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Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Just How Big Are Jumbo Piggy Banks?

As a child, I remember the excitement of slotting coins into my first piggy bank. That little pink ceramic pig barely held a few dollars before it was full. Fast forward a few decades, and now my appetite for savings has grown right along with the size of my piggy bank!

In my twenties, I graduated to a larger, Superman-themed bank that could hold about $50 in spare change. Nowadays, as a thriftier adult, I need an even bigger home for my savings. Enter the jumbo piggy bank!

These oversized novelty banks are designed to hold a much larger stash of cash. But just how big are jumbo piggy banks? Let’s break it down:

  • Standard piggy banks hold around $10-$20 dollars in coins.
  • Mid-size novelty banks hold $20-$50.
  • Large novelty banks hold $50-$100.
  • Extra-large banks hold $100-$500.
  • Jumbo piggy banks hold $500+!

The jumbo designation is usually reserved for ceramic banks that stand over 12 inches tall and have at least a gallon’s worth of storage. These behemoth banks can easily accommodate thousands of coins.

Are Jumbo Piggy Banks Only For Kids?

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

While a giant piggy bank may seem like the ultimate childhood fantasy, jumbo banks have gained popularity with adults looking to seriously stash some cash.

As a busy professional with an erratic schedule, I appreciate having a dedicated place to deposit spare change after a long day. Without a jumbo bank, it’s too easy for leftover coins to get swallowed up in the couch cushions or left on a bedside table.

There’s something psychologically satisfying about dropping money into a cartoonish ceramic pig. Compared to tossing change into a boring old jar, feeding my piggy bank gives me a visual reminder of my growing savings.

Plus, who says adults can’t have whimsical décor? A cheeky piggy bank adds a playful accent to any room. Better to proudly display my savings in a super-sized bank than let the money disappear into a cold, impersonal bank account.

Ceramic Jumbo Piggy Banks – Most Durable Material

Ceramic and porcelain piggy banks have dominated the market for decades, and for good reason. Ceramic’s smooth, glossy finish gives banks their classic look. It also makes them easy to clean after handling dirty coins.

Dense ceramic material provides superb durability. A quality ceramic bank will be practically indestructible during normal use. Plastic and resin banks may crack more easily under the weight of all those coins. Ceramic is also more resistant to scratching when removing the coins.

Since jumbo banks need to safely contain huge caches of savings, a sturdy ceramic body is a must. Dropping thousands of dollars into a flimsy novelty bank would be a recipe for disaster!

While plain white ceramic is common, many ceramic banks feature vibrant paint jobs or realistic bronze finishes. The variety of styles available makes it easy to find a jumbo bank that matches your personality and décor.

Where To Find Jumbo Piggy Banks for Adults

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

In today’s digital world, the best selection of jumbo piggy banks is conveniently online. Amazon and other big-box retailers offer a rotating lineup of extra-large banks in all shapes and themes. Etsy is also a great source for handmade ceramic pigs with unique artistic designs.

Around the holidays, seasonal boutiques sometimes carry large novelty banks and piggy banks. But for year-round savings, shopping online provides the widest and most affordable selection.

Look for user reviews and images that give a sense of the bank’s true size. Dimensions should be at least 12″ tall by 8″ wide. For maximum coin capacity, consider a bank closer to 2 feet tall.

Prices typically range from $25 for basic plastic jumbos, up to $150 or more for ceramic banks with elaborate details. Look for quality construction and materials that justify the price tag.

With the right jumbo piggy bank, saving up a nice nest egg can be fun and rewarding. The happy snorts of my giant pig give me all the motivation I need to keep squirreling away those coins!

Are Jumbo Piggy Banks Only For Kids?

As a child, I used to excitedly deposit my spare coins into a little pink piggy bank. It was a thrill watching those pennies and nickels slowly add up. But eventually, I outgrew my modest ceramic pig.

Nowadays, I opt for a much larger, adult-sized jumbo piggy bank to hold my savings. And I’m not the only one!

While giant novelty banks may seem tailor-made for kids, plenty of grown-ups have embraced the jumbo piggy lifestyle. After all, who says only children should reap the benefits of an adorably oversized bank?

For many busy professionals and self-proclaimed “adulting” novices, a roomy piggy bank serves as a foolproof way to stash extra cash. No more digging under couch cushions or letting coins accumulate on the desktop.

Tossing your spare change into a grinning ceramic pig provides a sense of whimsy and fun often missing from adult routines. It’s an amusing deviation from the typically sober, numbers-focused act of saving money.

A 20-something may appreciate the irony of depositing cash into a giant animal coin bank normally reserved for elementary schoolers. And the playful juxtaposition of childlike bank and adult money appeals to many savers.

For empty nesters, a jumbo piggy bank could bring back fond memories of raising kids, while also serving as an updated repository for retirement funds or a grandchild’s college savings.

The bottom line is that efficient saving and managing budgets shouldn’t be limited to stodgy adults. Adding a touch of lightheartedness encourages the habit of saving for anyone, kids and grown-ups alike!

Ceramic vs. Plastic Jumbo Banks

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

When selecting a jumbo piggy bank, one key choice is material. Ceramic and plastic are the most common options.

Ceramic banks are generally more durable and resistant to cracks or chips if dropped. The smooth glazed finish also makes ceramic banks easier to clean after handling dirty coins.

Plastic banks typically cost less but may not stand the test of time. Plastic can become brittle and degraded over years of use.

However, plastic jumbos allow more flexibility in shapes and design. Molding plastic makes it possible to create realistic pig contours and details. Some ceramic banks feature simpler, cartoonish shapes.

For children who will lovingly use but inevitably drop and ding the bank, plastic provides a cheaper yet still whimsical option. But adults investing significant savings may prefer the resilience and classic look of ceramic.

Some banks combine materials, with a sturdy ceramic base and plastic components for snout, ears, etc. This provides the best of both worlds!

