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Need More Storage Space. How These 11×12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Introduction to 12×6 and 11×12 Plastic Storage Bins

Finding enough storage space in your home can be a constant struggle. Between cluttered closets, overflowing garages, and crowded pantries, it often feels like there’s never quite enough room to neatly organize all of your belongings. However, the right storage containers can be a total game-changer.

Plastic storage bins are an affordable and versatile solution for wrangling the chaos. Sturdy plastic tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs. Two of the most popular options are 11×12 and 12×6 storage bins.

Benefits of Clear Plastic Storage Containers With Lids

Opting for clear plastic bins with lids provides a number of advantages over other types of storage. Being able to easily see inside the containers helps you locate items faster. The transparency also enables you to quickly scan and take stock of supplies so you can identify when it’s time to restock. Lids keep contents protected from dust and damage. The clarity coupled with covers makes these bins perfect for storing everything from clothes and toys to holiday decorations and food.

Organize Your Garage With Large Plastic Totes

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

From sporting equipment to tools and hardware accessories, garages tend to become disorganized very quickly. Large plastic totes around 11×12 inches in size are excellent for wrangling all the odd items that wind up strewn across garage shelves and floors. These big boxes are ideal for containing bulky gear while keeping related items together.

For example, use one bin to corral all baseball equipment. Designate another for camping and outdoor supplies. The ample space also enables you to keep items neatly stacked vertically to maximize storage. You’ll reclaim floor space while being able to find gear easily.

Keep Your Closet Clutter-Free Using Storage Bins

Crammed closets short on shelf space often turn into black holes where clothes and accessories get buried and forgotten. Plain plastic storage bins around 12×6 inches in size are perfect for neatly corralling all your wardrobe items. Use them to neatly stack and separate clothes, shoes, belts, purses, and other accessories.

The slim shape enables you to slide multiple bins side-by-side on existing shelves. This allows you to double or triple your functional storage space. Now you can finally reclaim closet order and quickly find what you need. You’ll also gain room for new items since everything has a designated space.

Plastic Bins to Categorize Kids Toys and Clothes

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Every parent knows first-hand the struggle of keeping kids’ belongings organized. Between what seems like endless toys and a closet full of outgrown clothes awaiting hand-me-downs, maintaining order can be downright maddening. Thankfully, cheap plastic storage bins offer an easy solution.

Use small 6-quart bins to categorize clothes by size and divide toys into themes. This makes it fast and easy for kids to clean up after themselves. You’ll also conserve sanity since essential items no longer vanish into the abyss of their messy room.

Use Storage Containers To Protect Seasonal Decorations

Holiday decorations only see the light of day for a few weeks each year. Still, they require proper storage in the off-season to prevent damage. When improperly packed away, delicate ornaments and lights easily become crumpled and tangled messes by the time you unpack them again.

Sturdy plastic storage tubs help keep Christmas, Halloween, and other seasonal decor protected through months of storage. Nesting slim 12×6 inch bins is perfect for neatly packing away strands of lights. Large 11×12 inch totes enable you to carefully place even fragile tree ornaments so they stay organized and intact.

Get Your Pantry Sorted Out With Food Storage Bins

Pantries easily turn into chaos zones filled with a jumbled mess of ingredients that gets worse over time. As a result, you wind up tossing money and food as items get lost and expire before use. Proper storage bins can help you reclaim order.

Use large clear plastic containers to sort and store bulk dry goods like rice, pasta, oats, etc. Smaller stackable bins keep canned goods visible and neatly arranged. Now you can instantly see what needs to be restocked and utilize contents before they go bad.

Stackable Storage Bins Maximize Small Spaces

Limited storage space in apartments, RVs, dorm rooms, and other tight quarters can be enormously frustrating. Standing vertical storage bins help overcome the challenges of crammed environments. Models around 12×6 inches with flat tops easily stack atop each other.

This enables you to build neat columns for stashing clothing, linens, cleaning supplies and just about anything else you need to organize. Even narrow spaces like the gap between the refrigerator and cabinets can be utilized. You get personalized storage without eating up precious square footage.

Save Space In Your Fridge And Freezer With Plastic Bins

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Even large refrigerators and freezers tend to turn into disheveled pits where perishables vanish, go bad, and lead to frequent waste. Small plastic storage bins are fantastic for categorizing chilled and frozen foods for space efficiency.

Use bins to group similar items like yogurt cups, individual cheese slices, juice boxes, etc. You save space while making them easy to locate. Frozen meals can be stacked vertically in upright bins. Getting organized cuts waste and saves you grocery money over time.

Affordable Storage Solutions For Any Budget

Organization doesn’t need to be expensive. Inexpensive plastic storage bins offer premium utility at bargain prices. Large bins capable of handling all your bulky storage needs often cost just a few dollars each. Even clear bins with locking lids come in under $10.

