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Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Nike’s tie dye shorts burst onto the scene a few years back, injecting a major dose of color and vibrancy into our athleisure wardrobes. These psychedelic shorts have developed quite the cult following, with good reason. Let’s dive into the juicy details on why Nike’s tie dye shorts are having such a fashion moment right now.

Introduction to Nike tie dye shorts – their history and popularity

Tie dye has been around for centuries, but Nike brought their own spin to this retro print when they first released their tie dye collection back in 2018. It was an instant hit, with the iconic Nike swoosh logo splashed across trippy, swirly tie dye designs in shades of pink, purple, blue and more. The edgy, artsy vibe of the shorts appealed to fashionistas and athletes alike.

Since that initial launch, Nike has continued to build on their tie dye line each season. They’ve expanded the color palettes and silhouettes, while also using premium technical fabrics to ensure top notch performance and comfort. The tie dye craze shows no signs of fading, as Nike’s shorts fly off shelves time and time again.

The evolution of Nike’s tie dye shorts over the years

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

In the beginning, Nike’s tie dye shorts featured a simple, all-over tie dye pattern on a classic shorts silhouette. But the designs have gotten more creative over time. We’ve seen ombre dye techniques, unique placements like a dye-splattered hem, and tie dye combined with other prints like camo. Nike also integrated Dri-FIT technology into many of the shorts to add ventilation and sweat-wicking properties. Recently, they’ve experimented with longer 7 inch and 9 inch inseams for a bolder look.

When it comes to fabrics, Nike’s tie shorts showcase lightweight, stretchy athletic fabrics like French terry, jersey, and recycled polyester. These materials provide mobility and breathability for active pursuits, while holding their vivid dye colors. Over the years, Nike has dialed in the perfect tie dye athletic short formula.

Reviews of the top and most popular Nike tie dye shorts

Scouring Nike reviews, a few tie dye styles consistently rise to the top as customer favorites. The Nike Dri-FIT ADV AOP Tie Dye Shorts earn rave reviews for their eye-catching pink and purple ombre tie dye print. Made of sweat-wicking recycled polyester, they’re perfectly equipped for workouts but also lifestyle wear. Reviewers say they’re super soft with the perfect amount of stretch.

Another best-seller is the Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Shorts, made of plush French terry fabric in a bold blue and purple tie dye pattern. These shorts score points for extreme comfort and a casual vibe that works well off the field. For a shorter silhouette, Nike fans love the Swoosh Tie Dye Bike Shorts designed with smooth, supportive compression fit.

Styling and outfit ideas with Nike tie dye shorts

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

These colorful shorts give you so many styling possibilities! For the gym, pair them with a simple black or white tank or tee and sneakers. Thrown on an oversized graphic tee and dad hat for a streetwear inspired outfit. Dress them up with a cropped sweater and white leather sneakers for an elevated casual ensemble. Or go full 90s with a tied up band tee, choker and slip dress over top.

Nike’s tie dye easily adapts from sporty to chill depending on how you style them. Go bold with similarly bright colors and patterns or tone it down by balancing the shorts with neutral shades. However you wear them, Nike’s tie dye shorts are guaranteed to be a statement piece.

Comparing Nike’s tie dye shorts to other brands

Nike set the standard when it comes to tie dye activewear. Alternative brands like Adidas, Reebok and Fabletics have followed their lead with tie dye collections of their own. But reviewers consistently rate Nike’s execution as top notch. The designs are on-trend while showcasing Nike’s signature sporty aesthetic. The shorts utilize premium performance fabrics not found in the competitors’ options.

Nike also offers by far the most extensive tie dye lineup with diverse colors, lengths and fits. You’ll have a hard time finding the same breadth of selection from other activewear brands. When it comes to both quality and variety, Nike remains unmatched in the tie dye game.

The comfort factor – why Nike’s tie dye shorts excel

All signs point to Nike’s tie dye shorts being ridiculously comfortable. From the buttery soft fabrics to the elastic waistbands, every detail is designed for all-day wearability. The lightweight materials are breathable and quick-drying, while retaining structure instead of stretching out. Reviewers say the shorts feel “like you’re not wearing anything” and hold up wash after wash.

Nike considers fit and mobility in every garment. So you get a flexible, unrestrictive feel when exercising or just chilling out. For shorts that can keep pace with an active lifestyle, Nike has exactly what you need.

How to care for and wash tie dye correctly

To keep tie dye looking as vibrant as the first wear, proper laundering is key. Wash in cold water and avoid using bleach or fabric softener, as those can strip the color. Air dry when possible rather than machine drying. If machine drying on low heat, remove promptly to prevent fading. Inside out washing also protects the dye.

Take care to wash similarly bright colors together. Watch for any excess dye bleed during the first couple washes. With a gentle approach, your Nike tie dye will maintain its eye-catching intensity for many months of wear.

