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Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

When it comes to storing your valuable tools, you need a solution that provides durability, security, and organization. That’s where Jobox tool storage products come in. Jobox has earned a reputation among professional contractors and DIYers for manufacturing some of the toughest and most secure tool boxes and chests on the market.

Introduction to Jobox Tool Storage Solutions

Founded in 1974, Jobox has been innovating in the tool storage space for over 40 years. They offer a wide range of storage solutions from basic tool boxes to large multi-bay roller cabinets perfect for professional shops or garages. Jobox uses heavy-duty steel in their construction, often with double walled and reinforced designs. This results in products that can withstand the rigors of transportation to and from job sites as well as protect your tools from theft and weather damage.

In my experience, Jobox boxes are built to last. The thick metal and continuous welds at the seams prevent cracking or bending under heavy loads. I’ve been using a Jobox model for nearly five years now and it’s as solid as the day I bought it.

Top Features of Jobox Tool Boxes – Durability and Security

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

Two of the standout features of Jobox tool storage products are their durability and security. As mentioned above, they use thick steel plate construction and industrial grade manufacturing processes to ensure their tool boxes and chests don’t crack or warp.

For security, many Jobox models have built-in locking mechanisms on the drawers and slide tops that allow you to protect your tools whether you’re on the job site or storing in your garage. Some models even include recessable padlock loops to make the boxes nearly impenetrable to break-ins.

I once accidentally left a Jobox chest on a job site overnight. Luckily the reinforced locking system kept my tools safe from any passersby with sticky fingers!

Sizing Options for Jobox Tool Chests and Cabinets

Jobox offers their tool storage products in a range of sizes to accommodate both DIYers and professional contractors alike. Their basic tool boxes typically range from 20 inches up to 56 inches in length. For those needing even more storage, they have full sized roller cabinets up to 44 inches wide.

I’d recommend measuring the space you have available and taking an inventory of your tools to determine the right Jobox model for your needs. If mobility is important, be sure to look at their wheeled models like the Jobox Grizzly Series.

Best Jobox Tool Boxes for Professional Contractors

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

For pro contractors on the go, Jobox’s tool boxes with wheels provide the ideal blend of large capacity and portability. I’d recommend the Jobox 48 inch model as a great Starting point. It provides 6 drawers for tons of storage and the solid wheels make transport easy.

They also offer the Jobox Pack Mule – basically a wheelbarrow design but made from heavy duty steel. It can haul up to 500 pounds of gear and has a unique diamond plate lid that opens in the center for easy access.

Jobox Tool Boxes for Home DIYers and Hobbyists

Jobox also caters to weekend warriors and home DIYers who still need solid storage options. Their smaller capacity chests and cabinets are more reasonably priced for consumers versus professional use. For example, the 24 inch model gives you 2 drawers of storage while keeping a compact footprint.

I’ve found their mid-size roller cabinets are great for home garages or hobby shops. You can store all your hand tools, power tools, and supplies conveniently in one place and lock it up securely when not in use.

Advantages of Jobox vs Other Tool Storage Brands

There are certainly other big players in the tool storage market, but Jobox stands apart in a few ways. First, they offer more heavy duty steel construction versus brands like Craftsman or Husky. This results in greater dent resistance and longer lifetime durability.

Second, Jobox uses higher grade locking mechanisms on their products. The combination of steel shackle padlock loops and reinforced slide locking cabinets keeps your tools protected.

Lastly, Jobox has a stellar reputation for customer service. Their boxes come with a standard 1 year warranty but I’ve heard of them standing behind their products for years beyond that.

Helpful Accessories for Customizing Your Jobox

One of the things I appreciate about Jobox is they offer a range of customizable accessories for their tool boxes and chests. This allows you to really tailor the storage to your specific needs.

Some popular accessories include side mounted parts bins, top storage compartments, cantilever trays for long items, and caster wheel kits for added mobility.

They even offer power tool foam inserts to securely store your drill, saw, etc. and prevent them from bouncing around in the drawers. Well worth looking at the accessory options when purchasing a Jobox model.

Reviews of Specific Jobox Tool Box Models (48″, 56″, etc)

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

Looking at reviews of specific Jobox models can provide valuable insights from other real world users. For example, the 48 inch chest gets rave reviews for its roomy 6 drawer storage capacity. Many reviews praise the smooth rolling wheels and sturdy handle that makes transportation easy.

One user did note that the drawers are quite heavy when fully loaded, so keep that in mind. But overall an excellent choice for those needing substantial secure storage.

