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Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Greige hair is poised to be one of the hottest hair color trends of 2023. But what exactly is greige hair? Essentially, it’s a gorgeous blend of gray and beige tones that creates a soft, neutral yet dimensional hair color. Unlike harsh platinum or ashy blonde shades, greige hair flatters a wide range of skin tones. From dirty blonde to light brown to silver fox, there’s a greige shade for everyone. Here’s an in-depth look at everything you need to know to get in on the greige hair trend.

What is Greige Hair Color? Understanding the Nuances

Greige hair combines taupe-y beige hues with silvery grays to create a muted, natural-looking hair color. It’s an updated take on granny hair that skips the yellow brassiness for a more refined look. The beige tones keep greige hair warm while the gray adds depth and dimension. It’s essentially a toned-down version of blonde with subtle cool undertones running throughout.

Unlike platinum or icy blonde, greige hair is much lower maintenance. The soft muted tones don’t wash you out and keep your color looking natural as your roots grow in. And skipping the vivid yellow hues means you can easily stretch time between touch-up appointments. Greige allows you to enjoy the chic, modern look of gray hair without the harsh contrast of full-on silver.

Greige vs Blonde: Subtle But Impactful Difference

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

At first glance, greige and blonde hair may appear quite similar. But upon closer inspection, the distinctions become more apparent. Blonde shades skew warm with vibrant yellow or golden undertones. Greige hair eliminates those brassy tones in favor of neutral beige and ash colors. The result is a cooler, more refined look than yellow blonde.

Greige also incorporates more gray tones throughout for added dimension. While blonde hair tends to look flat and one-dimensional, greige has inherent highlights and lowlights that catch the light beautifully. It’s like an elevated version of dirty blonde or dishwater blonde hair.

Is Greige Hair Flattering For Your Skin Tone?

Here’s the best part about greige hair – it’s incredibly versatile and flatters most skin tones. The beige tones keep it from washing out pale complexions while the gray adds depth to prevent looking too mousy. And it’s muted enough not to compete with darker skin.

Those with fair skin tend to look best in greige with a higher ratio of silver to counter redness or sallowness. Warm olive and medium skin tones should opt for more beige and taupe shades of greige to complement their coloring.

Greige hair is perfect for softening harsh lines and brightening dull skin. The secret is selecting the right shade of greige for your unique complexion. Consult with an experienced colorist for the most flattering options.

Best Techniques For Greige Hair Color Application

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Achieving the perfect shade of greige hair requires precision and skill. This is definitely a job for a professional colorist. They’ll evaluated your base hair color and complexion to custom mix a greige shade that complements your features.

The process typically starts by pre-lightening the hair to create a blank canvas. For those going from brunette to greige, lightening to a pale blonde is necessary first. Then toner is applied to cancel out yellow tones and add in the beige and silver hues.

Foils or balayage are often used to help blend the greige color naturally. Alternating between foils with warmer beige tones and cooler silvery sections creates the depth and dimension that makes greige hair so coveted.

A gloss or toner may be applied at the end to ensure the blonde base doesn’t peek through. Expect the process to take several hours to achieve that perfect greige finish.

Greige Hair Dos and Don’ts: Styling Tips

Greige hair may seem low maintenance, but there are some styling tricks that can take it to the next level. Lean into greige’s naturally texturized look by rough drying hair with a salt spray or dry shampoo. Adding in some waves enhances the multi-tonal coloring.

While greige hair is generally a neutral shade, color coordinated styling products can tone it as needed. Purple shampoo maintains cool vibrancy while beige or golden products add warmth as desired.

Watch your texture when styling. Silvery tones in greige hair can become brassy if hair is overheated with hot tools. Keep heat styling to a minimum and always use a thermal protectant.

Maintaining Greige Hair’s Vibrancy and Health

As with any lightened hair, diligent maintenance is vital for keeping greige color looking fresh. Use a sulfate-free colour-safe shampoo to gently cleanse and condition hair. Wash only 1-2 times per week to preserve vibrancy.

