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Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

Have you been searching for the perfect 75-inch 4K TV to upgrade your home entertainment experience? Look no further than the LG 75UP80. This affordably priced Ultra HD TV packs a punch with stunning visuals and smart features. But is it the best 75-inch LG TV for 2023? Let’s dig in to find out.

Introduction: A Great Balance of Price and Performance

Right off the bat, the LG 75UP80 offers serious bang for your buck. At well under $1,000, you’d be hard-pressed to find another 75-inch 4K UHD TV with comparable picture quality and features. The 75UP80 delivers gorgeous, detailed 4K visuals, all powered by LG’s fast Quad-Core processor. For the price, it’s an unbeatable value.

Of course, this affordable TV isn’t perfect. The lack of more advanced features like full-array local dimming affects its HDR performance. But for most everyday TV watchers, the 75UP80 brings excellent 4K viewing and smart capabilities at a reasonable price.

Crisp and Vivid 4K Ultra HD Picture

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

With over 8 million pixels, the LG 75UP80’s 4K Ultra HD picture is a sight to behold. Details look crisp and clear, no matter if you’re watching movies, sports, or nature documentaries. The large 75-inch screen with wide viewing angles also makes the 4K experience feel immersive.

Colors pop thanks to LG’s NanoCell technology. It filters out impurities to ensure colors look natural and vivid. Fast-moving action sequences stay smooth and blur-free with Auto Low Latency Mode. For a budget 4K TV, the 75UP80 delivers exceptional UHD performance and visuals.

Loaded with Convenient Smart Features

WebOS has long been one of the most intuitive and user-friendly smart TV platforms. The 75UP80 comes with the latest WebOS 5.0 interface, which offers quick access to popular streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and more. No external streaming device needed!

There’s also built-in support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Just use your voice to launch apps, search for content, control smart home devices, and more. And with ThinQ AI, the TV learns your viewing patterns to serve up personalized recommendations.

Smooth Motion Handling for Sports and Gaming

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

The 75UP80’s Quad-Core processor keeps things running fast and smooth. Quick action sports and video games look fluid without much motion blur thanks to Auto Low Latency Mode. Input lag measures at a very low 10ms, keeping gameplay responsive. This LG TV also has AMD FreeSync support to cut down on screen tearing.

While it doesn’t hit the sub-1ms input lag of high-end gaming monitors, the 75UP80 provides a solid big-screen gaming experience. Sports fans will also appreciate the smooth motion handling during fast-paced games.

Where the LG 75UP80 Falls Short

Considering its affordable price point, the LG 75UP80 does make a few compromises. Most notably, it lacks more advanced features like full-array local dimming. This can negatively impact contrast and black level performance, especially in HDR content.

The built-in speakers also aren’t anything special. While they provide decent audio for everyday TV watching, cinephiles will want to pair this TV with a soundbar or speaker system.

There’s no support for next-gen gaming features like 4K/120Hz or Variable Refresh Rate either. So hardcore gamers may want to consider a more premium gaming TV.

The Verdict: A Superb Balance of Value and Performance

While it does have some limitations, the LG 75UP80 delivers excellent 75-inch 4K picture quality and smart features for the price. Movies, sports and games look great with crisp detail and smooth motion handling. The user-friendly WebOS platform also makes streaming a breeze.

Considering most comparable 75-inch TVs cost hundreds more, the LG 75UP80 is a tremendous value. Unless you’re a serious cinephile or hardcore gamer, this TV offers everything needed for an immersive 4K viewing experience. All at a very wallet-friendly price. For budget-conscious shoppers seeking premium big-screen entertainment, the LG 75UP80 is a superb choice.

In the world of big-screen 4K TVs, being budget-friendly usually means sacrificing features and performance. But the LG 75UP80 defies expectations. How does this affordably priced 75-inch TV manage to deliver such an impressive Ultra HD viewing experience?

Affordably Priced and Great Value: A Premium Experience on a Budget

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

At first glance, the 75UP80’s price tag seems too good to be true. We’re talking about a massive, 75-inch 4K smart TV usually found well under $1,000. Comparable TVs from other brands easily cost hundreds more. So how does LG offer such great value?

