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Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

When it comes to kitchen faucets, the Moen Medina 87039 stands out as one of the most durable and well-designed options on the market. As someone who recently went through the process of selecting a new kitchen faucet, I can attest to the remarkable features and benefits that this model provides.

Introduction to Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet

The Moen Medina line features a modern, sleek style that instantly elevates the look of any kitchen. But beyond aesthetics, this faucet delivers exceptional performance and convenience. The 87039 model includes a powerful pulldown sprayer, innovative sensor technology for hands-free use, and a durable all-metal construction.

In this article, I’ll provide an in-depth overview of the Moen Medina 87039 based on my personal experience. I’ll highlight the key features that make this kitchen faucet stand out, and provide insights that can help you determine if it’s the right choice for your home.

Highlights Durable All-Metal Construction

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

One of the things that really impressed me about this Moen faucet is its solid metal construction. The main faucet body, pulldown sprayer, and lever handle are all made from robust metal materials. This gives the Medina 87039 superior durability compared to plastic models.

In my experience, the hefty weight and quality finish of this faucet convey a sense of luxury. Unlike flimsier options, I don’t have to worry about components wearing down or breaking from daily use. The durable construction provides long-lasting value.

Showcases Powerful Pulldown Sprayer

This kitchen faucet features a handy pulldown sprayer that makes cleaning and rinsing a breeze. The flexible rubber hose extends up to 68 inches, allowing you to easily reach all areas of your sink.

I find myself using the pull-down sprayer much more frequently than a side sprayer. It provides a powerful pre-rinse blast and concentrated stream for stubborn food residue. The pause button allows you to temporarily stop water flow without altering your temperature setting.

Explains Spot Resist Stainless Finish

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

Moen uses a patented Spot Resist finish that helps the Medina 87039 faucet maintain a pristine, smudge-free look. The stainless steel resists fingerprints and water spots, so it stays polished and lustrous for years.

In the past, I’ve had stainless steel faucets show water spots and stains after a short period of use. But even after months of daily use, the Moen’s spot-free finish still looks brand new. This finish makes cleaning the faucet much quicker and easier.

Discusses ADA Compliant Single Lever Handle

The ergonomic lever handle on the Medina allows you to control both hot and cold water with one hand. This makes adjusting water temperature simple and intuitive. The single-handle design also makes the faucet ADA compliant.

I appreciate the smooth action of the lever handle. It moves easily into position without sticking. The temperature limit stop prevents accidental scalding. Overall, the handle provides ideal ergonomics and control.

Details Dual Motion Sensor for Hands-Free Use

A built-in motion sensor allows for convenient hands-free activation. You can simply wave your hand near the base of the faucet to start and stop water flow. This is perfect when your hands are full or dirty.

I find myself using the motion sensor multiple times per day. It makes tasks like rinsing produce, filling pots, and washing hands much more efficient. The sensor also conserves water compared to letting it run continuously.

So in summary, the Moen Medina 87039 is an exceptional kitchen faucet that combines versatile functionality with durable, luxurious style. Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to share more insights from my experience with this faucet.

As I embarked on my search for a new kitchen faucet, I knew durability and functionality were my top priorities. After researching the options, the Moen Medina 87039 really stood out for its stellar combination of sturdy construction, useful features, and sleek style.

Overview of Features and Benefits

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

The Moen Medina 87039 has a lot to offer for a relatively affordable price point. Here are some of the key benefits that make this model a savvy choice:

Built to Last

Between cooking splatters, pet hair, and grimy handprints, kitchen faucets take a real beating. That’s why I was thrilled to find the Medina 87039 has an all-metal build. The solid metal construction gives it a reassuring heft, unlike the plastic and composite materials used on cheaper faucets. I can tell this thing is built to last for years of daily wear and tear.

Flexible Pulldown Sprayer

Having a good sprayer is a total game changer for rinsing, cleaning, and filling pots easily. The Medina 87039 has a handy pull-down sprayer head with 68 inches of hose reach. I use it way more often than I expected for blasting off crumbs, rinsing produce, and wiping down counters.

Spot Resist Stainless Finish

Few things bug me more than a stainless steel faucet covered in water spots and fingerprints. But Moen’s patented Spot Resist finish has proven its resistance to smudges and stains time and time again. After heavy use, it still gleams like brand new with minimal effort to clean it.

