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Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

Welcome to the wonderful world of mid century modern nursery design! As you prepare to welcome your new bundle of joy, infusing your nursery with mid mod style is a chic way to create a space that’s both stylish and functional. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know to design the perfect mid century modern nursery.

Introduction to Mid Century Modern Style

Mid century modern style originated in the middle of the 20th century as a reaction against the ornate and overstuffed decor of previous eras. It embraces clean lines, organic shapes, and a refined yet playful aesthetic. This timeless style continues to be popular today in everything from furniture and lighting to textiles and accessories.

When it comes to nurseries, mid century style has a lot to offer. The simple silhouettes and neutral color palette help create a soothing environment, while playful details bring in warmth and whimsy. By balancing form and function, mid century modern style allows you to design a nursery that’s chic, livable, and perfectly suited for both baby and parents.

Benefits of a Mid Century Modern Nursery

Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

There are many reasons why mid century modern style works so beautifully for nurseries:

– Clean lines and minimal accessories promote organization and allow the space to grow with your child. Less clutter also minimizes overstimulation for baby.

– Neutral colors like white, gray and wood tones provide a calming backdrop that you can easily build upon with punches of color and print.

– Natural fibers and materials create an organic, cozy feel while being durable and easy to clean.

– Iconic mid century modern furniture stands the test of time with classic silhouettes that can move from nursery to big kid space and beyond.

– Playful pops of color, creative patterns, and bold geometric shapes add visual interest and give the nursery a sense of whimsy.

Essential Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture

When designing your mid century modern nursery, there are a few key furniture pieces to focus on.

The crib is the focal point that sets the stage for the rest of the space. Look for a crib with clean lines and minimal details that speak to mid century style. Changing stations are also essential, and a dresser doubles as both storage and changing table.

Don’t forget about seating! A rocking chair or glider will be your favorite resting spot for late night feedings and bonding time. And side tables and bookcases always come in handy for additional storage and display.

When shopping for nursery furniture, look for pieces made from natural woods like oak, walnut and teak. These organic materials align perfectly with mid century aesthetic. Prioritize quality craftsmanship for durability and longevity.

Cribs – Choose Between Round and Rectangular

Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

One of the most fun aspects of a mid century modern nursery is choosing a crib style. You can opt for a classic rectangular crib with clean lines for a minimalist look. Or make a statement with a rounded atomic style crib. Both options allow you to add colorful bedding that pops against a neutral backdrop.

Look for cribs with adjustable mattress heights that you can set lower for a newborn and higher as baby grows. And make sure it meets all current safety standards.

Dressers – Stylish Changing Stations

A mid century modern dresser pulls double duty as both clothing storage and a convenient changing station, perfect for small nurseries. Look for a style that complements the crib with similar lines and finish.

Optimal dresser height allows you to change baby comfortably. Storage drawers keep everything organized and hidden away. Changing pad and laundry bag are nursery essentials for your dresser top.

For safety, secure both the dresser and changing pad to the wall, and never leave baby unattended. A cute decorative mobile also helps distract baby during changes.

Rocking Chairs – For Comfortable Bonding

A rocking chair, glider or recliner chair will get tons of use, making it a nursery essential. Mid century modern styles feature clean silhouettes with elegant upholstered cushions. Look for smooth rocking motion and ergonomic shape for comfort.

Position your chair near the crib for soothing baby to sleep. Place it by the window to admire the view while nursing or bottle feeding. The right lighting and side table will complete your relaxing feeding station.

Prioritize comfort and support for those long nights up with baby. And don’t forget the coordinating ottoman to kick your feet up!

Rugs – Add Warmth and Texture

An area rug brings warmth and softness to your mid century modern nursery’s hard surfaces. Natural fiber rugs complement wood furnishings. Or make a statement with a colorful or geometric patterned rug.

Use larger rugs under crib and seating areas to define spaces in your nursery. Make sure edges are secure so rug does not slip. And select materials that are durable, stain resistant and easy to clean.