5 ways to rock Nike tie dye shorts this summer

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Summer is prime time for breaking out your favorite pair of Nike tie dye shorts. Here are 5 trendy ways to wear them this season:

  1. Bike shorts + oversized tee + sneakers
  2. High-waisted with a cropped tank + Chucks
  3. With a muscle tank + backward cap for the gym
  4. Solid black one-piece swimsuit + tie dye shorts as a cover up
  5. Oversized button down shirt half-tucked into the shorts + slides

Whether you’re headed to a backyard BBQ, running errands around town, or sweating it out during a workout, Nike’s tie dye shorts have you covered all summer long.

Conclusion – are Nike’s tie dye shorts worth the hype? Our verdict

Nike’s tie dye shorts deliver on all fronts. The trippy dye designs are fashion-forward and Insta-worthy. Premium athletic fabrics provide stellar comfort and performance for active lifestyles. The extensive range of colors and silhouettes offers diverse styling potential. When you consider fit, quality, and style, Nike tie dye shorts live up to their reputation as a staple summer item.

So if you’re searching for shorts that can go from the gym to the streets effortlessly, look no further. Nike’s tie dye options strike the perfect balance of comfort, function and fashion. Step into summer in these iconic shorts and experience the magic for yourself. Nike keeps the tie dye trend alive, one knockout pair of shorts at a time.

Why are tie dye shorts having a major fashion moment?

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Tie dye has made a major comeback in fashion recently, with the psychedelic print taking over everything from t-shirts to bikinis. But one item that tie dye seems perfect for is shorts. Tie dye shorts are popping up everywhere right now, on runways, in stores, and all over social media.

So what is it about tie dye shorts that is making them such a hot trend? Here are some of the reasons these groovy shorts are having such a big moment:

They’re nostalgic

Tie dye is a print that instantly evokes a feeling of nostalgia. It brings us back to the 1960s and 1970s when tie dye was hugely popular. The laidback, hippie vibe of tie dye is appealing in today’s busy world. Tie dye shorts let us tap into that feeling of nostalgia and freedom.

They’re playful

Tie dye has an inherently playful, fun vibe. No two pairs of tie dye shorts are exactly the same thanks to the random nature of the tie dye process. This makes them full of color and personality. Tie dye shorts add a playful pop of color to any warm weather outfit.

They’re versatile

One of the great things about tie dye shorts is how versatile they are. Their casual vibe makes them perfect for activities like hitting the beach or attending a summer music festival. But they can also be dressed up for a more stylish look, paired with a simple tee and sandals or wedges. Tie dye shorts work for all sorts of occasions.

They’re comfortable

Comfort is key with shorts in the summer. Tie dye shorts tend to be made from soft, lightweight fabrics like cotton or rayon that breathe well and move with you. This makes them an ideal choice for staying cool and comfortable during hot summer days.

They’re figure flattering

The cool thing about tie dye is that the pattern helps camouflage any imperfections. Tie dye shorts are extremely figure flattering for this reason. The swirls of color draw the eye and conceal any lumps, bumps or problem areas. You can feel confident rocking tie dye shorts no matter your shape or size.

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now?: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

As tie dye shorts experience a surge in popularity, Nike has emerged as one of the go-to brands for stylish, comfortable tie dye designs. From classic running shorts to basketball shorts, Nike offers an array of tie dye shorts perfect for anyone looking to rock this trend. Here is an in-depth look at some of the best Nike tie dye shorts available right now.

Nike Sportswear Icon Clash Women’s Shorts

These women’s shorts combine a retro tie dye print with modern Nike style. Made from soft, lightweight French terry fabric, they feature an elastic waistband with drawcord for a customized fit. The tie dye print has vibrant pops of color for a bold, fun look. Reviewers rave about the flattering fit and say these shorts are ideal for casual wear, working out or lounging around.

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Shorts

The Nike Sportswear Club Fleece shorts offer unmatched comfort with plush fleece fabric. The shorts feature an elastic waistband and side pockets. With eye-catching tie dye in shades of pink, blue and yellow, these shorts are perfect for cooler weather while still rocking the tie dye trend. Reviewers say the fleece shorts are extremely soft and the fit is perfect.

Nike Dri-FIT Tempo Running Shorts

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

For those who want tie dye shorts they can workout in, the Nike Dri-FIT Tempo shorts are a top choice. Designed for running, these shorts feature sweat-wicking Dri-FIT fabric to keep you cool and dry. The elastic waistband has an adjustable internal drawcord. With their lightweight feel and vibrant tie dye print, these shorts are ideal for runs, hiking, training and more.

Nike Sportswear Fleece Shorts

The Nike Sportswear Fleece shorts offer a more understated take on the tie dye trend. Made from soft cotton-blend fleece with a brushed interior, they feature an elastic waistband with drawcord and side pockets for storage. The tie dye print is more subtle in shades of gray, black and white. Reviewers say these shorts are extremely comfortable for lounging and casual wear.

