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Better Recovery After Surgery. Try These Dog Suits From Petco

Introduction to Surgical Recovery Suits for Dogs

For dog owners, seeing your furry friend go through surgery can be worrisome. You want to do everything you can to help them heal and recover as comfortably as possible. This is where a surgical recovery suit can make a big difference. Petco offers a variety of options when it comes to supportive wear for post-operative care. Their Suitical recovery suits provide an alternative to the traditional cone collar, and can aid the healing process in a few key ways.

First and foremost, the Suitical helps prevent your dog from licking or chewing at their incision site. Dogs’ natural instinct after surgery is to try to tamper with their wound, which can cause complications and infections. The full-body coverage of the Suitical protects those vulnerable areas so your pup can’t interfere with stitches or bandages. The lightweight fabric is also designed to be breathable and comfortable even when worn for extended periods.

Unlike rigid plastic e-collars, the Suitical allows your dog to eat, drink, and sleep normally without bumping into walls or furniture. The open-neck design lets them access their bowl withoutissue. And there’s no need to re-size the Suitical over time – it comes with fully adjustable closures to custom-fit your dog’s body shape. For smaller breeds, a rear-end opening evenmakes potty breaks simple.

The Gentle Fit Denim Suitical from Petco comes in different color patterns, so you can choose one that suits your dog’s style. It fastens easily with hook and loop closures across the back and belly. There’s also a leash portal that allows walks while wearing the recovery suit. If post-op urine leakage is a concern, Petco’s Ultra Absorbent Suitical has a quilted pad sewn into the bellyband to contain minor accidents.

For more covering, Petco offers full leg Suiticals that provide additional protection for surgeries below the torso. These sleeve-style suits work well for spay/neuter procedures, ACL repairs, orthopedic surgeries, and wounds to the paws or legs. They utilize the same adjustable hook and loop closures while allowing freerange of motion.

Some key factors to keep in mind when selecting a Suitical for your dog include:
– Size – be sure to measure your dog andorder the appropriate fit
– Coverage area – choose a full bodysuit or leg sleeves based on the location ofincision/injury
– Absorbency – dogs that are incontinent after surgery may benefit from a quilted pad sewn into the belly band
– Adjustability – look for multiple points of closure so you can customize the fitas needed

The Suitical is designed to be worn 24/7 in the initialdays following surgery. Your vet will advise you on the appropriate length of time for your dog to be confined in the recovery suit. Precise fit and monitoring for rub spots is important during this period. Most dogs will require 7-14 days of Suitical wear, with gradual increasing periods of relief as the incision heals.

Petco’s Suiticals provide an excellent alternative to traditional recovery collars. They allow dogs to heal in comfort while preventing interference with surgical sites. If your fur baby has an upcoming operation, be sure to ask your vet about using a supportive recovery suit to aid the healing process. With the right care and lots of love, your dog will be back to their old happy self in no time!

Why Use a Recovery Suit After Surgery?

Better Recovery After Surgery. Try These Dog Suits From Petco

Putting your dog in a recovery suit after surgery might seem unusual at first, but there are some excellent reasons vets recommend them. Understanding the benefits can help you make an informed decision about aftercare for your pup.

The main goal of a surgical recovery suit is preventing your dog from interfering with their incision site. Dogs have an instinct to lick and nibble at wounds, which can reopen stitches and introduce infection. Licking can also spread germs from the mouth to the incision. The full-body coverage of a recovery suit keeps your dog from being able to tamper with bandages or itchy healing tissue. This allows the area to mend properly without disruption.

In addition to protecting wounds, a recovery suit can also prevent other post-op complications. Some dogs are prone to vomiting or diarrhea after anesthesia – the suit contains these accidents so your home stays clean. For female dogs, urinary incontinence is common after spay procedures. The special absorbent pads sewn into some recovery suit belly bands absorb dribbles and prevent urine scald on the skin.

Unlike bulky plastic cones, a recovery suit allows your dog to eat, drink, sleep, play, and potty normally. The open neck design gives them full access to food and water bowls so they can self-regulate after surgery. There’s no need for sizing adjustments either – the adjustable closures ensure a custom fit as your dog’s body shape changes during the healing period.