Rugs not only look great, but also help prevent slips and falls. Cushioned rugs add an extra layer of comfort when playing on the floor with baby.

Lighting – For a Cozy Glow

Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

Proper lighting sets the right tone in your nursery with both bright task lighting and soft ambient glow. Mid century modern lighting offers endless chic options from pendant lights to playful table and floor lamps.

Use overhead lighting on dimmers to adjust brightness as needed for late night feedings and diaper changes. Layer in additional accent lighting like wall sconces or reading lights.

For safety, avoid dangling cords and position lights away from cribs. Use low wattage bulbs and install dimmers to find the perfect glow for your little one.

Wall Decor – Display Meaningful Artwork

Finish off your mid century modern nursery with wall decor that reflects your personal style. Frame favorite art prints or family photos to surround baby with warmth.

Floating wood shelves are ideal for displaying cherished books and nursery keepsakes. Add playful touches like decals or colorful wallpaper.

When choosing artwork, look for pieces with clean lines, minimal matting and simple frames to complement the overall aesthetic. Let your decor tell a story and share what’s most meaningful to your family.

Accessories – Add Pops of Color and Personality

Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories to infuse personality into your mid century nursery. Use accents like throw pillows, curtains, mobiles and wall hooks to layer in color, texture and interest.

Look for bedding, window treatments, and rugs with subtle patterns and playful prints inspired by nature or geometry. Incorporate greenery with a potted plant or dried wreath.

Whimsical touches like decals, colorful baskets and fun lamps inject a sense of childhood whimsy. Mid century decor celebrates both simplicity and personalization.

Let accessories reflect what makes your family special. Keep things minimal but meaningful. Most importantly, have fun designing a space that you and baby will love!

When it comes to nursery design, mid century modern style offers countless benefits for creating a chic, functional, and developmentally enriching environment for your little one.

Benefits of a Mid Century Modern Nursery

Below are some of the key advantages of embracing mid century modern in your nursery:

– Promotes Simplicity – The minimalist aesthetic helps pare down clutter and overstimulation. This allows baby to focus and supports healthy development.

– Encourages Organization – With fewer accessories and furnishings, mid century style makes it easier to keep the nursery clutter-free and organized as baby grows.

– Provides Flexibility – The streamlined look adapts well as kids grow, letting you easily transition pieces to meet changing needs.

– Offers Durability – Mid century modern furniture is crafted from timeless natural materials like wood, velvet, and leather to last.

– Creates a Soothing Palette – Neutral backgrounds and muted tones have a calming effect perfect for baby.

– Allows Personality – While neutral, mid century style still enables you to layer in prints, patterns, and pops of color to reflect your family’s unique style.

– Fosters Imagination – Playful mid century accents help spur baby’s developing imagination during floor play and discovery.

– Sets Routines – The tranquil environment promotes better sleep and makes it easier to establish nap and bedtime routines.

– Provides Bonding Space – Stylish seating creates a cozy spot for snuggles, nursing, and reading bedtime stories together.

– Inspires Investing in Quality – Mid century modern shows that classics stand the test of time and are worth investing in.

– Offers Endless Inspiration – Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, mid century style offers endless ways to decorate a nursery creatively.

While mid century modern may seem understated at first glance, it offers an amazing foundation. The adaptable look effortlessly balances style and function for baby’s developing needs and your own aesthetic.

So if you’re craving a soothing, organized, and design-forward nursery, mid century modern has everything you need. Embrace the benefits of this timeless style and create a space your whole family will love.

Essential Tips for Executing Mid Century Modern Style

Ready to start designing your mid century modern nursery? Keep these tips in mind:

– Choose neutral wall colors like white, beige or gray to keep the backdrop flexible.

– Select furniture in natural wood tones and minimalist shapes with clean lines.

– Use texture and warmth with nubby rugs, woven baskets and velvet pillows.

– Incorporate organic touches like rattan, wooden beads and macrame.

– Add pops of sunny yellow, grassy greens and aqua blue in moderation.

– Display art and accessories in asymmetrical groupings for visual interest.

