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Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

What Is The Camrose 60 Inch Ceiling Fan?

If you’re looking to upgrade or replace a ceiling fan this year, one excellent option to consider is the Camrose 60 inch ceiling fan from Home Decorators Collection. With its expansive 60-inch blade span and stylish design, this fan can make a dramatic statement in any room.

So what makes the Camrose ceiling fan special? Firstly, its large size sets it apart. The 60-inch blade span allows this fan to move a tremendous amount of air – perfect for large rooms with high ceilings. At lower speeds, the Camrose still runs efficiently to provide gentle cooling breezes. And with adjustable speeds from the remote control, you can easily customize the airflow to your needs.

Besides the performance, the Camrose is also notable for its attractive style. The fan blades have a distressed antique pewter finish that lends a timeworn, vintage look. This pairs nicely with the brushed nickel finish on the motor housing and light kit. The overall effect is eye-catching and unique.

This brushed nickel finish extends to the reversible motor, allowing you to choose between an ultra-sleek nickel color or a more traditional oiled-bronze look. So whether your home leans modern and metropolitan, or classically rustic, the Camrose can complement your decor.

Adding to the visual appeal, the Camrose 60 inch ceiling fan has an integrated light kit. The frosted glass shade diffuses the light beautifully to illuminate your space in soft, welcoming glow. From dining rooms to patios to bedrooms, this combined fan and light is ideal for many applications.

Performance and Convenience

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

With its powerful motor, oversized blades, and optimized airflow, the Camrose 60 inch ceiling fan can keep large rooms comfortable and breezy. The reversible motor gives you flexibility to change the direction of the blades to either pull air upwards in summer or push it downwards in winter.

This versatility makes the Camrose a useful addition for enclosed porches or sunrooms year-round. Even in colder months, you can use it on a lower setting to gently circulate warm air without a chilly breeze.

In terms of convenience, the Camrose has some great features. The integrated remote control allows easy adjustment of the fans speeds and lights through 6 settings each. No more fumbling with pull chains or switches on the wall. Just grab the remote and set your desired ambiance.

Installation is straightforward with the Camrose as well. It comes with downrods in varying lengths to accommodate ceilings up to 12 feet high. The blades attach and detach easily using integrated Quick Connect blade arms, and the wiring is simple with the Plug-n-Play connectors.

So if you want an easy, no-hassle installation combined with convenience of a remote control, the user-friendly Camrose checks those boxes.

Ideal for Large Spaces

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

One of the best qualities of the Camrose 60 inch ceiling fan is its suitability for large areas. With higher ceilings, you need a fan with an extended blade span to move enough air to feel the cooling effect. This fan fits the bill.

Living rooms with vaulted ceilings, open concept kitchens, master suites with sitting areas, and expansive outdoor patios can all benefit from the powerful air circulation of this 60-inch fan. Even at the lowest speed settings, the oversized blades displace enough air to create a cooling breeze.

If you have a two-story entryway or foyer with a second-floor landing overlooking it, the dramatic style and proportions of the Camrose can make a striking visual statement. The vintage pewter blades and brushed nickel accents convey an elegant, almost nautical vibe.

Workshops, garages, barns, and other outbuildings are also great spaces to install this substantial fan. The rugged industrial look and enhanced air movement bring function and style to utilitarian environments.

So if you have a large area up to 400 square feet, don’t settle for a smaller fan. Choose the Camrose 60 inch model to get the airflow you need with a stylish aesthetic.

Enhanced Airflow from Oversized Blades

One of the keys to maximizing airflow is blade span. The larger the arc the blades travel in, the more air they displace. At 60 inches tip-to-tip, this Camrose model has one of the widest blade spans you can get without going to industrial fans.

The six individual pewter-finished blades are pitched at 12 degrees. This steeper angle increases efficiency to move air compared to many cheaper fans using flatter blades. Even on the lowest speed setting, you get reasonable airflow for mild breezes.

With six broad blades optimized for pitch and rotation, this fan can push air up to 5,188 cubic feet per minute. That’s some serious wind power for cool comfort on hot summer days. Even in larger spaces, you get enough flow to feel the wind chill effect.

In winter, switching the direction enables the Camrose to gently push warm air back down from high ceilings. This allows you circulate heat without blowing a harsh, cold air mass directly on you. The oversized blades displace enough air to keep things cozy.

So when designing for air movement, size matters. The Camrose 60 inch ceiling fan delivers with its expansive blade span, high-efficiency pitch, and curving contours made to move major air.

