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Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Imagine you’re towing a heavy load down a steep hill. You press the brake pedal, but instead of slowing down smoothly, the truck keeps barrelling forward. No driver wants the heart-dropping feeling of weak brakes when hauling precious cargo. Upgrading to premium brake pads designed specifically for Super Duty trucks gives you the stopping power and peace of mind you need.

Why Your Super Duty Needs Upgraded Brake Pads

The factory brake pads equipped on Ford Super Duty pickups are just adequate. Under heavy use, they wear out faster. Pushing the limits of towing and hauling requires brake pads engineered for the job. We all depend on our brakes, but when you’re entrusted with people’s possessions or livelihoods, compromised braking simply isn’t an option.

Typical symptoms alerting you to worn brake pads are squealing, vibrating, and fading. Once you experience any of these, it’s past time to replace the pads. Waiting too long leads to rotor damage and costly brake repairs. Stay ahead of problems by upgrading to robust brake pads when buying new pads.

Motorcraft OE Brake Pads – The Smart Choice

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Motorcraft is Ford’s OE brake pad supplier. Designed specifically for your Super Duty truck, Motorcraft brake pads deliver several advantages over other brands. The friction material lasts longer and stops better. Shims dampen vibrations for quieter braking. Motorcraft pads avoid complications found with some aftermarket brands claiming longer life by using metallic pads. Metallic pads lack the stopping power you want for heavy loads.

Think of elite brake pads as insurance. Only a few dollars more, they prevent headaches from premature wear. Brake problems ruin your day and cost big money. With Motorcraft OE pads, you slash friction material replacement costs over the long run.

Longer Pad Life and Enhanced Stopping Power

Factory brake pads are designed for average use, not for the demands of frequent heavy towing and hauling. They wear out faster under high heat and pressure. Upgraded pads engineered specifically for Super Duty trucks withstand higher temps and pressures from repeated hard stops.

Premium pads avoid brake fade caused when heat glazes over the pads reducing friction. Fading feels like the pedal sinks closer to the floor. More durable friction material maintains grippy contact for strong braking mile after mile. You’ll enjoy powerful, consistent stops even negotiating steep grades fully loaded.

Prevent Costly Brake Repairs Down the Road

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Waiting until the last minute to replace worn brakes is tempting fate and your wallet. Machining or replacing rotors gets expensive. Neglected pads can overheat and damage brake caliper pistons as well. At minimum, worn pads accelerate front end suspension and steering wear.

Upgrading to sturdy pads extends pad life keeping rotors like new. Optimally matched friction material absorbs and dissipates heat while maintaining stopping effectiveness. Premium pads save money over the long run preventing repairs and associated downtime.

How to Know When Pads Need Replacing

Listen and feel for signs your original pads are due for replacement. Squealing or grinding noises indicate wear. Brake vibrating through the pedal, steering wheel or chassis points to glazing. Fade means less stopping power under heavy braking.

For optimal safety and value, experts recommend replacing pads when roughly half the friction material remains. At half wear you still get a comfortable margin of safety. Don’t wait for the friction material to disappear.

Improved Pedal Feel for Confidence While Towing

Superior brake pads engineered for Super Duty trucks boost pedal feel. Stiffer friction material gives solid feedback you can modulate precisely. The enhanced grip delivers more controlled stops so you can halt smoothly while towing heavy.

Consistent friction material also eliminates annoying grabbiness. Grabbing wastes stopping distance as pads stick then slip. Upgraded pads ensure braking that’s as confident as the Super Duty’s legendary towing power.

Reduce Fade for Consistent Braking Performance

Brake fade is no friend to safe towing. As pads overheat with repeated heavy braking, stopping power rapidly decreases. Bonded shims on upgraded pads disperse heat so pads stay cooler. Optimized friction material retains braking integrity despite high temps and extreme loads.

Pads engineered for your Super Duty maintain braking torque mile after mile. Excellent cooling properties keep pedal feel and stopping distances consistent carrying heavy cargo down steep grades. You’ll appreciate the fade-free performance.