For orthopedic procedures like ACL tears or hip dysplasia repair, the leg sleeves offer support and stabilization of bandaged limbs. They prevent uncontrolled shaking or wagging which could disrupt delicate repairs. The gentle compression can reduce post-op swelling and bruising as well. Your vet may recommend exercise restriction, and the sleeves deter your dog from being overly rambunctious.

Compared to traditional cones, recovery suits are associated with lower stress levels in dogs. The cone’s rigid structure and limited peripheral vision causes anxiety. But the soft, lightweight fabric of a recovery suit feels more hug-like. Dogs tend to relax and rest more soundly. The design allows them to move naturally and fulfill their instinct to sniff, forage and play gently.

There are also benefits for pet parents. Monitoring wound healing is easier when you don’t have to remove a cumbersome cone multiple times per day. The adjustable closures ensure you achieve just the right supportive snugness. Leash portals on some suits let you continue daily walks while protecting the incision area. Cleanup from accidents is simpler as well.

Here are some tips for maximizing the effectiveness of a surgical recovery suit:

– Have the right size – measure your dog’s body dimensions and order according to size chart
– Slowly acclimate your dog before full-time wear – reward good behavior with treats
– Check for rub spots at pressure points and use gauze if needed
– Follow your vet’s advice on length of use, increasing periods without the suit gradually
– Monitor the incision area closely – contact your vet if you see issues
– Wash the suit regularly, especially if stool or urine leaks through
– Supervise your dog when the suit is off to prevent wound licking

While the concept seems foreign at first, recovery suits provide multiple benefits after surgery. They allow healing to progress normally while keeping your dog comfortable and stress-free. With proper precautions, your pup will be wagging their tail and back to playtime before you know it! Discuss using a recovery suit with your vet to help your dog recover as smoothly as possible.

Petco’s Suitical – Features and Benefits

Better Recovery After Surgery. Try These Dog Suits From Petco

Petco’s Suitical line provides an innovative alternative to the traditional cone collar for dogs recovering from surgery or injury. These full-body recovery suits have a number of thoughtful features designed to aid healing and keep your pup comfortable.

The main benefit of the Suitical is the coverage it provides. The lightweight fabric extends across your dog’s back, belly, and sides. This prevents them from being able to lick, scratch, or chew at incisions or wounded areas. The unique rear-end opening allows for easy potty breaks. Adjustable closures across the neck, chest, and abdomen allow you to customize the snugness of fit as your dog’s shape changes during recovery.

Several design elements maximize your dog’s comfort while wearing the Suitical. The soft, breathable material helps regulate body temperature. There is extra ventilation across the chest area as well. Reflective accent strips improve visibility for nighttime walks. Furry friends prone to post-surgery nausea or incontinence will appreciate the quilted absorbent pad sewn into the belly band of certain Suitical models.

Unlike a cone collar, the Suitical permits your dog to eat, drink, sleep, play, and potty with minimal impairment. The open neck design allows them to access food and water normally. No adjustments are needed around mealtime. Unrestricted peripheral vision and hearing reduce anxiety that rigid cones can cause. The suit’s hug-like gentle compression has a calming effect for many dogs.

Mobility while wearing the Suitical is also maximized. Leash portals on the back allow for walks and relief breaks during recovery. Active pets will appreciate the freedom of movement for light play and activity. For leg surgeries like ACL repair, the Suitical leg sleeve extensions provide support and stability without restricting motion. Your vet may advise limiting activity, and the sleeves help deter your dog from being overeager.

Additional handy features include:

– A denim look on some models so your pup can rock a fashionable recovery.

– The option to choose rear-end coverage or openness depending on your dog’s needs.

– Adjustable belly bands to accommodate disposable pee pad inserts for incontinent dogs.

– A hidden pocket to hold an ice pack against sore incisions or swelling.

– A modesty panel for male dogs who may experience sheath exposure.

When it’s time for incision cleaning or wound checks, the Suitical is very easy to put on and take off as needed. This is facilitated by the hook and loop closures across the body. Suiticals come in a wide range of sizes to fit everything from tiny chihuahuas to large breed dogs.