The answer lies in intelligent engineering. While the 75UP80 skipspremium touches like full-array local dimming, LG packs it with core features that enhance the 4K viewing experience. We’re talking crisp Ultra HD resolution powered by a fast Quad-Core processor. Intuitive smart TV software that makes streaming a cinch. And gaming-friendly enhancements like Auto Low Latency Mode.

By focusing on the essentials – stunning 4K visuals, smooth performance, and smart functionality – at an affordable price, the 75UP80 brings true premium big-screen entertainment to budget-conscious shoppers. You’d be hard pressed to find a better combination of display size, picture quality, and features for the money.

LG’s Display Magic: Vibrant 4K Visuals

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

Of course, stellar picture quality is the core of any great TV viewing experience. That’s where LG displays have always shined, and the 75UP80 is no exception. With over 8 million pixels, 4K Ultra HD resolution lustrous colors leap off the expansive 75-inch screen. LG’s special NanoCell technology enhances color purity for lifelike vibrancy and realism.

Fast action and sports stay smooth thanks to quad-core powered motion processing. While competitors in this price range suffer from choppy video, LG’s engine provides buttery smooth visuals. Honestly, the 75UP80 delivers picture quality that’s stunning for the price.

Smart, Convenient and User-Friendly

Of course, today’s TVs need to be more than just displays – they have to connect you to all your favorite streaming apps and content. Here again the 75UP80 shines with LG’s acclaimed smart TV platform.

The latest WebOS 5.0 interface is lightning-fast and offers quick access to Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+ and much more. Search across apps easily to find your favorite movies and shows. Voice control support for Google Assistant and Alexa makes controlling your entertainment a breeze.

From the moment you take it out of the box, the LG 75UP80’s smart features help you stream must-see TV conveniently. No extra streaming box required – it’s all built right in.

Smooth Gaming and Stellar Sound

The LG 75UP80 also manages to enhance the gaming and audio experiences. A low 10ms input lag minimizes controller delay, while AMD FreeSync support reduces screen tearing. Movies and music sound full and rich thanks to Virtual Surround decoding that creates an immersive soundstage.

It’s not a hardcore gaming monitor, but the 75UP80 provides a responsive big-screen gaming experience for casual players. And it delivers better-than-expected audio considering its affordable price tag.

Bottom line – the LG 75UP80 continues to defy expectations. For shoppers seeking big-screen 4K thrills on a budget, it delivers amazing value and performance at a wallet-friendly price.

When you’re shopping for a new 75-inch 4K TV, stunning ultra-high-def picture quality should be at the top of your must-have list. And with over 8 million pixels delivering crisply detailed images, the LG 75UP80 certainly delivers. Let’s dive into why this big-screen TV’s 4K performance punches well above its budget-friendly price.

Detailed 4K Experience: Crisp Clarity Meets Immersive Size

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

With four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K Ultra HD transforms entertainment with crisply detailed visuals. And the LG 75UP80’s massive 75-inch screen allows you to fully appreciate every nuance and texture in the expanded pixel count. Upscaled HD content gains new life. Native 4K movies, shows and games look jaw-droppingly realistic.

Colors seem to pop right off the screen thanks to LG’s NanoCell technology filtering out color impurities. Fast action stays smooth and blur-free courtesy of the speedy quad-core processor. No matter if you’re watching movies, sports or playing games, images stay detailed and dynamic.

The TV’s wide viewing angles also help the 4K picture retain its vivid clarity when watching from the sides. With four times more pixels than a conventional HD display, the LG 75UP80 delivers an immersive Ultra HD viewing experience that has to be seen to be believed.

Cinematic Color, Smooth Motion

Beyond high pixel counts, two other factors play key roles in the LG 75UP80’s stellar 4K performance – vibrant wide color gamuts and fast motion handling. LG enhances both through their advanced display technologies.

Colors look especially vibrant and lifelike thanks to NanoCell. This layers the screen with tiny nanoparticles that act as a filter to absorb color impurities and enhance purity. Watching nature documentaries, you’ll be dazzled by the realistic shades of green and blue.

Rapid action also stays smooth courtesy of LG’s quad-core processor. Explosions and car chases maintain clarity with minimized motion blur. Inputs from controllers and mice feel responsive thanks to Auto Low Latency Mode. The 75UP80 handles motion like a champ.

