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Best Decorations For Your Princess: 9 Tips For A Magical Disney Party

Find Budget-Friendly Decor At Amazon

Throwing a magical Disney princess party for your little one can seem daunting, especially if you’re trying to do it on a budget. But with some creative thinking and shopping smart, you can pull off an enchanting princess celebration without breaking the bank. One of the best places to find affordable party decor is Amazon. From princess plates and napkins to themed backdrops and accessories, you can find everything you need to decorate your perfect princess party for less.

When it comes to basic partyware, Amazon has a huge selection of princess-themed plates, cups, tablecloths, and more available for cheap. Look for solid color packs in various princess shades like pink, purple, yellow, or blue. Then use coordinating plastic tableware like cutlery and napkins to tie the colors together. You can also find packs of themed paper goods featuring different Disney princesses like Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and others for under $20.

Beyond the basics, Amazon also offers loads of budget-friendly decorative touches to transform your space into a princess paradise. Search for shiny foil curtains, inflatable arches, and streamers to turn any room into a castle. Pick up a few coordinating mylar balloons for under $10 each or go for a balloon bouquet for bigger impact. You can also find inexpensive backdrop kits to instantly princess-ify your party space. With tutorials available online, you can even make your own backdrop using affordable tulle and streamers from Amazon.

Of course, no princess party is complete without crowns and tiaras for your guests to wear. Amazon has sparkly and colorful princess crowns available in packs of 6-12 for under $15. Or splurge a little on a glitzy personalized tiara for the birthday girl. You can also pick up magical wands, tutus, and plastic jewelry for guests to accessorize their royal looks.

For fun favors or activities, grab some Disney princess coloring or activity books. Hand them out with crayons or princess stickers so guests can color princess pictures or test their knowledge of princess movies. Amazon also has affordable princess dolls, puzzles, and games to keep young partygoers entertained. Pick up a few varieties and set up stations around the party space.

Don’t forget extras like table scatter confetti, wall/door decorations like princess signs or pennant banners, and themed gift bags or goodie boxes. Shop Amazon’s party supply section for inexpensive additions that complement the rest of your decor. If you’re crafty, look for blank wood cutouts, fabrics, pom poms or other embellishments so you can DIY your own accessories.

Throwing an Instagram-worthy princess party doesn’t have to drain your wallet. Focus on big impact, budget-friendly decor items from Amazon like backdrops, balloons, tableware, and crowns. Then fill in with inexpensive accents like confetti, garlands, pennants, and activity books or toys. With a little creativity, you can easily achieve the pretty pink princess paradise of your little one’s dreams on a small budget.

Dress Up Like Your Favorite Princess

Best Decorations For Your Princess: 9 Tips For A Magical Disney Party

Let your child feel like royalty by having them dress up as their favorite Disney princess for their magical themed birthday party. With the right costume pieces, you can easily recreate iconic princess looks on a budget using items from Amazon.

For a glamorous Belle look, opt for a classic yellow ball gown and pair it with long brown gloves and a matching hair bow. Search Amazon for budget friendly yellow prom or bridesmaid dresses under $50. Add a rose bracelet or necklace as her magical rose accessory. Finish off with some cute flats or heels.

Aurora’s iconic peasant dress and cape can be easy to DIY. Find a pink dress with long flowing sleeves and add a layer of tulle over it secured with a ribbon belt for the cape effect. Style her hair with a braid and flowers and top with a glittering tiara fit for sleeping beauty herself.

Channel Ariel’s mermaid vibe with a fluffy mint green tulle skirt and a purple seashell bikini top. Add some fun costume pearls and red hair extensions or a wig to complete the under-the-sea look. A purple Alice band and sparkly flats make the perfect finishing touches.

For Cinderella, recreate her blue ballgown with a poofy knee length dress and some clear plastic high heels from Amazon’s costume section. Don’t forget her iconic updo, a pair of satin gloves, and a dazzling choker necklace to tie it all together. Top with a sparkling tiara and wand for princely magic.

