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Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

Introduction to Jinhao – Popular Chinese Pen Maker Known for Value

Jinhao is a Chinese brand that has made a name for itself by offering high quality fountain pens at extremely affordable prices. Founded in the late 1990s, Jinhao disrupted the pen market by providing beautiful resin and metal pens for a fraction of the cost of big name competitors. Their low prices paired with surprisingly reliable performance quickly gained Jinhao a passionate following in the fountain pen community.

While Jinhao manufactures pens across a wide spectrum, they are particularly known for their entry level steel nib models. These pens allow new users to experience the joy of fountain pens without breaking the bank. Even experienced fountain pen aficionados appreciate Jinhao’s pens as inexpensive options for everyday carry.

Two of Jinhao’s most popular and highly regarded models are the 51A and 993. These pens demonstrate Jinhao’s mastery of combining pleasing aesthetics, quality manufacturing, and approachable pricing. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the 51A and 993 stand out.

Jinhao 51A – Beautiful Metal Body at an Unbelievable Price

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

The 51A pays homage to the iconic Parker 51 while having a distinct style of its own. The 51A features a slick metal body adorned with elegant gold accents. At about 1 ounce, it has a pleasing heft and balance. The pen is approximately 5.5 inches long when capped, making it a very comfortable size for extended writing sessions.

The 51A’s steel nib glides smoothly across paper, laying down a consistent line. Users can choose between fine and medium nib sizes. The fine nib gives you precise lines, while the medium provides a bolder, smoother stroke.

The 51A uses an integrated filling system that accepts either a Converter or ink cartridges. This gives you the flexibility of using bottled fountain pen ink or convenient disposable cartridges. The pen ships with one free Converter so you can use your favorite ink right out of the box.

Perhaps most impressively, the 51A costs around $5 USD. It’s almost unbelievable that Jinhao can produce such a well-made metal pen with quality steel nib at this price point. The 51A offers tremendous value for new fountain pen users or as an inexpensive daily writer.

993 – Stunning Marbled Acrylic Resin Construction

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

While the 51A has an understated metal design, the 993 makes a bold visual statement. The 993 features a grip section made of stunning marbled acrylic resin. No two 993s have the exact same pattern, making each one uniquely yours.

The cap and barrel compliment the acrylic resin grip with a high polish chrome finish. Its distinguishing wide cap band gives the 993 a modern, sophisticated look. The pen measures around 5.7 inches long when capped.

The 993 uses the same quality medium steel nib as the 51A. It provides a smooth and consistent writing experience. The 993 includes a Converter for bottled ink along with two black ink cartridges to get you started.

Like the 51A, the 993 represents an unbelievable value at around $7 USD. For a pen demonstrating this level of quality and beautiful appearance, the 993 is practically a steal.

Comparing the Top Jinhao Fountain Pens

The 51A and 993 share excellent steel nibs and integrated filling systems. The main differences come down to aesthetics and weight.

The 51A has an understated, professional look accentuated by its solid metal body. It gives a sense of sophistication and subtlety.

Alternatively, the 993 makes an eye-catching statement with its colorful, marbleized acrylic patterns. It has a more modern and youthful appearance.

In terms of weight, the metal construction of the 51A makes it feel more substantial in the hand compared to the resin 993. Which one you prefer will come down to your tastes.

Both deliver tremendous functionality and value at very affordable prices. Choosing between the 51A and 993 is largely a matter of which design most appeals to your personal sensibilities.

Why Jinhao Pens are Ideal for New Users

Jinhao pens like the 51A and 993 are perfect for those looking to try their first fountain pen. Here’s why:

  • Inexpensive – You can pick up a Jinhao for less than $10 USD. This low cost allows you to experience fountain pens without concern if it will be a good fit for you.
  • Quality Materials – Jinhao uses steel, resin, and chrome comparable to pens costing many times more.
  • Reliable Nibs – Jinhao’s steel nibs write consistently right out of the box, minimizing frustration.
  • Easy to Use – The integrated filling system and included Converter make using either bottled ink or cartridges a breeze.
  • Pleasant Aesthetics – Jinhaos have attractive designs combining classic and modern styling.

For new fountain pen users, Jinhao removes typical barriers like high prices, difficult filling mechanisms, and poor quality control. This lets anyone dive into the wonderful world of fountain pens!

The 51A and 993 represent the pinnacle of Jinhao’s accomplishments. Their combination of looks, performance, and value make them ideal choices for trying your first fountain pen.