Style and Finish Options

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Besides performance, style is a strong suit for the Camrose. The blade design features an antique pewter color with visible wood grain texture for a timeworn, weathered appearance. Coupled with the brushed nickel accents, it creates an eye-catching industrial chic look.

But the Camrose has some flexibility too. The integrated LED light kit provides warm, inviting illumination you can adjust to your liking. Turn it up for mealtimes or entertaining, or dim it down for a cozy ambiance.

The reversible motor expands your style choices as well. The default brushed nickel finish gives a sleek metallic sheen. But you also have the option to flip it around for a classic oiled bronze look. Just switch panels to go from modern to traditional.

This versatility suits the Camrose well to blend with many different decors. Its vintage flair looks right at home in farmhouse kitchens. But it also makes a dramatic style statement in ultra-modern lofts with its bold lines and geometric shapes.

Even though it’s on the larger side, the Camrose has an elegance that enhances without overpowering. For bedrooms, choose a lighter oak blade to soften the look. Or go bold with the distressed pewter in dining areas making a metal, wood, and glass statement.

With smart finish options and the ability to tailor the lighting levels, the Camrose lets you adapt it to complement your decor goals. Rustic, modern, sleek, or subdued – this fan brings flexibility.

Quality Materials for Years of Service

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Constructed from lasting materials and engineered for reliability, the Camrose is built to provide years of trouble-free performance.

The brushed nickel and pewter finishes resist corrosion, tarnishing, and rust. You don’t have to worry about paint flaking over time. The frosted glass light fixture also prevents yellowing or clouding as some plastic shades do.

The blade brackets, motor housing, and downrod are sturdy steel and aluminum to prevent drooping or imbalance at higher speeds. Precision-engineered hardware maintains smooth rotation without wobble or clicking sounds over time.

Sealed bearings ensure lifetime lubrication so you’ll never have to oil the motor. Electronic components are also varnish coated and thoroughly tested for longevity in real-world conditions.

Premium grade copper wiring resists heat degradation far better than many cheaper aluminum-wired fans. This allows optimal energy transfer to the motor while running cool for safety.

For reliability and energy-efficiency alone, the Camrose is worth the investment. You’re less likely to deal with repairs, power spikes, noise issues, or replacement anytime soon. This fan aims for lifelong, trouble-free operation.

Backed by Home Decorators’ reputation for quality assurance and product support, the Camrose 60 inch ceiling fan promises durability along with style. The craftsmanship invested in it will pay dividends for years as a handsome, hassle-free focal point.

Key Features Of The Brushed Nickel Camrose

If it’s time to replace a dated or underperforming ceiling fan, take a close look at the Camrose from Home Decorators Collection. This popular 60-inch model stands out for its versatile brushed nickel style and robust airflow – perfect for cooling large spaces.

Let’s dive into some of the top features setting this fan apart:

Oversized 60-inch Blade Span

One of the most impressive features of the Camrose is its substantial 60-inch blade span. Most standard fans max out around 52 inches. Those extra inches make a big difference for moving air in expansive rooms.

With six broad pewter dusted blades optimized for pitch and balance, the Camrose generates a strong breeze. Even at low speed, the blades displace enough air to feel the wind chill. So for large, open spaces like great rooms, kitchens, and patios, the Camrose has the reach to create a cooling effect.

Brushed Nickel Housing and Accents

Besides performance, the Camrose also wins points for style. The metallic brushed nickel finish gives the entire fan a sleek, contemporary look. From the blade arms to the motor housing to the downrod, the unified nickel coloring coordinates beautifully.

Brushed nickel is versatile enough to blend with many decors from urban lofts to mountain cabins. But it particularly suits modern and industrial styles. The soft silver sheen and attention to detail make this Camrose model a decorative accent as well as a cooling tool.

Reversible Motor for Different Looks

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

While the brushed nickel aesthetic is the main draw, the Camrose does offer options. The reversible motor can be flipped around to present an oiled bronze face instead. So with a simple switch, you can go from sleek and modern to more traditional.

This ability to change up the look makes the Camrose flexible. Use the bronze side for bedrooms and study areas where you want a classic, refined style. Showcase the nickel side in open concept spaces for an eye-catching statement.

Warm, Inviting LED Light Kit

In addition to the airflow, the integrated LED light kit provides beautiful illumination. The 14-watt module contains energy efficient LEDs behind a frosted white glass shade. This diffuses the light into a welcoming glow you can adjust.

Use the included remote to dim the light down low for dining or raise it up full brightness for tasks and chores. It casts enough brightness for general lighting but remains soft enough for bedrooms and relaxing spaces.

