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Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

Overview of Harley Davidson’s Work Boot Options

When it comes to rugged and durable footwear, Harley Davidson is a brand that has stood the test of time. For over 100 years, Harley Davidson has been crafting high-quality boots designed to withstand even the toughest working conditions. From steel toe and composite toe options to slip-resistant soles and electrical hazard protection, Harley Davidson offers a wide selection of work boots to suit different needs and preferences.

For those working in construction, manufacturing or other industrial settings, Harley Davidson’s steel toe boots provide exceptional impact protection and toe caps tested to ASTM safety standards. Models like the Hustin harness boot or the Brant steel toe shoe incorporate steel reinforcements in the toe while also being crafted with full-grain leather and rugged rubber outsoles. Compared to steel, composite toes are lighter in weight while providing similar toe protection. Popular composite toe Harley boots include the Barham and the Hagerstown.

Working in environments where heavy or sharp falling objects are a hazard? Then metatarsal guards are a must-have. Harley Davidson designs certain work boots with an extra layer of protection that shields the top of the foot from bruising or crushing injuries. The Hagerstown metguard boot is an excellent choice for those needing metatarsal protection along with a roomy composite toe.

In addition to toe caps and met guards, most Harley Davidson work boots meet key ASTM safety ratings for electrical hazard protection, slip resistance and impact/compression protection. It’s worth checking the safety features of any boot you are considering to ensure optimal protection based on the risks you face on the job. Models like the Barham industrial boot meet ASTM F2413-18 safety standards across multiple areas.

Key Factors When Selecting Harley Davidson Work Boots

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

When exploring the many work boot options from Harley Davidson, here are some of the key factors savvy buyers consider:

  • Toe style – Steel or composite? Standard or soft toe? Determining the right toe protection for the job is crucial.
  • Safety ratings – Check for key ratings like electrical hazard, slip resistance, impact/compression protection.
  • Weather protection – Waterproof membranes and insulation help keep feet dry and warm.
  • Durability – Full-grain leather, Goodyear welt construction and Vibram outsoles stand up to years of wear.
  • Traction – Deep lugs and carbide tips provide stability on slippery surfaces.
  • Fit – Trying boots on to get the ideal size is recommended, break-in period required.
  • Style – Harley offers both rugged and refined styling to suit any workplace.

While safety and performance come first for work footwear, Harley Davidson also injects their signature styling into many boot designs. From harness straps to western-inspired stitching, many Harley work boots incorporate elements of the brand’s attitude and heritage.

Breaking in New Harley Davidson Work Boots

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

The break-in period for new boots is essential before being worn for long work shifts. Here are some tips to help properly break in Harley Davidson boots:

  • Wear them at home for short periods to begin molding to your feet.
  • Consider wearing two pairs of socks to prevent blisters and hot-spots.
  • Use boot stretchers or shoe trees to help flex the materials.
  • Apply leather conditioners to soften and loosen the materials.
  • Wear boots for incrementally longer periods until fully broken-in.
  • Bring extra socks/moleskin in case of blisters when first wearing on the job.

Taking the time to properly break-in boots makes a huge difference in comfort and prevents injuries. It allows the leather and interior lining to conform to your feet. Don’t cut corners on the break-in period and ease into wearing them for full work days.

Finding the Right Fit

An ideal fit makes all the difference when it comes to comfort and proper support from work boots. When trying on Harley Davidson boots, here are some fit guidelines to follow:

  • Focus on fit in the toe area with just a thumb’s width between longest toe and boot tip.
  • Heel should be held snugly in place without slippage.
  • Ensure ankle shaft hugs ankle with no gapping.
  • Walk around and flex feet – boots shouldn’t pinch or restrict.
  • Try custom insoles if arches aren’t properly supported.
  • For wide feet, opt for boot models offering wide sizes.
  • Break-in period will improve overall fit and comfort over time.

Consulting with sales associates for measuring and fit recommendations can be invaluable when selecting the right size. With the proper fit dialed in, Harley Davidson boots deliver steadfast comfort and support even during the longest days on the jobsite.

Harley Davidson Work Boots Built to Last

From highway patrol officers to construction foremen, Harley Davidson boots have been a staple of American workwear for generations. The brand’s dedication to safety, durability, and rugged style continues the tradition of developing footwear capable of withstanding the demands of heavy-duty professions.

