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Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

For anime and manga fans, few things beat the satisfaction of owning your favorite series in a complete box set. Not only is it incredibly convenient to have an entire series in one place ready for marathon reading sessions, but box sets also offer great value by bundling numerous volumes together at a discounted price. This fall, publishers are releasing several hotly anticipated collected editions of popular shonen manga series that are absolute must-haves for any fan. If you want to fully immerse yourself in these exciting action-packed worlds while saving big, be sure to grab these manga box sets coming soon.

‘The Promised Neverland’ Box Set

‘The Promised Neverland’ took the manga world by storm when it first debuted, keeping readers hooked with its unpredictable plot twists and high-stakes storytelling. The suspenseful shonen series centers on a group of orphaned children who uncover the sinister secrets behind their idyllic home, leading them to hatch a daring escape plan. This complete box set bundles all 20 volumes of the original manga series, letting you binge the full adventure of Emma, Norman, Ray and the other children as they challenge fate itself for the slimmest chance at freedom.

With a stylish new box featuring exclusive cover art, this comprehensive collection is a must-buy for any ‘Neverland’ fan. You’ll save over 50% off purchasing the volumes individually too, making it a smart purchase for fans on a budget. As the spine-chilling mystery unfolds across each volume and the true motivations of beloved characters come to light, you won’t be able to put this set down until you uncover every last secret hidden in Grace Field House.

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Complete Box Set

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Another hugely popular shonen series getting the box set treatment is Sui Ishida’s dark fantasy saga, ‘Tokyo Ghoul’. This 14 volume set contains the entire original manga series chronicling Ken Kaneki’s struggles after becoming half-human, half-Ghoul. Watch his relationships with other Ghouls like Touka Kirishima and Nishiki Nishio develop amid the violence plaguing the streets of Tokyo. This massive manga set provides the ultimate binge reading experience, transports you into the sinister depths of the Ghoul world.

The ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ box set comes in a gatling case featuring exclusive art of Kaneki ready to unleash his Kagune. Along with the huge savings compared to buying individually, it’s a centerpiece collectible for any manga fanatic. Between the psychological drama, gripping action and imaginative Ghoul powers, ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ makes for an engrossing shonen series you’ll want to re-read again and again. Now you can dive back into Kaneki’s trials and triumphs anytime with this complete manga set.

Invest in Classic Series with ‘Naruto’ and ‘Bleach’ Manga Sets

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

No shonen fan’s collection is truly complete without two of the genre’s most iconic series – ‘Naruto’ and ‘Bleach’. These two mega-hits represent the pinnacle of action storytelling, with exhilarating battles, memorable characters, and captivating lore. Lucky for manga enthusiasts, there are fantastic box set editions available to dive into the sprawling sagas of Naruto Uzumaki and Ichigo Kurosaki from start to finish.

VIZ Media’s ‘Naruto’ box sets are the definitive way to collect this epic 72 volume ninja adventure for less. The third box set in particular covers the climactic ‘Shinobi World War’ arc, where Naruto and friends confront the villainous Madara Uchiha and Kabuto Yakushi. Meanwhile, Bleach’s box sets let you follow Ichigo’s journey through nearly 700 chapters packed with swordplay and supernatural excitement. Those sleek black collectors boxes look amazing on any manga fan’s shelf.

Given the immense length of these venerable series, the box set bundles make starting them feel far less intimidating. Spending the time to appreciate these genre classics from start to finish offers an unforgettable trip down memory lane. Both showcase the incredible growth of their protagonists over hundreds of chapters, as they realize their full potential as a Hokage and Soul Reaper respectively.

Manga Sets Offer Hours of Entertaining Reading

While new manga box sets are coming out all the time, these upcoming collected editions of ‘The Promised Neverland’, ‘Tokyo Ghoul’, ‘Naruto’, and ‘Bleach’ stand out as must-buys for fall. Their stylish exclusive designs will look amazing on display, while bundling together dozens of volumes at big discounts vs buying individually. Immerse yourself for hours on end in these addictive manga worlds full of adventure, horror, comedy and non-stop action.

Owning these comprehensive sets allows you to relive the journey anytime and share the magic with new fans too. There’s nothing quite like having a complete manga story from start to finish at your fingertips ready for a satisfying binge read. So treat yourself and save big on these essential manga box sets arriving in coming months.

Manga fans rejoice – some of the hottest anime series are getting amazing new collected box set editions. For diehard lovers of shows like My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer and more, these comprehensive manga bundles are must-own collectibles. Packed cover to cover with the source material adventures, these box sets let you fully immerse in the captivating worlds of UA Academy, Jujutsu Tech, and the Demon Slayer Corps whenever you want. Here’s a look at the upcoming manga box set releases no anime fan will want to miss out on.