Nike Dry Printed Shorts

For a lightweight pair of tie dye shorts, check out the Nike Dry Printed shorts. They are made from quick-drying fabric to keep you cool and dry. An elastic waistband with interior drawcord provides a perfect fit. These shorts are on the shorter side for excellent mobility. Reviewers love them for exercise, sports and all-day casual summer wear thanks to their featherweight feel.

How to Style Nike Tie Dye Shorts

One of the best things about tie dye shorts is how many ways there are to wear them. Here are some tips for styling your Nike tie dye shorts:

  • Pair them with a simple white tee or tank top to let the print pop.
  • Add an oversized denim or chambray shirt layered open over a tank for a ’90s inspired vibe.
  • Dress them up with a cropped blazer or kimono sleeve top.
  • For footwear, go casual with white sneakers, sandals or slip-on shoes.
  • Accessories like hats, sunglasses and stacks of beaded bracelets complement the boho tie dye look.
  • Carry a small bag like a crossbody or mini backpack rather than a big tote.

Tie dye is perfect for summer, and Nike offers an amazing selection of on-trend tie dye shorts. With so many styles and colors available, you can rock tie dye shorts for any activity or occasion. Grab a pair of these fashionable shorts to stay cool and show off your colorful style all season long!

The evolution of Nike’s tie dye shorts over the years

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Tie dye has made a major comeback in recent years. This retro pattern has found its way onto everything from t-shirts to shoes. One of the most popular tie dye items that’s emerged is Nike’s tie dye shorts.

Nike first released their iconic tie dye shorts back in the 90s. They became an instant hit among athletes and casual wearers alike. So how have Nike’s tie dye shorts evolved over the years? Let’s take a look.

The 90s Origins

Nike dropped their first tie dye shorts in 1991. They featured a simple white base with swirls of pink, purple, and blue tie dye. The shorts had an elastic waistband and side pockets. Nike’s swoosh logo stood out in black on the left leg.

These shorts were made from 100% cotton for maximum comfort. Athletes loved wearing them to practices and games. The vibrant colors and trippy pattern made a statement. Over the next few years, Nike experimented with different tie dye color combinations.

By the late 90s, Nike tie dye shorts were a closet staple. Both men and women rocked them for casual summer hangouts and beach days. The shorts gave off a laidback, chill vibe that aligned with 90s culture.

The 2000s Style Evolution

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

In the early 2000s, Nike began altering the silhouette of their tie dye shorts. They introduced shorter inseams and slimmer fits catered to runners.

Nike also began upgrading the fabrics. New performance fabrics like Dri-FIT polyester were used to make the shorts more lightweight and sweat-wicking. This enabled athletes to wear them for intense training sessions.

Color palette-wise, Nike brought in more muted tie dye shades like olive green, charcoal gray, and ivory. Some shorts featured ombre-style fades rather than swirls. This gave them a more modern, minimalist look.

The Retro Resurgence

By 2015, 90s and Y2K fashion trends came back around. Nike capitalized on this by re-releasing their vintage tie dye designs.

OG colorways like purple passion and psych pink popped up again. The shorts were crafted to look perfectly broken-in and faded.

Nike also dropped collaborations with streetwear brands like Stussy and Comme des Garçons. Limited edition tie dye patterns went quick. Wearing rare Nike tie dye shorts became a flex.

On the performance side, Nike decked out pro athletes in tie dye shorts for big events. Who can forget the Team USA tie dye shorts from the 2016 Olympics?

Tie Dye Today

Nike’s tie dye game is still going strong in the 2020s. New designs drop each summer in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes.

Nike applies tie dye to everything from casual cotton shorts to ultra-light running shorts. They continue to explore new dye techniques like ombre dip-dying.

Nike has also expanded their color options. You can now cop tie dye shorts in unconventional shades like olive, khaki, and dark granite.

Collaborations are still happening too, with brands like Undercover and COMME des GARÇONS. These sell out fast and resell for high prices online.

After 30 years, Nike’s tie dye shorts are just as coveted as ever. It’s fair to say they’ve achieved classic status.

So next time you rock a pair of Nike tie dye shorts, remember you’re carrying on a legendary tradition!

Reviews of the top and most popular Nike tie dye shorts

Tie dye is back in a big way, and Nike is leading the charge with their colorful new line of tie dyed athletic shorts. From vibrant, psychedelic patterns to more subtle ombre looks, Nike has something for everyone who wants to rock the tie dye trend. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which Nike tie dye shorts are the best? We’ve got you covered with reviews of the most popular and top-rated Nike tie dye shorts on the market right now.

Nike Phenom Elite

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

The Nike Phenom Elite shorts are a fan favorite for good reason. Made from lightweight, breathable fabric, these shorts are perfect for working out or lounging around. Theelastic waistband ensures a comfortable custom fit, and the 9-inch inseam provides plenty of coverage. The Phenom Elites come in several eye-catching tie dye color combinations, like pink/purple and green/blue. Reviewers say these shorts are extremely comfortable and hold up well during high intensity workouts. The vibrant colors also earn rave reviews. If you want a pair of tie dye shorts that pop, the Phenom Elites are a great choice.

