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Can Super Mario Bros Finally Come to PlayStation 4 This Year

History of Super Mario Bros Not on PlayStation Consoles

Super Mario Bros is one of the most iconic and influential video game franchises of all time, yet the core Super Mario platforming games have never appeared on a PlayStation home console. The history behind this notable absence is an interesting story intertwining Nintendo’s desire to keep its mascot exclusive, Sony’s own console aspirations, and the game industry rivalries that have shaped the business over decades.

Ever since the original Super Mario Bros launched on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985, the mustachioed plumber Mario and his adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom have been synonymous with Nintendo. Alongside franchise staples like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros established Nintendo as the dominant force in the home console market in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Protecting this core IP by keeping it exclusive to Nintendo platforms has always been paramount to the company. This exclusivity strategy was challenged when Sony entered the console market in the mid-1990s with the original PlayStation. By that time, Super Mario had already made the jump into 3D gameplay with pioneering hits like Super Mario 64 on Nintendo 64. The PlayStation offered similar 3D platforming games like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot but lacked Nintendo’s mascot.

Sony had actually worked in partnership with Nintendo on a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo console in the late 80s and early 90s. When that deal fell through, Sony continued developing their own console which became the PlayStation. The CD format and Sony’s courting of third-party developers like SquareSoft, whose Final Fantasy VII was a PlayStation exclusive, helped establish the PlayStation as the market leader of that console generation. All while Nintendo maintained its closed ecosystem around properties like Mario that were exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

Over the next two decades, through succesive PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 console generations, millions of gamers grew up experiencing Sony’s consoles as their platform of choice while Nintendo’s core games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Smash Bros remained confined to Nintendo systems like the Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, and Nintendo’s line of handhelds.

Occasionally exceptions were made, such as allowing Mario spin-offs like Mario Kart 8 on Nintendo Switch to include crossover content like PlayStation’s Sweet Tooth character. But the mainline Super Mario 3D platforming entries have stayed exclusive. Super Mario Odyssey was one of the Nintendo Switch’s biggest system-selling exclusives, a phenomenon that has repeated since the early days of Super Mario 64 on Nintendo 64 over 25 years ago.

Sony has never had any shortage of mascot platformers like Sackboy, Ratchet and Clank, and Astro Bot anchoring PlayStation consoles without Mario. Yet the desire to someday play core Mario games on PlayStation persists among fans. Rumors and wishful thinking spark speculation with each new PlayStation console generation that Nintendo and Sony could strike a deal to make this dream a reality.

But within Nintendo, Mario is considered perhaps the most untouchable IP in all of video games. Keeping Mario exclusive to Nintendo hardware and software is seen as vital to differentiating their platforms, driving hardware adoption, and controlling the destiny of their most beloved franchise. After over 35 years, breaking this precedent would be an earth-shattering decision that seems highly unlikely any time soon.

Yet never say never. With cloud gaming removing traditional console barriers and Nintendo allowing select games like Mario on mobile devices, the notion of Super Mario platformers appearing on PlayStation consoles has perhaps never been less unthinkable. But those waiting to play Super Mario Odyssey on their PlayStation 5 shouldn’t hold their breath. Mario’s absence on PlayStation consoles seems poised to continue until Nintendo itself changes priorities. For now, Mario’s history remains bound to Nintendo consoles in what has been one of gaming’s most lucrative and mutually beneficial exclusive relationships.

Rumors and Speculation of Super Mario Bros for PS4

Can Super Mario Bros Finally Come to PlayStation 4 This Year

As one of gaming’s most iconic franchises, Super Mario Bros not appearing on PlayStation consoles has fueled plenty of rumors and speculation over the years that Nintendo and Sony could strike a deal. With each new PlayStation console generation, wishful thinking from fans stokes rumors about Mario games coming to the PlayStation platform. But are these rumors realistic or simply pie-in-the-sky speculation?

The rumor mill kicked into high gear when the PlayStation 4 launched in 2013. The PS4’s impressive hardware capabilities led some to envision Mario’s colorful worlds brought to life in cutting edge graphics only possible on the new console. Forum posts and speculative articles pondered if this power could entice Nintendo to put Mario games like Super Mario 3D World or releases like Mario Kart 8 on PS4.

Sony fans dreamed of playing Super Mario Odyssey or Super Mario Galaxy on the PS4 with the Switch underpowered in comparison. YouTube channels and social media accounts even spread fake mock-up images and videos showing Mario on PS4 as clickbait to fuel the speculation. Celebrity gamers like PewDiePie openly wondered if Nintendo might actually go multiplatform.