Deep condition regularly and trim split ends to prevent breakage of the delicate lightened strands. Avoid chlorine, salt water, and hot styling tools which can rapidly fade greige color.

Schedule a tone-refreshing gloss or toner treatment every 4 to 6 weeks. This helps counteract fading and brassiness between full color appointments. With proper maintenance, greige hair can retain its chic, dimensional look for months.

Greige Hair Inspiration: Celebrities Rocking The Look

Need some inspiration before taking the plunge to greige? Plenty of stylish celebrities have embraced the on-trend hair color. Model Gigi Hadid stunned with golden greige locks at her recent spring fashion shows.

Actress Zendaya showed off chic dirty greige hair at the 2021 Oscars, proving it can stand out even on the red carpet. And Kim Kardashian made headlines going platinum greige for a striking yet refined look.

The timeless elegance of Julianne Moore’s signature ginger greige hair shows how it flatters all ages. Understated yet beautiful greige hair gives off an expensive salon vibe.

Finding The Right Greige Hair Dye Products

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Ready to make the switch to greige? There are some excellent at-home hair dye options that make achieving this look easy. Start by choosing a lightening kit to take your base to a pale canvas if needed.

Then use a toner like Wella Color Charm in Beige Blonde or Silver to neutralize brassiness. Alternate between both for added dimension. Finally, lock in the color with a greige glaze like Clairol Shimmer Lights or Overtone in Smoky Silver.

Step-By-Step Guide For DIY Greige Hair Color

While best left to pros, it is possible to go greige at home with careful prep and the right products. Always start by pre-lightening hair to a level 9 or 10 blonde. Then tone with a violet-blue toner to cancel yellow brassiness.

Next, apply a mix of beige blonde and silver toner all over, following the instructions for development time. Rinse thoroughly. Finish with a greige gloss to reinforce the color. Maintain by using purple shampoo and conditioning well.

Patience and realistic expectations go a long way for DIY greige hair. Book a salon consultation if you don’t achieve the desired results at home.

Greige Hair Color Mistakes To Avoid

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

It’s easy to botch greige hair if you don’t know what to look out for. Trying to go greige without pre-lightening will look muddy and dull. Not toning out all the yellow leads to unappealing brassy tones.

Overusing purple shampoo can result in accidentally going silver instead of greige. Not maintaining tonality with glosses quickly shifts greige hair to beige or platinum.

Greige hair done wrong can end up a budget granny style instead of chic and modern. Consult a colorist if you can’t avoid these common pitfalls and mistakes.

With proper application and maintenance, greige hair color is a gorgeous option for anyone seeking a versatile, low-key hair change. The perfect fusion of blonde and gray, it manages to look effortlessly stylish. Consider embracing this trending hair color for a whole new look in 2023 and beyond.

Greige hair is set to become the “it” hair color of 2023. This gorgeous blend of gray and beige tones creates a soft, understated look that’s far more flattering than harsh platinum blonde. But what exactly sets greige apart from regular blonde? Let’s dive into the subtle yet impactful differences between these trendy hair colors.

Greige vs Blonde: Subtle But Impactful Difference

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake greige and blonde for the same thing. But when examined closely, distinct variations emerge. While both are light hair colors, greige has a muted, cooler undertone compared to blonde’s vivid warmth.

Blonde shades tend to appear brassy or yellow in tone. They reflect light to create an eye-catching effect. Greige hair, on the other hand, incorporates ash and silver hues for a more refined look. Imagine blonde’s bolder big sister – that’s essentially greige hair.

In terms of dimension, blonde often looks flat and one-dimensional. Bright yellow pigments overwhelm the hair, leaving little contrast. Greige hair utilizes lowlights and highlights to add depth and visual interest. It’s like an elevated version of dirty or dishwater blonde.

When it comes to maintenance, greige also has an advantage over blonde. All those warm yellows in blonde demand constant toning to keep out brassiness. The effortless cool tones of greige hair increase time between salon visits. Less upkeep makes it a more practical option.