Temperature Limit Stop

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

The Medina 87039’s single lever handle lets me dial in the perfect water temp with one hand. But it also has a built-in temperature limit stop, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally scalding myself or the kids with overly hot water.

Hands-Free Operation

When my hands are dirty, or arms loaded down, the motion sensor comes in so handy. I just wave my hand near the base of the faucet to activate the touchless flow. It makes multitasking in the kitchen much simpler, and also conserves water.

With its sturdy metal build, useful features, and sleek style, the Moen Medina 87039 combines the best of all worlds. I’m thrilled with how it has upgraded my kitchen. Let me know if any other faucet features are on your must-have list!

As I set out to replace my old, rickety kitchen faucet, finding one with robust construction was at the top of my must-have list. The Moen Medina 87039 hit the mark with its durable all-metal design.

Highlights Durable All-Metal Construction

Cheap plastic faucets may suffice for a time, but they just don’t withstand years of regular use. I wanted something more heavy duty, and the Medina 87039 fit the bill.

This faucet features an all-metal body, not plastic like lesser models. The difference is obvious from the moment you handle it. The reassuring heft in your hand reflects quality construction.

Both the main faucet and the pull-down sprayer have a sturdy metal exterior. The single lever handle also has a metal core. Believe me, you can feel and appreciate the durability.

In contrast, I have seen plastic faucet handles warp and degrade over time from constant use and exposure to hot and cold water. Not something you have to worry about with Moen’s metal construction.

Even after months of regular use – multiple times per day – my Medina 87039 still looks and functions like new. No leaks, drips, or any wear and tear to report. It has exceeded my expectations.

The hefty size and solid metal body give me confidence this faucet will last for many years of daily use. The quality materials really reflect the Moen brand’s reputation for reliability.

If longevity is your priority, the durable all-metal construction makes the Moen Medina 87039 a standout choice. No worries about flimsy plastic components wearing down over time. This faucet is built to last.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the materials or construction. I’m happy to share more about my experience with the sturdy metal design.

One of my favorite features of the Moen Medina 87039 is the versatile pull-down sprayer. This innovative component sets it apart from basic kitchen faucets.

Showcases Powerful Pulldown Sprayer

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

The Medina 87039 comes equipped with Moen’s Reflex pull-down system. This includes a flexible hose and easy-to-grip sprayer head that smoothly extends from the faucet.

With 68 inches of reach, I can pull the sprayer to any area of my sink or countertop with ease. I find myself using it all the time to blast off dried food debris, rinse dishes, fill pots, and wipe surfaces clean.

The powerful spray makes quick work of tough messes. And the button on the sprayer head lets me conveniently pause the water flow without having to trek back to shut off the faucet.

I honestly did not realize how useful an extendable sprayer could be until experiencing the Moen model. The extra reach and cleaning power it provides are huge bonuses.

Switching from stream to spray mode is a breeze with the toggle control on the sprayer head. The stream is great for rinsing, while the wide spray attacks clung-on food and grease.

Between its impressive reach and versatile functions, this pull-down sprayer has become an indispensable kitchen tool. It makes cleaning and food prep much more efficient.

If you want to upgrade from a basic faucet, the Medina 87039’s handy sprayer will be a game changer. Its flexibility and cleaning power simplify daily kitchen tasks.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the pull-down sprayer! I’m happy to provide more details on this standout feature.

One downside I’ve found with stainless steel faucets is they tend to show water spots and mineral buildup quite easily. But Moen’s Spot Resist finish prevents this issue beautifully in the Medina 87039 model.

Explains Spot Resist Stainless Finish

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

Like many modern kitchens, I opted for a stainless steel faucet to match my appliances. The clean, sleek look pairs perfectly with any decor.

However, I’ve had inexpensive stainless steel faucets in the past that ended up covered in hard water spots and stains. No matter how much I scrubbed, I could never get them looking as polished as when new.

That’s why I was thrilled to discover the Moen Medina 87039 has a patented Spot Resist stainless finish. This innovative surface resists fingerprints, water spots, and other marks even after heavy daily use.

Moen’s special finish features an advanced clear coat that creates an invisible barrier. This prevents mineral deposits from adhering while also easing cleaning. Water simply beads up and rolls off.