The rumors whirlwind picked up again when the PS5 was nearing release. Early PS5 hype and promised technical specs prompted a new wave of speculation that surely this time Mario would make his PlayStation debut. The PS5’s immersive haptics and 3D audio seemingly made it the perfect fit for Mario’s signature gameplay feel.

But Sony themselves never made any official indication such a bombshell announcement was on the horizon. Analysts consistently stated the chances were essentially zero that Nintendo would undermine its console strategy so dramatically as to put Mario games directly on a PlayStation platform.

Yet rumors persisted, often willfully ignoring the dynamics of console exclusivity. Some claimed Nintendo and Sony had secret backroom meetings and a pending deal announcement. Dubious insiders proclaimed exclusive scoops from their sources guaranteeing Mario was PlayStation bound. But all these rumors proved completely unfounded.

Wishful thinking is understandable given Mario’s appeal. But the hard truth is Nintendo assigning its crown jewel franchise to another platform would contradict its competitive strategy. PlayStation doesn’t necessarily need Mario to succeed. And Nintendo relies too much on Mario exclusivity as a differentiator. It’s an impractical rumor fueled by fantasy rather than facts.

That’s not to say there’s no chance whatsoever. The evolution of cloud streaming could prompt a shakeup. Nintendo allowed Mario on mobile as that platform grew. So never say never. But don’t hold your breath waiting for the inevitable “Mario is coming to PlayStation!” announcement. For now, that shocking rumor remains merely a pipe dream for Sony fans.

Potential Exclusive Mario Games for PlayStation 4

Can Super Mario Bros Finally Come to PlayStation 4 This Year

If Nintendo ever did strike a deal to bring core Super Mario games to PlayStation 4, which of Mario’s greatest hits might Sony fans get to experience? Here are some of the exclusive Mario titles that PlayStation gamers could only dream of playing on PS4.

Super Mario Odyssey would be the holy grail Mario game for PS4. Mario’s recent open world 3D sandbox adventure took the franchise to new heights. Exploring the expansive kingdoms from the Metro Kingdom to Luncheon Kingdom would be a joy on PS4. Throwing Cappy to possess creatures like the T-Rex would showcase the DualShock 4’s motion controls. And the graphics and lighting would look stunning in full HD or 4K on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are considered two of Mario’s greatest 3D outings. Their gravity-defying spherical worlds and clever plane-shifting mechanics would be a perfect fit for PS VR’s immersive goggles. Imagine experiencing these games’ mindbending perspective shifts in virtual reality on PS4. It would bring a classic Mario adventure to life in a whole new way.

For a classic 2D side-scroller, Super Mario World remains one of the best. Introducing Yoshi and building on Super Mario Bros. 3’s additions, Mario’s Super NES debut still holds up as a crowning 2D platformer achievement. Experiencing the secrets of Dinosaur Land and cape-flying through levels on a DualShock 4 would make this a must-have PS4 title.

And the New Super Mario Bros. series of 2.5D throwback platformers that began on Nintendo DS would also deliver on PS4. Their classic Mario run-and-jump gameplay enhanced by multiplayer would satisfy PS4 owners’ retro platforming itch. Connecting up to 4 players locally or online to bounce through stages would be a couch co-op delight.

Of course the Mario Kart franchise belongs on this list too. Mario Kart 8 and its anti-gravity tracks would translate perfectly to PS4. PlayStation-exclusive characters and custom karts could join the race. And online multiplayer would let PS4 players face off in Grand Prix and battles. Forza Horizon may dominate racing on Xbox, but Mario Kart could take the PS4 racing crown.

Any of these amazing Mario experiences would be landmark gets for PlayStation. It speaks to the quality of Mario games that they would instantly become system-sellers for Sony. Even just one exclusive Mario game on PS4 would be unprecedented. Mario may be exclusive to Nintendo consoles, but Sony can still dream.

What Mario Fans Want in a PlayStation Super Mario Bros

For decades, PlayStation owners have dreamed of playing core Mario games on their console of choice. If that dream became reality, what would Mario fans want from a PlayStation-exclusive Super Mario Bros title?

First and foremost, they would expect fundamentally sound Mario platforming. The slick running, jumping, wall-jumping, enemy stomping, and power-up collecting gameplay loop that defines Super Mario must remain fully intact. The feel of controlling Mario should be pixel-perfect, retaining his weighty momentum and bouncy elasticity.

