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Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

Introduction to double wide chaise sofas

Tired of squeezing onto a loveseat with your honey? Ready to upgrade from that outdated sofa you’ve had since college? It may be time to experience the bliss of a double wide chaise sofa. These expansive couches provide plenty of room to lounge, nap, and snuggle up with family or friends. Keep reading to learn why a double wide chaise sofa could be the perfect addition to your home.

Stretch Out and Relax

Unlike a traditional sofa, a double wide chaise has an extended side portion that allows you to fully stretch out your legs and recline back. No more cramped quarters or legs hanging off the edge! The extra wide seat is ideal for getting cozy and comfortable. You can adjust the chaise portion to find that just-right position for reading, watching TV, or sneaking in a nap. If you love having space to spread out, this sofa is for you.

Accommodate More Guests

Tired of seats being in short supply when friends come over to hang out? A double wide chaise sofa has room for at least three average-sized adults. Now you’ll have plenty of space for movie nights, game days, or impromptu gatherings. No more guests awkwardly perching on the edge of an armchair. And when it’s just the two of you, you’ll have more than enough room to cuddle close together.

Customize Your Layout

Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

One of the great things about double wide chaise sofas is that you can choose a right-facing or left-facing configuration. This versatility allows you to arrange your furniture in a way that works best for the size and layout of your room. Place the chaise portion near a side table or reading lamp. Or use it to divide up a large open concept space. You can even switch up the orientation down the road if you move or redecorate.

Fit Any Decor Style

Worried a big sofa might clash with your home’s aesthetic? These days you can find double wide chaise sofas in all sorts of styles. Choose a sleek contemporary design with clean lines. Opt for vintage charm with turned wood legs and button tufting. Or keep it casual with a cozy slipcovered sofa. There are even customizable sectionals so you can mix and match to suit your personal taste.

Superior Comfort

A sofa you can really sink into – now that’s comfort! Double wide chaise sofas provide plenty of plush padding for ultimate relaxation. Look for models with features like: memory foam, pillowtop arms, pocketed coil springs, and high-density seat cushions. The deep contours will cradle you in comfort. And the extra-wide seat gives you more area to immerse in all that cushiony softness. Pure bliss!

Affordable Luxury

Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

You might think such a spacious sofa would cost a pretty penny. But thanks to online retailers and budget-friendly fabrics, double wide chaise sofas are surprisingly affordable. And what a worthwhile investment in your family’s relaxation and bonding time! For less than a new mattress, you can enjoy years of lazy Sundays, movie marathons, and quality time curled up on a cushy couch.

Low Maintenance

Spills and messes come with the territory when you have kids and pets. That’s why it’s important to choose a sofa with family-friendly durable upholstery. Look for stain-resistant microfiber or easy-clean faux leather. No need to stress about muddy paws or juice spills! Just grab a damp cloth to spot clean as needed. An affordable couch cover can also help protect your sofa from daily wear and tear.

Built to Last

Investing in a quality double wide chaise sofa means enjoying it for the long haul. Check the frame construction – kiln dried hardwoods and corner blocking indicate durability. Avoid sofas with just particleboard framing. Also look for reinforced joining points and sturdy legs. With proper care and maintenance, a well-made sofa should easily last 7-10 years! Choose timeless over trendy for a sofa you won’t tire of over time.

Family Friendly

If you have a bustling household, a family-friendly sofa is a must! Double wide chaise sofas are perfect for families with kids or pets thanks to their durable fabrics, stain-resistant materials, and roomy seating. The spacious design allows kids to sprawl out with books or toys. And pets will love curling up on the wide cushioned seats. Rounding out movie night or family game time has never been easier.

Where to Buy Online

Ready to experience supreme sofa bliss? You can find a great selection of double wide chaise sofas online. Shopping online allows you to browse styles and deals at national retailers that may not have a store near you. Look for free shipping and hassle-free returns in case you need to exchange or return your sofa. And don’t forget to check reviews to learn from other customers. Your dream sofa awaits – happy shopping!

With its cozy spaciousness and customizable comfort, a double wide chaise sofa is the perfect centerpiece for any living room. Maximize your lounging and cuddling with family and friends. And do it all affordably and in style! Bring home sofa bliss today.