Who Can Pull Off Greige Hair?

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Here’s the best part – greige hair is universally flattering. The muted beige and ash tones complement most complexions beautifully. Fair or medium skin with neutral or cool undertones look most striking with greige.

Those with darker complexions should opt for greige shades with more warmth like caramel and champagne. This prevents the color from clashing with skin tone. Overall greige is more forgiving than blonde when it comes to skin tones.

Achieving That Perfect Greige Finish

Reach your greige hair goals by seeing a professional colorist. They’ll custom blend a shade to match your base hair and skin tone. For those going from brunette to greige, lightening comes first.

Toner eliminates brassy yellows to make way for the cool greige tones. A demi-permanent gloss can be applied on top to seal in shine and vibrancy. Expect the coloring process to take a few hours to get it right.

Patience is crucial. Greige hair cannot be rushed if you want that trendy dimensional look. Maintain it by using color-safe shampoo and scheduling occasional gloss treatments.

Greige vs Blonde: Which is Right for You?

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Now that you know the difference, should you go blonde or greige? If you want understated elegance with minimal upkeep, greige is likely the better choice. Blonde makes more of a sultry statement for those seeking drama.

Consider your base hair color too. Greige works best starting as a brunette, while blondes can enhance their look by going greige. Pairing your undertone with the right shade is key for either trendy hue.

Talk to an experienced hair colorist about whether warmer blonde or cooler greige is the best match for your complexion and hair goals. While subtle, the differences between them are impactful.

DIY Greige Hair Tips and Tricks

Dreaming of greige hair but don’t want to splurge on the salon? You can come close to the look at home with a little effort. First lighten strands to nearly white. Then use a purple toner to cancel yellowness.

Mix a silver and beige blonde toner together and apply thoroughly for greige results. Finish with a conditioning grey glaze. Maintain with blue shampoo and limit washing to preserve the color.

While still best done by a professional, it is possible to achieve greige hair on your own. Just be patient and ready to make adjustments until you love the results!

Greige hair is on the rise for its ability to brighten without going overboard. A touch of grey adds sophistication in a youthful way. Consider embracing this stylish hair color trend for 2023 if you’re after a head-turning yet laidback look.

Greige hair is poised to be the “it” color of 2023. This gorgeous fusion of gray and beige flatters a wide range of skin tones for an effortlessly chic look. But is greige right for your complexion? Let’s explore how flattering this hair color trend can be.

Is Greige Hair Flattering For Your Skin Tone?

One of the best aspects of greige hair is its versatility when it comes to complementing different skin tones. While it may seem counterintuitive to go darker with your hair as your skin lightens, greige is a noteworthy exception.

The cool tones in greige bring out the rosy undertones in fair skin beautifully. It prevents washed out sallowness better than platinum blonde. For deeper skin, greige’s warmth prevents clashing. It all comes down to custom tailoring the ratio of ash to beige.

Greige is especially ideal for those with neutral or olive skin. It aligns with both cool and warm undertones to brighten without competing. The flattering effect applies across the complexion spectrum.

Greige Hair Tips for Fair Skin

If you have porcelain or light beige skin, focus on ashier shades of greige. Icy platinum and silver hues offset any redness in the face. Aim for greige styles on Emma Stone or Billie Eilish for inspiration.

Stay clear of yellow tones which can make fair skin appear sickly. Cool berry and ash greige brings out your eyes and flatters your skin’s pink undertones. Use purple shampoo to prevent any brassiness from developing.

Greige Hair for Medium Skin

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Those with medium neutral skin benefit from a more even mix of grey and beige in their greige hair. Equal parts icy and warm tones keep your complexion from looking washed out or drab.

Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian offer celebrity inspiration here. Ask for buttery caramel lowlights and frosty pearlescent pieces around your face. The contrast adds dimension that pops against medium skin.

Best Greige Shades for Olive Skin

Lucky you if your complexion is on the olive side of the spectrum! The green undertones allow you to pull off a wide spectrum of greige shades. Focus on champagne and mocha-infused hues for a natural yet striking look.

