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Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You’ll Love

When it comes to choosing a durable and protective finish for your floors, Mohawk lacquer really shines. This high-quality lacquer comes in a range of colors from brilliant whites to vibrant hues that will add pops of color to any space. But beyond just looks, Mohawk lacquer provides key benefits that make it a top choice for many flooring projects.

Mohawk Offers Lacquer in White and Vibrant Colors

One of the great things about Mohawk lacquer is the wide spectrum of color options available. You can choose a classic bright white lacquer to lighten up a room and make it appear more spacious. The white lacquer has a clean, fresh look that pairs well with many styles from modern to farmhouse chic. For those looking to make more of a design statement, Mohawk’s colorful lacquers allow you to add vibrant pops of color to create a fun, energetic vibe. Rich tones like cherry red, cobalt blue, and even metallic champagnes infuse floors with color and visual interest. Whether you want an accent wall or to lacquer an entire space in a dazzling hue, Mohawk has the colored lacquers to match your vision.

Beyond the range of color choices, Mohawk lacquer also provides an appealing glossy finish. The high-shine lacquer reflects light beautifully, giving floors a smooth, mirror-like look. This glossy finish enhances the natural wood grains and colors. From rustic hardwood to contemporary concrete, Mohawk’s lacquer family brings out the best in any flooring material while providing scratch and scuff protection.

Lacquer Provides a Durable, Protective Finish

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

Durability is a major benefit of choosing a Mohawk lacquer finish. Unlike wax or oil finishes that require frequent upkeep, lacquer creates a protective wear layer that holds up well to everyday wear and tear. The lacquer cures to a hard, solid finish that resists scratches, scuffs, and stains over time. This makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens and hallways where floors really get put to the test.

Mohawk’s lacquer formulas contain aluminum oxide which boosts the finish’s protective properties even further. The aluminum oxide acts like a force field, protecting the floor underneath from indentation and abrasions. Even in a busy household with kids and pets running around, a Mohawk lacquered floor maintains its smooth surface and glossy shine for years. The durability provided by the lacquer finish saves you time and money by avoiding frequent repairs and refinishing.

Easy to Keep Clean and Maintain

Along with being durable, Mohawk lacquered floors are very easy to clean and maintain. The protective finish prevents stains from penetrating the wood or concrete underneath, so spills and messes can be wiped up without issue. Regular sweeping, dust-mopping, and damp-mopping is all you need to keep a lacquered floor looking fresh.

Compared to waxed floors that require periodic stripping and reapplication of wax, lacquered floors are a breeze to care for. The hard, non-porous finish does not require waxing or polishing over time. Simply use the manufacturer’s recommended floor cleaner to safely clean the lacquered surface as needed without damaging the finish.

One tip when cleaning lacquered floors is to use soft microfiber mops and pads rather than abrasive scouring pads. The microfibers effectively capture dust and dirt without scratching the glossy finish. With the ease of care and minimal maintenance required, Mohawk’s lacquered floors stay beautiful with just simple cleaning routines.

Appealing High Gloss Finish Enhances Decor

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

In addition to the durability and ease of maintenance, Mohawk lacquer is also prized for its beautiful high-gloss finish. The liquid lacquer flows evenly over the flooring surface as it cures, leaving an ultra-smooth finish. Light bounces off this glossy surface giving floors a bright, mirror-like sheen.

This high-gloss finish elegantly reflects light and accentuates the natural wood grain patterns. Concrete flooring also takes on an attractive polished stone-like look when lacquered. Whether you have rustic oak planks or modern grey concrete, the lacquer brings out the depth and visual texture of the flooring.

The lacquer’s shine adds style and design versatility as well. From contemporary homes to cozy cottage styles, the glossy finish pairs well with an array of decor. It creates a put-together elegant look for formal spaces but also works great in family-friendly areas when durability is key.

Quick Drying Formula Saves Time

Compared to oil-based finishes, Mohawk’s lacquer also offers much shorter dry times. The water-based formula dries quickly, letting you apply multiple coats in one day versus waiting days between coats. This accelerated process saves significant time and allows floors to be back in service faster.

