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Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

For an easy and affordable way to add some personality and flair to any room, acrylic bead curtains are a fantastic option. Unlike expensive crystal bead alternatives, acrylic beads offer a chic look without the hefty price tag. Let’s dive into the world of these stylish and functional curtains to see why they might be the perfect choice for your home.

What Are Acrylic Bead Curtains & How Do They Differ From Crystal Ones?

Acrylic bead curtains are made from plastic acrylic beads that are strung together on cords to form a hanging curtain. The beads come in all sizes, shapes, and colors to create different textures and designs. Acrylic differs from crystal in that it is an inexpensive plastic material rather than delicate, pricey crystal. However, acrylic can mimic the look of crystal while being a fraction of the cost. Acrylic also tends to be more durable and shatter-resistant than crystal.

When shopping, you’ll find two main types of acrylic bead curtains: solid plastic beads or transparent colored beads. Solid beads in colors like red, blue, or gold create an opaque effect. Meanwhile, transparent tinted beads maintain a see-through look. There are endless options for mixing colors, sizes, and shapes to create a customized statement piece.

Compared to crystal alternatives, acrylic bead curtains tend to be lighter in weight. The plastic material also makes these curtains more versatile for hanging in doorways, windows, or as room dividers. For those wanting crystal’s elegant appearance without the hassle or expense, acrylic bead curtains are an excellent middle ground.

Key Benefits of Acrylic vs Crystal Beads Curtains

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Why might you choose fun and vibrant acrylic bead curtains rather than delicate crystal? Here are some of the key advantages that acrylic offers:

  • More affordable – Acrylic plastic is far cheaper than crystal, so you can get the bead curtain look on a budget.
  • Durability – Acrylic is shatter-resistant and stands up well to bumps, kids, and pets compared to fragile crystal.
  • Versatility – Lighter weight makes acrylic great for use in kitchens, bathrooms, doorways, and more high-traffic areas.
  • Easy maintenance – Acrylic can be dusted or vacuumed easily. Some are even machine washable.
  • Fun colors and options – Acrylic comes in every color imaginable, as well as varied shapes and designs.
  • Noise reduction – Acrylic beads clink together gently rather than loudly clashing like crystal.

For most households, an acrylic bead curtain will provide the desired decorative effect while being more practical than crystal in terms of affordability and durability.

Top Places to Use These Stylish & Functional Curtains

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Part of acrylic bead curtains’ popularity comes from their versatility. Here are some of the top spots to add these stylish accents in your home:

  1. Kitchens – Use acrylic beads to cordon off a kitchen from a dining area in an open floor plan. The curtains allow light and visibility while adding visual separation.
  2. Bathrooms – For a spa-like vibe, bead curtains make excellent shower or bathroom door coverings. They add texture while allowing steam and moisture to escape.
  3. Closets – In a closet, brightly colored acrylic beads create a fun focal point while helping reduce dust buildup inside.
  4. Doorways – Hang a bead curtain over an interior door to transform a boring doorway into an inviting focal passage.
  5. Windows – Get the look of expensive stained glass with fraction of the cost using acrylic beads over a window for natural light filtering.

In small apartments, acrylic bead curtains can also double as attractive and acoustically beneficial room dividers. Get creative with these versatile curtains!

How to Choose the Perfect Size, Color & Design

With so many options for sizes, colors, and designs, how do you choose the perfect acrylic bead curtain? Here are a few tips:

  • Measure carefully to find the right length and width for your space. Leave a few extra inches for draping.
  • Pick colors that complement your existing decor – both beads and cord color matter.
  • Mix and match bead shapes like round, cylinder, diamond, or tube for visual interest.
  • Choose a single color or ombre look for a soothing backdrop or bold patterns for a pop of pizzazz.
  • Look for quality thick cords, evenly spaced beads, and durable bead caps on the ends.
  • Read reviews and customer photos to visualize how specific designs translate in real homes.

Take accurate measurements, note the vibe you want to achieve, and have fun with the many acrylic bead options to find your perfect fit!

Acrylic vs Plastic: Which Bead Material is Best?

When researching bead curtains, you may come across both acrylic and standard plastic beads. What’s the difference, and which is better?

Acrylic is a type of plastic but tends to be higher quality. It has a glass-like appearance and a more durable construction. Standard plastic beads may be prone to cracking or fading over time. Meanwhile, quality acrylic beads are color-stable and retain their shine. For longevity and aesthetic appeal, acrylic is the best choice.

That said, not all acrylic beads are equal either. Opt for denser acrylic rather than a thin, hollow variety. Check reviews to ensure the acrylic beads stand up well over years of use without cracking or breaking. While acrylic costs a bit more upfront than standard plastic, it saves money over time.

Where to Buy Quality Acrylic Beaded Curtains Online

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Big box stores may carry a basic acrylic bead curtain or two, but for the best selection at affordable pricing, online retailers are the way to go. Here are some top online stores for chic acrylic bead curtains:

  • Etsy – Tons of handmade options from independent artisans. Great for unique designs.
  • Amazon – Largest selection with fast shipping but vet product reviews carefully.
  • Overstock – Reliable retailer with frequent sales and promos for bead curtains.
  • Wayfair – Massive inventory with styles from chic to boho to coastal.