My Hero Academia Box Set: Relive Deku’s Journey to Becoming a Hero

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Kohei Horikoshi’s superpowered shonen series has exploded into one of the most popular anime in recent memory. Now manga readers can own the complete 25 volume My Hero Academia story so far in one sleek box set. Follow Izuku Midoriya’s quest from quirkless student to the mighty hero Deku through over 2500 pages of thrills and laughs. This set highlights all the key moments, from inheriting One For All from All Might to battling sinister villains like Overhaul.

With stylish new cover art and a huge savings over buying individually, this My Hero Academia box set is a steal for fans. It’s the perfect centerpiece for any collection and lets you revisit pulse-pounding showdowns with Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugo and all your favorite U.A. students anytime. No MHA fan should miss adding this comprehensive series set to their shelf.

Jujutsu Kaisen Box Set: Yuji’s Cursed Battles in One Collection

This smash hit dark fantasy series took manga and anime fans by storm with its edgy blend of exorcist action and offbeat comedy. Now the prequel story of Yuta Okkotsu is being bundled with the first 13 volumes of Yuji Itadori’s adventures for the ultimate Jujutsu Kaisen box set. It traces Yuji’s journey from ordinary student to mighty Cursed Spirit warrior after swallowing the demigod Sukuna’s finger.

Jujutsu Kaisen’s unique cast like the brash Nobora Zenin and mysterious Megumi Fushiguro leap off the page in striking artwork. This box set offers hundreds of pages of demon battles, insane powers and unpredictable storytelling at a big discount. It’s a must own for fans before the manga’s next arcs get animated. Relive all the hard hitting sorcery action that makes Jujutsu Kaisen a fan favorite manga and anime.

Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Box Set: The Movie Manga Adaptation

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Following the incredible success of Demon Slayer’s first season and feature film, this manga box set collects the entire arc covered in the Mugen Train movie. It follows Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko and theHashira demon hunters aboard the mysterious Mugen Train on their most deadly mission yet. The visually stunning movie has been faithfully adapted into these striking manga volumes to experience again and again.

With exclusive new covers and author commentary, this is a must own companion to the movie for Demon Slayer fans. The battle against Enmu pushes Tanjiro like never before as he struggles to overcome this demon’s twisted powers and outwit Rengoku’s demise. Relive all the emotional, bloody battles aboard the Mugen Train that made Demon Slayer a global sensation.

Box Sets Offer the Complete Manga Experience

As amazing anime continues to be adapted from these popular manga works, there’s never been a better time for fans to grab these comprehensive box set collections. My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer are just a few examples of hot shonen series getting special edition box sets that no fan will want to miss out on. Start at the very beginning of the story with hundreds of pages of manga entertainment at your fingertips any time. Immerse yourself in every detail that makes these anime so special by picking up their complete manga box set today.

Shojo manga brings emotional, character-driven stories aimed at female readers. Some of the genre’s most beloved series like Sailor Moon and Fruits Basket are getting fantastic new collected box set editions. For shojo fans, these comprehensive bundles offer hundreds of pages to immerse in your favorite captivating worlds of romance, drama, and magical adventures. Whether you want to relive all the sailors’ battles defending earth or revisit Tohru Honda befriending the zodiac spirits, these shojo manga box sets have you covered.

Sailor Moon Eternal Edition Box Set

Usagi and the sailors are back in this definitive manga box set! Sailor Moon revolutionized magical girl stories with its stylish action, hilarious comedy and emotional depth. Now fans can own the complete manga edition with this gigantic 12 volume box set containing over 1,500 pages of adventure. Follow Usagi’s journey from crybaby middle schooler to the heroic Sailor Moon through all the major story arcs.

This set includes exclusive new cover art, over 50 pages of bonus content and premium packaging. Whether you want to gush over the romance between Usagi and Mamoru or re-experience the battles against Queen Beryl, the Black Moon clan and Death Busters, this Sailor Moon box set is a must-buy. It’s perfect for long-time fans to cherish and new readers to discover the magical girl classic for the first time.

Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition Box Set

Few shojo stories can make you laugh, cry and feel the emotional stakes like Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket. This massive box set contains the entire manga series chronicling orphan Tohru’s friendship with the cursed Sohma family who turn into zodiac animals. It’s a heartwarming and bittersweet tale of overcoming hardship through understanding. Now fans can have all 23 volumes packed with life lessons and tear-jerking moments in one handsome hardcover set.