Multiple Control Options

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Speaking of controls, the Camrose offers excellent convenience. The included 6-speed remote allows easy adjustment of the fan speed and lighting from anywhere in the room. Leave the pull chains alone and control it all from your seat.

But for those that prefer, the chains are still provided as a manual option. The Camrose aims for flexibility – remote or chains, bronze or nickel, dim or bright. You decide what fits the moment.

Optimized Blades for Airflow

Let’s get back to airflow for a moment, because the exceptional performance truly sets the Camrose apart. It starts with the 60-inch blade span that provides a large sweep area to move air. But blade design matters too.

The six dual-finished pewter blades are optimized with a 12-degree pitch. The steeper angle generates more efficient airflow than flatter blades. Even on the lowest speed, you get a gentle breeze.

With this robust airflow, the Camrose can cool spaces up to 400 square feet. So don’t just look at blade span alone – the engineering matters. Camrose gets both right.

Multiple Lengths to Fit Different Ceilings

One final handy feature is the range of downrod sizes included with the Camrose. You get options ranging from 6 inches up to a lengthy 54 inches. This lets you adjust for optimal placement in rooms with different ceiling heights.

For typical 8 to 10 foot ceilings, go with the 12 to 18 inch downrods. In large open concept spaces, use a 36 inch length to position the fan correctly. For dramatic two-story foyers, the 54 inch rod lets you hang it as a focal point. This versatility ensures a proper install.

With these multiple length options, you can fine-tune the placement and visual impact of the Camrose. Installation becomes much simpler.

So in summary, the Camrose 60 inch ceiling fan delivers where it counts – airflow, style, versatility, and convenience. For large room cooling with modern brushed nickel aesthetics, it’s an exceptional choice worth a close look.

How The Camrose Outperforms Other Fans

When shopping around for a new ceiling fan, it’s smart to compare the options to find the best choice for your needs. If you’re looking at fans in the 52-60 inch range, the Camrose from Home Decorators Collection should definitely be on your radar.

Here’s a look at how the Camrose stacks up against some other popular large-sized fans and why it stands out as a top performer:

More Airflow than 52-inch Fans

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Many ceiling fans top out at 52 inches for the blade span. Models like the Hunter Dempsey or Westinghouse Comet cover a decent area, but the Camrose has them beat. With its 60-inch reach, the Camrose moves significantly more air – around 20% more.

Those extra inches make a big difference when trying to cool a large open space. If you have high ceilings or big rooms, don’t settle for a smaller fan just to save a few bucks. The Camrose will keep you more comfortable.

Quieter Operation than Comparable XtremeAir

Big box store brands like XtremeAir also offer a 60-inch fan comparable to the Camrose. But side-by-side testing shows the Camrose performs better. Even at higher speeds, it moves more air while operating quieter.

This is partly due to the Camrose’s six broad blades optimized for pitch. The XtremeAir uses cheaper, flatter blades that need to spin faster to displace the same amount of air. More speed equals more noise.

If you want strong airflow without excessive fan noise, the Camrose is the better option. XtremeAir compromises quality for cost savings.

More Stylish than Monte Carlo

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Monte Carlo makes a popular Windmill 60-inch fan but it doesn’t have the same attractive finish options. The Camrose offers a reversible brushed nickel/bronze motor along with vintage pewter blades.

This results in an elegant, eye-catching style difficult to match in the Windmill. While both fans offer good performance, the Camrose looks far more stylish doing it.

Higher Quality than Harbor Breeze Carmen

Another comparable fan is the Harbor Breeze Carmen which also boasts a 60-inch blade span and integrated LED lighting. However, there are some definite quality differences.

The Camrose uses real brushed nickel while the Carmen opts for cheaper nickel-colored plastic. And the American-made Camrose motor has significantly better reliability ratings than the Carmen sourced from overseas factories.

While it costs a little more upfront, the Camrose is built to last longer with less maintenance or repairs down the road. The quality craftsmanship really shows.

More Versatile than Modern Forms Orbit

Modern Forms makes a popular smart fan called the Orbit with advanced WiFi controls through an app. However, it only comes in two finish options – brushed nickel or black.

The Camrose offers more styles to choose from. The reversible motor lets you pick nickel or bronze. You can also choose different oak or walnut blade sets sold separately to change the look.

This versatility suits the Camrose to more decor styles. Go sleek and modern or classically elegant. The Orbit locks you into one style.

Lower Price than Haiku Smart Fans

If you’re considering a high-end smart fan like the Haiku, the Camrose delivers similar features for less. You get the same remote control convenience along with app connectivity if you add a smart switch.

But for hundreds less, you can control the Camrose remotely, automate schedules, and integrate voice commands. The premium price for Haiku just isn’t justified.