– Use repetition of shapes, lines and color for a cohesive look.

– Incorporate lighting at multiple levels for both tasks and ambiance.

– Maximize storage with hidden compartments, baskets and space-saving hooks.

– Prioritize safety and function as you layer in playful, stylish accents.

By following these fundamental principles of mid century style, you’ll be able to design a nursery that highlights your personal flair while keeping baby’s needs front and center. Have fun and get creative with this aesthetic that will stand the test of time.

When designing a mid century modern nursery, choosing the right furniture is key to achieving that iconic retro style while keeping baby’s needs and safety in mind. Let’s explore some essential mid century modern furniture pieces that will form the foundation of your little one’s stylish sanctuary.

Essential Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture

Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

Crib – The crib is the central focus of any nursery, and a mid century modern style crib sets the overall aesthetic. Look for details like tapered legs, rounded corners, and an open frame. Choose between standard rectangular or atomic round crib shapes. Opt for natural finishes like wood, rattan, or metal paired with colorful crib sheets to allow personality to shine.

Dresser – A dresser offers plenty of storage for baby’s wardrobe while also serving as a handy changing station. Mid century dressers feature minimalist hardware and an uncomplicated silhouette, often with angled legs. Optimal height allows you to tend comfortably to baby. Stylish yet extremely functional.

Rocking Chair – A rocking chair is a nursery essential for late night feedings, story time, and bonding. Look for mid century rockers with clean lines and a slim profile, along with ergonomic shape for comfort. Woven textures and light wood are typical for a Scandinavian vibe. Partner with a pouf or footstool.

Bookshelves – Floating mid century shelves are ideal for displaying favorite children’s books as well as art, toys, and other treasures. Choose a set with subtle lines to complement the crib and other furnishings. Use baskets to corral books and add visual interest.

Rug – Don’t overlook a rug as an essential element that brings warmth and softness underfoot for both parents and baby. Natural fiber jute rugs work beautifully with wood mid century furniture. Layer in a padded rug for extra cushion during tummy time and floor play.

Nightstand – A nightstand offers convenient storage right where you need it most. Look for a table with clean lines and minimal drawer pulls that coordinate with the crib and dresser. Use it to store late night changing supplies within arm’s reach.

Glider – While not a necessity, a gliding chair or recliner provides the ultimate in comfort for nursing and rocking baby to sleep. Find a compact design with modern profile to match your mid century aesthetic.

Ottoman – Pair your glider or rocker with a square ottoman to kick up your feet and get super cozy. Look for durable fabrics like performance velvet that are also easy to clean from spit up or diaper leaks.

When sourcing mid century modern nursery furniture, shop for quality craftsmanship and durable materials that will last beyond the baby years. Keep the look cohesive by choosing complementary finishes and details. Most importantly, ensure each piece adheres to the latest safety standards for your peace of mind.

When designing your mid century modern nursery, one of the most fun decisions is choosing the perfect crib to serve as the focal point of the space. Let’s explore the stylish crib options available with this retro modern aesthetic.

Cribs – Choose Between Round and Rectangular

Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

The crib style you select will establish the overall look and feel of your nursery. Mid century modern crib designs typically fall into two camps – rectangular or circular atomic style.

Rectangular cribs align with mid century modern’s affinity for clean lines and simplicity. Look for finely crafted details like tapered legs, subtle arching details, and an open slatted frame. These cribs showcase the beauty of natural wood grains and metal accents. Popular woods include oak, walnut, teak or maple.

On the other hand, circular atomic cribs make a bold geometric statement. The round Atomic shape was popularized in the 1950s and still feels retro-fresh today. Circular cribs offer a cozy, womb-like environment for baby while commanding attention. Opt for lively colors or metallic finishes to contrast the circular form.

Whichever shape you choose, be sure to check that your mid century crib meets all current juvenile safety guidelines. Look for adjustable mattress heights, secure rails, and non-toxic finishes. Smart details like storage drawers are a bonus.