When your work involves hazards like heavy impacts, slippery surfaces, exposed electrical currents or falling objects, trust Harley Davidson boots to offer the protection and performance day in and day out. With robust leathers, sturdy stitching and slip-resistant soles, Harley boots stand up to years of wear while shielding your feet from harm.

While imported boots have flooded the market, nothing compares to the heritage and quality built into every pair of Harley Davidson’s American-made work boots. Keep that Harley Davidson confidence under your feet by finding the right work boots to become your most trusted companions on the job.

Steel Toe vs Composite Toe – Which is Best?

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

When researching the rugged work boots in Harley Davidson’s lineup, one of the key decisions is choosing between a steel toe and composite toe design. While both offer impact protection in the toe area, steel and composite toes have some differences worth considering based on your needs.

Steel toes have long been the standard in industrial footwear given their legendary ability to withstand compression and blunt force trauma. Harley uses steel for the toes and caps in many of their iconic work boots, like the Hagerstown steel toe harness boot. Though steel offers unmatched toughness, it does add considerable weight.

That’s where composite toes have gained favor in recent years. Made of carbon fiber, Kevlar and other durable synthetics, the composite toes in boots like Harley’s Barham are much lighter while still meeting ASTM safety standards. Let’s break down the pros and cons of each option:

Benefits of Harley Davidson’s Steel Toe Boots

  • Time-tested durability and impact protection
  • Withstands compression up to 75 pounds or more
  • Protects against sharp objects piercing toe area
  • Meets ASTM F2413-18 I/75 C/75 standards
  • Can be fully recapped and resoled extending life
  • Outsoles don’t wear out faster than steel toes

Potential Downsides of Harley Steel Toes

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

  • Heavier than composite options
  • Can conduct heat and cold more readily
  • May trigger metal detectors requiring removal
  • Minimal breathability compared to composites
  • Some reports of discomfort or “bobbing” when walking

Benefits of Harley Davidson’s Composite Toe Boots

  • 30-50% lighter than steel counterparts
  • Warmer in winter, cooler in summer
  • Meets ASTM F2413-18 I/75 C/75 standards
  • Non-metallic won’t set off metal detectors
  • Better shock absorption and flexibility
  • Often higher comfort ratings from wearers

Potential Downsides of Composite Toes

  • Less durable and puncture resistant than steel
  • Higher cost than steel toe models
  • Can’t be recapped or resoled, must be replaced
  • Outsoles tend to wear out faster
  • Lesser impact protection compared to steel
  • Higher degradation in extremely cold conditions

Key Considerations in Choosing Between Them

When debating between Harley’s steel vs. composite toe boots, keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Prioritize safety – only opt for composites if they meet ASTM standards for your work environment.
  • Evaluate possible foot hazards – sharp objects may require steel toes.
  • Consider longevity – steel toes can be resoled repeatedly.
  • Factor in comfort – composites tend to be lighter and more flexible.
  • Don’t skimp on fit – proper sizing ensures toes aren’t jammed.
  • See how they feel when worn for full work days.
  • Inspect both options closely – quality matters more than materials alone.

While the ideal choice depends on the specific demands of your work, one tip is not to rule out Harley’s steel toe models purely due to weight. The break-in process helps improve comfort, and many wearers don’t notice the added heft of quality steel toe boots after adjusting to them initially.

Getting the Work Boot Features You Need

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

Whether you go for composite or steel toes, Harley Davidson offers a diverse array of high-performance work boots. Models like the waterproof Barham composite toe boot or flexible Hustin steel toe boot fuse iconic Harley attitude with the safety and durability expected from a leading American brand.

Beyond toe protection, ensure your Harley Davidson boots have other must-have features for your profession, like metatarsal guards, electrical hazard ratings, heat resistance, and slip-resistant soles. Don’t settle when it comes to safety and durability on the job. Turn to Harley Davidson’s work boot collection to get the right features and construction you need to take on the work day in confidence and style.

Metatarsal Guards for Extra Foot Protection

When working in high risk environments, sometimes toe caps aren’t enough. That’s where metatarsal guards come in – providing Harley Davidson boots an extra layer of protection from impacts to the top of the foot.

Met guards are designed to shield the metatarsal bones and prevent crushing injuries. Made from flexible materials like thermoplastic urethane, they safeguard the foot from accidentally dropping or rolling objects.

For occupations like mining, logging, recycling and construction that require lifts, chains or heavy loads moved overhead, metatarsal guards are a recommended addition to toe caps. Harley Davidson offers select work boots integrating met guards like the Hagerstown metguard model.