Here are some top benefits of Petco’s Suitical for dogs healing from surgery:

– Prevents licking, scratching, or chewing at incisions
– Allows dogs to eat, drink, potty, sleep normally
– Reduces anxiety compared to rigid e-collars
– Absorbs urine leaks and contains accidents
– Permits mobility for light activity and play
– Easy to put on/take off for wound cleaning
– Comfortable, breathable, and adjustable fit
– Reflective accents improve visibility
– Leg sleeve extensions support operated limbs
– Machine washable fabric is easy to clean

The Suitical recovery suit provides a smart alternative to the traditional cone. It allows your dog to heal comfortably and naturally while protecting surgical sites. Check with your vet to see if a Suitical is recommended after your pup’s upcoming procedure. Petco offers a range of options to suit any breed, size and situation during the recovery process. With the right care and restraint, your dog will be back to their happy, healthy self in no time!

Comparing Petco’s Dog Recovery Suits

When it comes to choosing a recovery suit for your dog after surgery or injury, Petco offers several options to best fit your pup’s needs. Here’s an overview comparing the key features between their various Suitical models.

The Gentle Fit Denim Suitical provides soft, breathable full body coverage with adjustable closures across the neck, chest, and belly. This ensures a customized snug fit to prevent licking or scratching of wounds. The denim-look fabric comes in stylish patterns and colors for fashionable protection. This Suitical allows freedom of movement for eating, playing, and pottying thanks to the rear-end opening. It’s a great choice for common spays, neuters, and basic procedures.

For dogs who experience urinary incontinence after spays, the Ultra Absorbent Suitical has an extra quilted pad sewn into the belly band to absorb dribbles and leaks. This provides added insurance against accidents on your floors or furniture. The pad is removable and machine washable as well. The Ultra Absorbent Suitical has all the same adjustable closures of the original model. It offers full-coverage support with the convenience of built-in urine protection.

If your dog is recovering from ACL surgery, a back leg amputation, or similar lower-body procedure, the Rear Leg Sleeve Suitical provides targeted support. Rather than full body coverage, this option has hook and loop closures extending down the back legs. These gently wrap to provide stabilization and compression, much like a sports brace for humans. Your dog will appreciate the mobility to move around, while still deterring enthusiastic kicking or running during initial healing.

For bilateral rear leg injuries, Petco’s Full Leg Coverage Suitical encases all four legs in a sleeve-style suit. This restricts mobility a bit more but provides relief from the burden of body weight on tender limbs. The rear-end is also covered. Having both back legs supported can benefit dogs with hip dysplasia, knee injuries, or neurological weakness. Just like the other Suiticals, this model has complete adjustability for the perfect fit.

If your male dog experiences sheath exposure after being neutered, Petco’s Belly Band Suitical includes an extra panel of fabric that covers this region neatly. The hook and loop closures allow you to wrap the abdominal area snugly while ensuring modesty and comfort. This version comes in both denim and a quilted cotton pattern. It caters well to smaller breed males in the 5-25 pound range.

Whichever model is best suited for your dog, Petco’s Suiticals offer smarter protection than a rigid cone. They reduce anxiety, prevent licking/scratching, absorb leaks and accidents, stabilize operated limbs, and make recovery easier all-around. Considering your dog’s surgery type, anticipated activity level, and potential complications will help you select the ideal recovery suit. Your vet can provide guidance as well. With a properly fitted Suitical, you can help your pup heal up happy and comfortably.

Here’s a quick comparison of key Suitical features:

Gentle Fit Denim – Basic full body coverage with rear-end opening

Ultra Absorbent – Belly band pad absorbs urine leaks from incontinence

Rear Leg Sleeve – Stabilizes/supports operated back legs

Full Leg Coverage – Encases all four legs for bilateral injuries

Belly Band Suitical – Modesty panel for male sheath coverage after neuter

No matter which model you choose, Petco’s Suiticals outperform basic cones in supporting surgery recovery. They allow dogs to eat, sleep, potty, move and play while protecting incisions from interference. Talk to your vet about the advantages of a recovery suit tailored to your dog’s procedure and needs. With the right postoperative care, they’ll be healed and back to their old self quickly!

Sizing and Fit – Finding the Right Suitical

Better Recovery After Surgery. Try These Dog Suits From Petco

One of the most important factors in choosing a Suitical for your dog is proper sizing and fit. Taking accurate measurements and selecting the right size will ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness during the healing process.

Petco’s Suiticals come in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XL, based on your dog’s weight and body dimensions. The size chart provides recommended sizing based on breed and weight. As a general rule, it’s better to size up if your dog is near the top end of a size range. The adjustable closures allow you to then tighten the suit as needed for a secure fit.