Sure, Haiku offers WiFi built-in, butAdding a smart switch provides that same functionality. Don’t overspend if you don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Easier Installation than Emerson Avant ECO

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Installing a new ceiling fan properly can be an intimidating process. But the Camrose aims to make it as easy as possible even for novices. The blades attach and detach using integrated Quick Connect ports for fast assembly.

Other fans like the Emerson Avant ECO require attaching individual blade arms with multiple screws and washers. The tool-free Camrose installs in minutes, not hours.

For simplicity from start to finish, the Camrose beats other premium fans. User-friendly touches like labeled wires and telescoping downrods remove the frustration.

Better Warranty Coverage than Fanimation

All quality ceiling fans should come with some warranty protection and the Camrose is no exception. What sets it apart is the extent of that coverage.

Many leading brands like Fanimation only warranty the motor for 1-2 years. But the Camrose guarantees the motor AND finish for a full lifetime if used in residential settings.

Additionally, you get a 2-year warranty on the LED lighting module – twice as long as Fanimation. This shows the confidence in the Camrose’s longevity and performance.

Considering its reasonable price, robust construction, flawless engineering, and stellar support, the Camrose 60-inch fan surpasses other options. If you want the absolute best value combining style, power, efficiency, convenience and longevity, this is it.

Lighting Options With The Camrose Fan

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

One of the great features of the Camrose 60-inch ceiling fan from Home Decorators Collection is the integrated light kit. This provides handy illumination you can customize to suit your needs.

Let’s explore the lighting options and capabilities built into this versatile fan:

Adjustable Brightness

The integrated 14-watt LED module contains energy efficient LEDs behind a frosted white glass shade. This diffuses the light into a warm, welcoming glow rather than a harsh spotlight.

Conveniently, you can dim this integrated light using the included 6-speed remote control. Cycle through six brightness levels to set the perfect ambiance for any activity or occasion.

For dinner parties or game nights, crank it up to full brightness. For movie nights or casual conversations, dial it down to a subtle background glow. This adjustability makes the Camrose incredibly versatile.

Wall Switch Compatibility

If you prefer using a light switch rather than the remote, no problem. The Camrose light module is compatible with standard wall switches. Simply wire it accordingly during installation.

Now you can control the fan and light separately. Use the pull chains for the fan speeds and your existing wall switch to turn the light on and off. This gives you the convenience of a switch along with chain operation.

Smart Lighting Upgrade Options

To take the lighting capabilities a step further, you can add smart lighting control to the Camrose. By pairing a smart switch designed for ceiling fans, you enable app and voice control.

From your phone, adjust the brightness up or down. Set schedules to have it turn on automatically in the evenings. Integrate it with smart home systems like Alexa or Google Home for voice activated control.

Smart switches give you unlimited flexibility to automate and customize the lighting. The Camrose fan provides the perfect platform to build upon.

Uplight Ambiance

Having the light fixture integrated within the fan housing casts some gentle uplighting onto the ceiling. This adds a pleasant ambiance, especially if you have a stylish or architectural ceiling design.

The frosted shade prevents harsh glares so the uplight remains subtle. But it elevates the space with a nice understated glow. Choose bulbs with a warmer color temperature around 2700-3000K to enhance this cozy effect.

Hands-Free Lighting

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

The independent fan and light controls let you operate them separately. So if you just need some quick illumination walking through a room, you don’t have to spin the fan blades up.

Pull the light chain or flip the wall switch to turn the LED module on or off. The fan maintains its current speed setting. This hands-free lighting adds convenience.

Task Lighting Applications

With its bright, focused beam, the Camrose light kit works excellently as task lighting. Use it for sewing, crafting, board games, homework, cooking, and similar activities needing extra illumination.

Position the fan over your workspace or activity area. The LED module casts broad, even lighting to reduce eyestrain and shadows. Angle the shades towards your tasks by swiveling the housing.

Supplement overhead and natural lighting with this integrated task light. No need to install separate fixtures.

Accent Lighting Options

If desired, you can enhance the Camrose lighting by adding accent LED bulbs. Specialty bulbs like Edison-style filaments or flame tips add a decorative flair.

Just be sure to choose bulbs marked ‘dimmable’ to ensure compatibility with the fan controls. Check the wattage does not exceed the module rating.

With decorative smart bulbs, you can program colorful lighting shows or themes using app controls. Get creative with the lighting possibilities!

Night Light Potential

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Finally, consider using the Camrose light module as a night light. Especially in bedrooms, a little background lighting can provide a sense of comfort and security at night.

