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Are These the 10 Best Gerry Coats for Women This Winter. : The Stylish and Functional Jackets You Need Now

Introduction to Gerry and Their Popular Women’s Outerwear Styles

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your outerwear wardrobe. One brand that should be on your radar is Gerry, a company that has been making high-quality, functional coats and jackets for over 80 years. Gerry is known for their stylish yet practical women’s coats that keep you warm and dry during the colder months. From down-filled parkas to weather-resistant ski jackets, Gerry has a versatile lineup of winter coat options to choose from.

Gerry coats first originated in 1941 in Winnipeg, Canada, a city known for its very cold winters. The founders aimed to create durable, long-lasting outerwear that could withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. Using innovative fabrics and insulation technology, Gerry coats are designed to block wind, repel water, and trap heat exceptionally well. Over the decades, Gerry has continued to evolve with the times while staying true to their outdoor heritage and commitment to quality craftsmanship.

One of Gerry’s most popular winter coats for women is their classic down parka. These puffy, insulated jackets provide superior warmth thanks to the premium goose or duck down fill inside. The outer shell is made from a durable, water-resistant fabric to keep moisture out. Gerry down coats come in an array of lengths, like the long Metro parka that extends to the upper thigh for maximum coverage from the elements. They are also available with a range of stylish details like faux fur-trimmed hoods, zippered pockets, and cinched waistlines for a more feminine silhouette.

For less extreme cold, Gerry’s line of down alternative jackets are a lightweight and animal-friendly choice. They have a similar look and feel to down coats but use insulating synthetic fills instead. These materials emulate the heat-trapping loft of goose down while wicking moisture better. Options like the wool insulated Hanover jacket have a more sleek, streamlined look perfect for urban wear. Gerry also makes packable down and synthetic jackets that can compress into small carrying bags for travel.

In addition to down coats, Gerry is renowned for their durable rainwear and weatherproof outerwear. Their HydraPro line uses advanced waterproof-breathable technology to create jackets that keep moisture out while letting excess body heat escape. Some bestselling rainy day picks include the hooded Bristol jacket and classic Rainier trench coat. For colder precipitation, Gerry’s ski jackets and snow pants are designed for maximum warmth and mobility on the slopes.

While functionality is key, Gerry also offers plenty of trendy coat styles you’ll want to wear everywhere. Their wool blend fleece jackets come in soft, cozy fabrics with feminine details like a removable faux fur collar on the Bryn style. For a cool and edgy look, faux leather jackets like the Liesel provide chic contrast when paired with elegant dresses or tailored separates. There are also cute quilted jackets, shearling coats, and windbreakers for versatile layering options.

Gerry is now under the ownership of apparel giant VF Corporation, joining brands like The North Face, Timberland, and Dickies. While production has moved overseas, Gerry still maintains strict quality control standards when it comes to materials and manufacturing. Part of Gerry’s enduring popularity can be attributed to their reasonable price points, especially compared to other premium outerwear brands. The wide range of seasonal sales and discounts make Gerry coats quite affordable.

When shopping for Gerry women’s coats, you’ll find them available from retailers worldwide like Costco, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Amazon. However, the largest and most diverse selection of Gerry jackets for women can be found on the brand’s own ecommerce site, Gerry.com. Here you can browse by activity to find the perfect coat for needs ranging from apres-ski to city commutes. They also offer more unique pieces not carried elsewhere.

With over eight decades of experience creating cold weather gear, Gerry has certainly mastered the art of staying warm in style. As you shop for a new winter jacket this year, be sure to check out Gerry’s collection of attractive, practical women’s coats. With superior durability, insulation, and craftsmanship, Gerry outerwear will have you feeling cozy and looking great all season long.

Top Features to Look for in a Gerry Winter Coat

Are These the 10 Best Gerry Coats for Women This Winter. : The Stylish and Functional Jackets You Need Now

When it’s time to bundle up for the cold weather, a quality winter coat is essential. Gerry coats are known for having the ideal features to keep you warm and comfortable all winter long. Here are some of the top things to look for when shopping for your Gerry jacket this season.