Cut Down on Squealing and Vibration Issues

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Low quality pads are infamous for noisy operation and pedal vibrations. Squealing, squeaking and brake shudder compromise driving comfort and concentration. Precision engineered shims on premium Motorcraft pads virtually eliminate noise and chatter.

Shims dampen vibrations from pad movement preventing the resonance noise called brake squeal. Chatter through the chassis and steering wheel also disappears for disruption-free braking. Driving is smoother and quieter.

Affordable Prices on Premium Motorcraft Brake Pads

Considering the performance advantages, Motorcraft brake pads are very competitively priced. A few extra dollars pays for substantially longer pad life, better stopping power, consistent all-weather braking, and avoiding expensive repairs. That small investment also buys confidence and satisfaction knowing you upgraded key safety components.

Don’t settle for mystery brands making doubtful claims. Insist on genuine Motorcraft brake pads purpose-engineered for your Ford Super Duty. Look for the Blue Oval to get OE design, premium quality and the automaker’s full warranty. Better braking lets you pursue adventures without compromise.

Squealing, grinding, vibration, and fade are like check engine lights alerting you to worn brake pads. Don’t ignore the symptoms. Upgraded pads engineered for Super Duty trucks rein in these common issues for smooth, powerful braking.

Symptoms That Indicate Worn Brake Pads

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Brake problems announce themselves loud and clear – literally in some cases. Listen for signs your stock pads need freshening to avoid hazards and expense down the road. Safety and dollar savings start with recognizing key worn brake pad symptoms.

The Serenade of Squealing Brakes

Few noises signal brake wear as clearly as squealing. The high-pitched squeal usually happens when first pressing the pedal. Squeaking grates on your nerves and signals pads lacking friction material. Vibrations against caliper pistons and brake hardware create the racket.

Upgraded brake pads use shims between the pad and piston to dampen vibrations preventing squeal. Materials like rubberized shims and anti-squeal adhesive eliminate the embarrassing cacophony of worn pads.

Grinding Gets Your Attention

Grinding takes squealing to the next level – a true grinding of metal on metal. At this point, the pad’s friction material is gone or nearly gone. Now the backing plate contacts the rotor causing the grinding.

Don’t just cringe at the noise – take action! Continuous grinding ruins rotors necessitating expensive replacement. Quality pads avoid metal-on-metal wear by maintaining ample friction material thickness.

Vibrating Brakes Are Glazed

Brake pedal pulsations or vibrating steering wheel point to glazing on the pads. Repeated heavy braking generates extreme heat which glazes the pads. Glazing is a glossy hardened layer reducing friction.

Vibrations happen as the semi-hardened pads intermittently grip and slip on the rotor surface. Refrain from heavy braking allowing pads to cool. Or better yet, upgrade to robust pads less prone to glazing and fading.

Fade Means Brakes Are Overheated

When brake pedal sinkage increases during repeated stops, you are experiencing fade. Brake fade occurs as overheated pads become ineffective reducing friction. The classic case is brake fade while descending a steep hill towing.

Superior cooling properties of upgraded pads maintain braking integrity at high temperatures. Quality friction material retains stopping torque applying trailer brakes with confidence.

Replacing Pads Before It’s Too Late

Waiting until pads wear to the rivets risks rotor damage, uneven pad deposits on rotors, and overheated pistons. Ideally, pads should be changed when roughly half the friction material is left.

Upgraded pads engineered specifically for Super Duty trucks safely go longer between replacements thanks to durability. But don’t push limits – replace pads proactively.

Catching issues early keeps you rolling safely down the road. Plus you maximize value getting extended mileage from upgraded brake components. Inspect pads regularly and listen for signs it’s time.

Compromising on brake pads fails to brake in your best interest. Don’t settle for less than purpose-engineered pads delivering the ultimate in safety and performance. Insist on genuine Motorcraft parts made specifically for Super Duty trucks. Look for the Blue Oval symbol to brake with confidence and control.

