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From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

What Does the 6bb Wella Color Code Mean?

The 6bb hair color code from Wella refers to a medium brown shade with warm golden undertones. It’s a versatile brown that flatters a wide range of skin tones, adding multidimensional warmth while still appearing natural. But what makes 6bb such a sought-after brown?

For starters, it’s considered a “comedy brown” – meaning it has enough warmth to offset any unwanted ashiness or muddiness in dark hair. The rich golden undertones give it vibrancy and shine that cool-toned brunettes often lack. It’s the perfect way to add soft, sun-kissed dimension.

Additionally, 6bb is an easy shade for stylists to customize. They can tweak it cooler with ash toners or warmer with copper gloss to match your skin tone and hair goals. It also blends seamlessly with highlights, lowlights, balayage, and ombré for added depth and movement.

If you have naturally dark hair, 6bb is light enough to softly illuminate your complexion without being too brassy or unnatural looking. For those with medium brown hair, it adds just enough warmth to give a lively boost. Even blondes can use it as a rich base shade when going darker seasonally.

Wella Color Tango 6bb – A Reliable Medium Brown

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

The Wella Color Tango permanent hair color line includes 6bb as one of its most versatile brown shades. As a permanent formula, it penetrates the hair shaft for long-lasting, fade-resistant color.

Tango 6bb has a creamy gel texture that spreads easily and evenly over strands. The built-in care system with collagen and wheat proteins helps condition hair during processing for extra softness and manageability.

Expect a multi-tonal brown with hints of beige, amber and dark gold for luminous, natural-looking results on most hair types. It’s ideal for anyone seeking a rich boost of warmth in their medium to dark brown hair.

How to Use Wella T18 Toner with 6bb to Avoid Brassiness

One potential drawback of warm brown shades like 6bb is brassiness. If the golden tones look too bold or artificial against your skin, toning can help soften the effect.

Wella makes an ash-based T18 toner that counteracts yellow and orange hues. After applying your permanent 6bb color, follow up with T18 on dry hair, leaving it on for 5-15 minutes depending on how cool you want the result. Rinse and enjoy hair with a more neutral, natural-looking finish!

Wella Hazelnut Browns for a Subtle Gold Shimmer

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

For a touch more warmth than 6bb, consider Wella’s Hazelnut Brown shades. Options like 5N Hazelnut Blonde, 4N Hazelnut Brown, and 3N Dark Hazelnut Brown feature red-gold undertones.

These colors are beautiful on anyone seeking a sweet, delicate shimmer. The hazelnut tones give off an airy, sun-kissed effect. For the most natural look, ask your stylist to hand-paint them around the face to mimic how the sun naturally lightens hair.

You can also incorporate highlights in shades like 9N/81 Light Hazelnut Blonde for a lit-from-within glow. The hazelnut family adds lots of depth and dimension to brown hair in a very soft, wearable way.

Get Multi-Dimensional Browns with Wella Color Touch 6bb

Wella Color Touch is a demi-permanent hair color known for its shine and blending capabilities. It deposits color without opening the cuticle, so hair maintains its smoothness and reflective properties.

Color Touch 6bb provides all the richness of permanent color without the damage. And because it fades out gradually over 4-6 weeks, you can easily adjust the intensity at your next appointment.

Demi-permanent 6bb is fantastic for highlights, lowlights, color melting and glossing services. The sheerer texture seamlessly blends multiple shades together for the ultimate in multi-dimensional color.

Wella Toasted Hazelnut – A Cooler Take on Medium Brown

If you like the sound of hazelnut browns but want something more neutral, try Wella Color Charm in 5NC Toasted Hazelnut. This shade leans slightly cooler and ashier.

Rather than exuding straight warmth, 5NC Toasted Hazelnut has more nuanced beige-brown tones. There are still hints of gold throughout, but they skew more towards latte, cocoa and caramel hues. It’s a beautiful choice for neutral to warm skin tones.

Pair it with an ash toner to take down the warmth even further. Or use a subtle copper gloss to amp up the golden shimmer as desired. Either way, it’s a flexible brown that lets you customize the tone.

Boost Shine in Dark Hair with Wella Color Charm 6bb

The Wella Color Charm permanent cream hair color is known for its luminous results and gray coverage. The rich, conditioning formula leaves hair extra soft, manageable and reflective.

On dark locks, Color Charm 6bb imparts a gorgeous sense of vibrancy and dimension. The warm amber and beige tones provide just enough contrast against inky shades without appearing brassy.

You can also intermix 6bb with lighter browns and chocolate shades to create customized ombré effects. The creamy texture blends seamlessly from roots to ends for seamless grown-out color.

Add Warmth to Natural Hair with Wella Color Tango 6bb

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

For those with natural medium to dark brown hair, Wella Color Tango 6bb is an easy way to punch up your base with a sun-kissed radiance. The warm golden hues bring out the richness in natural brunette tones.

