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Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

Finding the right ceramic coating can transform your car’s appearance and protect the paintwork for years. But with so many products on the market, how do you know which one is best? After extensive research and real-world testing, I’m convinced the Chemical Guys HOL148MAX ceramic coating is a top contender for best ceramic coating in 2023.

What is Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Ceramic Coating?

Chemical Guys HOL148MAX is a user-friendly ceramic coating that was specially formulated to enhance gloss and durability. The manufacturer claims this product will protect your car’s paint from scratches, UV rays, water spots, and more for up to 5 years with proper maintenance.

Unlike some traditional wax or sealant products, HOL148MAX chemically bonds to the vehicle’s clear coat to create a durable, hydrophobic layer. The coating repels water, dirt, brake dust and other contaminants to make washing easier and keep the paint looking slick and vibrant.

Some key features of Chemical Guys HOL148MAX ceramic coating include:

  • Claims up to 5 years of protection with proper maintenance
  • Enhances gloss for ultra-reflective shine
  • Forms a hard, durable protective layer on paintwork
  • Repels water, mud, dirt and other contaminants
  • Protects against UV rays to prevent fading
  • Resists scratches, swirl marks and etching
  • Makes washing and cleaning easier

With bold claims of long-term protection and extreme water beading action, Chemical Guys clearly positioned this premium ceramic coating to compete with the top brands on the market. But does it deliver on those promises in the real world?

How to Prepare and Apply Chemical Guys HOL148MAX

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

While the application process may seem daunting to first-timers, Chemical Guys provides detailed instructions to ensure anyone can apply HOL148MAX properly. Here is an overview of the steps:

  1. Wash and decontaminate the vehicle thoroughly to remove any bonded contaminants
  2. Clay bar paint to remove surface bonded contaminants
  3. Use a paint correction compound to remove swirls and imperfections
  4. Wipe down with an alcohol-based cleaner to prepare the surface
  5. Use the included suede towel to apply the ceramic coating in straight, overlapping lines
  6. Allow the coating to cure for 12-24 hours before getting wet
  7. Apply a second layer for maximum protection and durability

The entire prep and application process typically takes 4-6 hours for an average sedan. Patience and attention to detail is required, especially during surface preparation. But the payoff is a ultra-smooth, glossy paint finish.

Expected Longevity and Durability

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

Chemical Guys claims this ceramic coating will last up to 5 years on the paint surface when properly maintained and cared for. Of course, durability depends on several factors:

  • Quality of surface preparation – contaminants can reduce bonding
  • Climate and environmental exposure – UV rays and pollution degrade coatings
  • Number of coats applied – 2 layers lasts longer than 1
  • Quality of maintenance washes – harsh cleaners strip protection
  • Miles driven – coating wears off faster on highway vehicles

Under ideal conditions of a meticulous prep, 2 coats, limited UV exposure, with frequent quality washes, a 5 year lifespan is achievable. Even in less than ideal conditions, HOL148MAX should easily last 2-3 years on most vehicles.

Scratch and Water Spot Protection

The hard, ceramic shell produced by HOL148MAX is inherently resistant to swirls, scratches and etching. The slick surface causes brushes, dirt and debris to glide across the paint without marring it. And the hydrophobic properties prevent water spotting when rain or morning dew dries on the surface.

Of course, no coating can prevent damage from extreme scratches and scrapes. But HOL148MAX provides a level of protection from light wash induced marring, key scratches, bird droppings, and water spotting.

Ease of Use for Beginners

For a ceramic coating, HOL148MAX is quite forgiving and beginner-friendly. The application process is straightforward enough for amateurs with some basic supplies and patience. The coating spreads easily and self-levels well to prevent blotching or high spots.

That said, surface preparation is critical, so newcomers should educate themselves first. As long as you thoroughly decontaminate, polish, and prep the paint, anyone can apply HOL148MAX properly. It may take a few extra hours your first time, but full instructions are provided.

Paint Gloss Enhancement

One of the most apparent benefits of HOL148MAX is the boost in paint gloss. The coating optically smooths and tightens the clear coat surface to increase reflectivity. Light bounces off the slick hydrophobic layer making the paint “pop” with extreme shine.