Advantages of Metatarsal Protection

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

Here are some of the key benefits of boots with built-in met guards like Harley’s Hagerstown:

  • Prevent painful metatarsal breaks or bruising
  • Protect top of foot when objects fall or roll
  • Safeguard against crushing injuries
  • Flexible thermoplastic material allows natural foot motion
  • Often combined with toe caps for comprehensive protection
  • Met guards wrapped snugly prevent debris intrusion
  • Ideal for professions requiring overhead lifting or moving

What to Look for in Met Guard Boots

While most Harley boots don’t come standard with metatarsal protection, some designs integrate both meta guards and safety toes. When shopping for Harley Davidson met guard boots, keep an eye out for:

  • Thermoplastic met guards conforming to foot shape
  • Comfortable met guard thickness – not too bulky
  • Abrasion-resistant external covering
  • Tight met guard integration preventing debris ingress
  • Flexibility allowing natural foot motion
  • Composite or alloy safety toe caps
  • Slip-resistant tread for stability
  • Electrical hazard and/or chemical resistance ratings

Getting the Correct Size

A common concern is met guard boots feeling too snug at first. When trying on Harley Davidson metatarsal boots, focus on overall comfort while walking and kneeling rather than initial tightness. The met guard will loosen up and conform to your foot during the break-in process. Order standard boot sizing rather than sizing up to prevent heel slippage after break-in.

Take note of any pressure points when first trying on met guard boots and consider wearing two pairs of socks or moleskin padding if needed. As the thermoplastic molds to your foot, pressure areas typically diminish. The met guard lining will pack in and flex grooves form making even stiff new boots feel broken-in.

Breaking in Your Met Guard Harley Boots

These tips help properly break-in stiff new met guard boots:

  • Wear them at home to gently form to your feet
  • Use boot stretchers to flex and loosen materials
  • Apply conditioners to soften leather
  • Wear boots for short periods before long work days
  • Bend and flex feet while wearing to boost flexibility
  • Allow 2-3 weeks of periodic wear for full break-in
  • Bring extra socks or moleskin until fully broken-in

Confidence and Protection On the Job

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

Don’t take chances when preventable foot injuries are on the line. Harley Davidson’s met guard boots provide peace of mind that your feet are safe from harm even in hazardous work conditions. With metatarsal protection coupled with tested safety toes, each step you take will be steady and secure.

Whether you are in construction, agriculture, oil and gas or other intensive industries, Harley Davidson delivers the reliable foot protection you need. Trust Harley’s workmanship and quality materials to give you met guard boots that outlast the competition while keeping your feet safe and pain-free.

Safety Ratings to Look for When Buying Boots

Shopping for work boots, safety should be your top concern. That’s why checking for key safety ratings is so important when evaluating Harley Davidson’s boot options. Savvy buyers look for ASTM designations to ensure optimal protection.

Harley Davidson integrates safety features into their boots to safeguard wearers from common workplace hazards. Whether it’s impact protection, slip resistance or electrical currents, understanding safety ratings helps you choose ideal boots for your needs.

ASTM Standards for Work Boot Safety

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

Many Harley Davidson boots meet or exceed ASTM International standards for safety and performance. Some key designations to look for include:

  • ASTM F2413-18 I/75 C/75 – Impact and compression resistance
  • ASTM F2413-18 EH – Electrical hazard protection
  • ASTM F2892 – Metatarsal impact protection
  • ASTM F2913 – Slip resistance
  • ASTM F2412-18 M I/75 C/75 – Molten metal splash protection

Boots like the Barham and Hagerstown from Harley Davidson meet multiple ASTM ratings, giving peace of mind across several safety criteria.

Impact and Compression Protection

Boots with an ASTM F2413-18 I/75 C/75 rating have been tested to withstand impacts up to 75 pounds and compression loads up to 2,500 pounds. This covers dropped tools, heavy loads, and other blunt forces metatarsal guards also help disperse impact.

Electrical Hazard Resistance

An ASTM F2413-18 EH rating indicates boots are designed to reduce electrical hazards. This is critical when working near live wires or electronics. Check boot soles for insulation against accidental electric shock.

Slip Resistance

ASTM F2913 requirements check boots for slip resistance on surfaces like ceramic tile with sodium lauryl sulfate. Deep lugs, rubber compounds, and tread patterns boost traction.