Nike Challenger

For a more understated tie dye look, check out the Nike Challenger shorts. These mid-rise shorts sit right at the hip and have a flattering slim fit through the thigh. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for warm weather workouts or casual wear. The Challenger shorts come in a few different ombre-style tie dye washes, like light grey fading into navy. Customers say these shorts fit true to size and are very comfortable, thanks to the elastic waistband and stretchy fabric that moves with you. The subtly dyed ombre look earns rave reviews for being stylish but not over the top. For a versatile pair of tie dye shorts, the Nike Challenger is a great option.

Nike Dri-FIT Tempo

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Serious runners love the Nike Dri-FIT Tempo shorts for their performance features and fun tie dye styles. Made from quick-drying Dri-FIT fabric, these shorts keep you cool and comfortable mile after mile. The wide waistband features an internal drawcord for an adjustable fit, and built-in briefs provide support and coverage. With reflective details to keep you visible, side pockets, and a 7-inch inseam, the Tempos check all the boxes for functionality. Plus, the vibrant tie dye looks, like pink and purple swirls, earn rave reviews for style. So if you’re looking for shorts to wear for your next race or speed workout that also have some flair, the Nike Dri-FIT Tempos are a top pick.

Nike Flex Stride

For the ultimate combination of comfort, coverage, and style, the Nike Flex Stride shorts are a slam dunk. These mid-thigh length shorts sit right below the hip and have a 9-inch inseam for plenty of coverage. Made from soft, lightweight cotton with stretch for ease of movement, the Flex Strides feel amazing whether you’re working out or hanging out. The elastic waistband and inner drawcord allow you to customize the fit. Choose from fun ombre tie dye washes like pink, purple, and blue for a seriously stylish look. Reviewers say these shorts fit great and are so comfortable you’ll want to live in them all summer. If you’re looking for tie dye shorts that can go from the gym to the streets effortlessly, try the Nike Flex Stride.

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece

For lounging around or running errands, you can’t go wrong with the easygoing Nike Sportswear Club Fleece shorts. These cotton shorts feature a soft fleece interior that feels amazing against your skin. The elastic waistband and adjustable drawcord allow you to find your perfect fit. Choose from stylish tie dye washes like light pink and white ombre or purple fade. Reviewers say these shorts fit true to size and are incredibly cozy. The fleece lining makes them perfect for cooler weather, while the short 5-inch inseam provides a flattering look. If you’re looking for a pair of tie dye shorts that work just as well for Netflix binging as they do for grabbing coffee with friends, try the Nike Sportswear Club Fleece.

Nike Layup 2.0

For an athletic pair of shorts that can handle tough workouts, check out the Nike Layup 2.0. These polyester shorts feature mesh side panels for increased breathability along with a ventilated hem to keep you cool. With an elastic waistband, adjustable inner drawcord, and 9-inch inseam, you get a great fit and coverage. Choose from vibrant tie dye looks like pink/purple swirls or blue/green waves. Fans love the fun patterns and say these shorts are perfect for playing basketball or training at the gym. The quick-drying fabric and flexible design allow free movement during any activity. So if you want a pair of tie dye shorts you can ball or train in, the Nike Layup 2.0 is a slam dunk.

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now?: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Tie dye is having a major moment right now in fashion, and one of the hottest items on the market is Nike’s new line of tie dyed athletic shorts. From bright, swirling psychedelic prints to subtle ombre fades, Nike is leading the charge when it comes to stylish tie dye activewear. But with so many tie dyed shorts to choose from, how do you know which ones are the best?

To help you find the perfect pair of Nike tie dye shorts for your needs, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide covering all the hottest styles. We’ll go over the key features and benefits of Nike’s most popular tie dye shorts so you can decide which option is right for you.

Factors To Consider When Buying Nike Tie Dye Shorts

With so many Nike tie dye shorts to choose from, it helps to know what factors to consider when making your purchase:

  • Fit – Look for shorts with an elastic waistband and inner drawcord for an adjustable, custom fit.
  • Length – Nike offers everything from 5-inch shorts for lounging to 9-inch inseams for coverage during workouts.
  • Performance features – Mesh panels, quick-drying fabric and built-in briefs are ideal for athletic shorts.
  • Material – Cotton blends maximize comfort and breathability for all-day wear.
  • Style – Vibrant, psychedelic prints make a statement while ombre fades offer a subtler look.

Once you decide what length, fit and style suits your needs, you can zero in on the perfect pair of tie dye shorts from Nike’s extensive selection.

Reviews Of The Top Nike Tie Dye Shorts

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Here are reviews of some of Nike’s best-selling and top-rated tie dye shorts to give you a comprehensive look at the options:

If you want shorts that can handle tough workouts, the Phenom Elite is an excellent choice. Made from lightweight and breathable fabric, these shorts feature an elastic waistband for comfort during any activity. With eye-catching tie dye in colorful prints, they look as good as they perform.