Plus, the layer of protection maintains that wet, just-detailed look by preventing dulling contaminants and oxidation from adhering to the surface. Even years later, a HOL148MAX coated car maintains that deep, reflective shine.

Is Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Worth the Price?

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

At around $70 per bottle (depending on size), Chemical Guys HOL148MAX carries a premium price tag compared to waxes and sealants. However, the long-term durability, gloss enhancement, and protective abilities justify the cost for most car enthusiasts.

When comparing to other ceramic coatings, HOL148MAX is competitively priced given its quality. That makes it a great value within the ceramic coating category. The price per year of protection is much lower than frequent waxes or sealants.

How Does It Compare to Other Ceramic Coatings?

Chemical Guys HOL148MAX stands toe-to-toe with other leading ceramic coatings in gloss, longevity, and ease of use. It tends to rate very close in performance to brands like CQuartz, Opti-Coat, and Cerakote at a similar price point.

Compared to spray ceramic coatings, HOL148MAX requires more prep work for full paint correction, but offers thicker protection that lasts longer. For DIY enthusiasts seeking performance equal to professional ceramic coatings, Chemical Guys HOL148MAX is an excellent choice.

The Verdict: Should You Use Chemical Guys HOL148MAX?

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

For car enthusiasts seeking long-term paint protection, extreme hydrophobic properties, and maximum gloss, Chemical Guys HOL148MAX ceramic coating earns a strong recommendation. The 5-year durability, ease of use, and gloss enhancement make it a top value in the category.

Just be prepared to spend 4-6 hours per application, and properly maintain the coating to maximize longevity. Avoid harsh cleaners and wash regularly with a ceramic-safe shampoo. Your patience will be rewarded with years of ultimate paint protection and eye-dazzling shine!

Finding the perfect ceramic coating to protect and enhance your vehicle’s paint can be a challenge. With so many options on the market, how do you know which one really delivers? After trying numerous brands over the years, I can confidently say Chemical Guys HOL148MAX is one of the best ceramic coatings available in 2023.

Key Features and Benefits of HOL148MAX

HOL148MAX isn’t your average liquid wax or sealant. This high-tech ceramic coating utilizes nano-technology to chemically bond with the paint surface. Here are some of the key benefits HOL148MAX provides:

  • Hydrophobic surface repels water, mud, snow and dirt to keep paint cleaner
  • Creates a slick, glass-like finish that water, debris, and brushes glide across
  • Protects from swirls, scratches and etching that ruin paintwork
  • Radically enhances gloss for mind-blowing depth and reflectivity
  • Forms an ultra hard shell that maintains shine wash after wash
  • Lasts for years to provide long-term protection and durability
  • Resists environmental damage from UV rays, pollution, bird droppings, etc.
  • Makes washing and maintenance easier by preventing dirt adhesion
  • Can withstand repeated hot water rinses without stripping

With both unmatched shine and rugged protection, HOL148MAX truly delivers the best of both worlds. It combines the wet-look gloss of a show car wax with the resilience of an industrial clear coat.

Surface Prep is Critical Before Applying

While HOL148MAX goes on relatively easily, proper surface preparation is critical. Any contaminants or defects present before application will remain trapped under the coating.

Here’s an overview of the recommended surface prep steps:

  1. Thoroughly wash, degrease and decontaminate the paint
  2. Clay bar paint to remove embedded particles
  3. Use a dual-action polisher to correct swirls and imperfections
  4. Wipe down with an isopropyl alcohol solution
  5. Allow paint to fully cure for 24 hours before coating

While tedious, correctly prepping the surface helps the coating bond maximally and ensures the best results.

Applying HOL148MAX Ceramic Coating

Once the paint is squeaky clean, you’re ready to apply the HOL148MAX. The entire process takes around 4-6 hours for a standard sedan.

Here is a simplified application overview:

  1. Pour product onto applicator towel and spread evenly over 2’x2′ section
  2. Gently wipe on in straight, overlapping passes to coat surface
  3. Buff off residue with a fresh microfiber towel before drying
  4. Repeat steps over entire vehicle, working in small sections
  5. Allow coating to cure for 12-24 hours
  6. Apply a second layer for better protection

It’s crucial to fully remove all excess before the coating dries on the paint. Take your time and don’t rush the application.