The 56 inch model is the largest in their standard chest series and is a beast of a toolbox. With 8 full size drawers, you gain 33% more storage capacity versus the 48 inch. Just be aware it weighs over 400 pounds empty – you’ll want a buddy to help move this one!

Tips for Organizing Your Tools Inside a Jobox

Once you’ve purchased an awesome Jobox for your tools, you’ll want to organize it for maximum efficiency. Use foam inserts or small removable bins to group similar tools together in each drawer.

Consider using color coding by painting the handles different colors on bins that hold screwdrivers, pliers, etc. This makes finding what you need quick and easy.

You may want to reserve one drawer for odds and ends like fasteners, extensions cords, glue, tapes, etc. Just be sure weight is evenly distributed across all drawers.

Where to Buy Jobox Tool Boxes Online and In Stores

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

Jobox products are available from a range of retailers online and in store. Top places to check include Home Depot, Lowes, Northern Tool, and Walmart. You can even purchase directly from Jobox through their website.

I would recommend looking for a dealer close to you for convenience. But if you can find a better price online, many retailers will match it if you ask.

With their reputation for durability, security, and wide range of sizes, Jobox is definitely a top brand to consider for your tool storage needs. Just make sure to measure your space, account for room to grow your collection, and read user reviews before selecting the perfect model. Your tools will thank you!

When you need heavy duty storage to protect your valuable tools, Jobox delivers. I’ve used their products for years and continue to be impressed by the durability, security, and versatility they offer.

Top Features of Jobox Tool Boxes – Durability and Security

From their robust steel construction to their reinforced locking mechanisms, Jobox boxes are built like fortresses to keep your gear safe and last a lifetime.

Take their signature Diamondback lid design – it overlaps the top of the box to create a water resistant seal that also reinforces the lid against prying attempts. You can definitely tell this ain’t your dad’s old rusty toolbox!

And let’s talk heavy duty – we’re talking continuous welds, not just tack welds like cheaper brands. Thick 14 or 16 gauge steel that can take a beating. My Jobox looks as solid today as when I first hauled it up the driveway years ago.

Another thing I appreciate is the secure drawer slides. No rickety, sticking drawers here! The full extension slides allow easy access while the integrated locking system on each drawer keeps everything secure.

Got a bunch of smaller tools and supplies? No problem, you can customize your Jobox with cantilevered trays, parts bins, and specialized inserts to organize every last wrench and screw bit.

Bottom line – when you see a Jobox on a job site, you know that contractor came prepared with only the best. These storage workhorses earn their reputation every day protecting precious tools across the country.

Sizing Options for Jobox Tool Chests and Cabinets

One of the great things about Jobox is they offer a huge range of sizes to fit your needs. You can find everything from small portable boxes to giant stationary cabinets ready for the biggest collections.

For most home garages, I recommend something in the middle like one of their mid-sized roller cabinets. The 26″ model gives you plenty of drawer space while still being compact enough to maneuver around the limited space of a garage.

The Grizzly Series are nice and rugged. I also like the Master Series for home use – a bit more affordable but still offers great construction and thoseawesome roller cabinets.

Now if you’re an avid hobbyist with loads of tools, or outfitting a professional shop, then you need to think big. We’re talking massive boxes like the 56″ 8-drawer beast! Over 500 pounds fully loaded yet rolls like butter thanks to the 10″ wheels.

Or check out the epic Jobox General – we’re talking enough storage for even the most obsessed contractors out there. You’ll need an equipment liftgate truck to deliver this bad boy!

Best Jobox Tool Boxes for Professional Contractors

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

For contractors who live out of their tool storage, Jobox has the mobile boxes you need to stay organized on the go.

Let’s talk about the Jobox Pack Mule first. This steel workhorse is like a high security wheelbarrow on steroids! It has a unique diamond plate lid that opens right down the middle for access. Close it up and slap a padlock on it and your gear is protected.

Now imagine that same rugged design but expanded to the size of a full chest! The Jobox ProSeries offers their signature durability in large-capacity wheeled chests and cabinets. We’re talking up to 44″ wide with extendable handles and big 10″ rubber wheels ready to traverse any job site.

Other favorites are the low profile Sidekick series for easy loading into truck beds, and the aluminum Strongbox series for lighter weight but still lockable job site security.

With Jobox, pros get no-compromise storage that keeps the business end of your tools safe, organized, and at your fingertips all day.

Jobox Tool Boxes for Home DIYers and Hobbyists

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

You don’t need to be a pro to benefit from Jobox’s premium construction – their boxes are perfect for home garages and hobby shops too.

For small home shops, check out the Heron series. These compact chests give you versatile drawers for hand tools, small parts bins, and space up top for supplies. Durable as a tank but sized right for tight home garages.

