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Must Have MacBook Keyboard Covers in 2023: 10 Ways to Protect Your Investment

MacBook Pro 13 Inch Keyboard Skin – Guard Against Dust and Spills

Investing in a new MacBook represents a significant financial commitment. To protect your investment and get the most out of your laptop, consider outfitting it with a keyboard cover or skin. While MacBook build quality is generally excellent, their keyboards remain vulnerable to dust, crumbs, spills, and normal wear and tear over time. Using a keyboard protector is an affordable and effective way to keep your MacBook’s keyboard looking and functioning like new.

Keyboard skins like the MacBook Pro 13 inch keyboard skin attach directly over the keys to safeguard your typing surface. Made of thin, flexible material like silicone or plastic, they add a barrier against contaminants that can degrade your keyboard with continued use. Dust, pet hair, and crumbs can’t penetrate or get trapped between keys when a skin is installed. Liquids bead up on the surface instead of seeping into cracks. Skins come in various textures and levels of transparency, allowing you to preserve the MacBook’s sleek look while protecting it.

Compared to bulky keyboard covers, skins don’t impact the typing experience. Your keystrokes feel the same, and the skins don’t interfere with the backlighting. However, skins provide little to no impact protection against drops or bangs. For all-around protection, keyboard covers are a better choice.

What are the benefits of a MacBook keyboard cover?

Must Have MacBook Keyboard Covers in 2023: 10 Ways to Protect Your Investment

Keyboard covers envelop the entire keyboard in a protective shell. Usually made from plastic or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), they prevent damage from drops and accidents. Unlike skins, they elevate the keys so they don’t make full contact when closed, protecting both the keys and screen from rubbing together.

Covers designed specifically for MacBooks like the MacBook Air 13 inch keyboard cover snap tightly into place and won’t shift around. Silicon covers in particular provide excellent waterproofing. Spills bead up on the surface for quick cleanup instead of seeping underneath. The covers prevent small particles from working their way under the keys over time which can degrade the mechanism. Overall, keyboard covers offer complete 360 degree protection.

What should I look for in a keyboard cover or skin?

Look for MacBook keyboard protectors designed specifically for your model, ensuring a precise fit. Skins should be thin, light, and flexible to maintain a responsive typing feel. Opt for textured surfaces to limit finger slippage. Covers should be durable and easy to remove for periodic cleaning. Both covers and skins come in various colors and patterns if you want to customize the look. Finally, ensure any protective skin or cover is designed to accommodate the MacBook’s factory display cover interlock tabs.

MacBook Air Keyboard Protector – Keep Keys Pristine and Functional

Must Have MacBook Keyboard Covers in 2023: 10 Ways to Protect Your Investment

After investing in a new MacBook Air, keeping your ultraportable laptop’s keyboard protected is a priority. The keyboard is one of the most important, frequently used components, and is vulnerable to contaminants and normal wear and tear over time. Outfitting your MacBook Air with a keyboard protector keeps keys looking like new while preventing damage that can impair functionality.

Keyboard protectors are designed specifically to fit the dimensions of MacBook Air models, snapping into place securely. Made of thin, flexible material like silicone, they provide a barrier between your keys and environmental contaminants from dirt to crumbs and pet hair. These particulates can’t penetrate or get lodged between the keys to potentially jam them when covered. Liquids bead up and roll off keyboard protectors instead of seeping underneath keys.

The protectors are translucent, so they don’t disrupt the sleek, backlit appearance of the MacBook Air keyboard. Unlike bulky covers, the thin material doesn’t impact the responsiveness or feel of typing. Protectors come in a variety of colors and textures. Textured surfaces help fingers glide smoothly across for comfortable typing. The protectors are easily removable for periodic cleaning or keyboard access.

While durable, keyboard protectors don’t provide much impact absorption from drops. Pairing a protector with a case or cover provides all-around protection. Bottom line, keyboard protectors are an affordable way to keep keys looking and working like new despite heavy use over time.

Which keyboard protector is best for MacBook Air?

The iPEGA MacBook Air Keyboard Protector is a top choice, with a precise fit and thin 0.3mm silicone material that maintains a responsive key feel. The protector has a textured surface for grip and wide compatibility across MacBook Air models. Moshi’s iGlaze line offers similar ultra-thin but durable keyboard protection in translucent and opaque styles.

For a budget option, the JETech silicone keyboard protector fits MacBook Air 13 inch models and protects against spills and dust intrusion at a fraction of the price. Whichever protector you choose, take care to select one designed specifically for the current MacBook Air dimensions for a secure fit. Your keyboard protector helps guard your investment, so choose wisely!

MacBook Case With Keyboard Cover – Shield Both Top and Bottom

If you want full 360 degree protection for your MacBook Pro or Air, a durable case with an integrated keyboard cover is a smart investment. Cases completely envelop your MacBook for all-over coverage against bumps, scuffs, drops, and spills. Models like the MoKo MacBook Pro Case & Keyboard Cover safeguard both top and bottom for peace of mind when traveling.

The hard shell case snaps securely over the MacBook exterior, while the soft keyboard cover adheres directly to the keys for protection. The keyboard cover shields the delicate keys from dust and debris intrusion. Made of thin silicone or TPU, liquids bead up on the surface for quick cleanup. The cover prevents keys from rubbing the screen when closed.

Cases are precisely cut to provide full access to ports and airflow while offering edge-to-edge shock absorption. They come in a variety of colors and textures. Faux leather builds provide elegant protection against scuffs. Durable polycarbonate cases withstand more intense impacts from drops or bangs while traveling. For all-in-one MacBook protection, a quality case and keyboard cover bundle is a sound investment.

Friends, when choosing a keyboard cover or case, always ensure the product lists compatibility with your specific MacBook model and dimensions for a proper fit. Precise sizing ensures full protection. Do you have any favorite keyboard covers or cases to recommend? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

Apple MacBook Air Key Board Cover – OEM Quality and Fit

Must Have MacBook Keyboard Covers in 2023: 10 Ways to Protect Your Investment

For MacBook Air owners seeking the perfect keyboard cover, consider sourcing an Apple OEM MacBook Air key board cover. While third party covers are abundantly available, Apple’s first party keyboard cover offers a seamless fit and the same quality that comes with all their products.

The Apple keyboard cover is precision molded to fit the exact dimensions of the latest MacBook Airs, so you can rest assured it won’t dislodge during transport. Made of durable and flexible TPU material, it’s waterproof and protects against spills, dust, crumbs and other contaminants that can degrade your keyboard over time.

The thin material allows for a responsive key feel when typing. The cover is transparent so keyboard backlighting shines through. When closed, it prevents the keys from pressing against the screen. Some users may find the Apple cover improves keyboard stability compared to some ultra-thin aftermarket models.

For the uncompromising fit and quality that Apple is known for, splurging on their keyboard cover for the latest MacBook Airs is worth considering. However, various affordable third party options offer similar levels of protection at lower price points. Ultimately, protecting your keyboard is wise to safeguard your investment and productivity.

What are your tips for keeping a MacBook Air keyboard cover secure?

Must Have MacBook Keyboard Covers in 2023: 10 Ways to Protect Your Investment

Friends, when installing any keyboard cover, carefully clean the keyboard first to remove any dust or oils so the cover bonds tightly. Check that the cover evenly aligns with each row of keys for a snug fit. Finally, I recommend testing the keyboard extensively after installing the cover. Ensure all keys remain responsive and that the cover does not shift during normal typing or when transporting your MacBook Air. Let me know if you have any other tips for first-time cover installs!