Dollar store bins hold up remarkably well despite the cheap price tag. Take your time to browse the many size, shape, and color options out there to find solutions perfect for your specific organizational challenges. With a bit of creativity and the right bins, you can conquer closet chaos, garage disorder, and other storage struggles without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Clear Plastic Storage Containers With Lids

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Clutter be gone! Clear plastic storage bins with lids are a game changer for anyone seeking to infuse more order into their home. Unlike cardboard boxes that quickly fall apart, sturdy plastic containers can withstand years of use. The transparent bins also provide unique advantages over other storage options.

Being able to see what’s inside the containers enables lightning-fast organization. No more playing guessing games or needing to unpack everything to find what you need. A quick glance tells you exactly where that holiday wreath or favorite sweater is located.

The visibility also makes it easy to take inventory of your supplies so you know when to restock items. Whether it’s canned goods in your pantry or art supplies for the kids, you can easily assess current quantities.

Anyone who has ever experienced the frustration of mystery storage boxes can appreciate the time-saving magic of transparent bins. No more shuffling and digging through a dozen containers trying to locate where you packed away the tent or ceramic Christmas village.

Lids add further utility by keeping contents free of dust, dirt, moisture and other damaging elements. This helps protect all the items you worked hard to organize. Fragile valuables like holiday ornaments and important documents stay pristine season after season.

Plastic lids also enable you to neatly stack bins vertically without crushing delicate objects. This allows you to take advantage of all available storage space, even in tight spaces like crowded pantries and slim closets.

Being able to plainly see what’s inside and keep it protected are key reasons clear storage bins have become a organizational staple in millions of homes. They enable you to logistically conquer everything from overflowing kids’ toy bins to a jam-packed garage.

However, transparent bins offer additional benefits beyond just basic storage and protection. They provide an psychological edge that helps you maintain tidiness long-term.

Research shows surrounding yourself with organizational systems promotes follow-through. A glimpse of clear bins neatly arranged acts as motivation to put belongings back properly. Out of sight often leads to out of mind.

Transparent containers also eliminate the urge to stash things randomly just to get them out of the way. You’ll now take a moment to file items properly since the bins foster an expectation of order.

Being able to visually assess storage needs prompts you to proactively get space issues resolved. Notice your winter gear bin overflowing? Time to grab another one so things don’t get derailed.

The ability to see what needs to be used up, donated, or repaired helps prevent putting off important tasks. Out of sight items are easily neglected and forgotten.

In summary, clear plastic storage bins deliver dual physical and psychological benefits. They provide logistical solutions while visually promoting ongoing organization. Things have a designated spot, are easy to find quickly, and stay tidy long-term.

Organize Your Garage With Large Plastic Totes

Is your garage overflowing with stuff? Are you having trouble finding tools, seasonal items, and other necessities amidst the clutter? If you’re looking for an affordable and efficient way to get organized, consider investing in some large plastic storage totes.

These durable bins come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all your belongings and can totally transform your garage space. Here’s how these 11″ x 12″ storage bins can change your life:

Maximize Vertical Space

One of the best things about plastic totes is that they easily stack, allowing you to maximize vertical storage space. By stacking bins on shelves or constructing a special rack, you can take advantage of that vacant area near the ceiling. This opens up valuable floor space for your vehicles, workout equipment, or projects.

For safety, be sure to place heavier bins on the bottom and use an anchoring system to keep stacks secure. Mark bins clearly with permanent marker so you know exactly what’s inside without moving them around.

Designated Spaces

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Nothing helps organize a garage more than having a designated space for everything. These storage bins allow you to sort and group like items together. For example, you may have bins for sporting goods, gardening supplies, automotive accessories, seasonal decorations, and more.

This makes it so much easier to locate what you need without having to rummage around. No more wasting time searching for the weed whacker when it’s spring or the Christmas lights when December rolls around. Just go right to the appropriate plastic tub!

Protect Belongings

From dirt and dust to moisture and bugs, a garage exposes your stuff to all kinds of elements. Plastic storage bins help safeguard your belongings from conditions that could cause damage or deterioration over time.

The sturdy plastic construction keeps out insects, rodents, and mildew. Lids provide an additional barrier against dust and other environmental contaminants. Your tools, keepsakes, and other items stay clean and intact.

Transport Easily

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Moving and rearranging a garage full of loose items can be exhausting. Fortunately, plastic bins allow you to transport a set of belongings in one container. For example, if you need to access something in a bin on the top shelf, just remove the tub and bring it down rather than climbing up and down a ladder repeatedly.

The built-in handles also make it easy to carry bins outside for rummage sales, donate items, or bring camping gear on a trip. No need to make multiple trips schlepping armfuls of stuff!

Flexible Organization

Plastic storage bins provide flexible organization options. Since they are available in standard sizes, you can find bins to accommodate large, bulky items as well as smaller objects. Use a combination of big and little bins to customize your storage solution.

Additionally, your organizational needs may change over time as hobbies evolve, kids grow up, and possessions accumulate. Plastic tubs allow you to easily rearrange and reorganize as needed. Just switch out labels or transfer bins to new shelf locations.

Affordable Option

Adding shelving, cabinets, and other built-in storage systems can get very expensive. Plastic bins are an affordable solution for getting organized on a budget.