While typical stainless steel shows signs of use over time, the Medina’s finish maintains its beautiful luster for years. A quick wipe with a soft cloth is all it needs to restore the shine.

I’ve been extremely impressed that even in hard water areas, the Spot Resist finish stays free of stains and smudges with minimal effort.

For me, the fingerprint-proof, water-spot free finish is a must-have. I can enjoy the modem look of stainless without having to constantly battle buildup and marks.

Let me know if you have any other questions about Moen’s Spot Resist technology. Happy to share more about the impressive finish.

When selecting a new kitchen faucet, ease of use was a top concern. The Moen Medina 87039’s single lever design provides smooth, intuitive temperature control for all users.

Discusses ADA Compliant Single Lever Handle

The Medina 87039 features an ergonomic single lever handle that adjusts both hot and cold water flow. This allows you to fine-tune the temperature with one hand.

I find the single lever much more convenient than faucets with separate hot and cold handles. With a simple sideways motion, I can make the water as hot or cold as needed.

The smooth action of the lever handle provides seamless control. I can move it from cold to hot and back again without any catching or sticking.

In addition to ease of use, the single lever design makes the Medina 87039 compliant with ADA accessibility standards. This is an important consideration for wheelchair users or those with limited dexterity.

The lever shape and placement follow ADA guidelines, ensuring operation is straightforward for all users. I appreciate that Moen has inclusive design in mind.

For safety, Moen includes a preset temperature limit stop on the Medina model. This prevents accidental scalding from excess hot water.

If user-friendly, customizable temperature control is important to you, the Medina 87039 delivers. The smooth single lever handle provides ideal ergonomics and accessibility.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the handle design! I’m happy to share more insights on its performance and convenience.

One of the Medina 87039’s most unique features is the dual motion sensor that allows for touchless activation. This hands-free functionality is a total game changer in the kitchen.

Details Dual Motion Sensor for Hands-Free Use

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

Moen equipped this faucet with advanced sensor technology that turns water on and off with a simple hand motion. There are no handles to touch.

To activate the flow of water, you just need to move your hand near the base of the faucet. The precise motion sensor detects movement within about 4 inches to start the flow.

Once it turns on, you can then move your hand anywhere under the spout to adjust temperature. This dual detection provides ease of use.

I find myself using the hands-free feature multiple times per day when cooking and cleaning. It’s incredibly helpful when my hands are full, messy, or wet.

The touchless operation also promotes hygiene by reducing contact with handles. This dual motion sensor makes tasks like rinsing veggies, filling pots of water, or washing hands much more convenient.

To stop the flow of water, simply repeat the initial wave gesture near the base. The water turns off automatically after about 4 minutes as well.

For high-traffic kitchens, the hands-free convenience of the Medina 87039 is a must-have feature. I can’t imagine going back to manually turning a faucet on and off!

Let me know if you have any other questions about the motion sensor tech. I’m happy to explain the details on how it works.

Covers Easy Installation Process

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

Finding the perfect kitchen faucet can feel like an impossible task with the overwhelming options on the market today. But look no further – the Moen Medina 87039 model checks all the boxes and then some. This kitchen workhorse provides exceptional durability, easy installation, and useful features that make it the faucet worth buying for busy families and serious home cooks.

Installation is a breeze with the Moen Medina 87039. The Duralock quick connect system allows you to install it in just 10 minutes without any special tools. The faucet comes with flexible supply lines that connect directly to water supply lines. With an intuitive three hole mount, you can install the faucet through your existing holes or make new ones if needed. Clear instructions walk you through the whole process step-by-step.

The spot resist stainless finish on the Moen Medina 87039 keeps it looking shiny and new, resisting water spots and fingerprints. The single lever handle allows you to easily control both hot and cold water flow. The high arch gooseneck design provides superior clearance for filling pots or washing large items. And the powerful pre-rinse sprayer makes quick work of cleaning dishes or blasting off baked on food. The flow rate is limited to 1.5 gallons per minute, helping conserve water.

This faucet is built to last with heavy duty metal construction. The Medina 87039 performs reliably after years of daily use. The ceramic disc valve has been tested to over a million cycles. It resists mineral buildup and provides drip-free performance for smooth handle operation. The pull down spray wand smoothly retracts and toggles between stream and spray functions.