With beautiful remastered artwork in the original right-to-left reading format, the Fruits Basket box set is the definitive manga collection for longtime fans. Revisit the touching romance between Tohru and Kyo or relish the comic misadventures of Shigure, Yuki, and the rest of the lovable Sohmas in this addictive shojo classic. This gorgeous collector’s set deserves a treasured spot on any manga fan’s bookshelf.

Your Lie in April Box Set

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Few manga deliver such emotional gut punches as this moving melodramatic series. Your Lie in April focuses on gifted pianist Kousei Arima, who lost his ability to hear his own playing after his mother’s death. But when the lively violinist Kaori Miyazono bursts into his life, Kousei slowly begins to rediscover his passion for music.

This box set bundles all 11 volumes in this poignant coming of age story. Watch Kousei and Kaori’s inspiring, tragic journey that reminds us to treasure each day. With a new cover design and over 40 pages of bonus content, this is an essential pickup for fans of the anime and manga alike. Your Lie in April perfectly balances devastating lows with uplifting highs across its chapters, making this shojo masterpiece worth rereading again and again.

Dive Into Emotional Storytelling with Shojo Box Sets

Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket and Your Lie in April represent just some of the genre-defining shojo manga series available in deluxe box set editions. These collected bundles offer hundreds of pages of magical adventures, laugh out loud comedy and tear-jerking drama that makes the shojo genre so special. Revisiting old favorites or discovering classics for the first time, there’s no better way to enjoy these stories than with these must-own manga box sets.

For anime and manga fans, few things beat the excitement of getting your hands on a complete manga box set collecting an entire beloved series in one package. While buying individual manga volumes over time has its charms, there’s just something special about cracking open a big box stuffed with comics and diving into a whole saga from start to finish. This fall, publishers are unleashing some massive manga box sets collecting classic and modern hits that are absolute must-haves for any fan.

Experience Classic Manga Epics Like Dragon Ball Z and One Piece In Complete Sets

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Few manga series have captured the imagination of generations of fans like Dragon Ball and One Piece. Following the epic adventures of Goku, Luffy, and friends across dozens of volumes, these manga are rightfully considered modern classics. While it takes dedication to collect every Dragon Ball or One Piece volume, upcoming box set releases make it easier than ever to binge these timeless adventure stories.

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z tell the story of Goku growing up, competing in martial arts tournaments, and battling sinister villains like Frieza and Cell. This fall, Viz Media is releasing a Dragon Ball Z box set collecting volumes 16-26, the perfect pickup point for fans who already own the previous box sets. Retailing for around $100, this set bundles together the Android/Cell Saga and some of the most iconic fights in manga history. An even bigger box set due in November collects the entire Dragon Ball Z series in a giant package with a price tag around $200 – totally worth it for almost 3,000 pages of legendary manga!

Monkey D. Luffy has been sailing the Grand Line for over 25 years now in the pages of One Piece, and his journey is far from over. The acclaimed pirate epic already has over 100 volumes, but Viz is collecting them in huge box set chunks for fans who want to binge the whole story. 2022 sees the release of Box Set 5 (volumes 61-70), where Luffy battles Big Mom and reaches Wano Country. Early next year brings Box Set 6 (volumes 71-80), containing the start of the massive Wano storyline that’s still going strong today. Each box retails for around $165, an easy way to dive deep into hundreds of chapters of everyone’s favorite pirate adventure.

Modern Favorites Like My Hero Academia and The Promised Neverland Also Get Luxury Sets

In addition to classic series, some more recent hits are getting the box set treatment. My Hero Academia has taken the manga world by storm, and you can get its first two years worth of comics in a pair of box set editions. My Hero Academia Box Sets 1 and 2 cover the U.A. Beginnings and Rise of Villains arcs, where Izuku Midoriya starts mastering One for All and faces off against sinister foes. You can score 500+ pages of Kohei Horikoshi’s superhero adventure for just $100 per box set!

For fans of psychological thrillers, The Promised Neverland has cemented itself as a modern favorite. This creepy tale about children escaping an orphanage that holds disturbing secrets just wrapped up its story this year. Catch up on the entire completed series with The Promised Neverland Complete Box Set, slated for December 2022. Collecting all 20 volumes for around $150, this box set is a perfect way to read this eerie page-turner from beginning to end.

Collector’s Edition Releases Offer An Upscale Manga Reading Experience

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Beyond standard manga box sets, we’re also seeing special collector’s editions of popular series getting printed. These premium box sets come in oversized formats with extras like posters, bookends, and mini-art books that fans and collectors will love displaying on their shelves. Dropping this November, the massive Berserk Deluxe Edition Volume 8 Hardcover Collector’s Edition Box Set wraps up this elite printing of Kentaro Miura’s dark fantasy epic. The set bundles together the final three Berserk Deluxe Edition oversized hardcovers, plus bookends and art lithographs all housed in a custom box. Only 5,000 copies exist, so buy now before this limited set runs out!