Hailey Bieber’s bronde greige and Jessica Alba’s warm greige brown are perfect examples. The trick is keeping contrast low to prevent clashing. Neutral warm greige brings out golden glow in olive skin.

Can You Go Greige With Dark Skin?

Absolutely! For darker complexions, focus on caramel, honey, and maple-infused greige shades. The key is avoiding cool silvery tones and opting for a warm, natural-looking greige.

Zendaya, Lupita Nyong’o, and Beyonce all rock gorgeous warm greige hair beautifully. Flat greige roots transitioning into buttery highlighted bronze greige ends is a win. Play up your skin’s richness with greige.

DIY Greige for Different Skin Tones

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Want to test drive greige hair at home first? Choose toner that offsets your skin’s undertones. Cool skin looks best with Wella Color Charm T18. Neutral and warm skin suits Beige Blonde. Custom mix to your needs.

Finish with a gloss like Clairol Shimmer Lights for violet skin, Overtone Rose Gold for warm skin, and Smoky Silver for neutral. Examine how your complexion glows before committing.

Greige hair offers a customizable spectrum of flattering shades for any skin type. Whether you DIY or visit the salon, keep your unique undertone in mind for maximum impact. Go greige!

Greige hair is poised to be big in 2023. But nailing those gorgeous nuanced greige tones requires skill. What are the best techniques for applying this trendy hair color? Let’s explore the methods for greige hair color perfection.

Best Techniques For Greige Hair Color Application

Achieving flawless greige hair requires precision application by a seasoned colorist. Custom mixing and meticulous technique are key to avoiding mistakes.

Typically, the process starts with pre-lightening. For those going greige from brunette hair, pale blonde lightening comes first. This creates a blank canvas for the greige color.

Toner is then applied to cancel out any yellow or orange brassiness left behind from lightening. A violet-blue toner helps neutralize those warm undertones.

Once hair is prepped, the colorist custom mixes shades to create the perfect greige. Beige blonde, silver blonde, and ash toner are blended based on your desired finish.

Foils or balayage are often used to help seamlessly blend in the greige hues. Separating hair into fine slices enables maximum precision.

Precision Application for Flawless Greige

Meticulous application is key to achieving optimal greige color results. This entails thoroughly saturating every strand with the custom greige mixture to avoid splotchiness.

Colorists often alternate between warmer beige pieces and cooler ash slices to add dimension. Lighter pieces around the face provide flattering definition.

Finally, a demi-permanent gloss can be applied over top to lock in shine and longevity. This helps combat fading or brassiness over time.

Time and Patience Are Crucial

Rushing the process leads to lackluster greige hair. To achieve flawless dimensional greige, set aside up to 5 hours for your color appointment.

Since hair must be pre-lightened to pale blonde first, coloring to greige cannot be hurried along. Attempting to speed up the lightening risks damage or orange tones.

Meticulous greige toner application is also a lengthy process. So put your hair in the hands of a trusted colorist and come prepared to be patient.

At-Home Greige Hair Techniques

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Achieving professional chic greige hair at home is challenging but not impossible. You can come close with the right products and techniques.

Lighten strands to nearly white before applying a purple toner to eliminate brassiness. Follow up with a mix of beige and silver toners all over.

Finish with a deeply conditioning grey glaze or gloss for added hydration and shine. Maintain tonality with blue or violet shampoo.

While still best left to colorists, you can DIY surprisingly decent greige hair with the proper tools and time investment.

With skill, patience and the right method, greige hair color can be flawlessly executed. Consult a seasoned colorist to get those on-trend dimensional locks!

Greige hair is poised to trend in 2023. But what’s the best way to style this dimensional hue? Here are the dos and don’ts for maximizing your greige tresses.

Greige Hair Dos and Don’ts: Styling Tips

Greige hair offers versatility for styling, but following a few guidelines helps you make the most of the color. Here are some dos:

– Do add texture with sea salt spray or dry shampoo at roots. This boosts the natural lived-in vibe of greige hair.

