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Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid’s Step-On & 13 Gallon Cans

Why Choose A Step-On Trash Can? Easier Use & Less Mess

Taking out the trash doesn’t have to be a messy or frustrating chore. Step-on trash cans offer a hands-free way to toss waste quickly and cleanly. Rubbermaid’s step-on cans are a top choice for hassle-free trash disposal in busy homes and workplaces.

Step-on cans allow you to simply step on a pedal to open the lid. This means no more trying to balance the can in one hand while lifting a lid with the other, inevitably making a mess in the process. The hands-free operation is so much more sanitary and convenient.

These cans are ideal in kitchens where food prep involves frequent trips to throw away scraps. Busy offices or workshops will also appreciate the easy step-to-open function when workers need to discard items while their hands are full. Step-on cans help maintain cleanliness and order in high-traffic areas.

Rubbermaid’s step-on cans feature sturdy metal pedals and lids to withstand constant use. The 13 gallon size is perfect for high waste environments. Reviews praise the durability and long-lasting quality of these cans.

Top Features Of Rubbermaid’s Step-On Trash Can

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

Here are some of the stand-out features of Rubbermaid’s step-on trash cans:

  • Hands-free step pedal operation
  • Fingerprint-proof stainless steel pedal
  • Slow-close lid prevents slamming
  • Locks in odor with tight seal
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials
  • 10-year warranty

The step pedal is designed to withstand over 150,000 steps, proving its extreme durability. The slow-close lid is a nice bonus, preventing loud bangs each time you step to close it. The tight seal contains odors for a fresher space.

This thoughtfully designed can make trash disposal markedly more pleasant. Reviewers love the hands-free function and say it makes a huge difference in easy waste removal.

Reviews Of The Rubbermaid Step-On Trash Can

The Rubbermaid step-on trash can earns consistently positive reviews. Owners praise the convenience and cleanliness of the step feature. They also note the can’s durability and solid construction.

Many reviewers comment on how the step-open function helps reduce mess in kitchens and other busy areas. Not having to manually touch the lid keeps hands free and cleaner.

Users say the slow-close lid operates smoothly without loud banging. They also mention the lid’s tight seal contains odors well. Several note the fingerprint-proof finish helps the can maintain a clean look.

Some do point out the plastic can show scuffs over time. And a few note the lid can pop open if tilted too far back. But overall, most agree this is a very sturdy and well-functioning step-on trash can.

Why Choose A 13 Gallon Trash Can? Right Size & Durability

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

For household or office waste, Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon cans provide an ideal mid-size capacity. The 13-gallon trash cans from Rubbermaid are made with durable materials to withstand frequent use.

For general home waste, 13 gallons is a great middle-ground size. It’s not too bulky but still has ample room to collect trash between emptyings. The smaller size also allows easy mobility to transport outside when needed.

Offices, workshops, and other work settings will appreciate the right-sized 13-gallon capacity. It can contain a solid amount of waste but isn’t oversized and cumbersome. The smaller footprint fits conveniently even in compact spaces.

Rubbermaid constructs its 13-gallon cans with sturdy materials built to last. The brand is known for making quality products designed for longevity and performance. Users confirm the durability and long-lasting quality of these hard-working trash cans.

Top Features of Rubbermaid’s 13 Gallon Trash Cans

Here are some notable features of Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon trash cans:

  • Made from durable plastic resin
  • Reinforced rims add strength
  • Lids fit tightly to contain odors
  • Variety of colors available
  • Can customize with logos or messaging
  • Made in the USA

The sturdy plastic body can withstand getting knocked around. Reinforced rims add extra strength and integrity. Tight-fitting lids help control odors and pests. And the ability to customize with logos or decals is a nice option for commercial settings.

Reviews of Rubbermaid’s 13 Gallon Trash Cans

Overall, Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon trash cans earn high praise for their useful mid-size capacity and durable construction. The majority of reviews are positive.

Many reviewers highlight the versatility of the 13-gallon size. It’s large enough for regular waste but still easy to carry and transport. Several also mention the plastic resin stands up well to rough use.

Most users say the cans don’t dent, crack or shatter even with rugged treatment. The molded plastic body and reinforced rim create a solidly built can. Customers confirm the durability and quality Rubbermaid is known for.

A few reviews do mention issues like loose lids or cracking with very cold temperatures. But overall, most agree these cans deliver reliable performance for years of trash disposal.

For a sturdy mid-size trash can, Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon option is a smart choice. The right capacity and durable construction make it well-suited for demanding home and work settings.

Tips For Getting The Most From Your Step-On Or 13 Gallon Trash Can

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

Here are some handy tips to maximize performance from Rubbermaid step-on and 13-gallon trash cans:

  • Use liners to make emptying cans easier.
  • Spot clean cans with soapy water as needed.
  • For step-on cans, listen for click sound to ensure lid fully closed.
  • Don’t overfill 13-gallon cans, overload can lead to cracks.
  • Store cans indoors or covered to protect from weather.
  • Apply silicone lubricant to step pedal hinge if sticking.
  • Wipe step pedals with rubbing alcohol to restore shiny look.