Maybe you’ve got an epic tool collection begging for more organization? I’d look at their Master Series for home use. You can load these puppies up with tons of tools and supplies, then wheel them around the garage with ease. Beats tripping over piles of dusty toolboxes!

And don’t forget those handy accessories like power tool foam inserts, parts drawers, or cantilevered small item trays. With Jobox, you can customize your storage for the ultimate in organized convenience.

Advantages of Jobox vs Other Tool Storage Brands

There’s no shortage of tool storage brands out there, but Jobox consistently rises above the competition. Here’s why they’re worth the investment:

First, the rugged steel construction is top notch – we’re talking 14, 16, even 18 gauge steel on their premium boxes. Thick, reinforced, and built to shrug off dents and abuse.

Second, Jobox uses high end components like full extension slides, steel shackle padlock loops, and precision ball bearing wheels. This stuff is built to last year after year.

And finally, their customer service goes above and beyond. Jobox stands behind their products 100% and many users report they’ve honored warranties for years.

While you’ll pay a bit more up front, a Jobox quickly pays for itself in reduced headaches and peace of mind knowing your gear is safe and secure for the long haul.

When I first started my tool collection, I didn’t give much thought to storage. An old dusty box in the garage seemed good enough. Boy was I wrong. Proper tool storage makes all the difference for organization, security, and ease of access. That’s when I found Jobox and it was a total game changer.

Sizing Options for Jobox Tool Chests and Cabinets

One amazing thing about Jobox is the huge range of sizes they offer. From portable boxes to giant stationary shop units, they’ve got a tool storage solution for any space or need.

Let’s start small with their Bareshark series. These compact steel boxes are perfect for transporting hand tools or supplies to a job site. Secure, lockable, and sized right for pickup beds. And at under $100 – very wallet friendly!

Moving up, the Heron chests are great mid-sized options for home garages or small shops. You can find them in widths from 18″ to 56″ with multiple drawers for tons of organization. I love the utility chest models with full extension slides – smooth as butter access.

Now maybe you’ve got an epic tool arsenal begging for storage. I’d look at their Grizzly line of full sized roller cabinets. Massive capacity with features like side mounted parts bins, power strip integration, and wicked strong braking casters. Beast mode tool storage!

And for the truly obsessed DIYer or pro contractor, feast your eyes on the Jobox General. This leviathan is like driving a utility storage shed up to a job site. We’re talking enough room for any collection, yet can handle even rough terrain.

The takeaway here is Jobox has incredible range. Take time to think about your needs in terms of portability, capacity, weight allowance, and budget. With Jobox’s options, you can size up or down to find the perfect toolbox fit.

Best Jobox Tool Boxes for Professional Contractors

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

Jobsite warriors running large operations need tool storage as tough as their crew. Jobox’s pro series delivers.

Let’s look at the mammoth Jobox General. This industrial grade toolbox has capacities over 50 cubic feet! We’re talking room for the largest power tools, materials, ungodly amounts of fasteners – you name it. This monster eats messy tool piles for breakfast.

Maybe a bit smaller but still pro-level rugged, the Loft series are nice mobile tool chests with lift out trays and steel gas cylinder storage. Or haul your whole workshop in the field with the Jobox Pack Mule – like a high security wheelbarrow ready for anything.

For pro grade storage made portable, Jobox’s indestructible site boxes are perfect. Toss them in the truck bed and rest assured your gear stays protected.

Bottom line – Jobox gives pros customizable tool storage that can endure the intensity of daily job site use. Your tools and your business stay safe and secure with Jobox!

Jobox Tool Boxes for Home DIYers and Hobbyists

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

While Jobox caters heavily to pros, DIYers benefit from their products too. Let’s look at some of their consumer-friendly models.

For home garage storage, it’s hard to beat their Master Series. These rugged roller cabinets provide plenty of capacity for expansive tool collections, yet the smooth wheels make them a breeze to maneuver in tight home garages.

The Storm series offers versatile modular storage at more wallet-friendly prices. Mix and match drawer units, chests, and cabinets to customize your dream garage setup. Quality Jobox construction at very reasonable cost.

And don’t overlook their small utility boxes like the Bareshark series. Perfect for hauling hand tools or supplies out to the driveway or yard for those home improvement projects.

While Jobox leads with contractor-grade products, DIYers benefit from the same rugged designs that stand up to years of use. And often at lower prices than the pro models!

As someone who’s struggled with disorganized tools strewn across the garage, let me tell you – investing in a quality toolbox from Jobox was life changing. My gear has never been so organized, secure, and easy to access. Let’s dive into why Jobox rules the world of tool storage.

