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Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia’s Sizing: Discover the Avia Bra That’s Just Right for You

Finding the perfect bra can feel like an endless quest. With so many sizes, styles, and brands to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? If you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive sports bra that also delivers on style, Avia should be on your radar.

I’ve tried my fair share of sports bras over the years in an attempt to contain the girls during jogs and HIIT classes. Some styles smashed my chest down so flat I could barely breathe. Others offered zero control, leaving me bouncing all over the place. Not a good look. After much trial and error, I finally discovered Avia’s wide range of sports bras. From zip-front compression bras to seamless encapsulation bras, Avia offers options to suit every bust size and activity level. Here’s what I’ve learned about finding your perfect Avia fit.

Avia Offers a Variety of Bra Styles, Like the Popular Zip Front

Avia knows that no two women have the exact same needs when it comes to sport bras. That’s why they offer diverse styles to choose from. One of their most popular is the Avia Zip Front Sports Bra. This compression bra features an easy zipper closure in the front, thick elastic band, and moisture-wicking performance fabric to keep you cool and dry. The criss-cross straps in the back provide additional support and shape. Compression bras like the Zip Front Sports Bra limit bounce by pressing the breasts close to the chest wall. While some women find this restrictive, others appreciate the extra control for high-impact workouts.

If you prefer more coverage and separation, Avia’s line of encapsulation bras offer molded, contoured cups like a regular bra. The Avia Ultimate Seamless Encapsulation Sports Bra provides structure via underwire and foam lining while still using breathable fabrics that disperse sweat. The fabric feels super smooth and lightweight on your skin. The adjustable hook straps and leotard-style scoop back ensure a customized, stay-put fit. Encapsulation bras keep your breasts supported individually, eliminating skin-on-skin friction and bounce. This makes them a great choice for larger cup sizes.

Consider Intended Use When Selecting Between Compression and Encapsulation

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

When deciding between Avia’s compression and encapsulation bras, consider what activities you plan to wear them for. In general, higher impact workouts like running or HIIT call for more constrictive compression styles to limit excessive motion. Lower impact activities like walking, yoga or light gym sessions typically pair fine with encapsulation styles, especially if you’re well-endowed. However, comfort is king. Opt for whichever bra feels best for YOUR body and chosen activities. Don’t size down too extremely in a compression bra if it makes breathing difficult. Find your optimum balance of support and breathability.

Here’s a quick trick I use to test potential new sports bras in the dressing room. Jump up and down briskly while wearing the bra. If you feel any straining, digging or bouncing, try a different style or size. A properly fitted sports bra should restrict motion without restricting YOUR ability to move freely. Use this bounce test along with Avia’s handy bra size chart to dial in your ideal fit.

Check Out Avia’s Bra Size Chart to Determine Your Cup and Band Size

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

Like all bras, finding the right size is imperative for both comfort and functionality. Avia’s sports bras come in standard band and cup sizing, making it easy to determine your specifics. Wrap a soft measuring tape around your ribcage right under your bust. Round this number to the nearest even inch to get your band size. For the cups, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Subtract your ribcage measurement from your bust measurement. Every inch of difference represents a cup size.

For example, if your ribcage is 32 inches and bust 35 inches, your bra size would be 32C. Band too loose? Go down a size. Band uncomfortably tight? Go up a size. Spilling out of the cups? Move up a letter. Gaping in the cups? Drop down a size. Take the time to try on multiple sizes in Avia bras to zero in on your perfect match. A well-fitted bra lays parallel to the ground, with no bulging or slipping. Best of all, Avia sports bras come in both standard and extended sizing options to accommodate more body types.

Focus on Sister Sizing if You Fall Between Standard Bra Sizes

Let’s get real – most women don’t fit neatly into matrix sizing. If you find yourself between band or cup sizes in Avia bras, don’t despair. Chances are, you can “sister size” to a comparable option that will work for your body. Sister sizing means going up a band while going down a cup (or vice versa) to achieve a similar fit and volume. For example, if a 34C bra is slightly big in the band but small in the cups, try going up to 36B. This increases the band while decreasing the cups to maintain approximate fit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with sister sizes if you feel caught between two sizes. Dialing in the perfect fit may take some adjustments.

Shop Avia Bras for the Fit, Function and Style You Want

At the end of the day, choosing a sports bra comes down to individual needs and preferences. Rather than frantically trying on ill-fitting style after style, use Avia’s diverse selection and helpful sizing guides to zone in on the bra that perfectly suits your bust, body and chosen activities. Whether you prefer a sleek encapsulation bra or supportive compression fit, Avia has a fantastic option at a reasonable price point. Best of all, their stylish performance fabrics and range of colors/prints take you from the gym to the streets seamlessly. Ditch the sore breasts and bouncing bosom. Discover YOUR Avia fit today!