Extra room for lounging and napping

Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

If you love having space to really stretch out and get cozy, a double wide chaise sofa is the perfect furniture piece. The extended chaise portion provides ample room for lounging, napping, or just relaxing in total comfort. Here’s why this extra space makes all the difference.

After a long day, there’s nothing like sprawling out on the chaise end of your sofa. Extend your legs, prop up your feet, and sink into the plush cushions. The contoured back support cradles you as tension melts away. Close your eyes for a revitalizing power nap without neck cricks or backaches. Or keep your head propped up to read a book, browse your phone, or catch up on shows. The possibilites are endless!

On lazy weekends, claim your spot on the chaise lounge side. Stretch out those tight hamstrings and calves. Or curl up with a cozy blanket and pillow for an afternoon snooze. Let the extra room envelop you as you lounge the day away. No jostling for space with kids or pets – this sofa is made for sharing.

When friends come over to hang out, the chaise has you covered. Three people can comfortably sit together, with no one left out or perched awkwardly. Hosting is stress-free when there’s abundant seating and room to go around. Conversation flows easily when everyone can sit back and relax.

For couples, the chaise is ideal for movie nights in. Snuggle up close together, then stretch your legs onto the chaise as the movie progresses. Or take turns using the extended lounge space. Drift off to sleep leaning against your partner’s shoulder. With all that room, you’ll always stay cozy and connected.

Kids love having space to sprawl out with books, toys, tablets, or snacks. The chaise becomes a little getaway just for them. Let their imaginations soar without distraction. And they can nap or lounge comfortably without pinched legs or necks. Happy kids, happy parents!

Pets are family too, so let them share the sofa space. Small dogs can curl up on cushioned chaise, bigger breeds can lounge, and cats can perch or pounce. The wide sofa keeps claws and dirt away from furnishings. Now the whole furry family fits.

Even if you live alone, the extra room is a gamechanger. Host friends for movie marathons and game nights without a cramped squeeze. Or take over the whole sofa when it’s just you. Read, work, or veg out in total comfort. The chaise indulges your inner introvert.

In small spaces like apartments, utilize every inch. Float the chaise in the living room for a statement piece. Or tuck it into the corner by a window. Either way, the chaise maximizes lounge space. And smaller rooms feel instantly more expansive.

For media rooms, theaters, and man caves, the chaise offers VIP seating. Recline back to immerse in the big screen experience. No more stiff necks or aching backs from upright chairs. The ideal movie partner awaits.

Reading nooks, sitting areas, sunrooms, even master suites benefit from chaise-enhanced sofas. Savor a book and tea seated upright, then recline to dream the afternoon away. Perfect for peaceful relaxation or re-centering yourself.

With its lavish extra space for lounging in total comfort, a double wide chaise sofa is a must-have for nap enthusiasts, book lovers, binge watchers, and those craving room to recline. Experience the bliss for yourself!

A double wide chaise sofa provides plenty of room to lounge, nap, cuddle, and entertain. The extended chaise design indulges your relaxation fantasies. Love having space to stretch out? This sofa delivers. Upgrade your furniture and upgrade your comfort at the same time.

Stylish and elegant design options

Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

Who says a spacious sofa can’t also be stylish? Double wide chaise sofas come in gorgeous designs to elevate your space. With customizable fabrics and frames, you can easily find a sofa that’s both cozy and chic.

For a glamorous flair, look for chaise sofas wrapped in velvet. The plush velvet has a luminous sheen that instantly amps up the glitz and drama. Touches of metallic or crystal tufting add even more flair. Pair your velvet sofa with glossy accents and mirrored tables for a true Hollywood Regency vibe.

Prefer a midcentury modern aesthetic? Choose a chaise sofa with splayed tapered legs and clean lines. Low profile frames in warm acacia wood or matte black metal have an airy, floating effect. Graphic prints and solid saft tones keep the look serene and chic. Accent with sculptural decor and abstract art.

Country cottage style is having a major moment. A slipcovered linen chaise sofa lends breezy farmhouse flair. Crisp stripes and ticking check prints feel cheerful and casual. Skirted bases conceal storage space with a cozy feel. Mix in weathered woods, floral pillows, and chintz accents.