Upgraded pads reinforce braking muscle for demanding truck applications. You worked hard for that boat, camper or livestock trailer. Protect precious cargo and peace of mind with new brake shoes designed for the daily grind. Chasing adventure requires brakes up to the challenge. Authentic Motorcraft pads offer affordable OE-grade engineering to help you Stop Like You Mean It.

Upgrading to the genuine article makes good sense. Motorcraft engineered the original pads for your truck. Ford trusts them to deliver OE pedigree braking across Super Duty models. Insist on authentic Motorcraft for optimized friction, cooling, noise reduction and long service life.

Motorcraft OE Brake Pads – The Smart Choice

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

When purchasing new front brake pads for your Super Duty, the smart money opts for Motorcraft. Here’s why OE-engineered Motorcraft pads outperform competing brands.

Super Duty Stopping Power

The friction material chemistry and compounding fully optimize Super Duty braking demands. Unique formulas maintain high friction coefficients and heat resistance for unrivaled stopping torque even when towing downhill fully loaded.

Motorcraft doesn’t cut corners with cheaper inorganic materials. Expect confident braking comparable to off-the-assembly-line performance throughout pad service life.

Improved Pedal Feel

Firm pedal feel inspires driving confidence. Motorcraft pads use original equipment friction formulas for precise pedal feedback you can modulate reliably for smooth stops towing your heaviest. Consistent friction coefficients prevent saggy, grabby or non-linear pedal feel.

Upgraded Motorcraft pads engineered for your Super Duty also eliminate cringe-worthy brake squeal. Silent stops match the truck’s quiet, comfortable road manners.

Rotor-Friendly Formulas

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Motorcraft’s friction material compounds avoid accelerated wear of rotors. Unique blends generate less heat and dust while maintaining friction. Precision curing and high quality components yield smooth, uniform friction layers preserving rotors.

Pads staying flat and parallel to the rotor face prevent uneven deposits and thickness variances leading to pulsating brakes. OE engineering experience shows in extended rotor life.

Severe Duty Protection

Tow hauling, frequent heavy loads and stop-and-go traffic grinds down lesser pads. Repeated high heat cycling diminishes cheaper pads. Motorcraft pads resist fading and maintain stopping efficacy thanks to OE pedigree engineering.

Upgraded designs better dissipate and insulate heat. Components withstand extreme loads and temperatures far longer preserving a thick friction layer for safe braking.

Prevent Noises/Vibrations

Nothing screams “fix me” like noisy brakes. Chassis vibrations also signal problems.
Motorcraft pads avoid these issues through features like rubberized shims between the pads and caliper pistons.

ShimsInstalled during pad replacement, the shims eliminate pad vibration and brake squeal. Chatter-free operation contributes to the Super Duty’s unmatched ride and handling.

When towing precious cargo, compromised safety, unwelcome repairs and discomfort are unacceptable. Insist on upgraded front brake pads from Ford’s OE supplier. Look for the Blue Oval on genuine Motorcraft brake parts engineered specifically for Super Duty trucks.

Tow hauling rapidly wears down factory brake pads. Upgraded pads engineered specifically for Super Duty trucks withstand extreme braking heat and load to safely extend mileage between replacements.

Longer Pad Life and Enhanced Stopping Power

Superior compounds, designs, and engineering mean upgraded pads outrun stock pads in mileage and braking performance. Here’s how.

Extended Pad Life

Thicker friction material layers equipped on robust aftermarket pads simply last longer under punishing conditions. Heavy use rapidly wears away the thinner OE material.

Upgraded designs better manage heat and distribute loads over more friction material area. Excellent cooling and insulation properties minimize glazing, uneven wear and damage from heat cycling.

Durable Friction Material

High quality friction material withstands repeated heavy braking without losing stopping effectiveness. Severe duty compounds maintain high, stable friction coefficients at extreme temperatures.

Superior bonded shim materials avoid separating or cracking over time. Multiple friction layers dampen noise and retain torque compared to single layer OE pads.