For a more understated look, the mid-rise Challenger shorts offer an ombre tie dye wash that fades from light grey to navy. The slim flattering fit and lightweight fabric make these ideal for warm weather workouts or casual summer wear.

Serious runners will love the performance features of the Dri-FIT Tempo shorts, like quick-drying fabric to keep you cool and dry for mile after mile. Vibrant swirling tie dye prints add style to these functional shorts.

When you want optimal comfort, the Sportswear Club Fleece shorts are just the ticket with their soft cotton and fleece interior. Subtle ombre tie dye washes make these perfect for lounging and everyday wear.

Boasting comfort, coverage, and impeccable style, the Flex Stride shorts feature vibrant ombre tie dye washes in shades like pink, purple, and blue. The soft, stretchy fabric moves with you whether working out or running errands.

As you can see, Nike offers tie dye shorts perfect for any occasion, from intense training to laidback weekends. Vibrant psychedelic prints and ombre washes give you plenty of stylish options.

Finding The Best Tie Dye Shorts For You

Now that you know what to look for and have seen reviews of Nike’s top tie dye shorts, you can confidently choose the perfect pair for your needs. Keep fit, fabric, length and style preferences in mind. Vibrant swirling tie dye is great for making a statement, while ombre fades offer a more subtle effect. Look for shorts with performance features like quick-dry fabric if you plan to train in them, or super soft cotton blends for unrestricted comfort. With so many stellar options, you really can’t go wrong with Nike’s on-trend tie dye shorts!

Styling and outfit ideas with Nike tie dye shorts

Nike’s new line of tie dye athletic shorts are making waves in fashion right now. But once you’ve got your hands on the perfect pair of tie dyed Nikes, how do you style them? These colorful shorts are versatile enough to wear for working out, running errands, or casual weekends. Here we’ll explore some styling tips and outfit ideas to help you get the most mileage out of your Nike tie dye shorts.

Matching Tops

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

An easy way to rock the tie dye trend is by pairing your shorts with a matching or coordinating tie dyed top. Think cropped tanks, t-shirts, or pullovers in similar swirly psychedelic prints or ombre fades. This creates a head-to-toe tie dye look perfect for everything from yoga class to brunch with friends. Stick to similar color schemes like pink/purple or green/blue for the shorts and top to nail the coordinated vibe.

Neutral Basics

Let your colorful tie dye shorts take center stage by pairing them with neutral basics on top. A tan, white, grey or black fitted tee or tank will complement without competing. Or try an oversized neutral pullover sweater or hoodie on cooler days when you want to highlight your fun shorts. Clean white sneakers or black sandals also work well to balance out loud tie dye bottoms.

Graphic Tees

Vintage-look graphic tees pair perfectly with tie dye shorts for a throwback ’90s inspired vibe. Opt for band tees, sports team logos, comic book prints or anything else graphic on top to contrast with your swirly shorts on bottom. Add high top sneakers and a baseball cap for a streetwear inspired athletic outfit.

Cropped Tops

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Show some skin and style your tie dye shorts for summer with a cropped top or bra top on top. Cropped camis, mesh bras and strappy tanks in solids, prints or matching tie dye all work well. The peek of skin between your cropped top and high-waisted shorts creates a super flattering silhouette for warmer months.

Bike Shorts

For an on-trend athleisure look, pair your Nike tie dye shorts with form-fitting bike shorts underneath. This stylish contrast of loose shorts layered over skin-tight bottoms is comfortable and perfect for wearing post-workout while running errands. Coordinate the colors by wearing black, white or grey bike shorts under brightly colored tie dye shorts.

Oversize Button Downs

Channel ’90s grunge vibes by tossing an oversized button down over your tie dye shorts and a fitted tank or bralette. Plaid shirts, denim button downs or solid color options in dark greens, burgundies or neutrals all work well with colorful tie dyed bottoms. Leave the button down open or tie it at the waist for laidback style.

Athletic Tops

Leaning into the athletic DNA of Nike shorts, pair them with activewear inspired tops. Cropped hoodies, performance tanks, mesh tops and breathable long sleeves in coordinating colors look great with tie dye. This outfit combo is perfect for everyday wear or trips to the gym.

Swim Cover Ups

Use your new tie dye shorts as a stylish swim cover up this summer. Just add a bikini top or swimsuit and sandals for a cute pool or beachside outfit. The colorful tie dye shorts help cover up while still showing some leg. Try shorter 5-7 inch inseams for the best swim cover up length.

Denim Jackets

Add an extra layer of style (and warmth on cooler nights) by pairing tie dye shorts with an oversized denim jacket. Avoid shorts and jackets in competing washes by choosing a medium or dark wash denim on top. Finish with white sneakers or booties for an effortlessly cool weekend look.