The quick turnaround is perfect for occupied homes where you want to minimize downtime. After the recommended drying time of just 1-2 hours per coat, the floor is ready for light traffic. And the lacquer fully cures in about a week so there’s no need to wait 30 days like with traditional varnish and oil finishes.

Mohawk lacquer’s rapid drying time also provides flexibility for commercial jobs. Retail stores can reopen quicker following renovations, and business offices can resume operations in a fraction of the time. The fast dry formula ultimately gets your floors looking great while avoiding prolonged downtimes.

Low Odor Formula Compared to Other Finishes

Mohawk lacquers contain very low VOCs and have less odor compared to oil-based polyurethane and varnish options. This makes Mohawk lacquer ideal for use in occupied homes or spaces where you want to limit strong solvent smells. While there is still some odor during application, it dissipates quicker than traditional solvent-laden finishes.

The low odor formula also produces less chance of eye and respiratory irritation. When working with oil-based finishes, you need strong chemical respirators and protective equipment to combat heavy vapors. Mohawk’s lacquer emits far fewer VOCs into the air creating a more comfortable work environment.

Proper ventilation is still recommended when applying any lacquer product. But Mohawk’s low odor water-based formula gives you beauty, durability, andfast dry times without the harsh smell and health risks of other options.

Can Use Lacquer on New or Existing Floors

Another great feature of Mohawk lacquer is its versatility for use on both new and previously finished floors. For new installations, lacquering provides a protective and aesthetically pleasing final step. After properly installing and sanding bare wood, apply multiple coats of lacquer for a glossy, durable finish.

On existing floors, Mohawk’s lacquer can be applied over old wax or worn polyurethane finishes. Properly prepare the existing floor by cleaning, lightly sanding, and de-glossing so the lacquer bonds effectively. This refreshes worn floors with a fresh new lacquered surface.

Lacquering over existing finishes allows you to upgrade the look without a full removal process. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to update floors and provide the protection of a Mohawk lacquer finish.

Provides Years of Beauty and Protection

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

When you choose a Mohawk lacquered floor, you are choosing long-lasting durability and hassle-free maintenance. The crystalline finish keeps floors protected from daily wear for years. Just an occasional damp mopping easily revives the glossy shine that enhances any home.

Whether you opt for a classic white lacquer or bold, colorful pops, Mohawk has the right lacquer for your unique style. Andbacked by over 140 years of flooring expertise, you can trust Mohawk lacquer to provide unmatched performance. For beautiful wood floors that withstand busy lives, Mohawk lacquer is a top choice that will exceed expectations.

When it comes to floor finishes, lacquer is in a durability class of its own. Mohawk’s professional-grade lacquers provide unbeatable scratch, scuff, and stain resistance for long-lasting beauty. If you’re looking for a protective finish that will stand up to busy households, lacquer is a top choice that outshines and outlasts other options.

Lacquer Provides a Durable, Protective Finish

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

What makes Mohawk lacquer such a rugged yet refined floor covering? It all comes down to the liquid lacquer’s unique properties as it cures. The lacquer contains tough acrylic polymers that link together as they harden to form a plastic-like protective shield. This impenetrable barrier prevents dents, dings, and abrasions from marring the flooring underneath for years to come.

I like to think of Mohawk’s lacquer as a forcefield over wood and concrete floors. The thick glossy finish acts like a power shield against the blasters and light sabers of everyday life – think spilled apple juice, pet claws, and rogue Lego bricks. While scratches and stains try to damage floors, the resilient lacquer layer says “No way!” and keeps floors smooth.

And Mohawk cranks up the lacquer’s durability even more with the addition of aluminum oxide particles. This mineral reinforcement boosts the finish’s scratch resistance beyond standard lacquers. Now we’re talking serious superhero-level protection!

Creates a Barrier Against Spills and Stains

Along with remarkable scratch resistance, Mohawk lacquer also provides an impenetrable barrier against stains. Have pets that occasionally have accidents? Kids who spill juice and soda more often than you can clean? Party too hard and splatter wine on occasion? No worries with a lacquered floor.

