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Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours. The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

Introduce Bubble Guppies and their popularity among preschoolers

Bubble Guppies has become one of the most popular preschool shows in recent years. The Nickelodeon series follows a group of colorful, fish-tailed children as they explore their underwater world, go on adventures, and learn about topics like science, math, and literacy. With its lively animation, catchy songs, and endearing characters, it’s easy to see why Bubble Guppies has captured the hearts and imaginations of the preschool set.

One of the keys to the show’s success is its ability to make learning fun. Bubble Guppies episodes use a vibrant, playful tone to teach basic concepts and skills. For example, in an episode about astronomy, the characters Molly and Gil travel into space and sing about the planets. By integrating education and entertainment, Bubble Guppies keeps young viewers engaged and excited to learn.

The show also resonates with preschoolers through its relatable characters. The main cast includes six playful “guppy” kids, each with their own unique personalities, interests, and areas of expertise. This allows viewers to connect with the diverse group of characters and imagine joining in on the underwater adventures. There’s also Mr. Grouper, the wise teacher who guides the Bubble Guppies through their daily escapades.

In addition to the TV series, Bubble Guppies has spawned a popular line of toys, books, costumes, and other merchandise. For preschool-aged children, Bubble Guppies water toys have become especially beloved bath time companions.

Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours? The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours. The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

As any parent knows, finding toys and activities to keep young children occupied during bath time can be challenging. Kids tend to have short attention spans in the bath or pool, quickly growing restless or getting fussy. This is where Bubble Guppies bath toys can come to the rescue!

Bubble Guppies water toys allow kids to bring their favorite characters into the tub for splashing good fun. From squirt toys to bath books to plush figures, there is a wide assortment of Bubble Guppies bath accessories on the market. With their bright colors, recognizable characters, and interactive features, these toys are specially designed to engage and entertain your little one.

One popular option is the Bubble Guppies bath squirters. These colorful toys, shaped like the Bubble Guppies characters, have holes in their mouths and tails. Your child can squeeze water out of the holes, promoting hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The squirting action brings the underwater adventures of the show to life during bath time play.

For kids who love stories, Bubble Guppies bath books are a great choice. These waterproof books allow children to read or follow along with picture stories featuring their favorite Bubble Guppies characters. The chunky pages are easy to turn with wet hands, and the books float in the tub too. Reading develops literacy skills while keeping your child absorbed in imaginative play.

Younger toddlers may enjoy Bubble Guppies bath mitt characters that slip over their hands. These mitts have the Bubble Guppies characters like Molly and Gil on them, so your child can pretend to be the characters while they wash. The bright colors and familiar faces make bathing more fun.

And you can’t forget about bubble baths! Bubble Guppies bubble bath bottles in the shapes of characters make tub time extra bubbly. Kids will love dumping in the solution and watching the suds appear. The bubble baths may come with fun squirters too, for even more sensory play. Your guppy will be entertained and slippery clean.

Placing a few of these engaging Bubble Guppies bath toys in the tub with your toddler or preschooler is an easy way to transform bath time into a fun learning experience. The toys stimulate active play and imagination, keeping them happily occupied splashing around. And kids are often more willing to wash up without fuss when they’re absorbed in creative toy storylines!

Here are some of the best Bubble Guppies bath toys for maximizing fun and minimizing bath time battles:

  • Bubble Guppies Squirters – Squirt water just like the characters!
  • Bubble Guppies Bath Books – Read and learn while keeping dry hands engaged
  • Bubble Guppies Bath Mitts – Pretend to be Molly, Gil and more
  • Bubble Guppies Bubble Bath – Make tub time fizzy and full of suds

With the popularity of the Bubble Guppies TV show, it’s no surprise that kids go gaga for bath toys starring the series’ characters. Give your little one a few water-friendly Guppies to jazz up their bath routine. These interactive toys encourage hands-on play, imagination, and learning. Your child will be so soaked up in tub time fun, they won’t want to get out!

Describe the bright colors and fun characters that kids love

Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours. The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

One of the key reasons Bubble Guppies has become a smash hit with the preschool crowd is its use of bright colors and fun, relatable characters. The show takes place in an outrageously vibrant underwater world that instantly captures young viewers’ attention.