You can’t go wrong channeling Snow White with a classic blue and yellow dress paired with red ribbons in her hair. Add a red cape and some dwarf character accessories like pick axes, stuffed creatures, or felt hats for a fun twist. Finish with some sweet Mary Jane flats and a bright red bow.

To transform into Tiana, opt for her green bayou gown look with a silky emerald dress and matching tiara. Accessorize with some Mardi Gras beads, gold bangle bracelets, and fun frog props. Don’t forget her iconic lily pad gloves and shoes!

For a Moana look, pair a brightly patterned red tube top with a tropical leaf skirt or tutu. Add some fun tropical flower accessories like a lei, headband, and floral bracelets. Finish off with brown sandals and her signature oar prop.

Channel Jasmine with harem pants and a matching cropped top in turquoise and gold. Statement earrings, stacked bangles, and a headband with an attached sheer veil complete her Arabian princess look. Give her a stuffed Abu as an accessory for authenticity.

Rapunzel’s look is perfect for little girls with long locks. Pair a classic lavender peasant dress with a braided hairstyle complete with flowers. Add some large daisy floral accessories and finishing touches like bare feet and a chameleon stuffed animal.

For group costumes, dress up as multiple princesses like the sisters from Frozen. Search Amazon for inexpensive Elsa costumes like glittery blue dresses and shiny capes paired with Anna’s green coronation gown. Finish with small props like Olaf dolls and plush Sven reindeers.

With a little imagination, you can easily recreate iconic Disney Princess looks for your little ones using simple pieces found on a budget. Accessorize with props, wigs, and jewelry to complete the royal transformation. Let their fairytale birthday dreams come true by dressing up as their favorite magical princess.

Enchanting Backdrops And Photo Booth Props

Best Decorations For Your Princess: 9 Tips For A Magical Disney Party

Capture the magic of your Disney princess party by creating an enchanting photo booth experience. With the right backdrops and props, you can easily transform a corner into a princess paradise perfect for snapping pics to remember the special day.

Backdrops are key for setting the scene. Search Amazon for affordable options like tulle curtain kits that can be hung for an ethereal effect. For under $20, you can find pastel colored tulle curtains in shades like pink, purple, or blue that complement most princess themes. You can also look for foil curtain backdrops featuring shiny pearlescent colors for a more regal vibe. Another budget friendly option is a mylar curtain or backdrop featuring printed princess imagery like castles, crowns, or characters.

If you have more space, consider a stand alone backdrop like a cardboard photo wall or scene setter roll featuring illustrations or graphics. These create almost a life sized princess world for guests to become part of during photos. Opt for designs featuring ornate frames, flowing ribbons, magic mirrors, or castle imagery. Another idea is an inflatable archway that can transport guests into a fairy tale. Amazon has multiple colors and sizes available for under $50.

When it comes to props, you want a fun mix of magical accessories and themed signs to spark the imagination. Amazon has inexpensive cardboard cutout props perfect for princesses like magic wands, fairy wings, crowns, shoes, and more. Grab a variety so guests can trade off during the photoshoot. You can also find themed signs with phrases like “Happily Ever After” or princess quotes to hold in shots.

For a personalized touch, use cardstock to create custom props featuring each guests’ princess name for them to hold or wear. Or help guests recreate classic movie moments with signs or items like roses, glass slippers, apple props, or “Kiss The Girl” signs. Use tulle, streamers, flowers, and other embellishments to add some whimsy to the backdrop and props.

To really spark creativity, provide dress up items like masquerade masks, boas, tutus, jewelry, fun glasses or mustaches so guests can transform into their inner princess. Search Amazon for affordable costume pieces like tiaras, gloves, and princess accessories so guests can trade off items and fully embrace different princess looks.

You can also use your backdrop to create additional party decor when it’s not being used as a photo booth. Simply hang or place your photo booth focal point where it can pull double duty, turning an otherwise blank wall or space into a princess paradise. This allows your event decor to multi-task.