Since lacquer cures to a non-porous solid, spills and messes remain on the surface rather than absorbing into the flooring underneath. As long as you promptly wipe up stains, they lift off the lacquer without issue using the manufacturer’s recommended cleaner.

I’ve found microfiber mops are the best for cleaning lacquered floors without scratching that glossy finish. And with just regular sweeping, dust-mopping, and damp-mopping as needed, the lacquer keeps floors looking like the day they were finished.

Withstands Heavy Foot Traffic and Activity

Along with standing up to stains, Mohawk’s colored lacquer and white lacquer stand up to heavy foot traffic without showing excessive wear and tear. We’re talking high-traffic areas like kitchens, hallways, recreation rooms, retail shops – you name it.

Even with constant scuffing from shoes and rolling chair wheels, the durable lacquer finish maintains its luster. The plasticized finish prevents the wood or concrete underneath from indenting or developing traffic patterns.

This rugged performance makes lacquer an ideal protective shield for residential floors in busy family homes. And for commercial spaces like restaurants or stores, lacquer provides unmatched durability to preserve beautiful floors under heavy daily use.

Resists Moisture and Humidity Better Than Other Finishes

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

An additional advantage of Mohawk’s lacquer is its resistance to moisture and humidity compared to oil-based finishes. In high humidity climates or rooms like bathrooms, lacquer holds up better against moisture exposure and related swelling/damage.

Polyurethane finishes tend to soften and feel tacky when exposed to extended humidity. And wax finishes allow moisture penetration that can warp wooden floors. Lacquer’s plastic-like barrier provides water resistance and stability even with routine humidity fluctuations.

Mohawk lacquer gives you confidence in coating wood floors in kitchens, baths, and other damp environments. While no finish is 100% waterproof, lacquer provides significantly better moisture protection than other options.

Keeps Floors Beautiful and Protected

When I choose a floor finish for my home or business, protection is my top requirement – and lacquer delivers. While adding an elegant glossy shine, Mohawk’s lacquer line provides a durable, fortified shield against life’s dings, spills, and scuffs. If you want to safeguard the beauty of your floors for years to come, lacquer is a top performer up to the task.

With Mohawk’s colored and white lacquers, you can have beautiful, resilient floors that withstand busy homes and keep looking like new with basic care. Superhero-level floor protection? Sounds good to me!

One of the great benefits of a Mohawk lacquered floor is how easy they are to clean and maintain. Unlike finicky wax or oil finishes, lacquer’s hard protective shield keeps floors looking fresh with minimal effort.

Easy to Keep Clean and Maintain

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

Picture this – it’s been a busy day with the kids running in and out and the dog tracking dirt through the house. As you survey the floors covered in dust, smudges, and paw prints, you let out a sigh thinking about the tedious floor cleaning ahead.

With a lacquered wood floor from Mohawk though, I’ve got good news! That solid, plastic-like lacquer finish prevents dirt and grime from penetrating into the flooring. A quick pass with the dust mop followed by a damp microfiber mop is all you need to revive the beautiful glossy shine.

I love how lacquer floors can be wiped clean without heavy scrubbing or hassle. The non-porous finish simply doesn’t allow spills and stains to absorb in. As long as you promptly wipe up any messes, they lift right off the durable lacquer surface.

No Need for Frequent Waxing or Refinishing

Unlike traditional wax finishes that require periodic stripping and rewaxing, a Mohawk lacquered floor maintains its protection over time without added work.

Once the lacquer is fully cured, there’s no need to re-coat or wax the floor every few months. The durable acrylic finish retains its shine and water resistance for years with just routine damp mopping using the manufacturer’s cleaner.

Avoid abrasive scouring pads or harsh cleaners that could scratch the lacquer over time. But with proper gentle cleaning, the finish stays resilient without requiring heavy stripping or reapplication every year.