First and foremost, you’ll want to consider the insulation. Gerry uses both down and synthetic insulation to trap heat effectively. For ultimate warmth, Gerry’s down coats use premium goose or duck down fill. The lofty down clusters create insulating air pockets to retain body heat. Make sure to look at the fill power, which measures the quality and warmth of the down. Higher fill power numbers indicate warmer, more efficient down. Gerry’s synthetic insulated coats also do a great job keeping you toasty thanks to insulating fabrics like Thermolite or Thinsulate. These moisture-wicking synthetic fills are a versatile choice for milder climates or activities with higher output.

The outer fabric is also important when it comes to blocking wind and repelling moisture. Many Gerry coats use tightly woven nylon or polyester shells treated with durable water repellent (DWR) finish. This causes water to bead up and roll off the surface rather than soak in. For heavy rain, look for Gerry jackets made of waterproof-breathable fabrics like HydraPro. This advanced technology keeps water out while allowing sweat vapor to escape so you don’t overheat.

When temperatures really plummet, having enough coverage is key. Look for Gerry coats that protect more of your body from the elements. Knee-length down coats with adjustable hoods and extended cuffs offer maximum insulation against icy winds. If you run cold, don’t hesitate to size up in your winter jacket for a roomier fit that allows layering cozy sweaters underneath.

Despite their bulk, Gerry’s winter coats are designed with a surprising range of motion to accommodate your daily activities. Look for coats with articulated elbows, raglan sleeves, and gusseted underarms that allow natural arm movement without exposing you to the cold. Some styles also have an interior elastic cord around the waist that can be cinched for a more customized, flattering fit.

Gerry coats really excel when it comes to keeping your hands, head, and other extremities toasty. Many styles have fleece-lined pockets to warm up frozen fingers or safely hold electronics. For added coverage, choose a parka with a removable faux fur ruff around the hood. This cozy trim stops wind while also adding a stylish accent. Inner ribbed cuffs prevent air and moisture from sneaking into sleeves.

Don’t forget about functionality features like multiple large pockets to hold daily essentials or carabiners to attach your keys. Interior media pockets with headphone access allow you to listen to music while keeping devices protected. Reflective tape details improve visibility after dark. Look for taffeta linings with extra insulation around the upper torso for increased warmth.

While technical performance is a priority, Gerry also designs their winter coats to be fashionable and flattering. Choose from quilted, shimmery, or faux fur outer shells in on-trend colors like plum, olive green, and blush pink. Tailored silhouettes accentuate your shape without impeding movement. You can also select different sleeve styles, collar options, and lengths to complement your body type and activities.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of proper coat storage when not in use. Look for Gerry down jackets with a compression bag included. These allow you to substantially decrease the size of the jacket for storage in tight spaces during warmer seasons. Make sure to follow proper care instructions for washing, drying, and re-waterproofing your Gerry coat each year.

While all Gerry outerwear is well-made, it’s worth investing in one of their premium down parka options that deliver ultimate cold weather protection. With enhanced insulation, weather resistance, and comfort features, they check all the boxes for keeping you cozy and stylish. Heading into the harshest winter conditions? Then a knee-length Gerry coat with a two-way zipper, rib knit storm cuffs, and 550+ fill power down is your best bet for conquering the cold in comfort.

With their outstanding quality and wide range of styles, Gerry winter coats have everything you need to enjoy the colder months. By keeping these key features in mind, you’re sure to find a jacket that combines fashion, function, and lasting performance throughout the seasons ahead.

Choosing Between Down, Fleece, and Synthetic Fill for Warmth

Are These the 10 Best Gerry Coats for Women This Winter. : The Stylish and Functional Jackets You Need Now

When shopping for a Gerry winter coat, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right fill type for your insulation needs. Gerry uses premium down, cozy fleece, and advanced synthetic fills to create jackets with varying levels of lightweight warmth. Here’s a look at the key differences between these insulating materials to help you pick the best option for your climate and activities.

Down insulation remains the gold standard for unmatched warmth, compressibility, and durability. Harvested from ducks and geese, the delicate down clusters trap air extremely effectively to retain heat. Gerry only uses responsibly-sourced goose and duck down certified to rigorous RDS standards. They carefully select down with the highest fill power, which measures loft and insulation quality. Their premium down parkas boast fill powers over 600 for superior protection in frigid conditions.