So don’t let your Nike tie dye shorts sit unused in your closet. With mix and match tops, stylish layers, and accessories, you can create endless outfits. Vibrant tie dye shorts deserve to be seen, so get creative with these pairing ideas. Just remember to show off those colorful prints and psychedelic swirls by keeping your tops simple and streamlined.

Comparing Nike’s tie dye shorts to other brands

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

What’s up friends! I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with tie dye right now. It feels like everywhere I look, people are rocking tie dye shirts, socks, hats, you name it. And one of the hottest tie dye items I’ve seen are shorts. Nike in particular has some amazing tie dye shorts out right now that are absolutely fire! But are they the best on the market? Let’s do a little comparison shopping and find out.

First up, we have Nike’s Icon Clash Tie Dye shorts. These bad boys come in a few different color variations, like pink/purple swirls or green/blue ombré. They’re made of soft, lightweight woven fabric so they’re perfect for staying cool and comfy in the summer heat. The tie dye design is unique to each pair. I really dig how the colors blend and swirl together. Gives them kind of a hippie chic vibe. They hit right at the knee and have an elastic waistband with a drawstring so you can adjust the fit. I’d say they run true to size. At $45, the Icon Clash shorts aren’t cheap but typical of Nike’s usual pricing. You’re paying for the brand name and the quality. Overall, I’d give them an A for style and comfort.

If you’re looking for something a bit longer, Nike also has the Essential Tie Dye Shorts which go just past the knee. They come in a similar pink/purple tie dye pattern. The fabric on these is a cotton/polyester blend so not quite as soft as the Icon Clash but still lightweight and breathable. These have an elastic waistband with no drawstring and are a bit more relaxed in the fit. I’d say they run slightly big. At $40, the Essential shorts are a tad cheaper than the Icon Clash. The length is better for more coverage if that’s what you’re after. I’d rate them a B+ for the comfy casual vibe.

Now let’s see how some other brands compare for tie dye shorts. A top competitor of Nike is always Adidas. Their Primeblue Tie Dye shorts are made of recycled polyester, so bonus eco-friendly points! The blue and purple swirly tie dye pattern is similar to Nike’s Icon Clash shorts. They have an elastic waist with drawstring, and hit right around the knee. At $50, Primeblue shorts are a bit pricier than Nike’s but I’d say the quality and comfort are on par. One small downside is they only come in the one color option. But overall a solid A- option.

If you want something flashy, I’m kind of digging these Rainbow Splatter shorts from Gymshark. As the name suggests, these babies are covered in a rainbow of tie dye splotches. The fit is tight and the inseam pretty short if you like showing some leg. Made of a stretchy polyester/spandex blend, they move great for athletic activities. Gymshark is a bit cheaper than the major brands at $36. The lack of pockets is a bummer. But the eye-catching rainbow details make up for it. I’ll give them a B for the youthful style.

Here’s a wildcard—Old Navy has their Jersey Tie Dye Jogger Shorts. Yes, you get the comfort of a jogger short with a cool black and white tie dye print. The jersey fabric is so soft! And at only $25, the price can’t be beat. They do only come in the one color option and the fit is bit boxier than Nike’s tailored shorts. But for lounging around the house or running errands, you can’t go wrong. I’ll give Old Navy a B+ for value and comfort.

Finally, if money is no object, Lululemon has some gorgeous tie dye shorts with their Align High-Rise Short. That buttery soft NuluTM fabric Lululemon is famous for feels like heaven against your skin. The tie dye is more of a rainbow ombre look. But the colors are stunning and really pop. They’re high-waisted for max coverage, even though the legs are short. Perfect if you plan on working out in these babies. At $68, the price tag is steep. But in terms of quality and style, I’d say the Align shorts earn an A. Just expect to pay for it!

So what’s the verdict? For my money, I think the Nike Icon Clash shorts are hard to beat. The tailored fit, fun tie dye pattern, and lightweight breathable fabric make them the total package. If I had to pick a runner-up, it would be the Adidas Primeblue for the sustainability factor. But the Nike’s win out with more style options available. Overall, I hope this breakdown helps you decide which tie dye shorts are the hottest for you this summer! Let me know in the comments which ones you end up rocking.

The comfort factor – why Nike’s tie dye shorts excel

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

What’s good my dudes! When I’m looking for shorts to rock in the summer, comfort is key. And let me tell ya, Nike consistently delivers some of the most comfortable shorts around. Especially their tie dye shorts – those soft, lightweight fabrics they use feel so nice when you’re out in the heat. But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s dive into the details and see why Nike’s tie dye shorts have the comfort factor on lock.

First up in Nike’s tie dye lineup we have the Icon Clash Shorts. These shorts are made from a lightweight woven fabric that’s cool, breathable, and smooth against your skin. The tailored fit hugs your body nicely without pinching or binding. And that elastic waist with drawstring ensures you get a personalized, comfy fit. Whether you’re wearing them to chill at the park or play some casual hoops, the Icon Clash shorts move with you while keeping you ventilated. Major comfort points.