Basic 11″ x 12″ totes can cost as little as $5-10 each. Even nice-looking decorative tubs with bells and whistles run just $20-40. Compare that to the high price of installing custom cabinetry or contracting a professional organizing service.

Visual Order

There’s something psychologically satisfying about being able to see your stuff neatly arranged. The transparency of plastic bins makes it easy to visualize what’s inside each container.

This allows you to quickly scan for what you need. It also just feels good to walk into a tidy garage where everything has a place. The lack of clutter helps you feel more calm and clear-headed.

Prevent Rodents

Nothing is more annoying than having mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents invade your garage. They can chew on wires, damage insulation, leave droppings, and cause health hazards.

Sealing stuff tightly in plastic bins helps deter these unwelcome critters by removing access to tasty morsels. Rodents won’t be able to chew through the hard plastic to get inside either. Say goodbye to messy nests and nibbled bags.

Weatherproof Storage

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Since garages aren’t climate controlled, everything stored inside gets exposed to humidity, rain leaks, temperature swings, and other weather conditions. Plastic storage bins help protect against moisture, mildew, rust, and other types of weather damage.

The waterproof construction keeps out liquid if rain or snowmelt seeps in. Your stuff stays nice and dry instead of getting soaked. No more rusty tools or musty smelling boxes.

Simplify Cleaning

Cleaning a crowded, messy garage can feel totally overwhelming. It’s much easier when you only have to sweep the floor and wipe down neatly organized storage bins.

Just remove everything from the shelves and racks, sweep out dust bunnies, hose down the floor, and do a quick wipe down of the empty bins. Then neatly return them filled with belongings. Your garage will look spotless in no time!

As you can see, installing some 11″ x 12″ plastic storage bins is an easy and affordable way to get your garage organized. They allow you to neatly stow stuff while protecting it from damage and pests. No more wasting time searching through a messy garage. Investing in a few of these transformational tubs can make your life so much easier!

Keep Your Closet Clutter-Free Using Storage Bins

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Is your closet bursting at the seams? Are you constantly digging through piles of clothes and accessories trying to find what you need? Bring order to the chaos with storage bins! These handy containers can totally transform your closet space.

Sturdy plastic bins in sizes like 11″ x 12″ give you affordable and customizable ways to neatly store clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. Read on to see how they can declutter your closet and make your mornings totally stress-free!

Designate Categories

The key to maintaining an organized closet is having a designated spot for everything. Use storage bins to categorize clothes and accessories into logical groups. For example, have bins for:

  • Sweaters and lightweight knits
  • Jeans and pants
  • Activewear and workout clothes
  • Jackets and coats
  • Scarves, gloves, and hats
  • Purses
  • Shoes – consider getting vinyl shoe boxes

This makes it so easy to quickly grab what you need in the morning. No more frantically tearing through your closet like a tasmanian devil looking for matching socks!

Maximize Shelf Space

One of the best aspects of storage bins is that they easily stack, allowing you to maximize vertical storage. Use them to take advantage of shelf space you can’t hang or fold items on. Strategically place them on the top shelf, the floor, or invest in special racks.

Just be sure to place heavy bins on the bottom for stability. It also helps to label each bin so you know what’s inside at a glance without having to move stacks around.

Store Off-Season Items

Live in a place with pronounced seasons? Use those handy plastic bins to stow off-season clothing like heavy sweaters and coats you won’t need for months. This clears room for your current wardrobe essentials.

Simply switch bins when the weather changes – swap your wooly sweaters for sundresses and vice versa. You’ll always have what you need accessible and out of the way when not in use.

Protect Special Pieces

Have delicate clothing like silks, special occasion dresses, or cashmere that require extra care? Use storage bins specifically to protect those pieces.

The enclosed plastic bins keep out moisture, dust, pet hair, and pests that could damage or soil your nicest garments. Now you can safely store them in your closet without worrying about deterioration.

Contain Accessories

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Scarves, hats, gloves, belts, ties, and other small accessories can quickly turn into a jumbled mess. Prevent this by using smaller storage bins to corral all your little extras.

Designate bins for each accessory category or for specific items like “work belts” and “going-out purses.” Now you can quickly find that perfect finishing touch for your outfit.

Organize Under the Bed

Make use of wasted space under your bed by stashing plastic bins of out-of-season clothing or rarely worn items like formalwear. Just slide them out when needed.

This keeps them out of the way but still easily accessible. Plus, translucent bins allow you to see contents so you don’t forget what’s hidden away underneath.

Contain Shoe Clutter

Get tall shoe storage containers to neatly arrange all your footwear on the closet floor. This prevents a giant heap of shoes that prevents you from walking in your closet!

Group shoes in categories like sandals, sneakers, heels, etc. Stackable shoe bins are great for organizing booties by height or color. Now you can find and choose shoes painlessly.

Make Moving Easy

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Relocating your wardrobe during a move is so much simpler when clothes are stored in plastic bins. Just transport the self-contained containers to your new closet and set them up.

You avoid having to round up hundreds of loose garments and accessories. Plus, your stuff stays clean and organized during the move.