The major benefit of down is the unbeatable warmth it provides at a very light weight. Gerry’s down-filled parkas keep you toasty without weighing you down. Down is also highly compressible – Gerry down jackets can be packed tightly into included carrying bags for compact storage. The resilient down clusters maintain their loft and insulation abilities over time when properly cared for.

Down does have a few downsides to consider. It tends to be more expensive than synthetic options. Down also loses insulating power when wet, making it a poor choice for excessively rainy or damp climates. Frigid temps can sometimes make down jackets feel stiff or flat as the fill struggles to keep up with body heat loss.

For a vegan and animal-friendly alternative, fleece made from recycled polyethylene plastic bottles fills many Gerry coats. Available in different weights and densities, fleece provides excellent insulation paired with soft comfort. It excels as a liner under an outer shell or mid-layer under a down jacket. Fleece also makes cozy lightweight hoodies and jackets ideal for cool fall days. It continues insulating when damp and dries quickly.

However, fleece lacks the compressibility, wind resistance, and extreme cold weather performance of down. It’s also bulkier and less durable over time. Pilling can occur after repeated wear and washing. Fleece made from recycled materials diverts waste but still sheds microplastics when laundered.

For a versatile middle ground, Gerry uses various proprietary synthetic fills that mimic properties of down while avoiding its drawbacks. Options like Thinsulate and Thermolite trap heat in air spaces within hollow fibers or thin foam sheets. Synthetics insulate well when compressed and continue keeping you warm if they get wet.

Gerry synthetic parkas work well in rainy, wet climates where down would falter. They dry faster and can be compacted for travel without losing loft. Synthetics are also hydrophobic, absorbing less moisture than down. Gerry synthetic coats provide good warmth-to-weight ratios for active pursuits. However, they tend to be bulkier and not quite as warm or long-lasting as quality down.

When choosing fill type, think about your intended use and conditions. For daily urban wear in milder climates, a Gerry synthetic parka offers plenty of insulation and weather protection. Active pursuits in cool-to-cold temps call for Thinsulate or similar synthetic fills that retain warmth when damp.

For extreme cold and dry conditions, only premium down provides enough lightweight insulation. Opt for Gerry’s highest fill power goose down coats to conquer frigid winter weather. If you want animal-free insulation, choose thicker fleeces and synthetics instead of down.

Also consider your compression needs. Down-filled Gerry coats are highly packable into small carrying bags for travel. Synthetics can compress moderately while fleece does not pack down much at all. Finally, maintenance requirements may influence your decision. Fleece and synthetics can go in the washing machine while down needs professional dry cleaning.

Many Gerry winter jackets combine different insulation types for optimal warmth, moisture management, and comfort. Their Active Down style has lofty down paired with fleece side panels that add stretch. Some coats use synthetic insulation in high-moisture zones (like cuffs) and ultra-warm down elsewhere.

The ideal solution for many people is a hybrid approach. Choose a Gerry parka with synthetic insulation like Thinsulate combined with a down or fleece liner that can be removed. This allows you to adapt the coat for warmer vs. colder days. Having both down and synthetic options in your outerwear wardrobe also provides optimal performance across a wide range of activities and weather scenarios.

At the end of the day, there is no universally perfect fill type as each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Considering your specific needs and context helps narrow down the ideal choice. Whether you prefer natural down, fleece, or innovative synthetics, Gerry has insulating technologies to keep you comfortable in any cold weather scenario. With the proper fill type, you’ll stay warm and cozy all winter long.

Why Gerry Rain and Packable Jackets Make Sense for Wet Weather

When it’s pouring rain or snow outside, the right outerwear makes all the difference. Gerry’s high-performing rain jackets and lightweight packable styles are designed to keep you comfortable and protected in wet conditions without weighing you down. Here’s a look at why Gerry’s water-resistant coats are a practical choice for blustery weather.

Made from waterproof and water-resistant fabrics, Gerry rain jackets are a smart pick when the skies open up. Many styles use Gerry’s HydraPro material – an advanced polyester fabric with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. The tight weave blocks wind and rain from penetrating while allowing sweat and heat to escape. Additional fully taped seams create further barriers to moisture.