Safety Tips When Opening Jumbo Piggy Banks

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

After months or years of coin accumulation, cracking open a jumbo piggy bank is an exciting milestone.

But take care not to injure yourself in the process!

Here are a few tips for safely opening your stuffed bank:

  • Wear safety goggles to protect eyes from ceramic shards.
  • Wrap the bank in an old towel or blanket to contain debris.
  • Carefully break off plastic components first if possible.
  • Aim hammer blows near the bottom or underside of the bank.
  • Go slowly to avoid damaging large ceramic pieces.
  • Use a flat pry bar to further widen cracks.
  • Set the cracked bank in a large bin or wheelbarrow to catch spilled coins.

Taking it slow protects both you and all those precious coins inside! Then you can proudly admire your accumulated savings at last.

What will you do with your newfound pile of spare change? Personally, I’m taking my family on a long-awaited beach vacation!

Adult Jumbo Piggy Banks Gaining Popularity

As a 90s kid, I have fond memories of excitedly feeding coins into my toy piggy bank. But eventually my modest childhood bank overflowed, and I moved on to more “adult” forms of saving.

Recently though, I’ve noticed jumbo piggy banks gaining popularity again – not just with kids, but with grown-ups too! What gives?

It turns out plenty of millennials and other adults have been bitten by the jumbo bank bug. And manufacturers have taken notice, creating oversized piggy banks tailored specifically for mature savers.

After a long day, tossing spare change into a cutesy porcine bank provides a sense of lighthearted fun. Compared to scrolling through sober financial apps, feeding a ceramic piggy is an amusing deviation.

Watching coins gradually accumulate in a childhood symbol can feel deeply satisfying. The “ka-ching!” of each penny or quarter deposited is an auditory reinforcement of your growing savings.

Unlike cold hard cash, or invisible bank account digits, money in a tangible piggy bank takes on personality. Who wouldn’t love a hefty pet pig overflowing with loot?

Plus, letting savings accumulate untracked for months in a sealed bank requires delayed gratification. This trains financial responsibility and patience.

By appealing to adults’ nostalgia, and making saving entertaining, jumbo piggy banks uniquely motivate grown-up savers.

Safety First When Opening Jumbo Piggy Banks

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

After dutifully saving up for months or years, cracking open a stuffed jumbo piggy bank is an exciting – and sometimes dangerous – milestone.

With great savings comes great responsibility. Here are a few tips for safely opening your swollen bank:

  • Clear the area of children and bystanders before cracking.
  • Wrap the piggy bank in towels or blankets to contain debris.
  • Wear goggles, gloves, and closed-toe shoes for protection.
  • Carefully break off snout and other extremities first if possible.
  • Strike gentle blows with a hammer near the base initially.
  • Use a pry bar to widen cracks and weaken the body.
  • Do the dirty work over a tarp or in a large plastic bin to catch spilled savings.

Taking it slow protects both you and the precious contents inside. This is no time for smashing and grabbing!

Once the bank is opened, proudly admire your stockpile of coins. Your patience and perseverance have paid off!

Creative Ways to Use Jumbo Piggy Bank Savings

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

So you’ve cracked open your stuffed piggy bank at last. Now comes the fun part – deciding how to use your bootstrap savings!

Here are some creative ways to make that jumbo piggy cash work for you:

  • Fund a dream vacation or trip you’ve been putting off
  • Make extra mortgage payments to pay your home off faster
  • Pay down high interest debts and loans
  • Invest in your hobbies and passions
  • Start a college fund for your kids or grandkids
  • Donate to a charity or cause close to your heart

Let your savings bring you joy, security, financial freedom, or the chance to help others in need.

Will your next jumbo piggy bank savings go toward a new car? Let your imagination run wild!

Ceramic Jumbo Piggy Banks – Most Durable Material

As a child, I loved hearing the satisfying “clink” of each coin dropping into my little pink piggy bank. But that cute childhood bank was made of flimsy plastic. After a few too many drops, it eventually cracked and had to be retired.

Now wiser and thriftier, I opt for sturdy ceramic jumbo piggy banks to secure my savings. When it comes to durability, ceramic can’t be beat!

Ceramic’s hard, nonporous material won’t crack under the weight of your loot. Its smooth glazed finish also resists scratches from years of coin handling.

While plastic banks are cheaper, prolonged use degrades the plastic. Brittle plastic and thin resin eventually succumb to nicks and fractures.

Ceramic’s resilience provides peace of mind that your investment is protected inside. You can even pass ceramic banks down as heirlooms.

Beyond durability, ceramic offers aesthetic appeal. Its glossy finish and rich color pigments make ceramic banks pleasing statement pieces.

Finely detailed ceramic molds allow whimsical shapes from cute pigs to exotic animals. Plastic can’t match ceramic’s artistry.

For children especially, ceramic’s durability and charm justify the higher cost. A ceramic bank could last your entire childhood!

Cleaning Tips for Ceramic Piggy Banks

To keep your ceramic piggy bank looking its best:

  • Gently dust with a soft cloth or brush between uses.
  • For grime, use a mild soap and water solution.
  • Avoid abrasive scrubbers or cleaners that could scratch the glaze.
  • Rinse bank thoroughly after cleaning.
  • Immediately wipe up any spills or leaks during filling.
  • Avoid soaking or prolonged water exposure.

With proper care, your ceramic bank will stay beautiful while safely storing your growing savings for years to come!

When To Upgrade to a Jumbo Ceramic Bank

Outgrowing a tiny piggy bank is a rite of passage. But when do you know it’s time to upgrade to a jumbo ceramic bank?

Signs it may be time include:

  • Your current bank is full after just a few months of saving.
  • You’ve resorted to stashing loose change around the house.
  • Your bank is damaged, cracked, or otherwise showing wear.
  • You need added inspiration to save more aggressively.
  • You want a showpiece display for your savings.

A fresh jumbo bank provides renewed motivation to save. Watching a big belly swell with coins is much more exciting!