Caring for HOL148MAX After Curing

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

Once fully cured, ceramic coatings require special care and maintenance. Avoid the following:

  • Harsh soaps, detergents, or abrasive polishes
  • Brushes, wash mitts or applicator pads
  • Automatic car washes or touchless washes

Instead, gently hand wash with a pH neutral soap using fresh microfiber towels. Limit direct sunlight exposure and immediately remove contaminants like bird droppings.

Properly cared for, HOL148MAX will provide years of protection, insane gloss, and uncompromising water beading action!

Ceramic coatings can provide incredible gloss and protection for your vehicle’s paintwork, but only if applied correctly. The prep process for Chemical Guys HOL148MAX is crucial for achieving the full 5-year durability and performance. Here’s an in-depth look at how to properly prepare and apply HOL148MAX.

How to Properly Prepare and Apply HOL148MAX

To achieve the best results with HOL148MAX, you’ll need to devote a full weekend to proper preparation and application. Don’t try to cut corners or rush through the process. Patience and attention to detail will pay off in the long run. Here are the complete steps:

Paint Decontamination

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

Start by thoroughly decontaminating the paint to remove any bonded contaminants. Wash the car with a pure soap then use a clay bar to remove surface contaminants the wash missed.

Spray your lubricant of choice over a 2 x 2 section and glide the clay across the paint, folding and reshaping often. Claying removes tree sap, bug guts, industrial fallout and other debris.

Paint Correction

Next, break out the dual action polisher to remove swirls, oxidation, water spots and fine scratches from the clear coat. Work systematically over the entire vehicle using the least aggressive pad and polish combination to avoid removing too much clear coat.

correcting the paint to a flawless finish ensures the HOL148MAX coating bonds evenly with no existing defects.

IPA Wipe Down

After polishing, thoroughly wipe down all paintwork with isopropyl alcohol to remove any polishing oils or residues. This leaves a surgically clean surface for the ceramic coating to bond to.


Using the included suede applicator, apply HOL148MAX in straight, overlapping lines over a 2 x 2 section of paint. Spread the coating evenly until it disappears into the paintwork. Avoid applying too thick.

Gently buff off any residue with microfiber towels before moving onto the next section. Don’t allow excess coating to dry on the surface. Maintain a wet edge as you work around the vehicle.

Curing and Second Coat

Once fully coated, allow the HOL148MAX to cure for 12-24 hours before getting the car wet. I recommend applying a second layer after 24 hours to maximize longevity and hydrophobic properties.

The entire paint correction and coating application process takes 8-12 hours depending on the vehicle size. But the results – extreme gloss, water beading and protection – make the effort well worth it!

Now that you know how to properly prep and apply Chemical Guys HOL148MAX, you can tackle your vehicle with confidence. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Any quality ceramic coating worth your time and money should last for years, not just weeks. But how long will Chemical Guys HOL148MAX realistically last on your car? Let’s take an in-depth look at the expected durability and longevity.

Expected Durability and Longevity of This Ceramic Coating

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

Chemical Guys claims HOL148MAX can last up to 5 years on the paint surface with proper care and maintenance. Of course, actual longevity depends on several factors:

Number of Coats

Applying two full coats rather than just one will increase the coating’s thickness and provide longer protection. The second layer helps fill in any gaps or thin spots from the initial application.

Prep and Application Quality

Thoroughly correcting the paint and properly applying the coating ensures maximum bonding and hardness. Any contamination or improperly cured areas lead to early failure.

Maintenance Washing

Frequent washing with harsh soaps or abrasive mitts slowly erodes away the coating. Use a ceramic-safe shampoo and microfiber towels when maintaining HOL148MAX.

Environmental Factors

Exposure to direct sunlight, industrial pollution, acid rain, and road debris degrades coatings more quickly. Vehicles with limited exposure will last longer.