Gerry raincoats like the Bristol Jacket and Ellen Rain Jacket have attached hoods that cinch down tightly around your face for optimal coverage. Longer lengths, inner storm flaps, and adjustable velcro cuffs seal out the elements. Cargo pockets with zippered closures keep your belongings dry. Reflective details improve visibility on gloomy days.

For more lightweight protection, Gerry’s packable rain jackets pack down into a small pouch or pocket. Made from thin ripstop nylon or microfiber fabrics treated with DWR, they take up minimal room in your bag or luggage. When a downpour hits, just whip out your packable Gerry raincoat for instant waterproofing until the weather clears up.

Gerry designs their women’s rain jackets to be loose enough for layering cozy sweaters or fleece while also looking flattering. princess seams, belted waists, and feminine color choices give you style and function. You’ll stay dry in the wet weather without sacrificing your look.

When shopping for a Gerry rain jacket, consider your exact needs. For hours out in constant heavy rain, choose a longer thigh or knee length style with storm flaps, taped seams, and a high collar. If you just need occasional light rain coverage, a hip length jacket or packable pullover should suffice.

Pay attention to waterproof ratings like mm designations for how much rainfall the fabric can withstand before leaking. For downpours, look for ratings of 5000mm or above. Breathability ratings (g/m2/24hrs) indicate how well moisture vapors can escape – higher is better.

Gerry rain jackets have the added benefit of being packable for travel and easy storage. Their lightweight packable styles fold up neatly while their classic raincoats can be compressed down significantly. This allows you to stow them easily until the next big storm.

Of course, a rain jacket’s performance depends on proper care and maintenance. Be sure to wash and re-treat the DWR finish periodically as directed. Letting raincoats air dry fully before packing away also preserves water resistance. Taking these steps ensures your Gerry jacket will retain its wet weather abilities season after season.

While specialty Gerry ski pants and winter coats are ideal for snow sports, their rain jackets work great in more moderate snowy conditions. The waterproof and insulated fabrics hold up in snow squalls and light snowfall during everyday wear. Pair them with warm layers and accessories for cold, wet days.

At the end of the day, Gerry rain jackets deliver excellent water protection, breathability, and wearability. Their classic yet functional designs stand the test of time while packable styles offer lightweight, portable rain protection. Gerry has kept savvy shoppers dry for decades – and their assortment of quality, affordable raincoats will keep you covered in any downpour.

Gerry’s Range of Lengths and Styles to Fit Your Needs

Are These the 10 Best Gerry Coats for Women This Winter. : The Stylish and Functional Jackets You Need Now

One of the great things about Gerry’s outerwear selection is the diverse range of coat lengths and styles available. With options from cropped jackets to long maxi coats, you can find a Gerry winter coat ideal for your body type, activities, and style preferences.

For maximum cold weather coverage, Gerry’s knee- and calf-length down coats are a great choice. The Metro thigh-length puffer has a comfortable fleece-lined hood and cozy down fill to protect against frigid winds. Calf-length styles like the Scandinavian Long Down Parka provide even more insulation for subzero days thanks to the longer cut.

These maxi length coats help seal in warmth by covering more of your legs. The longer back hem keeps your thighs and rear toasty. Look for Gerry long down coats with two-way zippers for custom venting options. The adjustable drawstrings let you tweak the fit. Plus, front storm flaps and rib-knit cuffs block out cold air.

If ultra-long coats feel restrictive, Gerry’s hip- and thigh-length styles offer plenty of coverage while allowing easier movement. The Bristol rain jacket has a waterproof HydraPro shell to keep you dry and vented princess seams for comfort. For snowy conditions, choose a mid-thigh puffer like the Summit coat with a removable faux fur hood trim for versatile styling.

Cropped quilted coats from Gerry are also chic options that end around the hips for increased mobility. The lightweight Berlin Puffer has comfy down fill yet still fits sleekly under overcoats. Pair these shorter coats with leggings, tall boots, and gloves for cold-blocking layered style.

Gerry’s jacket lineup also includes convenient 3-in-1 convertible coats to take you through fluctuating temps. Wear thesmooth poly shell alone during fall and insert the cozy down or fleece liner when the mercury dips. Having multiple pieces gives you more mileage from one jacket.