Since Color Tango is a permanent color, it will hold up well to washing and environmental elements over time. You won’t have to constantly re-tone or gloss your hair to maintain the warmth.

Focus the 6bb on mid-lengths and ends for a lived-in ombré result. Keep roots darker for a shadowy root stretch. Tango formulations also leave hair in optimal condition for easier styling and maximum softness.

Comedy Brown Technique – Combine 6bb with Wella Blonde

For the ultimate in multi-tonal dimension, try a comedy brown technique using Wella 6bb and light blonde shades.

Comedy browns get their name from incorporating both light and dark colors seamlessly together. To try it, alternate slices of 6bb with pale blonde highlights. Apply both formulas from roots to ends.

The blend of cool beige-blondes and warm medium browns creates incredible depth and visual interest. Finish with a toner to perfect the tone balance. It’s truly the best of both worlds in one head-turning look!

With so many options, it’s clear why 6bb remains a go-to brown for hair colorists and clients alike. Play around with Wella’s different 6bb formulations to discover your perfect shade match and create gorgeous, dimensional brunette hair.

Wella Color Tango 6bb – A Reliable Medium Brown

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

For those looking to enhance their natural hair color with rich, dimensional tones, Wella Color Tango’s 6bb shade is a fantastic option. This versatile medium brown strikes the ideal balance between warm and cool undertones, making it compatible with a wide range of complexions. But how does one achieve the perfect 6bb hair? Let’s break it down.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand your base color and whether you’ll need to fill the hair before applying 6bb. Brunettes wishing to go a shade or two darker may get away with direct dye application. However, for more dramatic color shifts, fillers are often necessary to provide an even canvas. Green and blue-based ash brown hair needs red/gold fillers, while orange brassiness requires neutralization with an ash-toned filler.

Once the base is prepared, it’s time for application. When using Wella Color Tango permanent color, a 1:1 mixture of 6bb and a 5 or 6 volume developer is recommended. Higher volumes mean more lift, which can result in overprocessing. To maintain vibrancy, apply to dry, unwashed hair. Section cleanly to ensure full saturation down to the roots. Process for 25-35 minutes, then rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.

For those seeking semi-permanent options, try Wella Color Touch demi-permanent cream. It lasts up to 24 shampoos and blends away gray while depositing delicate, translucent color. As always, conduct a strand test to confirm desired results before full application. Process for 20 minutes, then rinse and style as usual.

Maintaining 6bb hair requires conscientious color care between salon visits. To keep brassiness at bay, incorporate a purple toning shampoo like Wella Professionals Blondor Blue or Davines Alchemic Shampoo. The violet pigments counteract unwanted warm undertones. Additionally, limit washing to 2-3 times per week and use a heat protecting spray when heat styling.

For those seeking a subtle sun-kissed effect, try weaving in Wella Color Touch 7/0 Light Beige Blonde to brighten up sections framing the face. The contrast between cool 6bb and warm blonde perfectly replicates the look of natural light exposure. Alternatively, add depth with a touch of 4bb/5bb – an ideal “hair contouring” technique.

What about color correction? Green and blue add ashiness to cancel redness in 6bb hair. Wella Color Touch 0/89 provides an icy, platinum effect while 0/56 Mixing Violet offers a more steely, grayed-out look. For gold correction, try 8/81 Blue Violet or 8/71 Green. Go easy at first, as too much pigment can result in a murky, darkened outcome.

How does 6bb hair translate on various complexions? Fair skin with neutral undertones looks striking with the dimension of Wella’s toasted hazelnut hue. The shades contrast nicely without overwhelming. On olive or medium tanned skin, 6bb adds vibrancy and brings out golden flecks. Deep complexions glow with rich 6bb brown locks, the color saturating beautifully against darker skin.

Now let’s explore blend techniques. To create a custom version of 6bb, try combining equal parts 5, 6, and 7 – adjusting according to personal preference. Adding more 5 deepens the tone, while extra 7 achieves a softer beige-brown. For salon toners, blend Clear + 6bb + Touch of Blue or Violet. Customize Color Touch with equal parts 7/0 + 5/0 + 6/0. The possibilities are endless!

How does one transition from bleach blonde to 6bb brown? This color shift requires meticulous prep and patience. The first step is filling the hair with a protein treatment followed by a red-gold toner or glaze to even out the porosity. Allow the hair to rest before attempting dye application. When applying 6bb color, opt for 10 volume developer to minimize damage. Expect the process to take an hour or longer. Be prepared for some fading after the first few washes as underlying pigments re-emerge. Regular toning and root touch-ups will help the new color stabilize.

For golden 6bb hair minus the brass, try incorporating Wella Color Touch 8/71 Green + 9/0 Pale Blonde into the formula. The green neutralizes warmth while the blonde brightens. For an ashy finish, add Violet Grey or Pearl Ash tones. Babylights or face-framing highlights also introduce dimension while allowing the hair to adjust to the deeper base. Approach with patience for the best results.