Big Screen Immersion

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

Of course, size matters when evaluating any 4K TV. And with its expansive 75-inch display, the LG 75UP80 delivers supremely immersive big-screen home entertainment. Curl up on the couch and it practically feels like you’re at the movie theater.

Thanks to NanoCell’s wide viewing angle support, the 4K picture retains its vivid colors and deep blacks even when viewing from the sides. Family and friends can enjoy stunning clarity no matter where they sit. For larger living rooms, the 75UP80’s cinematic screen size helps 4K look its absolute best.

For shoppers seeking big-screen 4K thrills at an affordable price, the LG 75UP80 is a top contender. Movies, shows, games and more come alive with crisp detail and clarity. When it comes to immersive Ultra HD entertainment, this 75-inch TV shines.

When shopping for a new 4K TV, spectacular Ultra HD picture quality is just part of the equation. You also want smart features that make streaming media and controlling your entertainment effortless. The LG 75UP80 delivers on both fronts with its webOS platform and ThinQ AI assistant.

ThinQ AI and WebOS 5.0: Seamless Smarter TV

LG’s webOS operating system has long been acclaimed for its intuitive interface and sheer breadth of apps. The 75UP80 comes loaded with the latest webOS 5.0 software, which unlocks a world of stellar streaming and smart controls.

Right away, you’ll appreciate the simple home screen and lightning-fast performance. popular apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV and more are just clicks away. WebOS makes finding your favorite movies, shows and music an absolute breeze.

Voice controls through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration adds hands-free convenience. Just speak to find a new show, check sports scores, control your smart home devices and more. webOS responds quickly and seamlessly.

Tailored Recommendations with ThinQ AI

The LG 75UP80’s smarts go even further with its ThinQ AI capabilities. This smart platform utilizes deep learning technology to understand and tailor itself to your viewing preferences.

As you watch different genres like action movies or documentaries, ThinQ AI learns what you enjoy. Over time, its content recommendations become more personalized and relevant to your tastes. The TV essentially programs itself to serve up suggestions you’ll love.

ThinQ AI also lets you speak commands into the mic-enabled remote to launch media or apps. Hands-free controls and personalized recommendations – that’s the power of smart AI technology.

Big Screen Streaming Bliss

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

Thanks to the fast quad-core processor, webOS 5.0 feels lightning quick on the LG 75UP80. Menus pop instantly, apps launch smoothly, and playback starts without delay. Even navigating the home screen feels snappy.

Pair that speed and fluidity with the 75-inch 4K screen, and this LG TV is a sight to behold. Movies and shows stream brilliantly in Ultra HD resolution with HDR for added contrast and color. The expansive display draws you into the heart-pounding action.

If you’re seeking a supremely smart big-screen 4K TV, the LG 75UP80 is a top contender. With its seamless webOS software and AI personalized recommendations, this TV makes it easier than ever to stream must-see content.

When evaluating any TV, you want to look under the hood at its processor and technical capabilities. With its speedy quad-core processor, the LG 75UP80 delivers consistently smooth 4K viewing and minimal lag when gaming or streaming.

Powerful Quad-Core Processor: Silky Smooth Performance

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

The LG 75UP80 is powered by a potent α5 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K, otherwise known as a quad-core CPU. This provides significant processing muscle to enhance picture performance and optimize the user experience.

You’ll notice the benefit of the speedy processor when viewing fast moving sports and action films. Car chases and explosions maintain crisp clarity with minimal motion blur thanks to excellent framerate upscaling. Content looks consistently smooth and fluid.

Input lag is also greatly reduced compared to less powerful processors, making gameplay and navigation feel very responsive. There’s barely any delay between pressing a controller button and seeing the result on screen.

Optimized Picture Processing

The α5 Gen 5 AI Processor’s advanced image processors work miracles to actively enhance the 4K picture. LG’s quad-core CPU utilizes deep learning algorithms to analyze and optimize every scene.

Colors appear vividly accurate thanks to processing tweaks that maximize the TV’s Wide Color Gamut capabilities. Contrast is enhanced dynamically on a scene-by-scene basis to achieve deep, inky blacks. Upscaled HD content looks nearly as detailed as native 4K.