Junji Ito fans should also check out the Junji Ito Collected Works Omnibus Box Set tributing the master of horror manga. Coming in January 2023 from Viz, this set contains three massive books collecting over 60 Ito stories and illustrations with new color art pieces. Housed in a custom slipcase, it retails for just $100, an incredible value to acquire decades worth of terrifying Ito manga.

Build Your Own Ultimate Manga Box Sets

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

While these complete series collections offer great convenience, some fans prefer custom curated box sets they assemble on their own. Sites like RightStuf Anime let you hand pick a selection of manga volumes and pack them into personalized box sets. This is the perfect route if you want to catch up on a long-running series like One Piece or Naruto without buying every single volume. Simply add the exact books you need to a box and get a complete reading experience tailored to your own collection.

Manga box sets are also a great way to sample a variety of different series before you commit to buying all the volumes. RightStuf’s Shojo Beat Manga Mix Box Set and Shonen Jump Manga Mix Box Set each contain a dozen popular series from the respective publisher to enjoy. By mixing and matching your own custom sets, you can build an affordable manga starter pack that matches your unique interests.

Gift Special Edition Box Sets To Fellow Manga Lovers

With the holiday season approaching, manga box sets also make fantastic gifts for the anime and manga fans in your life. Series like Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan are hot commodities right now, so complete box set editions of these hit manga are sure to excite fans who don’t own the series yet. Viz’s Inuyasha Ani-Manga Box Set compiles the entire anime adaptation in manga form, perfect for brand new readers to experience the classic fantasy romance story.

Special edition collector’s sets also give fans a luxurious way to upgrade their manga collections. For example, the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition Box Set packaging the entire manga run in a high quality oversized format would thrill any fan of the magical girl classic. With elaborate art books and exclusive extras, collector’s box sets like these make impressive gifts to unwrap and display.

Experience Manga Sagas To The Fullest With Complete Box Sets

While no two fans read manga the same way, box sets provide one appealing path to experience beloved comics to the fullest. Whether you want to binge-read a whole story arc, collect an entire classic series, or gift a fan a ton of manga in one fell swoop, these sets deliver. Keep an eye out this fall season for all the exciting new manga box set releases hitting shelves and take your fandom to the next level!

Manga box sets can get pricey, with complete series collections often retailing for $100+ apiece. While supporting creators by purchasing official box sets is ideal, fans on a budget may want to know where to look for manga deals. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to buy discounted manga box sets, both online and in physical shops. Here are the best places to get your hands on cheap manga box sets for popular series.

Best Places To Buy Discount Manga Box Sets Online And In Stores

Buying manga box sets brand new usually means paying full retail price, but there are ways to save. Look for deals from major online retailers running sales and coupons. Used marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist often list box sets in good condition for lower prices. Local comic shops, used book stores, and libraries frequently sell or lend out manga. And digital box set bundles allow you to get entire series for a fraction of physical copies’ cost.

Online Retailers

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Large online shops known for anime and manga merchandise should be your first stops for checking manga box set prices. Sites like Right Stuf Anime, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble routinely discount box sets, especially if pre-ordering. Comparing prices across retailers can save you 10-20% or more on the same box sets. Sign up for newsletters and check deal pages to snag the best discounts.

Used marketplace sites like Mercari and eBay are also great resources, where you can often find lightly used box sets for half the retail cost or less. ThriftBooks specializes in used books and box sets, while AbeBooks aggregates prices from independent booksellers. Delivery speeds and conditions vary when buying used, so read seller ratings and descriptions closely.

Physical Shops

Don’t underestimate visiting physical stores in person to hunt for manga deals. Large book shop chains like Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million regularly mark down graphic novel box sets. Check discount shelves and clearance sections for hidden gems. Local comic book stores also often sell used manga box sets at cheap prices.

For secondhand deals, savers, Goodwill, and Salvation Army are worth checking for donated manga, though selection is hit or miss. Used bookstores like Half Price Books often have manga sections with discounted box sets. And libraries frequently sell off excess manga box set inventory in store or online for bargain bin prices.

Digital Manga

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Digital manga provides another great avenue for getting cheap box set deals. Sites like Comixology, BookWalker, and eManga frequently run sales on entire manga series collections. During a promotion you can often get the full box set worth of volumes for under $50. The trade-off is you won’t get the physical box or extras you’d get buying print.