Fortified Backing Plates

Some upgraded pads feature forged or high-density backing plates. The reinforced plates prevent distortion under load boosting pad and caliper life. Stiff backing plates also contribute to consistent pedal feel.

Plates resistant to corrosion, flexing, and fatigue team with multi-layer friction materials for rock solid builds that outwork factory pads.

Weep Holes Prevent Fluid Traps

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Small holes or channels molded into some upgraded pads let brake fluid weep through instead of getting trapped. Trapped fluid causes uneven pad deposition compromising function.

Weep holes ensure Motorcraft and other exceptional pads deposit material evenly across rotors. Even pad wear means positive pedal feel and noise-free operation.

Brake Testing Protocols

Rigorous brake testing protocols validate aftermarket pads carrying the Motorcraft name. Repeated simulated stops from 60 mph under maximum load verify durability and temperature resistance.

When your truck’s mission involves challenging towing and hauling day in and day out, don’t settle for basic stock pads designed for light duty applications.

Insist on premium brake pads purpose-engineered to shrug off extreme braking heat, massive loads, and stop-and-go traffic. The right pads safely go the distance so you can too.

Worn out brake pads lead to a cascade of problems ultimately costing big money. Quality pads engineered for Super Duty trucks help drivers avoid expensive repairs that cancel out any savings on cheaper pads.

Prevent Costly Brake Repairs Down the Road

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Don’t learn the hard way how replacing worn pads in time preserves your truck – and wallet. Inferior pads risk repairs that erase perceived savings over upgraded pads designed for the long haul.

It Starts With The Rotors

Glazed, overheated pads accelerate rotor wear and warping. Pulsating pedals indicate warped rotors requiring service. Machining or replacing rotors runs $300 or more per axle.

Upgraded pads better protect rotors thanks to optimized compounds, multiple friction layers, and thermal protection. Healthy rotors also minimize steering and suspension wear.

Damaged Calipers Cost More

Overheated pads release deposits inside caliper pistons interfering with smooth operation. Sticking, leaking or seized pistons demand caliper replacement or rebuilding.

Quality pads have high heat thresholds keeping calipers clean. Protecting calipers avoids the $350+ per caliper price of replacements plus labor costs.

Steering And Suspension Wear

Brake problems multiply suspension and steering wear. Vibrating rotors stress ball joints, bushings and tie rods. Preventing this damage saves on alignments, ball joints, bushings and related service.

Upgraded pads prevent vibrations and uneven rotor deposits. Smoother braking reduces wear on fronts end components often costing $600 or more to repair.

The Safety Factor

Worn pads seriously compromise safety when towing or hauling heavy loads. Don’t risk an accident or roadside breakdown to save a few dollars on cut-rate pads.

View premium pads providing reliable braking under load as cheap insurance. Protect yourself, passengers, cargo and the rig’s costly components.

With so much at stake, penny wise but pound foolish makes no sense on safety-critical brake parts. Insist on the right pads and rotors engineered specifically for Super Duty trucks. The small extra investment prevents an expensive domino fall of repairs down the road.

Inspecting pads regularly and recognizing wear symptoms protects safety and your wallet. Letting pads go too long risks expensive repairs. Know when to replace pads to maximize value and avoid problems.

How to Know When Pads Need Replacing

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Brake pads gradually wear down with use. Here’s how to identify when replacements are needed before problems develop.

Visual Inspections

Take a quick visual pad check whenever tires or wheels are off the truck. Pads should be at least half their original thickness – about 3/16 inch for most premium pads. Any less and it’s time to change.

Also note if friction material is cracked, separating, or contaminated with grease/fluids. Uneven pad deposits on rotors signal issues as well.

Wear Sensors

Many trucks have pad wear sensors that screech when the lining gets low. The metal tab contacts the rotor emitting an annoying squeal impossible to ignore.

Aftermarket pads may not have wear sensors. Perform frequent visual checks and listen for noises to avoid getting stranded with shot pads.