– Do braid, twist, or wave greige hair to highlight the multi-tonal dimension.

– Do use color-coordinating toning products like purple or blue shampoo to keep brassiness at bay.

– Do mix up cool and warm styling products to tone greige hair as needed. Add warmth with golden oils or cool it down with silvery mousses.

And some don’ts:

– Don’t overdo hot tools like curling irons or straighteners which can cause greige hair to oxidize and become brassy.

– Don’t wash frequently. Limit cleansing to 1-2 times per week to maintain vibrancy.

– Don’t brush greige hair when wet or saturated. Detangling should be done gently on damp hair to avoid breakage.

– Don’t use regular shampoos or harsh sulfates which strip color. Stick to color-safe formulations.

Styling Greige Hair Wet vs Dry

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Should you style greige hair wet or dry? For minimized damage, focus styling efforts on damp hair rather than soaking wet or fully dry.

Fully saturated hair is fragile when brushing or heat styling. And completely dried hair requires more intense heat to manipulate.

For the best blend of flexibility and strength, apply greige hair products to damp strands after gently brushing through knots. Then air dry or diffuse on low settings before finishing with any hot tools for polish.

Maintenance – Keeping Greige Hair Vibrant

Preserving that dimensional greige color requires diligent maintenance:

– Shampoo minimally, using only sulfate-free color-safe products. Condition well with a weekly deep treatment.

– Rinse with cool water instead of hot to prevent color fading.

– Apply a toning gloss or mask between full color appointments to refresh tone.

– Dust ends regularly to snip any split ends before they travel up the shaft.

– Use a microfiber hair towel or old t-shirt to gently dry greige hair.

With proper care between salon visits, your flawless greige hair will maintain its chic styling versatility and depth.

Greige hair offers the perfect cool-yet-warm shade to take your look up a notch. Follow these tips and tricks to keep this dimensional color looking its best.

Greige hair is set to be huge in 2023. But preserving the vibrancy and health of greige tresses requires diligent maintenance. Here’s how to keep your dimensional hair looking its best.

Maintaining Greige Hair’s Vibrancy and Health

As a lightened hair color, greige requires extra care to stay vibrant and healthy. Here are some tips:

– Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner made specifically for color-treated hair. Gentle cleansing preserves greige tones.

– Wash greige hair less often, just 1-2 times per week. Over-washing causes fading.

– Rinse with lukewarm or cool water instead of hot to prevent color oxidation.

– Apply a weekly hydrating hair mask to condition and strengthen greige strands.

– Use a microfiber towel or old t-shirt to gently blot greige hair when wet. Rubbing causes frizz and damage.

Boost Shine and Vibrancy Between Salon Visits

Greige hair color can fade or look dull between full color appointments. Give it a boost by:

– Using a toning gloss treatment to refresh tone and shine every 4-6 weeks.

– Alternating between blue and violet shampoo weekly to neutralize brassiness.

– Minimizing use of hot styling tools that cause oxidation.

– Applying weekly conditioning masks, oils, or serums to boost hydration.

– Getting a dusting trim every 6-8 weeks to snip split ends before they travel up the shaft.

Protect Greige Hair from Styling Damage

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Lightened greige hair is prone to dryness and breakage. Take caution when heat styling:

– Always apply a thermal protectant spray before using hot tools.

– Allow greige hair to air dry most of the way before finishing with a blow dryer or iron.

– If diffusing greige hair, use low heat and speed settings.

– Limit use of hot tools like curling irons and straighteners which cause damage over time.

– Gently detangle greige hair when damp before blow drying using a wide-tooth comb.

With a diligent maintenance routine, greige hair can maintain its chic, dimensional vibrancy for months on end.

Going greige is a stylish choice but requires some extra TLC. Follow these tips and tricks to protect the health and hue of your new locks!