Easily Rearrange

Storage bins allow flexible closet organization. Should your needs change, simply re-stack containers or transfer them to new shelves according to your updated system.

No need to completely reorganize individual pieces. Just move bins around to reconfigure your space. Changing seasons or aging kids? No problem.

Affordable Option

Closet storage bins provide inexpensive organization compared to pricy custom closet systems or professional organizers. Durable plastic totes come in multipacks for just a few dollars per bin.

They make it possible to organize on a budget. Invest in just a few key sizes and use them to categorize your entire wardrobe.

Want to enjoy a clutter-free closet that makes getting dressed a breeze? Invest in some storage bins to categorize your clothes, shoes, accessories, and out-of-season items. With everything neatly stowed in a designated spot, you’ll feel relaxed instead of rushed when getting ready in the morning. Just open the matching bin and go – no more closet chaos!

Plastic Bins to Categorize Kids Toys and Clothes

Is your kids’ playroom or bedroom overflowing with toys, books, and clothes? As a parent, keeping all their stuff organized can feel totally impossible! The solution? Sturdy plastic storage bins!

Affordable bins in standard sizes like 11″ x 12″ make it easy to categorize toys and clothes so you can find what you need in the mess. Read on to learn how they can transform those chaotic spaces into organized oases!

Separate Toy Categories

Does your child have toy cars mixed with Legos, stuffed animals blended with baby dolls? Use plastic bins to separate their toys into logical categories. For instance:

  • Action figures and dolls
  • Building toys like Legos
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Puzzles and board games
  • Outdoor toys like balls and sidewalk chalk
  • Vehicles – cars, trains, etc.

With a designated tub for each toy type, clean-up is a breeze. Just toss toys in their matching container at night. Genius!

Corral Art Supplies

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Kids’ art gear like crayons, markers, paints and brushes can end up strewn all over if not contained. Prevent this by using shelves or small plastic bins just for art materials.

Keep bins near where your child likes to create and have them put supplies away when done. Voila – no more stepping on stray colored pencils!

Book Bins

Does your kids’ book collection resemble an episode of Hoarders? (Be honest). Use plastic bins to neatly store and organize books – assign a bin just for board books, one for picture books, one for chapter books, etc.

This keeps books orderly so you can easily grab one for bedtime reading. It also teaches kids how to keep their space organized.

Seasonal Toy Rotation

Kids tend to cycle through favorite toys – store these plastic treasure chests to rotate playthings in and out.

Put away toys they’ve lost interest in for a while and bring out “new” ones from storage. This keeps play exciting and prevents overwhelming clutter.

Categorize Clothing

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Does your kid’s closet constantly look like a tornado hit it? (Again, be honest). Use bins to categorize clothes into types like:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Pajamas
  • Socks and underwear
  • Sweaters and sweatshirts
  • Jackets and coats
  • Accessories – hats, mittens, etc.

This makes dressing easy each morning. Just open the matching bin, grab and go!

Store Outgrown Clothes

Kids outgrow clothes so fast! Use bins to store outgrown pieces they’ve only worn once or twice. This keeps them in great shape for a younger sibling.

No point in tossing hardly-worn clothes every time they hit a growth spurt. Save them for kid #2 in labeled plastic treasure chests.

Contain Messy Art

Does your little budding Picasso leave a trail of paint and glitter after creating masterpieces? Use bins to store unfinished projects until dry.

The enclosed containers prevent mess from spreading all over. Once art is dry, simply transfer to their portfolio or display it.

Purge Regularly

Go through your kids’ bins seasonally to purge stuff they’ve outgrown or lost interest in. Donate gently used toys and pass clothes to other families.

This prevents overwhelming clutter from accumulating over the years. Only keep special items or favorites to store.

Teach Responsibility

Put kids in charge of keeping their bins organized – show them what belongs in each container.

They can learn to tidy up toys themselves by dumping things in the right bins. Make it a daily habit!

Plastic storage bins are parent-approved for taming toy and clothing chaos. Durable tubs neatly corral all that stuff into place so you can find what you need and keep spaces tidy. Just open the right bin – sanity restored!

Use Storage Containers To Protect Seasonal Decorations

Do you spend time each year searching for all your holiday decorations? Are some damaged from improper storage? Organize these precious keepsakes once and for all with sturdy plastic storage bins!

Affordable storage tubs in sizes like 11″ x 12″ allow you to neatly store decorations by holiday. Read on to see how proper storage keeps cherished ornaments and other decor looking their best year after year.

Separate by Holiday

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

First, sort all your holiday decorations into groups based on which holiday they belong to. Great categories include:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter
  • 4th of July
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Halloween

This makes finding specific decor so much easier when it’s time to deck the halls each season. No more digging through twenty boxes looking for the Santa figurine!

Wrap Fragile Items

Many Christmas ornaments and other delicate decor merits extra protection. Wrap each fragile piece individually in tissue paper before placing in a container.

This prevents fragile bulbs, ceramic figures, and crystal decor from breaking when bins are moved and stacked. An extra layer of padding never hurts!