Crib sheet sets are an easy way to inject more vibrancy once you have your neutral crib in place. Prints and patterns inspired by nature, travel tourism posters, and abstract shapes stay true to the era. Use colorful bedding to layer in more personality.

When it comes to mid century crib accessories, mobiles and wall decals turn the crib into a focal feature. For a playful touch, look for mobiles with felt or wooden geometric shapes. Wall decals with loving quotes or simple graphics enhance the area above the crib.

A mid century modern crib signals that your nursery will be stylish and design-forward. Whether you love clean lines or curved atomic style, your crib choice sets the tone for the rest of your nursery design. Let it reflect what makes your family unique.

More Mid Century Modern Nursery Inspiration

Once you’ve selected the perfect crib, keep exploring mid century nursery ideas with these additional tips:

  • Choose a coordinating dresser, changing table, and rocking chair in similar finishes.
  • Incorporate nature with organic touches like wood beads, rattan, macrame, and indoor plants.
  • Use abstract wall art and sculptural lighting for visual impact.
  • Add warmth with natural fiber rugs in jute, wool, cotton.
  • Include Whimsical decor like colorful mobiles and wall decals.

The right crib establishes the foundation. From there, have fun layering in mix-and-match mid century details to design a nursery that both baby and parents will love. Stay true to your family’s personal style and embrace the creative freedom of mid century design.

A mid century modern dresser pulls double duty in the nursery as both stylish storage and a handy changing station. Let’s explore how to pick the perfect dresser to tend to baby’s care while complementing your chic retro decor.

Dressers – Stylish Changing Stations

Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

In small nurseries, a dresser often does it all. This essential piece provides plenty of storage for baby’s clothing, blankets, diapers and other gear in its drawers and cabinet space. On top, a cushioned pad transforms the dresser into a safe spot for changing baby’s diapers.

When selecting a mid century dresser, opt for a simple silhouette with tapered legs, versatile drawers and clean lines without excessive ornamentation. Complementary finishes like wood, rattan or colored lacquer are fitting. Position it next to the crib for a coordinated look.

Look for a dresser that hits between 34-38 inches tall to reduce back strain during countless diaper changes. Wide drawers make organizing baby items a breeze. Changing pad should be comfy yet easy to wipe clean.

Safety is also key. Secure the dresser itself firmly to the wall studs so it cannot tip over. Use drawer stops to prevent crushing accidents. And never leave baby unattended on the changing pad, even for a second.

Part of mid century charm is pairing up natural materials like wood with bold pops of color. Have fun decorating the dresser itself with cute baskets for diapering supplies or artwork for the wall above. A fun mobile provides mental stimulation during changes.

Changing pad covers also let you incorporate prints and patterns matched to your bedding. Waterproof liners save your pads. Brimming laundry hampers stash soiled clothes out of sight.

Your mid century dresser keeps the nursery organized while providing a safe spot to care for your little one. Look for quality construction and ageless style that can transition from nursery to bedroom as your child grows. Let it reflect your family’s design sensibility.

More Nursery Furniture Inspiration

Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

Complete your mid century modern nursery furniture with these additional pieces:

  • Rocking chair or glider with clean lines
  • Nightstand for diapering supplies and lamp
  • Bookshelves to display favorite picture books
  • Stylish crib with sleek details
  • Woven rug for cushioned play space
  • Pouf or ottoman as extra seating

Your dresser forms the foundation of efficient and fashionable function. Build on it with other furnishings in a similar palette for a pulled-together mid century nursery you’ll adore. Stay organized in style!

A rocking chair is a nursery essential for parents and baby to relax in comfort and bond during quiet moments together. Let’s explore how to pick the perfect mid century modern rocker.

Rocking Chairs – For Comfortable Bonding

Few pieces get more use than a rocking chair in the nursery during those first months. Mid century modern rockers feature slim silhouettes along with ergonomic shapes designed for comfort during late night nursing sessions and story time.

Look for streamlined wood frames, angled tapered legs, and smooth rocking motions. Seats and backs are often woven from natural fibers or upholstered in velvet or linen. Neutral hues keep the look light and relaxed.