In summary, Wella Color Tango 6bb is a versatile neutral brown with a beautiful toasted hazelnut tone. Preparation is key, as is maintenance with customized toners and bonding treatments. When cared for properly, this rich dimensional brown rewards with gorgeous, luminous locks. So don’t be afraid to take the plunge into 6bb hair if you’re craving a warmer, more sultry look this season!

How to Use Wella T18 Toner with 6bb to Avoid Brassiness

One of the biggest challenges of darker brunette shades like Wella’s 6bb is keeping brassiness at bay. Those golden undertones can really make hair look brassy and dull over time. Luckily, there’s a simple solution – incorporating Wella T18 toner into your coloring routine. This ultra violet toner is formulated to neutralize warmth and maintain vibrancy in darker hair.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using T18 with 6bb hair:

Prep – Clarify hair with a sulfate shampoo to remove buildup. Rough up cuticles with abrasive paste for max toner uptake. Towel dry hair.

Mix – Combine equal parts T18 Lift Pear Blonde toner and 6 Volume developer. Adjust according to hair porosity and tone. More T18 = cooler results. Start with a 1:2 ratio toner to developer if concerned about accidental lightening.

Section – Work in quadrants for thorough, even application. Use medium-width subsections. Have bowl, tint brush, and gloves ready.

Saturate – Apply toner mix liberally from roots to ends, ensuring complete saturation. Use brush to smooth and separate strands as you go.

Process – Allow Wella T18 and 6bb mixture to process for 15-20 minutes. Assess frequently; don’t leave on longer than needed.

Rinse – Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water until toner runs clear. Use a sulfate-free shampoo for final cleanse.

Style & Reveal – Blowdry and style as desired to reveal refreshed, brass-free 6bb hair.

How often should you use T18 toner with 6bb hair? For maximum freshening, aim for every 2-4 weeks. Those with resistant warmth can incorporate it weekly. Use your discretion – don’t overdo it.

What volume developer should you use with Wella T18 and 6bb? For simple toning, a 6 or 10 volume is ideal. Higher volumen means more lightening, which we want to avoid. Monitor closely if using 20 volume – it will process faster.

Can you leave T18 toner on too long? Absolutely. Monitor often and don’t exceed 30 minutes max. Too much time can result in banding or splotchiness. Rinse immediately if hair feels stretchy or gummy.

Should you shampoo after using T18 toner? Yes, always cleanse with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo after rinsing the toner. This helps prevent staining of skin or clothing from toner deposit.

Does T18 work on orange hair? T18 is formulated to combat yellow/golden undertones. For vibrant orange tones, try Wella Color Touch 8/81 Blue-Violet instead. It deposit intense blue pigment to counteract orange.

Why does my hair turn purple from T18 toner? This over-toned result is from leaving the product on too long. The solution is to rinse immediately and re-tone with 6bb color only to rebalance the hair.

Does T18 damage your hair? This depends on the developer used and processing time. With low volumes (6, 10) and recommended time frames, T18 will not damage hair. As always, nourish and hydrate hair after any chemical process.

Can you T18 toner over highlighted hair? Yes, but monitor closely! Lightened hair processes faster. Work quickly and don’t leave on longer than 10 minutes maximum to avoid unwanted lightening.

Does T18 work on brown hair? T18 can freshen and cool down warm brunette shades like medium golden brown. But be cautious – too much can create splotchiness on dark hair. Do a strand test first.

What is the difference between T14 and T18 toners? T14 contains beige pigments to neutralize pale yellow. T18 has an intense violet base that brightens and cools ashy hair. T14 for pale yellow, T18 for white/yellow.

Should you tone damp or dry hair with T18? Always apply to freshly shampooed, towel-dried hair. Avoid applying to soaking wet hair, as saturation will be uneven. Work quickly to avoid hair drying out.

In summary, incorporating Wella’s T18 toner into your 6bb coloring routine is key for neutralizing brassiness between salon visits. Use alongside low vol. developer, monitor closely during processing, and adjust mixing ratios based on your desired results – from subtle cooling to intense toning. With some practice, you’ll master the art of refreshed, vibrant 6bb hair!

Wella Hazelnut Browns for a Subtle Gold Shimmer

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

Who doesn’t love that perfect balance of cool and warm in hair color? That gorgeous blend of ash and gold that gives dimension without brassiness is an ever-elusive goal for many. If you’ve been on a quest for that subtle radiance in your brown locks, Wella Hazelnut Browns could give you the gentle sun-kissed effect you’re after.

With smart formulation using the company’s proprietary Color Touch technology, Wella offers salon-quality color payoff even for at-home dye jobs. The Hazelnut Brown shades mix cool ash tones with warm golden hues to achieve a soft shimmering finish. While not a dramatic transition, these colors lend just enough brightening character to make brown hair shine.

