the Fisher Price Vintage Computer Set with wood-look desktop, floppy disk, and mini printer for that throwback experience. Either choice sparks open-ended tech play kids adore.

Play Games and Music

Help your Loving Family dolls relax with games and music players scaled for dollhouse fun. The Loving Family Boombox comes in funky colors and includes mini CDs for jamming. Let the family host a tiny dance party! For tunes on the go, try the Fisher Price Personal Music Player Set with earbuds and pretend digital screen. Kids can act out listening to their favorite songs anywhere. And for screen-free entertainment, add the Loving Family Board Game – blank on one side for making up new games, printed Trivia on the other. Game night just got way more fun.

Nod Off with Cute Bedding

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

When playtime is over, tuck your doll family into beds dressed with the cutest miniature linens. The Loving Family Bedding set includes pillows, sheets, blankets, and quilts in three colors to mix and match. Or go modern with the Camper Bedding featuring trucks, outdoorsy patterns, and bright colors for your on-the-go dolls. For the baby nursery, the Newborn Bedding set has the softest blankie and sweetest prints. Your kiddos will love playing nighttime routines and “lights out” with such realistic details.

Pretty Up with New Furniture

Switch up furnishings to refresh your dollhouse decor. The Loving Family Furniture set includes updated pieces like a sleigh bed, tufted sofa, patterned armchair, and more. Or check out full themed furniture sets like Vintage Kitchen or Chic Nursery to completely transform a room. Moving and rearranging is part of the fun of dollhouse play. Let your kids try new furniture layouts to inspire different stories and activities.

When it comes to dollhouses, kids’ imaginations are the only real limit. Fisher Price accessories make it easy to spark new adventures, stories, and endless pretend play. Fill up your doll family’s home with all types of interactive, hands-on toys to turn simple dollhouse play into an immersive world. The more you add, the more their creativity will soar. So go ahead – dream up the dollhome of your child’s dreams and make playtime magic.

Extend Play with Vehicles, Playsets, Swimming Pools and More

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse? Here’s Everything You Need:

Once you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time for the really fun add-ons! Vehicles, playsets, pools – toys that take dollhouse play beyond the home into endless pretend possibilities. Fisher Price’s mix-and-match accessories make it easy to expand your Loving Family Dollhouse into a whole interactive world. Let your child’s imagination run wild with these add-on toy sets that inspire adventure, learning, and nonstop play.

Hit the Road with Cool Rides

Zoom your Loving Family dolls around town in their very own vehicles! The awesome Fisher Price garage includes two stories of parking, a car wash, and gas station for bringing road trips home. Add to the fleet with the Red Convertible, Blue Family Car or Yellow Taxi. Then use thenew Driver and Passenger figures so the whole dollhouse crew can take a drive. From running errands to vacation rides, creative play takes off with fun vehicles.

Play All Day at the Park

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

The Loving Family Playground set lets your dolls swing, slide and climb outside their dollhouse. It includes swings, monkey bars, slide, teeter totter and merry-go-round for 360 degrees of active fun. Pair it with sand and water tables plus a park bench for a full day at the playground. Your kiddo can develop stories around school field trips, playdates with friends or family days at the park. Wherever their imagination wanders.

Make a Splash with Swim Sets

Cool down doll play with pool- and beach-themed accessories. The Loving Family Pool has a shallow end, diving board, slide and raft for swim time adventures indoors or out. Add floating rings, goggles, towels and more with the Beach set. Or opt for the inflatable water park playset with waterslides, splash pool and climbing wall. Kids can craft pool games, learn about water safety or set up beach birthday parties. The water play options are endless.

Camp Out in the Great Outdoors

Your doll family can enjoy the great outdoors with camping accessories scaled for fun hands-on play. The Loving Family Camping set comes with a pop-up tent, campfire and cooking gear for rustic pretend play. Have kids use dolls to act out hiking trips, cookouts, sleeping under the stars and more. Add to the realism with the Fisher Price Car with Camper to transport your doll campers.

Stock the Store for Shopping

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

Kids can explore careers and grownup roles with miniature store sets. The Loving Family Supermarket includes shelving, shopping carts, baskets, play food and a working conveyor belt. Let them scan items, bag groceries and make change. Similarly, the Doctor’s Kit sparks imaginative roleplay as a pediatrician, with kit, scale and accessories. Store sets build communication skills and stem social play.

Combine with Playmobil for More Fun

Mix and match your favorite brands for unlimited dollhouse play options. Playmobil sets complement Fisher Price with their intricate modern designs. Add Playmobil’s Equestrian Center, Children’s Hospital, Camper Van and more to expand your child’s doll world. Use Playmobil’s realistic human figures alongside Little People for new character combinations. Crossing over toy sets inspires kids to integrate different toys and story lines in creative new ways.