To find your dog’s correct Suitical size:

1. Weigh your dog and note their breed. Use the size chart to find the best match based on this info.

2. Measure the length from the base of your dog’s neck to the base of the tail. Refer to the size dimensions to pick the Suitical within 1-2 inches of this length.

3. Measure the widest part of your dog’s chest or belly. Again, choose a size that matches this circumference or slightly larger.

4. For leg sleeve styles, measure the circumference of the leg at the widest area. Compare to sleeve width in the size chart.

5. Consider your dog’s shape. Brachycephalic breeds with wide necks or barrel-chested dogs may need a size up.

6. Factor in any post-op swelling. A size larger will accommodate inflammation going down.

7. Try the Suitical on your dog before surgery to ensure good coverage. Adjust closures to take up any slack.

Getting the snugness of the Suitical right is key. Here are tips for the optimal fit:

– Use multiple fingers flat to test tightness of closures. They should be snug but not restrictive.

– Check that your dog has full range of motion and comfort sitting, standing, walking.

– Ensure the belly band supports abdomen without rubbing or pinching.

– For leg sleeves, use the least compression needed to provide stability.

– Monitor fit daily as swelling goes down after surgery. Loosen if needed.

– Watch out for redness, sores or irritation as a sign it’s too tight.

With proper measuring and adjustments, the Suitical’s hook and loop closures allow a customized fit. This ensures your dog can move, eat and potty normally while staying protected. A correctly sized Suitical will aid their recovery and keep them comfy until they’re fully healed.

Caring for Your Dog After Surgery in a Recovery Suit

Better Recovery After Surgery. Try These Dog Suits From Petco

Bringing your dog home after surgery? Their Petco Suitical recovery suit will help protect incisions, but you still need to provide attentive care during the healing process. Here are some tips for taking care of your furry friend in their protective gear.

Medication: Follow your vet’s instructions for administering any prescribed pain meds, antibiotics, or anti-inflammatories. Use tasty treats to ensure your dog swallows pills. Contact your vet if you notice side effects or complications.

Incision Checks: Look under the Suitical daily to check the surgery site for redness, swelling or discharge which could indicate infection. Some swelling and bruising is normal initially. Clean the area gently if your vet advises. Apply antibiotic ointment if recommended.

Nutrition: Maintain your dog’s normal diet, but feed smaller, more frequent meals as appetite allows after anesthesia. Ensure they stay well-hydrated with fresh water. Soft, moist foods may be more palatable until nausea passes.

Potty Time: Take your dog outside to relieve themselves every 4-6 hours. Use a leash for support if needed. Watch for abnormal urine color, straining, or bloody stools. Clean any accidents inside promptly.

Activity: Restrict exercise and play per your vet’s guidance to avoid tearing internal stitches. Take brief leash walks for relief only. Limit stairs, jumping, roughhousing. Confine your dog when you’re away.

Supervision: Don’t leave your dog unattended with their Suitical off or they may lick their incision. Provide toys and puzzles to occupy them when resting. Ensure kids and other pets do not bother them.

Hygiene: Check and tighten the Suitical’s closures daily as post-op swelling goes down. Clean soiled suits promptly in your washing machine. Use gauze pads to protect irritated areas.

Distress: Note any whimpering, shaking, loss of appetite or depression which could indicate pain or anxiety. Report concerns to your veterinarian promptly. Provide reassurance and affection.

Recovery timelines vary, but you can expect your dog to wear their Suitical for around 10-14 days. Gradually increase periods without the suit as your vet advises. Avoid letting your dog lick or scratch their incision during these brief breaks.

With attentive home care and their protective recovery gear, your dog will be back up and bouncing around before you know it! Reach out to your vet with any concerns during the healing period. Be patient – Petco’s Suitical makes the process much smoother for furry patients.

Are Recovery Suits Better Than Cones?

The classic plastic cone collar has been the go-to for preventing dogs from licking and chewing their wounds after surgery. But innovative options like Petco’s Suitical recovery suit provide some key advantages. When choosing protective postoperative gear, should you opt for a cone or a suit?

The primary benefit of both tools is preventing interference with incisions or sutures. Dogs have a natural instinct to tamper with injuries by licking or scratching. This can cause infections, slow healing, and other complications. The cone’s rigid structure blocks access to wounds, while the Suitical’s coverage achieves the same through soft fabric.