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: Finding Your Perfect Shade Match

Wella’s Hazelnut Brown palette features three main shades: Light Brown Hazelnut Blonde, Medium Brown Hazelnut Blonde, and Dark Brown Hazelnut Blonde. As the names suggest, the depth of color differs between the three, allowing you to pick the right starting point based on your natural shade.

Those with light to medium neutral brown hair may find the Light Brown adds delicate glow while avoiding brassy orange overtones. Medium Brown works best for those coming from medium to dark ash brown bases, adding a touch of vibrance while still looking natural.

Finally, Dark Brown makes sense for those with cool dark brown locks who want just a hint of new life breathed into their hair. The darkness keeps it looking rich while a subtle shimmer creates movement.

Prepping for Success: How to Best Apply Wella Hazelnut Browns

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

Achieving your perfect dose of gold shimmer starts with proper hair prep. As with any at-home dye job, thoroughly cleansing and conditioning your strands before coloring is a must.

Be sure to use a clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup, oils or environmental pollutants that could create an invisible barrier. This allows the color to properly absorb for even saturation. Follow with a moisturizing conditioner to prep and protect.

Once hair is squeaky clean, carefully follow the instructions in the Wella box for your chosen Hazelnut Brown shade. Generally, you’ll divide your hair into four sections first, applying color in small segments from root to ends. Let it process for the directed time before rinsing thoroughly.

You’ll likely be advised to follow up with the accompanying Color Touch Conditioner to lock in softness and shine. And voila, beautifully blended color!

Enhancing Shimmer and Warmth In the Days Ahead

The right at-home products in your arsenal can help maximize that subtle golden glow of your fresh Hazelnut Brown color while keeping strands healthy between salon visits.

Opt for shampoos and conditioners containing natural chamomile, calendula, sunflower and marigold. These ingredients enhance vibrancy in golden and honey-kissed tones. Some options even feature subtle temporary color pigments to boost radiance with each wash.

In contrast, purple or blue-hued products help counteract brassiness as your color begins to fade over time. Alternating between the two types ensures you get the perfect balance of warmth and coolness in-between color touch ups.

Beyond shampoo and conditioner, leave-in treatments with fruit oils add reflective shine while nourishing dryness prone to dulling color. A weekly deep conditioning mask also brings out a healthy glow in color-treated hair of all shades.

Lastly, protect those lovely locks between washes with a thermal protectant before heat styling. This seals the cuticle to lock in color vibrancy and prevent fading over time.

Troubleshooting Common Hazelnut Brown Color Concerns

While Wella’s Hazelnut Browns offer salon expertise in an at-home formula, you may still encounter some minor bumps on the road to hair color perfection.

If your shade turns out darker than expected, try washing with a clarifying shampoo and heavy conditioner a few times to ease some of the intensity. Just avoid over-washing, which can cause excessive fading.

For color that seems too brassy, incorporate some purple shampoo into your routine to neutralize unwanted warm tones. Or try touching up just your roots with a cooler ash brown shade to create a more blended look.

If your Hazelnut Brown fades faster than anticipated, up the moisture treatments to preserve vibrancy and refresh color more frequently. Using lower heat tools can also help color last longer between applications.

Have Fun With Your Fresh Golden Glow!

The beauty of Wella’s Hazelnut Brown collection is that it allows you to gradually warm up your cool brunette locks for a delicate sun-kissed effect. Taking the proper steps to prep and maintain your color will help you achieve that coveted dimensional shimmer.

Have fun playing with different techniques and products to enhance your fresh golden brown. A subtle glow can make all the difference in your hair color satisfaction.

Get Multi-Dimensional Browns with Wella Color Touch 6bb

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

If you’re craving rich, nuanced brunette hair color, Wella’s Color Touch line offers shades that take your locks beyond basic brown. By thoughtfully blending warm and cool pigments, Wella produces dimensional hues that inject subtle complexity into any brown base.

One standout in the collection is 6bb, a medium-depth neutral brown with hints of ash, gold, and red. This versatile shade can add flattering warmth while avoiding brassy orange tones. For those seeking the best of both brown hair worlds, 6bb may be your perfect match.

From Dull Brown to Vibrant Dimension: How 6bb Shines

With its trifecta of undertones, Wella Color Touch 6bb transforms lackluster brown hair by adding nuance and vibrancy. The ash keeps things cool, while golden beige and rich auburn provide gentle warmth.

On natural medium to dark brown hair, 6bb imparts a soft glow that flatters a wide range of complexions. For those with cool ash brown bases, it injects a subtle boost of luminosity. On neutral medium brunettes, it brings out richer depth and movement.

Even darker espresso brown locks can benefit from 6bb’s multi-faceted effect. It won’t dramatically lighten, but will add prismatic shimmer for luminous dimension.

Achieving Coveted 6bb Color at Home

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

The trickiest part of transitioning to 6bb’s flattering, nuanced hue is choosing the right starting point. Wella offers three versions tailored to specific base shades.