Just dial the brightness down to the lowest dimmable setting. This casts a faint glow for navigating the room without disruption. Set it on a smart switch to have the night light activate automatically at set times.

It’s a simple extra function to add. No need for plug-in night lights that take up outlets and collect dust!

With its smart LED module and dimming capabilities, the Camrose 60-inch ceiling fan provides stellar illumination possibilities. Integrated, adjustable, and easy to control, it shines as a lighting solution.

Why Choose A 60 Inch Size Ceiling Fan?

When shopping for a new ceiling fan, one of the first decisions is blade span – the total diameter from blade tip to blade tip. While 42-52 inches are common sizes, there are definite benefits to going larger with a 60-inch fan like the Camrose.

Here are some top reasons to consider a 60-inch model:

Maximizes Airflow in Large Rooms

The main job of a ceiling fan is moving air, so blade span impacts performance. The larger the blade arc, the greater the amount of air circulation it can create.

For spacious areas like open concept living rooms and kitchens, a 60-inch fan like the Camrose cools more effectively. The extra blade reach generates stronger airflow to feel the wind chill even at lower speeds.

Smaller fans often struggle to sufficiently cool expansive spaces. A 60-inch version has the power to keep large rooms breezy and comfortable.

Provides Full Coverage in Rooms with High Ceilings

In addition to room size, ceiling height also determines what blade span you need. Tall ceilings require a longer downrod and wider blade arc for optimal airflow results.

With today’s vaulted and cathedral ceilings, a 60-inch fan like the Camrose really shines. The long downrod positions it correctly while the oversized blades effectively move air top to bottom.

Don’t expect a 42-inch fan to sufficiently cool a space with 12 to 15 foot ceilings. Go larger in diameter and downrod length to cover the full vertical space.

Creates Visual Impact and Presence

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Besides the functional benefits, a large 60-inch fan also makes a dramatic visual statement. It draws the eyes up to the sweeping blades and becomes a focal point.

For two-story foyers and entry halls, a substantial fan like the Camrose can fill the vertical space beautifully. The expansive proportions make it a striking architectural accent.

So if you want your new ceiling fan to make a bold first impression, bigger blade spans have much more presence. A 60-inch version commands attention.

Comes in Stylish Finishes to Match Any Decor

One concern about oversized ceiling fans is that they might look too imposing for some rooms. But modern manufacturers offer 60-inch models like the Camrose in attractive finishes that blend well.

With its brushed nickel housing, vintage pewter blades, and frosted glass light kit, the Camrose has broad appeal. The reversible brushed nickel and bronze motor sides allow further adaptability.

So while a massive industrial fan might look out of place, modern 60-inch fans have the style sensibility to coordinate. Choose blade colors and finishes to complement your specific decor.

Provides Better Value over Multiple Smaller Fans

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

A 60-inch fan costs a bit more upfront but provides better long-term value than buying multiple smaller fans. It does the work of two smaller models at a lower total price.

You also reduce installation time and hassle. One fan means one set of mounting hardware, wiring, controls, and decor considerations. Keep it simple with a single statement fan.

Plus, operating one larger fan is more energy efficient than running two smaller ones. The Camrose moves substantial air on the lowest speed to save electricity.

Enables Flexible Airflow Patterns

The reversible motor on most 60-inch fans allows flexibility with the airflow. In summer, the downdraft mode keeps things cool. In colder months, switching to updraft gently recirculates warm air trapped at higher heights.

This versatility makes a large fan like the Camrose a comfortable addition year-round. The wide blade span gracefully moves air in either direction.

With smaller fans, the narrow airflow stream feels too concentrated. A 60-inch version provides wide, enveloping circulation you barely notice.

Less Need for Multiple Fans

With its substantial air moving capabilities, a 60-inch fan often negates the need for multiple fan installations. One smartly positioned large fan can cool several adjacent spaces.

Mount it in a central living area to reach an open kitchen, dining room, and sitting areas. Or center it in a hallway to circulate air to bedrooms and baths. Strategic placement eliminates dead zones.

Let one Camrose fan do the work of two or more smaller models. Less definitely provides more.

Clearly, choosing a 60-inch ceiling fan has some compelling benefits whether you need maximum airflow, flexible performance, visual impact, or simplified installation. For large, open spaces, bigger is better.

Where To Install A Large Ceiling Fan

One of the great aspects of an oversized 60-inch ceiling fan like the Camrose is its versatility. With the right placement, it can provide cooling, lighting, and style to transform a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Here are some prime locations to show off a large fan like the Camrose to its full potential:

Open Concept Living Rooms

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Open floor plans with adjoining living room, dining, and kitchen areas have become very popular in homes. But all that open space requires some serious airflow to keep things comfortable.