Check seller ratings, reviews with photos, return policies, and projected shipping times. Online shopping makes finding the perfect acrylic bead curtain style and fit convenient and affordable.

How Much Do Acrylic Bead Curtains Cost?

One of the biggest perks of acrylic over crystal bead curtains is the lower cost. Here’s what to expect price-wise:

  • Smaller 36″ x 72″ curtains – $10 – $50
  • Average 60″ x 84″ size – $25 – $70
  • Larger or custom sizes – $70 – $200
  • High-end designer looks – $200 – $500

Prices vary based on the bead size, materials, and overall density. More beads and higher quality translate to a higher price tag. But overall, acrylic remains budget-friendly, especially for larger curtain panels. Add bold style without breaking the bank!

Easy Installation Tips for Hanging Your New Curtain

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

One bonus of bead curtains? They’re quite easy to install! Follow these tips for quick, successful hanging:

  1. Iron or steam the curtain flat first to remove wrinkles from packaging.
  2. Determine your hanging location and use heavy-duty hooks or a tension rod.
  3. Divide beads evenly to each side to ensure it hangs straight.
  4. For doorways, center the curtain on the top of the doorway for symmetry.
  5. Let the beads fall and adjust hooks outward if curtain does not fully cover area.
  6. Trim excess length if beads pile or catch at the bottom.

Use pliers to crimp the built-in bead stoppers at the top and bottom once fitted. Then enjoy your stylish new acrylic accent!

Maintenance & Cleaning: How to Keep Acrylic Curtains Looking New

Over time, acrylic bead curtains can collect dust, dirt, and grime. Keep them looking like new with these cleaning tips:

  • Gently vacuum beads using a brush attachment or lint roller.
  • Some acrylic curtains are machine-washable – check tag before cleaning.
  • Spot clean stains on beads using mild soap and water.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals which can damage the plastic beads.
  • Take down curtain 1-2 times per year and clean thoroughly.
  • Consider buying 2 panels and rotating for cleaning to always have one up.

With occasional upkeep, an acrylic bead curtain can stay shiny, vibrant, and beautiful for years of stylish service.

Bring personality, texture, and flair to your home decor with the creativity and affordability of acrylic bead curtains. With the right size, color, and style, they make an eye-catching yet functional addition to kitchens, bathrooms, closets, windows, and more. Dress up your home in chic style with acrylic beaded curtains!

When you’re searching for a decorative bead curtain to add some visual intrigue to your home, acrylic and crystal varieties are top contenders. But what exactly are the advantages of affordable acrylic over pricier crystal when it comes to bead curtains? Let’s break it down.

Key Benefits of Acrylic vs Crystal Beads Curtains

Acrylic bead curtains have exploded in popularity in recent years – and for good reason! Here are some of the top benefits that acrylic bead curtains offer over crystal:

  • Budget-Friendly – Dollar for dollar, acrylic is far less expensive than delicate crystal. You’ll get a steal on style.
  • Kid and Pet-Proof – Acrylic is durable and shatter-resistant, unlike fragile crystal that can crack under bumps.
  • Lightweight – Lighter acrylic beads make the curtain easy to hang and reposition wherever needed.
  • Noise Reduction – Acrylic beads clink gently to absorb sound rather than loudly clashing together.
  • Color Options Galore – Acrylic comes in every color under the sun to match your decor.
  • Low Maintenance – Just dust or vacuum occasionally since acrylic is non-porous and stain-resistant.

For crystal bead curtains, you pay heavily for the name and delicate nature of the material. But acrylic delivers stunning effects and durability at a fraction of the investment. Keep reading to learn more about why acrylic is quickly becoming the favorite over natural crystal when it comes to beautiful bead curtains.

Acrylic Stands the Test of Time

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Unlike fragile crystal that cracks under pressure, acrylic holds up amazingly well over years of use. We’re talking lasting beauty that outperforms crystal many times over. The plastic polymer material resists chips, cracks, and breakage – even when bumped or nudged.

Kids and pets running around? Acrylic remains unphased. High traffic areas like kitchens and entryways? Acrylic beads are up for the challenge. Crystal simply can’t compete with acrylic’s longevity and durability.

Easy Maintenance is Music to Your Ears

Nothing wastes time and money like high-maintenance decor. Thankfully, keeping acrylic bead curtains looking like new is a breeze compared to persnickety crystal. Acrylic’s non-porous surface simply needs an occasional dusting or light vacuuming to remove dirt and debris.

When cleaning crystal, extreme care must be taken not to damage the delicate material. But acrylic laughs in the face of moisture, dust, and grime – simply wipe clean as needed. Skipping the hassle of special crystal cleaners and tedious scrubbing gives acrylic major bonus points.

Color Selection for Endless Creativity

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Crystal beads curtains certainly sparkle, but they lack the vibrant hues that acrylic beads offer. With acrylic, choose from every color and shade imaginable to complement your decor. Go for bold reds, ocean blues, or mellow yellows – the options are endless.

In crystal, you’re limited to clear, smoky grey, or minimal colored varieties. Express your unique style with acrylic’s kaleidoscope of colors and customizable mixes. From retro brights to soothing naturals, let acrylic’s color spectrum spark your creativity.