Jinhao 51A and 993 offer tremendous quality and reliability at prices new users can feel comfortable trying. If you’re curious to experience using a fountain pen, these Jinhaos are perfect starter choices.

Jinhao 51A – Beautiful Metal Body at an Unbelievable Price

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

Fountain pen enthusiasts are always on the lookout for that perfect combination of quality craftsmanship, beautiful design, and affordable price point. This search often leads them to Chinese pen makers like Jinhao, who have been making a splash in recent years for their ability to offer pens with high-end details at budget-friendly costs. Two models in particular stand out as excellent examples of Jinhao’s capabilities: the Jinhao 51A and Jinhao 993.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these two pens so special.

Jinhao 51A – Vintage Styling with Modern Performance

Inspired by the iconic Parker 51, the Jinhao 51A mimics the sleek, tapered profile but swaps out the hooded nib for an open, #6 sized nib. The result is a pen that combines vintage aesthetics with the convenience of a screw-cap filling system and wide nib selection. Jinhao offers the 51A in a range of colors from basic black to eye-catching ruby red and sapphire blue.

The body of the 51A is crafted from brass with chrome accents. Its substantial weight gives the pen a luxurious, high-quality feel balanced by the smooth grip section. While not quite as refined as more expensive pens, the 51A punches far above its price point with a body comparable to pens triple the cost.

Its screw-cap design allows the use of ink cartridges or a converter to fill from bottle inks. The metal construction means the 51A can handle a wider variety of inks than some cheap plastic pens too. Flexible steel nibs come in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, and 1.1mm stub sizes to suit different writing preferences.

For a cheap gold-nib option, the 51A can also be purchased with a 14k gold plated nib. The nib quality is quite impressive given the low price, offering a smooth writing experience once properly adjusted. With its vintage styling and quality construction, the 51A makes an excellent affordable daily writer or gift pen for new fountain pen users.

Jinhao 993 – Classic Cigar Shape with Unique Acrylics

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

While the 51A has vintage inspiration, the Jinhao 993 evokes classic Italian pens of the 1930s-50s like the Omas Ogiva Alba. It features a perfectly rounded cigar-shaped silhouette with no step between the grip and barrel. This continuous curve gives the 993 an incredibly comfortable feel in the hand.

What really sets the Jinhao 993 apart is the variety of eye-catching acrylic resins offered. Alongside basic black and red colors are swirls of blue, green, and orange or dramatic transparent bodies filled with glimmering flakes. Each acrylic pattern is unique and reflects the light beautifully. Though acrylic, the 993 still has a nice heft due to its brass inner mechanisms.

Like the 51A, the 993 uses standard international cartridges or converters and has #6 steel nib options from extra-fine to 1.1mm stub. The 993 takes the high-quality details of the 51A and kicks the style up a notch with its captivating acrylic patterns.

For such low prices, these pens offer details like inner brass bodies, quality steel nibs, and screw caps found on pens costing far more. Jinhao has really perfected the formula of looks, performance, and value. While Chinese pens often get overlooked by some collectors, the 51A and 993 show off the quality possible at even low price points.

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023?

With so many great options now available from Jinhao, is it fair to call the 51A and 993 the “best”? While subject to personal taste, these two models offer a compelling case as Jinhao’s standout performers.

The 51A hits all the right notes as an ideal starter pen. With its professional look and substantial feel, new users get a luxurious introduction to the fountain pen world. Seasoned users will also appreciate it as a reliable, attractive daily writer option. The variety of nib choices help accommodate many writing preferences too.

The 993 follows up with bold, eye-catching style perfect for adding visual interest to any pen collection. Flamboyant acrylic patterns and curvaceous shaping stand out from more conservative models. As an everyday carry pen, the 993 catches the eye while still delivering quality writing performance.

Most importantly, both deliver exceptional value at prices ranging from $2-5 in most cases. This combination of style, usability, and affordability is hard to beat.

Of course, favorites will depend on individual tastes. Those wanting a more minimalist look may prefer the clean lines of the Jinhao X750 or X450. For more professional looks, the Jinhao Centennial offers classic cigar shape with wood lacquer finishes. But when considering factors like versatility, quality, unique style, and sheer value, the 51A and 993 make a strong case as Jinhao’s best.