With occasional cleaning and basic maintenance, your Rubbermaid trash can should deliver years of solid performance. Let it handle your waste disposal hassle-free.

Pros & Cons Of Rubbermaid Step-On vs 13 Gallon Trash Cans

Rubbermaid’s step-on and 13-gallon trash cans both offer great features, but some key differences to consider:

Step-On Can Pros:

  • Hands-free operation
  • Hygienic
  • Convenient for busy settings

Step-On Can Cons:

  • More expensive
  • Lid can pop open if tilted back
  • Plastic shows scuffs over time

13-Gallon Can Pros:

  • Right mid-size capacity
  • Durable plastic resin construction
  • Reinforced rim adds strength

13-Gallon Can Cons:

  • Not hands-free operation
  • Lids may fit loosely
  • Can crack if exposed to extreme cold

For hands-free convenience, the step-on can excels. But for an affordable sturdy can, the 13-gallon version performs well. Choose what best suits your needs and space.

Best Places To Use Rubbermaid’s Step-On & 13 Gallon Trash Cans

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

Here are some ideal locations to use Rubbermaid’s step-on and 13-gallon trash cans:

  • Step-On Cans: Kitchens, offices, workshops, laundry rooms, pet areas
  • 13-Gallon Cans: Home offices, garage workshops, basements, porches, kid’s rooms, dorms

Anywhere you’ll need convenient, hands-free trash disposal, the step-on can delivers. Its foot-operated access allows easy, clean use.

The 13-gallon trash can works great in home and office spaces that generate a fair amount of waste. Its mid-size capacity and sturdy body are perfect for high-traffic settings.

Make your chores a little cleaner and easier with Rubbermaid’s well-designed cans tailored for busy lifestyles and workspaces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rubbermaid Step-On & 13 Gallon Trash Cans

How strong is the step pedal on the step-on cans?

Rubbermaid engineered the step pedal to withstand over 150,000 steps, proving its extreme durability and strength. It’s made of thick stainless steel that resists damage.

Do the cans come with trash bags or liners?

No, the cans do not come with bags or liners. You’ll need to purchase plastic trash bags or liners separately to fit the 13 gallon or step-on cans.

How do you clean Rubbermaid trash cans?

Use a mix of warm soapy water and a soft sponge to wipe down the trash cans inside and out. Rinse well after cleaning. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Where are the trash cans manufactured?

Rubbermaid’s trash cans are proudly made in the USA using globally-sourced materials. Quality construction and performance is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Can the cans be used outdoors?

The cans are designed for indoor use but can work on covered outdoor porches or patios. Avoid prolonged sun and moisture exposure to prevent cracking or damage.

Top Features Of Rubbermaid’s Step-On Trash Can

Looking for an easier, cleaner way to take out the trash? Rubbermaid’s step-on cans are designed for hands-free, hassle-free waste disposal. Let’s look at some of the top-notch features that make these cans a cut above normal trash cans.

First off, the step-on pedal operation is a total game changer. No more fumbling to open lids with dirty hands. Just step on the wide pedal and the lid lifts smoothly and cleanly. The pedal is made of heavy-duty stainless steel built to withstand over 150,000 steps.

Speaking of the lid, Rubbermaid engineered it to close slowly and quietly. No more loud, jarring slams every time you step on the pedal. The soft-close lid is a real bonus for kitchens, offices, or anywhere noise is an issue.

The lid also seals tightly to lock in odors. Anyone who has dealt with stinky garage or diaper pails knows how valuable an odor-controlling lid can be. No more getting hit with an unpleasant smell each time you open it.

Durability is clearly a priority with these cans. Rubbermaid constructed them from sturdy materials and even added a reinforced rim around the top. So they can stand up to years of daily use and abuse.

Quality design and construction matters too. The cans are proudly made in the USA by a company known for performance and longevity. Rubbermaid backs it with an impressive 10-year warranty.

Forget taking out trash the old messy way. Rubbermaid’s step-on cans offer an ingenious hands-free solution. Key features like heavy-duty pedals, soft-close lids, and reinforced bodies are made to deliver lasting value.

If easy, clean trash disposal sounds good, it’s time to step up to a Rubbermaid step-on can. Your hands and nose will thank you!

Why Choose A 13 Gallon Trash Can? Right Size & Durability

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

When it comes to picking the right trash can, size and durability should top your list. Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon cans check both boxes, offering ideal capacity and solid construction.

Let’s start with size. Thirteen gallons hits a nice sweet spot – not too big and bulky, but still ample room for garbage. For general household use, it’s just right to contain waste between emptyings. The smaller footprint also tucks conveniently into corners.

Offices and workshops will dig the right-sized 13-gallon capacity too. It swallows a fair amount of trash but isn’t a hulking monster. Even compact rooms can accommodate this compact can.