Make a refined statement with a Chesterfield style double chaise sofa. The iconic English design features deep button tufts, rolled arms, and turned feet. Choose a rich leather in cognac, chestnut, or black. Pair with dark woods and Tobacco hued accents for a posh gentleman’s lounge.

For bohemian flair, go for an eclectic global vibe. Layer on Turkish kilim pillows, Moroccan poufs, and tribal inspired prints. A rattan base feels natural and organic. Accent with plant stands, woven baskets, and your favorite art pieces for free-spirited cozy charm.

Scandinavian style is hot right now thanks to its minimalist elegance. Find a chaise in soft dove grey or serene sky blue. Exposed wood legs have an airy effect. Incorporate organic textures like wool pillows, faux sheepskin throws, and jute or sisal rugs. Keep lines clean and clutter-free.

Make a statement with an oversized curved chaise sofa in lush emerald or sapphire velvet. The dramatic silhouette instanly becomes the focal point. Add in metallic details like bronze nailheads for glitzy richness. Turn up the volume with bold art, mirrored accents, and layered jewel tone pillows.

For transitional appeal, combine contemporary shapes with traditional details. A sleek chaise sofa with flared English arms and turned feet straddles both styles. Tailored piping and neutral linen or boucle upholstery keep the look refined and timeless.

Kid-friendly doesn’t have to mean boring. Have fun with bright colors, playful prints, or even a “secret” storage ottoman. Durable microfiber or faux leather are family-friendly yet still stylish. Add in some coordinating patterned pillows for an instant style boost.

As you can see, double wide chaise sofas can work in any style space. With so many customizations available, you’re sure to find a sofa that’s both cozy and chic. Upgrade your seating and style at the same time!

A double wide chaise sofa lends lavish comfort and designer flair to any room. With endless custom fabrics, colors, and frames, you can create a personalized look that’s all your own. Indulge in the coziness and the compliments!

Customizable configurations for any space

One of the best things about double wide chaise sofas is that they can adapt to fit your unique space. With customizable orientation and fabric options, you can create a tailored configuration perfectly suited to your home.

The most common chaise orientations are right-facing or left-facing. Right-facing has the chaise portion on the right side as you face the sofa. Left-facing puts the chaise on the left. Choose the directionality that makes the most sense for your room layout and existing furniture placement. Float the chaise toward the open area of the room so it doesn’t feel cramped or cluttered.

In smaller spaces like apartments, a rear-facing chaise is a smart solution. Facing the chaise toward the back of the sofa frees up leg room in front. This orientation maximizes seating capacity without dominating the whole room. You can even use a corner chaise in tricky angular layouts.

For large open concept spaces, create custom sectional configurations. Combine a right-arm facing chaise sofa with a left-arm facing loveseat. This flowing L-shaped sectional provides abundant seating options. Add on ottomans, recliners or accent chairs to customize even further. The possibilities are endless!

To divide an open floor plan, position the chaise sofa in the middle of the room as a room divider. Float it behind your existing sofa to create two separate spaces. Or use two chaise sofas facing each other with a console table in the middle for an elegant entryway layout.

In a bedroom, floating chaise lounge seating at the foot of the bed creates a cozy retreat. Pop on your favorite pillows and enjoy breakfast in bed or unwind with a book. For studio apartments, it can even double as an extra sleeping/seating area.

Home theaters and media rooms benefit from movable chaise seating. Adjust as needed so multiple people have a direct view of the TV screen. Or pull up the chaise to create front row seats for movie watching.

Take your chaise outside to cozy up poolside or lounge on the patio. Look for all-weather wicker, aluminum or teak frames. Toss on some weather-resistant cushions and enjoy the fresh air in style.

With so many possible placements, orientations, and custom fabrics, you can design a double chaise sofa tailored to your lifestyle and space. Make it your own with the perfect layout for you.

A double wide chaise sofa flexes to suit your needs with customizable orientation and fabric options. Float, position and tailor your chaise to create a perfect configuration for your room. Enjoy optimal relaxation and aesthetics.