All this image optimization occurs in real time, so you experience the best possible 4K picture quality on the LG 75UP80. Scenes pop with crisply detailed textures and life-like color.

Elevated Gaming Experience

The 75UP80’s fast processor also minimizes input lag for responsive gameplay. Commands from your controller or keyboard translate to on-screen actions with minimal delay. This allows for competitive and immersive gaming.

AMD FreeSync support also syncs the TV’s refresh rate with your game’s frame rate. This reduces screen tearing and stuttering that can affect gaming. Between minimized lag and FreeSync, the 75UP80 delivers smooth big-screen gameplay.

For movie buffs, gamers and sports fans alike, the LG 75UP80’s quad-core processor unlocks stellar visual performance. Supported by advanced AI image enhancement, it’s the beating heart powering this TV’s crisp 4K entertainment.

When it comes to evaluating picture quality, color performance plays a critical role. Vibrant, accurate colors make films pop and games look their best. With LG’s Ultra Luminance technology, the LG 75UP80 delivers lively, true-to-life color you have to see to believe.

Crisp and Vivid Colors: NanoCell Makes a World of Difference

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

LG TVs have long been lauded for their color reproduction capabilities. The 75UP80 continues this tradition with advanced NanoCell technology for intensely vibrant color.

NanoCell improves color through the use of nanoparticles layered on the screen. These nanoparticles absorb stray light waves that dilute color purity. The result is enhanced color saturation and accuracy for intensely vivid visuals.

Watch your favorite nature documentary, and lush greens will look richly saturated. Explosions in action films appear eye-poppingly vibrant. Even upscaled HD content gains new life with amplified color detail.

Immersive Wide Color Gamut

The LG 75UP80’s NanoCell technology also significantly expands the TV’s color range capabilities. It can reproduce over 1 billion rich colors, covering an impressive 95% of the cinema DCI-P3 color spectrum.

This means colors never look diluted or appear unnatural. Skin tones take on a warm, lifelike hue. Sweeping landscape shots fill the screen with vivid greens and blues. LG’s NanoCell unlocks the full color potential of 4K content.

Plus, vibrant colors hold up even from wide viewing angles thanks to LG’s IPS technology. The entire room can enjoy cinematic color quality, no sweet spot required.

Consistency Through Intelligent Processing

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

The α5 Gen 5 AI Processor also helps the 75UP80 optimize color performance. Built-in deep learning algorithms analyze each scene to maximize color accuracy and saturation.

If you’re watching a dark, gritty thriller, colors take on a muted, shadowy appearance. The TV dynamically adapts its color profile to match the intended tone. This color tuning takes place in real time for scene-by-scene color precision.

For shoppers craving intense color to make their movies and games pop, the LG 75UP80 delivers. Lively, accurate color brings entertainment to life on this 4K big screen.

With the rapid growth of 4K and HDR content, there has never been a better time to upgrade to a big-screen Ultra HD TV. If you’re looking for an immersive cinematic experience in your living room, a 75-inch 4K TV is tough to beat. LG’s 2023 75UP80 model offers an impressive 75-inch 4K screen at a reasonable price point, making it an enticing option for home theater enthusiasts on a budget. But how does it stack up to the competition and is it the right choice for you? Let’s take a closer look at the LG 75UP80 75-Inch 4K UHD TV to see where it shines and where it falls short.

The Good: Vibrant 4K Picture Quality

There’s no doubt that the LG 75UP80 delivers excellent 4K picture quality. With over 8 million pixels on the expansive 75-inch screen, images are incredibly detailed and lifelike. The IPS LCD panel provides vibrant colors and solid viewing angles, so the picture doesn’t degrade when viewing off-center. It handles upscaling lower resolution content to 4K smoothly and offers deep black levels thanks to LG’s Alpha 9 Gen 5 Processor 4K. HDR support allows you to get the most from HDR10 and HLG content. If immersive visuals are your top priority, the LG 75UP80 75-inch 4K UHD TV will impress.