Fans would also want sprawling, creative level design. Super Mario games are known for their labyrinthine stages filled with hidden paths, secret stars, and clever surprises. PlayStation Mario levels should capture that exploratory spirit while feeling new rather than copied from old games. Massive, interconnected worlds are a plus.

Of course PlayStation fans would hope to see Mario’s iconic cast of characters like Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, and the Mushroom Kingdom crew. But they may also expect some PlayStation-original characters and settings to join the mix. Seeing Sackboy or Ratchet & Clank with Mario could make for some wild crossovers.

Upgraded modern visuals are also a must. Mario games should take full advantage of PlayStation technical capabilities for crisp HD graphics, smooth animations, dynamic cameras, vivid textures, and immersive worlds. Ray tracing, particle effects, advanced physics, scalable 4K – Mario should sparkle as a showpiece for the PS4 or PS5.

And Sony fans would surely want to experience a sweeping, cinematic Mario story for the first time. While Mario games generally have simple plots, a PlayStation exclusive could weave a more mature, complex narrative spanning across wavering allegiances, noble sacrifices, and gritty stakes with Mario and friends struggling to save their world.

Of course, online multiplayer is a requirement. Co-op and competitive modes for 2-4 players locally or online would give Mario on PlayStation a social angle perfect for PlayStation Network. Players should be able to quest together or battle each other Mario-style.

If Mario ever went multiplatform, the expectations would be sky-high. But PlayStation owners would undoubtedly embrace Mario even while demanding he feel like the Mario they know enhanced by PlayStation strengths.

Will Nintendo Allow Super Mario Bros on Competing Consoles?

Can Super Mario Bros Finally Come to PlayStation 4 This Year

For Super Mario Bros to ever release on PlayStation, Nintendo would need to make an unprecedented decision to put their mascot on a competing console. What factors might influence Nintendo to take such a radical strategic shift?

Nintendo has zealously guarded its characters and IP for decades, keeping Mario and Zelda exclusive to its platforms. This exclusivity has differentiated Nintendo consoles and given the company more control over its brands’ success.

But the video game landscape is changing. Platform holders face competition from mobile gaming and cloud streaming that could make exclusivity less impactful. If Nintendo’s console business declined enough, the company could be forced to put games like Mario on other platforms just to survive.

Strong sales of the Nintendo Switch have lessened this possibility in the short term. But long-term market fluctuations or the rise of Xbox Game Pass-style subscription services could alter Nintendo’s calculus. A future where consoles are mere hardware access points to software ecosystems may emerge.

Nintendo has also allowed selective exceptions recently – Mario Kart on mobile, cross-platform experiments like Crossy Road mashups, and Mario in theme parks. While these are limited scope, it shows Nintendo is open to using its IP more flexibly. A streaming partnership with Sony could follow this path.

Mario’s appeal is so universal, Nintendo may see value in expanding his reach beyond its customer base. Making Mario exclusive to PlayStation could earn significant revenue from Sony’s install base. Negotiating a lucrative revenue split could make it strategically wise.

Of course, the scenarios where Nintendo might relinquish Mario exclusivity remain highly speculative. But between market pressures, changing business models, prior flexibilities around its IP, and desire for wider Mario monetization, Nintendo’s stance is not set in stone.

For now, Mario platformers seem destined to stay exclusive to Nintendo consoles. But as gaming evolves, the notion of Mario on PlayStation may become less unfathomable. If Nintendo sees potential for gain without undermining its core business, a surprising leap could happen. For hopeful PlayStation fans, the door is slightly ajar.

Does Sony Have the Power to Get Exclusive Mario Rights?

Can Super Mario Bros Finally Come to PlayStation 4 This Year

For Super Mario Bros to appear exclusively on PlayStation, Sony would need to leverage its platform dominance to secure landmark rights from Nintendo. But does Sony have the negotiating power to achieve something historically unprecedented?

Sony certainly has money on their side. As one of the technology world’s giants, Sony could offer Nintendo huge financial incentives for Mario rights. With PlayStation outselling Nintendo for generations, Sony has tremendous revenue they could share to make an offer impossible to refuse.

PlayStation’s industry connections could also help sway Nintendo. Sony could make the case that putting Mario on 150+ million PS4s would let Nintendo content reach more gamers than ever. Appealing to Nintendo’s creative aspirations could convince them exclusivity isn’t everything.