Quality materials for exceptional comfort

Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

When it comes to choosing a new sofa, comfort is key. But what exactly makes a sofa comfortable? The materials used in construction play a major role in determining how a sofa feels. By understanding the benefits of high-quality materials, you can find a sofa that provides exceptional coziness for lounging and relaxing.

One of the most important factors in sofa comfort is the cushioning. Higher-end sofas often use down or down-alternative fill in the cushions. This natural padding conforms to your body for premium softness and support. Down cushions also hold their shape well over time. Synthetic fills like polyester can compress and flatten more rapidly. However, manufacturers are improving the quality of polyester and foam cushions, so don’t rule them out completely. The density and composition of the foam make a big difference.

In addition to the type of fill, construction of the cushions affects comfort. Back cushions with a loose fill and removable covers can be adjusted and fluffed as needed. Attached back cushions without removable covers maintain a neat appearance but are less customizable. Tight seat cushions keep you elevated above the frame of the sofa. But cushions that are too firm or thin can lead to discomfort. The ideal balance is a seat cushion with some give but enough resilience to support your posture when sitting upright or reclining.

The upholstery covering the cushions also contributes to the feel of a sofa. Leather and faux leather offer an appealing sleekness and easy cleaning. However, the slickness of leather may cause you to slide around. Going with a textured leather or woven fabric prevents slipping. Softer microfiber and chenille fabrics add plushness. Natural fibers like cotton and linen provide breathability. But they wrinkle more easily. Sophisticated fabrics like velvet go a long way in creating a luxurious environment.

Underneath the cushions, sofa frames should be sturdy and durable. Hardwood frames prevent sagging or cracking over years of use. However, quality softwoods like kiln-dried pine are dependable options for more affordable sofas. The suspension system stretching from the frame to the seating plays a role too. Eight-way hand-tied springs allow for individual movement, enhancing the contours of the cushions. Sinuous springs and no-sag spring systems offer resilient support as well.

The style of the sofa impacts comfort too. A tight back with tall arms provides ample support for the head, neck, and back. Deep seats with extendable leg rests enable reclining for naps and relaxing. Sofas with chaise components offer versatile ways to stretch out. Sectionals provide multiple seating areas and arrangements perfect for conversations, reading, or watching TV.

When trying sofas in the store, assess the quality right away. Sit, lounge, and recline to test the cushions and experience how your body sinks in or rests atop. Run your hand along the upholstery and frame to check for sturdiness. Flip back the cushions to peek at the construction underneath. Don’t be shy – take your time and try before you buy.

Prioritizing premium materials results in long-lasting comfort. Natural fibers breathe, while high-density foams and down serve up plush softness. A strong frame coupled with quality upholstery and seat springs ensures enduring support. Investing in a well-crafted sofa made with exceptional materials provides comfort now and for years of relaxation to come.

Key Takeaways:

Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

  • Opt for down or down-alternative cushions over synthetic fills like polyester for softness that holds its shape.
  • Cushion construction affects comfort – removable covers allow for adjustments and back cushions with some fill provide cozy softness.
  • Leather and velvet offer appeal, while fabrics like microfiber and chenille add extra plushness.
  • Hardwood and kiln-dried softwood frames prevent cracking and sagging over time.
  • Chaise lounges and deep seats with extendable footrests allow for multiple comfortable positions.
  • Assess quality by sitting, feeling materials, and inspecting construction firsthand before purchase.

Affordable luxury and relaxation

Who says you need to spend a fortune to experience luxurious comfort in your home? Affordable sofas available today combine high-end style and indulgent relaxation without the outrageous price tags. With some savvy shopping, you can find budget-friendly sofas that look and feel like a million bucks.

Sofas with a streamlined silhouette and clean lines provide an instant sophistication upgrade for your living space. Avoid bulky rolled arms and skirts in favor of a tight back and straight profile along the sides. The visual lightness creates the illusion of more space. For affordability, look for sofas with feather wrapped foam cushions. You get the soft support of down at a fraction of the cost.

Up the plush factor with sofa cushions stuffed with a fluffy polyester fill alternative. This super soft fill mimics the cloud-like comfort of pricey hypoallergenic fibers. Just be sure to fluff and rotate the cushions frequently to maintain that luxurious loft. Or choose sofas with removable, washable covers to keep the cushions fresh.