Now durability – Rubbermaid built these cans to work hard and withstand tough conditions. Made from a durable plastic resin, they shrug off dents, cracks, and chips. Built solid through and through.

Reinforced rims add extra stability so the cans won’t get loose and rickety. Tight-sealing lids keep gross odors at bay. All designed for commercial-grade performance.

When you go with a Rubbermaid 13-gallon trash can, you know you’re getting an ideal mid-size capacity plus hardcore durability. No wonder it’s trusted by households and businesses alike. The right can makes taking out trash a little less of a chore.

Reviews Of The Rubbermaid Step-On Trash Can

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

Reviews for Rubbermaid’s step-on trash cans show owners are big fans. They consistently praise the convenient hands-free operation and solid performance.

Many users say the foot pedal makes trash disposal cleaner and more sanitary, especially in busy kitchens. No more gross manual contact with dirty lids.

Folks also comment that the slow-closing lid operates smoothly without loud rude bangs. And the tight seal does an impressive job controlling smelly odors.

Some do mention scuffs showing on the plastic over time. And a couple note the lid can pop open if tilted too far. But overall, most agree this is one sturdy, well-built step-on can up for years of service.

Owners say going step-on is a game changer that makes taking out trash much less of a smelly, messy chore. Who can argue with hands-free convenience?

Reviews of Rubbermaid’s 13 Gallon Trash Cans

Reviewers give Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon trash cans high marks for being sturdy workhorses. The durable mid-size capacity earns consistent praise.

Folks highlight how the 13-gallon size hits the sweet spot – spacious for household garbage but still portable. Several also mention how tough the plastic resin stands up to heavy use.

Users confirm the cans handle all kinds of abuse – getting knocked, dropped, chilled or heated – without cracking or denting. The molded plastic body and rim reinforcements create one solid can.

A couple reviews point out small issues like loose-fitting lids or cracks in extreme cold. But overall, the consensus is these are heavy-duty, long-lasting trash cans ready for work.

Both homes and offices will benefit from the smart 13-gallon capacity and Rubbermaid’s signature durability. Form, function and value all rolled into one tough trash can.

Tips For Getting The Most From Your Step-On Or 13 Gallon Trash Can

Want your Rubbermaid trash cans to deliver max performance? Here are some handy tips and tricks:

– Use trash bags or liners to make emptying the can easier and cut down on messes.

– For step-on cans, listen for the click sound to ensure the lid fully closed all the way.

– Don’t overload 13-gallon cans – too much weight can cause cracks over time.

– Store cans indoors or covered outside to protect from weather and sun damage.

– Apply some silicone lubricant on pedal hinges if the step mechanism starts sticking.

– Spot clean cans regularly with mild soap and water using a soft sponge.

– Wipe down stainless steel pedals with rubbing alcohol to restore their shiny good looks.

With occasional cleaning and basic maintenance, your Rubbermaid cans will deliver years of solid, hassle-free performance. Follow these tips and get the most from your trash cans.

Pros & Cons Of Rubbermaid Step-On vs 13 Gallon Trash Cans

How do Rubbermaid’s step-on and 13-gallon cans compare? Let’s break down the pros and cons:

Step-On Can Pros:

– Total hands-free operation

– More hygienic than manual lids

– Convenient for busy settings

Step-On Can Cons:

– Higher price point

– Lid can pop open if over-tilted

– Shows scuffs on plastic over time

13-Gallon Can Pros:

– Ideal right-sized capacity

– Durable plastic resin construction

– Reinforced rim adds stability

13-Gallon Can Cons:

– Not hands-free

– Lids may fit loosely

– Can crack if exposed to extreme temps

Looking at the pros and cons makes picking the right can for your needs easy. Step-on if you want hands-free convenience. 13-gallon for an affordable sturdy workhorse.

Best Places To Use Rubbermaid’s Step-On & 13 Gallon Trash Cans

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

Here are some of the top spots to utilize Rubbermaid’s step-on and 13-gallon trash cans:

Step-On Cans are perfect for:
– Busy kitchens
– Home offices
– Workshops
– Laundry rooms
– Mudrooms
– Pet areas

13-Gallon Cans work great in:
– Home offices
– Dorm rooms
– Garages
– Kid’s rooms
– Basements
– Work rooms
– Craft areas

Anywhere you’ll need quick, easy access to trash disposal without dirtying your hands, the step-on can delivers.

The 13-gallon trash can is ideal for home and office spaces generating a fair amount of daily waste. Its mid-size capacity and hardy build are ready for service.

With Rubbermaid’s innovative cans, taking out trash is cleaner, easier and less of a chore. Give them a try and see!

Reviews Of The Rubbermaid Step-On Trash Can

Taking out the trash is one of those mundane household chores that most of us would prefer to avoid. But thanks to clever product innovations like the Rubbermaid Step-On trash can, this unpleasant task has become a whole lot easier. In this article, we’ll review the key features and benefits of Rubbermaid’s step-on and hands-free trash cans to help you decide if one of these convenient wastebaskets belongs in your home.