Choosing ceramic ensures your growing savings are secure for the long haul. And who doesn’t love an adorably oversized novelty bank?

When the time comes, don’t be afraid to go jumbo! Your savings will thank you.

Where To Find Jumbo Piggy Banks for Adults

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

As a child, my parents bought my first piggy bank at a cute neighborhood gift shop. But now as a grown-up with a bigger appetite for saving, the selection of jumbo banks for adults is more limited in local stores.

Luckily, the internet provides a huge variety of adult-sized piggy banks delivered right to your door. Online shopping makes finding that perfect jumbo bank for your needs easy and affordable.

Large online retailers like Amazon offer rotating selections of oversized novelty banks. Browsing ratings and reviews helps assess a bank’s size, quality, and value before buying.

Independent makers on Etsy also offer one-of-a-kind handcrafted ceramics and custom designs. For a unique statement piece, an artisan jumbo bank could be just the ticket.

Around the holidays, gift stores and boutiques may carry jumbo banks alongside typical kids’ toys. This allows you to inspect sizing and materials firsthand before purchasing.

If you have a specific theme in mind, searching for terms like “cat piggy bank large” or “unicorn piggy bank big” helps surface whimsical jumbos to match your taste.

Aim for a minimum height of 12 inches, and width around 8 inches, to qualify as truly jumbo. Anything smaller won’t have adequate coin capacity.

Key Features of Quality Jumbo Piggy Banks

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Not all jumbo banks are created equal. Here are key features to look for in a high-quality adult piggy bank:

  • Made of durable ceramic, resin, or high-impact plastic
  • Fun, detailed shaping with stability
  • At least 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide
  • Non-porous glazed finish
  • Wide coin slot on top or back
  • Rubber stopper or plug for emptying
  • Vibrant, fade-resistant paint

Also ensure the bank sits solidly on its base and is free of pesky mold lines. Finding the perfect jumbo means checking all the boxes!

Make Space for Your Jumbo Piggy Bank

Before choosing a jumbo piggy bank, make sure you have adequate space to display it.

Ideas for displaying your big bank include:

  • On a dresser, shelf, or tabletop
  • By the TV as a fun conversation piece
  • In an entryway as a bold greeting
  • On your office desk for motivation
  • Atop other furniture like sideboards or cabinets

Place your jumbo bank somewhere visible as a daily reminder to deposit spare coins. Let its growing belly keep you focused on your savings goals!

With the right online retailer, you can find huge selection of adult piggy banks. Happy treasure hunting!

How Much Can You Fit in an Extra Large Piggy Bank?

We’ve all had one – that old, dusty piggy bank sitting on the shelf collecting coins over the years. It starts as a fun way to save spare change as a kid, but before you know it, that little piggy is overflowing with quarters and you have no idea how much is actually inside.

Well, it’s time to find out! Whether you have an vintage ceramic piggy bank that’s been passed down for generations or a plastic jumbo piggy bank you picked up at the store, cracking open that swollen savings slot can be incredibly satisfying…as long as you don’t break anything in the process.

Choosing the Right Piggy Bank

Piggy banks come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny coin purses to huge jumbo piggy banks built to hold mounds of money. For maximum savings, go big or go home – pick a pig with some serious junk in the trunk that can hold plenty of bills along with your spare change.

Ceramic and porcelain piggy banks have an old-fashioned, heirloom look but can be prone to chips and cracks when it’s time to retrieve your savings. Heavy-duty plastic jumbo piggy banks are a sturdier choice for holding piles of cash and coins over years of use.

Look for a piggy bank with a large opening slot on top so you can easily fill ‘er up without accidentally tearing bills. And when the time comes, you’ll want to easily access the goods inside, so find one with a removable rubber plug or a hatch on the underside.

Filling Up Your Pig

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

When your piggy bank is new, the “ka-ching” satisfaction of tossing in coins is big motivation to keep stashing your cash. But as time goes by, it’s easy to forget about your porcine savings.

To keep that oink-oink overflowing, set a savings goal and keep your pig in a visible spot as a reminder. Every time you come home with spare change or a few singles, feed the pig! Having an actual target amount can help you regularly contribute and watch your stash grow.

Don’t limit yourself to just coins and singles either. Adding in fives, tens, and even the occasional twenty will make your pig fatter faster. Just be sure not to overstuff – padding cash with tissue paper can help keep things compact.

Cracking Open the Piggy Bank

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! When your piggy bank is nice and plump, it’s time to break that bank open and reap the rewards of all your penny-pinching.

For ceramic models, carefully use a hammer to crack the piggy bank along a structural seam or hatch. Tap lightly in several places rather than bashing in one spot to avoid shattering your bank completely.

Plastic piggy banks can usually be opened by simply twisting off the bottom rubber plug. This gives you access while keeping the bank intact for future savings.

Once you’ve got it open, enjoy the wave of coins and bills spilling out! Now comes everyone’s favorite part – counting your cache and seeing how much you’ve actually saved up. Just grab a coin roller, tally up the totals, and celebrate your stash.

What Can You Buy With Your Piggy Bank Savings?

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

After diligently saving up spare pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters over months or even years, what do you have to show for it? Here’s roughly what you can expect to haul in based on the size of your piggy bank:

  • Small piggy bank (1 liter capacity): $20-$50
  • Medium piggy bank (2-3 liters): $75-$200
  • Large piggy bank (5+ liters): $300-$500
  • Jumbo piggy bank (10+ liters): $750-$1,500+

Not too shabby! While a stuffed animal-shaped coin purse might only net you a nice dinner out, a fully-loaded jumbo piggy bank can fund something more substantial:

  • Big vacation trip
  • Downpayment on a car
  • Home entertainment system
  • Full redecorating for a room in your home

Let your piggy bank savings build up for a few years, and you could be looking at a major financial goal like an engagement ring, a wedding fund, or even part of a downpayment on a house!