These pens compete head-to-head with far more expensive brands while costing almost pocket change. For new and seasoned fountain pen fans alike, the Jinhao 51A and Jinhao 993 represent some of the best value and quality available in the current market.

51A Nib Options – Choose Between Fine and Medium Steel Nibs

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

As a fountain pen enthusiast on a budget, I’m always on the lookout for quality pens that won’t break the bank. In recent years, Jinhao has really made a name for itself by producing affordable yet high-performing fountain pens. Two models in particular stand out – the Jinhao 51A and 993. But why have these two pens dominated the budget fp scene? Let’s take a closer look.

First up is the 51A. This hooded nib pen takes inspiration from the iconic Parker 51 while putting its own spin on the classic design. The 51A comes in a range of colors like black, grey, dark blue, and more. It has a slick lacquered body that gives it a premium feel despite its low price tag. Jinhao offers the 51A with a choice of steel nibs – fine or medium. I prefer the medium nib for its smooth, consistent flow. The nib glides across paper making this an excellent everyday writer.

While the 51A uses screw-in cartridges, you can also opt to use bottled ink by picking up a converter separately. This gives you access to a wider world of fountain pen inks to really make each 51A your own. One cool option is to grab a couple different colored 51As and coordinate the ink color to the pen body. The large ink capacity allows you to write for ages before needing a refill.

Next up is the 993 shark pen. Inspired by the iconic Parker Duofold, the 993 has a classic streamlined silhouette complete with charming shark clip. The transparent demo versions let you view the inner workings including the ink cartridge and inner cap. While the 51A is sleek and professional, the 993 is bold and artistic. The clear body pairs nicely with the colorful ink sloshing around inside.

The 993 uses the same quality medium steel nib as the 51A. It’s durable enough for everyday writing while offering a smooth, reliable flow. I find Jinhao steel nibs to be well-made and consistent compared to other cheap fountain pens. No skips, hard starts, or scratches.

With its triangular grip, the 993 is comfortable to write with for extended periods. The lightweight plastic body won’t weigh your hand down. The pen can either use screw-in cartridges or a converter just like the 51A. While the 993 is fun and creative, it still writes with the reliability needed for note taking or journaling.

So if you’re looking for an affordable introduction to fountain pens, the Jinhao 51A and 993 are tough to beat. The quality and performance rival that of pens costing many times more. The nibs offer choice while still providing a consistent and enjoyable writing experience. The classic inspirations give each pen enduring style. No matter which model you choose, Jinhao provides an impressive value.

Here are some other key advantages that have made the 51A and 993 so popular:

  • Large ink capacity from convertors and cartridges
  • Durable steel nibs suitable for daily writing
  • Wide range of colors and styles
  • Smooth writing feel in the hand
  • Very affordable price point under $5 each
  • High quality lacquered barrels on 51A
  • Iconic inspirations from Parker pens
  • Good weight distribution for comfortable writing
  • Reliable quality control and performance
  • Easy to change nibs and customize

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons to choose a Jinhao 51A or 993 as your next fountain pen. The combination of style, performance, and value is hard to beat. For new fp users or as additions to any collection, these pens deliver. Jinhao has tapped into what writers really want – pens with personality that excite while also doing their job smoothly. For me, the 51A and 993 will continue to be daily drivers I can rely on.

Give one (or both) of these Jinhao models a try if you’re seeking an affordable and capable fountain pen. With quality steel nibs, large ink reservoirs, and classic styling, they offer tremendous value. The 51A and 993 punch far above their low price points. See for yourself why budget-focused fp fans have helped make these two pens so popular and highly-rated. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of writing with a fountain pen. Jinhao makes quality and refinement highly accessible to all.

51A Features – Converter Filling System and Elegant Gift Box

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

Fountain pen enthusiasts are always on the lookout for quality writing instruments that don’t break the bank. Two models from Chinese brand Jinhao have been gaining popularity in recent years – the 51A and 993. But what makes these affordable pens stand out in a crowded market? Let’s take a closer look at why they might be the best Jinhao has to offer.

The 51A sports an understated design, with a metal body available in several finishes like black, silver and rose gold. It’s a full-sized pen, so it should fit most hands well. The 51A comes packaged in an attractive gift box, making it a great choice for someone looking for an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift.

But it’s the inner workings that really make the 51A shine. It features a converter filling system, which allows you to use bottled fountain pen ink. The hooded nib design also helps prevent dry outs. Users report the steel nib provides a smooth and consistent writing experience right out of the box, with no tinkering required. The pen retails for around $5-10, an incredible value.