Greige hair is set to be huge in 2023. And plenty of stylish celebrities are already rocking the dimensional gray-beige color beautifully. Their looks offer inspiration as you consider going greige.

Greige Hair Inspiration: Celebrities Rocking The Look

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Need some motivation before making the leap to greige? Here are a few celebs flaunting gorgeous greige manes:

– Model Gigi Hadid turned heads with golden greige locks at recent fashion shows. Her gilded take on greige oozes expensive sophistication.

– Zendaya showed off chic dirty greige hair at the 2021 Oscars. Proof the color can stand out even on the red carpet against the best styles.

– Kim Kardashian famously went “greystone” platinum with an icy greige makeover. It resulted in a striking yet refined look perfect for her minimalist aesthetic.

Greige Hair Inspiration For All Ages

Greige isn’t just for the young Hollywood set. Iconic actresses also make the case for greige elegance:

– Julianne Moore’s iconic ginger greige hair proves the shade brings out blue eyes beautifully. Timeless and ageless.

– Jennifer Aniston’s bronde greige gives off natural vibes with a hint of sophistication.

– Helen Mirren’s steely grey-greige bob exudes confidence and grace.

Greige For All Skin Tones

Greige hair has shades to complement every skin tone, as shown by diverse celebs:

– Beyonce and Zendaya embody warm honey greige hair on deeper complexions.

– Emma Stone and Billie Eilish glow in icy platinum greige with fair skin.

– Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen shine with caramel and champagne greige on medium neutral skin.

Seeing famous faces rock greige hair demystifies the trend and offers real-world inspiration. Find the right greige shade and make it your own!

Greige hair is having a major moment, and celebrities are leading the charge. Their stunning examples make a compelling case for embracing this stylish color.

Greige hair is having a moment for 2023. But finding the right dye products to achieve this dimensional color can be tricky. Here’s what to look for when shopping for greige hair color.

Finding The Right Greige Hair Dye Products

Ready to go greige? Arm yourself with the perfect products for DIY success at home.

Start with a lightening or bleach kit if needed to lift your base shade to nearly white. Look for something gentle like Schwarzkopf BlondMe powder lightener to avoid damage.

Next, pick a toner designed to get rid of brassiness. Wella Color Charm toners in pale beige blonde or silver Lady are great options.

For greige color, look for an ash toner with some beige in it like Wella Color Touch or Redken Shades EQ. To add dimension, mix with a more silver toner like Wella T14 or T18.

Demi-Permanent Greige Hair Glosses

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

After toning to greige, lock in shine and tone with a demi-permanent gloss like:

– Clairol Shimmer Lights in Silver or Lavender – best for cold greige

– Kenra Demi-Permanent in Beige Blonde – nice for neutral greige

– Wella Color Touch in Soft Ash Brown – great for warm greige

– Overtone in Smoky Silver or Extreme Silver – boosts cool greige

Greige Hair Dye Tips

A few application tips for greige hair dye:

– Always do an allergy strand test before using hair color

– Mix and layer tones for added dimension

– Process for the full development time indicated

– Pre-lighten hair to pale blond if coloring from brunette

– Use a toner before and after coloring for optimal results

– Apply dye quickly from roots to ends to prevent overlapping

– Carefully rinse until water runs clear to remove all color

Choosing the right greige hair dye and applying it properly ensures you’ll love your fresh dimensional locks!

Upkeep – Maintain Greige Hair Color

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Keep greige hair looking vibrant between dye jobs using:

– Blue or violet shampoo – keeps brassiness at bay

– Hydrating hair masks – boosts moisture for damaged hair

– Dusting trims – prevent split ends from breaking more hair

– Heat protectant – minimize thermal damage from hot tools

With the right greige hair dye and proper maintenance, you can rock this stylish look at home!

Step-By-Step Guide For DIY Greige Hair Color

Greige hair has become one of the most popular hair color trends for 2023. This gorgeous blend of grey and beige creates a soft, neutral tone that flatters all skin tones. While professional coloring can get pricey, you can easily achieve this look at home. Follow this step-by-step guide to DIY the perfect greige blonde hair.