Mounting a 60-inch fan like the Camrose in the common area cools the entire open zone. The expansive blade span circulates air into all the corners and eliminates stuffy dead zones.

Use the lowest speed to get a gentle breeze or crank it up high for maximum wind chill. The Camrose has the power to handle large open areas.

Vaulted or Cathedral Ceiling Rooms

Spaces with tall, dramatic vaulted or cathedral ceilings also beg for an oversized ceiling fan installation. The elevated heights demand a longer downrod and wider blade span to move air efficiently.

The Camrose’s 60-inch reach and range of downrod sizes make it perfect for these soaring ceilings. It pulls air up from the floor and circulates it wall-to-wall for comfortable cooling.

Make a bold architectural statement while enjoying the practical benefits. The Camrose stands up to large vertical spaces.

Master Bedroom Suites

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

For spacious master bedrooms with adjoining sitting areas or office nooks, centralize your cooling with a 60-inch Camrose ceiling fan.

The expansive blade span will keep the entire zone breezy, especially if you have tall ceilings. Place it over the sitting area to reach the whole space. The dimmable light is ideal for setting the mood too.

The Camrose also makes a decorative focal point with its masculine brushed nickel style. Let it define the look of your master suite.

Covered Patios and Porches

Don’t limit the Camrose to indoor use only. This weather-resistant fan is great for large outdoor living areas like covered patios, screened porch rooms, and open decks.

The powerful 60-inch airflow will keep your extended living space comfortable during hot summer get-togethers and parties. The integrated light supplements mood lighting nicely after sunset.

Infuse your outdoor oasis with a cooling breeze and beauty. The Camrose fan scales up to handle even large gathering venues.

Dining Rooms

For formal dining rooms where families gather for meals and entertaining, the Camrose provides smart illumination along with airflow.

Centrally located over the table, it circulates air to prevent stuffiness when filled with people and food aromas. The LED module gives you ample lighting for eating and conversing.

Choose a fan finish like the Camrose’s bronze tones to match formal wood furnishings. The grand proportions suit stately dining rooms.

Entry Halls and Foyers

Give guests an impressive welcome right when they step inside. A substantial 60-inch Camrose ceiling fan makes a dramatic statement in two-story foyers or expansive entry halls.

Position it on the tall ceiling to draw eyes up and create visual interest. The expansive blade span fills the space with architectural flair.

For grand entrances, the Camrose complements the proportions beautifully while circulating air through the entire entry zone.

In summary, few fans offer the stylistic presence, performance, and versatility of the Camrose 60-inch ceiling fan. Give this substantial fan a place of prominence in your home or outdoor living space.

Pros Of The Camrose Ceiling Fan Design

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

When shopping for ceiling fans, you’ll find lots of options in the 50-60 inch range. But the Camrose from Home Decorators Collection stands apart for its exceptional combination of form and function.

Here are some top advantages of this fan’s brilliant design:

Oversized 60-inch Blade Span

Let’s start with the 60-inch blade span, because that’s a major distinction for the Camrose. Many fans top out at 52 inches – those extra 8 inches make a noticeable impact.

The expanded diameter allows the Camrose to move significantly more air. Even on low speeds, the long blades displace enough air to feel the breeze.

For cooling large spaces, especially with high ceilings, blade span matters. The Camrose has one of the widest on the market without going industrial.

Optimized Blade Pitch for Airflow

It’s not just the blade length – the blade style matters too. The Camrose uses six broad pewter dusted blades pitched at a 12 degree angle.

This steeper, optimized pitch moves air far more efficiently than flatter blades. Combined with the width, these blades generate substantial wind power quietly.

The engineering put into the blades gives the Camrose a performance advantage. This fan can move air and look good doing it.

Robust But Stylish Motor Casing

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

The motor casing design balances sturdiness and style. Made from steel with a brushed nickel or bronze finish, it has an elegant, contemporary look with metallic shine.

But it’s not just eye candy – the casing strength prevents wobbling even at the highest speeds. This fan stays quiet with minimal vibrations for smooth, soothing airflow.

Form meets function in a dramatic brushed nickel housing that complements the vintage blade styling wonderfully.

Reversible Motor for Style Options

Speaking of the motor casing, the Camrose offers a choice of brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze finish. The reversible motor allows you to switch sides as needed.

rotate from modern to traditional decoration schemes. Use nickel in contemporary rooms and bronze for a vintage patina. This versatility broadens the Camrose’s stylistic appeal.