The 993 steps things up a notch. Also sold in a variety of colors like blue, red and green, this model has a clear demonstrator design that allows you to see the inner components. It uses cartridges or a converter like the 51A. The nib on the 993 is what sets it apart though – a carved dragon design adds stylish flair. And it delivers on performance too, with excellent flow and just the right amount of springy feedback.

Beyond these standout features, what makes the 51A and 993 appealing is their surprising quality for such inexpensive pens. Jinhao is able to offer these fountain pens at lower prices by trimming costs in areas like packaging and marketing. But they haven’t sacrificed on using good materials and nibs. The pens feel substantial and well-built.

This combination of good looks, performance and value has won over many fans worldwide. The Jinhao 51A and 993 dominate discussion threads and best-of lists. They often rank among the most recommended pens for new users just discovering the joys of fountain pens. Their low price removes barriers to trying something new. And their reliable quality means first-time users will have a good experience right out of the gate.

For veteran users, these Jinhaos make excellent knockaround pens. You won’t have to baby them, and they hold up well to regular use. Their small size is perfect for throwing in a bag or pocket for on-the-go writing. And their nibs can be switched out easily if you want to try swapping. At a few bucks a pop, you could buy a handful of 51As or 993s to stash everywhere without breaking the bank.

Appealing Designs and Smooth Nibs Set These Apart

When you’re shopping for an affordable fountain pen, the Jinhao 51A and 993 should be on your radar. These Chinese pens punch above their weight class, offering handsome designs, quality construction and smooth nibs. For new users, they provide an easy and fun entry point to explore the world of fountain pens without a big up-front investment. More experienced users will appreciate them as inexpensive but reliable options for everyday carry.

Next time you’re looking to add to your collection on a budget, consider picking up one of these Jinhao fan favorites. The 51A and 993 have earned their starring status thanks to good looks, satisfying writing performance and wallet-friendly prices. They just might end up being your new favorite pens!

Jinhao 993 – Stunning Marbled Acrylic Resin Construction

Fountain pens continue to grow in popularity thanks to their smooth writing experience, vintage styling, and affordable options like the Jinhao 993. This Chinese pen stands out for its stunning marbled acrylic resin body and unique carved dragon clip. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the 993 a fan favorite.

The moment you set eyes on a Jinhao 993, you’ll be wowed by its vivid, swirling acrylic resin material. Each pen has an organic, one-of-a-kind marbled pattern thanks to the mixing and pouring process used during fabrication. It’s mesmerizing to look at the little rivers of color flowing dynamically along the transparent demonstrator-style body.

This acrylic resin gives the 993 a upscale, artistic vibe perfect for gift-giving. The translucent body also allows you to see the inner workings of the pen, like the ink cartridge and feed system. Watching ink slosh around is part of the fun of a demonstrator pen. Despite the delicate material though, the 993 remains sturdy and durable.

The other eye-catching exterior detail is the carved dragon-shaped clip. Chinese dragon motifs are a signature of Jinhao pens. The mythical beast curves around the cap, captured mid-roar. It’s quite ornate and compliments the marbled colors nicely. The clip feels substantial too, made from quality steel rather than flimsy plastic.

Beneath the snazzy exterior, the 993 uses standard international cartridges for no-fuss refilling. Or you can use a converter to draw ink from any bottle. The hooded nib helps prevent dry starts. Users report the steel nib writes smoothly right off the bat, with just the right amount of feedback. No tuning required!

With prices averaging $10-15, the Jinhao 993 punches way above its weight. The materials and construction seem more high-end. For new fountain pen users, the 993 makes a fun segue way from cheap disposable pens. Its uniqueness and artistry immediately elevate your writing experience. And for seasoned users, it’s an inexpensive extra pen perfect for tossing in your bag.

A Crowd-Pleasing Combination of Form and Function

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

The Jinhao 993 manages to delight users both visually and functionally. The swirling, marble acrylic resin body is a true feast for the eyes. Its transparency provides a cool glimpse into the pen’s innards too. The carved dragon clip adds personality and sophistication.

In terms of performance, the 993 ticks all the boxes. Despite its delicate looks, the acrylic resin holds up well to real-world use. The steel hooded nib lays down a smooth and consistent line, right out of the box. And the convenient cartridge filling system makes refilling a breeze.