The main characters—Molly, Gil, Goby, Deema, Oona, and Nonny—each have their own unique, punchy color palette and fishy features. Molly’s bright pink hair and orange tail, Gil’s blue coif and green tail, and Goby’s purple cowlick and yellow fins make them highly distinguishable. Their bold color schemes and cute designs pop off the screen.

In addition to color, the characters’ hilarious personalities give kids plenty of laughs and moments to relate to their own lives. Silly Gil loves to tell jokes. Shy Nonny has stage fright. Messy Deema can’t resist snacking. These quirky characteristics and friend dynamics resonate with preschoolers, who see themselves and their peers in the underwater pals.

The vibrant 3D animation also brings an immersive, playful energy. When the characters dance and zip across the screen, it’s hard not to smile. The bubbly background landscapes like coral reefs and sea grass add to the whimsical fun.

By pairing vivid imagery with preschool-friendly storylines, Bubble Guppies creates an almost larger-than-life world that kids adore diving into. And they can bring the bright, cheery characters home with Bubble Guppies bath toys.

Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours? The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

Bathtime is way more fun with familiar Bubble Guppies pals! The best Bubble Guppies bath toys allow kids to splash around with their favorite underwater friends, surrounded by all the bright colors they love.

Chunky squirting toys shaped like the Guppies characters are perfect for small hands to grasp and squeeze. As kids aim the squirters around the tub, the vivid colors help hold their attention. They can pretend to splash Gil or give Molly a bath!

Bath books featuring the Bubble Guppies cast instantly capture kids’ interest too. As preschoolers turn the pages, they’ll be immersed in the same vibrant art from the show. Simple storylines keep them engaged as they follow along.

Bubble Guppies mitts are always a hit as well. Slipping on a mitt transforms your child into a bright yellow Goby or pink-haired Molly. Watching their eyes light up as they gaze at the fun character gloves may just melt your heart!

Don’t forget bubble baths either! Tubs full of swirly, iridescent bubbles create a colorful wonderland for your little one to dive into. Pair bubble baths with squirters for bonus sensory fun.

Here are the top Bath Buddies that bring the bright, cheery world of Bubble Guppies to life:

  • Squirters – Vivid colors that pop in water
  • Bath books – Immerse kids in underwater adventures
  • Character mitts – Become their favorite Guppy
  • Bubble baths – Fill the tub with shimmery rainbow colors

Bubble Guppies water toys allow preschoolers to surround themselves with the same whimsical elements they see on TV. With luminous colors, playful designs, and lovable characters, it’s no wonder these Bath Time Buddies make splish-splashing good fun!

As you watch your mini Gil or Molly soak up bubbly make-believe play with bright bath toys, their huge grin will show just how much they adore bringing the Guppies world to life. Let their vivid imaginations run wild and giggle along—Bubble Guppies bath time is here to play!

Explain how water toys allow imaginative play during bath time

Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours. The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

Aside from getting clean, one of the best parts of bath time for kids is the opportunity for imagination and make-believe play. Bubble Guppies water toys are specially designed to spark creativity during bathtub adventures.

From chunky squirters to bath books, Bubble Guppies toys are shaped like the characters and scenes from the popular kids’ show. This allows children to reenact storylines and interactions between the characters while splashing around.

For example, a child can squeeze water out of the Gil squirter and pretend he is exploring an underwater volcano. Or they might narrate from a bath book, turning the pages to follow along with the Guppies on a treasure hunt.

Acting out the show’s playful adventures and silly antics helps develop creativity and narrative skills. kids get fully immersed in fantasy play, making up new Bubble Guppies stories to go with bath time.

Bubble Guppies bath mitts are another way kids can take on the persona of their favorite characters. Slipping into a Molly or Nonny mitt gives them the power to become a Bubble Guppy. They’ll love observing the bright mitt on their hand as they pretend to swim around and explore.

And what preschooler doesn’t love a tub filled with mountains of bubbly suds? Bubble baths transform the tub into a vibrant landscape for boundless imaginative play. Kids can conjure up all kinds of soapy fun inspired by Bubble Guppies.

Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours? The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours. The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

Bubble Guppies bath toys are designed to stir up creativity during bathtime. From squirters to mitts and bubble bath bottles, kids have plenty of props to act out elaborate make-believe scenarios.

Here are some of the top ways Bubble Guppies toys spark imaginative play:

  • Chunky squirters become the characters – kids can act out storylines and silly antics
  • Bath books allow kids to vocalize adventures as they turn pages
  • Bath mitts transform kids into the underwater characters
  • Bubble baths create vivid, bubbly landscapes for open-ended fun

By letting your child take on the role of their favorite Bubble Guppy during bath time, they’ll enjoy endless imaginative adventures. You’ll love listening to them create elaborate stories as they play.

Watching their imagination blossom in the tub is beautiful. But you’ll also be thrilled when they become engaged in solo play. Bath time imagination means you get a few minutes to yourself while your mini Molly or Gil explores underwater worlds.

Allow at least 20-30 minutes of imaginative play during bath time for your kid to fully reap the benefits. Uninterrupted make-believe helps:

  • Develop narrative skills
  • Practice emotional regulation
  • Improve cognition
  • Cultivate creativity and problem-solving

Don’t forget to keep some bath crayons or paints on hand too. Expressing their creativity through art boosts the imaginative fun.

By igniting your child’s inner storyteller, Bubble Guppies bath toys provide engaging, screen-free entertainment. Their little minds will run wild with amazing possibilities when surrounded by their favorite bright, bubbly pals. So nurture those budding imaginations and let the underwater adventures commence!

Review variety of Bubble Guppies bath toys like squirters and stackers

Bath time is an essential part of any child’s routine. But keeping little ones engaged during this hygienic habit can be a challenge for parents. This is where Bubble Guppies bath toys can come to the rescue! Based on the popular Nickelodeon preschool series, Bubble Guppies bath toys allow kids to play with their favorite characters while getting clean.

One of the most popular types of Bubble Guppies bath toys are the squirters. These colorful figurines, shaped like the characters Molly, Gil, and others, have holes that allow water to squirt out when squeezed. Kids love watching the streams of water and pretending they are swimming with the Bubble Guppies gang. The bright colors and familiar faces make bath time less intimidating. Parents appreciate the toys’ ability to keep kids occupied.

Another fun option is the stackable Bubble Guppies bath toys. These bucket-shaped figurines in vivid shades of blue, pink, orange and more can be piled on top of each other during bath play. Some even come with swirling lily pad bases. Kids will enjoy creating their own unique totem poles with their favorite characters while developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

For kids who love pretend play, Bubble Guppies bath squirters that also include characters like Mr. Grouper, Oona, and Nonny allow them to recreate scenes and stories from the show. They can squirt each other with water as they act out adventures from Bubbletucky. The chunky design and bright colors make these toys easy for little hands to grasp and hold, even when wet.

Vehicles like the Bubble Guppies school bus, steamroller, and bicycle are also available for imaginative bath time fun. Kids can race them through the bubbly waves while making pretend transportation noises. The wheels really turn on some options, adding to the interactive play. These toys provide a way to encourage learning about colors, numbers, and objects during a regular hygiene routine.

For toddlers, Bubble Guppies bath books offer entertainment and early literacy development. As pages get wet, colors and shapes are revealed along with pictures of the characters. Bath crayons also allow kids to get creative and draw on the tub tiles for an engaging activity that washes off easily.

Stacking cups and water wheels featuring Gil, Molly, and the underwater gang make bathtub play more exciting too. The cups teach counting and build fine motor skills while the spinning wheels capture attention with lights, music, and vibration. These toys transform tub time into an opportunity for enrichment.

Safety is always the number one priority when choosing bath toys. Bubble Guppies options from reputable brands like Nickelodeon are made from BPA-free and phthalate-free materials. Their designs are chunky with no small parts, and the bright colors make it easy to locate them during water play. Holes are sized to prevent suction hazards.

