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Are the Best Andis Hair Clippers Worth Investing in This Year. 10 Key Features to Consider Before Buying

Powerful Motor for Faster Cutting

One of the most important features to look for when investing in professional hair clippers like Andis is the power and speed of the motor. Andis is well known for making clippers with powerful motors that allow barbers and stylists to cut hair quickly and efficiently. The motor in a clipper determines the blade speed, which directly impacts the speed at which you can cut hair. A more powerful motor with higher speeds will cut through thick, coarse hair faster than a slower motor.

Andis offers clippers with motors that range from electromagnetic to pivot motors to powerful rotary motors. Their top professional models like the Andis Master and Andis Excel lines contain rotary motors that deliver speeds up to 7200 strokes per minute. This ultra fast speed allows these clippers to cut through any type of hair texture or thickness with ease. The blades glide smoothly and quickly through hair without snagging or pulling, enabling barbers to achieve clean, fast cuts.

In comparison, cheaper clippers with electromagnetic motors often top out at speeds between 5000-6000 SPM. At those slower speeds, cutting thick or wet hair can become a chore. The blades struggle to get through denser areas of hair and may pinch or pull in the process. Slower motors lead to increased fatigue for the barber over a long day of repetitive cutting as well. Investing in an Andis clipper with a faster rotary motor pays off through faster haircuts and less hand strain.

The power of the motors in Andis clippers also contributes to their exceptional durability. The best Andis clippers will last for years even with constant daily use. Electromagnetic motors tend to burn out after continuous use over time. But the heavy duty motors in Andis clippers hold up beautifully even under extreme use thanks to quality engineering. Both the Master and Excel models are built to withstand years of regular use in busy barber shops. Their lifespan outlasts most consumer clipper models with less robust motors.

For barbers hoping to achieve smooth, even fades and tapers, a high speed motor is a must. Creating clean blends requires making numerous quick passes over small sections of hair with the lever adjusted between different guard lengths. This process happens in a flash with Andis models like the Excel or Master. Their 7200 SPM motors blaze through those subtle adjustments and gradients seamlessly. But with a cheaper clipper, those adept blends become much harder to execute cleanly.

Cordless clippers are a popular choice for convenience, but the power still matters. Andis makes lithium ion cordless models like the Andis Cordless Magic Clip that deliver the same 7200 SPM rotary motor speed as their corded counterparts. The PowerDrive motor maintains speed and torque even as the battery drains. Other cordless clippers slow down significantly once the battery wears down, making it difficult to complete haircuts. The consistent power of the Magic Clip prevents frustrating slowdowns during haircuts.

While power and speed are priorities, overheating is a potential downside of more robust motors. Andis has engineered their most powerful rotary motors to remain cool even under heavy loads. The Excel and Master incorporate a unique cooling system that prevents the motor from getting hot during marathon cutting sessions. Cheaper clippers lack such cooling tech, making the motor housing hot to touch after prolonged use. This can become uncomfortable for clients and even lead to burned hands for barbers. Andis clippers run cool all day thanks to smart design.

Quickly and cleanly cutting all hair types is imperative for barbers hoping to achieve their best work. With a less capable motor, stylists sacrifice time, quality, and comfort. That’s why investing in an Andis clipper with an ultra high speed rotary motor pays dividends in terms of precision cutting, time savings, and durability. Models like the Andis Master and Excel represent the pinnacle of power and efficiency. Their performance proves why paying attention to the motor separates extraordinary clippers from the rest of the pack.

Lithium-Ion Battery for Cordless Use

Are the Best Andis Hair Clippers Worth Investing in This Year. 10 Key Features to Consider Before Buying

One of the most convenient features of modern hair clippers is the option to go cordless. Andis offers a variety of high-powered cordless clippers that allow barbers complete freedom of movement thanks to lithium-ion battery technology. Cordless functionality is an important factor for barbers and stylists to consider when investing in new clippers.

Andis models like the Andis Cordless Magic Clip are built with a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 2 hours of continuous run time. The long lasting battery enables users to complete multiple haircuts on a single charge. There’s no need to stay confined near an outlet or deal with the hassle of tangled cords. The Magic Clip gives the freedom to move around clients as needed for the perfect angle and access.