Tips For Finding the Best Manga Box Set Deals

Here are some handy tips to apply no matter where you’re shopping to score the lowest prices on manga box sets:

  • Pre-order new releases to get discounts up to 30% off.
  • Buy used box sets in “like new” or “very good” condition to save 50% or more.
  • Check eBay daily for new auction deals with low starting bids.
  • Buy digital box sets during site-wide sales when prices get slashed temporarily.
  • Bundle box sets together into large orders to qualify for free shipping.
  • Use coupons from newsletters, social media, and cashback services for additional savings.
  • Buy older box sets that are out of print to get below retail cost.
  • Check thrift stores and garage sales for random box set finds.

Box Sets Worth Finding Discounts On

Some manga series have box set editions that are particularly worthwhile to find deals on. Here are some top manga that have quality box sets fans should look to buy on the cheap:

  • One Piece – This insanely long pirate epic already has 6 huge box sets out, with more to come.
  • Naruto – Fans love collecting all 72 volumes in a few box sets instead of individual volumes.
  • Dragon Ball – Childhood favorite for generations, available in Z, Super, and original series sets.
  • Attack on Titan – Dark fantasy megahit with multiple box set collecting different arcs.
  • Sailor Moon – Classic magical girl series box sets make a gorgeous collection.
  • Tokyo Ghoul – Hot supernatural thriller series recently wrapped up into box sets.
  • Death Note – Iconic dark psychological series available in all-in-one and Black Edition sets.
  • Bakuman – Underrated manga about making manga itself, collected in box set form.

Build Your Manga Library Affordably

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Manga box sets may seem expensive, but savvy shopping can help fans get the series they love while sticking to a budget.Compare prices online, scout used deals, and keep an eye out for sales to get the deepest discounts. A carefully curated manga collection doesn’t have to break the bank thanks to the wide range of deals out there waiting to be snatched up.

Starting a manga collection can be daunting when facing the vast selection of titles out there in circulation. While individual volumes let you hand pick each series, manga variety sets offer an affordable way for new fans to sample a wide range of series. Many publishers also curate special box sets collecting favorite titles or full runs of one series. Mixing variety packs and focused publisher sets is a great approach to kickstart your manga library.

Build Your Collection With Manga Variety Packs And Publisher Box Sets

Specialized manga variety box sets provide an accessible starting point for readers of all interests to begin expanding their collections. Major manga publishers like Viz Media and Yen Press offer “starter packs” grouping popular series across genres. Fans can also make custom mixes based on themes or demographics like shonen vs shojo. Publisher box sets focused on one cherished franchise are ideal for deep diving a favorite manga. Combining both types creates diversity and depth in your growing manga stash.

Test Out New Series With Variety Box Sets

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Trying new manga can get expensive buying individual volumes that end up not clicking with your tastes. Variety box sets solve this by sampling a wide selection in one cost effective package. Viz Media’s Shojo Beat Manga Mix and Shonen Jump Manga Mix compile 12 volumes spanning romance, action, comedy and supernatural genres from leading imprints. Yen Press’ hit Yen Manga Sampler features over 1,500 pages from 11 hot series in a portable box.

Online retailers like Right Stuf Anime also let you build custom sets with handpicked manga based on themes like horror, sci-fi, or specific demographic types like seinen or josei. Mixing STARTER SETS like these allows you to sample broadly before settling on what specific series to collect long term.

Dive Deep With Publisher Box Sets

Once you’ve gotten a taste for manga, specialty box sets from top publishers help fans go all in on a beloved series. Viz’s Naruto Box Set, One Piece Box Set, and Dragon Ball Z Box Set compile multiple arcs from each classic shonen franchise into one epic package. Dark Horse’s Hellsing Deluxe Edition Box Set or Blade of the Immortal Deluxe Box Set collect definitive releases of popular violent action titles.

These kinds of focused box sets look great on display and are perfect if you already know a particular manga is worth investing in completely. The best publisher box sets combine affordability with premium design and content no true fan would want to miss out on.

Mix And Match For Balanced Discovery

Blind box sets offering a random mix of manga can also add surprise and variety to your budding library. Monthly subscription boxes from services like TeeTurtle and Comic Bento send subscribers 4-6 surprise graphic novels curated around certain themes each month. The randomness factor makes for fun discoveries guiding further reading.

For the savviest collectors, building a starter manga library is all about balance. Mix up must-have box sets of your current favorites with a diverse sampler representing different genres. Before long you’ll have the perfect set of titles to choose from for any mood or taste!