Oinking All the Way to the Bank

Who knew spare pocket change could add up to something so sizable? While piggy banks may seem old-fashioned, they’re a crafty way to accumulate savings without even noticing.

By choosing a big honkin’ piggy bank and feeding it often with coins, singles, and the occasional bill, you can amass hundreds or even thousands in time. That satisfying “pop” when you finally crack it open releases a flood of funds and financial possibilities.

So bring home the bacon and fatten up your piggy bank today! Your future self will thank you when it’s time to take that trip, make that purchase, or reach that savings goal you’ve been oinking about.

Estimating Savings in Jumbo Piggy Banks

Ah, the humble piggy bank. That iconic ceramic or plastic pig-shaped container sits patiently on our shelves, collecting spare coins until one day—kerplunk!—we get to smash it open and reap the rewards of our penny-pinching efforts.

But if your piggy bank is more of the jumbo variety, how do you know how much moolah is packed in there? Short of shattering your bank to bits, here are some tips for estimating the savings stashed in those oversized porkers.

Size Matters

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

When guessing how much money is inside a jumbo piggy bank, size is a key factor. The bigger the pig, the more loot it can hold. Consider these general size guidelines:

  • Small: Less than 1 liter – Holds approx. $20-$50
  • Medium: 2-3 liters – Holds approx. $75-$200
  • Large: 5+ liters – Holds approx. $300-$500
  • Jumbo: 10+ liters – Holds approx. $750-$1,500+

So for those giant jumbo hogs with impressive girth, you could be looking at thousands just in spare change. But the proof is in the piggy, so let’s look at ways to get a peek inside.

Shake It Up

One easy technique is to simply shake up your bank and listen. The weight and noise level when shaking can give you clues:

  • Mostly light rattling = mostly coins
  • Louder thunking noises = may contain bills
  • Significant weight = more money inside

Gently tipping your piggy bank around can also help estimate how much it is filled. The more sound it makes and the more evenly weighted it feels, the more you’ve probably accumulated.

Peek Inside

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

If your bank has a rubber stopper or plug underneath, peek in discreetly to gauge how packed it looks. This plug is designed for easy access, so a quick pop and squeeze can let you eye up the contents.

Just use a flashlight to illuminate the contents and see how stuffed it looks. If you see mostly spare change and singles? You’re still in small potato territory. But if you catch a glimpse of paper bills piled up? Cha-ching!

Consider Contributions

Think back on how regularly you’ve contributed to your pig over time. Tossing in a few dimes and pennies once in a while yields far less than habitually feeding your piggy bank every week.

If you’ve been actively filling your jumbo pig for months or years without cracking it open, your accumulation is likely impressive. Even pocket change adds up fast in those big ole’ money hogs.

Weigh It

For a rough estimate, you can weigh your piggy bank on a scale to compare it empty vs. full. Pennies weigh approximately 2.5 grams, while dimes, quarters, and half-dollars weigh between 5-12 grams.

So if your piggy bank weighs 2 pounds heavier full than empty, that’s around 900 grams, or $45 in just pennies alone. Add in heavier coins and bills, and your total savings quickly climbs.

The Big Reveal

Of course, the only way to know precisely how much moolah you’ve saved is to break open that bank. For ceramic models, carefully chisel off the plug. For plastic, simply remove the rubber stopper.

Once opened, let the coins and cash come pouring out! Funnel the contents into coin rolls to tally up by coin type. And don’t forget to count any paper bills stuffed inside.

You may be surprised just how much your spare change has accumulated over time. Those small deposits can grow your savings much faster than you’d think.

Fatten Up Your Piggy

A stuffed jumbo piggy bank is a gratifying sight. To plump up your piggy:

  • Set savings goals and contribution amounts.
  • Make regular small deposits each week or month.
  • Toss in any loose singles or larger bills too.
  • Keep your piggy bank visible as motivation.
  • Let your savings accumulate over months/years.

With a properly fat piggy bank, you could have hundreds if not thousands just in spare change. That’s some serious oinking cash!

So start penne pinching and fatten up your pig today. And next time you go to shake your piggy and estimate the contents, hopefully you’ll hear the sound of success!

Best Ways to Open a Jam Packed Jumbo Piggy Bank

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

After months or even years of tossing spare coins into your jumbo piggy bank, it’s finally time to reap the rewards! But how exactly do you crack open that stuffed porker without destroying it or the precious contents inside?

Have no fear – with the right techniques, you can safely pop your piggy bank and unleash a waterfall of money. Here are the best ways to access a jam-packed jumbo piggy bank and get your hands on all that savings.

Assess the Construction

The first step is understanding how your particular piggy bank is constructed. Ceramic and porcelain piggy banks often have a rubber plug or stopper on the underside that provides access to the contents.

Plastic jumbo piggy banks may have a removable plug or a screw-off bottom cap. Some may even have a coin slot or bill slot that can open. Determine how your bank was designed to be accessed.

Go For the Plug

If your piggy bank has a rubber stopper or plug, this is by far the easiest access point. Simply turn your bank upside down to reveal the flat bottom surface.

Locate the plug – there may be a visible seam or you may need to poke around until you find the section that indents. Then take a flathead screwdriver and gently pry around the edges of the plug.

Wiggle and ease the plug out slowly. Tilting the bank vertically lets the coins and cash come sliding out through the hole as you remove the plug.

Unscrew the Bottom

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Some plastic piggy banks are designed with a screw-off bottom cap for quick access. Simply turn your bank over and use a Phillips or flathead screwdriver to unscrew the cap in a counter-clockwise motion.

Once loosened, continue slowly turning the entire cap to fully disengage the threads and detach the base. Then turn the bank upright and let gravity do the work as your savings spill out.

Hammer and Chisel

For a traditional ceramic bank with no plug or obvious seam, you’ll need to take the more destructive route – hammer and chisel time!