Nothing says luxury like velvet, but nubby polyester velvet ups the affordability factor. The rich texture instantly elevates the look and feel of any budget-friendly sofa. For easy maintenance, search for velvet-feel microfiber. It provides the same sensuous vibe minus the special dry cleaning bill. Just be sure to vacuum frequently to remove dust and lint from the finicky fabric.

If sleek leather makes you think high-end, faux leather is a fantastic affordable alternative. Opt for softened faux leathers rather than shiny, plasticky PU leather. Brands are getting better at creating convincing fake leathers with supple hands and convincing graining. For best results, condition faux leather occasionally with a specialty oil to maintain suppleness.

Achieve the detail of a custom-made sofa without the shocking price tag by choosing a style with trim options. Piping or welting along the cushions and base instantly classes up an affordable sofa. Nailhead trim adds eye-catching punctuation and dimension right where you lounge. Just go easy on embellishments to retain a refined look.

Love the look of luxurious large-scale sofas but don’t have the massive budget to match? Scale down the size but not the style. Compact loveseats and apartment sofas provide the same sophisticated silhouette of their oversized inspirations in a smaller, more affordable package. Just be sure to measure thoroughly so the petite sofa fits your space.

If your budget allows, splurge on a power reclining sofa or loveseat. Nothing says first-class lounging like powered adjustability at your fingertips. Skip bulky mechanical lever arms by choosing streamlined consoles or clean-lined arms that conceal the reclining motors. Aim for smooth and quiet operation so you can relax in peace.

For the illusion of custom-made luxury, look for sofas with skirted bottoms that cover the base entirely. The skirt minimizes exposed legs for a more polished, built-in look. If loose back cushions are included, choose attached kidney pillows to create a tidy, tailored appearance.

Don’t overlook quality construction hidden beneath the upholstery. Well-made frames prevent sagging over time. Eight-way hand-tied springs increase longevity while providing responsive comfort. And cushions filled with dense foam or fiber prevent collapse and retain their plushness.

With the right combination of stylish design, supple comfort and smart construction, it’s possible to experience indulgent relaxation on a budget. Forego flashy details and focus on clean lines, soft textures and select splurges like power adjustability or velvety fabric. A little savvy shopping goes a long way when finding affordable sofas that feel like a luxury.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clean, streamlined silhouettes with tight backs create an instant sophistication upgrade.
  • Opt for feather wrapped foam or fluffy poly fills over pricier down and fibers.
  • Velvet and faux leathers provide luxury looks without the high-end costs.
  • Piping, nailheads and skirting add designer details on a budget.
  • Power reclining and smooth performance offer first-class adjustable comfort.
  • Quality frames, springs and dense cushions ensure enduring luxury and comfort.

Easy maintenance and care

Let’s be honest – life gets messy, especially with kids and pets roaming the house. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and comfort when choosing a new sofa. Plenty of family-friendly, easy-care sofas are available to handle the wear and tear of daily living. By selecting the right materials and construction, you can enjoy stylish, cozy seating without the headache of high-maintenance care.

For fuss-free fabric sofas, performance textiles are the way to go. Stain-resistant treatments create a barrier against spills and messes penetrating and ruining the upholstery. From wine to ketchup, liquids bead up so you can wipe away quickly before stains set. Just be sure to spot test new fabrics to ensure the protective coating works as advertised.

Microfiber is a miracle fabric for family sofas. The tightly woven synthetic microstrands create a surface that resists stains, dirt, and pet hair. Even better, microfiber stands up well to cleaning so you can spot treat stains and regularly vacuum without damage. Choose a microfiber with some texture and a soft hand for comfort along with durability.

Soft, cozy chenille may seem too delicate for kid and pet friendly sofas. But new stain-resistant treatments protect the iridescent piles while retaining the fabric’s cloud-like texture. Avoid darker colors to prevent obvious pet hair or lint accumulation between vacuums. And frequently use a fabric shaver or lint roller to remove debris and maintain a fresh look.