Essential Starter Manga For Beginner Collections

These are some of the best manga variety sets and publisher box sets for beginners looking to pick up a mix of fundamental titles:

Variety Packs

  • Viz Signature Mix – Works from acclaimed manga auteurs like Inio Asano.
  • Shojo Beat Mix – Best romance/drama series from a female perspective.
  • Shonen Jump Mix – Action titles like One Piece and My Hero Academia.
  • Yen Press Manga Sampler – Diverse titles from fantasy to sci-fi.
  • Anime Fan Favorites – Entry points to hit anime adapted from manga.

Publisher Box Sets

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

  • Naruto Box Set – Iconic ninja adventure fantasy.
  • Sailor Moon Box Set – Magical girl classic.
  • Dragon Ball Z Box Set – Top martial arts comedy franchise.
  • Tokyo Ghoul Box Set – Hot supernatural horror series.
  • Bakuman Box Set – Meta tale about making manga from top creators.

Build an Eclectic Manga Library Over Time

Curating a manga collection with box sets doesn’t happen overnight. Allow your library to grow organically as you discover new favorites across different demographics and genres. Maintain diversity in your reading while pursuing completed box sets of cherished series you already know you love. Let your evolving tastes guide you toward building a personalized manga library with something for any mood.

Popular shonen series like Naruto and One Piece dominate manga fandom, but there’s a whole world of lesser known genres beyond action out there. Impressive box set editions exist for overlooked manga styles including horror, psychological thriller, and sci-fi titles. Tokyo Ghoul and The Promised Neverland box sets offer perfect gateways into underappreciated genres. Broaden your manga horizons by sampling these dark, cerebral hits.

Explore Lesser Known Manga Genres With Box Sets Like Tokyo Ghoul And The Promised Neverland

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Manga is often synonymous with epic fight scenes and outrageous comedy, thanks to mainstream shonen series. But expertly crafted box sets provide easy access to overlooked genres like seinen horror, seinen sci-fi, and dark fantasy. Compelling coming of age tales, moving romances, and thought provoking sagas await outside typical action manga.

Horror – Tokyo Ghoul

Few manga capture visceral supernatural horror like Tokyo Ghoul. The series follows Ken Kaneki, who becomes half-ghoul after a transplant and enters the shadowy world of ghouls surviving by eating humans. Tokyo Ghoul’s manga box set collects the entire original 14 volume run in striking red packaging. Horror fans will devour this urban Gothic thriller about the monster inside us all.

Psychological Thriller – The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland infuses shonen adventure stylings with dark psychological tension, subverting expectations. When orphanage children Emma, Norman, and Ray uncover a horrifying secret, escaping becomes a deadly game of wits. The Promised Neverland Complete Box Set delivers all 20 volumes of this chilling battle of brains against evil. A must-read exile from typical manga themes.

Sci-Fi – Blame!

The retro futuristic world of Blame! is like no other manga. Killy wanders an endless techno labyrinth stretching across the galaxy as he searches for a human with the “net terminal gene.” VIZ’s deluxe Blame! box set collects all 10 volumes of this iconic “biopunk” saga, considered legendary manga creator Tsutomu Nihei’s masterwork.

Historical Drama – Lone Wolf and Cub

This classic samurai tale transcends eras, following the disgraced Itto Ogami wandering Japan as an assassin with his young son Daigoro. Lone Wolf and Cub Complete Box Set compiles all 28 volumes plus an original mini-comic of this enduring manga epic. A must-read Bushido bloodbath amplified by historical context.

Why Venture Beyond Standard Action Manga?

Here’s why fans owe it to themselves to check out acclaimed box sets outside typical battle manga:

  • Explore thought provoking themes and stories.
  • Sample new genres and aesthetics.
  • Appreciate mastery of suspense, horror, and drama.
  • Find new favorite series and creators.
  • Gain wider knowledge to discuss manga deeply.

Shaking up your manga reading habits leads to becoming a more well-rounded fan. Box sets like Tokyo Ghoul, The Promised Neverland, and Blame! showcase the creative diversity possible in manga.

Recommendations For Expanding Your Reading

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Here are some other lesser known manga genres and potential box sets worth checking out:

  • Josei – Complex realistic stories aimed at adult women, like A Bride’s Story and Princess Jellyfish.
  • Slice of Life – Laidback chronicles of ordinary life, such as Yotsubato! and My Love Story!!
  • Sports – Hype athletic gameplay like in Haikyu!! and Ace of the Diamond.
  • Isekai – Fantastical transmigration tales common in light novels, like Reincarnated as a Slime.
  • Mecha – Sci-fi robot action exemplified by Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gundam.

Broaden Your Perspective Through Manga Variety

There’s a whole manga multiverse to explore beyond mainstream conventions. Let distinct box set editions open your eyes to new realms of storytelling. Genres like horror, sci-fi, thriller, and more demonstrate the true artistic range of sequential art. Seek out uncharted manga frontier and become a well-rounded fan.