Some handy features make the Moen Medina 87039 even more functional. The 68 inch braided hose on the sprayer has an impressive reach to clean the entire sink. The spout swivels a full 120 degrees for more access. And the warm placement of the handle is ergonomically comfortable. This faucet even includes the mounting hardware you need.

Homeowners rave about how easy this Moen faucet is to install and use. The water pressure and flow rate provide powerful cleaning performance. It can handle multiple tasks like filling pots, rinsing dishes, and washing hands with ease. The pull down spray wand makes quick cleaning jobs a breeze. And the solid construction ensures it will be a staple in your kitchen for years. Some reviewers report using this faucet daily for over 5 years without any issues.

The spot resistant finish stands up to heavy handing without showing any scratches or wear for a like-new look. Cleaning is effortless since fingerprints and water spots easily wipe away. The braided supply lines and pre-installed connector hoses prevent leaks or drips after installation. Everything fits together snugly right out of the box.

This reasonably priced kitchen faucet delivers exceptional durability and functionality that competes with far more expensive models. Moen completely stands behind the quality of the Medina 87039 faucet, backing it with their limited lifetime warranty. So you can purchase it with confidence knowing it’s built to last.

If you want a reliable faucet to handle heavy daily use, the Moen Medina 87039 is a top choice. Easy installation, durable construction, useful features, and reliable performance make this the kitchen faucet worth investing in. No need to keep searching for the perfect faucet when this Moen model has everything you need to tackle kitchen tasks with ease for years to come.

Reviews Performance of M-PACT Common Valve System

The Moen Medina 87039 kitchen faucet utilizes the exceptional M-PACT common valve system that offers smooth, reliable performance for the life of the faucet. This innovative valve design is a key reason the Medina 87039 is a top choice for a durable, functional kitchen faucet.

The M-PACT common valve enables easy installation and maintenance. Its Duralock quick connect system allows DIYers to install the faucet in minutes, without hiring a plumber. The connectors snap tightly into place with an audible click, ensuring a leak-free connection. And if you ever need to replace the cartridge, it can be easily removed and swapped out without shutting off the water lines or disassembling the faucet.

This valve system delivers consistent water flow and temperature control throughout the life of the faucet. Its cylindrical design and solid brass construction resist mineral buildup. The ceramic disc cartridge has been tested to over one million cycles without failure. Smooth handle operation lets youprecisely dial in your desired water temp.

The innovative cartridge design controls both volume and mixing. As you turn the handle, an internal cylinder rises and lowers to increase or decrease water flow. Simultaneously, the cartridge slides left or right to mix hot and cold. This allows you to find the perfect combo of flow rate and temperature.

The high performance M-PACT valve enables the Medina 87039 to accommodate low and high pressure water systems equally well. Built-in pressure compensators ensure you get a steady, even water stream regardless of your home’s plumbing. There’s no annoying dripping or inconsistent flow.

This faucet meets rigorous standards for leak-free performance. The valve system undergoes hydrostatic testing at extreme water pressures beyond residential use. Stringent quality control ensures every component meets specifications. The result is a faucet built for a lifetime of drip-free use.

Customers consistently comment on the smooth operation and easy water adjustments of the Medina 87039, even after years of daily use. The valve maintains like-new performance without sticking, hesitation or sudden temperature changes. From a refreshing drink of water to doing dishes to filling stockpots, this faucet provides reliability.

The strong sprayer performance also benefits from the M-PACT valve system. There’s no annoying sputtering or varied pressure. The forceful pre-rinse spray makes quick work of cleaning dishes and the sink. Reviewers love how easy it is to rinse off chunks of food or baked on messes.

This innovative valve design is integral to the durable construction that makes the Medina kitchen faucet a workhorse. All internal components are metal rather than plastic. And the cylindrical cartridge resists the buildup of mineral deposits over time. Everything is engineered for longevity and hassle-free use.

Moen stands behind the M-PACT valve system with their lifetime limited warranty. If you ever have an issue, they’ll provide free replacement parts. But most customers find the valve delivers reliable performance for many years beyond the warranty period. Its durable brass design keeps the faucet working like new.