Sony could try to attract Nintendo with tech sharing arrangements. Access to PlayStation VR, cloud streaming patents, or future console plans could sweeten the deal. Nintendo Labo showed their interest in unique hardware ideas Sony could provide.

Of course, Sony can’t force Nintendo into anything – they hold all the cards owning Mario. But if Sony frames a potential partnership as overcoming old rivalries to advance gaming rather than compete, they could persuade Nintendo to take the leap.

That said, some factors undermine Sony’s leverage. Nintendo’s independent streak and profitable hardware business means they don’t necessarily need Sony’s cash infusion. And the Switch’s strong sales minimize their need to branch out software distribution.

Sony likely can’t match Microsoft’s industry-wide linkages through Windows and Xbox either. And unlike Xbox, PlayStation lacks strong US marketing and lobbying influence to pressure Nintendo through backchannels.

Realistically, any Super Mario on PlayStation deal would require Nintendo willingly coming to the table to forge an alliance. Sony can’t strong-arm Nintendo into relinquishing exclusivity. Their negotiating power only goes so far when Nintendo holds all the cards.

But perhaps by appealing to innovation and opportunity rather than competition, Sony could still make an offer too promising for even Nintendo to refuse. It would take perfect timing and salesmanship, but Sony just may have enough clout to open a door with Nintendo barely ajar.

Predictions for Mario Bros PS4 Release Date and Features

If the stars aligned and Super Mario Bros arrived on PlayStation 4 as a system-selling exclusive, what might we expect in terms of potential release timeframe and must-have features?

Realistically, the soonest Mario could come to PS4 would be a surprise reveal at E3 2023 and launch in Holiday 2023. This would let Sony market Mario as a major holiday exclusive and system-seller. Announcing it any later in PS4’s lifecycle wouldn’t give Mario enough lead time to make an impact.

At launch, a core Super Mario experience tailored to PS4 would be expected. PlayStation fans would demand responsive platforming, creative level design, and fluid mechanics true to the series’ roots. Modern flair like 4K graphics, advanced physics, polished animations, and dynamic cameras could enhance the experience while retaining the Mario magic.

Sony would also certainly explore using Mario to showcase unique PS4 features. Utilizing the touchpad, motion controls, VR, or even PS Move could demonstrate Mario interacting with PlayStation hardware in fresh ways. Integrating Mario creatively with PS4’s capabilities would help justify his exclusivity.

We could expect an expanded multiplayer component as well. 4-player local and online co-op would give Mario on PS4 a social angle perfect for PSN. Competitive multiplayer modes would let friends and strangers battle as Mario characters in creative arenas.

Playable characters would extend beyond Mario to fan favorites like Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, and Bowser. But we might also see PlayStation original characters incorporated into the cast. Imagining Sackboy or Ratchet in a Mario game would be a surprising crossover.

The game could also integrate wider Nintendo lore. Levels themed around Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, or other Nintendo IP could make Mario on PS4 a greatest hits museum tour. This would celebrate Nintendo’s legacy while introducing PlayStation gamers to its key universes.

Of course, all this remains speculative. But if Mario were to ever arrive on PS4 as a bombshell exclusive, Sony would undoubtedly leverage the opportunity as a showcase for Mario, Nintendo, and PlayStation partnerships. It would be a system-selling event.

How a PS4 Mario Could Impact Console Sales and Market Share

Can Super Mario Bros Finally Come to PlayStation 4 This Year

If Super Mario Bros became a PlayStation exclusive franchise, the effects on the video game industry could be immense. Sony could leverage Mario to deliver a major blow to Nintendo’s console sales and market share.

An instantly iconic franchise appearing exclusively on PlayStation would drive massive PS4 adoption. As a system-selling game, a proper Mario platformer could boost PS4 sales by 10+ million over its lifetime. Many Nintendo fans may purchase PS4s just for Mario.

That would grow PlayStation’s already leading console install base even wider. At 150 million+ PS4s sold, Sony could end up with nearly 200 million units in homes thanks exclusively to Mario.

Nintendo meanwhile would lose their trump card for selling Switch hardware. Without Mario games to entice gamers, Switch sales could start lagging dangerously behind Xbox even. Significant drops in Nintendo console adoption would be inevitable.

In terms of market share, analysts predict a Mario-fronted PS4 could expand Sony’s lead to 70% or more of console sales. That would leave Nintendo with under 20% share, a reduction of their share by a third or more.