Lithium-ion batteries also maintain their maximum power until the very end of the charge. There is no drop off or lag as the battery life depletes like with inferior batteries. The clipper motor maintains its full 7200 SPM speed even when the battery is low. This consistent power results in smooth, fast cutting from the first haircut to the last on a charge.

The battery on the Magic Clip requires only 90 minutes to reach a full charge. For barbers on a tight schedule between clients, the quick charge time makes it easy to top off the battery as needed. Some cordless models take much longer to recharge, which doesn’t fit most barbers’ hectic pace. The Magic Clip is designed for busy professionals thanks to lightning fast charging.

For those who prefer cutting corded, Andis models like the Andis Master also include a lithium-ion battery. Even though the Master is designed for outlet power, the rechargeable battery can provide emergency runtime if the cord becomes unplugged accidentally. It offers the protection of cordless capability without sacrificing unlimited corded cutting time.

Cordless functionality is also convenient for barbers working on location. Whether providing cuts at a client’s home or an event, cordless clippers eliminate the need for finding an outlet and dragging cords around the space. Traveling barbers can easily transport the Magic Clip or another Andis cordless model without limiting their work to a power source.

While cordless offers more freedom, there is a limit on run time before needing to recharge. For high volume barbers who want unlimited cutting time, a corded model like the Andis Master or Envy Li provides consistent power all day long. There’s no downtime required for charging, enabling barbers to take on more clients in a row.

However, corded clippers do restrict movement and make accidental cord disconnects more likely. The cord can snag and easily get disconnected from the clipper when moving around clients. Annoying power interruptions are eliminated by choosing a powerful cordless model from Andis like the Magic Clip or BGRC.

For barbers interested in a hybrid option, Andis makes combination corded/cordless models as well. Clippers like the Andis Cordless Detachable Plus offer the versatility of both capabilities in one tool. Use them cordless for cutting flexibility or attach the cord for unlimited runtime. This gives barbers the ability to choose based on their needs for a particular day or client.

Durability does become a concern over time with lithium-ion batteries. While they maintain maximum charge well, constant charging cycles do degrade the battery’s capacity and lifespan compared to a strictly corded model. However, the Magic Clip’s battery can last over 2 years with proper care. Keeping batteries charged between cuts extends the battery life significantly.

Cordless functionality has become a huge advantage for busy barbers and stylists who are always on the move. Andis high performance lithium-ion batteries maintain speed and power for dependable cutting day after day. Choosing between the freedom of cordless models like the Magic Clip or unlimited corded power with the Master comes down to personal preference and cutting volume. But Andis gives professionals reliable options to suit their needs either way.

Adjustable Blade System for Different Cut Lengths

Are the Best Andis Hair Clippers Worth Investing in This Year. 10 Key Features to Consider Before Buying

A hallmark of professional barber clippers like Andis is an adjustable blade system. This allows barbers to cut hair to different lengths within one tool by simply adjusting a lever or dial. Being able to vary cut sizes quickly is essential for fades, tapers, blending, and all types of modern haircut styles. Andis clippers feature precise adjustable blades to handle all length options.

Top-of-the-line Andis models like the Andis Master and Andis Excel lines include an adjustable 0000 blade made of hardened steel. This blade can be adjusted from sizes 000 to 1 with the flick of a lever. Moving the lever outward exposes more of the blade teeth resulting in a shorter cut length. The excellent quality of the blade holds an edge through constant adjustment and shearing force during cutting.

With the Master’s 0000 blade, barbers can achieve cut lengths ranging from 0.5mm to 2mm. This spectrum covers everything from bald shave-close cuts to short buzz cuts. Such a wide range from one blade allows for fading and tapering hair to any length. Additional blade sizes like T-Outliners provide even more length options in the same tool.

Adjustability gives barbers the nimbleness to adapt to what each haircut requires. For short buzz cuts, the blade can be set to a longer 2mm length. To execute skin fades, the blade exposes just 0.5mm of teeth for a bare finish. Shorter lengths near the neck and longer toward the crown can be blended using the same clipper just by adjusting the lever as needed.

Quickly toggling between settings is critical for detail work like edging and outlining as well. The lever allows tiny increments of length for subtle lines and details. Rotating the lever back and forth between measurements happens fluidly for meticulous cutting control.