For newbies or seasoned users alike, the Jinhao 993 deserves a spot in your collection. It combines artistry, uniqueness, reliability and value in one affordable package. The stunning marbled acrylic resin elevates this pen, putting it a step above other pens in its price range. If you appreciate both form and function, give the 993 a try. Its captivating colors and materials are sure to spark conversation!

The Jinhao 993 stands out in today’s fountain pen market, blending vibrant style with solid performance. Its intricate marbled acrylic resin construction looks far pricier than its budget-friendly cost. And the smooth steel nib delivers a great writing experience. When you want to add an eye-catching option to your lineup without breaking the bank, choose the Jinhao 993.

993 Nibs – Buttery Smooth Medium Steel Nibs for Everyday Writing

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

The search for a fountain pen with a super smooth nib that just glides across paper often leads to the Jinhao 993. This affordable Chinese pen surprises users with its excellent quality steel nib, perfect for effortless everyday writing.

Smooth-writing nibs make the fountain pen experience really shine. Skipping, scratchy nibs can ruin the fun of putting ink to paper. That’s why the Jinhao 993’s steel nib performance punches far above its low price point. It provides a wonderfully smooth, consistent flow right out of the box.

The nib size is approximately a Western medium, which lays down a line that’s not too thick or thin. Perfect for regular writing tasks. Despite the firmness of steel, the 993’s nib exhibits just the right amount of springy feedback. Not totally glassy smooth, but not overly toothy either. This sweet spot gives it a unique personality.

The nib design utilizes a hooded tip, with the point ensconced inside a surrounding metal collar. This protects the nib tines from being bent or damaged if you toss the pen in a bag. It also helps prevent dry starts by reducing air exposure.

Gliding the 993 across all types of paper reveals its versatility. From premium notebooks to cheap copier paper, it maintains consistent ink flow without skipping or hard starts. The feed keeps up well so you don’t have to pause or apply extra pressure.

For new fountain pen users, the 993’s nib really impresses. It minimizes frustration and immediately provides an enjoyable experience. You can focus on creative writing versus fighting with your pen. The hooded nib design also makes it more durable for daily use.

Reliable Right Out of The Package

The Jinhao 993 is lauded by users for its excellent nib performance right out of the box. Unlike some pens that require tuning or breaking in, the 993 delivers a super smooth and consistent medium line from day one.

It’s easy to take for granted, but a fountain pen nib that simply works well can be hard to find – especially at lower price points. By using good quality steel and competent manufacturing, Jinhao has made the 993 nib a real strength despite its affordability.

For new users, this nib helps build confidence and skill with fountain pens quickly. Skipping and scratches can be frustrating. But the 993 glides beautifully over paper to produce crisp, even lines with minimal effort.

The 993 nib is also quite durable thanks to its hooded design. It stands up well to regular use without bending or deforming. The tip stays protected so you can throw it in your bag or pocket worry-free.

While exotic gold nibs get all the glory, it’s steel nibs like the 993 that get the job done for daily writing. Its medium width and smooth feedback make writing a breeze. And it maintains reliable performance across different papers. For those seeking an affordable workhorse fountain pen, try the Jinhao 993.

993 Filling Mechanism – Large Capacity Cartridge/Converter System

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

Convenience and capacity are hallmarks of the Jinhao 993 fountain pen’s straightforward filling system. Users appreciate the versatility of being able to use ink cartridges or a converter for bottled ink. Let’s explore why this system works so well.

The 993 ships with a single black ink cartridge to get you started. These standard international short cartridges are readily available from pen shops and art supply stores, often sold in multi-packs. Jinhao and other brands make cartridges in all colors of the rainbow to suit your mood.

Popping a fresh cartridge in the 993 is super easy – just pull out the old one and push the new one into place. No fussy mechanisms to figure out. Cartridges hold about 1.0-1.2mL of ink, enough to handwrite around 10-15 pages before running dry.

But the 993 isn’t limited just to cartridges. An included converter allows you to draw ink from any bottle and fill the pen yourself. Converters hold around 0.8-1mL, nearly as much as a cartridge. The filling process takes a few extra steps but lets you access hundreds of vibrant ink choices.

The converter makes a satisfying snug fit inside the 993’s section, with sturdy threads to prevent ink leaks. Once inside the pen, the converter rocks gently back and forth to mix ink. Large triangular ink windows on both sides make it easy to monitor your remaining ink level.