Leather sofas may seem high maintenance, but they’re actually easier to clean than fabric. Genuine leather wipes down easily and is naturally resistant to wear, stains, and dirt. Durability does depend on the type of leather though – full grain stands up better while less expensive bonded leather can crack over time. Condition regularly to prevent drying out.

For vegan families, faux leather is a great leather look-alike requiring similar easy care. Blot spills immediately before they have a chance to soak in. Routinely wipe down with a clean, damp cloth and mild soap and water solution. Avoid harsh cleaners or abrasives that could strip the protective finish.

Slipcovers can be a saving grace for light colored or delicate upholstery fabrics prone to dirtying and damage. Fitted covers protect the actual sofa material underneath while you launder the slipcovers as needed in your washing machine. Just be sure to buy a couple sets and swap them out between washes.

Kid and pet friendly sofas benefit from removable, washable cushion and pillow covers. Being able to toss the covers in your home washer and dryer helps sofas maintain a fresher look longer. Covers also protect cushions from body oils, dirt and gradual flattening so the interior fill retains its loft and support.

Sofa styles with tighter profiles and less exposed legs or corners are smarter choices if you have rambunctious kids or large pets. Tight backs and cushions eliminate convenient hiding spots for lost toys and treats. Avoid low, wide arms or exposed wood legs that can easily be scratched or marked up.

High-quality construction with strong frames and reinforced joining is well worth the investment for family sofas. Durable hardwood frames resist cracking while corner blocking and secured joints prevent wobbling or loosening over time. Eight-way hand-tied springs increase longevity and prevent sagging or collapse of the interior cushions.

Don’t think you have to sacrifice comfort for an easy-care sofa. Plenty of family-friendly options today combine both coziness and convenience. Just look for protective finishes, washable covers, and cozy yet durable fabrics. A little planning goes a long way in finding sofas that withstand daily living while looking fabulous.

Key Takeaways:

Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

  • Stain-resistant coatings on fabric allow for quick wipe-ups of spills and messes.
  • Microfiber and chenille stand up well to family use with proper routine care.
  • Leather and faux leather are easy to wipe clean and naturally resistant to wear.
  • Slipcovers and removable, washable covers protect upholstery and refresh sofas.
  • Tight construction without spaces minimizes dirt and pet hair accumulation.
  • Invest in strong frames, reinforced joints, and 8-way hand-tied springs.

Long-lasting durability and support

When shopping for a new sofa, it’s tempting to choose based on style and initial comfort alone. But durable construction is equally important for a sofa that maintains its cozy support and wears well for years of use. Prioritizing quality materials and sturdy craftsmanship ensures your investment provides lasting performance and enjoyment.

A durable hardwood frame resists cracking, warping and structural damage that lead to sagging cushions and an uneven surface. Oak, ash, maple and poplar are all dense hardwoods ideal for sofa frames. Pine and other softwoods are more budget friendly but still sturdy with proper construction and joinery techniques.

In addition to the type of wood, the thickness and construction of the frame impacts durability. Kiln-dried wood with limited knots helps prevent splitting or cracking under weight and pressure over time. Corner blocks provide stability and reinforce 90-degree frame connections most prone to loosening as you get in and out of the sofa.

Eight-way hand-tied springs increase the longevity of a sofa compared to other spring systems. Each spring can move independently and adjust to shifts in weight distribution. This flexibility prevents permanent compression lines and discomfort from uneven support. Sinuous and no-sag spring systems are viable options as well.

Cushions and padding require the right materials to retain their comfort and support for years. High-resiliency polyurethane foam offers consistent stability and bounce back. Down wrapped around foam conforms nicely to your shape while maintaining loft. For budget options, dense polyester fibers resist flattening from compression.

Durable upholstery fabric resists pilling, fading, and stretching from regular use. Look for tightly woven natural or synthetic fabrics with inherent stain resistance. Performance finishes repel water, oil, and dirt so surfaces clean up easily. Leather ages gracefully with character but requires regular conditioning.

Double stitched seams are less likely to split or unravel compared to basic seams. They distribute tension along the edges of cushions and across areas where multiple fabrics join. Stitched welting also strengthens edges and gives sofas a tailored finish.