Immersive Surround Sound

Complementing the stellar visuals is surprisingly good built-in audio, powered by 2-channel 20W speakers. While it doesn’t provide the truly immersive surround sound experience you’d get from a dedicated sound system, the LG 75UP80 speakers perform admirably for a slim TV design. Voices come through clearly and it can get reasonably loud for action movies or sports. The Auto Volume Leveling feature helps prevent jarring volume spikes during commercials. For casual TV watching and streaming, the integrated speakers will suffice, saving you the cost of an external sound system.

Smart TV Features and LG WebOS

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

LG’s user-friendly WebOS platform makes it easy to access popular streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and more. WebOS provides smooth navigation and quick launching of apps. Voice control support via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri allows hands-free operation. Gaming is responsive thanks to Auto Low Latency Mode and support for Variable Refresh Rate. Airplay 2 and Miracast allow wireless streaming from your mobile devices. While it lacks some of the fancier features found on LG’s higher-end TVs, WebOS still provides a solid smart TV experience.

Where the LG 75UP80 Falls Short

At this price point, there are bound to be some compromises. The most glaring omission is the lack of full-array local dimming. This can limit contrast and black levels in dark scenes. It also impacts HDR performance somewhat. Gamers may be disappointed by the 60Hz refresh rate and lack of HDMI 2.1 support. The IPS panel provides wider viewing angles but can’t match the black levels of VA panel TVs. Finally, the plastic build and thinner profile feel a bit flimsy compared to premium models.

The Bottom Line?

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

The LG 75UP80 75-Inch 4K Smart UHD TV isn’t perfect but it delivers very good 4K picture quality and smart features for the price. If you want an immersive big-screen 4K viewing experience on a budget, it’s easy to recommend. But videophiles seeking the best black levels, contrast, and HDR performance should consider stepping up to other LG models with full-array dimming like the NanoCell 90 or OLED TVs. Competitors like the Samsung Q70T or Sony X90K are also worth a look. While the LG 75UP80 has some flaws, its vibrant 4K imagery and huge screen make it one of the best 75-inch 4K TVs for most people in 2023.

Key Specs

  • Screen Size: 75 inches
  • Display Type: LED LCD (IPS panel)
  • Native Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD (4K)
  • HDR Support: HDR10, HLG
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Processor: α9 Gen 5 Processor 4K
  • Smart TV: WebOS
  • Speakers: 2 x 10W
  • HDMI Ports: 3
  • Dimensions: 66.1 x 37.8 x 2.3 inches (with stand)

So if you’re looking to upgrade to a big-screen 4K TV with excellent picture quality that won’t break the bank, be sure to take a close look at the LG 75UP80. With some smart compromises, it delivers an immersive home theater experience at a reasonable price point for 75 inches of Ultra HD goodness.

4K TVs have become the norm for home theater, but their high resolution panels, HDR capabilities, and larger screen sizes also make them ideal for gaming. If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming setup with an immersive 75-inch 4K display, LG’s 75UP80 model deserves a close look. While not perfect, the LG 75UP80 75-Inch 4K UHD TV offers gamer-friendly features at an affordable price point.

Smooth Visuals from 4K and IPS

With over 8 million pixels on its expansive 75-inch screen, the LG 75UP80 delivers incredibly detailed 4K visuals that let you fully appreciate the graphics of modern games. The IPS panel technology provides vibrant colors from all viewing angles, so co-op gaming is enjoyable for everyone in the room. Fast action and dramatic transitions display smoothly thanks to the quick pixel response time. The 4K resolution paired with such a large screen provides an immersive experience that makes gaming worlds feel alive.

Gaming Features: Low input lag and Auto Low Latency Mode optimize gaming performance

Input lag is the bane of gamers, causing perceptible delays between your controller and on-screen actions. Thankfully, the 75UP80 minimizes input lag to impressively low levels. Combined with Auto Low Latency Mode, which automatically optimizes settings for gaming, button presses instantly translate into on-screen reactions for a responsive gameplay experience. These gamer-centric features let you stay fully immersed in the action without frustrating lag disrupting the fun.