Finding the perfect sports bra is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You wade through endless racks stuffed with ill-fitting styles that smash, squeeze, and chafe. Band too tight, cups overflowing, straps digging in. Ugh! There’s got to be a better way to uncover that just-right fit and function. Lucky for us active girls, Avia offers a wide selection of thoughtfully designed sports bras with options to flatter every bust size and activity level. Through much trial and tribulation, I’ve learned how to use Avia’s bra size chart to find YOUR perfect match.

Whether you’re tiny-framed or plus-sized, petite or tall, there’s an Avia sports bra ready to cradle the girls comfortably. But grabbing the first medium off the shelf rarely ends well. Instead, think of finding your ideal bra like solving a puzzle. You need to find the right combination of band width, cup volume, support style, and performance features to create a custom fit. Avia takes the guesswork out with their handy sizing chart and diverse bra types. Here’s how to use it to unlock your sports bra success:

Check Out Avia’s Bra Size Chart to Determine Your Cup and Band Size

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

Start by actually measuring yourself rather than relying on that 38C you’ve worn for years. Wrap a soft tape measure around your ribcage, just below your bust. Round to the nearest whole number for your band size. This equals the number portion of your bra size. Next, measure around the widest part of your bust. Subtract your band number from your bust number. The difference determines your cup size. Each inch = one cup size up. Make sure to scoop and swoop when measuring!

For example, a 30 inch underbust and 34 inch bust would equate to a 30D bra size. Seems simple enough, but don’t stop here. Band and cups work in tandem for the optimum fit and lift. Try out sister sizes like 32C or 28DD to find your personal bra soulmate.

Plug Sister Sizes Into the Equation If Between Standard Sizes

Very few women match matrix sizing precisely. That’s why the concept of “sister sizes” is so invaluable when seeking your perfect Avia fit. Sister sizes allow you to adjust the band and cup in opposing directions to maintain approximate volume and support. If a 32C bra band feels a smidge snug, try a 34B for a tad more breathing room through the ribs and slightly less cup coverage. The Sisterhood unites!

Don’t be shy about trying on multiple sister sizes, especially when between two band/cup measurements. For example, falling between a medium and a large compression bra or 34E and 36DD encapsulation bra. Trial and error will lead you to the sweet spot for your unique proportions. Stand straight with arms relaxed to double check for proper parallel fit. Got gaps up top? Size down. Spilling out below? Size up. Goldilocks that bra until it’s just right.

Let Intended Use Guide Your Sports Bra Type Selection

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

Band and cup size only partially impact which Avia sports bra will work for you. Cup shape, support style, performance features and intended use should inform your selection process as well. For road running or HIIT, compression bras reign supreme. Their tight fit presses the breasts to the chest wall to eliminate bounce. Encapsulation bras with molded cups provide shape and separation better suited to larger busts. Consider wire-free or wireless based on comfort.

Light support stretch fabrics work for yoga while high impact CrossFitters need reinforced straps and bands. Tailor your Avia bra choice to the activities you desire it for. Try both compression and encapsulation styles in your new Avia size to see which suits your needs. Don’t settle for red stripes, underboob dampness or “mono-boob.” Your Avia girls deserve the best!

We all deserve to feel comfortable, supported and confident when active. Ditch the nightmare of ill-fitting sports bras forever. Arm yourself with Avia’s diverse selection and handy bra size chart to find YOUR perfect match. Let the rack be your oyster. Your custom combo awaits – band, cup, style and all. Go forth and sweat freely, ladies!

Avia Sports Bras Come in Both Compression and Encapsulation Styles

When it comes to finding the perfect sports bra, women have more options now than ever before. Avia offers a wide selection of sports bras designed for various levels of activity and body types. Two of the main sports bra styles offered by Avia are compression and encapsulation bras.

Compression bras, as the name suggests, compress the breasts to limit movement during activity. This type of bra tends to be preferred for high-impact workouts like running or HIIT training. The tight fit helps reduce bounce, minimizing discomfort. Avia’s compression sports bras feature stretch fabrics like spandex and Lycra that conform to the body.

Some of Avia’s most popular compression style sports bras include the Avia Zip Front Sports Bra and the Avia Seamless Molded Cup Sports Bra. The zip front design allows for easy on and off while the seamless molded cups add shape and lift. This bra comes in band sizes 32 to 40 and cup sizes B through DD.

Encapsulation bras take a different approach by using individual cups to support each breast separately. This limits motion from side-to-side and up and down. Encapsulation bras often have wider straps and an underband for extra support. This style provides more coverage and lift, making it a great choice for larger cup sizes.