Pedal Pulses

A pulsating brake pedal often indicates pad deposits on rotors. As the truck speeds up, the rotor wobbles on and off the high spots. Time for new pads and resurfaced or replaced rotors.

Quality pads deposit less material for smoother braking. Maintaining rotors also eliminates steering wheel shimmy from warped rotors.

Longer Stopping Distances

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Brakes needing more pedal pressure and distance to stop multiply stopping distance. If you find yourself needing to apply brakes earlier, pads likely need attention.

Sticking slide pins or contaminated pads can also increase stopping distance. Inspect all system components when installing new pads.

Be Proactive

Don’t wait until the pads are thin metal slivers. Friction material should optimally be replaced when around half worn out.

Being proactive maximizes the value of upgraded pads while providing a safe braking margin. Letting pads go too long risks rotor damage and unsafe brake failure.

Knowing how to identify worn pads eliminates surprises on the road. Invest in premium pads providing maximum mileage between replacements. And be ready to take action when symptoms say it’s time.

Consistent, firm brake pedal feel inspires driving confidence when towing heavy. Quality pads engineered for Super Duty trucks deliver precise pedal feedback you can modulate reliably every time.

Improved Pedal Feel for Confidence While Towing

Upgraded pads deliver pedal feel improvements to make towing safer. Here’s how.

Consistent Friction

The compounds and friction material on premium pads maintain stable coefficients of friction. Excellent bite and grip are maintained despite heat, load, and weather conditions.

Pads engineered for heavy towing avoid sudden changes in pedal pressure, grabbiness, or lack of response that compromise control and feel.

Precise Pedal Feedback

Motorcraft and other upgraded pads use original equipment style friction material proven to work seamlessly with your truck’s braking system.

Familiar friction coefficients and pedal feel inspire confidence. Excellent feedback helps modulate speed for smooth, drama-free stops.

No Grabbing or Lag

Quality friction material eliminates uneven braking forces that cause the pedal to grab suddenly or respond slowly. Grabbing wastes stopping distance while lag delays braking.

Multi-layer friction, shims, slots, and chamfers prevent harsh engagement for linear, lag-free pedal response. Smooth engagement facilitates control.

Rubberized Shims Prevent Squeal

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Noisy brakes are not confidence inspiring. Rubberized shims installed on some premium pads silence brake squeal caused by vibration between the pads and pistons.

Quiet operation contributes to the refined ride and handling experience expected from upgraded pads.

Stiff Backing Plates

Reinforced backing plates found on some aftermarket pads reduce flexing that allows pads to torque unevenly under load.

Stiffer plates promote even pad-rotor contact pressure essential for stable, familiar pedal feel regardless of conditions.

Don’t compromise braking confidence and control when heavy trailering demands your best. Insist on premium pads purpose-engineered for Super Duty trucks to get superior pedal feel giving you command of every stop.

Brake fade compromises towing safety. Quality pads resist fade from repeated heavy braking maintaining consistent performance. Expect strong, stable stops mile after mile.

Reduce Fade for Consistent Braking Performance

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Upgraded pads engineered for Super Duty trucks conquer fade issues for reliable braking in all conditions.

Superior Heat Resistance

Tow hauling generates extreme brake heat descending grades fully loaded. OE-style pads quickly fade losing stopping power. Upgraded pads better withstand repeated high heat applications.

Robust compounds maintain friction and avoid glazing or burning off. Multiple friction layers dissipate and insulate against heat damage for durable performance.

Stable Friction Coefficients

OE and cheap pads have high, less stable friction coefficients prone to wide variance. Quality friction material maintains optimal coefficients despite heat or load changes.

Consistent friction coefficients deliver solid pedal feel. You get the same responsive bite and stopping power all the time.

Dual-Rubber Shims

Some premium pads feature dual rubber shims installed on both leading and trailing pad edges. The shims better manage heat by insulating the pads.

Shims reduce braking noise while protecting pads from deforming or cracking under extreme temperature cycling.

Slotted Friction Layers

Slots and channels molded into some high end pads dissipate heat and gases to resist fade. The openings allow brake dust and gasses to escape preserving pad function.