With the right mix of backdrops, props, and costume pieces, you can easily create a DIY princess photo experience that looks straight out of a fairytale. Capture memories of your magical princess party that you can look back on again and again.

Disney Princess Partyware For The Table

Setting the table for your Disney princess party is a chance to really emphasize the whimsical theme. With the right mix of partyware essentials, you can transform your table into a magical fairy tale setting fit for royalty. Amazon offers a wide variety of budget-friendly Disney princess plates, cups, utensils and more perfect for bringing your regal vision to life.

When it comes to plates and napkins, look for packs featuring colorful designs with different Disney princesses. You can find solid pink, blue, purple or gold packs featuring various characters like Ariel, Belle, Cinderella or Moana for under $15. Or go for variety packs with different princess plates and napkins so each guest can have their favorite. They often include matching tablecovers as well.

Another fun option is to use inexpensive plain white plastic plates and napkins, then use princess cupcake liners, confetti, sequins or other embellishments to decorate them yourself. Fold napkins in crown shapes and wrap them with ribbon. Use craft supplies like princess stickers, glitter glue, fabric glue or tulle to customize budget partyware.

Don’t forget coordinating disposable cutlery and plastic cups or tumblers to complete the place settings. Search for solid colored packs or variety sets featuring different princesses. If you want to elevate the look, consider using plastic champagne flutes for a more regal vibe. Add some fairy dust or glitter paint to plain white cups to dress them up.

For a personalized touch, use a permanent marker or printable princess iron-on designs to decorate plain white paper goods. Write each guest’s name on a plate or napkin, or allow them to customize their own items as an activity. This adds a special custom feel on a budget.

Use fun deco mesh runners or tablecloths to further emphasize the theme. Search Amazon for plastic tablecovers featuring Disney princess characters, glitter patterns, crowns, castles and more for under $10. Or opt for a solid colored plastic tablecloth and decorate with themed scatter confetti, sequins or flower petals.

Don’t forget princess napkin rings to give each place setting an extra pop of color. Look for inexpensive Disney packs or make your own by gluing princess embellishments onto plain metal rings. Glitter, gems, ribbons and lace make it easy to princess-ify simple napkin rings.

Tie everything together with balloons attached to each place setting or chair. Opt for shiny princesses like Belle, Ariel and Jasmine, or colorful solid balloons that match your tableware. Use curling ribbon to attach them for that special royal touch.

With the right mix of themed and budget-friendly partyware essentials from Amazon, you can easily achieve an Instagram-worthy princess tablescape without spending a fortune. Watch your little royal’s eyes light up when they see the magical fairy tale table you’ve created just for them!

Balloons And Garlands For Princesses Of All Ages

Best Decorations For Your Princess: 9 Tips For A Magical Disney Party

What’s a princess party without plenty of balloons and garlands? These fun and festive decorations are a must-have for any royal soiree. Not only do they liven up the space, they also help create a whimsical atmosphere perfect for your little prince or princess. Luckily, Amazon makes it easy to find affordable balloons and garlands galore.

Mylar balloons are a great focal point and instantly convey the princess party theme. Look for Disney princesses like Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Elsa and more. Or go for pretty solid colors like light pink, lavender, mint, gold or blush to match your color scheme. Both large 32” balloons and smaller clusters make a big impact.

Foil balloons are another classic party choice and add some shine. Grab a variety of princess colors and styles to cluster in groups around the room. You can find packages of Disney princess foil balloons for around $20. Mix in some solid colors like white, gold or pink as well.

For garlands, search for curling ribbon, tassel and honeycomb ball garlands in complementary colors. Princess themed honeycomb garlands feature designs like crowns, carriages, castles and glass slippers for around $10. Use balloon garland clips to easily attach curling ribbon garlands to mylar balloons and create a coordinated look.