One encapsulation bra offered by Avia is the Avia Encapsulating Sports Bra. This bra utilizes breathable mesh cups with full coverage. The shoulder straps are cushioned to prevent digging or slipping, while the wide underband keeps everything in place even during jumping or sprinting. It’s available in sizes up to 48DDD.

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia’s Sizing

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

The key to sports bra comfort is finding the right size. Avia makes the process easy by offering a sizing chart for each of their bras. Here are some tips for determining your Avia bra size:

  • Measure under your bust: Use a soft measuring tape to measure just under your bust around your ribcage. Exhale before measuring for the most accurate fit. Round to the nearest whole inch.
  • Determine your band size: Your band size is equal to your under bust measurement. If the measurement falls between two band sizes, opt for the larger size for comfort.
  • Measure your cup size: Measure around the fullest part of your bust. Subtract your band size from this number to get your cup size difference. Each inch of difference represents a cup size.
  • Refer to the specific bra’s size chart: Once you know your measurements, cross-reference them with the size chart for that bra model. Sizing can vary between styles.
  • Consider cup and band fit: The band should fit snug but not dig in. Cups should fully encase breasts without gaping, overflowing, or uncomfortable compression.
  • Try sister sizes if needed: Those who fall between standard sizes may want to try a sister size for better fit. Sister sizes keep the same cup volume on a different band.

Taking the time to find your optimal Avia bra size will ensure you get a great fit for working out in comfort. Sports bras that are too large may not provide enough support while bras that are too small can restrict movement and breathing.

Avia Offers a Wide Range of Styles, Colors, and Sizes

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

From low to high intensity and everything in between, Avia has a sports bra to match your activity level and style preferences. Here is an overview of some of the many options from Avia:

Avia Zip Front Sports Bra – Featuring a zipper front encapsulated design, this bra comes in both regular and longline versions to accommodate torso lengths. It’s a great choice for running, Zumba, and other high-impact workouts. The longline bra provides extra coverage and support for well-endowed wearers.

Avia molded padded sports bra – This compression-style bra is seamless with molded cups to prevent headlights and add shape. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry. Offered in both standard and crossover back options.

Avia racerback sports bra – A racerback is ideal for keeping straps in place during overhead reaching motions. This bra provides light support for yoga, pilates, or walking. Available with or without removable padding.

Avia zip front sports bra size chart – Sizing ranges from 32B to 44DDD in the regular length and 34DDD to 48DDD in longline. Band sizes increment by 2 and cups by 1.

Avia high neck longline sports bra – The longer length and high neckline provides ample coverage and support. Side and back mesh panels add breathability. Perfect for large busts.

In addition to a wide range of sizes, Avia bras come in basic colors like black, white, and gray as well as bolder hues like purple, blue, and patterned designs. The options work for neutral wearers and those who want to make a statement.

Avia Sports Bras Offer Comfort, Performance, and Value

Finding a quality sports bra that actually provides support without breaking the bank can be challenging. Avia delivers on all fronts. Their sports bras feature performance fabrics that wick moisture and allow free range of motion. Pricing is in line with the value, making these bras accessible for every budget.

Thoughtful design elements maximize comfort and wearability for all-day use. Wide straps prevent digging, while seamless cups remove pressure points and friction. Attention is paid to provide ample support through compression, encapsulation, or a combination of both.

For gym sessions, outdoor workouts, or weekends on the go, Avia sports bras move with you while minimizing bounce and discomfort. Breathable and sleek fabrics provide coverage without overheating. The C-hook closure ensures a customized fit.

Available on Amazon and other retailers, the Avia sports bra selection has an option suitable for every body and activity level. Compression bra, encapsulation bra, racerback, zip front – Avia has the support you need. Browse their complete collection today to find your new favorite workout wardrobe staple.

Compression Bras Limit Bounce During Exercise Without Wired Cups

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

Finding a comfortable, supportive sports bra is key to getting the most out of your workouts. Compression style sports bras offer a wire-free option that limits bounce during cardio, HIIT, and other high-impact exercises.

Compression bras fit snugly to gently bind the breasts to the chest wall. This minimizes up and down, side-to-side, and front-to-back movement. Containing the bounce helps reduce discomfort from excess motion.

The compression comes from the stretchy, spandex-blend fabric that hugs the body. Unlike regular bras, compression sports bras do not have underwires or rigid cups. The fabric itself provides structure through its tight yet flexible fit.

Some women prefer to avoid underwires during physical activity, as they can sometimes dig into the skin or put pressure on the outer breasts. Going wire-free eliminates this potential discomfort. It also allows for a more customizable fit as the fabric stretches to accommodate your shape.