Simple Routines Keep Floors Looking Fresh

To care for a lacquered floor, all you need is a soft-bristled broom, microfiber dust mop, and damp mop paired with the right cleaner. Here’s my simple 1-2-3 routine:

1. Daily quick sweep to pick up surface dirt and grit.

2. Weekly dust mop to capture dust and pet hair.

3. Damp mop as needed using a hardwood/concrete floor cleaner suitable for lacquer.

And if high-traffic areas ever start looking dull, a mopping with distilled white vinegar restores the shine. Easy peasy!

Minimizes Downtime for Renovations

Another maintenance advantage of Mohawk lacquer is how rapidly it cures and dries compared to traditional varnish, oils, and waxes.

With floor lacquer, light foot traffic is possible in just a few hours after application. And the finish fully cures in approximately 7 days, versus 30+ days for other finishes.

For occupied homes or commercial spaces, this fast turnaround minimizes downtime and closures needed for renovations. The floor can be back in service much quicker with Mohawk’s fast-drying lacquer.

Keeps Floors Looking Fresh With Minimal Work

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

As a busy mom and pet owner, I don’t have hours to devote to meticulously cleaning floors. With the Mohawk lacquered wood floors throughout my home, I don’t have to!

The durable, scratch-resistant lacquer finish just makes cleaning so much easier compared to other options. Just dust, damp mop, smile – and my floors look beautiful again in no time.

Life happens – shoes scuff, pet nails scratch, and spills leave stains. While no floor is immune to all marks, Mohawk’s lacquer stands up to daily wear remarkably well. The durable acrylic finish provides unmatched resistance to a variety of scars and blemishes.

Resists Scratches, Scuffs, and Stains

Mohawk’s colored and white lacquer formulas create a protective shield ideal for active households. The plastic-like finish prevents minor abrasions from damaging the wood or concrete below. Scuffs from shoes, claws, and furniture mostly affect only the surface lacquer layer, not the floor itself.

I think of lacquer like a force field over flooring. Those annoying scratches from chair legs or appliances bounce right off, leaving floors smooth and unharmed. And the lacquer’s scratch-resistance actually improves over time as the finish fully cures and hardens.

Minimizes Evidence of Pet Claws

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

Pets can wreak havoc on floors as claws continuously scratch surfaces when they run and play. But Mohawk’s lacquer provides a line of defense against Rover’s nails. Light scratches dissipate into the finish rather than digging into flooring underneath.

While deep gouges can still damage floors if pets are unsupervised, the lacquer protects well against normal activity. And since the scratches blend into the glossy surface over time, floors don’t take on a worn, weathered appearance.

Contains Aluminum Oxide for Added Protection

Mohawk boosts its lacquer’s defenses even further with aluminum oxide, which increases scratch resistance. This mineral reinforcement helps fend off abrasions from sharp objects that could cut through standard lacquer.

It’s like upgrading from a standard lacquer shield to an industrial-strength force field! The aluminum oxide particles help maintain floors’ smooth surfaces despite heavy activity from kids, pets, and furniture.

Prevents Spills from Penetrating or Staining

Along with scratches, lacquer also minimized staining from inevitable spills and accidents. The non-porous finish acts like a liquid barrier preventing most stains from seeping into the wood or concrete below.

As long as you promptly wipe up messes, they lift off the lacquer’s surface easily with the manufacturer’s recommended cleaner. No deep scrubbing or heavy-duty cleaners required.

The result is floors that maintain their like-new appearance over time. While no finish prevents all stains, Mohawk’s lacquer provides remarkable protection.

Keeps Floors Smooth Despite Busy Homes

As a father of three energetic kids, I need floors that can take a beating without showing excessive wear. Mohawk’s colored lacquer and bright white lacquer do just that in my busy household.

The durable yet beautiful lacquer finish handles our less-than-gentle treatment. I see scuffs and scratches blend away while stains wipe up easily. And with minimal maintenance, our floors still shine.

For flooring that withstands busy daily life, Mohawk lacquer gets the job done!

Beyond just protection, Mohawk’s lacquer line also provides gorgeous high-gloss finishes to elevate your space. The liquid lacquer levels smoothly leaving an ultra-sleek surface that beautifully reflects light. And the lacquered shine adds stylistic versatility for a polished look.