While bathing is central to hygiene, it can also be an opportunity for growth through play. The best Bubble Guppies bath toys engage kids’ developing minds while keeping them occupied and entertained during bathing. From squirters that enhance pretend play to stackers that build fine motor skills, parents can feel good about the enrichment benefits these options provide.

With adorable characters and bright colors that appeal to young kids, Bubble Guppies bath toys make a sudsy soak both fun and fulfilling. They transform an everyday routine into quality time that builds developmental skills. So bring on bath time – with favorite friends from Bubbletucky, kids won’t mind getting squeaky clean!

Discuss benefits of bath toys for development and learning

Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours. The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

Bath time offers a prime opportunity for learning and development in young children. While keeping kids clean, bath toys can also nurture skills through fun, engaging play. For parents looking to stimulate growing minds during this daily routine, Bubble Guppies options are a top choice.

Brightness and contrasting colors are important developmental components in a child’s first years. Bubble Guppies bath toys with their vivid hues help babies distinguish between colors, building visual perception. The bright patterns also provide visual stimulation to hold little ones’ attention during bathing.

As toddlers learn to grasp objects, chunky Bubble Guppies squirters and stackers are ideal for practicing fine motor skills. Manipulating these toys to squirt water or pile them up exercises hand and finger dexterity. The playful characters give kids motivation to keep trying to ultimately improve coordination.

Playing with familiar Bubble Guppies figures like Molly, Gil, and Deema also aids language development. Making these toys swim and talk helps toddlers engage imagination while learning new words and phrases from the characters’ names to their actions: “swim”, “squirt”, “dump”, etc.

Storytelling and pretend play are crucial cognitive skills promoted through Bubble Guppies bath toys as well. Kids act out adventures, make up stories, and role play with the figures. This creativity boosts narrative abilities, social skills, and emotional development.

Specific toys like Bubble Guppies bath books allow parents to incorporate early literacy into tub time. Kids learn about colors, numbers, letters, and objects as the pages get wet and reveal the concepts. Bath crayons also let children practice manual dexterity and creativity through drawing.

Sing-along Bubble Guppies bath toys feature lights, sounds, and music to expose little ones to new tunes, rhythms, and tempos. This helps develop auditory processing and listening abilities. The cause-and-effect motions also promote cognitive growth.

Counting and stacking cups and shapes engage logic and reasoning as kids learn to sort, categorize, and build sequences. Matching characters boosts memory, while filling and dumping improve understanding of mathematical concepts like volume and quantity.

The interactive nature of Bubble Guppies bath toys builds focus and attention span as children manipulate and explore during extended bath play. The joyful characters and activities keep them immersed and motivated to learn.

Safety should remain the top priority when selecting bath toys for education and development. Reputable brands like Nickelodeon carefully design Bubble Guppies toys to be BPA-free, non-toxic, and with child appropriate features. Bright colors, chunky shapes, and sized openings prevent hazards.

Bath time is prime real estate in a child’s schedule to nurture developing skills. The right toys turn hygiene into an opportunity for growth. Bubble Guppies options engage and entertain while teaching colors, literacy, counting, and more. Purposeful bath toys lend fun to this essential routine while also shaping little minds.

Compare different types like floating vs. sinkable and size variations

Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours. The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

When selecting the best Bubble Guppies bath toys for your child, two key factors to consider are whether they float or sink and the size of the toys. Different types provide unique benefits and suitability based on your child’s age and developmental stage.

Floating Bubble Guppies toys are lightweight plastic figures that rest atop the water, like the classic squirting characters. These types encourage interactive play as kids scoop, pour, and squirt them around the tub. The bright colors tend to attract young eyes while building fine motor skills.

Sinkable options like stacking cups and shape sorters allow more independent play as they rest on the tub floor. Manipulating these toys to stack, nest, and dump them builds hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills. The larger pieces are easier for little hands to grasp and hold.

Larger Bubble Guppies bath toys around 4-6 inches work well for infants and younger toddlers. They are easier to see and pick up in the water. Chunkier toys are also safer with less risk of choking if accidentally mouthed. Larger pieces can be manipulated by still developing motor skills.

Smaller 1-2 inch options allow more precision play for older toddlers and preschoolers. Little hands can squeeze squirters, stack shapes, and move mini figures for imaginative play. More compact pieces also offer portability and easy storage.