Label Clearly

Use a permanent marker to label every bin by holiday and contents. For example, write “Easter – plastic eggs and baskets” or “Xmas – outdoor lights.”

This avoids any confusion later when you go to unpack each container. You’ll instantly know what’s inside without unstacking and opening multiple bins.

Store Ornaments Properly

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Christmas ornaments require special care. Use compartmentalized ornament storage bins to prevent damage and tangling.

These have built-in dividers so each ornament stays neatly in its own section. No more giant knots or broken hooks next season!

Protect from Elements

Since decorations get stored in attics, basements, or garages, they’re exposed to dust, dirt, moisture, and temperature extremes. Plastic storage containers seal out these harmful elements.

The sturdy plastic construction keeps out dirt, pests, and mildew. Your decorations will stay pristine in their sealed bins instead of being ruined.

Organize Wreaths and Garlands

Hanging decor like wreaths and garlands require special storage. Use long, narrow bins and carefully wind each piece so it lies flat.

This prevents tangles, damage, and crushed branches. Plastic keeps greenery supple instead of drying out when stored this way.

Save Original Packaging

When possible, use manufacturers’ original packaging to store delicate decorations. These containers were designed specifically for that item.

For example, repack holiday villages in their styrofoam inserts and boxes. This prevents damage during storage and transport.

Prevent Fading

Bright sun and heat cause Christmas lights and fabric decorations to fade over time. Place these items in dark plastic bins versus clear.

Opaque bins prevent light exposure that would diminish colors. Your Santa pillows and string lights will stay vibrant for many seasons.

Easy Access

Decorating is much easier when everything has a dedicated spot. Just grab the matching holiday bin and immediately find what you need inside.

Rather than tearing the house apart looking for your “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament, know it’s safely stored away.

Protect Investments

Between sentimental value and monetary cost, holiday decor represents a big investment. Protect this by using quality storage bins.

They allow safekeeping of cherished ornaments, vintage pieces, and expensive decorations you want to cherish for years.

Don’t let another ornament get crushed or garland get tangled. Use sturdy plastic bins to organize holiday decorations by season for easy accessing and safe storage year after year.

Get Your Pantry Sorted Out With Food Storage Bins

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Is your pantry a jumbled mess of food items strewn about willy nilly? Are you wasting money on duplicate ingredients you can’t find? Organize this chaos once and for all with handy food storage bins!

Durable plastic containers in standard sizes like 11″ x 12″ make it easy to categorize ingredients so you can actually find what you need. Read on to learn how proper food storage prevents waste and saves you money!

Store Dry Goods

Use larger plastic bins for bulk dry goods like rice, flour, sugar, etc. Clear bins allow you to easily see contents without labeling.

Having designated containers for these pantry staples keeps them fresh by sealing out moisture and pests. No more weevils in your wheat flour!

Divide by Food Type

Use bins to organize ingredients into logical categories like:

  • Baking essentials – flour, baking soda, chocolate chips
  • Spices and seasoning packets
  • Canned goods
  • Boxed meals – pasta, rice mixes, mac and cheese
  • Snacks – granola bars, chips, pretzels

This grouping makes it effortless to find what you need for recipes. No more buying duplicate spices and cans because you can’t locate them!

Label Visibly

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Use a permanent marker or printable labels to clearly identify each bin if they’re not see-through. For example: “Organic Quinoa,” “Chicken Broth Cans,” or “Chocolate Chips.”

Visible labels prevent you from opening multiple containers while searching for oatmeal or tuna. A quick glance tells you exactly where things are.

Store On Shelves

Maximize vertical space by storing uniform plastic bins on shelves. This gets food up off the floor and utilizes space otherwise wasted in the back or on high shelves.

Just be sure to place heavier bins like cans on lower shelves. ROTATE stock by putting new items in the back and moving older ones to the front.

Seal Out Pests

Plastic storage bins keep out pantry pests that can ruin ingredients. Tight lids prevent entry from contaminating insects and rodents.

Your food stays protected from these critters that want to nibble on your cereal and flour. Bins create impenetrable force fields around food!

Prevent Spills

Open bags and boxes make a huge mess when spills happen. Containing ingredients in bins keeps messes localized if a mishap occurs.

The sealed lids contain any spills inside one bin versus spreading all over your pantry’s floor and shelves. Just wipe out the single soiled container.

Maintain Freshness

Exposure to air, light, and humidity shortens ingredient shelf-life. Plastic bins create micro-environments that prolong freshness.

Sealed containers prevent moisture and oxygen from sneaking in. Your food stays dry and crispy versus getting stale and moldy.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk saves money but leaves you with open bags taking up space. Transferring bulk items into bins lets you take advantage of deals.

For example, store 10 pounds of rice or flour in an airtight bin. This contains the big supply in a compact space while keeping it fresh.

Easy to Clean

Plastic bins make cleaning a breeze versus washing each food package or bag individually. Just remove bins and wipe down the empty shelves.

Since ingredients are contained, messes are controlled. You can sanitize the inside of bins as needed in just a few minutes.