For everyday users, the 993’s combination of cartridge and converter options provides great flexibility. Running low on one color? Swap cartridges. Want to try a fun new limited edition ink? Use the converter. This hybrid system delivers the convenience of cartridges with the versatility of bottled ink.

Reliable Design Minimizes Messes

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

Fountain pen enthusiasts praise the 993’s robust and unfussy filling system. The large capacity cartridges or converter minimize the need for refilling during longer writing sessions. And the reliable design helps prevent messy leaks.

Cartridges snap firmly into place thanks to quality manufacturing. The threads between the converter and section mate together snugly as well. O-rings and gaskets throughout help contain the ink where it belongs.

Loading cartridges is exponentially quicker than filling the converter, so they’re great when you need to refill in a hurry. But the converter allows using shimmering inks, sheening inks, or limited edition colors not available in cartridges.

Monitoring ink levels is straightforward with the converter’s huge ink windows and the 993’s transparent body. You’ll have ample warning when it’s time to refill. The filling system handles shimmer inks and particle inks with no clogging issues.

For a sub-$20 fountain pen, the Jinhao 993 packs an excellent and convenient filling mechanism. Cartridges offer grab-and-go simplicity while the converter opens up more choices. Reliable engineering helps minimize spills and leaks. If you seek fuss-free ink delivery, this system delivers.

993 vs 51A – Comparing the Top Jinhao Fountain Pens

Jinhao has earned a reputation for making quality affordable fountain pens. Two models stand out from their lineup – the 51A and 993. These sub-$20 pens punch above their weight class. But how do they compare to each other? Let’s break it down.

At first glance, the 51A and 993 share some similarities. Both use hooded nib designs and convenient cartridge/converter filling systems. They’re full sized pens that feel substantial in hand. And their steel nibs write smoothly right out of the box.

Yet side by side comparisons reveal several differences that set them apart. The 51A sports a refined metal body while the 993 shows off a stunning handmade acrylic resin. Their nibs have distinct styles as well. And the 993 costs a bit more than the 51A. Which one suits your needs best?

The 51A impresses with its understated, minimalist aesthetics. The body is aluminum or brass finished in flat black, silver or rose gold. It resembles something from Lamy’s Bauhaus-inspired lineup. The 51A won’t draw lots of attention but looks sleek and professional.

Meanwhile the 993 celebrates its material beauty. Each pen features an eye-catching marbled acrylic resin hand-poured to create mesmerizing chaotic patterns. No two are exactly alike. And the transparent body shows off inner components. If you like artistry, the 993 delivers visual flair.

In terms of nib design, the 51A keeps it simple with a rounded steel nib. It lays down a smooth consistent line great for everyday writing. The 993’s nib stands out more, with a carved dragon motif adding ornate detail. The dragon clip matches for a cohesive look. Both nibs perform well though.

When it comes to price, the 51A retails around $5-10 while the 993 runs $10-15. That extra few dollars buys the 993’s unique resin material and decorative nib. But both offer tremendous value compared to pricier pens. Either leaves room in your budget for ink explorations.

Two Excellent Choices at Low Prices

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

The Jinhao 51A and 993 have earned their reputation as fantastic affordable fountain pens. While they have unique strengths, a few key traits make both great choices.

They feature durable metal and resin materials that feel higher end than their prices suggest. Quality control results in excellent nib performance right off the bat. The filling systems are convenient and reliable. And they bring a touch of style that’s lacking in generic pens.

The 51A suits minimalists who appreciate simplicity and function over flair. Its understated metal body slips discretely into a pocket or bag. The 993 makes more of a statement with its colorful resin and ornate details. It provides a fun writing experience.

Yet despite differences, both deliver satisfying writing and plenty of value. New users will appreciate their user-friendly nibs and filling systems. And seasoned pen fans will like having inexpensive, quality options for everyday carry beater pens.

Jinhao hits the mark with these affordable but well-made models. The 51A and 993 dominate popularity polls because they get so many things right. If you’re seeking an introduction to fountain pens or want to add to your collection on a budget, put these top Jinhaos on your short list.

Why Jinhao Pens are Ideal for New Users

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

The world of fountain pens offers endless options for every writing taste and budget. This versatility is exciting but can also feel overwhelming for newcomers. That’s why many experts recommend starting your exploration with an affordable, quality pen like the Jinhao 51A or 993.