In terms of placement, use balloons and garlands to frame out special areas like the photo booth, dessert table, entrance or gift table. Outline the doorway with balloons for a bold welcome. Cluster balloons over the head table or over each guest chair for extra princess magic.

For garlands, look for lightweight honeycomb paper versions that can be easily hung from walls, ceilings, mantels and railings without damage. Use command hooks to hang curling ribbon garlands above tables or doorways. Outline stair railings or line mantels to frame the space.

Consider dangling garlands from the ceiling to create a canopy effect over seating or dance areas. Attach them to endpoints like chairs or cabinets spaced out across the area to avoid sagging. For a fun photo op, hang balloons and garlands together to create an arch or entrance guests can pose in.

Don’t forget the birthday princess! Use curling ribbon to attach a special cluster of balloons and garlands to her chair. Let her walk through a balloon curtain or tunnel to really make her feel special. Give her a unique mylar balloon like a princess carriage or magic wand.

Balloons and garlands give you lots of opportunity for customization as well. Add letters or numbers to match the birthday age. Inflate white balloons and use glitter fabric paint pens to create personalized princess designs. Use wide ribbon to make your own garlands featuring guests’ names.

With the right mix of balloons and garlands set up throughout your venue, you can easily achieve an enchanting atmosphere perfect for a princess. Let Amazon supply you with plenty of affordable options to decorate with charm and whimsy.

Disney Princess Pinatas and Games

Best Decorations For Your Princess: 9 Tips For A Magical Disney Party

What better way to celebrate your little princess than with Disney princess pinatas and games? Not only are they fun for party activities, they also make perfect decorative touches that reinforce the Disney theme. Luckily, Amazon offers plenty of budget-friendly options that are sure to delight your birthday royal and their guests.

Pinatas are a classic party must-have, and you can find Disney princess styles featuring all their favorite characters. Choose from designs like Cinderella’s carriage, Ariel’s seashell, or the Enchanted Rose for Belle. Fill them with princess treats like pixie sticks, ring pops, fruit snacks, temporary tattoos and more.

For the pinata, create a royal throne or tower to sit it on until it’s ready to be broken open. Deck out a chair with tulle and satin fabric to make it into a majestic throne. For a tower, stack books or boxes and cover them in construction paper “stones” or glittery wrapping paper squares. Top with the pinata for a magical centerpiece.

The birthday princess can be the one to break open the pinata, or have each guest take a whack at it. Turn it into a game by having them wear princess heels, crowns or accessories for their turn. Provide royalty-themed props like magic wand batons or scepters to swing at the pinata for added fun.

Beyond the pinata, there are plenty of other Disney princess games perfect for party activities. Pick up an inexpensive princess themed pin the tail on the donkey set featuring a royal steed and sparkly tails. Or opt for pin the crown on the princess themed after icons like Elsa, Ariel or Belle.

For a twist, create your own giant princess wall decal with poster board for guests to pin accessories on. Search Amazon for affordable princess crowns, shoes, flowers and more to pin. Don’t forget stickers or fabric blindfolds to complete the classic game.

A Disney princess “I Spy” game makes for engaging entertainment as well. Fill clear balloons with themed trinkets like plastic rings, toy cars, tiaras, wands and other tiny toys. Blow up the balloons and hide them around the party space. Provide guests a checklist of items to try to locate in the balloons for a unique seek and find activity.

You can also organize classic party games like musical chairs with a royal twist. Use princess songs and decorate the chairs with tulle sashes, crowns or plush cushions. For musical statues, play princess movie soundtrack songs and let imaginations run wild as guests freeze in royal poses.

Amazon makes it easy to grab Disney princess decorations, toys and accessories on a budget to create magical activities fit for royalty. Let their selection of pinatas, games and party supplies help make your princess’s birthday dreams come true.

Magical Treats And Cakes Fit For Royalty

What’s a royal princess party without a spread of magical treats and cakes fit for a queen? The dessert table is the perfect chance to emphasize your Disney princess theme with fairytale inspired confections. With a little imagination and some budget-friendly pieces from Amazon, you can create a dessert table dreams are made of.