Rubbermaid’s step-on trash cans allow you to simply step on a pedal located on the base of the can to open the lid so you can dispose of trash hands-free. No more touching dirty, germy lids! Models like the Rubbermaid Step-On 13 Gallon Wastebasket are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, or anywhere trash tends to accumulate. Here are some of the standout features of this innovative trash can:

  • Steel pedal is durable enough for heavy daily use
  • Lid closes slowly and quietly thanks to SilentClose technology
  • Fingerprint-proof stainless steel finish resists smudges
  • Non-skid base keeps can firmly in place
  • Interior bucket is removable for easy emptying and cleaning

With a 13-gallon capacity, this Rubbermaid unit can hold quite a few days’ worth of trash before needing to be emptied. The tall, narrow design is perfect for tucking into a corner or narrow space. And the fingerprint-proof finish ensures it will maintain its clean, modern look even with heavy daily use.

For even more capacity, the Rubbermaid Commercial Step-On Trash Can provides a generous 32 gallons to accommodate high traffic areas. Sturdy enough for offices and commercial settings, this can is still sleek enough for contemporary homes. The commercial-grade plastic construction ensures durability. And the extra-wide opening allows you to easily sweep trash right in without the need to touch the lid.

Some other nice touches on the commercial-size Rubbermaid Step-On include:

  • Locks in open position for extended use
  • Ventilated to contain odors
  • Non-skid platform prevents sliding on hard floors

If space-saving is a priority, don’t overlook the slim Rubbermaid Slim Jim Step-On trash can. With a height of over 2 feet but width of just 10 inches, this vertical wastebasket can slip into the narrowest of corners. The 8-gallon capacity handles a good amount of trash. And the fingerprint-proof stainless cabinet and plastic bucket offer the durability and easy care this high-traffic trash can needs. Just step and toss!

Key Advantages of Rubbermaid Step-On Trash Cans

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

After reviewing some of Rubbermaid’s most popular step-on trash can models, let’s recap some of the key advantages this hands-free design offers:

  • Hygienic: No need to touch dirty lids or handles
  • Convenient: Easy, step-to-open function
  • Cleaner look: Fingerprint proof finish stays smudge-free
  • Long-lasting: Commercial-grade durability
  • Odor control: Ventilation to contain smells
  • Space saver: Slim profile models fit tight spots

When evaluating your options, be sure to consider capacity, dimensions, and color/finish options. Think about placement within your home and anticipated usage levels. And look for extra features like odor control or non-skid bases for hard floors. With regular emptying and occasional cleaning, a Rubbermaid step-on trash can will provide many years of hands-free, hassle-free service.

Alternatives to Consider

While Rubbermaid dominates the step-on trash can category, there are a few other options to consider as well:

  • simplehuman Step Can: More premium price point but very durable and stylish
  • Nine Stars Infrared Touchless Trash Can: Pricier but uses motion sensor to open lid
  • iTouchless SoftStep Trash Can: Similar step feature but at a lower price point
  • Tramontina Step Trash Can: Budget-friendly alternative to Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid remains the bestselling brand for step-on trash cans due to their reasonable prices, wide range of styles and sizes, and reputation for durability. But it can be worth exploring competitors to find specific features like stainless steel bodies, fingerprint-proof coating, or motion sensor operation if desired.

At the end of the day, any step-on, hands-free trash can will make taking out the trash much less objectionable. And once you get used to the convenience of stepping versus manually opening lids, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!

With features like SilentClose technology, odor control, specialized shapes for tight spaces, and commercial-grade durability, Rubbermaid leads the way in innovative step-on trash cans. Give your kitchen, bathroom, office or other busy areas of your home the convenience of hands-free trash disposal.

Why Choose A 13 Gallon Trash Can? Right Size & Durability

When selecting a new trash can for your home, the 13-gallon size strikes an ideal balance of capacity and footprint. Compared to smaller bathroom cans or oversized barrels, the 13-gallon trash can has emerged as a just-right goldilocks option for general household waste. Here’s a deeper look at why this size hits the sweet spot for functionality and durability.

With a 13-gallon capacity, you avoid the need to take out trash every single day. For most households, a can of this size only needs emptied every 2-3 days. The modest footprint still fits well in most spots without dominating the space. And the manageable size makes it easy to maneuver while avoiding excess weight when loaded.

This mid-range capacity is well-suited to kitchens, home offices, rec rooms, workshops, and other living areas. A standard 13-gallon trash receptacle measures about 25 inches high with a 16 inch diameter. It’s substantial enough to hold a fair amount of refuse without occupying too much real estate in your home. Here are some examples of what a 13-gallon trash can hold:

  • About 100 soda cans
  • Approximately 8 fast food bags of trash
  • Around 13 grocery bags worth of waste
  • Roughly 5 days’ worth for a 3-person household

Beyond hitting the ideal size, many 13-gallon cans also offer robust durability. Heavy-duty plastic or stainless steel bodies withstand daily wear and tear without showing scuffs or stains. Sturdy steel pedals on hands-free step cans hold up well under frequent stepping. And lids are designed to open and close smoothly over many uses.