For the same reason, don’t overlook Gerry’s vest selection. Down and fleece gilets add warmth without arm bulk. Layer them under coats and jackets as needed. For office commutes or weekends, try a sleeveless puffer vest over sweaters and dresses.

In addition to varied lengths, Gerry offers jackets and coats in different silhouettes. Choose from cinched, belted styles for a defined waist or relaxed fits that skim over curves. Princess seams accentuate the bust while adjustable drawstrings give a customizable shape.

Look for cool details like two-tone color blocking in Gerry’s coats for a modern mixed media look. Pockets styled horizontally or at an angle break up front bulk. Oversized collars and convertible stand or fold-down lapels exude sophistication.

Don’t forget about Gerry’s selection of wool, down alternative, and active coats too. From edgy moto jackets to polished peacoats, you’ll stay cozy and chic. Windproof softshell jackets work for active days while cozy fleece pullovers add versatility.

With a huge variety of lengths and silhouettes, Gerry women’s coats make it easy to choose outerwear that flatters your unique shape and height. Petites should opt for slim-cut styles with vertical seam detailing in dark hues to elongate the body. Shorter jackets ending at the hip bone keep legs looking long.

Tall women can pull off Gerry’s maxi coats beautifully thanks to the extra length. Look for longline coats with clean lines and minimal trim. Bold zipper details draw the eye down. Dark pants elongate legs further under a long light-hued coat.

Curvy figures can balance out curves with slightly flared coats. Princess seams flatter fuller busts while cinched waists show off hourglass shapes. Cropped or hip-length coats showcase curves without overwhelming.

Rectangle figures look great in Gerry coats with cinched waists or interesting collars that add shape. Longer lengths give the illusion of curves. Fuller sleeves on straight coats balance a ruler-shaped torso.

Finally, consider your planned activities and needs when selecting a Gerry coat length and style. Active moms need a jacket that allows freedom of movement for child wrangling. Commuters often prefer midi lengths to keep thighs warm without impeding walking. Weekend adventurers should look for functional technical features suitable for your sport or hobby.

With their outstanding range of women’s winter coats, Gerry makes it easy to stay cozy, dry and stylish. Browse their latest styles and lengths to discover your new favorite cold weather jacket.

How to Get the Right Size and Fit for Your Body Type

Are These the 10 Best Gerry Coats for Women This Winter. : The Stylish and Functional Jackets You Need Now

Finding a properly fitted Gerry winter coat is key to staying warm, comfortable and stylish all season long. When shopping for a Gerry jacket, take the time to determine your optimal size and right silhouette for your unique body type and proportions.

Start by carefully measuring your body, either on your own or by a friend. Wrap a soft measuring tape snugly (but not too tight) around the fullest part of your bust and hips. For length, measure from the prominent bone at the base of your neck down to where you want the coat to hit. Compare your measurements against Gerry’s detailed size charts online or on the product tag.

Keep in mind that outerwear sizes often run larger than your dress size to accommodate layers underneath. It’s common to size up in a winter coat. If between sizes, size up for maximum mobility and insulation from cold air. However, be wary of choosing an oversized coat that could expose your legs and underside to drafts.

When trying on Gerry coats in-store, bring any bulky sweaters or midlayers you plan on wearing underneath. Make sure you can move comfortably and that sleeves and coat hem length are right for your build. Raise your arms to check that the coat doesn’t pull at the underarms or ride up.

For petite figures under 5’4”, focus on coats with vertical seam details and princess seams to avoid overwhelm. Cropped and hip-length styles give maximum leg coverage without cutting you off at the wrong spot. Cinching the waist creates shape on straight boyish frames. Dark colors and minimal ornamentation elongate your silhouette.

Tall women over 5’7” can carry off long maxi coats beautifully. Look for Gerry coats with clean seamless construction in light or bright hues to extend your frame. Ankle-grazing lengths keep you completely covered from inclement weather.

If you have an athletic or ruler-shaped rectangle figure, select coats with cinched waists, full collars, and puffed or bell sleeves to add shape. Curvy hourglass figures should balance hips and bust with an emphasis on the waist. Flared coats softly skim curves.