Best Jobox Tool Boxes for Professional Contractors

For pro contractors hauling valuable equipment to job sites every day, Jobox delivers the storage you need. We’re talking marine grade diamond plate steel that shrugs off dents and dings. Thick metal walls resist prying or attacks with cutters. Your livelihood stays protected.

Got a ton of gear? The Jobox General is a contractor’s dream, offering massive storage with a rugged mobile design. This toolbox behemoth can handle any pro collection while still being transportable when you need to relocate the motherload.

For ultimate versatility, check out the Pack Mule. With huge capacity plus a unique lid design that opens right down the middle, you can load and access bulky tools with ease. Lock it up and even the most brazen thieves walk away empty handed.

And if you need to haul smaller critical tools like expensive cordless kits, Jobox’s ProSeries tackle boxes are perfect. Tough as a tank, stackable, and available in different configs to fit your specific gear.

Simply put, Jobox equips pro contractors with optimized and secure tool storage for the needs of their trade. Your business can tackle any job when your tools are organized by Jobox.

Jobox Tool Boxes for Home DIYers and Hobbyists

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

As a weekend DIY warrior myself, I need storage that’s rugged but sized right for my two car garage. Jobox delivers here as well.

Take the Heron Series. These chests and cabinets pack pro-level durability into more compact sizes ideal for home use. The 26″ model is a great blend of capacity and mobility for cramped home garages.

Maybe you’ve got an epic tool collection? Check out the Master Series roller cabinets. They offer tremendous capacity with versatiley like side parts bins and power strip integration to organize your tool horde.

And you can’t beat the value of their utility boxes like the Bareshark. Small yet mighty, they’re perfect for hauling tools outside for driveway projects or over to help a buddy. Securable too!

While optimized for pros, Jobox’s homeowner-friendly sizing, features and pricing makes their boxes perfect for amateur tool hounds as well.

Advantages of Jobox vs Other Tool Storage Brands

In the world of tool storage, Jobox stands at the peak. Here’s why they excel:

First, their boxes are built tank tough from super thick steel. We’re talking continuous welds, not just tack welds that fail. This stuff shrugs off dents and rust like it’s nothing.

Second, they use only top shelf components – full extension steel ball bearing slides, industrial casters, military grade locking systems. This ain’t hardware store grade junk.

And finally, Jobox has unbeatable customer service. Users rave about prompt responses and repairs even years out of warranty. They stand behind their products.

While you pay more upfront, a Jobox pays for itself with decades of unflinching reliability. Your tools will thank you!

As a hobbyist woodworker with a growing collection of tools, keeping everything organized was a constant struggle. Tripping over dusty piles of equipment to find what I needed got old fast. Investing in a high quality Jobox toolbox was one of the best decisions I made.

Jobox Tool Boxes for Home DIYers and Hobbyists

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

While Jobox builds their reputation on heavy duty boxes for professionals, DIYers can benefit from their products too. As an avid hobbyist, the Jobox Master Series had everything I needed for my home shop.

First, the smooth rolling cabinets allowed me to easily move tools around my compact garage workspace. No more stubbing toes on dusty stacks! The top worksurface also gave me a handy area for layout or assembly.

Second, the drawer storage kept all my hand tools, fasteners, and accessories neatly organized and easy to find. No more searching every shelf and bin for a rogue screwdriver!

And finally, the locking mechanisms gave me peace of mind. With expensive table saws and cordless tools stored inside, I never had to worry about security like with my old wooden toolbox.

While pricey, the Jobox paid for itself in time savings and reduced headaches. My workshop became streamlined and efficient, making hobby projects far more enjoyable.

Advantages of Jobox vs Other Tool Storage Brands

In researching storage options, I kept coming back to Jobox for a few key reasons:

First, their signature rugged steel construction was perfect for protecting my growing tool investments from damage or theft.

Second, their thoughtfully designed storage accessories like cantilevered small parts bins and power tool inserts allowed me to fully optimize the space.

And finally, their stellar reputation for customer service gave me confidence in the long term durability and support if issues ever came up.

Jobox definitely comes at a premium price point. But for me, the years of reliable service and efficient organization have been well worth the extra investment.

Tips for Organizing Your Tools Inside a Jobox

Once you’ve got your new Jobox toolbox, take time to organize it effectively so you can always find what you need when you need it.

Group tools together by type – wrenches, pliers, drivers, etc. Use foam inserts, bins, or trays to separate items within the drawers.