Leading trash can manufacturers like Rubbermaid and simplehuman apply innovative engineering to 13-gallon models. Some of the durability features include:

  • Commercial grade plastic or steel
  • Fingerprint-proof coatings
  • Rust-resistant finishes
  • Reinforced bases and pedals
  • Lids tested for years of operation

When evaluating trash cans, be sure to look for signs of quality like thick plastic walls that resist cracks and dents. All-metal cans add further durability but typically cost more. And fingerprint-proof coatings help maintain a like-new shine after repeated handling.

Benefits of 13-Gallon Trash Cans

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

To recap, here are some of the benefits that make 13-gallon trash cans a smart choice:

  • Holds several days’ worth of trash
  • Right size for most household spots
  • Not overly heavy when loaded
  • Easy to handle and tip for emptying
  • Durable construction for long life
  • Footprint doesn’t dominate space

You can compare the 13-gallon size to 8-10 gallon slim cans if space is very tight. Or go up to 20-30 gallons for a large workshop or busy household. But for general home use, a standard 13-gallon pail hits the convenience and durability sweet spot.

Leading 13-Gallon Trash Can Options

Looking for a long-lasting trash can in the versatile 13-gallon size? Here are some top-rated options to consider:

  • Rubbermaid Step-On Wastebasket – Sturdy step-can with silent close lid
  • simplehuman Rectangular Step Can – Sleek steel pedal can with custom liner bags
  • Tramontina Step Trash Can – Budget step-can choice
  • Rubbermaid Slim Jim – Space-saving vertical shape
  • Glad Stainless Steel Touch Top Can – Fingerprint proof steel

The right 13-gallon trash receptacle helps you take out the trash less often without sacrificing durability. Prioritize quality materials and construction for long lasting performance. And consider added features like odor control, child-proof lids, or compostable liner bags. The daily chore of managing household waste just got a whole lot easier thanks to the versatile 13-gallon trash can.

Top Features Of Rubbermaid’s 13 Gallon Trash Cans

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

With over 80 years of experience making durable, dependable household products, Rubbermaid has established itself as a leader in trash cans. Their 13-gallon size strikes an ideal balance of space efficiency and capacity. Here we’ll highlight the most useful features of Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon wastebaskets and why this versatile can belongs in your home.

Step-On Hands-Free Opening

Many of Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon cans offer step-operated opening. Just step on a sturdy steel pedal located on the base of the can to pop open the lid. This allows you to toss trash without touching messy, germy lids. The SilentClose feature brings the lid down gently instead of slamming.

Custom Liner Bags

For a precise fit, Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon cans are designed to work with custom liner bags. The LinerMate bag system keeps liners neatly tucked inside so they don’t slip down when you add trash. No more loose bags that miss catching debris.

Fingerprint-Proof Finish

Rubbermaid applies a stainless steel coating to many models that resists fingerprints and smudges to maintain a cleaner look. The finish stands up to heavy daily use without showing signs of wear.


Metal portions like the step pedal and handles are made of steel treated to resist rust and corrosion. You’ll enjoy years of performance without breakdown from rust.

Vented Design

Ventilation channels built into some 13-gallon Rubbermaid cans allow air flow to keep odor contained. Models like the Rubbermaid Slim Jim have vertical column vents while others use base vents or permeable sidewalls.

Locking Lid

To lock bags in place or limit access, some Rubbermaid cans include a slide lock on the side of the lid. This also prevents the lid from opening accidentally.

Non-Skid Base

Rubberized pads on the bottom of cans prevent sliding on smooth floors. This keeps the can stable when stepping on the pedal or adding trash.

Removable Inner Bucket

Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon trash cans feature a removable inner bucket that lifts out for quick and easy bag changes. The sturdy outer shell keeps its shape while the inner pail takes waste to the curb.

Rectangular & Slim Options

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

In addition to the classic round shape, Rubbermaid makes 13-gallon cans with slim, vertical profiles or rectangular cubes. This allows fitting tight spaces and corners.

While capacities range from 8 to 20+ gallons, Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon trash cans strike an ideal balance. They hold several days’ waste without occupying too much space. And Rubbermaid’s reputation for durability ensures years of reliable use.

Rubbermaid 13-Gallon Trash Can Choices

Ready to add one of Rubbermaid’s quality cans to your home? Here are some top-rated 13-gallon models to consider:

  • Step-On Wastebasket
  • Slim Jim Step-On
  • Rectangular Step-On
  • Brute Outdoor Can
  • Roughneck Storage Bin

With conveniences like hands-free opening and ventilation to control odors, Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon trash cans make an unpleasant chore just a little bit easier. Choose from several styles to find the ideal can for your kitchen, garage, office, or other living spaces.