For newborns and babies, soft plush Bubble Guppies are a good pick for safety and sensory development. The squishy fabrics and bright contrasting patterns provide visual and tactile stimulation. Lightweight animals easily float and stick to wet tub walls.

As babies become toddlers, interactive toys like pop-up figures, spinning wheels, and squirters engage emerging skills. Cause-and-effect mechanisms teach basic physics while improving hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Bath books, crayons, and magnetic fishing games allow preschoolers to learn colors, letters, counting and more during bath play. More complex toys build cognitive and early literacy skills through fun, educational activities.

No matter what type or size you choose, always ensure Bubble Guppies bath toys are BPA-free and meet safety standards. Reputable brands indicate age-appropriateness and construct toys of non-toxic, durable plastic with no small detachable parts.

The right bath toys engage and educate kids at different stages of development. Consider your child’s age and skills when selecting floating vs. sinkable options and sizes. Mixing varieties also keeps bath time novel and entertaining for endless bubbly fun.

Share safety tips for using bath toys and keeping them clean

Bath toys provide entertainment and education during a child’s hygiene routine. However, the warm, humid conditions of bath time also present an ideal environment for mold and bacteria growth. By following safety tips and proper cleaning methods, parents can keep bath toys fresh and safe for ongoing bath time fun.

When selecting bath toys, always opt for larger pieces sized over 1 inch with no small detachable parts. Chunky, sturdy construction prevents choking hazards. Bright colors make toys easy to locate if they fall underwater.

Carefully inspect toys before each use and discard any with cracked or broken areas that could expose rough edges or allow water inside. Also ensure stopper plugs are secure in squirting toys.

Stick to toys labeled non-toxic and BPA-free from reputable brands like Nickelodeon. Avoid vintage or hand-me-down toys that may contain harmful phthalates or lead paint.

Drain the tub completely after bathing to prevent pooling water inside toys that can become stagnant bacterial breeding grounds when stored.

Rinse toys with clean water to flush away soap residue after use. Allow all pieces to fully air dry before putting them away to prevent mold growth.

Clean smooth plastic toys regularly with a bleach or vinegar solution. Use a bottle brush to thoroughly scrub inside crevices of squirters. Rinse well after cleaning.

For moldy toys, scrub with baking soda and vinegar then let toys dry fully in direct sunlight. The UV rays help kill mold spores.

Keep bath books fresh by squeezing out excess water and letting pages dry open after reading. Store upright on a shelf rather than stacked.

Replace bath toys monthly for babies and every 2-3 months for older kids. More frequent replacement limits buildup of bacteria and mold.

Check toys between kids during baths. Wash or replace toys if dropped on the floor to prevent spreading bathroom germs.

By selecting safety-tested toys and routinely cleaning and replacing them, parents can promote hygienic play. Focusing on proper maintenance ensures bath toys stay fun for learning and entertainment, not illness.

Recommend best Bubble Guppies toys for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours. The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

Selecting the right bath toys to match your child’s developing abilities and interests is key for safety and engagement during tub time. Bubble Guppies options are designed to appeal to different age groups for learning and entertainment.

For infants, soft plush toys like the Bubble Guppies bath book with crinkly pages or rubbery characters make safe, sensory-stimulating picks. Bright contrasting colors and patterns aid visual focus and tracking. Lightweight fabrics float easily for grab-and-play fun.

As babies become more mobile from 9-12 months, chunky stacking cups and shape sorters allow them to grasp, dump, and nest pieces while learning about objects. Spinning water wheels with music and lights engage curiosity and focus.

Once toddlers reach 12-24 months, they appreciate squirting toys like the Bubble Guppies figurines with holes for squeezing water. Simple themes like the school bus, fire truck, or musical instruments encourage pretend play. Sturdy vehicles with turning wheels build motor skills.

Two year olds enjoy miniature Bubble Guppies character sets for inventing imaginary stories during baths. Magnetic fishing games with matching fish build memory and hand-eye coordination. Activity books allow drawing while learning numbers and letters.