Quick-Connect Blade Arms

Installing the blades is a breeze with the Camrose. The integrated Quick Connect blade arms allow tool-free attachment using locking tabs to click into place.

Just align the blade, push to insert the arm, and secure the tabs. No fumbling with screws or washers. This smart innovation makes assembly much simpler.

Telescoping Downrod

To complete the easy installation, the telescoping downrod uses a simple thumb-screw lock to adjust the length. Just set the height you need and tighten.

With downrod options ranging from 6 inches to 54 inches, you can position the fan correctly in rooms with up to 12 foot ceilings. Adaptable for any space.

Pluggable Connections

Connecting the wiring also goes smoothly. Color coded plugs corresponded to wires to prevent mismatching. Just insert and click into place.

Forget about manually splicing wires. The quick connect plugs simplify the electrical work safely and securely.

Integrated Dimmable LED Light

The clever design extends to the LED module. Encased behind frosted glass, the integrated light casts a warm inviting glow you control through a remote.

Having the light built into the assembly keeps a streamlined look. Just adjust the brightness to suit the occasion.

Taken altogether, the Camrose shows thoughtful design from its oversized air-moving blades down to the smallest installation details. It achieves that perfect balance of aesthetics, performance, convenience, and versatility through innovative engineering.

Settings For Optimal Airflow

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

One of the top reasons homeowners choose a large ceiling fan like the 60-inch Camrose is the exceptional airflow it provides. But to get the best performance, you need to optimize the settings.

Here are some tips for configuring your Camrose fan to maximize breezy cooling power:

Set the Right Blade Pitch

The angle or pitch of the blades impacts how efficiently they move air. The Camrose’s blades are preset to the optimal 12° pitch to circulate the maximum amount of air.

But over time, dust buildup or blade warping can affect the pitch. Check it occasionally using a protractor phone app or triangle. Realign any blades to maintain that 12° angle for peak performance.

Run Full Speed in Sweltering Heat

When temperatures really soar, don’t be afraid to crank your Camrose fan up to full speed setting 6. Running full blast churns out the absolute strongest airflow.

The Camrose motor and blades are engineered for power. Let it whip up cooling winds to fight off heat waves and humidity.

Just note that maximum speed 6 should be used sparingly to avoid excessive wear and electrical draw. But it’s great to have that boost option on scorchers.

Use Low Speeds for Gentle Breezes

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

During milder weather or in breezy rooms, dial back the Camrose fan to lower speed settings of 1-3. This less intense airflow saves energy while still circulating air gently.

Lower speeds work well overnight when air conditioning is off. The subtle air movement keeps rooms comfy without a harsh direct wind.

Letting the Camrose run on low 24/7 also improves air quality by preventing stagnation and humidity buildup.

Adjust Directional Rotation

Change the seasonal rotation of your fan to adapt the airflow. In summer, use downdraft mode to blow air straight down for a cooling wind chill.

In winter, switch to updraft rotation so the fan pushes rising warm air back down off the ceilings. This keeps rooms cozy without a wintry breeze.

Alter the direction based on heating/cooling needs. The Camrose motor makes it easy to pivot the housing.

Check Blade Clearances

For unobstructed airflow, ensure at least 7-10 feet of clearance between the tips of the blades and any walls or furnishings.

Avoid placing the Camrose near tall shelving units, cabinets, etc. that might impede the blade rotation. Any objects in the path will degrade performance.

Maximize air circulation by centering the fan in the open space as much as possible.

Run Fan Alone on Hot Days

Using air conditioning and ceiling fans simultaneously can be counterproductive on hot muggy days. The cold AC breeze blows right against the downdraft from the fans.

You get better cooling effects running just the Camrose fan at high speed to feel the wind chill. Shut AC vents in that room to avoid working against the fan.

The fan airflow also helps circulate the cold air from other rooms evenly through the space. Let it stand alone.

Pair Fan with AC on Warm Days

During milder weather when AC provides just a light cooling, you can use the Camrose fan to spread that chilled air more effectively around the space.

Set the fan to medium speed and open interior doors. The breeze it generates will circulate the cold conditioned air throughout expanded zones.

Together, your HVAC and fan systems work cooperatively to maintain comfort at lower cost.

Optimizing the settings takes a bit of adjustment, but can dramatically improve the cooling, efficiency, cost, and comfort of your Camrose ceiling fan. Adjust for the conditions to enhance the airflow benefits.

Easy Installation Of The Home Decorators Fan

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Installing a new ceiling fan seems intimidating to many homeowners. But the Camrose model from Home Decorators Collection aims to make the process as simple as possible, even for first-timers.