Reviews Of Rubbermaid’s 13 Gallon Trash Cans

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

For over 80 years, the Rubbermaid name has been synonymous with durable, reliable household items. Their trash cans are no exception. The 13-gallon size stands out for striking the perfect balance of roomy capacity and compact footprint. Here we’ll review the key features and benefits of Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon wastebaskets.

Rubbermaid Step-On Wastebasket

This convenient hands-free can allows you to open the lid simply by stepping on a pedal. The SilentClose feature prevents noisy slamming lids. At just under 16 inches in diameter, it fits well in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. Key features include:

  • Steel pedal engineered for heavy daily use
  • Rust-resistant to prevent breakdown
  • Vented body helps control odors
  • Removable inner bucket for easy bag changes

With it’s circular shape and medium 13-gallon capacity, the Rubbermaid Step-On hits the sweet spot for an everyday kitchen or household wastebasket.

Slim Jim Step-On

Where floor space is limited, the tall and slim Slim Jim is a great pick. At just 10 inches wide but over 2 feet high, you can tuck this can into narrow spots. The step-to-open function gives you hands-free convenience, while the 8-gallon capacity still holds a good amount of trash.

Rectangular Step-On

With a rectangular shape, this 13-gallon Rubbermaid trash can is optimized to slip into corners and other out-of-the-way spots. The steel pedal allows hands-free opening while the specialized liner bags keep trash neatly contained. Durable plastic walls won’t crack or dent.

Brute Outdoor Can

For patios, decks, garages and other outdoor areas, the Brute 13-gallon trash barrel is built to withstand sun, rain, snow and temperature extremes. The attached lid shields trash from pests and helps contain odors. This versatile outdoor can also works well for storing toys or yard tools when not in use.

Roughneck Storage Container

In garages and workshops, the Roughneck 13-gallon bin provides sturdy and stackable storage. Built from commercial grade plastic, the thick walls resist cracks and dents even when piled high. The attached lid keeps out moisture and pests.

No matter which 13-gallon model fits your needs, Rubbermaid’s trash cans all share several winning traits. You can expect durability from reinforced plastic or commercial steel construction. Lids, pedals and handles are engineered to maintain smooth operation over years of use. And style options like black, white, stainless and bronze allow matching any decor.

Why Choose Rubbermaid 13-Gallon?

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

Here are the main benefits that make Rubbermaid’s 13-gallon cans a winning choice:

  • Trusted reputation for quality
  • Durable materials resist damage
  • Step-on function allows hands-free use
  • Sized right for most rooms and tasks
  • Vented models help control odors
  • Removable buckets for easy bag changes
  • Built to provide years of performance

backed by excellent warranties and customer service, Rubbermaid’s versatile 13-gallon trash cans are a smart investment for any home. They’ll quickly become an indispensable tool for keeping your household tidy and hygienic.

Tips For Getting The Most From Your Step-On Or 13 Gallon Trash Can

A step-on or hands-free trash can makes tossing garbage much more convenient. And a 13-gallon size strikes an ideal balance between capacity and footprint. Follow these tips to get the most performance and value from your Rubbermaid or similar step-on or 13-gallon wastebasket.

Use the Right Size Bags

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

Choose trash bags sized specifically to fit your can. Bags that are too small tend to slip down into the can. Oversized bags catch on the rim when trying to take them out. The best fit helps bags stay in place and makes changes neat and easy.

Empty Regularly

Don’t wait until bags are overflowing to change them. Full bags get heavy, increasing the chance of ripping and spilling. Plan to empty your 13-gallon can every 2-3 days for optimal performance.

Keep Lids and Pedals Clean

Wipe down the lip of the can and the step pedal regularly to prevent dirt buildup. Accumulated grit can prevent lids from sealing properly and clog pedal motion.

Use Liners

Line your wastebasket with plastic kitchen bags to keep the inner pail clean. Replacing soiled liners is much easier than washing out dirty cans.

Position Cans Smartly

Place trash cans in spots that are convenient but out of high traffic zones. Avoid awkward locations that make disposal difficult. Think about foot placement when using a step pedal.

Secure Top-Heavy Items

For any top-heavy discarded items like glass bottles, nestle them deeply into the trash to prevent tipping when the bag is carried. Distribute weight evenly throughout the bag.

Troubleshoot Jammed Lids

If a lid gets stuck, inspect for obstructions like bags caught in the hinges. Clean around the rim then apply lubricant like WD-40 if needed to loosen sticky mechanisms.

Freshen Smelly Cans

To control odors in smelly trash cans, spray the inside with disinfectant and allow to dry fully. Baking soda or charcoal can also absorb lingering scents between uses.

Use Strong Bags

Say goodbye to split bags and messy spills. Invest in extra-strong kitchen trash bags designed for heavy loads and avoid flimsy generic bags.

Keep Cans Off Carpets

Place wastebaskets on tile, wood or linoleum rather than directly on carpeting. This prevents liquid seeping under the can if a leak ever occurs.