When it comes to comfort and stress, the Suitical is the clear winner. Its lightweight material feels more like a hug versus the cone’s blunt barrier. The cone’s limited peripheral vision and hearing can cause anxiety. Dogs often resist wearing a cone. But the Suitical’s calming compression actually reduces discomfort.

Mobility and natural movement are also maximized with the Suitical. The open neck design still allows full range of motion for sitting, standing, eating, playing gently, and pottying. But the cone’s awkward bulkiness restricts natural activities. This can frustrate dogs and lead to accidents.

For eating and drinking, recovery suits permit much more normal access to food and water bowls. But cones require you to carefully position bowls at an angle under the cone’s edge. Making sure your dog stays properly hydrated and fed after surgery is easier with a suit.

When it comes to wear and tear, the Suitical’s durable fabric withstands puppy energy and household use. It’s machine washable after accidents. But plastic cones can crack,bend and degrade over time. Petco’s suits are designed for extended, repeated use.

Recovery suits provide more customization for fit and adjustments. The hook and loop closures and range of sizes allow you to tailor the Suitical to your dog’s changing needs. But cones are typically one-size with limited modifications possible. Achieving an optimal secure fit is easier with a suit.

For dog parents, suits make incision checks, wound care and medication easier. They slip on and off readily for access, then fasten back into place. Hard plastic cones require more finagling for visual exams and topical treatments.

Some key advantages of recovery suits:

– More comfortable and less stressful for dogs
– Permit freer movement and activity
– Allow normal eating and drinking
– Reduce risk of accidents and injury
– Provide better custom fit and adjustments
– Simplify incision care and medicine
– Machine washable fabric is durable

So when it comes to picking protective postoperative wear, Petco’s Suitical offers clear benefits over basic cones. Of course, talk to your vet about what’s recommended after your dog’s particular procedure. But for both patient and pet parent, recovery suits provide easier, less stressful healing over old-fashioned cones. They help ensure your dog rebounds as comfortably as possible after surgery.

Prices and Availability of Suiticals at Petco

Better Recovery After Surgery. Try These Dog Suits From Petco

When shopping for a Petco Suitical recovery suit for your dog, you’ll find affordable pricing and convenient in-store and online options. Petco offers the latest Suiticals for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

The Gentle Fit Denim Suitical ranges from $18.99 up to $29.99 depending on your dog’s size. The styles and sizes available are:

– X-Small (for dogs 5-15 lbs) – $18.99
– Small (for dogs 15-25 lbs) – $19.99
– Medium (for dogs 25-50 lbs) – $24.99
– Large (for dogs 50-90 lbs) – $29.99
– X-Large (for dogs 90-130 lbs) – $29.99

For leg sleeve styles, prices are:

– Rear Leg Sleeve Suitical – $21.99 to $32.99
– Full Leg Coverage Suitical – $24.99 to $39.99

The Ultra Absorbent Suitical with quilted belly pad ranges from $21.99 to $37.99 based on size.

And the Belly Band Suitical for male dogs runs $19.99 to $24.99.

Petco also offers value bundles that include the Suitical plus an e-collar cone for added protection. These recovery duo packs range from $29.99 to $44.99 depending on size.

You can shop Petco’s full line of Suiticals in-store at nationwide Petco locations. Have your dog with you to try on sizing options for the best fit. You’ll also find helpful guidance picking the right style from Petco’s knowledgeable staff.

Purchasing online at Petco.com provides convenience if you already know your ideal size and style. Look for frequent sales and special offers on Suiticals when shopping online.

Petco makes the Suitical recovery suits affordable for dog owners on a budget. With standard MSRP pricing under $40 for all sizes, they provide an economical alternative to pricier medical garments. And the durable construction means one Suitical can be used across multiple post-op recoveries.

Don’t let price deter you from choosing the best healing support for your dog. Petco’s Suiticals outperform basic cones at a fraction of the investment. Protect your dog and your floors from accidents while aiding their incision site. Review sizing options and purchase your Suitical before your pup’s surgery date. Then they’ll be ready for a comfortable, protected recovery at home when they return from the vet.

Reviews of Petco’s Dog Onesies and Surgical Suits

Better Recovery After Surgery. Try These Dog Suits From Petco