Prioritize plush cushions and lumbar support so you can rock comfortably for long stretches. Padded armrests also prevent soreness. The chair should gently recline and align your posture.

Look for chairs sized to fit your space while being roomy enough. Avoid skimping on width so you and baby can cuddle and grow. Test rocking motion for smoothness before purchasing.

Be sure to position your mid century rocker near crib for soothing baby to sleep. Place it by the window to admire views while nursing. A coordinating pouf lets you kick up your feet and get extra cozy.

Optional gliding mechanisms offer smooth, gentle motion. Or try a reclining chair that allows your feet to elevate – a nursery luxury!

Your rocker or glider becomes your refuge. Choose timeless style and prioritize ergonomic comfort during the hazy newborn period. Then enjoy as your mid century chair remains a treasured reading and relaxation spot for years.

More Nursery Seating Inspiration

Complete your mid century modern nursery seating with:

  • Pouf or ottoman to elevate feet
  • Armchair for alternate relaxed seating
  • Bench at end of crib for putting on baby’s shoes
  • Hanging rattan chair for boho flair
  • Leather recliner for ultimate comfort

Your rocking chair or glider forms the foundation of cozy comfort in your nursery. Then embellish with other seats that nurture both form and function. Share special moments together!

An area rug brings warmth and softness underfoot to tie your mid century modern nursery together. Let’s explore how layering in a chic, cushy rug can enhance both form and function.

Rugs – Add Warmth and Texture

Hard flooring like wood or tile is typical in mid century spaces, so a plush area rug adds literal softness and cushy texture. Rugs define spaces like reading nooks or activity zones. And nothing feels cozier than baby’s toes sinking into the shag!

When sourcing a mid century rug, look for nubby natural fibers like jute, cotton, wool or sisal. Materials like DHurrie wool rugs complement wood furnishings. Simple patterns like stripes and geometric shapes enhance the aesthetic.

Larger rugs can center under the crib and seating areas to pull the full nursery together. Smaller rugs allow you to define a play space on the floor. Secure edges so rugs don’t slip.

Cushioned rugs provide extra padding for tummy time or playing with baby on the floor. And they help prevent slips or falls for wobbly new walkers. Prioritize non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials.

Beyond aesthetics, rugs also absorb sound and echo. This helps create a peaceful environment for your little one. Having some softness underfoot just feels good!

When sourcing mid century rugs, seek quality construction and materials designed to withstand messes, moisture and high traffic. Periodically air them out to prevent musty odors.

Layering in a chic yet cozy mid century rug brings comfort for both baby and parents. Let it lend warmth, texture and a pop of personality to your nursery flooring.

More Nursery Flooring Ideas

Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

In addition to area rugs, complete your mid century nursery floors with:

  • Jute woven mats under crib
  • Soft carpet tiles for play areas
  • Cushioned floor mats for tummy time
  • Bold black and white checkerboard vinyl flooring
  • Hardwood with scatter rugs

Rugs form the foundation of softness underfoot. Have fun mixing materials and layering in textures to create a cushy, creative play space you and baby will love.

Proper lighting sets the right tone in your mid century modern nursery with both bright task lighting and soft ambient glow. Let’s look at how to illuminate your space for form and function.

Lighting – For a Cozy Glow

Lighting serves many purposes in the nursery. Bright overhead light is essential for late night diaper changes and checking on baby. While warmer, dimmable fixtures create a peaceful ambiance for sleep time.

For overhead light, look for mid century-inspired pendant lights, recessed cans on dimmers or sleek track lighting. Position it above key areas like the crib and changing station. Opt for adjustable brightness.

Complement with stylish table lamps for accent lighting. Sculptural ceramics, spun fiber shades, and playful animal bases evoke mid century appeal. Place lamps on nightstands and dressers to illuminate focused tasks.

Don’t overlook sconces on walls to provide both light and visual interest. Especially place them to safely brighten dark corners. Use wall-mounted reading lights near seating areas as well.