If you want a bit more coverage, the Essential Tie Dye Shorts from Nike have got your legs and booty covered. They’re a poly-cotton blend so you get cotton-y softness with stretch and durability from the polyester. The relaxed fit and elastic waist offer all-day ease when you’re wearing them. The longer length is great for keeping your thighs chafe-free. While the Icon Clash shorts are my fave for athletic activities, the Essential shorts are primo for lounging and casual wear.

Now let’s compare Nike’s offerings to some other popular tie dye shorts brands. The Primeblue shorts from Adidas use recycled polyester, which gives them stretch and wicks moisture well. But recycled polyester tends to hold heat more than natural fibers like cotton. When it’s really hot out, these shorts can get a bit steamy. The Gymshark Rainbow Splatter shorts have a tight compression fit, which some people dig for exercise. But again, that polyester blend does not breathe as well as Nike’s shorts. Fine for training, but sweaty for all-day wear.

And yes, the Old Navy Jersey shorts are cute, lightweight, and crazy affordable. But that 100% polyester holds moisture and can look a little cheap. The looser boxy fit is comfy but shows lumps and bumps easily. Maybe okay for sleeping or a quick store run. But for all-day comfort through summertime activities, I’m sticking with Nike’s tailored tie dye fabrics.

When it comes to premium comfort, LuLuLemon’s Align shorts are a contender with their super soft NuluTM fabric. It feels like heaven but comes with a premium price tag. If money’s no object, these shorts are great for yoga and lounging. But for comparable softness at a better value, Nike still has my comfort vote.

Look, I know comfort is subjective. Some of you may prefer the compression or loose boxers fits from other brands. But in my experience, Nike’s lightweight, breathable fabrics and tailored fit provides superior comfort for the widest variety of activities. Whether I’m sprinting in the park or chilling at a summer BBQ, Nike’s tie dye shorts keep me cool and comfortable. For all-day softness you can move in, I’d give Nike an A for comfort.

So in summary, if premium comfort is your top factor when picking shorts this summer, you really can’t go wrong with Nike’s tie dye offerings. Let me know in the comments which shorts you find most comfy for your summer activities. I’m always down to try new shorts in my neverending search for maximum comfort and style. Catch ya later!

How to care for and wash tie dye correctly

What’s up tie dye fans! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been rocking all the tie dye clothes this summer. Nike’s tie dye shorts are especially dope. But I’ve run into some issues keeping the colors looking vibrant wash after wash. Tie dye can be tricky to launder properly. After a few faded washes, I decided to do some research on the best practices for caring for tie dyed threads. Here’s what I learned about keeping your tie dye looking fresh.

First, let’s quickly cover how real tie dye is made. The fabric is folded, bound, then saturated with dye. Where the dye penetrates determines the pattern. The folding and binding prevents some areas from absorbing color. So when you unfold it – boom – cool tie dye effect. This means the dye isn’t fully saturated into every fiber. It’s more on the surface.

That’s why you’ve got to be gentler when cleaning tie dye. Aggressive washing can cause the colors to fade faster. So skip the hot water. Lukewarm is best. Hot water can loosen and flush out the dye. And definitely don’t boil or bleach tie dye fabrics. That’s asking for trouble.

Speaking of detergent, stick to a gentle, dye-friendly formula. Don’t use anything too harsh or alkaline. That messes with the dye chemistry. Find something labeled for bright colors and delicate fabrics. And skip the fabric softener and dryer sheets – they can coat the fibers and make dyes bleed.

When it comes to loading the washer, try turning your tie dye pieces inside-out. This keeps the colored outsides from rubbing against other clothes, preventing potential dye transfer. Wash similar color palettes together – lighter with lighter, darker with darker.

Washing by hand is actually ideal for tie dye. You have more control over gently sudsing up the fabric. Make sure to rinse very thoroughly to get rid of all soap residue. Detergent left in the clothes can diminish the vibrancy over time.

Now for drying – skip the heat altogether. Lay your tie dye flat or hang to air dry. The dryer is too harsh and can cause fading, shrinking, and bleeding. I know it takes longer, but air drying is best.

Here are some other good habits when caring for tie dye:

  • Wash inside-out in cold water on a gentle cycle
  • Use a dye-retaining detergent for bright colors
  • Don’t use bleach or harsh chemicals
  • Skip the fabric softener and dryer sheets
  • Lay flat or hang to dry out of direct sunlight
  • Wash similar color items together
  • Patch test new pieces for dye stability
  • Hand wash if possible for delicate control

Following these tips should keep your tie dye looking rad for many washes to come. Just remember – cold water, gentle detergent, don’t overwash, and always air dry. Your colors will thank you.

I definitely had some trial and error with my Nike tie dye shorts until I got the washing routine down. The first few times I tossed them in with regular laundry and blasted them on hot. Rookie mistake! The colors started fading and bleeding immediately. Now I treat them with more care and they look great.