Avia is one brand that offers a variety of compression sports bras without underwire. The Avia Zip Front Sports Bra uses an encapsulated compressed design to bind the breasts to the chest. The zipper front provides easy on and off access.

The Avia Seamless Molded Cup Sports Bra combines light compression with a seamless shape for modest coverage. Its moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry even during intense training.

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia’s Sizing

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

Dialing in your precise bra size is crucial for getting the right amount of compression. Follow these tips when selecting an Avia compression sports bra:

  • Measure under the bust to determine band size
  • Measure over the fullest part of the bust for cup size
  • Consult each bra’s specific size chart
  • Sister size down if between band sizes for a tighter fit
  • Pay attention to cup fit – no gaping or squishing
  • Adjust straps to ensure a secure, centered fit

The Avia zip front sports bra size chart ranges from 32B up to 44DDD. Cup sizes increase by 1 inch while bands go up by 2. Take the time to measure properly and find your optimal compression level.

Compression Bra Benefits for Active Women

Why should active women consider compression sports bras without underwires? Here are some of the benefits this type of bra offers:

  • Limits bounce – Compression minimizes motion for comfort during activity
  • Provides support – The tight fit functions like a binder to reduce strain on ligaments
  • Prevents friction – A close fit helps avoid chafing or rubbing issues
  • Absorbs shock – Compressed fabric helps diffuse impact from jumps and strides
  • Shapes – Compression gives a smooth, modest silhouette
  • Stabilizes – Reducing motion gives a sense of stability for confident movement

Women with larger cup sizes tend to appreciate compression sports bras for both physical support and comfort. The tight fit helps restrain the breasts during rapid motions.

Those new to high-impact workouts may also want to start with a compression bra as they build foundational strength and stamina. The compressed fit offers guidance on proper positioning and muscle engagement.

Match Your Bra to Your Activity Level

Not all compression sports bras offer the same level of compression. Consider your intended activity when selecting a compression bra:

  • Light compression – Yoga, pilates, hiking, walking
  • Medium compression – Weight lifting, rowing, cycling, strength training
  • Firm compression – Running, HIIT, burpees, plyometrics

Look for bras with features like encapsulation and wide straps for firmer compression. Removable padded versions allow you to control the level of compression.

Try bras in different compression levels to find your personal sweet spot. Too much compression can hinder breathing and circulation during demanding workouts. Make sure any bra you choose allows full range of motion.

With the right amount of compression, wire-free sports bras can provide ample support without uncomfortable digging or chafing. Avia offers a wide range of options to match both your fitness level and your comfort needs.

Try Avia’s Encapsulation Bras for More Shaping and Support

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

Sports bras come in a variety of styles, but for larger cup sizes an encapsulation bra can provide shaping and support that compression styles may lack. Avia offers several encapsulation bra options perfect for well-endowed women.

Encapsulation bras individually cup each breast, almost like a regular underwire bra. The cups help lift, separate, and define each breast’s natural shape. Wider side panels and an underband prevent excessive bounce and motion.

Since the breasts are individually supported, encapsulation bras tend to provide more lift and coverage. Compression styles, on the other hand, press the breasts flat to the chest wall which can cause a flattening effect.

The Avia Encapsulating Sports Bra uses breathable mesh cups to encapsulate each breast. The reinforced bottom band delivers support while cushioned straps stay put. This is a great choice for D+ cup sizes wanting defined shaping.

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia’s Sizing

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

Finding your optimal bra size is key to getting the proper amount of coverage and support from an encapsulation bra. When trying an Avia encapsulation bra, focus on these fit factors:

  • Band fits snugly without riding up
  • Cups fully contain the breasts without spillage
  • Underwire lies flat against the ribcage
  • Straps align with the shoulders and don’t dig in
  • Bra stays put during motion and bending

Be sure to consult the specific Avia sports bra size chart for that bra model rather than going by dress size alone. Properly fitted encapsulation bras should not pinch or restrict movement.

Why Choose an Encapsulation Sports Bra?

Here are some of the key benefits encapsulation bras like those from Avia offer:

  • Defined shape – Individual cups preserve the breasts’ natural silhouette
  • Support – Encapsulation distributes weight across the shoulders, back, and band
  • Reduced bounce – Cups help control vertical, lateral, and front-to-back motion
  • Comfort – Wide bands and cushioned straps prevent digging
  • Coverage – More fabric provides ample coverage and modesty

Women with larger cup sizes tend to prefer the way an encapsulation bra separates, lifts, and supports each breast during activity. The defined shape can also help with proper workout form and posture.