For fades and tapers, adjustable blades are a must for clean transitions. Being able to incrementally adjust the cut length prevents harsh lines and uneven blending. Cheaper clippers often lack the ability to fine tune lengths, forcing an unnatural, choppy look.

Andis also incorporates adjustment dials on some models rather than levers. Clippers like the Cordless Magic Clip utilize a rotary dial that clicks between each setting. This provides an equal level of length precision but with a dial that locks into each length. The dial with tactile clicks makes it easy to remember exact settings compared to a loose lever.

Comfort is another factor influenced by adjustability. Exposing more blade creates stronger pulling and vibration during cutting. The ability to use longer settings for bulk cutting reduces hand fatigue versus models with fixed close cutting teeth. Andis’ adjustable system optimizes cutting power for each style and encourages better ergonomics.

For barbers investing in their first professional clippers, an adjustable blade model will provide the most versatility. Novices can start off using longer length settings as they practice techniques. Adjusting to progressively shorter sizes builds skill and comfort over time. Non-adjustable blades lock users into just one length capability.

Overall, Andis sets itself apart by incorporating adjustability into even its most heavy duty corded clippers. Competitors often reserve adjustable blades for only cordless or consumer models. But all levels of barbers need variable lengths for tapering, fading and other staple techniques. The right tool can elevate any barber’s skillset.

While adjustable blades add cost and complexity, the cutting flexibility they enable is invaluable. Being able to tailor cut lengths on demand is a primary selling point for models like the Master and Envy. Clipper performance and stylist capability see a big boost from adjustable system done right.

Andis uses precision engineering and quality materials to ensure long term durability as well. Their hardened steel blades retain sharpness through years of adjustments during rugged shop use. Cheaper adjustables wear out quickly compared to Andis’ commercial grade build quality.

Cutting hair to exact specifications requires tools capable of nuanced lengths at the flick of a switch. Andis sets the bar for adjustable blade systems across both corded and cordless clipper models. Their combinations of power, adjustability, and ruggedness empower barbers to cut any style at any length like true pros.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

When using professional hair clippers for hours on end, design factors like weight and ergonomics make a big difference in comfort. Andis clippers are engineered with balanced weight distribution and contours that reduce hand fatigue. Their lightweight, ergonomic shape is an important asset for all-day barbering.

At just 1.05 lbs, the Andis Master is remarkably lightweight for a corded clipper. Competitors often weigh 25-50% more, adding unnecessary strain on the hand and wrist during repetitive cutting motions. The Master’s housing is hollowed out with strategically placed vents to remove excess materials without affecting durability.

This featherlight feel enhances control and precision while cutting as well. Heavier clippers become tiring to grip tightly and maneuver around the contours of the head. Lightness gives barbers and stylists more finesse and stability for accurate cutting.

For cordless models like the Andis Magic Clip, weight takes on even more importance. Without the counterbalance of a cord, shaving off ounces makes these clippers noticeably easier on the hands. At just 1.2 lbs, the Magic Clip maintains the lightweight pedigree of the corded Andis Master.

The surfaces of Andis clippers are carefully sculpted for an ergonomic grip as well. Areas where fingers wrap around the housing feature smooth, contoured shapes. This allows the hand to cradle the clipper naturally without any pressure points digging into the fingers, palm or wrist.

Thoughtful details like a textured thumb grip prevent slippage while cutting as well. Little touches optimize the comfort and control during real-world use for extended periods. Holding and moving any tool or object for hours demands this level of ergonomic consideration.

Andis goes above and beyond by offering swivel hangers to counteract static wrist positions. Attaching an Andis clipper to the hanger takes pressure off the wrist by allowing the tool to move and pivot fluidly. This flexibility is invaluable during full work days of nonstop clipping.

The combination of minimized weight, clever contours, slip resistance, and swivel movement takes continuous barbering from grueling to comfortable. These details empower faster, cleaner, steadier cuts beyond just the power of the motor. The best professional tools seamlessly melt away in the hand.

Comfort equals confidence when operating precision cutting instruments as well. Neutralizing fatigue helps barbers maintain concentration and success executing complex techniques like fades. Ergonomics breed consistency.

For new barbers building up hand muscle memory and stamina, lighter clippers reduce the learning curve. Bulky, inefficient designs make steady handling almost impossible for beginners. Frustration builds bad habits right from the start. Andis clippers help novices learn properly.