Lightweight Convenience for Hanging

Time to hang your new bead curtain! Thanks to acrylic’s lightweight nature, installation is a cinch compared to heavy crystal. Plastic acrylic weighs far less per bead, so your completed curtain is easy to hang anywhere – no complicated brackets or hardware needed.

Crystal’s weight often requires special mounts and reinforced walls for secure hanging. But airy acrylic glides up with a simple tension rod or hooks. Moving your acrylic bead curtain around as needs change? No sweat. Acrylic’s lightweight design offers hassle-free hanging.

When it comes to beautiful, budget-friendly, and durable bead curtains, acrylic dominates. Ditch the crystal preciousness and let carefree acrylic infuse your home with style and charm for years on end.

With their stylish versatility, where are the best spots to hang chic acrylic bead curtains in your home? Let’s explore the top locations these functional accents can infuse with personality and privacy while allowing light to filter through.

Top Places to Use These Stylish & Functional Curtains

Here are some prime locations to take advantage of acrylic bead curtains’ decorative flair:


Open concept kitchens are popular, but sometimes you want to delineate the cooking zone. Acrylic beads are perfect for cordoning off a kitchen for visual separation without totally blocking light. The beads add a playful pop of color while allowing visibility and airflow between rooms.


For a spa-like vibe in your bathroom, install an acrylic bead curtain over the shower or tub opening. The beads lend privacy, absorb sound, and infuse color. Unlike solid curtains, beads allow moisture to escape while catching water drips. Bonus – the crystals help enhance the ambiance for a luxurious soak.


An acrylic bead curtain over a closet opening adds personality to an often overlooked space. Opt for brightly colored beads to create a focal point. The beads help reduce dust buildup inside the closet by catching particles in motion. A win-win for form and function!

Interior Doorways

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Transform boring, flat doorways into eye-catching portals with acrylic beads. The playful curtains make stark openings feel more inviting and add visual interest. Walking through the gently clinking beads becomes a joyful sensory experience.


Get the gorgeous look of expensive stained glass at a fraction of the cost. Acrylic bead curtains over windows filter incoming light into rainbow prisms. The transparent beads maintain visibility while lending privacy. Especially nice for accent windows in bedrooms or bathrooms.

In small living spaces, acrylic bead curtains also multitask nicely as room dividers. The shimmering curtains define spaces without totally isolating them. Let acrylic beads bring their stylish versatility to your unique home!

Outdoor Spaces

Don’t confine acrylic bead curtains to indoor use only! These weather-resistant curtains are also fantastic for covered outdoor spots. Use beads to cordon off a porch, patio or pergola for an instant outdoor oasis. The playful curtains maintain airflow while delineating relaxation zones.

Home Offices

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Working from home? Acrylic beads make great office partitions or cubicle dividers. The cheerful curtains create workspace separation without making the area feel claustrophobic. The strands also help absorb noise and chatter for distraction-free concentration.

Apartment Stairwells

Add whimsy to stark apartment stairwells with cascading acrylic beads. The shimmery curtains transform monotonous stairs into an inviting passageway. They allow light through while lending privacy and soundproofing between floors. Brighten boring with bead flair!

With endless possibilities, acrylic bead curtains lend captivating style and customizable function to any room. Allow these lightweight divas to shine as they enhance your home’s beauty and character.

With endless options for sizes, colors, bead styles, and designs, selecting the perfect acrylic bead curtain for your space may seem daunting. But keeping a few key tips in mind makes it easy to choose a curtain that’s a flawless fit for your home’s style.

How to Choose the Perfect Size, Color & Design

Follow this advice to ensure acrylic bead curtain bliss:

Measure Twice, Hang Once

First things first: bust out the measuring tape. Carefully gauge the exact width and length of the window, doorway or area you plan to cover. Measure multiple times for accuracy. Leave an extra few inches on each side for optimal draping.

There’s nothing worse than eagerly awaiting your new bead arrival only to find it woefully too small or too large. Precise measurements allow you to select the ideal size for a picture-perfect custom fit.

Complement Your Color Scheme

With endless rainbow options, which hues sing in harmony with your existing decor? Cool tones like blues, greens and purples create a serene backdrop. Warm shades of red, orange and yellow infuse spaces with energy. For a neutral foundation, stick to whites, blacks or natural wood tones.

Also consider the color of the curtain cords – do you want them to blend in or stand out? Selecting shades that play nicely together results in stylish cohesion.

Mix and Match Bead Shapes

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Beyond colors, bead shape options also abound. Round, tube, diamond, cylinder, clam shell – each shape lends its own aesthetic. Mixing shapes creates visual interest, but random hodgepodges can seem messy.

For clean design, limit yourself to 2-3 complementary shapes. Or graduate shapes from the top to the bottom of the curtain for an ombre-like effect. Thoughtful bead shape mixing prevents chaotic cacophony.

Set the Right Mood

What vibe are you aiming for? Bold variegated stripes or color blocking make dynamic style statements. Ombre fades lend a Zen, chilled out mood. For a relaxed but luxe spa feel, neutral tan and white beads can’t be beat.