Match Your Activity Level

Encapsulation bras work for low, medium, and high intensity exercise by providing customizable support:

  • Low impact – Yoga, barre, pilates, light weights
  • Medium impact – Hiking, cycling, dance, strength training
  • High impact – Running, cardio classes, HIIT, plyometrics

Look for an encapsulation bra with wide straps, sturdy hook closures, and moisture-wicking performance fabric for high impact workouts. Removable padding lets you control the level of coverage and support.

Avoid bras with thinner straps or excessive stretch fabrics if you plan on doing intense training. Prioritize support features like reinforced bands and sturdy hardware.

Encapsulation Bras for All-Day Wear

In addition to workouts, encapsulation sports bras make excellent everyday bras. Their ability to provide shape and coverage while wicking moisture makes them ideal for:

  • Work or school
  • Long days on your feet
  • Yardwork, housework, childcare
  • Travel days

For all-day wear, look for an encapsulation bra with a wide supportive underband but avoid anything too constrictive. Prioritize breathable fabrics with moisture control and a comfortable neckline. The right encapsulation bra offers support without restriction.

If you’re tired of flattening compression styles or inadequate support from regular bras, try one of Avia’s encapsulation sport bras. The individual cup construction provides shaping and structure from your workout to your workday.

Focus on the Band Number for Proper Fit Around Your Ribcage

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

Finding your correct bra band size is crucial for getting the proper fit, support, and comfort. The band number indicates how many inches around your ribcage where the bra band should sit snugly.

Too often, people rely solely on the cup letter when bra shopping and overlook the importance of the band number. But an ill-fitting band can undermine the bra’s ability to function effectively.

Avia makes determining your optimal band size easy by providing detailed sizing charts for each of their sports bras. Let’s look at how to find your perfect band measurement when shopping for an Avia bra.

Measure Under Your Bust for Band Size

The first step in determining your band size is taking an accurate under bust measurement. Here’s how:

  • Wrap a soft tape measure around your torso right under your bust
  • Ensure the tape lies flat around your back and front
  • Exhale and pull the tape snug but not constricting
  • Round your measurement to the nearest whole inch

This ribcage measurement generally corresponds to your band size. If your under bust measure falls between two band sizes, it’s best to size up to the next even number.

So if your under bust is 31″, your band size would be 32″. This allows a bit of ease for comfort and flexibility.

Band Should Fit Snugly Without Shifting

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

The importance of band fit is that it provides the majority of support. An ideal band fit will:

  • Sit level around the back without riding up
  • Offer enough stretch to accommodate breathing
  • Stay in place during movement and activity
  • Support breast weight without diggging into the ribs

Consult the Avia sports bra size chart and focus first on finding your correct band size. Cup fit can always be adjusted via sizing up or down a cup size as needed.

For example, if you measure 32″ under your bust, start with an Avia bra in size 32B or 32C. If the cups are too small, sister size up to a 34B or 34C keeping the same volume on a larger band.

Band Size Sets the Foundation

Without the right band fir, even the best quality bra won’t function optimally. A band that shifts around or rides up in the back indicates it’s too loose to properly support the breasts.

Some signs that your sports bra band size isn’t right:

  • Straps dig into the shoulders
  • Breasts spill out underneath or over the top of the cups
  • Band rides up or slips down during movement
  • Front or back band sits higher than your under bust line

Double check your ribcage measurement against the Avia zip front sports bra size chart and consider sizing down in the band if you notice any shifting or migration. The band should anchor the bra in place.

Sister Size to Fine Tune Fit

Sister sizing allows you to go up or down a band size while keeping the same cup volume. You can use this method to tweak Avia bra band fit:

  • Size up a band if between sizes or for comfort
  • Size down a band for more compression
  • Go down a cup size when sizing up a band
  • Go up a cup size when sizing down a band

So if a 32C feels too snug, try a 34B. For a very firm fit, you might size down to a 30D from a 32C. Use sister sizes to zero in on your perfect ratio of band snugness to cup coverage.

With an Avia sports bra that offers both band and cup support, you’ll feel secure and comfortable whether walking or sprinting.

Cup Size Ensures Comfortable Coverage Without Spillage

In addition to band size, selecting the right cup letter is key for both coverage and support. Cup size corresponds to the measured difference between your overbust and underbust.

Wearing the wrong cup size can undermine the effectiveness of even the most supportive sports bra. Gaping cups won’t control bounce while overflowing cups create discomfort.

Avia makes it easy to determine your ideal cup size through their detailed bra size charts. Knowing both your band number and cup letter ensures a customized Avia sports bra fit.