No matter their generation, all Andis clipper models prioritize keeping weight down. Even 1970s vintage designs weighed far less than competitors at the time. Continual refinement has further trimmed grams with every new iteration without compromising ruggedness.

Barbershop veterans and aspiring novices alike will reap rewards by selecting a well balanced and sculpted clipper. Extended cutting sessions reveal the flaws of inferior ergonomic design. Hand health and career longevity get a boost from properly shaped tools like Andis clippers.

Cutting thousands of heads of hair involves repetitive muscle use beyond most trades. Andis acknowledges barbers’ unique needs through thoughtful shapes and textures that transcend basic function. True craftsmanship understands the person behind the tool.

Quiet Operation for Client Comfort

Are the Best Andis Hair Clippers Worth Investing in This Year. 10 Key Features to Consider Before Buying

Noise levels are an overlooked aspect of hair clippers that impacts the client experience. Loud clippers create an unpleasant environment and hinder conversation in the barber chair. Andis clippers deliver powerful cutting performance while maintaining low decibel operation for client comfort.

With a noise rating around 60 decibels, the Andis Master runs significantly quieter than comparable magnetic motor clippers. Its rotary motor and precision engineering minimize unpleasant vibrations and noise pollution. The Master slices through hair without the shrill sound produced by other clippers.

Cordless models like the Andis Magic Clip rate just slightly higher at 65 decibels. While not completely silent, the Magic Clip produces a muted hum rather than a bothersome buzz. Its sound profile is worlds ahead of bargain wireless clippers from generic brands.

The noise reduction makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience for clients in the chair. No one wants to sit for 30 minutes listening to a loud, droning clipper right next to their ear. Andis’ quiet operation allows clients to zone out or chat without raising their voice.

Limiting sound levels also enables barbers to provide a calming, soothing service for their clients. ASMR-style videos demonstrate how the subtle sound of quality clippers gently clipping hair triggers relaxation. Andis tools deliver that all-important ASMR quality right in the shop.

Communication flows better as well when barbers don’t have to shout over piercing clipper noise. Both the client and barber can speak at a normal volume to discuss the cut style, hair health, products, and anything else that arises.

An audibly pleasing experience reflects well on a barber’s overall service and professionalism. Investing in refined tools like Andis shows clients their comfort experience matters. No client wants to leave the shop with ringing ears.

The quiet nature of Andis allows barbers flexibility to chat, tell stories, or even listen to music while working. Other loud clippers make enjoying audio impossible or require wearing isolating headphones. Andis tools are gentle on the ears whether cutting hair or just running in the background.

From a health perspective, reducing noise exposure protects the hearing of both barbers and clients over time. Hour after hour under the buzz of inferior clippers poses risks. Andis’ quiet rotary and electromagnetic motors cause less auditory damage and fatigue.

Barbers often describe their craft as both art and science that engage multiple senses, not just sight. Leveraging quiet operation enhances that multi-sensory experience rather than overpowering it with noise pollution.

Another perk of a peaceful haircut is that it causes less anxiety or discomfort for young children and sensitive clients. Limiting overwhelming sounds and vibrations keeps kids calm and reassured rather than fearful.

Silky smooth power delivery isn’t just good for performance. It also renders tools more pleasant to be around and easier on the body. Andis clippers prove cutting power doesn’t necessitate excessive noise.

Precision engineering requires tighter tolerances and dampening that naturally reduce noise as well. High quality components hum tirelessly without rattling vibrations translating into decibels.

Quality tools advertise their refinement through optimized acoustics just as much as cutting prowess. There’s no reason barbers and clients should have to withstand loud, raspy clippers in the year 2023. Andis continually pushes the limits of silent strength.

The best professionals care just as much about sound levels as cutting power. Investing in Andis’ signature hushed performance communicates clients come first. Additionally, minimizing noise contributes to the artistry and enjoyment of barbering for practitioners themselves.

Ultra-Sharp Stainless Steel Blades

Are the Best Andis Hair Clippers Worth Investing in This Year. 10 Key Features to Consider Before Buying

At the heart of every great hair clipper is an exceptional blade. Andis only uses ultra-sharp surgical grade steel alloy blades that retain their edge and stay smooth cut after cut. Their premium blades are essential for achieving fast, precision cutting each and every time.