Envision how you want the space to feel, then find a bead pattern to match. Let acrylic beads set the scene by amplifying the desired ambiance.

Choosing the perfect acrylic bead curtain takes a bit of planning and design vision. But taking time to find the ideal fit results in a personalized accent that enhances your home in stunning style.

Acrylic vs Plastic: Which Bead Material is Best?

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

When it comes to beaded curtains, you have two main options for the bead material: acrylic or plastic. But which one should you choose to dress up your home in style? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Acrylic Bead Curtains

Acrylic beads have become increasingly popular in recent years for beaded curtains. Here’s why:

  • Acrylic has an elegant, crystal-like appearance. The beads have a translucent quality that gives off a sparkling effect when light hits them. This can add a touch of glamor to any room.
  • They are durable and long-lasting. Acrylic is resistant to cracking and fading, so your beaded curtain will stay looking beautiful for years to come.
  • Acrylic beads are affordable. You can get the crystal look for less than natural crystals or gems. Acrylic bead curtains are a budget-friendly way to dress up your home.
  • Wide variety of colors and sizes available. Acrylic beads come in every color imaginable, in addition to clear. You can find tiny beads for a delicate curtain, or larger beads for a bold statement.
  • Lightweight. Acrylic beads have very little weight to them. This makes acrylic bead curtains easy to hang and move around your home whenever you want.

The sparkly, elegant look of acrylic bead curtains makes them a popular choice. They provide an easy way to add some decorative flair to doorways, windows, and thresholds in your home. Their crystal-like appearance can make any room look chic and luxurious.

Plastic Bead Curtains

Plastic bead curtains are the more budget-friendly option. Here are some of their pros:

  • Very inexpensive. Plastic beads are cheaper to produce than higher quality acrylic or glass beads. This makes plastic bead curtains quite affordable.
  • Come in fun, bright colors. You’ll find plastic bead curtains in vibrant neon hues, primary colors, and other playful shades like rainbow.
  • Casual look. Plastic beads have a casual, playful appearance that works well for kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, and other relaxed spaces.
  • Good for temporary use. Plastic curtains are ideal if you just need an inexpensive solution for a short amount of time, like at a party or event.
  • Lightweight. Like acrylic beads, plastic beads do not weigh down a curtain rod.

However, plastic bead curtains do have some downsides to consider:

  • Less durable. Plastic beads tend to crack and break more easily than acrylic or glass.
  • Can fade over time. Plastic is more prone to fading, especially in sunlight, so the colors will not stay vibrant.
  • Not as crystal-like. Plastic does not have the elegant, translucent appearance of acrylic or glass beads.
  • Feels more flimsy. Plastic bead strands tend to tangle and knot more easily than higher quality materials.

Plastic bead curtains are the cheaper DIY option if you want an easy project for a kid’s room. But for decor that will last and look chic in main living areas, acrylic beads are worth the slightly higher investment.

Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Out of acrylic and plastic options, acrylic bead curtains offer the best mix of beauty, durability, and affordability. Here are some top reasons why they are a great choice:

The Elegant, Crystalline Look

The translucent, sparkling appearance of acrylic beads is what really sets them apart. When light catches them, they shine and shimmer like crystal chandeliers. This instantly makes any room look more luxurious and sophisticated. The beaded curtains diffuse light beautifully to create a soft, dreamy aesthetic.

A Budget-Friendly Alternative to Real Crystals

Genuine crystal beads would be very expensive for a whole beaded curtain. Acrylic provides the same delicate, crystallized effect for a fraction of the price. You can get the high-end look you want for your home without spending thousands of dollars.

Long-Lasting Durability

One of the biggest perks of acrylic bead curtains is that they are built to last. Acrylic is resistant to sun damage, discoloration, cracks, and scratches. You don’t have to worry about the beads fading or breaking over time like cheaper plastic. Investing in an acrylic beaded curtain means enjoying beautiful décor that will stay like new for years before having to replace it.

Lightweight and Easy to Hang

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Installing an acrylic bead curtain is simple since the beads themselves weigh almost nothing. The lightweight nature makes them easy to hang up on a rod or doorway without extra hardware or support needed. You can quickly take them down or move them to another location anytime. Acrylic’s durability also prevents the beads from knotting easily.

Endless Color and Size Options

Another big advantage of acrylic beads is the vast selection of colors and sizes available. You can find any color under the rainbow, as well as multicolor blends. Popular choices are black, white, aqua, turquoise, red, yellow, blue, purple, and clear. Bead sizes vary from tiny 2-4mm beads to create sheer curtains to chunky 20mm beads for a bold statement. There are so many possibilities!

Adds a Touch of Glamor Instantly

Nothing dresses up a space quite like a beaded curtain. The glittering beads and gentle swish instantly make any room feel more glamorous. Hang acrylic bead curtains in doorways, windows, or entryways to create an ambiance of Old Hollywood charm and sophistication. They’re perfect for making drab spaces feel luxurious on a budget.

Provides Privacy in a Beautiful Way

Unlike solid curtains, acrylic bead curtains allow light to flow through while still giving privacy. Glimpses through the beads obscure the full view. This sheer coverage is perfect for spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and powder rooms. The dazzling strands make the divider beautifully unique and on-trend.