Turn the bank upside down to access the flat bottom surface. Position the chisel point near the outer edge at a 45 degree angle. Use the hammer to gently tap the chisel, applying pressure inward.

This will start a controlled crack in the base. Continue tapping along the bottom perimeter until you’ve created a disconnected section. Then simply pry off this piece to reveal the contents inside.

Slice the Seam

Some ornate ceramic piggy banks have decorative seams or relief lines along the sides. You can attempt to slice along these seams to dismantle the bank.

Use a hobby knife or thin cutting tool to carefully pierce and slice along the length of the seam. Apply even pressure as you cut to create a clean break. Continue slicing until the bank separates into sections.

This takes precision and patience to avoid shattering, but can unlock your bank with minimal damage when done correctly.

Drill a Drain Hole

For particularly stubborn piggy banks, drilling a hole may be your best (or only!) way in. Turn the bank upside down and mark a spot to drill, avoiding any decorative elements.

Use a small masonry drill bit to start a hole, applying firm pressure. Once the outer shell is penetrated, you can switch to a larger bit to widen the hole.

Angle the drill downward to create a funnel shape. Then simply turn your piggy bank upright and watch your savings drain out of the hole!

Protect the Goods

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

No matter which method you use to crack open that stuffed piggy bank, be sure to safeguard the contents as they spill out!

Place a towel or pad underneath to protect coins and cash as they come tumbling down. Use your hands to guide piles of change and gently catch any bills.

Consider placing the bank in a large plastic tub or bin first – this lets you contain the money and easily pour it into coin rolls or stacks.

Count Your Loot

Now for the best part – counting up all those coins and bills!

Sort change by coin type and fill labeled coin rolls to tally each denomination. Stack and count any paper money.

Add up each rolled coin amount and cash total to determine your grand piggy bank savings number. Don’t forget to deduct the cost of any tools used to open it.

Then celebrate cracking open that stuffed piggy and unlocking all your spare change savings!

Fatten It Up Again

Got the piggy bank opening bug? After reveling in your savings haul, why not seal ‘er back up and start anew!

For plastic banks, simply replace the screw-on base or rubber plug. Secure with glue if needed. Ceramic banks can often be reattached with strong epoxy.

Once your piggy bank is rebuilt, get back to penny pinching. Your next big cash-out is just more coin tosses away!

Safety Tips When Breaking Open Giant Piggy Banks

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

It’s finally time to crack that giant piggy bank and unleash your stash of spare change savings! But taking a hammer to a giant ceramic pig can be risky business if you’re not careful.

Follow these safety tips when breaking into oversized piggy banks to protect yourself, your money, and your piggy:

Clear the Area

Choose a wide open space with plenty of room to work. Cover nearby surfaces with tarps or towels. You’ll want ample space around the piggy bank as coins and cash come pouring out.

Make sure no children or pets are nearby who could get hit by flying debris or tumbling coins. Cracking open a piggy bank can get messy, so prep the space appropriately!

Wear Protection

Breaking ceramic or porcelain can send shards and sharp fragments flying, so protect yourself accordingly.

Wear safety goggles to shield your eyes, thick gloves to cover your hands, and close-toed shoes. A dust mask can also keep airborne particles out of your nose and mouth.

Use the Right Tools

Having the proper tools for the job will make opening your piggy bank safer and easier.

Opt for a small hammer or mallet that gives you control. Choose a chisel with a narrow blade to minimize cracks. Use a cutting knife with a sharp, short blade for steady slices.

Avoid oversized tools that are unwieldy. Proper precision tools allow a more focused, controlled demolition.

Mind the Plug

If your piggy bank has a rubber plug or stopper on the bottom, removing this discreetly is the safest option.

Use a flathead screwdriver to gently pry around the edges of the plug, wiggling it loose bit by bit. Be patient – rushing can damage the bank beyond repair.

Tilting the bank as you ease out the plug lets the contents spill out gradually as you work the plug free.

Tap Gently

If hammering is required, be cautious and conservative with your swings. Start with light taps to create small cracks or seams.

Applying controlled pressure to one area focuses the impact. Aggressive hammering in random spots can cause the bank to shatter dangerously.

Take it slow and tap gently in sequence along seams. A little force goes a long way!

Slice with Care

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Use a sharp hobby knife to carefully slice along decorative seams, handles, or relief lines on ceramic banks.

Keep the blade perpendicular as you pierce the surface, then maintain a straight angle as you cut. Ragged or angled slices can cause unintended cracking.

Apply even pressure and take it slowly. Rushing increases the risk of hand slippage and shattering.

Drill Cautiously

If drilling into your piggy bank, choose a masonry bit designed for ceramics. Start with a smaller pilot hole before widening it.

Keep the drill steady and let the bit do the work, applying just enough pressure. Erratic drilling can damage the surrounding surface.

Angle the drill slightly to create a funnel shape for contents to pour out. Stop drilling if cracking spreads.

Cover the Contents

Position towels or padding around and beneath the piggy bank to cushion spilled contents.

Place the bank in a large bin or tub to catch the money. Have another container ready to transfer the contents into for sorting and counting.

Use your hands to guide and catch coins and cash as they fall out. This protects the money and contains the chaos!

Watch for Falling Debris

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Ceramic and porcelain shards can spread far and wide when cracked, so keep your face and body clear of the “blast zone”.

Wearing safety goggles and protective clothing shields you from flying fragments as the bank breaks open.

Stand to the side or behind the piggy bank – never lean over it as you crack it open. Falling debris can cause injuries.

Clean Up Thoroughly

When the contents have spilled out, carefully gather all broken bank pieces and fragments using gloves and a broom.

Discard shattered remnants in a sealed box or bag to contain loose shards. Vacuum the area well to remove finer particles.

A thorough clean-up protects curious kids and pets who could cut themselves on broken ceramic or porcelain pieces.

With the right precautions, you can crack open that giant piggy bank safely and enjoy counting up your fortune!