The Andis Master and Excel lines rely on hardened steel 0000 blades that shear effortlessly through all hair types and textures. Cold-rolled to maximize hardness, these blades feature a deep hollow grind that creates a superbly sharp edge and efficient cutting geometry.

The acute angle of the blade’s teeth coupled with microscopic fine serrations slice hair cleanly rather than tearing or pulling. Under an electron microscope, Andis’ edges reveal superior sharpness and condition compared to competitors.

Stainless steel construction prevents any corrosion or pitting as well even under heavy use. Constant exposure to water, disinfectants, gels and sprays will not degrade or dull the surgical steel. It simply wipes clean and maintains its factory sharpness.

Andis Precision T-Outliner trimmers utilize smaller T-blades honed to a razor’s edge. Their diminutive size enables detail work like crisp outlines and fine facial trimming. The sharpness of the T-blade facilitates close cutting without irritation.

For cordless models like the Magic Clip, Andis developed a custom alloy blending stainless steel with other materials. This innovative formula lightens the blades without compromising hardness or longevity. Lighter blades enhance cutting speed and runtime.

Properly shaping and sharpening the cutting teeth makes a monumental difference in performance. Andis’ expertly executed hollow grind significantly lowers drag as hair enters the blade compared to lesser grind depths. Hair has no chance to escape the ultra sharp edge.

Sharpness control also factors into client comfort during cutting. Andis’ buttery blades slice hair without painfully yanking or pulling on the scalp. A perfectly honed edge never tugs or leaves clients with razor bumps.

Thinning or texturizing shears rely especially on flawless blade edges. Andis’ Elite Thinners deploy Japanese steel for tackling fine hair. The hand-honed precision finish ensures strands are trimmed rather than ripped during texturizing.

For barbers hoping to elevate their cutting skills, Andis’ sharp blades vastly expand what’s possible. Fades, designs, dry cutting and other advanced techniques succeed or fail on the foundation of an exquisitely honed blade.

The surgical sharpness also provides a hygienic experience for clients. Blades that tug and pull increase irritation and follicle damage that can lead to infection. Andis’ silky cut helps prevent problems.

Nothing transitions a novice into a seasoned pro faster than upgrading to Andis’ premium blades. Their ability to slice through any volume or texture quickly and cleanly instills confidence instantly.

Andis blade technology stems from eight decades perfecting the art ofedge geometry, metallurgy, sharpening techniques, coatings and much more. Their deep manufacturing expertise shapes every blade that leaves the factory.

When evaluating professional hair clippers, blade quality above all else determines the precision of the instrument. There are no shortcuts or substitutes for Andis’ obsessively engineered blades that stand the test of time in barbershops every day.

Multiple Attachment Combs and Accessories

Quality hair clippers are useless without proper combs and accessories for achieving different cut lengths. Andis provides a full suite of snap-on combs, guards, and attachments to unlock the versatility of their clippers. The included add-ons make it simple to cut any length.

Andis clippers like the Master and Excel come packaged with multiple plastic attachment combs. These combs snap securely onto the blades to provide exact cut sizes ranging from 1/16” to 1”. Length options include 1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4″, 7/8” and 1″.

Everything from a buzz cut to a short crop can be achieved with the combs alone. Andis labels each comb for easy size identification. The combs feature tapered teeth and anti-static properties as well for smooth combing and reduced hair cling.

For blending and fading, Andis provides tapered detachable blade guards to enable minute gradations. The plastic guards precisely expose the blades anywhere from .5mm to 3mm. Guards include .5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm options.

The combination of attachment combs and guards offers incredible cutting versatility within one tool. Switching between add-ons takes mere seconds for transitioning from longer to shorter lengths.

Andis also manufactures carbon-infused guards and combs that dissipate static electricity even better. Static buildup can skew cut lengths and causes irritation for clients. The carbon guards enhance comfort and precision.

Edge-up lines and shape-ups require T-Outliner trimmers or foil shavers. Many Andis clippers come bundled with these specialized tools for finishing details. The slim T-Outliner excels at crisp forehead, neck and sideburn lines.