For inverted triangle or broad-shouldered body types, choose coats with detailing at the collar and hem to balance out broad shoulders. Princess seams flatter and define the waist. Avoid boxy coats that make you look stocky.

Pear shaped figures with fuller hips and thighs can draw the eye upward with strong shoulder details like epaulets. A-line coats gently skim hips for a streamlined silhouette. High belted waists highlight your slimmest section.

When trying any garment, movement is also key. Walk briskly, bend and reach in the Gerry coat to ensure you feel good. The coat sleeves should stay in place when active without pulling. Ample room in the hips allows free striding.

Examine the coat’s specific style lines and details and how they suit you. Do princess seams flatter your bustline? Does the length hit at the most flattering spot? Feel empowered to make fit tweaks with the help of a tailor if needed.

Fabric also affects fit and drape. Stiff coats hold their shape well but can feel restrictive. Choose a more flexible fabric if you dislike clingy layers. For extreme cold, a slightly roomier cut accommodates more insulating layers.

Take advantage of stretch paneling and fabric mixes in Gerry coats to allow ease of movement. Look for styles with adjustable cuffs, zippers, drawstrings and interior elastic cords that can customize the fit. Removable hoods and liners also allow on-the-go adaptability.

Lastly, consider when and where you plan to wear your Gerry coat for functional elements that suit your lifestyle. Active moms may need hoods, pockets and waterproofing for playground duty. Commuters often favor mid-thigh lengths and refined silhouettes.

With some consideration of your body measurements, shape and style preferences, you’re sure to discover the perfect-fitting Gerry coat to keep you cozy and confident all winter long. Proper fit means your jacket flatters your form, allows easy movement and seals in warmth so you stay toasty when temperatures plummet.

Comparing Prices and Value Across Gerry Coat Lines

With over 80 years of experience making quality outerwear, Gerry offers excellent value at reasonable price points. However, there are still price differences between coat lines to consider when shopping.

Gerry’s premium down parkas and hooded jackets represent the highest tier due to the expensive goose and duck down. Using only high fill power down results in unmatched warmth at light weights. These pinnacle coats range from $200 up to $500.

They offer excellent long-term value due to durable, water-resistant outer shells and high quality down that maintains loft and insulating power. With proper care, a premium Gerry down coat can last over a decade. The 700 fill power Scandinavian Long Down Parka provides superior cold weather performance with its knee-length cut and plush down.

Mid-range styles like Gerry’s synthetic fill coats offer solid performance for around $100-$250. They make great options for wet climates where down would fall short. Athletic designs with Thinsulate and other synthetic insulation provide warmth, weather resistance, and packability at moderate prices.

Lightweight fleece jackets and vests start around $60-$100, providing cozy insulation during fall and spring. While not as warm or compressible as down, fleece offers breathability and soft comfort at an affordable cost. It’s a smart budget buy for milder weather.

Gerry’s rain jackets designed for wet weather utilize proprietary waterproof fabrics like HydraPro. Styles like the hooded Bristol Jacket cost $120-$200 for harnessing liquid-repelling technology that keeps you dry in pouring rain.

For occasional light showers, Gerry’s packable rain jackets under $100 pack impressive waterproofing into tiny carry pouches. They make affordable backups when skies threaten to unload.

Within each coat category, price varies based on factors like down fill power, fabric technology, and features. For example, a 650 fill power parka costs less than an 800 fill jacket, but they’re both quality down pieces. Higher fill power down demands a higher price but also provides more insulation per ounce.

Special coat details like faux fur trim, quilted stitching, and interior media pockets add aesthetic value that increases cost marginally. More dramatic differences come from performance factors and fabric enhancements.

Over time, Gerry runs frequent percentage-off sales both on their own website and retailers like Costco and Nordstrom. Watching for seasonal discounts lets you score deals on higher-end pieces. Signing up for email newsletters alerts you to the best promos.

When determining budget, think about your intended use and needs. A $200 poolside jacket is overkill, while a $60 rain jacket may not withstand heavy storms. Consider cost per wear over years of service to maximize value.

While Gerry’s premium technical coats represent the biggest upfront investment, their enduring quality and unrivaled performance make them worth the price. Down parkas used for frequent winter activity retain insulation and warmth for 5-10 years or more before needing replacement.