Appealing High Gloss Finish Enhances Decor

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

Perhaps my favorite thing about Mohawk lacquer is the eye-catching gloss it adds to floors. The lacquer flows evenly over the flooring surface as it cures, leaving no brush strokes or uneven patches.

The result is a smooth, mirror-like sheen that bounces light around the room. It reminds me of gliding across a freshly Zambonied ice rink! And much like professional lacquered wood finishes on fine furniture, Mohawk’s lacquer brings out the best in flooring.

Reflective Finish Showcases Flooring’s Natural Beauty

Mohawk’s lacquer line comes in clear varieties that allow the flooring’s natural colors and textures to shine through. The light reflective finish enhances the wood’s grains, highlights, and inherent variations.

Concrete flooring also takes on an attractive polished stone look when lacquered. The clear gloss illuminates the concrete’s subtle patterns and mineral deposits for added visual interest.

So while providing a rugged protective shield, Mohawk’s lacquer also reveals your floor’s beautiful character and craftsmanship.

Lacquered Floors Complement Diverse Decor Styles

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

Along with showcasing flooring’s natural appeal, lacquer’s high-gloss finish also fits with many decor styles. From sleek modern spaces to cozy traditional dens, lacquered floors add elegance.

The smooth, reflective shine and luster transforms rooms into more refined spaces. Lacquer’s upscale finish dresses up flooring to create polished, put-together interiors from entryways to kitchens.

And Mohawk offers colored lacquers to make even more of a design statement. Vibrant blue, bold red, and rich black lacquers infuse modern pops of color.

Quickly Revives Dull Floors by Refinishing

For existing floors, Mohawk’s lacquer offers an easy upgrade. Lightly sand and apply lacquer to worn floors to restore gloss and beauty without a full replacement.

The new clear or colored lacquer overpowers blemishes and dull areas for a refreshed uniform appearance. Bring back the shine for a fraction of replacement cost!

I love lacquer’s transformative ability to breathe new life into tired floors. A simple lacquer facelift quickly upgrades the look of any space.

When finishing floors, minimizing downtime is often a priority, especially for occupied homes and businesses. Mohawk’s lacquer line offers a fast turnaround advantage over traditional oil-based options. The quick drying formula gets your floors back in service quickly.

Quick Drying Formula Saves Time

One of my favorite benefits of Mohawk’s colored and white lacquer is the rapid dry time compared to alternatives like polyurethane or traditional varnish.

Rather than waiting days between coats, Mohawk’s water-based lacquers dry quickly in just 1-2 hours. This accelerated pace allows applying multiple coats in the same day to achieve full protection faster.

It’s perfect when you need floors back in commission as soon as possible. The low wait time between recoat layers gets the finish completed and cured in no time.

Reopens Homes or Businesses Sooner After Refinishing

For occupied residential and commercial spaces undergoing renovations, Mohawk’s fast-drying lacquer minimizes downtime and closures.

Rather than vacating their home or shutting doors for weeks during refinishing, the quick-turnaround lacquer lets owners get back to normal faster. Retail shops can reopen for business quicker, and less displacement occurs.

The fast timeline also provides more finishing flexibility by allowing substantial progress in a single day. Knock out multiple lacquer coats in 8-10 hours versus waiting days between applications.

Fully Cures in About 7 Days

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

Along with fast recoating, Mohawk lacquer also fully cures in much less time than alternatives. While traditional varnish and oils take 30 days or longer for full hardness, lacquer completes curing in approximately 7 days.

This means floors can handle regular foot traffic, furniture placement, and wear much sooner. And there’s no need to tiptoe around for weeks while finish slowly cures.

Less Chance of Dust Nibs in the Finish

Since lacquer dries rapidly, there is also less chance of dust particles landing in the finish while drying compared to slow options. This reduces minor flaws that detract from the glossy appearance.

The quick dry time yields a smoother, nag-free lacquered surface. Just another advantage of the fast-acting formula.