Other handy accessories include blade cleaning brushes, blade oil, charging stands, storage cases and clipper sprays. Keeping tools maintained ensures longevity and performance. Andis makes it simple by providing accessory kits.

For barbershop owners equipping multiple stations, Andis sells packs of combs and guards in bulk. Purchasing multiples guarantees stylists have spare attachments on hand without sharing and spreading germs.

Swapping and experimenting with different combs, guards and tools boosts the learning curve for novice barbers. Andis curates accessory kits specifically for beginners looking to hone techniques and muscle memory.

All the cut lengths possible with Andis tools enables barbers to handle any client hair type or desired style. Variety expands creativity and the range of looks achievable in the chair.

The ability to swap attachments in seconds eliminates the need to constantly change between multiple clippers and trimmers. One well-equipped Andis clipper can achieve it all through smart tool consolidation.

Andis uses high impact polymer for combs and guards that resist cracking or warping even under heavy use. Their accessories endure years in barbershops instead of becoming brittle and warped like cheaper plastic attachments.

For barbers interested in the lowest initiation cost, Andis clipper sets with included combs minimize upfront investment. The accessories make the tools ready for real-world cutting out of the box.

With the proper add-ons, Andis clippers transition from single-length machines to versatile sculpting tools. The right attachments make all the difference in realizing a clipper’s full potential.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Are the Best Andis Hair Clippers Worth Investing in This Year. 10 Key Features to Consider Before Buying

Constant exposure to hair, skin and styling products makes cleaning critical for professional hair clippers. Andis designs their clippers for quick, simple maintenance to prevent buildup and damage. Keeping tools fresh optimizes cutting performance and health.

The Andis Master features a detachable blade system that makes deep cleaning straightforward. The blade housing pops off the body of the clipper, allowing full access to the blade and teeth for scrubbing away debris.

Exposed blades can be wiped clean with an included brush or rinsed under running water. Small crevices and corners of the blade can be spot cleaned with pipette style flushers as well.

Reattaching the housing takes seconds once blades are dry and prepped. Andis includes blade oil that lubricates the moving parts after cleaning to prevent corrosion and maintain smooth operation.

Cordless models like the Magic Clip utilize the same detachable blade design for simplified maintenance. The housing pops off to remove caked on clippings in tight spots a cloth can’t reach.

Wiping down the exposed housing and handle only takes a minute after each cut. Andis constructs the outer shell from durable engineering-grade polymers that easily clean without absorbing liquids.

To clean attachment combs and guards, Andis provides special disinfecting spray that breaks up debris and sanitizes the accessories simultaneously. Combs and guards only require occasional deep cleaning compared to blades.

Swapping detachable blades saves time as well. Keeping extra pre-cleaned blades on hand allows quickly replacing a dirty blade rather than stopping to scrub mid-day. The blades slide on and off in seconds.

For barbers concerned about infectious disease control, Andis’ clinical cleanable designs offer reassurance. All surfaces and components thoroughly clean without compromising the internal mechanics.

Preventing a buildup of hair, skin and styling products preserves cutting performance over the long run. Clipper blades cutting through grime lose their sharpness much quicker.

Meticulous cleaning also removes loose hair that could fall on clients. This improves the perception of cleanliness and limits embarrassing “oops” moments mid haircut.

The ease of breaking down Andis clippers encourages cleaning rather than procrastinating the chore. Their quick reassembly minimizes potential for losing small parts as well.

Clean tools simply feel better in the hand during precise cutting work. Eliminating leftover hair and waxy buildup improves comfort and grip.

For barbers concerned about allergies or skin conditions, clinical levels of cleaning mitigate contact with irritants. Thorough maintenance limits potential client reactions.

Making deep cleaning fast and foolproof extends the lifespan of expensive clipper tools. Allowing buildup to fester causes rapid wear that requires expensive repairs or replacement.

When health and safety are top priorities, Andis delivers with completely disinfectable clippers. Their dedication to cleanability sets them apart from other brands.

Durable Construction for Professional Use

Are the Best Andis Hair Clippers Worth Investing in This Year. 10 Key Features to Consider Before Buying

Cutting hair all day every day demands clippers built to withstand years of heavy use. Andis constructs their clippers with industrial-grade components to deliver extreme durability. Their rugged build quality sets them apart for barbershop professionals.