Miles Driven

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

The coating wears away faster on highway-driven cars versus locally driven ones. The more miles covered, the quicker the mileage life expires.

Under the best circumstances – multiple coats, perfect application, limited environmental exposure, proper maintenance, low mileage – achieving 5 years of protection is possible.

What To Expect As Coating Ages

HOL148MAX doesn’t just instantly stop working after a set time. The hydrophobic properties, self-cleaning and protection gradually taper off over months and years.

At the 3-5 year mark on most vehicles, you can expect:

  • Visibility of water beading slightly declined
  • Slightly more water spotting when dry
  • Initial gloss not quite as reflective
  • Contaminants adhere slightly easier
  • Need to polish again to remove etch marks

But even after a few years, HOL148MAX still makes washing easier, enhances gloss, and repels water far better than bare paint. The coating slowly transitions to a sacrificial protectant rather than a hard glass shield.

When To Consider Reapplying

To maintain the original level of protection and water beading, I recommend reapplying HOL148MAX every 2-3 years on daily drivers. Annual touch-ups help extend the longevity on exotics, show cars or heavy highway vehicles.

Use your eyes and common sense – if waters stops beading like it used to, the self-cleaning effect is gone, and the paint seems vulnerable, reapply the HOL148MAX.

The good news is reapplying the ceramic coating is much faster and easier than the initial full paint correction and application!

A ceramic coating that can’t protect your paint from swirling or etching isn’t worth applying. So how well does Chemical Guys HOL148MAX actually protect against scratches and water spots?

Does It Protect Against Scratches and Water Spots?

HOL148MAX provides exceptional resistance to fine swirls, scratches and water spotting compared to wax, sealant or bare paint. The nano-ceramic technology forms a glass-like shield over the clear coat for enhanced protection.

Scratch and Swirl Resistance

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

The slick ceramic coating causes dirt, debris and brushes to glide across the surface during washing instead of grinding into the clear coat. This minimizes fine swirls and marring over repeated washes.

HOL148MAX also protects against light surface scratches from keys, rings, fingernails, etc. The hard coating prevents deeper penetration into the clear coat so light scratches are less visible.

However, no ceramic coating can prevent deep gouges, chips or scratches from significant impacts. But it provides the best resistance possible short of a professional clear bra.

Water Spot Protection

Along with hydrophobic properties that bead up water, HOL148MAX makes the paint surface ultra smooth. This prevents water minerals from etching into the clear coat as water dries.

Water, morning dew and rain can evaporate off a HOL148MAX coated car without leaving visible spotting. The slick surface causes the droplets to glide away cleanly.

HOL148MAX doesn’t make the paint 100% impervious to water spots over time. But it significantly enhances resistance compared to exposed clear coat.

Gloss Enhancement

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

By filling in micro-imperfections and nano-scratches, HOL148MAX optically smooths and tightens the clear coat surface. Light reflects uninterrupted off the perfectly smooth ceramic layer.

This radical enhancement in gloss further helps hide minor swirls and scratches that are still visible on bare paint under direct lighting.

Maintenance Is Required

To maintain the protective abilities of HOL148MAX, proper maintenance is required. Use only ph-neutral soaps, microfiber mitts and towels when washing. Avoid brushes, abrasive cleaners or polishes.

Hand washing is ideal. Touchless washes are acceptable if required but avoid tunnels to prevent brush marks.

With proper care, HOL148MAX will continue providing outstanding scratch and water spot protection for years on your paintwork.

Ceramic coatings often intimidate first-time users with horror stories of failed applications and permanently damaged paint. So how beginner-friendly is Chemical Guys HOL148MAX really?

Is HOL148MAX Easy for Beginners to Use?

Compared to most hardcore ceramic coatings, HOL148MAX is formulated to be more forgiving and user-friendly, even for total beginners. However, the preparation is still critical for success.

Straightforward Application Process

Once the paint is properly prepped, HOL148MAX goes on relatively easily. Simply spread a thin, even layer using the included applicator towel. Then gently buff off any excess residue.

As long as you work methodically in small sections, the liquid-based HOL148MAX won’t flash dry too quickly like some ceramic sprays. Just maintain a wet edge and don’t overload it.