Light Brown 6bb works best on natural light to medium cool or neutral brown hair, adding delicate warmth. Those with darker neutral bases will favor Medium Brown 6bb for a bit more color payoff.

For richer espresso brown hair wanting gentle enhancement, Dark Brown 6bb infuses subtle brightness and dimension. Consulting your stylist helps ensure you select the optimal strength.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect 6bb shade, carefully follow Wella’s instructions for patch and strand testing. This will reveal how your hair takes to color for best possible results.

When it’s time for full application, divide hair into sections and use the provided brush to thoroughly work color from roots to ends. Process for the recommended time, rinse, and finish with Wella’s Color Touch conditioner.

Maintaining the 6bb Magic Between Salon Visits

The right at-home product regimen keeps your 6bb color looking its vibrant, multidimensional best. Always start with a clarifying shampoo to remove oils and buildup that could muddy your tone.

Follow up with a pigmented conditioner in a similar brown shade. Wella makes a Color Touch conditioner that perfectly matches your 6bb hue. The nourishing formula boosts shine while neutralizing brassy undertones.

For added coolness, mix in a purple shampoo once a week to counteract warmth. Or reach for something more golden to enhance shimmer. Play with combinations to keep tone balanced.

Deep conditioning masks also provide moisture critical to maintaining color integrity and preventing premature fading. Protect hair from UV rays when outdoors as well.

Freshening Up 6bb Between Salon Visits

To keep your 6bb color looking freshly done, you’ll need to occasionally refresh your look at home. How often depends on your hair type and lifestyle factors.

Every 2-3 weeks, use Wella Color Touch 6bb as a glossing treatment on mid-lengths and ends. This adds back vibrancy and keeps color even root to tip.

When your outgrowth reaches about 1⁄2 inch, do a full root touch-up and process through the rest of your strands as well. This keeps the multidimensional effect seamless.

And don’t forget your scheduled salon visits every 6-8 weeks for a professional color reboot! Your stylist can tweak your custom 6bb formula over time to adapt to changing hair needs.

Experimenting with Other Fun Color Combos

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

Once you’ve experienced the magic of Wella’s Color Touch 6bb, you may feel inspired to test out other multidimensional brown options from the line.

Colors like 4bb add warmer honeyed tones on medium brunette bases, while 5bb imparts subtle auburn character. Go a touch lighter with 7bb’s beige ash blonde tones.

Or go darker for espresso brown hair by trying 4.5bb’s deep neutral brown. The possibilities for customizing your perfect complex brown are endless.

Just be sure to consult your colorist when making any major shade changes. Wella’s Color Touch offers salon-quality hues you can feel confident wearing.

Unleash the Possibilities of Your Brown Hair

Dimension and vibrancy don’t have to be reserved for blondes. With the blend of cool and warm pigments in Wella Color Touch 6bb, brown hair gets a boost of light and life.

Say goodbye to basic flat brown and unleash the possibilities. Those beautiful bronzy browns full of luminosity could be yours with a little Color Touch magic.

Wella Toasted Hazelnut – A Cooler Take on Medium Brown

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

If you love the richness of medium brown hair but find typical options too warm, Wella’s Toasted Hazelnut offers the perfect compromise. This versatile neutral shade combines cool ash undertones with subtle golden beige to create dimensional cool-toned brunette hues.

Rather than skewing overly brassy or reddish, Toasted Hazelnut imparts a flattering ashy brown tone on natural medium to dark brown hair. For those seeking understated coolness over warmth, it delivers beautifully.

Boosting Cool Tones in Medium Brown Hair

What sets Wella Toasted Hazelnut apart is its blend of predominantly ash along with a touch of gold. Most medium browns lean warm, but this innovates with an emphasis on neutral coolness.

On natural medium brown hair, Toasted Hazelnut adds creamy coolness to soften and enhance. It transforms flat neutral brown locks by infusing dimension and subtle brightness ideal for fair to medium complexions.

For those with darker brown bases, Toasted Hazelnut still comes through with its breezy ash vibe. While it won’t dramatically lighten, it imparts major cool-toned character to neutralize unwanted warmth.

Finding Your Perfect Toasted Hazelnut Shade

Wella offers Toasted Hazelnut in three depth options to target specific starting shades. Choosing the right version ensures you get the ideal cool brown payoff.

Light Brown works best on natural light ash brown hair, boosting coolness while gently brightening. Medium Brown is optimal for medium neutral to ash brown bases, adding stylish lightness.

Those coming from darker ash brown will benefit most from Dark Brown Toasted Hazelnut. It infuses vivid coolness while retaining a rich depth.

No matter which you choose, prep your hair well by cleansing and conditioning before coloring. This allows for maximum even color absorption.

Achieving Salon-Worthy Results at Home

With Wella’s easy-to-follow instructions, you can achieve flawless Toasted Hazelnut color results right at home. As with any dye, carefully patch test first.