On the flip side, a $100 jacket that barely lasts two seasons before falling apart equates to $50 in value per year. A pricier $300 Gerry parka lasting a decade provides $30 of annual value over time through countless wears.

At the end of the day, even Gerry’s most affordable coats offer good return on investment through their combination of quality materials, classic styling, and staying power that keep them relevant year after year.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Gerry Women’s Coats

Are These the 10 Best Gerry Coats for Women This Winter. : The Stylish and Functional Jackets You Need Now

Gerry coats deliver outstanding quality and performance at reasonable prices. However, you can often save even more by shopping sales and taking advantage of seasonal promotions. Here are some of the best places to score discounts on Gerry women’s outerwear.

One of the top spots for deals is Gerry’s own ecommerce site at Gerry.com. They run special discount codes and percentage-off sales for online customers throughout the year. Sign up for emails to receive alerts on promos like 30% off insulation jackets or an extra 15% off clearance coats.

The Gerry site also offers free shipping with a $50 minimum order. Their extensive selection includes colors and styles not always carried elsewhere, providing more options to choose from. You can find previous season’s jackets at slashed prices in their online outlet section.

Major department stores that stock Gerry outerwear also regularly discount prices both online and in-store. Watch for sales at retailers like Nordstrom, Costco, Eddie Bauer, and Backcountry.com. Discount varies, but you’ll often see at least 25% off select Gerry coats.

Around the holidays from November through December, retailers run Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and post-Christmas sales featuring deep discounts on cold weather apparel. This is a great time to invest in a quality Gerry down parka at $100 or more off retail pricing.

The end-of-season clearance sales in late winter are another opportunity for substantial savings. Retailers add newly marked-down coats to the sale section as they make room for spring merchandise. Look for Gerry deals up to 60% off or more in February and March.

Be sure to browse discount sites like Sierra Trading Post and Steep & Cheap that offer deals on past season apparel and samples. Sign up for their deal emails to get alerts on discounted Gerry coats and jackets.

You can also take advantage of cash back sites that offer rebates from online stores. Search for available offers and activate the cash back prior to purchasing a coat from a retailer like Backcountry or Nordstrom for additional small savings.

Some credit cards also provide bonus rewards or cash back at department stores from 1-5% back, adding up on a big coat purchase. The right card can net you $10-50 back to offset the cost.

When possible, try coats on in-store and then search for a better price online before buying. Look for price matching policies so you can request a retailer match a lower price you found elsewhere.

Be sure to comparison shop prices across sites. Use price history tools to determine if you’re getting the best possible deal or should hold off for a lower price. Consider signing up for price drop alerts so you can jump on sudden discounts.

While regular Gerry prices are reasonable given the quality, well-made coats still represent an investment. Taking some time to seek out seasonal promotions, coupons, rebates and clearance price cuts can add up to major savings that make a warm, weatherproof Gerry jacket more affordable.

Reviews of the Warmest & Most Stylish Gerry Coats for Women

Are These the 10 Best Gerry Coats for Women This Winter. : The Stylish and Functional Jackets You Need Now

When winter hits, a quality Gerry coat helps keep you both cozy and fashionable all season long. After testing some of Gerry’s top-rated women’s jackets, here are reviews of some of the warmest, yet stylish coats to get you through the cold weather in style.

The Metropolitan Down Parka is one of Gerry’s premium cold-weather styles with a mid-thigh length and plush down insulation. The water-resistant shell stood up to light rain and snow flurries while blocking wind chills. The toasty faux fur trim and hood kept my face warm without limiting peripheral vision. Despite the longer length, I could walk and move easily thanks to the light 10-ounce weight and slight A-line cut.

For frigid ski trips I reached for the Hooded Summit Puffer Coat. This knee-length jacket uses a mix of down and synthetic insulation to handle damp mountain conditions. The coat kept me so warm I could remove the zip-out hood on milder days. Interior media pockets and headphone access port came in handy on the slopes. The metallic finish and velvety fabric elevate this functional coat.

On rainy urban commutes, the Bristol Waterproof Rain Jacket performed wonderfully. The seam-taped HydraPro fabric beaded up moisture without a hint of leakage even in downpours. Underarm gussets prevented binding despite cross-body bags and umbrellas. A soft jersey lining in storm flap pockets warmed my hands.