What Should You Do With Overflowing Piggy Bank Savings?

You’ve been tossing coins into your trusty piggy bank for months, maybe even years. And now your porcelain pal is packed to the brim, oinking with savings potential. But what should you actually do with all that money once you crack it open?

When your piggy bank is positively overflowing, you’ve got options for putting those savings to good use. Here are smart ways to make the most of your stuffed piggy’s cash stash.

Save Up for a Big Purchase

Let your piggy savings accumulate for a major planned purchase like a family vacation, car down payment, or home renovation project.

Knowing you’ve got a pile of extra pocket change builds up your buying power. And who knows – you may save enough in spare coins for half the cost!

Fund Your Emergency Stash

Everyone needs an emergency savings fund for unexpected expenses. Doctor bills, car repairs, job loss – life’s little surprises can hit hard and fast.

But that overflowing piggy bank provides a ready reserve. Dump those savings into your emergency account. The more padded, the better!

Top Off Short-Term Goals

Close to reaching a savings goal for something specific? A stuffed piggy provides the perfect top-off funds.

Need another $200 for a plane ticket? $300 more for a laptop? Crack open your bank and complete that savings quest.

Splurge on Yourself

Life is short – sometimes you deserve a treat! Whether it’s a fancy dinner out, spa trip, or that pricey pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, piggy bank savings are meant to be spent.

Indulge yourself with a self-gift. You worked hard pinching those pennies after all!

Donate to a Worthy Cause

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

When we have extra, it feels good to give back. Pick a charity, community cause, or nonprofit you care about.

Emptying your spare change into a donation inspires a spirit of generosity. And every small bit adds up to make a difference.

Fund a College Account

It’s never too early to start saving for education. Those overflowing piggy funds could kickstart a college savings account for your child or grandchild.

Even small, regular contributions can compound interest and grow over time. Your piggy just gave their future a boost!

Invest in Your Retirement

A stuffed piggy provides a prime opportunity to bolster your retirement funds too.

Add that windfall to your IRA or drop it into a diverse mutual fund for compounded returns. Future you will thank past you down the road!

Pay Off Debt

If you’ve got lingering credit card, loan, or mortgage debt, a big piggy bank payday allows you to make a nice dent.

Pay down balances, tackle high-interest accounts first, and get closer to zeroing out what you owe. It feels great to be debt-free!

Build Your Dreams

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

We all have big goals and life ambitions beyond daily spending needs. Perhaps you want to open a small business. Travel the world. Own a cabin in the woods.

An overflowing piggy bank means real money to turn your dreams into reality. Start building the life you want.

Teach Financial Lessons

If you have kids, bringing them into the piggy-cracking action can provide valuable money lessons.

Let them help count coins, then explain matching funds to goals. Show them how small change adds up over time, and how to use savings wisely.

The whole family will learn good financial habits from one very full piggy!

Keep Saving for the Future

Of course, you can always just start fresh again and keep on saving. Reseal your piggy bank and get back to coin tossing.

Watching your funds grow over time, goal by goal, is deeply satisfying. When the next windfall hits, you’ll be prepared to put it to perfect use!

Creative and Fun Uses for Spare Change Savings

After months of feeding coins into your piggy bank, you’ve finally cracked it open to reveal a small fortune in spare change. Now it’s time for the best part – spending it! But instead of depositing it all in your savings account, consider putting those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters towards something more fun and memorable.

Here are some creative ways to enjoy using up your spare change jackpot:

Movie Night Fun

Trade in your spare coins for movie theater gift cards and enjoy a family night out. Most cinemas sell gift cards at the box office.

Stock up on concessions too – use spare change to splurge on popcorn, candy and soda galore!

Arcade Game Adventure

Relive your youth at a retro arcade and let the games begin! Bring jars of pennies, nickels and quarters to feed into coin slots and play for hours.

Challenge the kids to skeeball, air hockey and basketball games too. With spare change, the fun doesn’t have to stop!

Carnival Trip

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Load up on ride tickets and hit the carnival midway armed with baggies of coins. No need for overpriced arcade cards – just pay per ride with the change you’ve saved up.

Knock down milk bottles in game booths and use spare quarters to play midway games to win giant stuffed animals as prizes!

Mini Golf Showdown

Invite friends for a putt-putt showdown at a mini golf course. Use spare change to pay for everyone’s round of mini golf.

Up the stakes with side bets – award a quarter for every hole-in-one and get those coins back in circulation.

Bowling Bonanza

Reserve a lane at the bowling alley and use your piggy bank stash to treat the whole family or friend group. They’ll provide the bowling balls – you provide the quarters for the arcade and coin-operated pool tables after the big game!

Game Room Galore

Find an old-school game room at a vintage arcade, pizza shop or bar hosting ping pong, pinball, pool, shuffleboard and more. Those spare coins will fuel hours of competitive fun and games for all.

Snack Machine Surprises

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Remember when vending machines cost just 25 cents? Relive those days by letting everyone get a snack machine treat on your spare change dime.

Surprise office mates, school friends or your own kids with a quarter to enjoy their favorite packaged snack.

Penny Squishers

Turn spare pennies into souvenirs by letting kids insert them into penny squishing machines found at many tourist spots and museums.

They’ll love cranking the handle and personalizing flattened pennies to commemorate your special day of family fun.

Wishing Well Wishes

Bring your spare coins to a park, fountain or mall wishing well. Take turns tossing coins in while making wishes – who knows, they just might come true!

The kids will have fun throwing coins and dreaming big. And the spare change will brighten a public space for others to enjoy.

Spread Random Joy

Surprise strangers by paying for the order behind you at a drive-thru or leaving a generous tip at a restaurant.

Or hide painted coins around town for lucky finders. Simple acts of kindness are a great way to pass along spare change cheer!

Save the Rest

Of course you probably spent just a fraction of your piggy bank fortune on fun. So keep on saving the rest in your account!