Measure Around the Fullest Part of Your Bust

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

After taking your underbust measurement for band size, you’ll next measure around the fullest part of your bust:

  • Hold the measuring tape over the nipples and across your shoulder blades in back
  • Keep the tape level and parallel to the floor for accuracy
  • Pull the tape to fit snugly without compressing breast tissue
  • Exhale and take the fullest bust measurement

This overbust measurement will be used to calculate your cup size relative to your band number using the Avia sports bra size chart.

Each Inch of Difference Equals a Cup Size

To determine your cup letter:

  • Subtract your band size from your overbust measurement
  • Each inch of difference represents a cup size
  • A 1 inch difference is an A cup, 2 inch difference a B cup, etc.

So if your underbust is 32″ and overbust 35″, your measurements indicate a 32C bra size.

Be sure to consult the sizing chart for that specific Avia zip front sports bra model, as sizing can vary slightly between different bras.

Cup Fit Minimizes Bounce and Maximizes Comfort

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

The cup letter works in conjunction with the snug band to optimize support. Signs of good cup fit include:

  • Full coverage without gaping
  • Breasts contained without spilling over edges
  • Cups fully encase breast tissue
  • No pinching, tightness, or cutting in

Cups that are too small can press on breast tissue and restrict range of motion. Going up a cup size often alleviates this issue.

Larger cup sizes help control bounce, especially during high impact activity. Compression from too-small cups can become uncomfortable over time.

Fine Tune Fit with Sister Sizing

You may need to go up or down a cup size to find your ideal fit. Sister sizing allows you to adjust cup and band in tandem:

  • Size up band, size down cup to reduce coverage
  • Size down band, size up cup for more coverage
  • Go down one cup and up one band for a little more room

So a 32DD could sister size to a 34D or 30E. Make small adjustments to achieve the right balance of compression and encapsulation for your body.

Properly fitted cups help lift the breasts up and forward to maintain optimal positioning during activity. This stabilization leads to increased comfort and performance.

Consult Avia’s Size Charts For Your Measurements

Rather than guess your bra size, use an Avia bra size chart tailored to each specific model. Input your unique underbust and overbust measurements to identify your ideal Avia sports bra size.

Correct cup size works hand in hand with the band to provide a customized fit. Taking the time to accurately determine both band and cup leads to a bra that offers security without restriction.

Consider Your Activity Level When Selecting Compression or Encapsulation

When it comes to finding the perfect sports bra, one of the most important factors to consider is your activity level. Sports bras typically fall into two main categories – compression and encapsulation. Knowing which style works best for you and your workout can make all the difference in comfort and support.

Compression bras, as the name suggests, compress the breasts to limit bounce and movement during activity. This type of bra works well for light to moderate activity levels like walking, hiking, or leisurely jogging. The snug fit hugs the body and keeps everything secure without being too restrictive. Compression bras are usually pull-on style without defined cups.

For high-impact workouts like running, aerobics, tennis, or P90X, an encapsulation bra is a better choice. Rather than pressing the breasts flat, encapsulation bras support each breast individually with lined cups and side panels. This provides stability and minimizes up and down bounce as well as side-to-side sheer. Encapsulation bras may have a hook closure like a traditional bra for a more customized fit.

When evaluating your needs, consider the normal movement for your chosen activity. If you plan to be mostly upright like during weightlifting or spinning, compression can work well. However, lots of multi-directional motions like in dance or plyometrics would be better suited to an encapsulation style. The last thing you want is to have to stop mid-workout to adjust your ill-fitting bra!

Other Factors that Determine the Right Sports Bra Style

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

In addition to activity level, other factors like breast size and density should influence your sports bra selection. Women with larger cup sizes need the additional support and coverage of an encapsulation bra, especially for high impact exercise. Compression styles alone simply cannot provide enough hold. Smaller busted ladies may find compression sufficient unless engaging in intense training.

Breast density and whether the tissue is more fat or glandular should also be taken into account. Firm, dense breasts require strong compression while softer breasts need sturdy encapsulation. Consider if your boobs tend to move and bounce vigorously during activity or if they stay relatively still when supported. This can clue you into which bra construction will work best.

Your personal preferences and comfort should play a role in your decision as well. Some women dislike the bound feeling of compression and others find encapsulation styles with seams irritating. Try both types in your regular workout to see which feels more natural for your body.

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia’s Sizing

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

Finding a sports bra that fits your body correctly is just as crucial as selecting the right style. An ill-fitting bra can throw off your workout mojo by either constricting movement or allowing excess bounce.

Avia offers sports bras in both compression and encapsulation designs to support women through low or high intensity exercise. Their diverse range of styles cater to all body types and activity levels. Understanding how to find your optimal Avia bra size is key to fitness comfort and confidence.