Start with an eye-catching princess cake as the centerpiece. Search Amazon for Disney princess cake toppers featuring beloved characters like Ariel, Belle, Moana and more. Or go for an ornate crown, glass slipper or magic wand topper for a more generic princess vibe. Use edible pearls, diamonds or flowers to decorate.

Craft quick and easy princess wands by dipping pretzel rods in candy melts, then rolling the ends in sprinkles while they’re still wet. Insert them into cupcakes or fruit for an instant magical touch. Or decorate Rice Krispie treats with princess wraps to look like magical potion bottles.

Make Oreo truffles dipped in pink candy melts and decorated with silver pearl candies to resemble enchanted mirrors. Skewer berries and marshmallows on pretzel sticks for edible princess brooches. Frost animal crackers with candy melts to transform them into chocolate frogs and mice fit for a princess.

For the table itself, cover it with a pink or purple tablecloth and overlay with lace or tulle to create an ethereal effect. Scatter edible glitter, rose petals or silver dragees for added whimsy. Use foam core or cardstock to create princely signs with the dessert names spelled out in glitter glue.

Search Amazon for affordable acrylic cake stands, cupcake towers and dessert displays to show off the goodies. Look for varieties with glitter, pearl or jewel accents. Acrylic riser stands in different heights help create drama and visual interest.

Finish off your dessert table with decorative touches like flowers, greenery, candles and tea sets for ambiance. Opt for ornate candle holders, flower vases made from teacups, and porcelain decorative plates featuring princess motifs.

For magical take-home treats, provide favor bags or boxes decorated with princess images and embellishments. Fill them with items like princess lollipops, candy necklaces, cookies or other bite-sized sweets purchased in bulk. Add a personalized princess thank you tag.

With the right mix of decor and delectable desserts, your princess party will be one your guests will remember. Let the magic of the movies come to life with these whimsical and budget-friendly ideas for a dessert table worthy of royalty.

DIY Crafts And Activities For Your Guests

Best Decorations For Your Princess: 9 Tips For A Magical Disney Party

Keep your guests entertained at your Disney princess party by providing fun DIY crafts and activities using budget-friendly supplies from Amazon. Not only will they reinforce the theme, they’ll also create lasting memories and give guests something princess to take home.

One easy craft is glitter princess crowns. Provide cardboard cone princess crowns along with peel and stick gems, puffy paint and glitter glue pens. Let guests decorate and customize their crowns with fairy tale flair. Stick on foam star and butterfly shapes for added whimsy.

For a creative option, set up a t-shirt decorating station. Supply plain t-shirts in a variety of sizes along with fabric paint, iron on princess motifs, and glitter glue pens. Guests can design their own royal tee shirt masterpiece to wear home.

For younger guests, Disney princess coloring packs make for simple entertainment. Provide Disney princess coloring books and activity pads along with stickers, crayons, and colored pencils. Let their imaginations run wild coloring and embellishing beloved characters.

Another easy activity is princess fans. Use cardstock, popsicle sticks, feathers, foam shapes, gems and more to create glamorous princess hand fans. Cut cardstock into fun shapes and let guests glue on princess themed embellishments. Attach a popsicle stick and let them wave away.

why not provide supplies for crafting princess magic wands? Collect sticks, dowels and beads for decorating. Provide ribbon, tulle, sequins and foam shapes to attach. Top with glue on princess charms or star shapes for sparkling results.

For older girls, set up a princess spa station with affordable supplies like face masks, nail polish, and glitter body gel. Provide disposable slippers, cheap fluffy robes and towels from Amazon to get comfy as they primp and pamper themselves at the princess spa.

Nothing gets guests in the princess spirit like crafts and activities. Set out Disney soundtracks to work alongside as they craft. Provide smocks and coverings to minimize messes. Send them home with princess masterpieces they’ll remember forever.