Chinese brand Jinhao delivers an ideal user experience for those trying fountain pens for the first time. Their pens remove common barriers that can frustrate beginners and turn them off. Let’s look at why Jinhao is a great choice for new users.

One potential pitfall for novices is poor pen performance. Skipping, hard starts, and scratches can make cursive writing a chore. But Jinhao’s excellent quality control results in smooth steel nibs right out of the box. The 51A and 993 glide across all paper types with no tuning required.

New users also avoid intimidating filling systems with Jinhao’s straightforward cartridge/converter approach. Cartridges provide grab-and-go convenience. The converter makes using bottled ink simple. Large ink capacity means you won’t constantly battle refills during longer writing sessions.

Jinhao pens also feature sturdy construction that holds up well to daily use and accidents. The hooded nib design protects vulnerable tines. Plastic components fit together tightly to prevent leaks. These pens can ride along in bags or pockets without worry.

Speaking of affordability, Jinhao delivers luxury looks and performance at budget prices. The 51A and 993 cost a fraction of premium pens. This leaves new users money to experiment with different inks and papers. You can find your preferences without great financial risk.

Pens That Perform Reliably Right Away

From smooth nibs to easy maintenance to value pricing, Jinhao removes many pain points new fountain pen enthusiasts face. Right away you can simply enjoy the experience of flowing ink and cursive writing.

The 51A and 993 write comfortably whether you use proper fountain pen grip or not. The ink flows consistently without having to rotate the pen or apply excess pressure. Jinhao’s quality control ensures the nib works flawlessly.

Filling the pens is very straightforward with the included cartridge or converter. Aligning the cartridge properly takes a bit of care, but is simple. The converter also twists smoothly into place every time to access bottled ink.

These pens immediately impress new users with their substantial feel and quality details. The 51A’s barrel has a nice heft. The 993’s resin material looks beautiful. And the carved dragon clip adds personality. Jinhao makes inexpensive pens special.

For a smooth entry point into the wonderful world of fountain pens, choose Jinhao. The 51A and 993 allow beginners to enjoy the experience right away, without frustrations. Their quality and reliability build confidence and skill quickly.

The Verdict – 51A and 993 Offer Tremendous Value and Writing Experience

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

Fountain pen enthusiasts looking for quality on a budget consistently point to the Jinhao 51A and 993 as top options. After taking a deeper look at these Chinese pens, it’s easy to see why they generate so much buzz online.

For under $20, these pens deliver performance and aesthetics on par with models costing two to three times as much. Jinhao cuts costs smartly without sacrificing where it counts – durable construction, excellent steel nibs, and smooth performance.

The 51A impresses with its understated brass or aluminum body, minimalist Bauhaus-inspired design, and hooded nib. A metal pen with nice heft at this price is unheard of. The nib glides beautifully across paper out of the box.

Meanwhile the 993 celebrates material beauty and craftsmanship. Each resin body has an artistic marbled pattern making every pen distinct. The transparent demonstrator design shows off inner components. And the intricately carved dragon clip is a sophisticated touch.

Ink delivery and capacity are also strengths thanks to straightforward cartridge/converter filling systems. Cartridges offer grab-and-go convenience while the converter enables access to hundreds of bottled ink choices.

Perhaps most importantly, these pens deliver a satisfying user experience. For new fountain pen enthusiasts, they provide a smooth entry point into cursive writing. And for seasoned users, they make great knockaround pens or gifts.

Quality and Reliability that Belies the Low Prices

Are These the Best Jinhao Fountain Pens of 2023. Discover Why the 51A and 993 Dominate

Considering their bargain pricing, the 51A and 993 compete well against pens costing much more. Jinhao didn’t cut corners on nib performance, materials, or construction quality to hit ultra-low prices.

The 51A features a full metal body with nice detailing on the clip and cap band. The 993 shows off unique handmade acrylic resin in the body and feed. Many pens over $50 don’t offer materials this good.

Nib tuning out of the box is excellent. Both lay down consistent, smooth lines without tinkering needed. They handle well across different papers too. You can focus on writing instead of fighting with your pen.

Lastly, the cartridge/converter filling approach balances convenience and choice. Cartridges are super easy while the converter opens up every ink color imaginable. Large capacity means less frequent refilling.

For shoppers on a budget, the 51A and 993 should top your list. Jinhao crafted affordable everyday fountain pens without cutting corners. If you seek quality, reliability, and value, put these fan favorite models to the test.