Slots complement advanced friction material in combating glaze and loss of torque from overheating during challenging towing applications.

Severe Testing

Extensive fade testing validates upgraded pads maintain stopping distances after repeated high speed stops towing maximum loads.

Expect consistent, strong braking whether navigating a 20% grade fully loaded or tackling your daily driving duties.

Why leave brake performance to chance? Quality pads engineered for Super Duty trucks deliver the fade-free effectiveness you demand when heavy trailering day after day.

Noisy brakes are an annoyance and signal potential issues. Upgraded pads engineered for Super Duty applications eliminate racket and vibrations for smooth, quiet operation.

Cut Down on Squealing and Vibration Issues

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Quality pads stop squeaks, chatter, and shakes. Find out how upgraded designs deliver whisper-quiet, vibration-free braking.

Rubber Anti-Squeal Shims

A main culprit in brake squeal is vibration between pad backing plates and caliper pistons. Installing rubber shims when replacing pads eliminates the racket.

The soft shims completely isolate the metal components preventing noise. Just lubricating shim contact points silences most squeals.

Anti-Rattle Clips

Some premium pad kits include anti-rattle clips or retaining springs. The clips dampen pad vibration and noise from chassis flex and axle wind up under braking forces.

Clips keep pads tight yet allow caliper movement preventing rattles transmitted through steering and chassis components.

Chamfered Friction Edges

Another trick quality pads use is angled or chamfered friction material edges. The angled interface contacts the rotor smoothly and evenly.

Chamfers prevent harsh engagement eliminating pad vibrations that generate squeaking. Staggered chamfers further dampen noise.

Noise Canceling Slots

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Horizontal slots or channels molded into some premium pads counteract noise-causing vibrations. The slots alter pad frequency preventing harmonic resonances.

Strategic slots make the pads “tune out” unwanted vibrations for noiseless performance. Slots also aid cooling and fade resistance.

Stiff Backing Plates

Reinforced backing plates found on some upgraded pads reduce flex that allows vibration and pedal pulsing. The extra-rigid plates promote smooth, even braking.

Insist on premium pads that stop noise before it starts. With upgraded pads, the only sound is confidence from complete braking control.

Upgraded pads deliver big value given the performance advantages. OE-grade engineering from the genuine Motorcraft brand costs just pennies more per stop – cheap insurance protecting your investment.

Affordable Prices on Premium Motorcraft Brake Pads

With all the extra stopping power, extended pad life, and reliable operation, Motorcraft pads provide amazing value for just a few dollars more than cheap pads.

OE-Level Design

As Ford’s original brake equipment provider, Motorcraft leverages extensive OE engineering and testing in their aftermarket pads. You get similar exceptional performance to factory-installed pads.

Optimized friction materials, shims, and plates deliver superior function across Super Duty models priced competitively with lesser brands.

Better Value over Time

Upgraded Motorcraft pads withstand punishing use 50-100% longer than factory pads designed for light duty. The extra mileage before replacing essentially saves money.

Long pad life also preserves expensive rotors, calipers, and related components. You maximize value from one-time upgrade costs.

Peace of Mind Pricing

Viewing upgraded pads as cheap insurance makes the minimal price difference negligible. Protecting your truck, components, cargo, and safety provides true value.

Genuine Motorcraft parts ensure OE-level fit and performance at a small premium over questionable generic pads. That minor investment brings peace of mind.

Consider Total Cost of Ownership

Better Braking for Your Rig: Uncover the Secret to Safer Towing

Factoring in total pad costs over years of use rather than just purchase price reveals the advantages of premium parts. Less maintenance and repairs saves thousands over the long run.

Spending an extra $10-20 now on upgraded pads prevents huge expense later. The total value over time is clear.

With so much riding on your Super Duty’s braking capabilities, cut no corners. Insist on the pedigree engineering and rugged construction of Motorcraft’s upgraded pads. The small upcharge is cheap insurance reaping rewards daily through years of reliable service.