Other Key Safety Designations

Along with ASTM ratings, also look for features like:

  • Steel, alloy or composite toe caps
  • Puncture-resistant plates/materials
  • Penetration-resistant midsoles
  • Molten metal splash guards
  • Chemical and oil resistant soles
  • Flame retardant leather and fabrics

Choosing Boots for Your Work Hazards

Selecting Harley Davidson boots with targeted safety features for your profession ensures your feet stay protected. Think through potential hazards and required precautions, then seek boots offering suitable protections.

Rely on boot safety ratings as evidence of protection from hazards like impacts, slips, and electricity. But also inspect design elements like metatarsal guards, midsole plates, and chemical-resistant treads based on your occupational risks.

With Harley Davidson’s lineup, you can find work boots providing tested protection along with legendary Harley attitude and craftsmanship. Never cut corners on work footwear safety. Let Harley Davidson boots give you the confidence to tackle the workday with assurance and style.

Waterproofing Features to Keep Feet Dry

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

Dealing with wet conditions is a reality for many work environments. That’s why effective waterproofing is such a crucial feature when selecting Harley Davidson boots for the job.

Prolonged wetness can lead to blisters, fungal infections, and conditions like trench foot. But the right waterproof membranes and seals help prevent moisture ingress and keep feet comfortably dry all day.

Harley Davidson constructs many of their work boots using waterproof leathers and linings. Let’s examine the waterproofing technologies integrated into Harley’s boots.

Waterproof Membranes

Inside waterproof Harley boots, you’ll find moisture barriers and membranes designed to block liquid while allowing vapor to escape. Two common types are:

  • Gore-Tex – This microporous membrane keeps water out while remaining breathable.
  • SympaTex – A durable membrane resisting liquids but permeable to vapor.

Membranes are layered under the insole to keep feet dry without trapping interior condensation.

Sealed Leather Construction

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

Harley Davidson constructs many boots from full-grain leather treated to repel water. Techniques like wax finishing make leathers water-resistant while retaining flexibility and breathability.

Seams are sealed using construction methods like the Goodyear welt. This fuses the upper to the sole for waterproofing without vulnerable stitching holes.

Waterproof Linings

Along with waterproof membranes, linings like these help prevent wetness:

  • Cambrelle® – Absorbs sweat while resisting liquid ingress.
  • COOLMAX® – Moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet dry.
  • InsulateXtremeTM – Insulated lining with waterproof barriers.

Other Waterproofing Features

Additional elements that boost water protection in Harley boots include:

  • Gusseted tongues to block debris and moisture
  • Foam padding to prevent water absorption
  • Lightweight waterproof insulation
  • Moisture-wicking mesh linings
  • HydroGuard® waterproof construction

Caring for Waterproof Harley Boots

To extend the waterproof performance of your Harley boots, be sure to:

  • Rinse off dirt and debris after use
  • Allow boots to fully air dry before storing
  • Check for leaks and reseal as needed
  • Apply waterproofing sprays periodically
  • Avoid over-heating boots near flames or direct heat

With relentless waterproof technology and rugged leathers, Harley Davidson boots keep your feet warm and dry shift after shift. Don’t let wet conditions soak your performance – rely on Harley’s waterproofing to stay comfortable and focused on the task at hand.

Most Durable & Long-Lasting Materials

Harley Davidson has always prided itself on go-anywhere durability. That rugged dependability extends to their work boot offerings constructed from heavy-duty leathers and advanced materials.

While imported boots may cut corners, Harley uses premium leathers and construction methods proven to outlast years of worksite wear and tear. Let’s look at why Harley boots go the distance thanks to cutting-edge components.

Full-Grain Leathers

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

Leather boots aren’t created equal. Harley Davidson selects full-grain leathers for their boots rather than cheaper corrected grain or suede. Full-grain offers:

  • Superior strength and abrasion resistance
  • Structural support with natural grain intact
  • Better water resistance compared to lower grades
  • Improves with age as patina develops

Tough full-grain cattlehide leather makes uppers nearly impervious to jobsite abuse across multiple seasons.

Goodyear Welt Construction

This famed construction fuses upper and sole for maximized durability. The welt stitching connects components snugly while permitting resoling.

Goodyear welts add waterproofing, structure, and stability underfoot over years of use. Harley Davidson relies on this bombproof build method for many boots.

Vibram® Outsoles

Known for their material toughness and traction, Vibram outsoles prevent slippage on slick terrain. Key advantages include:

  • Oil and chemical resistance
  • Self-cleaning tread patterns
  • Impact and abrasion resistance
  • Stable grip on loose or wet surfaces

Rugged Vibram soles found on Harley boots perform reliably across changing conditions.