For today’s busy homeowners and businesses, Mohawk’s fast-drying lacquer provides beauty and protection without slowing you down.

Traditional oil-based finishes like polyurethane come with strong solvent odors that can be unpleasant and irritating during application. Mohawk’s water-based lacquers offer a lower odor advantage for a better experience.

Low Odor Formula Compared to Other Finishes

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

If you’ve refinished floors in the past, you’re probably familiar with the intense smells from oil-based polyurethane and varnishes. The strong chemical vapors can really overwhelm a space.

Mohawk’s water-based lacquers provide a nice alternative with significantly less odor. While applying any finish creates some smell, the odor from Mohawk lacquer dissipates much faster than other options.

Instead of odor lingering for days, the lacquer smell air outs within hours after application. And the lower VOC formula emits fewer irritating vapors into the workspace air.

Allows Use in Occupied Homes

The low-odor lacquer makes Mohawk’s products ideal for refinishing floors in occupied homes and spaces. Homeowners don’t have to vacate their house for a week to avoid the polyurethane fumes.

While there is still some smell during application, it quickly dissipates in a few hours. This allows refinishing one room at a time while still living in other areas of the home.

Business owners can also recoat floors without closing up shop for extended periods. The milder odor doesn’t disrupt operations next door.

Reduces Respiratory Irritation

In addition to being less bothersome, Mohawk’s low-VOC lacquer also minimizes health hazards compared to other finishes.

The reduced odor means less inhalation of harsh chemical vapors that can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation. I definitely notice less dryness and coughing when using Mohawk’s water-based lacquer products.

While proper ventilation is still critical, the lacquer’s lower emissions cut down on risks to respiratory wellbeing during finishing.

No Compromise on Performance

Mohawk’s low-odor lacquer provides a great user experience without sacrificing performance. The lacquer still delivers outstanding durability, high-gloss shine, and fast drying times.

You get all the strength and beauty of traditional oil-based finishes but with significantly less unpleasant smell and vapors. It’s the best of both worlds!

For floor finishing with less harsh odor, Mohawk’s low-VOC lacquers get the job done while keeping workspaces pleasant.

One of the great things about Mohawk’s professional lacquer system is its versatility for use on both new and existing floors. The lacquer provides a quality finish whether coating bare wood or refreshing worn surfaces.

Can Use Lacquer on New or Existing Floors

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

If you’re finishing new hardwood or concrete flooring, Mohawk’s colored and white lacquers deliver a durable yet beautiful final step. After proper sanding and prep, apply multiple coats of lacquer for strong protection.

But where lacquer really shines is refinishing old floors. The lacquer adheres well to existing surfaces to upgrade worn polyurethane, wax, or oil finished floors.

Refreshes Old Finishes Without Full Removal

One of the easiest ways to revive dull wood floors is applying new lacquer over the old finish. This spares the mess and labor of completely stripping floors to the bare wood.

As long as the previous finish is intact, you can apply Mohawk’s lacquer system after properly preparing the floor. Just clean, lightly scuff, and degloss so the new lacquer bonds well.

The fresh lacquer hides small imperfections and evens out discoloration to restore a like-new appearance. Avoid the headache of a full removal by simply lacquering over the old finish.

Matches Any Flooring Material

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

Mohawk’s clear lacquers allow matching any flooring material, whether traditional oak hardwood or sleek concrete. The transparent finish provides benefits without altering the floor’s style.

Colored lacquers are also available to completely transform the look. For example, applying a gray tinted lacquer to warm hardwood yields an on-trend weathered driftwood aesthetic.

So feel free to get creative and customize the appearance while still gaining the durability of a lacquer finish.

Easy to Touch Up Small Areas as Needed

An advantage of lacquer over one-step finishes like oil modified polyurethane is that lacquer is easy to spot repair. If a section becomes damaged, simply clean and scuff the area before recoating just that portion with lacquer.

This avoids refinishing an entire floor when only a small patch needs attention. With Mohawk’s lacquer, it’s easy to keep floors looking fresh with just minor touch ups over time.