Music And Party Favors To Set The Mood

Best Decorations For Your Princess: 9 Tips For A Magical Disney Party

An enchanting Disney princess party needs the perfect soundtrack and fanciful favors to immerse guests in the magical mood. Luckily, Amazon makes it easy to find music and take-home treats that will delight your birthday princess and guests.

Start by creating playlists featuring beloved Disney princess songs everyone will recognize. Include classics from movies like “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, and “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella.

sprinkle in popular covers of Disney princess songs by contemporary artists. Search Amazon Music for princess playlists that include pop renditions, movie scores, and Disney channel stars singing famous princess tunes.

Don’t forget upbeat princess dance mixes that blend songs like “Let It Go,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Colors of the Wind.” Get the party going with versions by Kidz Bop, Disney DJs, or dance covers from Honeymouns, Perfect Pandemonium, and more.

Beyond music, set the mood with fairytale sound effects like carriage rides, magic wands, and forest scenes. Use Alexa or smart speakers to pipe in ambient royal ballroom chatter or magical fairy backgrounds.

Lighting also helps create a regal ambiance. Use string lights, lanterns, flameless candles, or flower lights along walls, railings, backdrops and entryways. Hang twinkling curtain lights or project patterns like fairies or fireworks using affordable projectors from Amazon.

To take home the magic, provide guests with princess party favors. Search Amazon for Disney princess goodie bags in bulk featuring movie characters. Or fill satin gift bags tied with ribbon bows using princess loot like costume jewelry, lip gloss, crowns, and other silicone or plastic toys.

For edible treats, make princess popcorn cones by filling cellophane treat bags with popcorn kernels, then tying them off with a ribbon. Or package up princess lollipops and fruit snacks in cello bags tied with curling ribbon.

With the right combination of music, mood lighting, and take-home favors, your Disney princess party will come to life with fairy tale magic. Let Amazon provide the finishing touches to give guests an experience they’ll happily ever after remember.

Transform Any Space Into A Fairytale With Decor

Bring the magic of Disney’s beloved princess movies into your little one’s birthday party with enchanting decorations fit for royalty. With the right mix of backdrop, props, lighting and accents, you can easily transform any ordinary venue into a fairy tale kingdom using budget-friendly party supplies from Amazon.

A backdrop is key for setting the royal stage. Use affordable scene setters, photo walls or stand alone backdrops to create a focal point. Search for castle imagery, fun patterns featuring crowns and carriages, or foil curtains in regal colors. Drape tulle swags, glittery tulle curtains, or flower walls to accent it.

Bring in columns, candelabras, flowers, and greenery to frame out the backdrop. Search Amazon for foam columns and props at affordable prices. Wrap dollar store pillars in glitter paper or tulle secured with floral corsages. Add balloon columns or bouquets for height.

Use lighting to create a magical ambiance. String fairy lights along backdrops, doorways, or mantels for an ethereal glow. Place flameless candles and lanterns along tables and scatter LED tealights along the floor. Uplighting in shades like rose gold, purple and blue help set the mood.

For tablescapes, use princess plastic tablecloths as an easy base. Layer lace runners, tulle overlays, and throw confetti for an ornate touch. Accent with balloon centerpieces, floral arrangements, candles and table scatter like jewels, glitter or rose petals.

Transform chairs into majestic thrones with tulle, ribbon and fabric covers. Drape the birthday girl’s chair with an elegant canopy. Attach Disney mylar balloons and curling ribbons to each chairback.

Use fun accent pieces like inflatable arches, cutouts of carriages and princesses, 3D flower walls, or balloon garlands to fill in empty spaces. Place magic mirrors, castle photo ops, throne props, and Disney princess standees for interactive photo fun.

Any venue from banquet halls to backyards can be magically brought to life with princess decor. With budget-friendly supplies delivered right to your door, Amazon makes it easy to create the theme party of your little royal’s dreams.