3M® ThinsulateTM Insulation

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

This synthetic fiber insulation retains warmth without excessive bulk. Benefits over natural insulation types:

  • Maintains insulating loft when compressed
  • Resilience against moisture saturation
  • Lighter weight than comparable insulation
  • ThinsulateTM 100 to 400 available based on climate

Durable Hardware

Corrosion-resistant hardware including:

  • Rustproof alloy/composite shanks
  • Brass or stainless eyelets
  • Oil-resistant rubber outsoles
  • Tarnish-resistant buckles and hooks

Rugged components withstand work environments from weather to chemicals.

Care for Longevity

With proper care, Harley’s premium materials deliver lasting performance. Regularly clean, condition, and inspect boots to get the most mileage.

Rely on Harley Davidson’s American-made craftsmanship and rugged construction to keep your feet protected shift after shift, year after year. Harley boots go the distance – don’t settle for anything less.

Traction & Slip Resistance for Safe Walking

Sure-footed stability is vital when working in settings with slick surfaces or uneven terrain. That’s why Harley Davidson designs their work boots with slip-resistant features providing dependable traction.

Slipping hazards pose risks of falls and injuries – and lost productivity. But with oil-resistant soles, deep lugs and engineered tread patterns, Harley boots grip the ground to keep you upright and moving safely.

Let’s examine the traction technology and design elements that make Harley Davidson’s work boots among the most slip-resistant in the industry.

Oil and Slip Resistant Soles

Harley outsoles use rubber compounds that maintain traction, even on oily or wet floors. Common slip-resistant materials include:

  • Nitrile rubber – Excellent chemical and oil resistance.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane – Durable and abrasion-resistant.
  • Carboxylated nitrile – Repels animal fats, fluids and oils.

Soles pass testing on surfaces like ceramic tile with glycerol to meet I/75 and SATRA TM63 standards.

Deep Lug Depth

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

Deep lugs up to 5mm dig into mud, gravel and other surfaces for traction. Self-cleaning lug patterns shed debris and liquid.

Harley boots combine lug depth with spacing that avoids packing and clogging. This multiplies stability across changing terrain.

Tri-Grip Outsoles

Select Harley models use specialized Tri-Grip outsoles. The three zones across the sole length provide:

  • Heel braking lugs – Prevent rear-end slippage
  • Midfoot stability – Secure foothold while walking
  • Toe propulsion – Safe advancement or “kick off”

The zoned lug design optimizes traction for natural gait and movement.

Bonded Midsoles

Durable, one-piece midsoles bonded to oil-resistant outsoles create a stable base preventing slippage underfoot. The elimination of stitching eliminates potential weak points under pressure.

This seamless foundation transmits torque and traction evenly across the sole without flex or loss of contact.

Proper Sizing for Grip

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

Even the grippiest soles slip if boots are too big. Choosing the right Harley sizing ensures:

  • Snug heel prevents rearward slip
  • Toe box allows natural flexing while walking
  • No excess room for sliding or instability
  • Try before buying for ideal traction fit

With proven slip-resistant tech, Harley Davidson boots provide a steady, grounded feel for confidence in your every stride. Don’t lose a step – rely on Harley’s traction know-how to keep you covering ground safely.

Style, Color & Design Choices to Match Your Look

Safety and durability come first – but that doesn’t mean Harley Davidson work boots lack style. Harley injects their signature flair into quality boots to suit any preference.

From sleek black leather to bold harness straps, Harley offers options to match your personal taste and work environment. While imported boots go for generic looks, Harley Davidson lets you choose boots that reflect your personality.

Types of Work Boot Styles

Harley Davidson delivers iconic American styles like:

  • Harness boots – Straps and metal hardware accents
  • Engineer boots – Traditional lace-up work style
  • Wellington boots – Waterproof, abrasion-resistant
  • Western boots – Rugged leather with cowboy flair
  • Walking boots – Flexible comply with casual flair

Leather Finishes and Colors

Smooth or pebbled, leather uppers come in hues like:

  • Classic black
  • Dark brown
  • Oiled brown
  • Textured tan
  • Distressed brown

Customize the look through conditioning and polishing.