When you want to add major style without major costs, acrylic bead curtains are the way to go. With their crystalline elegance, lightweight design, and durable construction, they make a gorgeous addition to any room’s décor. Acrylic beads have an affluent look and feel that belies their affordable price point. Dress up your home in chic style with these shimmering statement pieces!

Where to Buy Quality Acrylic Beaded Curtains Online

Acrylic beaded curtains are having a major moment right now as a chic home decor trend. But finding high-quality acrylic bead curtains online can be tricky with so many retailers to choose from. You want to find a supplier that offers good prices but doesn’t compromise on the materials and construction. Here are some top online stores to find stunning acrylic bead curtains for your home.


Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

For a vast handmade selection, Etsy is a top source for acrylic beaded curtains. You can find sellers from all over the world offering artisan-crafted curtains made from premium acrylic beads. Custom options are available if you want a specific color scheme or size. Check reviews and shop policies to ensure a reliable transaction. Etsy sellers often have the widest range of beads sizes, shapes, and colors too.


With its swift shipping and liberal return policies, Amazon is convenient for acrylic bead curtains. Search for top-rated options with many glowing reviews confirming quality construction that lasts. Amazon also allows you to shop by specific features like bead size, color, shape, and width. For budget buyers, check the AmazonBasics line too.


Overstock is worth browsing for discounted prices on acrylic bead curtains. They regularly run sales and promos to save you money. You can find a good selection of sizes and colors, from bold multicolor curtains to more subtle smoky grey or ivory crystals. Overstock is a reliable brand for quality at affordable costs.


Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Wayfair is another home goods mega-store that provides big options for beaded curtains. They have a user-friendly website to filter by material, color, size, price, customer rating, etc. Free shipping on most products. Hit their “Sales” section for serious deals.


eBay is an auction site, so prices can vary wildly. But for patient shoppers, major bargains can be found from auction bids or Buy It Now listings. Sort by price to find steals first. Closely inspect seller profiles and product images to ensure satisfactory quality.


Joann arts and crafts stores sell beaded curtains supplies, so you can make your own acrylic bead curtain for total customization. They also stock ready-made curtains in a few color options. Sign up for their coupons to save big on your purchase.


Target is now offering a small collection of beaded curtains online, including acrylic crystals and colored plastic bead options. Their low prices make it easy to refresh rooms on a budget. Expect limited color selection but decent quality.


IKEA’s bead curtains use plastic rattan beads, so not quite acrylic – but they have a natural, earthy style perfect for boho spaces. As expected from IKEA, prices stay low for the decent quality. Bring dimension to doorways affordably.


Known for artful, eclectic home decor, Anthropologie stocks a few handmade acrylic beaded curtain styles with their signature free-spirited vibe. Their beads are hand-strung for meticulous quality. Sign up for sale alerts to save.

When shopping online, read product descriptions carefully and buy from retailers with strong customer reviews. Look for specifics on the bead material, construction, size, hang weight, etc. Avoid flimsy plastic curtains that won’t last. Slightly higher prices typically mean better bead quality and durability. With the right online retailer, you can score a beautiful acrylic bead curtain to dress up your home in chic style!

How Much Do Acrylic Bead Curtains Cost?

One of the biggest appeals of beaded curtains is that they provide an easy and affordable way to decorate. Acrylic bead curtains specifically are prized for their crystal-like elegance at budget-friendly price points. But exactly how much do acrylic beaded curtains cost? Here’s an overview of what to expect at different quality levels.

Under $20

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

On the very low end of the price spectrum, you can find basic acrylic bead curtains from $10-20. These are typically smaller in length, around 30 inches long. The acrylic beads are often lower grade and inconsistently sized. Still, these bargain curtains can add a touch of decoration very affordably. Just don’t expect them to last more than a year or two before needing replacement.

$20-$50 Range

The sweet spot for price and quality is the $20 to $50 range for acrylic bead curtains. These mid-range curtains are made with decent acrylic beads that provide a sparkling crystal effect. Strand length increases to 60-70 inches long for wider doors and windows. You’ll find most standard size and color options available in this range.

$50-$100 High End

As you move up towards the $100 mark, acrylic bead curtain quality increases noticeably. These high end curtains use top-grade acrylic beads of consistent size and clarity. Strands reach up to 96 inches long for dramatic door coverage. The overall construction is meticulous for durability and longevity. These curtains make stunning decorative statements.

$100-$200 Luxury

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

At over $100, you reach specialized luxury-level acrylic bead curtains. These are handcrafted and strung with absolute precision, made to order. The beads are pristine quality and professionally polished for unmatched sparkle. With heavy-duty hangings and backings, these curtains become heirloom pieces built to impress.

DIY Acrylic Bead Curtain Cost

To save money, you can make your own acrylic bead curtain for $20-60 depending on materials. Purchase bulk acrylic beads, nylon beading thread, a needle, and curtain backing. Gather supplies from craft stores like Michaels, Joann, and Hobby Lobby. For just the cost of materials, you can customize the perfect acrylic curtain.