What is Greige Hair?

Greige (pronounced “grayj”) hair gets its name by combining gray and beige shades. This muted hair color provides a seamless blend between the cool tones of gray and warm beige hues. The result is a sophisticated hair color that isn’t too light or dark. It adds subtle dimension while still looking low maintenance.

Greige works beautifully on blond and light brown hair. It camouflages stubborn grays while adding texture and depth. Unlike traditional highlights, greige hair has a cohesive blended look from roots to ends. This versatility makes it a flattering option for many hair colors and skin tones.

Choosing Your Greige Shade

One of the best parts of greige hair is you can customize it to your unique hair color and complexion. Cool skin tones may prefer an ashier greige, while warm skin tones will look great with beige-dominant greige. When going greige, aim to enhance your natural hair color instead of drastically changing it.

For blondes: Look for an icy, platinum greige shade to brighten your hair. Avoid going too warm or beige, as this can make blonde hair look brassy.

For light brunettes: Opt for a medium beige-blonde greige that will subtly lighten your strands. Stay away from an icy shade, as this can create too much contrast against your base color.

For medium to dark brunettes: Go for a light beige greige shade to warm up your complexion and add dimension. Avoid any icy gray tones, as these won’t show up on darker hair.

Greige Hair Color Techniques

There are a few different techniques for achieving greige hair at home. Choose based on your current hair color and how much maintenance you want.

Full color: This achieves even greige coverage from roots to ends. It’s great for transitioning from traditional highlights or creating a fresh look. Full greige color requires more regular root touch-ups.

Partial highlights: Adding subtle greige highlights around the face and throughout the lengths creates a low-maintenance look. Your natural hair color shows through in places for depth.

Balayage: Hand-painting on greige balayage gives a soft, natural look. The seamless grow-out keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Root smudge: For a temporary fix, apply greige color just to the regrowth area and smudge it into a retro root shadow. This extends time between full colorings.

How to Greige Your Hair at Home

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Ready to go greige? Follow these simple steps for salon-worthy results:

1. Prep your hair. Shampoo hair with a clarifying or sulfate-free formula. Towel dry hair until damp but not fully dry.

2. Mix your greige dye. For an ashy greige, use an ash or platinum blonde shade. For beige greige, use a natural or beige blonde. Adjust the ratio until you achieve your desired greige tone.

3. Section your hair. Divide hair into four sections – two at the front, two at the back. Use clips to keep hair tucked away as you work.

4. Apply color. Following your chosen technique – full color, highlights, balayage – paint the greige dye from roots to ends. Apply thoroughly to maximize coverage.

5. Process and rinse. Allow the dye to process for 30-45 minutes. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Gently towel dry.

6. Condition and style. Apply a rich conditioner to boost shine and smoothness. Let air dry or style as desired. Your custom greige look is complete!

Maintenance Tips for Greige Hair

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Greige hair color requires a bit more maintenance than traditional blonde or brunette shades. Here are some tips for keeping it looking fresh between appointments:

  • Use a purple shampoo 1-2 times per week to prevent brassiness
  • Opt for sulfate-free, color-safe shampoos and conditioners
  • Limit washing to 2-3 times per week to maintain vibrancy
  • Use an at-home toning gloss or mask between dye jobs
  • Schedule a root touch-up every 4-6 weeks to keep greige looking seamless

With the proper technique and aftercare, you can rock stylish greige locks for months on end. Show off this trendy hair color with cuts like long layers, lobs, or textured pixies. Have fun customizing exactly the right greige tone and placement to complement your unique beauty. This versatile hair color pairs well with makeup and fashion in any season.

Greige Hair Color Mistakes To Avoid

Greige hair is having a major moment, but this trendy color can be tricky to get right. Before jumping on the greige bandwagon, learn how to avoid common mistakes for salon-quality results at home. Read on for the top greige hair blunders and expert tips to fix them.