Consider color coding drawer handles with paint or tape to create visual cues for the contents. Red for hand tools, green for fasteners, blue for electrical, etc.

Leave one drawer for loose supplies like rags, glues, lubricants, etc. Maximize vertical space with wall mounted racks or bins for long/oddly shaped items.

A little time invested up front in a thoughtful organization system pays back exponentially over the years you’ll use your Jobox. Your workflow will benefit immensely from streamlined storage.

Having a proper toolbox used to be an afterthought for me. A dented old thing from my dad’s garage was sufficient. But once my tool collection started growing, lack of organization and security became a real headache. That’s when I started researching premium storage solutions and discovered the benefits of Jobox.

Advantages of Jobox vs Other Tool Storage Brands

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

In the world of tool storage, Jobox is in a class of its own. After comparing them to brands like Craftsman, Husky, and Milwaukee, three key advantages stood out:

First, Jobox uses outrageously thick steel in their construction – we’re talking 14 gauge to even plate steel on some models. This results in boxes that can take an absolute beating and keep going.

Second, they outfit their boxes with top-tier components like full extension slides with steel ball bearings, industrial casters rated for hundreds of pounds, and military-grade locking systems. Again, just a cut above competitors.

And third, Jobox has a reputation for outstanding customer service. Users report they stand behind their products years down the road, even beyond warranties. Peace of mind you just don’t get from other brands.

Now, you’ll pay more up front for a Jobox versus a mass market brand. But once you experience the organization and security yourself, you realize it’s worth every penny for the decades of unflinching service you’ll enjoy.

Helpful Accessories for Customizing Your Jobox

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

One thing I really appreciate about Jobox is the range of accessories available to customize your storage setup.

Some of my must-haves are the extra side mounted parts bins – perfect for small hardware and loose items right at your fingertips.

I’m also a huge fan of their power tool foam inserts. They cradle my cordless drills and saws securely while protecting them from bouncing around in the drawers.

And don’t overlook caster upgrades if mobility is important. Jobox’s heavy duty casters roll like butter and have awesome braking mechanisms.

By mixing and matching accessories like slides, lift-out trays, parts bins and more, you can truly optimize your Jobox for your workspace and workflow. Well worth exploring when purchasing.

Tips for Organizing Your Tools Inside a Jobox

Getting the most long term benefit from a Jobox requires taking time upfront to organize it strategically:

– Group similar tools together – wrenches with wrenches, drivers with drivers, etc. Use foam or bins to separate.

– Consider color coding drawer handles to create visual cues for quickly finding what you need.

– Dedicate a drawer to loose supplies like tape, glues, fasteners, etc. Maximize vertical space for long items.

– As your collection grows over time, periodically reorganize tools back into their proper homes. A few minutes of maintenance saves headaches down the road.

Investing in a quality Jobox is a great first step. Taking the time to organize it effectively will ensure you enjoy a streamlined, efficient workspace for years to come.

When I first got my Jobox toolbox, it served my needs fine. But as my tool collection grew over the years, lack of customization became a pain point. That’s when I discovered Jobox’s amazing range of storage accessories that allowed me to truly optimize my setup.

Helpful Accessories for Customizing Your Jobox

One thing that sets Jobox apart is the versatile accessories they offer to help you customize your storage solution.

For small loose items, their side mounted parts bins are perfect. I attached a few to the exterior of my cart for easy access to fasteners, connectors, and other frequent use items.

Got an arsenal of power tools? Their foam inserts are amazing for protection. Snug cutouts securely cradle drills, circular saws, jigsaws, and more while preventing them from bouncing freely in the drawers.

Don’t overlook their drawer divider kits either. I added some adjustable dividers to separate categories of hand tools in the drawers – wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, etc. This kept things neatly organized.

And if mobility is important, definitely consider caster upgrades. I upgraded to their dual braking casters and now my loaded box glides easily across the shop floor with total control.

While Jobox boxes start out great, taking advantage of accessories transforms them into hyper-customized solutions tailored to your workspace and needs. Well worth exploring!

Tips for Organizing Your Tools Inside a Jobox

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

Once you’ve got your souped up Jobox, take the time to organize it effectively:

– Group similar tools in labeled bins – wrenches with wrenches, drivers with drivers, etc. Consider foam dividers.

– Color code bins/drawers to create visual categories – red for hand tools, green for fasteners, blue for electrical.

– Dedicate a drawer to loose supplies like tape, glue, rags, lubricants, etc.

– Use wall racks or vertical space for long or odd shaped items like levels and breaker bars.

– Maintain organization over time by periodically rehoming items back to their proper bins. A little upkeep goes a long way.