Let me know if you have any other good tie dye laundry tips! I could always use more advice to keep my vibrant tie dye game going strong. Peace out!

Nike tie dye shorts are the hottest trend for summer 2023, offering a fun and stylish way to rock color and pattern. As tie dye makes a major comeback, Nike is leading the charge with their comfy and athletic take on the retro pattern. We’ve rounded up the 5 best ways to wear Nike’s tie dye shorts this season.

Pair with a plain t-shirt or tank

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Keep it simple up top when sporting brightly patterned shorts. A plain white or black t-shirt or tank top lets the tie dye shorts take center stage. This unfussy styling creates an effortlessly cool athleisure look. Whether you’re heading to a yoga class or running weekend errands, the high contrast between a solid colored top and the colorful shorts makes your outfit pop.

Add an oversized button-down

Take the athleisure vibe up a notch by layering an oversized button-down shirt over your tie dye shorts and tank or tee. Choose a shirt in a coordinating neutral tone like black, white, gray, or tan. Leave it unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up for a relaxed yet put-together weekend look. The longer shirt balances out the shorter shorts. It’s the perfect styling for brunch dates or a casual daytime event.

Wear with a sweatshirt around your waist

As the temperatures cool down in the evening, stay comfortable and stylish by tying a sweatshirt around your waist. Opt for a coordinating neutral color sweatshirt in a soft fleece or terry material. Having a light layer on hand beats carrying around a bulky jacket. Simply tie the sleeves around your waist for an on-trend, preppy look. This smart styling trick works great day or night!

Add some edge with a leather or denim jacket

Are These The Best Nike Tie Dye Shorts On The Market Right Now: A Comprehensive Guide To The Hottest Trend

Leather or denim jackets instantly add a badass vibe to any outfit. Pair your Nike tie dye shorts with a classic moto jacket in black or brown leather, or a distressed denim jacket. Keep the rest of your look minimal with a basic white tee or bodysuit and clean white sneakers. The unexpected pairing of edgy jacket with playful tie dye shorts balances perfectly for a cool day-to-night outfit. Dress it up with some layered gold necklaces for drinks out with friends.

Elevate with wedges or heels

For a night out dancing or a semi-formal summer event, take your Nike tie dye shorts from daytime casual to nighttime chic with some heels. Opt for lace-up espadrille wedges or barely-there sandals to keep things fun and flirty. Pair with a silky cami tank tucked in to the shorts to showcase your legs and keep things comfortable. Add some delicate jewelry like layered gold necklaces or hoop earrings. The shorts transition seamlessly from running daytime errands to a night out on the town with quick change of footwear and accessories.

Nike’s tie dye shorts are having a major moment for summer 2023 fashion. The retro pattern combined with the athletic shorts silhouette offers endless styling potential. Dress them down with tanks and tees for weekend wear, then dress them up with edgy jackets or heels for a night out. Whatever your plans may be, these 5 easy ways to style Nike tie dye shorts will keep you looking on-trend and feeling cool all season long. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, you can easily rock tie dye shorts all summer!

After reviewing the top ways to wear Nike’s tie dye shorts this summer, it’s clear these patterned shorts are a must-have item for the season. The athleisure styling and colorful tie dye prints check all the boxes for on-trend summer fashion. From workout days to nights out, Nike’s tie dye shorts transition seamlessly from activewear to streetwear with versatile styling potential. But are they worth the hype and the price tag?

Conclusion – are Nike’s tie dye shorts worth the hype? Our verdict

In short – yes! Nike’s tie dye shorts are absolutely worth adding to your warm weather wardrobe this year. Here’s why we think these shorts live up to the hype:

  • Trendy tie dye pattern breathes new life into athletic shorts
  • Flattering silhouette and moisture-wicking fabric ideal for active lifestyles
  • Fun colors and prints ranging from bright neons to more subtle neutrals
  • Ability to dress up or down effortlessly by changing styling
  • High-quality construction and durable fabric stands up to frequent wear
  • Comfortable fit with just the right amount of stretch
  • Athleisure styling transcends the gym and transfers to daily wear
  • Timeless tie dye pattern prevents shorts from quickly going out of style
  • Budget-friendly price point around $50 makes trend accessible

Considering the reasonable price point and high-quality construction, Nike’s tie dye shorts are absolutely worth the investment this summer. The shorts are flattering, comfortable, and easy to dress up or down. The timeless tie dye pattern gives them staying power beyond just this season’s trend cycle. Available in a rainbow of fun colors, they inject your warm weather wardrobe with personality.

We recommend opting for a black pair and a brighter neon or pastel pair to maximize wear opportunities. Alternate between styling them for workouts, casual daytime activities, and nights out without missing a beat. For endless styling potential at an affordable price, Nike’s tie dye athletic shorts deliver. The consensus is clear – these shorts live up to the hype and are a summer 2023 must-have!