Take Out Trash Promptly

Don’t let full bags accumulate for long periods. Haul them to outdoor bins as soon as they are tied off to prevent stinking up indoor cans.

Wipe Down Weekly

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

Use a disinfectant wipe or cloth to quickly clean the inner and outer surfaces of cans weekly. This prevents buildup of dirt, drips and debris.

With just a little regular care and maintenance, your Rubbermaid or other 13-gallon step-on trash can should deliver years of odor-free, spill-free service. The right tips help you take out the trash with maximum ease and minimum mess.

Pros & Cons Of Rubbermaid Step-On vs 13 Gallon Trash Cans

When selecting a new wastebasket, two of the top options to consider are Rubbermaid’s step-on feature and their popular 13-gallon size. Here we’ll overview the unique pros and cons of these two standout trash can offerings from Rubbermaid.

Step-On Cans

Hands-free, step-on trash cans allow you to open the lid by stepping on a pedal rather than manually lifting it. This provides several advantages:

  • More hygenic, don’t need to touch dirty lids
  • Very convenient for quick trash disposal
  • Ideal for kitchens and other busy areas
  • Hands stay free to carry items you’re discarding
  • More expensive than manual cans
  • Pedals can break with excessive weight
  • Lids can sometimes open too easily

13 Gallon Cans

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

With a 13-gallon capacity, these trash cans are sized right for most households and settings:

  • Holds several days’ trash for average family
  • Not too small, not too huge
  • Fits easily in most indoor spaces
  • Typically very durable and sturdy
  • Sometimes too small for large households
  • Might be too big for some tight spaces
  • Not as large as high-capacity commercial cans

When choosing between these two popular Rubbermaid trash can options, consider your own needs and preferences. Here are some final pointers:

  • Step-on better for kitchens, rooms where hands are often messy
  • Manual lids fine for low-traffic rooms like bedrooms
  • 13-gallon ideal for 2-4 person households
  • Go bigger if you have a large family or space
  • Combine both step-on function and 13-gallon size if suitable

With decades of experience making sturdy and well-designed wastebaskets, Rubbermaid offers exceptional quality with both their step-on and 13-gallon cans. Evaluate the pros and cons to decide which features best suit your household’s needs. And consider availability of replacement parts and warranty coverage for long-lasting value.

Other Brands to Consider

While Rubbermaid dominates the trash can market, be sure to also look at top models from:

  • simplehuman – more premium, stylish steel cans
  • Tramontina – budget alternative to Rubbermaid
  • Glad – focus on odor control
  • Umbra – contemporary styling and colors

But for an ideal balance of affordability, durability, and functionality, Rubbermaid remains hard to beat. The right combination of performance features like step-on lids and a just-right 13-gallon capacity make taking out the trash just a little bit easier.

Best Places To Use Rubbermaid’s Step-On & 13 Gallon Trash Cans

Rubbermaid’s step-on and 13 gallon trash cans are versatile wastebaskets that can be handy in a variety of locations around the home, office, or commercial spaces. Here are some of the best places to utilize these convenient, hands-free cans:


The kitchen is an obvious spot for a 13 gallon Rubbermaid trash can. The generous size is ideal for collecting food scraps, food packaging, and other kitchen waste without needing to take out the trash after every meal. The step-on feature allows the lid to open hands-free, so you don’t have to touch the germ-y lid with messy cooking fingers. Place it in a discrete area or use a trash can enclosure to mask the view.

Home Office

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

A small office or home workspace is made easier with a 13 gallon Rubbermaid nearby. It can collect paper waste, envelopes, packaging from office supply deliveries, and other trash that accumulates when working from home. The pedal-operated lid makes it easy to open when your hands are full. Just step, toss and you’re done.

Kids’ Rooms

Kids’ rooms tend to accumulate trash quickly from art projects, wrappers, broken toys, and half-eaten snacks. Give them an easy way to manage waste with a kid-friendly 13 gallon Rubbermaid. Let them toss out their own trash and feel “grown up.” Just be sure to empty it frequently to prevent odors in small bedrooms.


A garage or workshop generates lots of waste from packaging, clippings, dirt, broken items, and more. Make cleanup during and after projects easier with a 13 gallon trash bin. The large capacity handles workshop messes, while the foot pedal offers convenient, hands-free use if yours are dirty. Place near workbenches for easy access.


Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

The mudroom entrance collects dirt, leaves, gloves, shoes, and other dumped items. Maintain organization with a 13 gallon Rubbermaid that lets family members toss trash as they walk in from the outdoors. The pedal-operated lid makes it easy to open when carrying bags or other items.

Laundry Room

Lint, empty detergent containers, discarded clothing and other laundry room waste fills up fast. A 13 gallon Rubbermaid trash bin fits perfectly in this busy room. Simply step to open the lid when hands are full of clothes or laundry baskets. The generous capacity means fewer trips to empty it.