Beyond just collecting complete manga stories, many fans love showing off their box set hauls as proud display pieces. Major manga publishers like Viz Media, Kodansha, and Dark Horse have delivered creative box set designs overflowing with fandom flair. Dynamic cover art, premium materials, exclusive extras, and more all make these sets eye-catching additions to any otaku’s shelf.

Display Your Fandom With Stylish Box Set Designs From Viz, Kodansha, And More

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Manga box sets give fans a compact way to collect entire series, but also provide awesome merch and decor. Publishers compete to offer the most enticing box set editions that demand prominent display. The best sets combine sturdy shelving-worthy construction, interior organization and accessories, slick exterior graphics, and more collector bait.

Viz Signature Sets

Viz pumps out manga box sets en masse, but their Viz Signature imprint sets stand above the rest. Hardcover editions of acclaimed titles like Inuyashiki, Sunny, and A Bride’s Story come packed in detailed chipboard boxes. Velvet flocked cases and clear acetate covers make these mature reader sets into collectible bookends.

Kodansha Deluxe Boxes

Kodansha CA cranks box set presentation up further, as seen in the Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Complete Series Box Set and the massive Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set. Hardcover manga housed in rigid display cases with custom cut foam make for ultimate display. Plus exclusive prints, postcards, and interviews offer bonus value.

Dark Horse Deluxe Editions

Dark Horse likewise upgrades favorite series into Deluxe Edition box sets built to awe. The Hellsing Deluxe Edition Volume 1 Hardcover Box Set kicks off an elite full color printing of the vampire hunter classic. Berserk Deluxe Edition series sets, trigun Maximum, and more offer equally gorgeous showpieces for Dark Horse devotees.

VIZBIGs and 3-in-1s

Even VIZ’s economy-minded 3-in-1 omnibus and VIZBIG editions of long runners have stylish shelf appeal. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, and other shonen hits get uniform new covers when bundled in chunky omnibus mixes. The uniformity creates organized sets fit for display.

Setting Up Your Manga Box Set Shrine

To create eye-catching manga bookcase displays:

  • Organize box sets together by publisher or series.
  • Stack horizontally or alternate vertical/horizontal.
  • Elevate with sturdy bookends to highlight cool box designs.
  • Spotlight rare OOP sets and limit editions.
  • Light boxes with accent lighting for dramatic effect.

Manga box sets are centerpiece collectibles for devoted fans. Take advantage of publishers producing sets specifically designed with aesthetics and shelf appeal in mind. Show off your fandom and appreciation for manga art through killer box set displays.

Most Stylish Box Sets for Display

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Here are some current and upcoming manga box sets with especially impressive designs and presentation:

  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Collector’s Edition
  • One Piece Treasure Cruise Straw Hat Box Set
  • Uzumaki Deluxe Edition by Junji Ito
  • Death Note All-in-One Edition
  • Naruto Deluxe Box Set Editions
  • Sailor Moon Naoko Takeuchi Collection
  • Pokemon 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Collector’s Box Set
  • My Hero Academia Ultimate Collector’s Box

Box Sets Built For True Fans

Manga box sets deserve places of honor amongst any collection. Take advantage of beautiful contemporary set designs that make series you love even more prized. Display box sets proudly and spread the fandom!

Manga box sets make for perfect gifts, packing hours of reading into a tidy bundle any fan would love. Complete series collections are great for gifting newer fans whole franchises or upgrading veterans with premium editions. Tailor gifts using box sets featuring popular shonen adventures, romantic shojo stories, edgy seinen, and beyond. Any manga lover is sure to appreciate unwrapping their next manga obsession in box set form.

Give The Gift Of Manga With Complete Series Box Sets For Any Fan

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Manga box sets collecting full book series in one package make ideal gifts for the anime and manga lover in your life. You can give the starter gift of a new fandom to explore or fulfill the dream set of a diehard collector. Box sets check all the gift boxes: cool packaging, distinct surprises inside, hours of enjoyment, and great value for the money. Just add a bow!

Shonen Action For New Fans

Best-selling battle manga like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece have box sets that make perfect starter kits for brand new manga readers. These bombastic, high-octane adventures hook newbies and are sure bets for teenage fans. Choose from numerous box set editions collecting the beginnings of their favorite action anime adapted from these epic manga.

Shojo Romance For Hopeless Romantics

Know an anime loving romantic? Give the gift of falling in love with shojo manga box sets like Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, and Kamisama Kiss. These manga deliver all the heart fluttering drama and fantasy fulfillment as popular romantic anime. Beautiful packaging and art quench girls’ thirst for rose-colored, manga-style romance.