The Andis Master exemplifies hardy construction starting with its powerful rotary motor. The motor housing consists of durable ABS plastic that protects the internal mechanics from damage if the clipper is dropped.

The chrome-plated steel blade is calibrated to exacting tolerances and securely attached to prevent any play or blade wiggle during cutting. Such precision manufacturing ensures the blades stand up to constant sharpening and adjustments.

Andis uses hardened steel drive links from the motor to blade that maintain alignment through thousands of hours of clipping. Lesser materials stretch and deform over time.

Seams on the handle are ultrasonically welded for permanent adhesion, eliminating any gaps for hair and debris to penetrate. Exposed screws or crevices that trap gunk simply don’t exist.

The 8-foot chemical resistant power cord resists kinks and fraying even when wrapped tightly for storage. Andis relies on thick PVC insulation rather than cheap rubber coatings prone to cracking.

All internal wires are coated with high temperature insulation as well to prevent melting or short circuiting as heat builds up. Additional thermal overload protection shuts off the motor if temperatures exceed safe operation.

At just 10 ounces, the Master still provides a solid feel and weight that speaks to its industrial grade construction. There are no flimsy plastic parts anywhere to be found.

This bombproof build quality enables the Master to work non-stop all day long in busy barbershops. Reliability and longevity take priority over reducing costs.

Cordless models boast similar ruggedness and thoughtful engineering. The Magic Clip’s housing withstands frequent drops and bumps without cracking. And hardened steel blades retain their precision gap even with heavy use.

For barbers seeking clippers that handle rugged shop conditions and last for years, Andis delivers. Their reputation stems from building workhorse tools rather than disposable models.

Andis subjects their clippers to lifecycle testing that simulates 5+ years of hard use. Any design flaws or weak points quickly come to light before production.

Thoughtful details like flexible 8-foot cords resist kinking and fraying over thousands of flex cycles. Such engineering nuances pay dividends through decades of use.

The all-metal driveshafts and precision-milled motor components add cost but also provide unparalleled life expectancy. Andis cut no corners in materials and machining.

When tools see daily use totalling thousands of cutting hours over their lifespan, construction quality is paramount. Andis clippers deliver years of peak performance thanks to meticulous design.

Brand Reputation for Quality and Performance

When selecting professional hair clippers, the brand reputation carries significant weight. Andis has earned respect as an industry leader for its obsessive quality and cutting-edge innovation. Their venerable status provides confidence in the purchase.

With over 80 years perfecting clippers and trimmers, Andis draws on extensive experience and customer feedback. Generations of barbers have relied on Andis tools, cementing their reputation.

Talk to professional barbers about their preferences and Andis consistently ranks at the top. Their clippers earn recommendations through word-of-mouth based on real-world durability.

Walk into virtually any barbershop across the country and you will likely spot the familiar colors of Andis clippers. They have earned a dominant presence through proven performance.

Andis also enjoys a strong following in the pet grooming industry for specialized animal clippers. When clipping living creatures, quality and safety take top priority.

Barbering students learn with Andis tools in most cosmetology schools as well. Their clippers often represent a student’s first exposure to professional equipment.

By focusing on commercial grade power and construction, Andis consistently surpasses cheaper consumer brands. Their products deliver an unmatched lifespan under harsh shop conditions.

Andis innovations like adjustable magnetic motors paved the way for modern clipper capabilities. Their R&D consistently pushes the limits of cutting technology.

When reputable review sites evaluate hair clippers, Andis models like the Master and Envy Li rise to the top for their blend of performance and value.

Andis’ rich history and family ownership provide a sense of trust and accountability. Their dedication shows through generations-spanning quality.

The prevalence of their tools on the competition stage demonstrates Andis’ standing among top industry artists. Their clippers help create award-winning cuts.

Staying on the leading edge for over 80 years proves Andis keeps up with ever-evolving styles and technology. Their brand adapts for the future.

For barbers wanting clippers known to go the distance, Andis’ reputation instills confidence. Tried and true conveys security in an expensive investment.

Even vintage Andis models from the 1970s and 80s remain functional in shops today. That longevity cements their reputation for reliability.

Much of Andis’ identity stems from word-of-mouth testimonials rather than marketing fluff. Authentic trust resides in their name.