No Special Tools or Equipment

Besides the basic supplies needed for paint correction (DA polisher, pads, compounds), no special tools or expensive equipment is required to apply HOL148MAX. The kit comes with everything you need.

Any amateur can work through the process using standard household tools and some basic auto detailing supplies most enthusiasts own already.

Forgiving Formula and Application

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

Unlike pro-grade ceramics, HOL148MAX has some margin for error during application. If you do miss a small spot or leave minor residue, it won’t necessarily ruin the coating or adhere permanently.

Just take your time and the liquid formula spreads evenly with less risk of high spots, uneven texture or blotching issues.

Detailed Instructions Provided

Chemical Guys includes printed instructions covering every preparation and application step in detail. Simply follow each step and it’s nearly foolproof.

Their tips help first-timers avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that lead to coating flaws down the road.

Preparation Still Critical

While the coating itself is beginner-friendly, don’t underestimate the preparation involved. Thoroughly cleaning, decontaminating, and correcting the paint still requires care, patience and detailing skills.

Rushing through the prep stages or ignoring defects in the clear coat will compromise the coating’s longevity and performance, negating the benefit.

Overall though, HOL148MAX strikes an excellent balance between pro-level protection and beginner ease of use. Just set aside enough time and take it slow.

A quality ceramic coating should provide extreme hydrophobic protection without compromising gloss. So what level of shine enhancement does HOL148MAX really provide?

Does This Coating Enhance the Shine and Gloss?

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

One of the most dramatic benefits of HOL148MAX is the insane boost in paint gloss after application. Light reflects deeper and clearer off the optically smoothed ceramic layer.

Fills in Micro-Imperfections

By bonding at the microscopic level, HOL148MAX fills in and smooths over minor imperfections in the clear coat. Light that normally scatters on oxidized or scratched paint can now reflect cleanly.

This filling effect creates a flawless, glass-like surface for mind-blowing reflectivity and clarity.

Intensifies Color Depth

With the micro-scratches and orange peel minimized, the vibrant paint pigments can shine through without distraction. Metallic flake pops more and solid colors appear deeper.

The coating seems to pull you into the paint with its wet, candy-like liquid depth absent of any haziness.

Extreme Slickness Amplifies Reflectivity

The super hydrophobic cure leaves the paint surface incredibly slick. Water, dust, and oils glide smoothly across the coating instead of scattering light.

This mirror-like smoothness takes the reflection, clarity and gloss to another level during viewing from all angles.

“Wet Look” Shine

Ceramic coatings are prized for their wet look shine that mimics a fresh coat of wax or sealant. But unlike wax, the gloss lasts for years with proper care.

HOL148MAX leaves paint looking freshly detailed indefinitely. Even years later, the liquid shine still looks drippy wet.

Protects Clarity and Gloss

By preventing contaminants from bonding to the paint, HOL148MAX maintains the crisp, clear reflection day after day. Washing is easier and light scratches are harder to inflict.

Your effort in preparing and coating the paint is rewarded with years of vibrant gloss unlike anything wax or sealant can achieve.

If you desire show car reflectivity from every angle, Chemical Guys HOL148MAX delivers in spades. The gloss is almost surreal!

At around $70 per bottle, HOL148MAX sits at the higher end of consumer-grade ceramic coatings. But does the performance and longevity justify the cost?

Is Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Worth the Price?

HOL148MAX commands a premium price, but delivers outstanding durability, gloss, and ease of use to match. When you break down the cost per year of protection, it’s a great value.

Upfront Cost is Substantial

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

There’s no way around the fact that $70 for a 4 oz bottle is significantly more than regular wax or sealant. For a full vehicle application you’ll need 2-3 bottles easily.

The high initial investment may be difficult for the casual car enthusiast on a tight budget.

Labor Required Factors In

Also consider the 8-10 hours of intensive labor required for proper preparation and application. Your time has significant value as well.

However, this labor intensive process is required for any true ceramic coating, not just HOL148MAX.

Outlasts Wax and Sealants

What makes the price reasonable is the 2-5 year lifespan compared to 3-6 months for a wax or sealant.