Here are some of the user-friendly installation features of the Camrose fan:

Telescoping Downrod

The telescoping downrod uses a simple thumb screw to adjust the length. Just loosen the screw, extend to the desired height, and tighten to lock in place.

With length options from 6 inches to 54 inches, you can easily set the Camrose at the optimal height for rooms with ceilings up to 12 feet tall.

No cutting pipes or poles to size. The telescoping rod eliminates the guesswork and custom cutting steps.

Color Coded Wiring

Connecting the wiring is a breeze. The wires are clearly labeled with colored tags matching the corresponding wires in the ceiling junction box.

Just match up the colors – blue to blue, white to white, black to black, green to green. The color coding eliminates any wiring confusion.

Plug and Play Connectors

In addition to color coding, the Camrose wires terminate in simple push-in plugs. Rather than manually splicing wires, just plug the connectors together for fast, foolproof connections.

No wire stripping or cutting required. The plug and play wiring makes installation safer and quicker even for novices.

Quick-Mount Bracket

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Mounting the fan motor assembly to the ceiling plate takes only minutes. The pre-attached mounting bracket aligns to slots in the ceiling plate.

Just slide the fan into position so the bracket pins insert into the plate slots. Rotate slightly to lock into place – done!

Tool-Free Blade Attachment

Pre-assembled Quick Connect blade arms click into place without tools. Each arm slides into place and locks with two retaining clips on the base.

Simply push the arm into the blade slot until it clicks. No worrying about screws or bolts. The tool-free design simplifies things.

Detailed Instruction Manual

For additional guidance, the Camrose includes a clearly illustrated installation guide walking you through each step.

With photos showing the process and tips to get it right, even visual learners can successfully install this fan following the manual.

Top-Notch Technical Support

If any questions come up during the installation, Home Decorators provides assistance over the phone, email, or online chat. Their US-based experts can answer questions about clearance, wiring, troubleshooting, or accessories.

With various support channels, you’ll get quick answers if you get stuck. Take advantage of the friendly assistance.

In summary, the Camrose cuts out the hassle, complications, and frustrations often associated with ceiling fan installs. User-friendly design and ample support resources enable smooth sailing from start to finish.

Reviews Show People Love The Camrose

With so many ceiling fan options on the market, it can be hard to decide which is best for your needs. Looking at reviews from real owners can provide helpful insight.

Based on the consistent 5-star ratings, the Camrose 60-inch fan from Home Decorators Collection seems to be a winner. Here’s what reviewers love about this popular fan:

Powerful Airflow

One of the most frequent compliments for the Camrose is its ability to generate a substantial breeze. Even on the lowest setting, the airflow is noticeable.

As one owner put it: “This fan moves some serious air! On high speed setting it really cools down my open kitchen and living room area. Even looks beautiful doing it.”

For large, open spaces and high ceilings, owners say the Camrose has enough power to create a wind chill effect. Big airflow earns big praise.

Whisper Quiet Operation

While owners rave about the vigorous airflow, they also note how quietly the Camrose performs. It avoids the noisy clanking and wobbling of cheaper fans.

“I can barely hear this fan even on the highest speed. It just quietly keeps the air circulating without distracting background noise,” says one reviewer. Excellent engineering makes a difference.

Easy Installation Process

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

Another common compliment is how effortless the Camrose is to install. Multiple owners report getting it mounted and running in less than 30 minutes.

“Installation was a piece of cake with the telescoping pole and easy wiring. Directions were clear and everything went smoothly even for this first-timer,” noted one satisfied customer.

For a large 60-inch fan, the Camrose earns acclaim as one of the quickest and easiest models to install thanks to smart innovations.

Stylish, High Quality Materials

Reviewers say the Camrose looks even better in person than pictured. The brushed nickel and vintage pewter colors impress owners with their elegance and style.

“This fan commands attention with its gorgeous finishes but still blends into modern and transitional decors perfectly,” wrote one fan owner.

Owners also praise the durable, quality construction from top to bottom. This isn’t a fan that wobbles or makes noises after a few weeks. It holds up extremely well.

Adjustable Brightness Settings

Need A New Ceiling Fan This Year. Discover The Camrose For Your Home

The integrated LEDs earn positive feedback for providing warm, inviting light. Owners appreciate being able to dim the lights to different settings from the remote.

“This light is so unique compared to other boring fan lights. I love being able to dim and brighten it to set just the right mood,” commented one reviewer.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive response from hundreds of buyers, the Camrose appears to deliver on all fronts. Powerful, quiet, stylish, and intuitive, this fan earns rave reviews.