The right accessories paired with a thoughtful layout makes your souped up Jobox a highly efficient workspace that saves you time and headaches for years on end.

Where to Buy Jobox Tool Boxes Online and In Stores

Jobox products are sold through a wide range of retailers in store and online. Some popular places to shop include:

– Home Depot – Often has promotions or discounted floor models

– Lowes – Price matches competitors and offers free delivery

– Northern Tool – Large web selection with detailed product specs

– Walmart – Affordable pricing but limited selection in-store

– Direct from Jobox – Can purchase directly from their website

I recommend checking multiple retailers to find the best deal. And don’t be afraid to ask for a discount – many places will work with you on price for such a big investment.

Reviews of Specific Jobox Tool Box Models (48″, 56″, etc)

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

Finding the right tool box to meet your needs can be a challenge. With so many options on the market, it’s tough to know which brands and models stack up as truly durable, secure, and useful storage solutions.

One brand that consistently rises to the top is Jobox. Jobox has earned a reputation for making high-quality and reliable tool boxes and chests, designed to keep tools safe on even the toughest job sites.

But with different sizes and configurations available, how do you know which Jobox tool box is right for you? Here, we’ll review some of Jobox’s most popular models to help you choose.

Jobox 48″ Tool Box

One of Jobox’s standard go-to models is the 48″ wide tool box. It provides a spacious 48 x 20 x 18 inches of storage, giving you plenty of room for hand tools, power tools, cordless tools, and other gear you need to take to your job site.

This Jobox tool box is made from 16-gauge steel, making it incredibly sturdy and secure. It can withstand harsh weather and rough handling on the worksite. The lid features full piano hinges and gas struts for smooth opening and closing.

Storage-wise, this Jobox contains a top tray and bottom compartment. The removable tray helps you organize small parts, while the large lower space allows bigger tools. Some key features include side handles, a central locking system, and steel T-handles for security.

Overall, this 48-inch Jobox provides an ideal balance of portability and storage capacity. It’s a great choice for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other tradespeople who need to transport a variety of hand and power tools to job sites.

Jobox 56″ Double Bank Chest

For those needing even more substantial storage, the Jobox 56″ double bank chest is a perfect pick. With double the storage of the 48″ model, this chest provides ample room for a full arsenal of professional contractor tools.

The exterior dimensions measure 56 x 20 x 33 inches, giving you 56 inches of width to work with. The interior is thoughtfully divided, with a top compartment and two bottom compartments separated by a fixed divider.

Like all Jobox models, the 56″ double bank chest is made of 16-gauge steel for industrial-level durability. It features full-length piano hinges, T-handles, and padlock attachments for security on site.

Because of its size, this chest works best for professional contractors who need to haul lots of equipment. The divided compartments allow you to organize plumbing tools, electrical tools, carpentry tools, and more. It’s ideal for vans, trailers, and trucks.

Jobox 22″ Personal Chest

On the other end of the spectrum, Jobox makes a 22″ personal chest that’s perfect for smaller storage needs. If you’re an independent contractor or handyperson who doesn’t require huge capacity, the 22″ chest provides secure, portable storage.

This compact chest measures 22 x 9 x 13 inches. It’s equipped with a lift-out tray for organizing fasteners, bits, and other small items. The remaining space below is ideal for hand tools, a nail gun, drill, saw, and other mid-sized equipment.

Weighing only 35 pounds, this little Jobox chest won’t weigh you down. The 16-gauge steel construction means it can handle rough transport and outdoor job sites. Features like a central locking system, steel lid, and full piano hinge make it just as secure as larger Jobox models.

All in all, the 22″ personal chest is great for solo handymen, DIYers, and beginning professionals looking for everyday tool storage. It packs the durability of bigger boxes in a more compact form factor.

Jobox Heavy Duty Rolling Cabinet

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

For the ultimate in tool storage and mobility, Jobox’s heavy duty rolling cabinets are a top choice. These rolling tool boxes provide incredible storage capacity plus the convenience of wheeling your tools right to the job site.

Available in both 46″ and 56″ widths, these rolling cabinets feature sturdy industrial casters that handle uneven terrain with ease. The extra-wide cabinet design provides ample storage for large tools.

Gas struts allow the lid to gently open, revealing utility trays and compartments for optimal organization. Drawers and shelves provide easy access to the contents. Features like T-handles, locks, and steel construction ensure durability and security.

If you’re regularly working out of your truck or van on job sites near and far, a Jobox heavy duty rolling cabinet could be the ultimate solution. You gain storage and easy transportation all in one convenient package.