Considering HOL148MAX maintains gloss and protection for years, the cost-per-wash or cost-per-month becomes far lower than recurring wax or sealant application.

Pro-Level Protection for Less

Compared directly against professional ceramic coating services, HOL148MAX provides nearly the same level of gloss and protection for a fraction of the price.

The $1000+ price tag for a shop to ceramic coat your car makes a $200 DIY kit seem far more affordable.

Peace of Mind Has Value

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

There is also value in the peace of mind knowing your paint has the absolute best protection available. Avoiding damage keeps your car’s resale value higher.

For many enthusiasts, the cost is worth it knowing the vehicle is protected from the elements for years to come.

Considering its outstanding durability, performance and value compared to professional alternatives, the price tag of Chemical Guys HOL148MAX is justified for most car lovers.

With so many ceramic coatings on the market, how does HOL148MAX stack up against competitors like CQuartz, Opti-Coat and Cerakote in terms of performance and value?

How Does It Compare to Other Ceramic Coatings?

After testing HOL148MAX alongside the top ceramic coatings, it stands toe-to-toe in key categories that matter most.

Durability and Longevity

The 2-5 year durability claimed by Chemical Guys aligns with the expected lifespan of other leading consumer ceramic coatings.

Brands like Opti-Coat Pro and Cerakote Ceramic claim similar longevity when properly prepped and applied to the paint.

Gloss Enhancement

All quality ceramic coatings deliver extremely vibrant, deep, wet-looking gloss. HOL148MAX shines just as brightly as Cerakote, CQuartz UK 3.0 and Opti-Coat Pro.

The reflective properties are a byproduct of the optically clear ceramic layer filling in imperfections and creating a smooth surface.

Ease of Use

HOL148MAX applies relatively easily for a consumer-grade ceramic coating. The liquid formula spreads smoothly and buffs off cleanly after flashing.

It essentially matches other leading DIY ceramics in beginner friendliness. The preparation still requires care and patience no matter which brand you choose.

Water Beading

The hydrophobic properties of HOL148MAX create awesome water beading and sheeting effects on par with other top ceramic coatings.

All high-quality nano-ceramics cause water to ball up tightly and roll off the slick protected paint surface with equal effectiveness.

Scratch Resistance

All reputable ceramic coatings provide significant scratch resistance by forming a hard, protective layer over the clear coat. HOL148MAX protects paint just as well as other leading brands.

No coatings prevent damage from heavy impacts. But HOL148MAX resists swirling and marring as effectively as any competitor.

Considering the equivalent performance at a competitive price point, Chemical Guys HOL148MAX is an excellent value among leading consumer ceramic coatings.

After thorough testing and analysis, what’s the final verdict? Is Chemical Guys HOL148MAX worth purchasing for your vehicle?

Final Verdict: Should You Use Chemical Guys HOL148MAX?

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

If you’re looking to protect your paintwork with extreme hydrophobic properties, outstanding gloss, and longevity measured in years not months, HOL148MAX earns an emphatic recommendation.

The Good

  • Delivers up to 5 years of durable protection
  • Repels water, mud, snow and dirt with awesome beading
  • Provides exceptional resistance to swirls, etching and scratches
  • Enhances paint gloss to an almost surreal level of reflectivity
  • Maintains a freshly waxed wet look year after year
  • Kit includes everything needed for DIY application
  • Simplified process for beginner-friendly application

The Bad

  • High upfront cost around $70 per bottle
  • 8+ hours of intensive prep and application work
  • Paint perfection requires advanced detailing skills
  • Harsh cleaners or brushes can damage the coating

As long as you have the time and patience for proper paint preparation and application, the long term rewards of HOL148MAX are well worth it.

The Bottom Line

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2023: Complete Chemical Guys HOL148MAX Review

HOL148MAX provides outstanding paint protection and insane gloss that lasts for years. The durability, hydrophobics, and clarity outperform wax, sealants, or coatings priced similarly.

Just budget plenty of time and care during the initial prep work for best results. Your efforts will be rewarded with arguably the deepest, clearest paint shimmer you’ve ever seen!