When ready to apply, divide hair into sections and work the color from roots to ends using the included brush. Ensure complete saturation through every strand.

Process for the advised development time before rinsing thoroughly. Finish by conditioning with the accompanying Color Touch conditioner to lock in softness and shine.

You’ll be rewarded with the perfect touch of ash that flatters and refreshes your medium brown locks beautifully.

Maintaining Your Cool Toasted Hazelnut Hue

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

Since Toasted Hazelnut’s cool ash tones are so understated, you’ll need to be proactive with at-home maintenance for lasting results. Use clarifying shampoo regularly to prevent buildup.

Incorporate a weekly purple shampoo to intensify your shade’s cool violet base and counteract sneaky warmth. Also rely on color-depositing conditioner to refresh between full colorings.

Moisture is key as well, so treat your strands to reparative masks and oils that keep color vibrant. And be vigilant about UV protection to avoid fading.

Knowing When It’s Time for a Refresh

How soon you’ll need to recolor your Toasted Hazelnut depends on your hair and lifestyle. To keep your cool brown fresh, watch for some telltale signs it’s time to refresh.

When your roots grow out about 1/2 inch, it’s best to touch them up along with mid-lengths and ends. This prevents banding between new growth and colored hair.

If color starts looking brassy or fading unevenly, go ahead and reapply your Toasted Hazelnut all over. This gets things vibrant and consistent again.

Schedule a salon visit every 6-8 weeks as well. Your stylist can customize your formula over time to keep your coolness perfect.

Experimenting with Fun Color Melts

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

Once you’ve gone Toasted Hazelnut, you may feel inspired to expand your cool brown palette even further. A fun way to do this is with Wella color melts.

Ask your colorist to blend your Hazelnut shade into something like Sandy Blonde for added ash brightness towards the ends. Or go darker with Espresso for major dimensional coolness.

Reverse ombre is another modern option, keeping roots darker and melting to Hazelnut lightness on the ends. Get creative and have fun with it!

Flatter Your Complexion with Custom Coolness

Wella’s Toasted Hazelnut makes it possible to achieve customized cool-toned brown hair color. No more settling for overpowering warmth just to get dimension.

With a touch of ash and gold artfully combined, say goodbye to basic medium brown. Bring out your best with this flattering, nuanced and totally unique neutral brown.

Boost Shine in Dark Hair with Wella Color Charm 6bb

For those with naturally dark locks craving a boost of warmth and dimension, Wella Color Charm’s 6bb shade may be the perfect solution. This rich, toasted hazelnut hue adds vibrancy while enhancing shine and brightness. But how does one achieve the elusive 6bb hair color at home? Let’s break it down step-by-step.

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: Transforming Your Hair Color

Lifeless, murky brown hair can feel dull and dreary. The right hair color has the power to completely transform your look, adding depth, shine and personality. Wella’s Color Charm permanent crème hair color in shade 6bb offers brunettes an enticing new option.

Wella describes 6bb as a “dark beige blonde.” But this understates the warm, multidimensional color it imparts. On darkest brown hair, 6bb adds striking golden and caramel undertones, lending brightness and sheen that flat brown lacks. The result is a rich, sultry yet soft brunette shade infused with golden, butterscotch hues.

Unlike ash brown dyes which can emphasize yellow or brassy tones, 6bb neutralizes them. The hazelnut base adds vibrancy and shine that flat, dull hair needs. For those with naturally black hair, 6bb adds honeyed dimension and luxury, transforming black to a gleaming espresso brown.

Achieving a Flawless 6bb Color Result at Home

Wella Color Charm’s 6bb shade is available in permanent crème developer formulas. Permanent color enables you to completely cover, making it ideal for brunettes transitioning from black to brown. The crème formula imparts conditioning and shine as it colors. For best results, follow these tips:

  • Perform a skin allergy test before full application.
  • Shampoo hair the day before coloring to remove product buildup.
  • Use an oil-free, sulfate-free clarifying shampoo.
  • Towel dry hair before application but leave slightly damp.
  • Wear gloves and work quickly, applying evenly from roots to ends.
  • Comb through hair thoroughly as you apply color.
  • Leave on for 25-35 minutes depending on hair’s thickness and texture.
  • Rinse until water runs clear and shampoo gently afterward.
  • Apply weekly conditioning treatments to boost shine.

Wella Color Charm offers 6bb in permanent crème formulas designed for varying levels of hair darkness. Choose the one suited to your current shade:

  • 6bb + 20 Volume Creme Developer: For light to medium brown hair
  • 6bb + 30 Volume Creme Developer: For medium to dark brown hair
  • 6bb + 40 Volume Creme Developer: For dark brown to black hair

Maintenance Tips for 6bb Hair

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

To keep your new 6bb color looking its vibrant best:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to retain color and shine.
  • Rinse with cool water and limit washing to 2-3 times per week.
  • Apply weekly deep conditioning hair masks.
  • Protect hair from sun exposure which can fade color.
  • Get a root touch-up around every 5-6 weeks as your hair grows out.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to prevent brassiness.
  • Consider a glossing treatment between color applications.