Whether finishing new flooring or reviving old, Mohawk lacquer is up for the task. The versatility makes it my top choice for outstanding results on any surface.

When choosing a floor finish, longevity is a top priority. I want something durable that will keep floors looking amazing for years while protecting my investment. Mohawk’s lacquer delivers the lasting performance I need.

Provides Years of Beauty and Protection

Of all the floor finishes on the market, lacquer stands out for its ability to maintain both good looks and defense over time. Mohawk’s colored and white lacquers provide unmatched durability and aesthetic appeal.

The keys are the rock-solid acrylic shield formed as the liquid lacquer cures, plus added reinforcements. This protective barrier preserves the smooth glossy finish and prevents indentations despite heavy activity.

While all finishes eventually require reapplication, Mohawk lacquer goes longer between recoats than most options. The superior wear resistance keeps floors shining for the long haul.

Exceptional Protective Properties

Between kids, pets, and parties, my floors take a beating. Mohawk’s lacquer handles our less-than-gentle treatment thanks to its protective strengths:

  • Scratch-resistant acrylic polymers
  • Aluminum oxide reinforcements
  • Non-porous waterproof shield
  • Resilient finish resists swelling and moisture

This combination enables the lacquer to withstand scratches, spills, humidity, and heavy activity without breaking down. The durable armor keeps floors looking pristine despite life’s accidents and abuses.

Matches the Longevity of Quality Flooring

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

I don’t invest in high-end flooring to let the finish be the weak point. Mohawk’s lacquer matches the lifespan of quality wood, tile, and natural stone.

The finish protects floors as well as the flooring itself holds up. There’s no need to worry about refinishing every few years as the lacquer lasts just as long as prestigious brands like Shaw or Mannington.

I have peace of mind knowing Mohawk lacquer will make floors stand the test of time and retain their like-new glory.

Save Money by Avoiding Frequent Refinishing

An added benefit of Mohawk lacquer’s durability is cost savings from less frequent refinishing. Labor and materials quickly add up stripping and recoating floors every couple of years.

With lacquer’s long-lasting performance, I refinish half as often. This keeps more money in my pocket compared to high-maintenance options like wax or oil.

When you want floors to stay looking like the day they were finished for years to come, Mohawk lacquer delivers the robust protection you need.

If you’re looking to finish or refinish your floors, I highly recommend considering Mohawk lacquer. With outstanding durability, beauty, and ease of use, it’s a top choice for outstanding results on your next flooring project.

Consider Mohawk Lacquer for Your Next Project

Mohawk Lacquer: A Durable Floor Finish You

When it comes time to finish new floors or revitalize existing surfaces, you want a product you can trust. After using it in my home and rental properties, I confidently recommend Mohawk lacquer for pro-level protection and quality.

Here are some key reasons Mohawk lacquer should be on your list for upcoming floor finishing needs:

Unmatched Durability for Busy Homes

If you have kids, pets, parties, or simply high foot traffic, Mohawk’s lacquer stands up to wear remarkably well. The scratch, scuff, and stain resistant finish maintains its glossy sheen despite constant use.

I never worry about refinishing my lacquered living room floor despite three rambunctious kids playing on it daily. The durable finish laughs off their less-than-gentle treatment.

Beautiful Glossy Finish Enhances Decor

Beyond durability, the smooth glossy shine of Mohawk lacquer elevates the look of any space. It showcases the natural beauty of wood grains and concrete while adding light reflectivity.

The lacquered floors in my home always get compliments on their warmth and polished appearance. The finish really brings out the best in my hardwood’s character.

Low Maintentance and Easy Cleaning

I also love how lacquered floors stay fresh with minimal upkeep needed. The protective finish prevents dirt penetration and wipes clean easily.

Just weekly dust mopping and occasional damp mopping keeps my floors looking like the day they were finished. Mohawk lacquer’s ease of care is a big time and sanity saver!

With its complete flooring expertise and quality standards, you can trust Mohawk lacquer to check all the boxes for your next project. I highly recommend it for outstanding good looks and rugged durability.