Jobox Side Mount Chest

For truck owners, Jobox’s side mount chests are the perfect toolbox solution. These heavy duty chests are specially designed to mount against the side wall of your truck bed, saving space and allowing easy access.

Available in 48″, 56″, and 72″ sizes, the side mount chests extend the full depth of your truck bed. That means you can store long tools, conduit, lumber, and more. The full-extension slide-out tray provides easy access without climbing into the truck.

These chests feature watertight seals, T-handles, central locking bars, and heavy duty 16-gauge steel. With up to 72 inches of lockable storage, the side mount chests create a secure mobile warehouse for transporting tools, materials, and supplies.

For pickup truck owners who want an organized, theft-resistant toolbox solution, Jobox’s side mount chests are a top choice. They deliver abundant storage that integrates seamlessly with your truck.

The Best Tool Box for Your Needs

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

As you can see, Jobox manufactures a diverse lineup of high-quality tool storage solutions. Models like the 48″ and 56″ tool chests, rolling cabinets, and side mount chests combine incredible durability with well-designed features.

So which is the best Jobox toolbox for you? Consider how much storage you need, how you transport tools, and your desired level of security. Measure your vehicle storage areas if relevant. This will lead you to the right size, style, and configuration.

While the upfront cost of a Jobox is more than a basic tool box, the unrivaled quality will pay off for years. Jobox’s sturdy steel construction will withstand the abuses of any job site. Your tools will stay safe, secure, and organized – delivering convenience and peace of mind.

For tradespeople and professionals who rely on their tools, a Jobox toolbox is one of the wisest investments you can make. Discover why they’re so popular and get the storage solution you really need.

Tips for Organizing Your Tools Inside a Jobox

Investing in a sturdy, well-built Jobox tool box is a smart first step for keeping your tools protected and secure. But simply tossing everything inside won’t make your life any easier on the job site. Taking the time to organize your Jobox effectively will provide big dividends down the road.

An organized Jobox allows you to find the right tool quickly when you need it. It also helps ensure your tools don’t get damaged as they’re transported around. Here are some useful tips for arranging your tools within a Jobox toolbox or chest.

Take Inventory First

Before you start loading up your new Jobox, take an inventory of all the tools you’ll be storing inside. Make a list of everything, from hand tools and power tools to batteries, chargers, extension cords, and supplies.

Knowing the full contents ahead of time allows you to plan where to place items and how to configure the storage space. You can also determine if you need to weed out any unnecessary or duplicate items before packing up your Jobox.

Map Out the Storage Space

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

Jobox tool chests and rolling cabinets typically have open lower compartments along with utility trays or slots for small parts. Make a rough sketch mapping out these storage zones before organizing.

Think about which types of tools or supplies will go in each area. This helps prevent getting halfway through filling your Jobox only to realize things don’t fit.

Group Tools by Category

The most logical way to arrange tools in a Jobox is by grouping together similar items. For instance, keep all your wrenches together, all your pliers together, all your screwdrivers together, and so on.

You can use dividers or small parts bins to separate types of tools within each category. This grouping method makes it fast and easy to find what you need without sorting through unrelated items.

Take Advantage of Small Parts Storage

Look for ways to utilize the small parts organizers and utility trays in your Jobox. These are perfect for small items like nuts, bolts, screws, nails, electrical connectors, drill bits, batteries, and anything else that can get lost in the bottom of a big toolbox.

Use adjustable dividers, stacking bins, or compartments to arrange fasteners by size, type, or usage. Keep these frequently accessed items right up top for convenience.

Don’t Overlook Vertical Space

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

It’s easy to focus solely on using the floor of your Jobox when packing tools. But take advantage of vertical space too. Look for ways tools can be safely stood up or stacked to maximize storage real estate.

For example, hand tools like shovels and rakes can be vertically organized in a corner. Frequently used power tools can be stored in an upright charger stand for grab-and-go access.

Heavier Tools Down Low

When deciding what goes on the floor of your Jobox, reserve the space for heavier items like power tools, tool bags, and boxes of supplies. Place lighter hand tools and accessories in trays and compartments up top.

Keeping weight lower in the toolbox prevents it from becoming top-heavy or tipping over. It also keeps the Jobox balanced when lifting or rolling it.

Customize Interior Options

Look for interior organizational products that allow you to customize your Jobox setup. Dividers, bins, trays, and foam inserts can be configured to hold specific tools securely.

For example, foam or magnetic inserts allow you to precisely trace and cut out the outline of each tool. This prevents jostling and damage during transport.

Label the Storage Zones

Once you designate certain areas of your Jobox for specific types of tools, label them clearly. Use paint, tape, or simple signage to identify each storage zone.