Consult the Avia Size Chart

Like all clothing brands, Avia utilizes standard sizing measurements to help you identify your perfect match. Refer to their size chart to find your band size (rib cage measurement) and cup size (measurement around the fullest part of the bust). Keep in mind that sports bra sizes are not the same as your everyday bra size. For the most secure fit, experts recommend going down a band size and up a cup size from your usual.

Avia bras are available in band sizes from 30 to 44 inches and cups A through D/DD. Measure under your bust and around the widest point of your breasts while relaxed and standing straight. Reference the chart to find where your measurements intersect. Band size should be snug but not tight and cups should encapsulate breasts without spillage or gaping. Try out your starting size and adjust up or down a size until the fit feels right.

Take Breast Shape and Placement into Consideration

In addition to measurements, breast shape and where your boobs sit on your chest should inform size selection. Those with wide set breasts may need to size up in the band to allow room for more coverage. Full bottomed gals often do better sizing up in the cup. If your bust is exceptionally dense or muscular, a compression style in the right size can work wonders.

The Avia Original Sport bra has light compression and a racerback design ideal for B and C cups. The Avocado Bra offers plunging encapsulation that’s great for minimizing and centering D+ sizes. Trying on different Avia styles is the best way to determine what suits your girls’ specific needs.

Pay Attention to Band and Cup Fit

When trying on an Avia sports bra, be sure to assess both band and cup fit by looking for these indicators:

  • Band lays flat across the back without riding up
  • No bulging around the band
  • Cups fully encapsulate the breasts
  • No gapping, wrinkling, or quadraboob
  • Straps stay in place but do not dig in

The bra should feel snug without restricting your range of motion. Jumping jacks and arm circles are a great way to test comfort and support before purchase.

Know When to Size Up or Down

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

While the size chart is a handy starting point, your perfect fit may require sizing up or down for ideal comfort. Here are some indicators that it’s time to try a different Avia bra size:

  • Band rides up in back – Size down in the band
  • Breasts spill from cups – Size up in the cup
  • Gaping in the cups – Size down in the cup
  • Bulging around the arms or back – Size up in the band
  • Straps dig in – Try a wider size

Don’t settle for a so-so fit. Dialing in the perfect sports bra size for your body can make your Avia the MVP of your activewear lineup.

Finding a sports bra that fits and supports your girls through workouts and life is essential. Let Avia’s diverse sizing and range of compression and encapsulation styles lift you up and keep you comfortable during any activity.

Follow Our Tips to Find Your Ideal Avia Bra Model and Size

Searching for the perfect sports bra that offers just the right amount of support and comfort can feel like an endless journey. Avia offers a wide selection of compression and encapsulation bra styles to meet any activity level. But with so many options, how do you narrow down to the ideal model and size for your body?

We’ve compiled some helpful tips to find that goldilocks Avia bra that’s not too tight, not too loose, but just right. Read on for advice to get matched with your perfect fit!

Evaluate Your Needs

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

First, consider what you’ll be using your Avia bra for. Low impact activities like walking call for light compression while high intensity training demands serious encapsulation. Are you small busted and need a little lift or large chested and require major hold? Do you prefer thick straps or sleek racerbacks?

Knowing your sport, size, and style preferences helps filter the many Avia models to find your short list of potentials. A bra suited for yoga won’t provide the same performance for running as one designed for bounce control. Get matched to a bra with the right features for your needs.

Get Your Measurements

Using Avia’s bra size chart as a guide, measure your band size and cup size to identify your starting point. For band size, use a soft tape to measure under the bust where the bra band will sit. For the most secure fit, round down to the nearest even number.

Cup size is determined by measuring around the fullest part of the bust, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. Refer to Avia’s chart to find where your band and cup measurements intersect. This gives your estimated size but trying on is key for your perfect match.

Try Before You Buy

Order a selection of styles in your starter size to try on at home. Assess the fit while doing movements you’d normally do during exercise. Does everything stay put when you jog or jump in place? Any slipping, bouncing, rubbing or gapping means it’s time to try a different size.

Pay attention to how the bra makes your breasts look. Do they appear minimized and lifted or smashed flat? An encapsulation bra should shape and support without flattening. Use the mirror to check for the dreaded underarm bulge or back fat, indicators it’s too small.

Size Up or Down For the Perfect Fit

Fitting sports bras is often an exercise in trial and error. Be prepared to size up or down in the band and cup to dial in your perfect match. Here are some common fit issues and solutions:

  • Band rides up – Try sizing down
  • Spillage from cups – Size up in the cup
  • Gaping in cups – Size down in the cup
  • Bulging around arms or back – Increase band size

It may take a few rounds of returns to find that magical unicorn of a bra. Many women find their sports bra size differs from their regular bra so remain open to trying new sizes.