Factors Affecting Cost

When pricing acrylic bead curtains, here are some factors that influence overall cost:

  • Bead quality – Higher grade acrylic beads cost more.
  • Bead size – Smaller beads require more to make curtains, impacting cost.
  • Strand length – Longer curtains require more beads and labor.
  • Width – Fuller curtains use more bead strands, raising prices.
  • Intricate designs – Elaborate patterns and shapes take more work.
  • Brand name – Designer and boutique brands charge higher prices.
  • Shipping fees – Weigh costs of free shipping vs. handling.

With so many variables, acrylic bead curtain costs can range widely. But the dazzling, crystallized effect remains affordable even at higher price points compared to genuine crystal. For cost-conscious buyers, aim for smaller curtains around 3 feet long in popular hues like black, silver, or turquoise. With smart shopping, you can find the perfect acrylic bead curtain to suit your budget and style needs!

Easy Installation Tips for Hanging Your New Curtain

Looking to add some personality and pizzazz to your home? Acrylic bead curtains are an easy and inexpensive way to make a stylish statement in any space. These plastic bead curtains come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes, making them versatile decor for kitchens, doorways, bedrooms, and more. Installing your new acrylic crystal curtain is simple with just a few tools and these handy tips.

First, determine the size curtain you’ll need for your space. Measure the width and length of the area you want to hang the curtain. Add a few extra inches on each side to allow the beads to drape freely. When selecting your acrylic beaded curtain, opt for one that is slightly wider and longer than your measurements.

Next, choose where you want to mount the curtain. Most bead curtains come with a small top panel or loop that slides onto a curtain rod or tension rod. For standard doorways, position the rod a few inches wider than the door frame and high enough that the beads skim the floor. For a window, the rod can be installed above or inside the window frame. Use wall anchors if needed to ensure a secure installation.

Now slide your new shower curtain with beads onto the rod. The top loops simply hook over the bar and the beads will fall into place. Make sure the pattern or design is facing the direction you want. For extra stability, you can tie little knots in the loops at each end to keep the curtain from sliding around.

To customize the look, add additional length as desired. Simply slide new strings of beads onto the bottom to make your chinese bead curtain longer. Layer multiple strands for a fuller look too. Consider mixing colors or bead shapes for a eclectic, bohemian style. Just tie a knot at each end of the new strands to attach them to the existing curtain.

For doorways that get frequent use, attach a couple Velcro strips at either end of the top panel. The Velcro will secure the beads and prevent them from separating to walk through. Simply pull the strips apart as needed.

Now stand back and enjoy your new acrylic bead curtain! The acrylic material makes these curtains lightweight yet durable. Gently wiping with a damp cloth keeps them looking clean and shiny. With proper care, your bead curtain will dress up your home for years of chic style.

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Looking for a simple yet stylish way to decorate or add a unique touch to your home? Acrylic bead curtains offer an inexpensive option to dress up doorways, windows, and more with some colorful dazzle and flair. Let’s look at what makes these plastic beaded curtains such a chic and versatile choice.

For starters, acrylic bead curtains come in endless fun and funky options. You can choose long strands in a single bold color like ruby red or emerald green to make a vibrant statement. Go for rainbow colors blended together for a playful hippie vibe. Pick multi-colored floral designs or tie-dye patterns for a blast of free-spirited style. With so many choices, it’s easy to find the perfect look to match your home’s personality.

In addition to colors, acrylic bead curtains offer loads of shape and size options too. Tiny round beads make a delicate tinkling sound when parted. Large flat discs give a funky retro look. Want an exotic Moroccan feel? Pick teardrop or star-shaped beads. You can even find beads made to look like flowers, sea shells, dolphins, and more. Mix and match shapes for visual interest.

Unlike old-fashioned beaded curtains made of real glass, acrylic plastic beads offer many advantages. Plastic keeps these curtains lightweight and easy to install in any doorway or window frame. Acrylic material is shatter-resistant, making your curtain safe for homes with kids and pets. It’s also affordable, durable, and easy to clean.

When it comes to installation, acrylic bead curtains couldn’t be simpler. Just slide the top panel containing the loops onto any standard curtain rod. Adjust the length as desired by tying on additional strands of beads. Use a tension rod or install a permanent curtain rod bracket for extra stability. No sewing or complicate hanging is required!

Where are some smart ways to use these chic acrylic bead curtains in your home? They make excellent room dividers to define spaces without totally blocking light. Hang one in a wide doorway or archway to add visual interest. Use beads to cover an unattractive window while still allowing light to filter in. Closets, cubbies and shelving units also benefit from a bit of beaded dazzle.

In the kitchen, an acrylic bead curtain over the sink window prevents busybodies from peeking in. Or use one to conceal a cluttered pantry area in an open concept kitchen. Add a splash of color and texture by draping plastic bead strands along open shelves. They make great hood decorations over oven vents too.

For bedrooms, acrylic beads work nicely as blackout curtains for daytime sleeping. They also add a fun and creative alternative to plain headboards. Getting ready in the morning is more pleasant behind a beautifully beaded bathroom curtain. And don’t forget the back door – a beaded curtain here keeps out flies and mosquitos in warmer weather.