But whenever you need a mood boost, hit up the coin jar for some spur-of-the-moment entertainment and enjoyment – guilt and cash-free.

With endless options for delighting in spare coins, your piggy bank savings can go far beyond the bank. Have fun, make memories, and let that change change someone’s day!

Donate Extra Coins to Worthy Causes

After finally cracking open your stuffed piggy bank, you’re now facing a pile of spare change you didn’t even know you had. While some may go towards a treat for yourself, what about giving back and donating those extra coins to help those in need?

Even small change can make a big difference when donated to charitable causes and nonprofit organizations. Here are inspiring ways to share your piggy bank proceeds and brighten someone’s day:

Local Food Banks

With more families struggling to afford groceries, food banks rely on donations to serve free meals and pantry items. Spare coins let them restock shelves, feed more people, and cover operational costs.

Look for local food banks, soup kitchens, and community fridges that accept donations right in your area. Hungry tummies get filled thanks to generous change.

Women’s Shelters

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Women’s shelters provide housing, resources, and support for domestic violence survivors. But they often operate solely on donations and grants. Extra coins allow expanding services and assisting more women in crisis.

Even a jar of spare change gives these shelters options, from self-care supplies to children’s programs to utility bills. Small acts add up.

Animal Rescues

Coin donations let animal shelters and pet rescues afford vet care, food, and blankets to save the lives of more homeless dogs and cats. Those forgotten pennies bring abandoned pets comfort.

Look for local no-kill shelters who rely on community giving. Your piggy bank proceeds go directly towards furry friends in need.

Disaster Relief Funds

When communities are devastated by natural disasters like fires, floods or hurricanes, established relief funds provide immediate aid and long-term recovery funds. Spare change helps rebuild.

Organizations like GlobalGiving and Direct Relief have reputable disaster funds ready to distribute as crises hit. Coin gifts let them respond quickly.

School Art Programs

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

As budgets for the arts get cut, schools often rely on donations so students still have access to music, drama, visual arts and more. Coins keep creativity alive.

Call your local elementary schools to ask how to support. Quarters buy paints and instruments, while nickels afford buses to museums.

Youth Sports Teams

Kids sports enrich lives, teach teamwork, and keep bodies active. But registration fees, equipment costs and travel expenses add up, limiting access. Spare coins make sports possible for all kids.

Look for youth teams through schools and rec centers. Every dime donated offsets costs so another child can play.

Social Justice Groups

Organizations fighting for human rights and equality often run on shoestring budgets. Spare change keeps their message loud.

Check for local Black Lives Matter chapters, LGBTQ support centers, immigrant aid groups. Coins fund office needs, materials, legal help and more.

Health Research

It takes millions to fund disease research, find miracle cures and improve healthcare. But foundations and associations accept every penny towards breakthroughs.

Major groups like American Cancer Society and Alzheimer’s Association welcome coin gifts of any size to inch closer to a world without that disease.


Donate spare coins to your local children’s hospital or one that treated your own family. Quarters provide therapy dogs, entertainment carts, snacks for siblings and more comforts of care.

Even a few extra dimes take stress off hospital bills. Your piggy change keeps smiles on during difficult stays.

However you share it, your spare coin windfall can brighten someone’s day, fund a cause, or even help save lives. That’s the true value of a full piggy bank – giving back and paying kindness forward.

Turn Piggy Bank Savings into a Dream Vacation

After months of steadily stashing away your spare coins, you’ve finally cracked open your stuffed piggy bank to reveal…a small fortune! Now comes the fun part – how to spend it. Instead of practical purchases, turn that piggy loot into the vacation of your dreams!

Even modest piggy bank savings can make a dent in travel costs when you get a little strategic. Here’s how to transform all those pennies into a fabulous getaway:

Set a Savings Goal

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Before you start squirreling away coins, set a savings goal for your dream destination. Is it $500 for a domestic trip? $5,000 for a lavish overseas adventure? Motivate your penny pinching.

Know your piggy bank capacity and contribute accordingly. Feed it asteady diet of spare change to hit your target faster.

Choose a Destination

Decide on your dream vacay locale based on affordability. A stuffed piggy bank likely won’t get you to Europe, but could fully fund a long weekend camping trip or national parks visit.

Weigh the cost of flights, lodging, food and activities to pick a location within your piggy means. Prioritize adventures you’ll remember forever.

Be Flexible

The more flexible your travel dates and details, the more your piggy savings will stretch. Consider visiting in the off-season when prices are lower.

Choose budget-friendly lodging like B&Bs, cabins or vacation rentals with full kitchens. Look for free activities like hiking, beaches and exploring.

Travel Light

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

To make your piggy stash go further, pack light! Limit checked bags which add up quickly. Bring multi-use clothes.

Plan to dine out just once a day and picnic or cook the rest. Make activities outdoorsy and low-cost – it’s the memories that matter.

Use Rewards

Boost your piggy savings by redeeming credit card points and airline miles for flights and hotels. Sign up for travel rewards programs.

Scour deal sites for discounted gift cards to cover rental cars and tours. Little savings here and there help fund the grand total.

Watch for Deals

Sign up for price drop alerts and jump on limited-time sales to score huge deals, especially on shoulder season travel.

Consider mystery Hotwire Hot Rates. And check obscure sites like Priceline bid pricing for unpublished rates up to 60% off.

Fund Half

Can’t fully fund the whole trip from your piggy? Use those savings for a portion, like covering flights or half the lodging costs.

Add in credit card points, gift cards and pre-trip budgeting to pay for the rest. Teamwork makes travel dreams happen!

Enjoy Your Savings

Once on your trip, enjoy feeling like it’s “free” since your piggy bank provided the funds. Splurge on experiences you’ll cherish.

Spending those coin savings on memories instead of souvenirs extends their value. Photos last longer than trinkets anyway!