Lighting sets the mood. Look for vintage-style bulbs, smart technology like remote controls, and fun colors. But also prioritize safety near baby’s sleeping areas.

Start with bright white light for essential tasks, then add accent lighting to create ambiance. The right mix of illumination and style nurtures both parent and baby.

More Nursery Lighting Tips

Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

Finish lighting your mid century nursery with these ideas:

  • Slim LED floor lamps for soft glow in corners
  • Whimsical string lights for festive sparkle
  • Black and brass swing arm sconces
  • Ceramic table lamps with bold shapes
  • Recessed shelving lights to display treasures

Layer overhead, accent, and ambient lighting to meet all your nursery needs. Use lighting to establish both safety and style for baby’s retreat.

Finish off your mid century modern nursery with wall decor that adds warmth and showcases what’s most meaningful to your family. Let’s look at how to decorate the walls with heart.

Wall Decor – Display Meaningful Artwork

Wall decor instantly enhances any space and the nursery is no exception. Surround your baby with items that bring you joy and tell your family’s story.

Mid century modern wall art tends to feature graphic prints, abstract shapes, or nature themes. Vintage travel posters, botanical prints, and abstract art stay true to the era’s spirit. Display them in clean-lined frames for unity.

Floating wood shelves are ideal for showing off cherished photos, children’s books, and beloved nursery keepsakes. Style collections in asymmetrical groupings for an artful feel.

Don’t overlook wall decals and removable wallpaper to incorporate color, prints, or shapes as a bold accent wall. Geometric patterns and nature themes work well. Place near crib or changing table.

For a playful touch, hang a gallery wall of framed family photos above the crib. Or spell baby’s name in colorful cardboard letters. Make it personal and heartfelt.

Light boxes and shadow boxes allow you to illuminate and display special baby items. While large mirrors visually expand the space and add interest.

Let your mid century wall decor reflect what makes your family one-of-a-kind. Surround your little one with moments and memories that matter most in their special space.

More Wall Style Inspiration

Finish decorating your nursery walls with these ideas:

  • Mobiles hanging over crib
  • Framed botanical prints and nature sketches
  • Gallery wall of candid family photos
  • Patterned wallpaper or geometric peel-and-stick tiles
  • Modern macrame wall hangings

Make your nursery walls sing! Incorporate meaningful details that make the space distinctly yours. Let your decor tell a story and create a welcoming retreat.

The right accessories inject a healthy dose of color, texture and personality into your mid century modern nursery. Let’s look at how to accessorize with playful flair.

Accessories – Add Pops of Color and Personality

While the major nursery furnishings create the foundation, accessories provide those special touches that make the space complete. Have fun using accents to infuse the room with color and whimsy.

Throws, pillows, curtains and wall art allow you to layer in engaging prints, patterns and textures. Look for motifs inspired by nature, travel and geometry that feel fresh and lighthearted.

Use textiles like knit blankets and macrame hangings to add natural flair. Incorporate warmth with rattan baskets, live plants, and wooden beads. Display collections of meaningful books or toys.

Add visual delight with mobiles, decals, wall hooks, table lamps and other nursery accessories. Seek interesting materials like felted wool and molded plywood. Mix modern and natural.

Use accessories to spotlight items made special by family ties like heirloom toys or handmade gifts. Capture favorite colors and animals. Make it personal and fun.

The right mix of accessories creates a nursery that both baby and parents can enjoy. Keep your mid century look relaxed yet playful. Most of all, reflect what makes your family unique.

More Nursery Accessorizing Tips

Best Mid Century Modern Nursery Furniture: Create a Stylish Baby Nursery

Accessorize your mid century nursery with these additional ideas:

  • Wall mounted bookshelves to store and display favorite toys and books
  • Bright and plush area rug for cushioned play space
  • Round mirror above changing table or dresser
  • Modern mobiles with bold shapes suspended above crib
  • Table lamp with sculptural base for soft light

Have fun styling your mid century retreat! Use treasured accessories to add warmth, color and spirit that celebrate your little one.