Using the Wrong Tone Greige

One of the biggest errors DIY greige colorists make is using the wrong undertone. Greige hair should enhance your complexion, not wash you out or create an unflattering contrast.

Cool, pink-leaning skin looks best with an icy platinum greige. Avoid going too warm with beige tones, as this can make hair appear brassy. Warm, peachy skin needs a warmer beige-blonde greige to prevent a jarring mismatch. Skipping the skin tone test means you likely end up with the wrong greige variation.

Always choose your greige tone based on your natural hair color as well. Dark brunettes can’t really pull off an icy platinum shade. Blondes should steer clear of beige hues that skew too dark. Customize your greige to flatter your unique starting shade.

Overdoing It on Toner

Toner is a greige colorist’s best friend for removing brassiness and yellow tones. But it’s easy to overdo it and tone your strands to an unintentionally icy shade. Too much toner results in dried out, damaged hair.

To avoid this, always do a strand test first when applying toner. Mix it weaker than the instructions say and apply for less time. You can always reapply if needed. Use a good conditioning hair mask afterwards to nourish overly toned hair.

Letting Roots Get Too Long

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Greige hair color needs more frequent touch-ups to look seamless. Growing out your roots for too long gives hair an obvious regrowth line. It also causes the lengths to appear brassy and faded in comparison.

Schedule greige root touch-ups every 4-6 weeks. In a pinch, you can temporarily disguise longer roots with root smudging. This blurs the line of demarcation for a blended look. Always touch up roots before they exceed 1/2 inch for the best greige color.

Overlapping with Highlights

Highlighting greige hair can create beautiful dimension. But overlaps between color services can make hair appear stripy or too textured.

When adding highlights to greige hair, opt for muted babylights to blend seamlessly. Make sure highlights sit back-to-back with your greige placement and don’t overlap. Use a microfoil technique and fine weave pattern so highlights look natural.

Skipping the Clarifying Shampoo

Using regular shampoo can leave unwanted yellow tones behind on greige hair. Always use a clarifying or chelating shampoo before coloring for the cleanest canvas. Read your shampoo’s ingredients list: Clarifying formulas will contain sulfates to deep clean and remove buildup.

Neglecting to clarify leads to product or mineral buildup on your hair that can interfere with the greige dye taking evenly. Starting with fresh, clean hair is key for flawless greige results.

Over-Washing Greige Hair

Greige Hair Color Trending in 2023: How To Get The Perfect Greige Blonde At Home

Frequently shampooing contributes to a faster fade – a definite greige hair don’t. Too-frequent washing strips the color and causes tones to appear muted and dull.

Only wash greige hair a maximum of 2-3 times per week to maintain vibrancy. Use dry shampoo on non-wash days. Opt for cooler water temperatures when you do shampoo. Minimize washing and wetting hair as much possible.

Not Using Purple Shampoo

Even well-toned greige hair needs help fending off brassiness from elements like sun exposure and heat styling. That’s where purple shampoo comes in – it neutralizes yellow tones to keep ice-blonde greige hues crisp.

Use a purple shampoo 1-2 times per week. Apply it like you would regular shampoo and leave on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Follow with a hydrating mask or conditioner. Just don’t overdo the purple shampoo, as it can turn hair too ashy.

How to Fix Greige Hair Mistakes

Now that you know the most common greige hair pitfalls, here are some tricks to fix mishaps:

  • Wrong tone – Re-color with the proper greige undertone for your skin.
  • Over-toned – Do a clarifying wash and deep conditioner treatment.
  • Roots too long – Get a touch-up or use root smudging.
  • Overlapped highlights – Use a toner on overlap spots to blend with greige.
  • Brassiness – Use a toning gloss or purple shampoo to reduce yellow.
  • Faded color – Do a full greige refresh coloring.

Greige hair is gorgeous, but the color can be high-maintenance. Avoid common mistakes and keep up with toning and touch-ups. When in doubt, seek help from a professional colorist. With proper technique and care, greige hair color looks amazing and on-trend.