Seinen Edginess For Older Fans

More mature late teen and adult fans appreciate seinen series with dark, complex themes. Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, and Berserk box sets offer gateway gifts into the world of seinen edginess and psychological intrigue. The lavish illustrations and grittier stories aim at older sensibilities.

Collector’s Editions For Mega-Fans

Diehard fans often dream of owning elite box sets. Hardcover deluxe editions of Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and other classics make collector’s wish lists. Find and gift that impossible to find box set to make a fan’s year. The premium presentation excites hardcore collectors looking to upgrade their stash.

Tips For Gifting Manga Box Sets

To pick the perfect manga box set gift:

  • Choose a favorite series or genre they love.
  • Select an unread new series to discover.
  • Upgrade a standard set to a fancy collector’s edition.
  • Include other small gifts like merchandise.
  • Add personal touches like photos or handwritten notes.
  • Highlight special memories attached to a series.

Giving the gift of whole manga story worlds demonstrates meaningful thoughtfulness. Watch their eyes light up unwrapping their next manga obsession in box set gift form!

Most Giftable Manga Box Sets

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Here are some top manga box sets for foolproof gifting:

  • Naruto Box Set
  • Dragon Ball Z Box Set
  • Death Note All-in-One Edition
  • Sailor Moon Eternal Edition
  • Attack on Titan Colossal Edition
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Edition
  • Demon Slayer Complete Box Set
  • Tokyo Ghoul Complete Box Set
  • Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition

Share Your Passion Through Manga Gifts

Manga box sets encapsulate all the joy of fandom discovery and collecting. Give the box set gift of new worlds to explore and characters to love to fellow manga enthusiasts. Spread your own passion by gifting these comic compendiums ideal for any manga maniac.

Nothing beats tearing into a brand new manga box set fresh off the presses. Savvy collectors stay plugged into upcoming releases to plan out the latest additions to their libraries. Pre-ordering box sets before release guarantees you secure the lowest price, incentives, and avoid shortages. Follow manga industry news closely and pounce on pre-order periods to build your collection ahead of the crowd.

Stay Up To Date On Upcoming Manga Box Set Releases And Pre-Order For The Best Price

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

The manga box set game moves fast, with new complete series editions coming out every month. Publishers announce upcoming releases far in advance, giving collectors a chance to lock in pre-order savings. Stay on top of the latest box set news and always pre-order your must-have sets upon first solicitation.

Follow Manga News Sites

Keep up with upcoming releases by bookmarking manga news hubs like Anime News Network, ComicBook.com manga section, and Crunchyroll manga. These sites report solicitations from Viz, Kodansha, Seven Seas and more ahead of street dates. Social media feeds, publisher emails, and online ads also build hype for hot new box sets on the horizon you won’t want to miss.

Pre-Order Early and Save

Pre-order periods on new manga box sets usually open 3-6 months before their street date. Retailers offer discounts during this period, generally 5-15% off the list price. Amazon, Right Stuf, Barnes and Noble, and independent shops are reliable pre-order sources with regular sales. Early commitments also help guarantee you get a first printing and avoid shortages.

Take Advantage of Pre-Order Freebies

Publisher incentives sweeten pre-orders further. Viz offers exclusive stickers through B&N for pre-orders. Right Stuf throws in art prints, posters, and other collectible goodies for free. Even digital retailers like Comixology offer downloadable bonuses with digital pre-orders. Look out for these added extras when pledging your monetary support early.

Hottest Upcoming Manga Box Sets

Here are some of the most anticipated manga box sets currently available for pre-order over the next 6 months:

  • One Piece Box Set 5 – January 2023
  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Collector’s Box Set – February 2023
  • Naruto Box Set 3 – February 2023
  • Dragon Ball Z Box Set – The Cell Saga – May 2023
  • Attack on Titan Colossal Edition 6 – May 2023
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Box Set – June 2023
  • My Hero Academia Collector’s Box 6 – July 2023
  • Golden Kamuy Manga Box Set – August 2023

Build Your Collection Over Time

Must-Have Manga Box Sets This Fall: Enjoy Top Anime Titles For Less

Great manga box sets release all the time, so pacing your additions prevents budget and shelf space from getting overwhelmed. Make an ongoing wishlist of desired sets, stay tuned into new reveals, and strategically pre-order just your top wants as solicitations roll out.

With some planning and discipline, you can actualize your ultimate manga library as stellar new box set editions launch each season. Never miss a release and get the best deal possible by keeping your finger on the pulse of manga news.