Ditch the disorganized mess and start using food storage bins to categorize your pantry. Having a designated spot for everything makes cooking easier and less wasteful. Just open the right bin to find exactly what you need!

Stackable Storage Bins Maximize Small Spaces

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Living in a small space can feel cramped and cluttered, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The secret? Stackable storage bins. These handy containers are a game changer when it comes to organizing and getting the most out of every square inch.

Stackable bins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to suit any need. The most popular options are plastic or fabric cubes and rectangles that neatly fit onto shelving units and stacking organizers. The best part is that they’re lightweight and mobile so you can rearrange and reorganize as needed. No more rummaging through a jumbled mess to find what you need!

Maximize Closet Storage

For many small space dwellers, closet storage is limited. This is where stackable bins can save the day. Use them to neatly sort and contain clothes, shoes, accessories, linens, and anything else you need to store. Label the front of each bin so you know exactly where to find things. Stack them from floor to ceiling to make use of every bit of vertical space available.

Another option is to use fabric cube bins to double your hanging space. Simply place them on the floor of your closet and use the top fabric sides as additional hanging bars. Instantly double (or triple!) the amount of hanging space you have. Plus the bins neatly corral shoes, purses, or other items down below. No more messy closet floors or crammed shelves!

Get Organized Under the Bed

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

The space under your bed is prime real estate in a small home. Unfortunately, it often ends up filled with a random assortment of junk. Stackable plastic bins are the perfect solution to keep this area neat and clutter-free. Use them to store out of season clothing or bedding, shoes you don’t wear often, travel items like suitcases and camping gear, hobby supplies, paperwork, and much more.

For easy access, use bins with attached lids and front handles. Label each bin clearly so you know what’s inside without having to unpack them. Slide them right out when you need something. When not in use, they tuck neatly under the bed and out of the way.

Maximize Shelving & Vertical Space

Shelf space is precious real estate in a cramped apartment. Luckily, stackable storage bins can help you use every last inch vertically. Look for rectangular bins in a variety of heights that fit neatly on shelves. Use shorter bins for lightweight items like craft supplies and taller bins for bulkier things like sweaters and linens.

If your shelving unit has deep shelves, consider using decorative bins to create a second row behind the first. Essentially double your storage capacity. Just be sure not to overload the shelves by stacking bins too high.

For a bit of style, combine storage bins of different colors, patterns, and materials on the shelves. The neat, organized look will make even the tiniest studio feel spacious and put together.

Organize the Entryway

The entryway tends to collect mounds of shoes, coats, bags and other items that get dumped daily. This small space can quickly feel out of control. Three words: stackable storage bins.

Use a bin on the floor to corral shoes neat and tidy. Hang hooks on the wall for coats and bags. Place a narrow bin on a shelf or console table to collect mail, keys and other small accessories. Everything has a designated home so you can find it easily and keep clutter at bay.

Container Garden on the Patio

Lack of outdoor space shouldn’t mean you can’t have a garden. Stackable plastic bins make it possible to grow plants, herbs and vegetables just about anywhere. Use them as planters on balconies, patios, decks, or anywhere that gets sun.

Look for rectangular bins about 12 inches deep to allow adequate room for root growth. Make sure your containers have drainage holes. Add potting soil and seeds or plant starts of your choice. Stack the planters to create a vertical garden that makes the most of limited space. It’s amazing how many plants you can grow successfully this way.

Organize the Bathroom

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Even the bathroom can benefit from stackable storage bins. Mount bin shelves on the wall or stack them on the floor to neatly corral toiletries and cleaning supplies. Use one bin for backup toilet paper rolls and personal products. Another to store cleaning and hygiene supplies. Smaller bins are perfect for medicine cabinets too.

If you want to disguise the utilitarian look, try woven baskets or bins covered in decorative contact paper or fabric. Just be sure to label them so everyone knows what’s inside.

Kid & Toy Storage

Let’s be honest, kids come with a lot of stuff. Especially in a small home, all those toys, games, art supplies and more can be overwhelming. Enter stackable fabric bins to save the day.

Use them to neatly organize play areas so clean up is a breeze. Label each bin clearly with words and pictures so kiddos know exactly where toys belong. Extra bins corral art supplies, games with lots of pieces, dress up clothes, and more. Stack additional cubes along the wall for books, stuffed animals and other treasures.

The bright colors and spot for everything will help kids stay organized too. When playtime is over, everything has a home ready for next time.

Craft and Hobby Storage

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Crafters and hobbyists know the struggle of keeping all those supplies and small pieces organized. From sewing and knitting to model building and jewelry making, stackable bins keep your passion neat and tidy.

Use small parts bins or stackable bead organizers to separate tiny items like buttons, beads, hardware, and more. Larger cubes can hold yarn balls, pattern books, unfinished projects and other bulkier supplies. Everything has a designated spot so you can grab what you need and get to creating.

Bonus tip: Corral works-in-progress in their own bin so you can neatly tuck away your latest creation until next time.

Pantry Organization

Make the most of your limited pantry space with stackable bins designed for food storage. Square or rectangle shapes maximize shelf space. Store similar food items together – pastas and grains in one bin, baking supplies in another, canned goods together and so on.