With strategic planning, spare change can transform into tropical beaches, mountain vistas, or your next big adventure. Let that piggy bank fund a lifetime of wanderlust!

Invest Jumbo Piggy Bank Savings for the Future

After months or even years of tossing in coins, it’s finally time to crack open your stuffed jumbo piggy bank! Once you tally up your small change jackpot, instead of spending it all right away consider investing those funds for your future.

Even modest piggy bank savings can grow into a tidy sum when put to work the right way. Here are smart strategies for investing your spare coin windfall for long-term gain:

Start a High-Yield Savings Account

The easiest option is moving your piggy proceeds into an FDIC-insured high-yield savings account. Interest rates may be modest, but funds remain secure while steadily accumulating over decades.

Online banks tend to offer the best rates. Any compound interest earned will help your principal savings grow faster.

Fund a Roth IRA

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

A Roth IRA helps secure your retirement. Contribution limits for 2023 are $6,500 if under age 50. Piggy change could make a nice starter deposit!

Roth IRA earnings grow tax-free. Even small, regular deposits compound substantially given enough time. Retire rich thanks to piggy pennies.

Invest in a Mutual Fund

Mutual funds pool money from many investors to purchase a diverse mix of stocks and bonds. Piggy proceeds can buy you shares of a fund.

Look for low-fee index funds that track major markets. Dollar-cost averaging lets you build a position steadily over time. Distributing savings across funds helps reduce risk too.

Purchase Stocks

If you’ve got an eye for spotting quality companies, invest piggy savings directly into buying individual stocks. Beginners should stick with blue chip firms.

Avoid trying to time the market. Invest for the long haul, reinvest dividends, and add new positions regularly as savings allow. Let your stocks grow your wealth slowly but surely.

Buy a Rental Property

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Real estate can provide passive income when rented out. Do your homework, then use piggy proceeds for a down payment on a strategically chosen property.

Look for affordable homes in desirable areas that tenants will snap up. You’ll recoup your down payment over time through rental cash flow and appreciation.

Invest in Your Education

One of the best investments you can make is in yourself! Use piggy savings to fund career-advancing courses or training programs.

Furthering your education makes you more valuable professionally. The potential extra lifetime earnings far outweigh the initial investment.

Start a College Fund

If you have young children, use windfall savings to open a 529 college savings account. Piggy change could cover the minimum opening deposit or first contribution.

529 funds grow tax-free when used for qualified education expenses. Even modest investments now will really add up by the time kids are college-bound.

Pay Down High-Interest Debt

Before traditional investing, consider paying down any debts charging high interest first. This provides a guaranteed “return” on savings.

Pay off credit cards, personal loans, or other debt with double-digit rates. Just make sure to avoid running those balances back up again.

Seed an Emergency Fund

Don’t underestimate the value of liquid savings either. Use piggy proceeds to seed – or grow – a rainy day fund for surprise expenses.

Aim for 3-6 months’ worth of living costs. That money cushion preserves your other investments by avoiding the need to liquidate should an emergency arise.

However you choose to put it to work, a stuffed piggy bank gives your savings a purpose. Make that change count for your future instead of frittering it away!

Don’t Let Jumbo Piggy Bank Savings Sit Idle

After months or even years of penny pinching, you’ve finally cracked open your stuffed jumbo piggy bank. And what a payoff – your spare change has added up to hundreds if not thousands! But now that you’re flush with funds, it may be tempting to let your windfall just sit idle in a low-interest account.

Don’t let inertia limit the potential of your piggy proceeds! Here are smart ways to put that jackpot stash to active work:

Invest in Yourself

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Use those funds to invest in yourself! Furthering your education and skills always pays off in the long run through increased earnings and opportunities.

Enroll in a certification program, take career-advancing courses, attend workshops. Learn new technologies to make yourself more marketable.

Start a Business

Got an entrepreneurial spirit? A stuffed piggy provides seed money to start turning a side hustle into a real business.

Register your business entity, build a website, order product inventory, print promotional materials. Every penny gets you closer to pursuing your dreams.

Pay Down Debt

Carrying balances on high-interest credit cards or loans? Your piggy bank savings can wipe out what you owe and save big on interest payments.

Pay off debts with rates above 10-15% first. Having zero debt restores cash flow to redirect towards productive goals.

Fund a Roth IRA

Open and fully fund a Roth IRA if you haven’t already. That provides tax-free growth on up to $6,500 per year ($7,500 if over 50).

Choose no-fee index funds and set up automatic contributions from your paycheck. Retire rich thanks to early disciplined savings.

Invest in the Market

Break Open That Jumbo Piggy Bank. Find Out How Much is Inside

Put your money to work! Open a brokerage account and invest piggy proceeds into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs.

Diversify your holdings, reinvest dividends, and keep contributing to build wealth. Turn spare change into a robust portfolio.

Buy a Rental Property

Generate passive income by investing your piggy stash as a down payment on a strategically chosen rental property.

Look for affordable homes in desirable areas that will attract high-quality tenants. You’ll recoup costs through cash flow and appreciation.

Fund Home Improvements

Tackle those lingering fixer-upper projects or renovations! Kitchen upgrade, backyard deck addition, master suite conversion – a stuffed piggy bank funds the work.

Make improvements that will improve your quality of life and boost your home value. Turn savings into tangible assets.

Pay Tuition

If you’re pursuing higher education, let your piggy cover those tuition and textbook costs. Graduate debt-free thanks to years of penny pinching.

Future you will appreciate not having student loans. And your earnings potential rises significantly with that hard-earned diploma.

Seed an Emergency Fund

Don’t underestimate the value of liquid savings! Start or pad an emergency fund to cover 3-6 months’ expenses as a safety net.

Job loss, illness, car troubles – life happens. Having cash reserves prevents derailing other financial plans or racking up debt.

When cracked open after years of neglect, a stuffed piggy bank releases a savings surge ready for your best ideas. Don’t let that money just sit – put it to work and watch it grow!