Removable cushion covers allow you to protect and refresh the interior fill when covers get soiled. Zippers make slip-covering easy while Velcro closures secure covers firmly in place. Just have replacement covers on hand so you can launder without downtime.

Rotate your cushions frequently, ideally weekly, to minimize uneven wear, compression, and damage from prolonged pressure in the same spots. Distribute your weight across the whole sofa to prevent distorted sinking.

Keep your sofa looking new by promptly treating spills and stains. Check labels for cleaning codes and recommended products for your specific fabric. Frequent vacuuming also removes dirt and grit that can abrade and degrade upholstery.

Select sofa styles with tight construction that eliminates space for dirt and crumbs to accumulate. Tight backs and seats without open gaps keep your sofa cleaner between thorough vacuumings. Smooth upholstery is easier to wipe down as well.

With routine care and maintenance, a quality sofa delivers cozy support for a decade or longer. The key is buying for durability up front – a worthy investment in long-term comfort, function and style in your living space.

Key Takeaways:

Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

  • Opt for durable hardwood frames like oak, ash and maple that resist cracking and splitting.
  • Corner blocks and eight-way hand-tied springs increase stability and longevity.
  • High-resilient foam, down wrapping, and dense fibers maintain cushion loft.
  • Performance fabrics and leather resist wear, stains, pilling and fading over time.
  • Reinforced double stitched seams prevent rupturing and unraveling.
  • Rotate cushions and promptly treat stains to prevent uneven wear.

Perfect for family rooms, living rooms, dens

The ideal family room sofa seamlessly handles the wear and tear of daily life while providing versatile seating for gatherings and relaxation. Fortunately, today’s market offers plentiful options perfect for busy family spaces.

Sturdy microfiber stands up well to kids, pets, and spills while offering family-friendly softness. Textured weaves add visual interest while hiding dirt and lint between vacuumings. Just be sure to blot spills immediately before they have a chance to soak in.

For active families, slipcovered sofas are a saving grace. The protective covers can be removed and machine washed to keep the upholstery underneath pristine. Choose sturdy cottons and denims that layer well over cushioning. Stock up on a few extra covers for frequent laundering.

Leather is family-tough and easily wipes clean, but can feel sticky in warmer climates. Faux leather is a durable alternative with the same no-fuss maintenance. Durability varies though so opt for quality PU leathers over vinyls prone to cracking.

Modular sectionals provide the ultimate flexibility for changing family needs. Rearrange components to create custom configurations perfect for movie nights, game days, or just lounging. Sturdy hardwood frames withstand frequent rearranging without weakening connections.

Reclining sofas with extendable footrests make the family room a favorite relaxation destination. Look for smooth power operation and generously padded cushions for superior comfort. Cup holders and storage consoles keep drinks and remotes handy.

Bench cushions without dividing seams allow for sprawling and cuddling, while loose backs offer easy access to toys that inevitably get dropped between cushions. Just be sure to flip and rotate the cushions regularly to prevent uneven wear.

Classic designs with tight profiles resist picking up every stray crumb thanks to the absence of open gaps in the arms and frame. Track arms also neatly frame seat cushions for a streamlined appearance.

For busy family spaces, choose low-maintenance fabrics and surfaces. Performance upholsteries with stain resistance make wipe-ups a breeze while smooth leather-look coatings deter grime. Durable synthetics like olefin and polyester last longer than delicate natural fibers.

Look for a sofa with a sturdy American hardwood frame and reinforced corner blocks for stability that prevents eventual wobbling or loosening. Mortise and tenon joinery and double dowel construction add further strength at stress points.

Washable slipcovers are useful for light upholstery prone to marks, while removable and replaceable cushion covers simplify cleaning of soiled fills. Having backups also allows you to quickly swap out for a fresh look.

Prioritize heavy-duty support systems including eight-way hand-tied springs to prevent premature sagging and loss of comfort from constant use. High-density foams are more resistant to body impressions as well.

Today’s durable, family-friendly sofas combine stain-resistant easy care with cozy comfort features like reclining and modular flexibility. Focus on performance fabrics, quality construction and easy maintenance for a sofa that handles busy family life with ease.