For a mobile pantry, use plastic bins with handles to make reorganizing and finding things fast and easy. Labeled bins also eliminate the guesswork of what’s inside. An organized pantry not only saves space, it reduces food waste too.

Garage Storage

Even the garage can benefit from stackable plastic bins to keep all your gear organized. Use large bins to store bulky seasonal items like holiday decorations, camping gear and sporting equipment. Smaller stackable parts bins are perfect for nuts, bolts, tools and automotive supplies.

Stack bins neatly on shelves to keep everything off the floor. For ultimate organization, label the front of each bin clearly so you can find what you need in a flash. No more playing hide and seek with your stuff!

As you can see, stackable storage bins are a small space dweller’s secret weapon. Use them anywhere you need smart storage and organization. With a little creativity, you can maximize every inch to keep clutter under control. Your space may be tiny, but you’ll live large and organized.

Save Space In Your Fridge And Freezer With Plastic Bins

If you’re like most people, your fridge and freezer are a jumbled mess of food tossed haphazardly on shelves. While it may seem like no big deal, this disorganization can lead to wasting food and money. The solution? Plastic storage bins designed specifically to maximize refrigerator and freezer space.

These clear plastic containers come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. From narrow bins for cans and jars, to larger produce keepers and freezer bins, they allow you to neatly organize all your food. Bonus: you’ll actually be able to find what you need when you need it!

Keep Produce Fresh Longer

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Fruits and veggies tend to get shoved wherever they fit, leading to spoilage. Use vented produce keeper bins to neatly corral them and help extend freshness. Separate types of produce into different containers. For example, berries in one bin, carrots and celery in another.

The ventilation allows airflow to prevent moisture buildup. This slows spoilage caused by ethylene gas released as produce ripens. With everything organized neatly in its place, you’ll use up fresh food before it goes bad.

Organize Leftovers & Prepared Foods

Leftovers shoved haphazardly on a shelf lead to mystery science experiments lurking in containers. Yuck! Clear plastic fridge bins neatly contain prepared foods and leftovers so you know what’s inside.

Square and rectangle shapes make the most of shelf space. Label each bin with the contents and date, so you know what needs eating first. Now you can quickly identify and enjoy leftovers before they get moldy and have to be tossed.

Corral Cans, Jars & Condiments

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Ever had that infuriating experience of grabbing a jar from the door shelf only to unleash an avalanche of condiments? Those days are gone with slide-out plastic bins designed to hold cans, jars and bottles upright.

Look for narrow width bins to maximize door shelf space. Use one for condiments, another for salad dressings, a third for jams and jellies. Keeping like items together makes locating them fast and frustration-free.

Organize Freezer Meals & Leftovers

Freezer organization is even more important since you can’t see what’s inside opaque containers or bags. Plastic freezer bins let you neatly stack and identify frozen foods.

Use open containers for leftover chunks of cheese, meat, bread and produce. Label ingredients and date. When stacking, place newest items on top so you use oldest food first.

For prepared meals and soups, choose lidded bins and label the contents on top. Now you can grab exactly what you need instead of guessing.

Keep Frozen Produce from Turning to Mush

Ever defrost that bag of frozen berries only to find a giant clump of mush? Prevent this with produce keeper bins designed for the freezer. Separate fruits and veggies into different containers so you can grab only what you need.

The vented lids allow air circulation to minimize moisture and ice crystal build up. Produce stays loose instead of freezing into a solid mass. Now you can enjoy premium frozen fruits and veggies without waste.

Organize Ice Packs & Popsicles

Tired of digging behind everything in the freezer to find an ice pack or popsicles? Clear stackable bins are the solution to keep these items neatly contained.

Use a bin just for ice packs so they’re easy to grab when you need one. Another for popsicles separated by flavor so the kids can pick their favorite.

Tip: Line the bottom of the popsicle bin with wax paper to easily lift out sticky popsicles. Be sure to label each bin so you know at a glance what’s inside.

Corral Bulk Frozen Foods

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Bagged frozen foods like chicken tenders, fries, and vegetables often get buried. Contain them neatly in their own labeled freezer bins. Stack together foods you use most often for quick access.

When you can see what’s inside at a glance, you’re less likely to buy duplicates. You’ll also use up existing foods before they get freezer burn or expire.

Organize According to Use

Create zones in your freezer for different food categories. For example, have a bin just for breakfast items like waffles and sausage. Another for frozen appetizers and snacks. A third for desserts and bake-at-home meals.

This system makes locating foods fast and efficient. No more digging endlessly to unearth that frozen pizza or container of ice cream.

Take Your Show on the Road

Plastic freezer bins aren’t just for home use. They’re perfect for transporting food to potlucks, parties, picnics and more.

Use lidded bins to carry prepared frozen foods like meatballs without spilling. Or pack perishable snacks like cheese cubes that need to stay chilled. The included lids lock in cold air better than plastic wrap or foil.

For ultimate convenience, choose bins with handles or snap-together sets. Keep a designated set just for transporting food on-the-go.