Preschoolers ages 3-4 years old benefit from more complex toys like puzzles with chunky knobs for problem-solving. Magnets on fishing poles strengthen dexterity needed for writing. Interactive toys like water reveal coloring books enrich early literacy abilities.

No matter what toy you choose, ensure your child’s safety by selecting age appropriate sizes, avoiding small parts for little hands, and opting for BPA-free non-toxic materials from reputable brands. Appeal to their emerging skills with bright colors, music, cause-and-effect, and familiar Bubble Guppies characters.

Tailoring tub toys to each stage builds skills through joyful play. Focus on proper developmental timing and safety, and let the bubbly underwater adventures begin!

Suggest creative ways to play and interact with bath toy characters

Can Bubble Guppies Water Toys Entertain Your Child For Hours. The Best Bathing Time Buddies Revealed

Bubble Guppies bath toys come to life with a child’s imagination during tub time adventures. From pretend play to games and stories, there are endless creative ways to interact with these fun bath buddies.

Classic squirting character toys inspire creative role play as kids make the figures talk, swim, splash and interact. Kids can act out skits and scenes from the Bubble Guppies show or make up new stories as Gil, Molly, and friends explore the bubbly seas.

Parents can facilitate pretend play by having the toy characters discuss their day at school, plan a birthday party, or set out on an underwater expedition. Asking questions lets kids take the lead imagining plot lines and dialogue.

Younger kids will enjoy bubble baths with the toys, watching the foamy suds swirl around the characters. Add plastic sea creatures like fish and seals for Bubble Guppies to play with in their foamy ocean.

Set up a Bubble Guppies car wash by gathering toy vehicles like the school bus, bike, and steamroller and adding a few dropper bottles filled with colored water. Kids will love giving their rides a rainbow rinse!

Use bath crayons to draw mazes on the tub tiles then slide matching Bubble Guppies characters through the paths. Or create Tic Tac Toe boards for watery version of the classic game.

Line up squirting toys along the tub ledge or suction cups and take turns shooting streams of water to knock them down. See how many toys you can topple in one squirt.

Have toy diving contests by dropping characters into the tub and seeing whose sinks down fastest. Add ping pong balls for bubble blowing fun as kids scoop and release air underneath.

Enact favorite fishy tales by recreating stories like The Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo with Bubble Guppies characters. Assign roles and act out key scenes.

The possibilities are endless when creative minds are at play. Don’t be afraid to get silly and make bath time joyful. Those Bubble Guppies and their fishy friends can spark hours of tub time fun through imagination and interactive play.

Provide top picks for best Bubble Guppies bath toys and accessories

When it’s time for bubbly bath adventures, having the right Bubble Guppies toys and accessories on hand provides splashing good fun and learning. Here are some top picks to engage and entertain kids during their soak.

For silly, interactive play, Bubble Guppies squirting character toys allow kids to squirting streams of water themselves or at each other. Familiar faces like Gil, Molly, and Oona inspire pretend play and storytelling.

Stacking cups and shape sorter sets build motor skills and hand-eye coordination as little ones dump out and fit pieces back together. Vibrant colors and fun themes keep them engaged.

Bath books and crayons encourage creativity and early literacy. Water reveal pages and tub-friendly markers let kids draw, read, and learn during bath time.

Plush washcloths and loofahs featuring Bubble Guppies characters on one side make washing up soft and silly. Kids will enjoy sudsing up with their underwater pals.

Squirt toys shaped like boats, instruments, animals and more inspire exploratory play. Fill and pour games strengthen cause-and-effect thinking.

Suction bath mats, shelves, and caddies provide safe surfaces and easy access to toys. Kids can get grab-and-go fun while preventing slips.

Foam stickers, bath finger paints, and glowing bath bubbles immerse kids in hands-on discovery and sensory play.

Splash guards and spout covers prevent water from getting in little eyes. Bath visors protect hair during shampoo time.

Hooded towels with hoods resembling the Bubble Guppies characters make drying off warm and whimsical. Soft terrycloth keeps kids cozy.

Fill bath time with engaging toys and accessories for delightful learning through play. With Bubble Guppies by their side, kids will jump into the tub with smiles and giggles!