HDMI 2.0 Connections

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

With three HDMI inputs, the LG 75UP80 simplifies connecting all your gaming consoles, including the latest PS5 and Xbox Series X. The HDMI ports support 4K 60Hz video signals as well as Auto Low Latency Mode. Variable Refresh Rate is also supported, allowing compatible gaming consoles to dynamically adjust the display’s refresh rate for smoother visuals. The HDMI connections deliver uncompressed 4K HDR signals to fully leverage the TV’s graphics capabilities.

Where It Falls Short for Gamers

While the 75UP80 gets a lot right for gaming, there are a few missing features hardcore gamers might miss. The 60Hz native refresh rate is adequate but doesn’t match the silky smoothness of 120Hz gaming monitors. Lacking HDMI 2.1, it won’t be able to display 4K visuals beyond 60Hz. The IPS panel can’t match the contrast ratio of VA panels. There’s also no support for AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync adaptive sync technologies. But compromises are expected at this price point.

Excellent Casual and Console Gaming Display

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

If you’re a casual gamer or predominantly play on consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, it’s easy to recommend the LG 75UP80 as an immersive 4K gaming display. The 75-inch screen pulls you into the action and provides a cinematic experience not possible on smaller monitors. Input lag is impressively low for such a large 4K TV and Auto Low Latency Mode optimizes gaming responsiveness. For under $1,000, it’s one of the best 75-inch 4K gaming TVs available.

Consider Alternatives for Hardcore PC Gaming

PC gamers seeking the fastest refresh rates, FreeSync/G-Sync, and the absolute lowest input lag may want to choose a dedicated gaming monitor instead. More affordable 4K models like the LG 27UL500 provide those premium gaming features on a smaller 27-inch screen. For larger screens, gaming monitors like the Asus ROG Strix XG438Q offer 43-inch 4K VA panels with faster response times. But they come at a steep premium over the impressively priced 75UP80 4K TV.

The Bottom Line

While not perfect for hardcore competitive gaming, the LG 75UP80 75-Inch 4K TV still provides an excellent big-screen console and casual gaming experience. The 75-inch 4K IPS display combined with gaming-optimized features like Auto Low Latency Mode offer immersive gameplay at an affordable price. For the cost of a monitor you can enjoy your games on a much larger scale. If you want a reasonably priced 4K TV for gaming with few compromises, be sure to consider putting the LG 75UP80 on your shortlist.

Key Gaming Features:

  • 75-inch 4K IPS panel
  • Auto Low Latency Mode
  • Variable Refresh Rate support
  • 3 x HDMI 2.0 ports
  • Greatly minimized input lag
  • 60Hz refresh rate

With vivid 4K visuals and responsiveness tailored for gaming, the LG 75UP80 brings immersive gameplay to your living room at an affordable big-screen price. It hits the sweet spot for most gamers needing great performance without breaking the bank.

As 4K and HDR video becomes standard, TV shoppers expect excellent picture quality and contrast from new TVs. LG’s affordable 75UP80 75-inch 4K TV delivers vivid colors and deep blacks thanks to LG’s α9 Gen5 4K processor. But does omitting full-array local dimming impact its performance? Let’s dive into how the lack of local dimming affects the LG 75UP80’s contrast and HDR capabilities.

IPS Panel Provides Wide Viewing Angles

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

The LG 75UP80 utilizes an IPS LCD panel rather than VA technology. This allows wider viewing angles with less color and contrast degradation when viewing the screen off-center. IPS panels excel at reproducing accurate colors and work well in bright rooms. But they come with some downsides compared to VA panels.

Lacks Local Dimming: The lack of local dimming affects contrast ratio in HDR content.

Without full-array local dimming, the LG 75UP80 is unable to precisely control backlight levels in specific zones across the screen. This limits its native contrast ratio compared to models with local dimming. Blacks appear more like gray in darker scenes without local dimming. This also impacts perceived depth and realism in HDR content. High dynamic range is meant to produce intense specular highlights while maintaining deep inky blacks, a contrast the non-dimming 75UP80 struggles to reproduce compared to its VA and OLED competition.

Impressive Black Levels For an IPS Panel

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

Despite the lack of dimming zones, the 75UP80’s IPS panel delivers respectable black levels thanks to LG’s Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor. Contrast enhancer technology helps the LED backlight reach impressively dark levels for an IPS screen. They still can’t match the inky blacks of VA panels or compete with OLED TVs. But the 75UP80 produces blacks far deeper than you may expect in an affordable edge-lit IPS 4K TV.