Prep Bulk Meals in Advance

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Save time on busy nights by prepping and freezing meals in advance. Square plastic containers help maximize freezer space.

Fill them with pre-portioned casseroles, soups, stews, and more. Freeze, then stack the filled bins according to date. When dinner time comes, just pop one in the oven.

With your own pre-made frozen “TV dinners”, you’ve got easy weeknight meals ready in minutes.

Keep Baked Goods Fresh Longer

Freezing is a great way to prevent baked goods from going stale. But how do you keep treats from getting crushed or damaged? Plastic freezer bins to the rescue!

Place cookies, muffins, and other baked items in rigid containers to hold their shape when stacked. Wrap yeasted breads and cakes in foil first. The bins provide outer protection and prevent crushing.

Your sweets will stay fresh much longer. Now you can enjoy a taste whenever the craving strikes.

Have On-Hand Emergency Meals

Be prepared with emergency stash of frozen meals for power outages or when you can’t get to the store. Having food on-hand means you don’t have to worry.

Stock up on frozen vegetables, pre-cooked meat, and prepared meals like chicken pot pie or lasagna. Organize bulk foods in labeled bins for quick identification and access when you need it.

It’s a great way to make use of grocery sale items too. Simply prep or portion foods, then pop them in the freezer.

As you can see, plastic bins are a freezer organizing essential. They allow you to easily identify, access and transport frozen foods. With a little effort on the front end, you’ll waste less food and money in the long run.

Affordable Storage Solutions For Any Budget

Let’s face it, storing all your stuff neatly can feel like an expensive luxury. But it doesn’t have to be! With a little creativity, you can find budget-friendly storage options to organize any space in your home.

Whether you need to corral kids’ toys or maximize a tiny closet, there are handy and affordable solutions out there. From DIY ideas to dollar store organizational finds, storage doesn’t have to drain your wallet. Read on for frugal ways to tackle any organizing challenge.

Repurpose Household Items

Look around your home for everyday items to repurpose into storage solutions. For example, use the cardboard tubes from paper towels or wrapping paper as vertical file holders. Cut and decorate them to store mail, recipes or craft supplies.

Other no-cost storage solutions include reusing food containers, mason jars, shoe boxes, or empty tissue boxes. Get creative with what you already have before spending money on store organizers.

Hit Up Dollar Stores

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Dollar stores are treasure troves for budget storage items. Look for baskets, bins, containers and shelving to neatly corral almost anything. For small items like toiletries or office supplies, check out the bathroom organizer and school supply sections.

Pro tip: Buy a few cans of spray paint to transform dollar store finds into any color you want. Much cheaper than specialty storage from design stores.

Repurpose Furniture

Before discarding old furniture, consider giving it new life as storage. An old dresser missing drawers becomes a bookshelf. Pick up a damaged nightstand from a thrift store to use as bathroom storage. Repaint or stencil it for a custom look.

Use wood crates as cubby storage for toys or shoes. Or stack them vertically to make a DIY shelving unit. Old trunks offer concealed storage for linens or seasonal clothing.

DIY Shelving Units

With a little DIY skills, you can build basic shelving units on the cheap. All you need are a few boards cut to length and some brackets. For a farmhouse feel, make them out of salvaged barn wood.

Cinder blocks and plywood boards also make an inexpensive DIY shelving material. Stain or paint the cinder blocks in on-trend colors for industrial style. Add doors or curtains to hide clutter when needed.

Maximize Closet Space

Need More Storage Space. How These 11x12 Storage Bins Will Transform Your Life

Crammed closets are a common problem in many homes. Luckily, there are super affordable solutions to hang more clothes in tight quarters. Use over-the-door hooks on the back of the door to hang bags, belts, scarves and jewelry.

To double hanging space, just slide slim wire shelving units or stackable crates underneath clothes. Use them to store shoes, purses and other items you don’t hang up.

Get Crafty with Fabric

Don’t overlook fabric as a versatile and affordable organizing solution. Cut up old sheets or curtains to cover storage boxes. Use scraps of fabric to make DIY drawer dividers. Or sew simple pouches and bags to corral bathroom essentals, craft supplies, and more.

For a super cheap closet upgrade, secure clothing hooks along a piece of fabric. Then hang it inside your closet for more usable space. The options are endless with just a bit of sewing skills.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes the best solutions are clever everyday objects used in unexpected ways. For instance, use a dish drying rack to organize spray bottles and cleaning supplies. Place a cookbook holder or napkin rack on a shelf to neatly file folders and paperwork.

A shower caddy instantly offers extra bathroom storage. Or try a magnetic knife strip on the wall to hold tools and hardware. Don’t limit yourself to just traditional organizers – anything that corrals stuff can work!

organizer doesn’t have to be expensive. With a dash of creativity and resourcefulness, you can find budget storage solutions that get the job done. Revamp flea market finds, use household items in new ways, and make things yourself. The possibilities are endless, no matter what you need to organize on a budget.

At the end of the day, being organized is about smartly using the space you have, not how much you spend. With low-cost DIY projects and dollar store deals, you can organize your home in affordable style.