Focus on Total Comfort

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

A well-fitted Avia bra should check the boxes of both performance and comfort. Straps should be wide enough to not dig in painfully. The fabric against your skin should feel soft with no itching or chafing. Cups encapsulate without pinching or squishing.

Moving freely without adjustment should be possible. The bra should feel like a second skin rather than a booby trap! Don’t settle for less when Avia has so many options to perfectly match comfort and support.

Consider Shape and Density

Breast shape and density are also important factors in finding your winning bra. Those with fuller bottoms do well in styles with stretch fabric and shirred backs to accommodate. Softer, less dense breast tissue often needs plush lined cups for definition.

The Avia Compression Racerback is great for athletic shaped breasts that need light-moderate support. The Avocado Bra offers seperate molded cups ideal for soft, heavier breasts. Test different silhouettes to complement your unique shape.

Love How It Makes You Feel

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

At the end of the day, the right Avia bra should make you feel confident and ready to conquer any activity. When the fit is dialed in, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. A single bra has the power to transform your active life when properly sized and fitted.

Finding the ideal sports bra is a journey, but armed with our tips you’ll be prepared to shop smart. Use our guidance to narrow down Avia’s many options to just the right compression or encapsulation bra for your needs. Get ready to feel supported through any workout!

Shop Avia Bras for the Fit, Function and Style You Want

Finding that just-right sports bra can transform your active life when it offers the ideal blend of comfort, support and flair. Avia’s wide range of compression and encapsulation bras cater to all sizes and activities so you can discover your perfect match.

Whether you’re a marathon runner or weekend yogi, Avia has a bra for you. Follow our tips to shop their selection for awesome fit, function, and style!

Nail Down Your Must-Have Features

Consider how you’ll use your new Avia bra. Do you need serious bounce control for high impact cardio? Or light compression for Pilates and barre? Think about must-have features like adjustable straps, padded or molded cups, racerback design, or front closure.

Keep your go-to workouts in mind and choose performance features accordingly. An encapsulation style offers more motion control for running while compression fits the bill for dance aerobics. Make your list of needs to guide your shopping adventure.

Get Your Sizing Right

Finding your ideal Avia bra size and fit is the crucial first step. Use their sizing chart as a starting point, measuring under the bust for your band size and over the fullest part of the bust for your cup.

Try out potential sizes to see how the band, straps and cups feel during movement. Be prepared to tweak sizing up or down for the best fit. An accurately sized Avia bra lays the foundation for function and comfort.

Assess Support and Stability

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

Try your top Avia bra picks on doing the motions of your go-to exercise. Jump, swing your arms, lunge – whatever you’d normally do. The bra should keep the girls stable without slowly shifting out of place.

Breasts should not bulge out of the cups or band. Bouncing or swinging shouldn’t be distracting or uncomfortable. Use this bounce test to determine if the bra offers sufficient motion control for your activity level.

Evaluate Comfort and Coverage

Getting the right support is only half of the equation – comfort is equally important. Make sure the bra fabric doesn’t dig, itch or pinch. Straps should distribute weight without cutting in. Cups should fully cover and contain the breasts without squishing.

Move every which way to detect any poking wires, rubbing or chafing. The bra should feel smooth and seamless against your skin, almost like a second layer. Prioritize an Avia bra that feels as great as it functions.

Find Your Style

Beyond performance factors, finding an Avia bra that reflects your personal style adds that extra dose of confidence. Opt for pretty colors, fun patterns and alluring accents like keyholes and lace. Choose between thick or thin straps, low or high necklines.

Consider racerback, U-back, or hook closure designs. Mix and match different styles for variety. Express your unique flair through your Avia bras.

Read Reviews From Real Women

Find Your Perfect Fit With Avia

Checking out product reviews from other active women can provide helpful insight. See which bras get raves for comfort versus complaints about poor design. Look for reviews from customers with bust sizes and workout types similar to yours.

Consider both high and low ratings to get the full story before purchasing. Knowing the real deal from real women’s experience helps guide your buying decision.

Give It a Test Drive

If possible, wear your potential new Avia bra for a trial run in your workout. Put it through the motions from start to finish. How’s the feel at minute 30 compared to minute 1? Any rubbing or shifting over time?

Getting sweaty in it reveals key intel. Don’t settle for a bra that disappoints once you really sport it. Return or exchange until you find Avia perfection.

Shopping for the winning sports bra takes some strategy but pays off hugely. Use our tips to score an Avia bra with the fit, function and style that perfectly matches your needs. Move, sweat and live your active life supported in total comfort!