Key Takeaways:

  • Microfibers resist stains, wear, and dirt while offering softness for families.
  • Slipcovered sofas allow for easy washing and refreshing of covers.
  • Modular pieces allow customizable configurations perfect for gatherings.
  • Reclining mechanisms make lounging comfortable for movie nights and relaxing.
  • Tight profiles limit spaces for crumbs and dirt to accumulate.
  • Sturdy frames, joinery, and support systems increase durability.

Top brands and where to buy online

If you’re looking to add some serious comfort to your living room, a double wide chaise sofa should be at the top of your list. With their extra-wide seats and laidback lounging positions, these couches are perfect for stretching out and unwinding after a long day. But with so many options on the market, it can be tricky to find the right one. To help you on your cozy couch quest, here’s an overview of some of the top brands making double wide chaise sofas and the best places to buy them online.


Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

Known for their boho chic aesthetic, Anthropologie offers a selection of creatively designed double wide chaise sofas. Many of their couches feature vintage inspired upholstery in lively prints and patterns. If you’re looking to add some artsy flair to your living room, their Evadne sofa has a bright multicolored striped fabric along with dramatic curved arms and tapered wooden legs. The deep seat and extra wide chaise extension give you plenty of space to kick back. You can shop Anthropologie’s full collection of eclectic sofas online and have them conveniently shipped to your door.

West Elm

For contemporary casual style, West Elm delivers simple and stylish double wide chaise sofas. Ranging from sleek faux leather to cozy linen upholstery, their selection offers versatile options to match any decor. The Harrison sofa combines the comfort of a deep seat with the clean lines of retro mid-century design. It features elongated bench styled cushions and an extra wide chaise lounge where you can prop your feet up and completely decompress. Order through West Elm’s website to get free shipping.

Crate & Barrel

Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

Known for their minimalist Scandinavian inspired designs, Crate & Barrel offers unfussy double wide chaise sofas that focus on simple shapes and neutral colors. Their Axis II leather sofa has the relaxed vibe of a lived in favorite, with super soft pebbled leather and plush seat cushions. The wide corner chaise provides ample stretch out room for next level lounging. Crate & Barrel offers white glove delivery on their furniture purchases, so your new sofa will be professionally unboxed and set up in your home.

Pottery Barn

For classic comfort with a cozy cottage feel, Pottery Barn’s selection of double wide chaise sofas is a top choice. Many of their sofas feature slipcovers that can be removed for easy cleaning. The Bradford sofa has a relaxed distressed leather look and ultra-soft cushions that beckon you to sink in. The full-length chaise provides plenty of room to really spread out and put your feet up. Pottery Barn offers in-home delivery, so your new couch will be professionally installed right in your living room.


If you’re looking for a customizable option, Joybird lets you design your dream double wide chaise sofa from scratch. Select from different configurations, fabrics, shapes and sizes to create a couch that’s uniquely you. Add extra deep seating and oversized cushions for the ultimate in lounging luxury. Joybird uses sustainably sourced solid wood frames and high density foams so your custom couch is built to last. Their sofas are made to order in the USA and ship for free directly to your home.

Living Spaces

For budget-friendly prices on quality couches, check out Living Spaces selection of discounted sofas. They offer a range of double chaise designs that don’t skimp on comfort, like the Aisley sofa. It features a full chaise lounge and soft microfiber upholstery at an affordable price point. Living Spaces frequently runs sales on their furniture both online and in stores. And they offer same day delivery for in-stock items so you can start lounging on your new sofa right away.

American Furniture Warehouse

Comfy Couch Bliss: Discover the Cozy Comforts of a Double Wide Chaise Sofa

Stretching your dollar without sacrificing style? American Furniture Warehouse carries a wide selection of value-focused double chaise sofas. The Damacio power reclining sofa lets you kick back in adjustable powered positions while still providing ample seating space when upright thanks to the double chaise design. AFW offers steep discounts on their furniture compared to big box retailers. And you can get your new sofa fast with next day delivery right to your door.

When you’re ready to take your living room lounging to the next level, a double wide chaise sofa is the way to go. With extra space to stretch out and get cozy, they’re designed for full on relaxation. Take your time browsing the selections from these top brands online, and soon you’ll be kicking back in affordable double chaise sofa bliss.