With so many colors, sizes and uses, it’s no wonder acrylic bead curtains are beloved for their versatility and visual appeal. Durable, affordable and easy to install, these plastic beaded curtains are a great way to add some artistic flair and personality to your home. Whether you go for retro, modern, coastal or boho chic, there’s a beaded curtain that’s perfect for your style!

Maintenance & Cleaning: How to Keep Acrylic Curtains Looking New

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

One of the best parts about installing a fun and colorful acrylic bead curtain in your home is seeing how it instantly livens up any space with its dazzling style. But to keep your new plastic beaded curtain looking its best for years to come, it’s important to provide occasional cleaning and maintenance.

Acrylic bead curtains offer many advantages over traditional glass beaded curtains. Acrylic is lightweight, shatter-resistant, and easy to care for. However, acrylic can attract dust and dirt over time, causing it to look dingy. Follow this simple guide to keep your acrylic crystal curtains, acrylic beaded curtains, and shower curtains with beads sparkling like new.

Regular Dusting

One of the easiest ways to care for your acrylic bead curtain is to dust it regularly. Simply take a clean, dry cloth and gently run it over each strand of beads. This picks up dust, dirt, and other debris that settles on the beads from regular use and from the air in your home.

Try dusting once a week in high-traffic areas like kitchens or entryways. Monthly dusting is sufficient for bead curtains in more protected spots like bedrooms. Dusting prevents buildup that is harder to remove later.

Spot Cleaning

For stubborn dirt or grime on your chinese bead curtains or other acrylic styles, spot clean as needed. Dampen a soft cloth with plain water and gently rub it over stained or soiled areas to remove the dirt. For tougher spots, use a mild soap and water solution.

Avoid harsh cleaners, bleach, or chemical products which can damage the acrylic beads. Spot clean spills like food, grease, or makeup as soon as possible so they don’t have time to set in and stain.

Deep Cleaning Solutions

Over time, everyday dust and dirt will build up on your acrylic beaded curtain, requiring a deeper cleaning. Luckily there are easy methods to get your acrylic strands looking like new again.

One option is to lay the curtain flat and gently wipe both sides of each strand with a cloth dampened in mild, soapy water. Let it air dry completely before rehanging.

For a deeper clean, remove the strands from the hanging loops and place in a basin or bathtub. Fill with cool water and add a small amount of delicate laundry detergent, swishing gently to distribute. Let soak 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cool clean water. Lay flat on a towel to dry before reassembling.

Avoid soaking too long, scrubbing roughly, or using hot water which can damage the acrylic material. Steam cleaning is also not recommended.

Prevent Sun Damage

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

To keep your acrylic bead curtains looking vibrant for many years, prevent excessive sun exposure. UV light can cause the colors to gradually fade over time. Rotate curtains periodically so all sides get equal sun exposure, and close curtains or blinds when not in use.

Handle with Care

Since acrylic is durable but not unbreakable, be gentle when handling your bead curtains. Avoid pulling too roughly when opening and closing the curtain. Discourage pets and kids from playing too aggressively with the strands. And never trim the strands or try to alter the length and design.

By regularly dusting, spot cleaning as needed, periodically deep cleaning, limiting sun exposure, and handling with care, your acrylic bead curtains will provide lasting beauty and style to your home.

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

If you’re seeking an inexpensive yet fashionable way to decorate or add character to your living space, acrylic bead curtains offer a chic and versatile option. Let’s explore some key advantages that make these plastic bead strands such a charming and budget-friendly design choice.

For starters, acrylic bead curtains come in a huge range of fun, lively colors and prints. You can pick a bold solid hue like fiery red or cobalt blue to make a statement. Choose rainbow stripes or ombre gradients for a playful vibe. Go for boho-chic with multi-toned paisleys and florals. The options are endless for finding a look that matches your style.

In addition to colors, acrylic bead curtains provide loads of bead shape and size varieties too. Dainty round beads give a delicate, tinkling effect. Large flat ovals have a funky retro feel. Teardrop, star and crystal shaped beads add visual interest. Mix and match for eclectic charm.

Unlike dated beaded curtains made of real glass, acrylic plastic beads provide many perks. Acrylic is lightweight, making curtains easy to hang using standard rods and hardware. The plastic is shatter-resistant, so beads won’t break with normal use. Acrylic also keeps costs low, provides durability, and is easy to maintain.

When it comes to installation, acrylic bead curtains are a total breeze. Simply slide the top panel with built-in loops onto any standard curtain rod. No need to sew, tie, or use specialty equipment. Adjust length as desired by attaching extra bead strands along the bottom edge.

Looking for clever ways to use acrylic bead curtains at home? They make great room dividers to define spaces without blocking all light. Hang in doorways or arches for visual flair. Use beads to softly filter light from windows. Dress up closet entrances, shelves and storage areas too.

In kitchens, try beads over the sink window for privacy. Drape strands along open shelving for pops of color. Use them to discreetly cover a cluttered pantry nook. They also add whimsy over oven vents and range hoods.

For bedrooms, acrylic strands work well as blackout curtains for snoozing. They create a fun alternative to traditional headboards too. In bathrooms, beads keep shower time more private and colorful. Don’t forget your backdoor – they deter bugs when used as a screen.