For example, label different small parts bins as “Electrical,” “Plumbing,” “Automotive,” “Lumber/Fasteners,” etc. Make it immediately clear where tools belong.

Leave a Little Empty Space

When organizing your Jobox, don’t try to use every inch of space. Leave a little empty room for future growth or new tool purchases.

Overstuffing your toolbox makes it harder to find and replace tools. Having some open capacity makes accessing and loading your Jobox much easier.

Maintain as You Go

Proper ongoing Jobox organization is just as important as the initial setup. Make it a habit to return tools to their designated spots after each use. Take a few minutes periodically to tidy up and re-label storage zones.

By continually maintaining your organizational system, you’ll always know just where to find the right tool. An organized Jobox ensures you start each job prepared and efficient.

With a well laid out Jobox that has a place for everything, you’ll get the full benefits of secure, durable tool storage. Follow these handy tips and transform your Jobox into a highly functional mobile toolbox built for productivity.

Where to Buy Jobox Tool Boxes Online and In Stores

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

Once you decide that a Jobox toolbox is the right choice for protecting your tools, the next step is figuring out where to get one. Jobox products are sold through a range of retailers, both online and in traditional brick and mortar stores.

Here is a look at some of the best places to buy authentic new Jobox tool boxes, chests, and rolling cabinets for your needs.

Home Improvement Stores

One of the easiest local places to find Jobox products is at home improvement stores. Major national chains like Home Depot and Lowe’s typically carry a selection of Jobox tool storage options.

You’ll often find best-selling models like the 48″ and 56″ Jobox tool chests and rolling cabinets. The advantage of home centers is being able to see and touch the products in person.

Hardware Supply Stores

Independent hardware supply stores aimed at professional contractors are another good retail source for Jobox. Stores like Ace Hardware and True Value Hardware stock Jobox along with other leading industrial tool storage brands.

Jobox products may be more prominent in hardware stores than home centers, since contractor-grade toolboxes are a speciality. Check what’s in stock or place a custom order.

Tool Distributors

Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

Companies that supply tools and equipment to professional tradespeople often sell Jobox products as well. This includes regional and national distributors like HD Supply, Johnstone Supply, and Toolnut.

These outlets cater to contractors purchasing large volumes of tools and accessories. Going through a distributor may provide a cost savings on Jobox purchases, especially for custom orders.

Truck Accessory Stores

For Jobox truck toolboxes designed to mount on pickup truck beds, look for retailers that sell truck accessories. Many carry compatible tool storage like side mount chests and under-bed drawers.

Stores to check include 4 Wheel Parts, Real Truck, AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Pep Boys. You can get expert guidance on choosing the right truck toolbox setup.

Jobox’s Website

For direct ordering from the manufacturer, Jobox maintains their own website at Jobox.com. All products can be purchased online and shipped directly to you.

Buying straight from Jobox provides perks like customization options, integrated locks keyed alike, lifetime warranty registration, and tailored advice. Site-wide sales and promotions also offer chances to save.


The ecommerce leader Amazon sells a wide range of Jobox toolboxes and accessories. Amazon provides free shipping on most Jobox items to Prime members.

Amazon’s prices are competitive and may beat other retailers. User reviews help assess real-world performance. Make sure items are sold and shipped by Amazon to guarantee authenticity.


Along with Amazon, Walmart has become a major online outlet, including for Jobox products. The familiar Walmart.com website provides free 2-day shipping on orders over $35.

Like Amazon, Walmart has a huge distribution network that facilitates quick, affordable delivery direct to your door. Just confirm items are sold by Walmart, not third party sellers.


On eBay you can find both new and used Jobox toolboxes for sale from various sellers. eBay’s buyer protections help ensure you either get the item described or your money back.

Because eBay is a marketplace of independent sellers, product availability and pricing varies widely. But the selection is enormous and may include hard-to-find discontinued Jobox models.


Need Secure Storage for Your Tools. Discover the Best Jobox Tool Boxes

Check Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for chances to buy secondhand Jobox products locally. Listings often advertise toolboxes and chests in gently used condition at big discounts.

The downside is no warranty protection on private party sales. But for bargains, browsing local classifieds for Jobox can pay off.

Find the Best Place to Buy Your Jobox

New Jobox toolboxes, chests, and cabinets can be purchased through retailers across the spectrum, from big box stores to specialized web sellers. Consider factors like selection, price, availability, and convenience as you choose where to buy.

Investing in a rugged, high-quality Jobox toolbox is a decision you probably won’t regret. Let the right storage solution help you keep tools secure and organized for greater productivity on the job.