HDR Performance Suffers Without Dimming

Since HDR content is mastered with a high contrast range between the darkest shadows and intense highlights, the lack of local dimming certainly hampers the LG 75UP80’s HDR capabilities. Without the ability to dim specific zones to optimize contrast, you don’t get the full visual impact that makes HDR so stunning. HDR support is limited to basic HDR10 and HLG formats too. Still, its wide color gamut and 4K resolution allow you to enjoy enhanced color and detail in HDR content within the limitations of its dimming-less display.

Is Local Dimming Necessary for HDR?

For the optimal HDR viewing experience that matches the creator’s intent, local dimming is virtually a requirement. That said, you can still enjoy improved color and clarity in HDR content without dimming zones. The vivid, accurate colors produced by the 75UP80’s nano IPS panel shine with or without HDR. Just don’t expect the same dramatic contrast and specular highlights from its HDR video. Manage your HDR expectations with this limitation in mind.

The Bottom Line on the LG 75UP80

The lack of full-array local dimming definitely hampers the HDR performance and contrast of the affordable LG 75UP80 75-inch 4K TV. Black levels and contrast ratio suffer compared to VA panel competitors with local dimming. HDR loses some of its visual punch without the ability to dim specific zones. But for an IPS panel, it still provides surprisingly deep blacks and admirable HDR color reproduction. Weigh its wide viewing angles against the dimming limitations depending on your needs.

Key Specs:

Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

  • Display: 75″ IPS LCD
  • Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
  • HDR: HDR10, HLG
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Processor: α9 Gen 5 4K
  • No Full-Array Local Dimming

If you want one of the best 75-inch 4K TV values balanced with decent contrast, the LG 75UP80 fits the bill. Just be aware of its limits in HDR performance without local dimming. For deeper blacks and better contrast, a VA panel model like the Sony X90K is worth paying extra for.

When it comes to home entertainment, few things beat the immersive experience of a big-screen 4K UHD TV. And if you’re looking for a great 75-inch option, the LG 75UP80 should definitely be on your radar. I recently had the chance to test out this TV and came away largely impressed – though it’s not without a few minor flaws.

First, let’s talk about what this TV gets right. With 4K resolution and HDR support, picture quality is excellent across the board. Whether you’re watching movies, sports, or playing games, images are incredibly sharp and detailed. And thanks to LG’s powerful 4K upscaling technology, even non-4K content is improved. So your old Blu-ray collection will look better than ever!

This set also has some great smart features powered by webOS. The interface is intuitive and makes it easy to access popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more. Voice control support via LG’s Magic Remote is handy too. Asking your TV to launch apps, search for content, or control playback is surprisingly seamless.

Gamers will appreciate this LG’s low input lag and Auto Low Latency Mode for smoother gameplay. And with HDMI 2.1 ports, you can take full advantage of next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Movies and shows sound great too thanks to built-in 20W speakers and AI Acoustic Tuning that optimizes audio based on content.


Best 75-Inch LG 4K TV For 2023. Find Out: The LG 75UP80: Excellent But Flawed

For the price – currently around $1,100 – this 75-incher represents a solid value. But it’s not perfect. My main gripe is with the IPS display panel. While it offers wide viewing angles, contrast and black levels suffer compared to VA panel competitors. So dark room performance is just average on this LG.

The 75UP80 also lacks advanced gaming features like variable refresh rate. And with just 60Hz native refresh rate, motion could look smoother. Input lag is very good though, so casual gamers should still be satisfied.

Finally, the sound quality from the built-in speakers, while decent, lacks bass impact you’d get from a dedicated sound system. But that’s an easy upgrade to make down the road if audio performance becomes bothersome.

Overall, the LG 75UP80 strikes an excellent balance of price and performance despite some minor shortcomings. For most buyers, this LG 75-inch 4K TV should tick all the right boxes. Just don’t expect best-in-class contrast or the most cutting-edge gaming features at this price point. But solid picture quality and smart functionality make the 75UP80 an easy recommendation for big-screen 4K enthusiasts.