Experimenting with 6bb for a Customized Brunette Hue

What if 6bb alone seems too light for your preferences? This versatile shade mixes beautifully with other Wella colors. Customize it to achieve a uniquely personal brunette hue.

Adding a touch of 4 or 5 natural brown creates a rich maple fudge color on darkest hair. Combining 6bb with 7, an ash brown, makes a sophisticated neutral that flatters olive and tan complexions. Mix with 8 smoky ash for a shadowy espresso brown with just a kiss of gold.

The possibilities are endless for customizing 6bb to complement your complexion and style. Wella even offers an online Hair Color Finder you can use for guidance.

Unleash Your Inner Bronze Goddess

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

For brunettes seeking a subtle yet impactful change, 6bb is the ultimate brew. This permanent crème shade by Wella Color Charm adds light and vibrancy to the darkest, drabbest brown locks. Warm golden highlights give hair a sensitively sun-kissed luminosity perfect for any season.

Achieving salon-worthy 6bb hair color at home is easier than you think. With some planning and proper technique, you can unveil a fresh, radiant take on basic brown. Embrace the mystery and confidence an earthy, sultry shade brings. Let your inner bronze goddess shine through!

Add Warmth to Natural Hair with Wella Color Tango 6bb

For those blessed with rich, dark natural locks, a boost of warmth and dimension can take your hair from drab to fab. Wella’s Color Tango permanent hair color in shade 6bb is the perfect solution for jazzing up your natural hue. This toasted hazelnut shade adds vibrancy and golden undertones that make hair come alive with light and personality.

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: Transforming Your Look

Are you tired of your flat, murky brown hair? Do you wish you could revive your dark mane with a pop of warmth and shine? Wella’s Color Tango line has the answer with their luscious 6bb shade.

Described by Wella as a “dark beige blonde,” 6bb is so much more than that simple phrase suggests. It infuses dark hair with buttery golden and caramel highlights that provide stunning dimension. The result is a sensuous, glowing brown with rich maple and hazelnut tones.

Unlike ash brown dyes which can overemphasize brassiness, 6bb actually neutralizes yellow tones while enhancing vibrancy. The base adds pure shine and luminosity that breathes new life into lackluster locks. It’s flattering on a wide spectrum from black to medium brown hair.

Achieving Flawless 6bb Color at Home

Wella Color Tango offers 6bb in permanent, no-ammonia gel formulas tailored for natural hair. With a few tips, you can achieve salon-worthy 6bb color results at home:

  • Always do a skin patch test before full application.
  • Clarify hair by shampooing the day before coloring.
  • Towel dry hair after shampooing and leave slightly damp.
  • Use the tint brush to apply color quickly from roots to ends.
  • Comb through hair thoroughly while applying for even coverage.
  • Leave on 25-35 minutes based on thickness and texture.
  • Rinse until water runs clear; shampoo gently afterward.
  • Deep condition weekly to boost shine and softness.

Wella offers three Color Tango 6bb formulas to suit varying natural hair darkness:

  • 6bb + 20 Volume Developer: For light to medium brown hair
  • 6bb + 30 Volume Developer: For medium to dark brown hair
  • 6bb + 40 Volume Developer: For very dark brown to black hair

Maintaining Your Rich, Radiant 6bb Color

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

Preserve the eye-catching vibrancy of your new 6bb color by:

  • Using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Washing less frequently, about 2-3 times per week.
  • Rinsing hair with cool water instead of hot.
  • Applying weekly hydrating hair masks.
  • Using a heat protectant before hot tools.
  • Getting a root touch-up every 5-6 weeks.
  • Using a clarifying shampoo to prevent brassiness.
  • Considering a gloss treatment between colorings.

Customizing 6bb for Your Unique Brunette Hue

What if you want something slightly different than 6bb’s base color? Get creative and make it your own unique brunette shade by custom mixing.

Adding a touch of 4 or 5 natural brown makes a rich maple fudge hue on very dark hair. Mixing in 7 ash brown creates a cool yet soft beige-brown that flatters olive complexions. Combining with 8 smoky ash produces a sultry espresso shade with just a kiss of gold.

Consult Wella’s online Hair Color Finder for guidance on blending 6bb with other shades for a personalized result.

Unleash Your Inner Glow with 6bb

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

For natural brunettes seeking a subtle yet impactful change, Wella Color Tango 6bb is the ideal choice. Its warm, gold-kissed undertones provide depth and luminosity that drab brown hair yearns for. Achieving salon-caliber 6bb hair color at home is easy with the right techniques.

Add light and intrigue to your look with this versatile shade. Embrace your inner radiance and turn heads with a fresh, sultry spin on your natural brunette hue. Let 6bb bring out the glow you never knew you had!