For weekends I loved the lightweight feel of the Berlin Puffer. The hip-length, packable style layers easily under wool coats for extra insulation. Quilted side panels create a flattering nipped-in silhouette. The shiny fabric dressed up jeans and boots for a night out after a day chasing my toddler at the park.

The Active Down Puffer Vest fulfilled its role as a versatile layering piece. I wore it over long sleeves and under jackets for adjustable warmth during fall’s fluctuating temps. The stretch-infused fabric moved well during hikes and the slim fit provided bulk-free core insulation. It packs down small for easy storing.

To test waterproofing, I zipped on the Stormy Trail Rain Jacket before walking my dog on a soaked, blustery day. Water beaded right off the smooth fabric outer shell thanks to the durable water repellent finish. The adjustable hood and inner storm cuffs sealed out dampness during our sloshy wooded walk.

For ski trips up north I reached for the Excursion Bib Snow Pants to use with my warmest parka. The full side zippers made putting them on over boots easy. Velcro ankle adjustments sealed out snow while inner thigh vents prevented overheating. The smooth fabric glided easily without sticking to base layers.

Overall I was impressed with Gerry’s combination of warmth, weather protection, and everyday wearability. The flattering shapes and designer details elevated even their most technical coats. Both the casual styles and winter activity wear stood out for quality at reasonable prices compared to outdoor brands. Gerry outerwear ensures I can take on cold temps while staying cozy and looking stylish.

Tips for Properly Caring for Your Gerry Coat for Longevity

Gerry coats are designed and constructed to provide years of reliable performance. However, following proper care and maintenance steps helps ensure your jacket lasts for many seasons. Here are tips for keeping your Gerry outerwear looking and functioning its best.

Always read and follow the specific care instructions for your particular Gerry coat’s materials. Most styles can be machine washed on a gentle cool cycle and tumbled dry low. Turn the jacket inside out first to protect the shell fabric. Use a mild detergent and avoid fabric softeners which can impair performance finishes.

However, Gerry’s premium down jackets require special handling to preserve the delicate down insulation. These need to be professionally dry cleaned 1-2 times per year to refresh the durable water resistant (DWR) finish and wash the down. Avoid over-washing down coats as it can degrade the loft and warmth.

For detachable hoods and liners, remove them before cleaning the coat so they receive individual attention. Check zippers routinely and address any sticking to keep teeth aligned. Periodically use beeswax or silicone to lubricate zippers.

Inspect elastic cuffs, hems, and waistbands. Replace if stretched out for a better seal against wind and moisture. Trim stray threads to prevent unraveling seams. Repair any tears by hand or professional tailor promptly.

Let Gerry jackets drip dry completely before packing them away at the end of the season. Storing when damp encourages mildew growth in dark closets. Down especially needs time to dry thoroughly after professional cleaning.

Before storage, air out any musty coat smells by hanging outside on a breezy day. Use cedar blocks in garment bags to add freshness. Store cleaned coats loosely to prevent creasing rather than tightly packed.

To prolong water repellency, use a DWR spray like Nikwax regularly on Gerry rain jackets and shell fabrics. Reapply after a few washings per the product’s instructions. This replenishes the protective finish that causes moisture to bead up and roll off.

For down coats, use a Down Wash spray to redistribute interior oils and revitalize insulating properties. After extended storage, let the coat air out for loft recovery before wearing. A wash and dry can also fluff compressed down.

Check for pilling, fraying, or tearing on fleece or knit coat linings. Remove pills with a sweater shaver or fabric defuzzer. Hand wash gentle fabrics like fleece separately using a wool-safe detergent.

Avoid overstuffing closets which can misshape coats on hangers. Pad out the shoulders with folded towels if needed to maintain structure. Store fur trimmed hoods separately when possible.

Repair damaged outer shells promptly through a professional tailor or seamstress. This prevents interior insulation from getting wet. Gerry’s customer service can also recommend repair specialists.

Taking a little time to care for your Gerry coat properly makes all the difference in maximizing its lifespan. With the right washing, drying, storage, and periodic maintenance, your coat will continue delivering reliable warmth and weather protection for many winters before needing replacement.