Spark Stories with Miniature Worlds

Whether it’s a busy day playing with friends, family road trip, pool party or camping sleepover, special toy sets spark storytelling and interactive fun. Vehicles let imaginations ride off on new adventures. Playsets inspire posing dolls to act out daily life roles. Your child will love having familiar activities to reenact and make their own. Mix and match accessory sets to customize and expand doll play without end.

With so many options for addons and expansions, the play possibilities with a Fisher Price dollhouse are truly endless. Let your kids lead the way in dreaming up the ultimate doll family experience. From action to relaxation, roleplay to make-believe, extra toy sets are the gateway to enriching the hands-on fun. So help your young storyteller take doll play to the next level with these toy accessories that inspire adventure beyond four walls.

Breathtaking Finishing Touches: Plants, Flowers, Holiday Decor

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse? Here’s Everything You Need:

You’ve got the furniture, accessories, and toys to spark imaginative play. Now it’s time for those special finishing touches that breathe life into your Loving Family Dollhouse – working lights, greenery, flowers, and holiday trimmings! Fisher Price offers delightful details designed just for dollhouses to take them from simple toy to magical miniature world. Keep reading for the inside scoop on dolling up your doll home in style.

Light It Up with Working Lamps

Add ambiance and realism with miniature lighting you control. The Loving Family Dollhouse Lights set lets you illuminate the home’s rooms just like the real thing. Place living room lamps on end tables, a kitchen light over the table, night lights in bedrooms – wherever your child envisions. Let them instill a cozy glow for evening doll play or light up rooms as day turns to night. Working lights spark design skills and imaginative stories.

Green It Up with Mini Plants

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

No home feels finished without a little greenery! The Loving Family Dollhouse Plants set adds tiny potted succulents, spider plants, ferns, and more to liven up your mini abode. Place them on windowsills, end tables, and shelves just like you would full-sized house plants. Your child can develop nurturing skills while pretending to care for the faux florals. Greenery brings a breath of life into any dollhouse.

Fresh-Cut Flowers for Every Room

For special dollhouse occasions, surprise your child with Loving Family Fresh Flower arrangements scaled for mini vases. A mixed bouquet on the kitchen table, bedside daisies, entryway wreath – let your kid’s imagination run wild with ways to decorate with colorful blooms. Arrange flowers for family dinner, birthday party, date night or just because. Working floral accessories inspire creativity and roleplay.

Party Time with Holiday Decor

Make every holiday shine bright with mini decorations designed for doll play. The Fisher Price Holiday Assortment includes festive trimmings sized for tabletop trees, mantels, and more. Twinkling lights, candy canes, and ornaments deck the halls for Christmas. Bunnies, baskets, and eggs celebrate spring. Your child can remake their dollhouse for each occasion and holiday, just like you do. Special decorations make traditions come alive in doll world.

Throw Themed Events and Parties

Dreaming of Decking Out Your Fisher Price Dollhouse. Here

With the right accessories, every party can come to dollhouse life! Use balloons and streamers from the Party Supplies Set to turn any room into a festive birthday bash. The BBQ Grill and Food Set gets the summer cook-out started. Halloween decor transforms the home for a spooky soiree. Your child will love playing out holidays, events, and family gatherings through hands-on doll play.

Show House Pride with Mini Decor

Let your kiddo show their unique style with dollhouse wall hangings and accents. Dreamy butterfly wall art sets a whimsical tone. The Family Photo frame displays their doll family. Window flower boxes bring a personalized touch. Monogrammed pillows and picture frames add homey detail. Custom decor reflects your child’s imagination and helps tell their unique dollhouse story.

Use Scale Christmas Trees and Wreaths

For pint-sized holiday cheer, choose mini Christmas trees and wreaths scaled for doll fun. The light-up 3-foot tabletop tree twinkles with cozy cheer. Hang twig wreaths with bright red bows on every dollhouse door. Add a stocking for each family member so no doll is left out! Your holiday obsessive can start dollhouse decorating season even earlier with Christmas sized for play.

Make Any Day Special

From flowers and plants to holiday trimmings, dollhouse accessories let your child decorate for any occasion they can dream up. Setting a mood, telling a story, celebrating a tradition – it all comes to life in miniature! Adding lights, greenery and special touches encourages kids to fully inhabit their doll world. So let your kid go wild making every day special through creative, hands-on play.

With limitless options for decking out a dollhouse, the decorating possibilities are endless. Loving Family accessories designed specially for dollhouses make it easy to add realistic details that bring imagination to life. Let your kiddo doll up their dollhouse with lights, plants, flowers, holiday flair and custom touches that make their tiny world complete. Fun flourishes put the finishing touch on a Fischer Price doll sanctuary built for creativity and play.