Of course, the long-term effects on Nintendo’s business would likely be less catastrophic than some forecasts. Their handhelds, other IP like Zelda and Pokemon, and loyal fan base provides stability. But Mario’s absence would still represent a huge blow.

For Sony, adding Mario to a software lineup already stacked with hits like God of War, Spiderman, and Uncharted could make PlayStation the definitive console brand worldwide for a generation. Trophies and PlayStation exclusivity would become synonymous with Mario himself.

Ultimately, the Mario franchise holds that much weight in the game industry. Mario transforming PlayStation into a sales juggernaut could be a knock-out punch reshaping the console landscape permanently. Sony would hold all the cards.

What Super Mario Gameplay Could Look Like on PlayStation 4

Can Super Mario Bros Finally Come to PlayStation 4 This Year

Fans have dreamed for decades of seeing Mario’s quintessential platforming gameplay translated to PlayStation consoles. If Super Mario Bros arrived on PS4, how could the experience feel both classically Mario yet optimized for DualShock controllers?

The foundation would need to remain Mario’s signature run, jump, and stomp mechanics. Tight, responsive controls ensuring Mario’s movements feel pixel-perfect are non-negotiable. Retaining his momentum and physics is key – the essence of controlling Mario must stay intact.

Yet PS4 horsepower could dramatically improve visuals. Crisp 1080p or 4K graphics, expansive draw distances, vivid texture and lighting work, advanced physics, dynamic cameras – Mario’s worlds could feel vividly alive like never before while running at 60fps.

PS4’s unique features could also enhance gameplay. The touchpad may allow new tactile controls for interacting with environments or objects. Motion sensing through the DualShock 4 could let players tilt to steer Mario vehicles or manipulate platforms.

Utilizing PS VR would take the immersion further. Playing Mario games in first-person virtual reality could provide exhilarating new level perspectives. Simple head movements guiding Mario’s jumps or aim would engage players’ full range of motion.

Of course, implementing multiplayer would be expected. Online and local co-op for 2-4 players, supporting both collaboration in main quests but also competitive modes like racing and battling, would add tremendous replayability.

Iconic power-ups like the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Super Star would make the trip to PS4 intact. But we might also see new power-ups exclusive to PlayStation versions, like a DualShock power-up granting electric shock abilities.

Audio would get upgrades as well. 3D spatial surround sound on PS4 would immerse players in Mario’s worlds. Iconic tracks could be remixed and enhanced. And PlayStation exclusive characters could add voice acting for the first time.

Overall, the Mario experience on PS4 would be all about retaining his quintessential gameplay while innovating with next-gen visuals, features, modes, and content. It would feel unmistakably Mario yet built to showcase the PlayStation 4 environment.

Will We Ever See the Mario Bros Jump to PlayStation?

For over 30 years, Mario has exclusively headlined Nintendo platforms. The prospect of core Super Mario platformers coming to PlayStation consoles has long seemed an impossibility. But has the time finally come for Mario to make the unprecedented jump?

As recently as 5 years ago, conventional wisdom said the chances were zero. Mario remained too symbolic of Nintendo’s identity and too vital for driving their hardware sales. Even as PlayStation dominated the gaming landscape, Mario on PS4 appeared to be a pipe dream.

But the game industry is evolving. Platform exclusivity holds less weight in an era of cross-platform ecosystems and cloud gaming. Nintendo themselves have shown more flexibility, putting Mario on mobile and allowing crossovers like Mario + Rabbids. They may be open to wider distribution if it expanded Mario’s reach.

Sony is likely interested in partnership opportunities with Nintendo as well. Mario could drive PS4 and PS5 sales immensely at a lower cost than developing new exclusives. And PlayStation characters appearing in Mario games would be huge.

Of course, the financial incentives would need to be right for Nintendo. But with the right revenue split, allowing Mario on PlayStation may offer Nintendo more upside than downside in the modern gaming market.

Fundamentally, Mario’s appeal remains universal. There are millions of PlayStation households that have grown up never experiencing Mario’s magic. Bringing Mario to the world’s most popular console could be seen as completing his legacy.

It’s unlikely Sony and Nintendo could keep such negotiations under wraps if talks are occurring. But if they pulled off a surprise Mario announcement at an E3 event, it would be an industry bombshell.

The time seems riper than ever for Mario to test the PlayStation waters after decades of exclusivity. It may still be improbable in the short term, but the door is surely open for Nintendo to give PlayStation fans the Mario experience they crave. If any console can eventually convince Mario to jump ship, it might just be PlayStation.