Accent Materials and Hardware

Pops of color, branding and hardware create unique looks:

  • Orange logos and stitching
  • Reflective piping or heel strips
  • Polished alloy hardware
  • Tough rubber outsoles
  • Brushed metal buckles and eyelets

Lace Styles and Configurations

Harley offers both traditional and modern lace designs:

  • D-ring lace hooks
  • O-ring lacing
  • Speed lacing
  • Open lacing for fit adjustability
  • Zipper sides for easy on/off

Personalize and Customize

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

After selecting the base boot, personalize it:

  • Match laces to clothing or accessories
  • Add leather conditioners to deepen hues
  • Apply mink oil for patina effects
  • Use polish for a designated workplace hue
  • Swap hardware like buckles for different looks

With Harley Davidson’s boot diversity, you can find your perfect style and still prioritize safety. Express your personal flair while staying protected on the job.

Sizing Tips for a Comfortable & Custom Fit

Achieving an ideal fit makes all the difference when it comes to work boot comfort and performance. That’s why proper sizing and adjusting is so important when finding your perfect pair of Harley Davidsons.

Taking accurate measurements and honoring break-in periods allows boots to mold to your feet for a custom feel. Snug yet comfortable, a tailored Harley fit enhances support and prevents slippage while walking or working.

Measuring Feet Correctly

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

When sizing Harley Davidson boots, carefully measure feet:

  • Use a Brannock device or tracing for precision
  • Measure at end of day when feet are largest
  • Stand during measurement process
  • Note both length and width of each foot
  • Size for larger foot; orthotics affect size choice

Trying On Boots in Store

When possible, have a sales associate help select and try on Harley boots:

  • Wear socks you’ll use when working
  • Walk around the store with boots laced
  • Ensure heel and ankle feel snug, not loose
  • Toes should have wiggle room; not pinch
  • Break boots in to detect any pressure points

Allowing for Break-In Periods

Brand new Harley boots require a break-in period for ideal comfort:

  • Expect 2-3 weeks of occasional wear
  • Use boot stretchers and conditioner to ease facings
  • Wear boots at home to gently shape to feet
  • Wear thicker socks to prevent blisters
  • Slowly increase time worn until fully broken in

Caring for Boots to Retain Fit

Properly care for well-fitted Harley boots:

  • Allow boots to fully air and dry between wears
  • Remove laces before drying to prevent stretching
  • Use cedar shoe trees to absorb moisture when storing
  • Apply conditioners to keep leather supple
  • Avoid storing in direct heat or sunlight

With measured sizing choices and proper break-in, Harley Davidson boots mold to your feet for steadfast comfort and support all work day long.

Top Rated Harley Work Boots for Durability & Value

With over a century of footwear experience, Harley Davidson has honed their work boot craftsmanship to meet the demands of tough jobsites. While the overall collection delivers proven protection and performance, a few standout models rise to the top.

Based on quality materials, safety features, and real-world testing, here are 5 of Harley Davidson’s highest rated and top reviewed work boots on the market today.

1. Harley-Davidson Barham Harness Boots

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

Blending iconic style and modern protection, the Barham harness boot comes highly rated for its full grain leather build, flexwelt sole and ASTM safety ratings. Designed to handle harsh conditions, the Barham provides electrical hazard protection, slip resistance and durable welted construction.

2. Harley-Davidson Darrol Steel Toe Boots

For a tough leather lace-up work boot, Harley’s Darrol earns top marks. The oil-resistant outsole, supportive midsole and steel safety toe offer comfort along with brawny protection. Thick, waterproof leather keeps feet dry on the job.

3. Harley-Davidson Hagerstown ST Work Boots

The Hagerstown ST takes lightweight flexibility to a new level. With a composite safety toe, nylon shank and flexible cemented construction, these boots prioritize freedom of movement on the job. Abrasion-resistant leather resists scuffs and scratches.

4. Harley-Davidson Brant Steel Toe Boots

Minimalist with maximum durability, the Brant gets high ratings for its slim profile and straightforward design. The polishable leather upper and protective steel toe cap simplify the look while enhancing safety and stability. Can’t beat a classic work boot like this.

5. Harley-Davidson Dallon Waterproof Boots

Harley Work Boots: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Work and Play in 2023

As a waterproof boot designed to withstand harsh winter conditions, the Dallon is a top choice for its insulation, sealed construction and slip-resistant nature. Thinsulate lining and seam-sealed leather prevent moisture intrusion when working in rain, snow or slush.

Acclaimed for their unfailing performance and quality craftsmanship, these Harley Davidson boots deliver every time. With sturdy protection right out of the box, Harley’s work collection equips your feet to take on the day with confidence and control.