Bathrooms generate lots of odor-prone waste. A 13 gallon Rubbermaid with a foot pedal makes bathroom cleanups hygienic by avoiding lifting soiled lids. The tall kitchen canister-shaped version fits nicely behind doors or in corners to manage bulk bathroom waste while occupying minimal floor space.

Rec Rooms

Game nights, kids’ play areas, home theaters and other rec rooms need ample trash capacity to handle snack wrappers, cans, paper plates and other waste. Make cleanup easy with a 13 gallon Rubbermaid. The foot pedal allows hands-free opening so you don’t have to set down game controllers or other items being used.

Outdoor Areas

Patios, decks, porches, gardens and other outdoor spaces need waste management too. A 13 gallon Rubbermaid is perfect for collecting leaves, dirt and other outdoor debris. The weather-resistant plastic holds up to UV rays, rain and snow. Just empty it periodically to control odors.


Cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs accumulate fast food bags, bottles, wrappers and other trash during travels. Place a 13 gallon Rubbermaid in the cargo area or trunk to collect road trip waste and simplify cleanouts. The step opening makes it easy to toss in trash without having to open the lid by hand.

Commercial Spaces

Offices, retail stores, restaurants and other businesses generate constant waste. Utilize 13 gallon Rubbermaids in break rooms, production areas, lobbies and other on-site locations. Employees can conveniently dispose of trash without touching lids. For kitchens, the metal pedal won’t melt from heat like plastic might.


Sheds, detached garages, pool houses and other outbuildings need waste receptacles too. Use a 13 gallon Rubbermaid to collect dirt, spider webs, debris and other trash during cleanouts of these spaces. The foot-operated lid allows convenient hands-free use.

With sturdy build, ample capacity, and convenient step-opening, Rubbermaid’s 13 gallon trash cans are versatile solutions for managing all types of waste. The hands-free lid operation promotes hygiene and is easy to use when your hands are messy or full. Place these cans strategically around any interior or exterior space for improved cleanliness and organization.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rubbermaid Step-On & 13 Gallon Trash Cans

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid’s step-on and 13 gallon trash cans are popular wastebasket options for many households and businesses. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about these convenient, hands-free trash cans:

What are the key features of Rubbermaid’s step-on trash cans?

These cans are known for their foot pedal-operated lids that open hands-free by stepping on a bar. They are also appreciated for their durable plastic construction, fingerprint-proof textured lids, generous 13 gallon capacity, and slim profile that saves space. Some models have specialized features like odor control, child-proof locks, recycler inserts and molded-in handles.

How does the step feature work?

A bar spans the bottom front of the cans. When you step on this bar, it opens the lid so you can toss in trash hands-free. Releasing your foot closes the lid automatically to contain odors. The lid has a tight seal so it won’t pop open accidentally.

What materials are they made of?

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

Most Rubbermaid step-on cans are constructed from durable, dent-proof plastic for longevity. Some models have stainless steel pedal bars for style and added sturdiness. Lids are usually plastic or stainless steel. Recycled resins are used in some versions to conserve resources.

What customization options are available?

These trash cans come in round and rectangular shapes to fit different spaces. Colors include black, white, bisque, gray, brown, silver and stainless steel. You can find sizes ranging from 8 gallons to 35 gallons. Some versions are customized for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, or outdoor use.

How well do they resist odors?

The tight-fitting lids contain most odors inside the can. Some models have specialized odor-blocking features like antimicrobial treatments, carbon filters, or dual lids to improve containment. But emptying frequently is still best to control smells.

Do they really keep lids cleaner?

Yes, the foot pedal operation reduces contact with dirty, germy lids. The textured lids also resist fingerprints and smudges compared to smooth lids. Some have antimicrobial treatments for added hygiene.

How much waste can they hold?

The 13 gallon size has a generous capacity for managing household or office trash needs. smaller 8-12 gallon cans and larger 23-35 gallon cans are also available for different room sizes.

Are they recycler friendly?

Some models are designed for recycling with dedicated bags or inserts for separating recyclables. However, most do not have special recycling features.

Can they be used outdoors?

Yes, the durable plastic construction withstands outdoor elements including sun, rain, and snow. Metal pedal bars won’t warp or degrade outdoors. Just choose a model in a neutral color that complements outdoor spaces.

Do lids stay on when tipped over?

Lids are designed to stay tightly sealed if cans get knocked over accidentally. The metal pedal also keeps the lid closed more securely than plastic pedals.

Can the trash bags slip down inside?

The cans are engineered with a ring or grooves in the bottom to hold trash bags in place, rather than letting them slip down when emptying waste from the top.

Are they difficult to clean?

Hands Free Trash Cans: Get The Most From Rubbermaid

Most models are smooth and simple to wipe down with a damp cloth. Stainless steel versions may show smudges but wipe clean easily. Nonporous plastic won’t absorb grime or odors over time.

With hands-free operation, generous capacity, and durable construction, it’s easy to see why Rubbermaid’s step-on trash cans are trusted waste management solutions. Evaluate your space, waste volume and design aesthetic to choose the right model for your needs.