Comedy Brown Technique – Combine 6bb with Wella Blonde

Are you a brunette looking to add some spunk and dimension to your dark locks? Wella’s popular 6bb shade creates a rich, lustrous brunette base, while strategically placed blonde highlights give an eye-catching touch. This “comedy brown” technique using Wella Color Charm is easy to DIY at home. Let’s explore how blending 6bb with Wella blonde creates a fun, sophisticated hair color.

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: Enhancing Your Base

Before adding any blonde, begin by transforming your neutral brunette base to a warmer, more vibrant hue. Wella Color Charm’s 6bb shade provides the perfect golden brown foundation.

On the darkest brown hair, 6bb adds striking golden and caramel undertones to create a multidimensional look. The hazelnut base brightens flat, lackluster hair with butterscotch and maple tones. 6bb results in a luxe shade that takes black or brown hair to a rich mocha hue.

Wella offers 6bb in permanent crème formulas to provide conditioning, long-lasting color. Choose the developer strength based on your natural shade for optimal gray coverage and even saturation:

  • 20 Volume for light to medium brown hair
  • 30 Volume for medium to dark brown hair
  • 40 Volume for very dark brown to black hair

Adding Pops of Wella Blonde for Dimension

Once your 6bb base is in place, use foils to add peeks of lighter blonde. This creates the eye-catching contrast between dark and light that makes comedy brown so captivating.

Wella Blondor Freelights is ideal for highlighted comedy brown looks. The creamy developer-activated formula offers gorgeous pale blonde tones from platinum to beige. Adding subtle honey hues along with beige and ash evokes expensive salon highlights.

Focus lighter blonde pieces around your face to frame and illuminate your features. Add more sparingly throughout the lengths and ends for a blended, natural look. Use a 20 or 30 volume crème developer with foils to gently lighten specific sections.

Customizing Your Comedy Brown Masterpiece

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

Comedy brown allows endless creativity in placement and tone. Besides blonde, consider adding ribbons of cinnamon, auburn or cherry red for a fun pop against the 6bb base. Wella’s Color Touch range has bold vibrant shades to choose from.

Consult online visualizers like Wella’s Hair Color Finder to preview color combinations. Adjust the amount of contrast between your 6bb brown and lighter pieces for subtle or striking effects.

With a few foils and the right Wella shades, you can create a customized comedy brown look at home. Achieve expensive, salon-worthy dimension and shine through this simple technique.

Flaunt Your Sultry, Sophisticated Style

Blending rich 6bb brown with strategically placed golden blonde highlights creates a look that’s both striking and refined. The comedy brown technique adds flattering warmth and intrigue to your dark locks.

With a vibrant brown base and lighter accents, your hair color makes a striking statement. Show off a multidimensional style with well-placed pops of light and dark. Flaunt your fresh, fun and flawless comedy brown look!

Long-Lasting 6bb Browns with Wella Permanent Color

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: How Can I Get That Coveted 6bb Hair Color

For brunettes seeking long-lasting dimension and vibrancy, Wella’s permanent hair color in shade 6bb is an excellent option. 6bb’s rich hazelnut base and golden undertones create a sensational brown that lasts for weeks.

From Ashy Brown to Golden Brown: Transforming Your Look

Over time, neutral and ash brunette shades can start to look drab and faded. A permanent rich brown like Wella’s 6bb adds warmth and brightness for a noticeable change.

On even the darkest hair, 6bb imparts striking gold, maple and caramel tones to liven up your look. The beige-brown base neutralizes brassiness while boosting shine and luminosity.

Wella offers 6bb in permanent crème developers that saturate every strand for long-lasting color. The conditioning formula leaves hair soft and manageable.

Choosing the Right Developer for Your 6bb Shade

Wella provides 6bb crème color in three permanent developer volumes. Select the one best suited to your starting shade:

  • 20 Volume – For light to medium brown hair
  • 30 Volume – For medium to dark brown hair
  • 40 Volume – For very dark brown to black hair

The higher the developer volume, the more lightening action it provides. This enables deeper pigment penetration and gray coverage for dark hair.

Maximizing the Longevity of Your 6bb Color

Permanent color like Wella’s 6bb lasts 4-6 weeks before fading and root regrowth becomes noticeable. Extend the vibrancy by:

  • Using sulfate-free hair products
  • Washing less often and using cool water
  • Deep conditioning hair weekly
  • Protecting hair from sun exposure
  • Getting a root touch-up every 5-6 weeks
  • Using a clarifying shampoo occasionally
  • Considering a gloss treatment between colorings

Achieve Salon-Worthy Looks at Home

With the right techniques, you can achieve stunning permanent color results at home with Wella 6bb. The crème formula conditions as it colors for healthy, radiant hair.

Upgrade your neutral brunette to a salon-worthy golden brown with 6bb’s saturating pigments and warm undertones. Say goodbye to lackluster hair and embrace your new vibrant, dimensional locks!