With endless color combos, special shapes, and creative uses, it’s easy to see why acrylic bead curtains add easy elegance to any room. Durable, budget-friendly and simple to install, these plastic bead strands are the perfect way to dress up your home with artistic flair. Let your inner boho goddess or groovy hipster shine!

Give Your Home an Instant Style Upgrade with Chic Acrylic Bead Curtains

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Looking for an easy, inexpensive way to add some personality and flair to your home decor? Consider installing a set of colorful acrylic bead curtains. These fun and funky plastic bead curtains offer an effortless style upgrade for any room’s look and feel.

Made from lightweight acrylic plastic rather than delicate glass, these acrylic beaded curtains are durable, affordable, and easy to hang. Available in every color and style imaginable, there’s a bead curtain that’s perfect for your home’s vibe.

Let’s look at how you can use acrylic bead curtains to instantly enhance your space with vibrant style and dimension:

Liven Up Boring Doorways

Do you have a standard interior doorway that would benefit from some visual interest? Hang a shower curtain with beads in a bold tone like ruby red or lime green to make it pop. Choose multi-colored diagonal stripes or rainbow ombre for a playful look. You can easily install bead curtains on basic tension rods for a quick style change.

Add Dimension as Room Dividers

Use chinese bead curtains as stylish room dividers to define spaces without totally blocking light and views. Hang strands in open archways or along ceilings to separate a studio apartment. Acrylic beads add dimension while still allowing an open, airy feel.

Filter Natural Light

For windows that need softened sunlight filtering in, install an acrylic crystal curtain. The beads diffuse the light while still allowing it to brighten the space. Go for translucent ombre beads to cast rainbow prisms around the room.

Incorporate Bohemian Flair

Want to infuse a bit of earthy bohemian style? Layer multiple strands of acrylic beaded curtains in woodsy hues like amber, moss green, or sky blue. Use beads to dress up plain shelving units. Fringe a macrame wall hanging with eclectic drippy bead strands.

Craft a Headboard Alternative

In a bedroom, hang curtain rods above the head of the bed, then install strands of colorful beads for an eye-catching backdrop. Go bold with ruby red or metallic silver beads. Or try delicate cascading white beads for a dreamy effect.

Conceal Eyesores

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Use acrylic bead curtains to discreetly cover problem areas or clutter you’d rather hide. Strategically place beads over damaged walls, an unfinished closet, water heater, or Eyesore electronics that disrupt the room’s style.

Add Retro Funk to Kitchens

The kitchen is a great place to incorporate colorful acrylic beads. Try using them to conceal open shelving units while allowing for airflow. Hang strands over the sink window for whimsical privacy. Or cover an exposed oven vent hood for a retro diner feel.

Encourage Relaxation in Bathrooms

There’s something about showering behind a curtain of beads that feels like you’re at a fancy spa. Install acrylic beaded curtains around bathtubs or walk-in showers for an indulgent vibe. Pair with fluffy towels and scented candles.

With endless creative applications, it’s easy to see why acrylic bead curtains are a fantastic way to upgrade any room with artistic flair. Durable, budget-friendly, and simple to install, these plastic bead strands instantly enliven your home with color, texture and style.

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Dress Up Your Home in Style: Why Acrylic Bead Curtains Are a Chic & Affordable Choice

Looking to add character and flair to your living space in an inexpensive way? Consider installing some chic and colorful acrylic bead curtains. These plastic beaded strands provide a stylish design upgrade that won’t break the bank.

One of the best aspects of acrylic bead curtains is the vast range of vibrant colors and funky prints available. You can pick a solid punchy color like lemon yellow or cobalt blue. Or go for an ombre rainbow effect. Choose groovy 1970’s patterns and floral designs. The options are limitless for finding a look you love.

In addition to cool colors, acrylic beads come in loads of shapes and sizes too. Mini round beads give a delicate effect. Large flat ovals have a funky retro vibe. Star and crystal shapes provide visual interest. Mix and match for an eclectic bohemian feel.

Compared to traditional glass bead curtains, acrylic plastic offers many benefits. Plastic beads are lightweight, making curtains easy to hang using standard hardware. Acrylic is also shatter-resistant for durability and safety. The material keeps costs low while looking great.

When it comes to installation, acrylic bead curtains couldn’t be simpler. Just slide the top panel with attached loops onto any basic curtain rod. No need to tie, clip, or use specialty parts. Easily adjust length by attaching extra bead strands along the bottom.

Looking for creative ways to use bead curtains at home? They make excellent room dividers to define spaces without blocking all light. Hang in doorways or archways for visual pizzazz. Filter bright sunlight from windows. Dress up plain shelving and storage areas.

In the kitchen, try beads over the sink for privacy. Use strands to softly conceal open shelving units. Hang them around range hoods or vents for retro charm. They also liven up plain cabinet fronts.

For bedrooms, acrylics make great blackout curtains for daytime sleepers. They also provide a fun alternative to basic headboards. In bathrooms, beads create a spa-like shower experience. And they help deter bugs when used as a back door screen.

With endless options and applications, acrylic bead curtains are a fantastic way to inexpensively dress up your home with artistic style and dimension. Let your inner boho queen or far-out hippie shine!