The brilliant engineering of the M-PACT common valve system makes the Medina 87039 kitchen faucet a pleasure to use for a lifetime. Easy installation, smooth reliable flow, and simple maintenance are just some of the benefits. This innovative valve technology contributes to making the Medina an exceptionally durable and functional faucet.

If you’re seeking a top-quality kitchen faucet that will provide great performance for years to come, the Moen Medina 87039 is a winner. The advanced M-PACT valve system enables precise flow control, easy installation, and reliable leak-free use. This faucet with stay working like new thanks to the well-designed valve that resists wear and mineral buildup. The Medina 87039 proves Moen’s reputation for faucet innovation and quality.

Compares to Other Moen Faucet Models

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide between Moen kitchen faucet models. But the Medina 87039 stands out for its exceptional durability, useful features, and reliable performance. How does it compare to other popular Moen faucets?

The Medina has a more modern high-arch gooseneck spout than the traditional Moen Chateau. The higher clearance accommodates larger pots and pans. And the pull-down spray wand adds convenience. The Chateau’s two-handle design provides more precise temperature control. But the Medina’s single lever is quicker and simpler for most tasks.

Against the Moen Align, the Medina offers a more substantial metal construction that resists dents or dings. The Align has a sleek modern look, while the Medina provides a transitional style fitting both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Both offer great maneuverability and handy pull-down sprayers.

Compared to the Moen Arbor, the Medina has a more powerful pre-rinse sprayer that makes cleaning a breeze. The Arbor offers the added perk of a motion-activated mode to switch from stream to spray. But the Medina’s direct switch is easier for most users. And its higher arc swivels smoothly without the Arbor’s slightly stiff neck.

The popular Moen 7594SRS aligns closely with the Medina in style and function. Both provide the spot-resistant stainless finish that resists fingerprints and water spots. The 7594SRS has a higher price tag but lacks the Medina’s more substantial metal handle. For a durable workhorse, the Medina is the better value.

Against the pricey Moen 8772 commercial-style faucet, the Medina provides residential users with nearly as much power and functionality at a fraction of the cost. The 8772 adds a few convenience features like the auto-shutoff sensor. But for most home cooks, the Medina delivers all the performance needed.

Compared to the entry-level Moen 5923, the Medina offers much more durability and functionality. The 5923 is a basic budget faucet with plastic parts that may need early replacing. Spend a little more for the Medina’s solid brass construction designed for longevity.

The high-end Moen 7185 Prestige faucet brings luxury touches like a leather-accented handle. But its higher cost doesn’t provide better functionality than the Medina. You’re mainly paying for aesthetic upgrades rather than performance.

Against the Moen Motionsense Wave, the Medina can’t match the high-tech motion-activated features. But its straightforward manual operation satisfies users who find touchless activation unnecessary. And it avoids the occasional sensor glitches the Wave can experience.

Compared to the popular Moen 7565 kitchen faucet, the Medina provides nearly identical performance and features for a significantly lower price. The 7565 does add a couple more finish options. But for an affordable durable faucet, the Medina is the smarter buy.

As you can see, the Moen Medina 87039 faucet holds its own against both higher- and lower-priced Moen models. Its exceptional combination of useful features, power and maneuverability, durable construction, and reliable performance make it a standout choice. The Medina provides everything an active kitchen needs for an affordable price.

Whether you’re equipping your first home kitchen or doing an upgrade, choose the faucet that will work hard for you every day for years to come. The Moen Medina 87039 provides outstanding quality and function that makes kitchen tasks a pleasure. Its smart design focused on real-world performance makes it a faucet worth investing in.

Examines Customer Reviews and Ratings

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

When it comes to kitchen fixtures, the faucet is one of the most important purchases. A quality faucet can last for decades, while a poor quality one can cause constant headaches with leaks, breakdowns, and water pressure issues. One of the top names in kitchen faucets is Moen, and its Medina 87039 model is a highly popular choice. But how does it really stack up according to those who have installed and used it?

In examining numerous customer reviews across retail sites, home improvement forums, and blogs, there are a few key factors that keep getting mentioned about the Moen Medina 87039 kitchen faucet.

Durable Construction

First and foremost, this faucet seems to live up to Moen’s reputation for durable construction. Many reviewers comment on how solidly built it feels, with high-quality metal components that don’t feel flimsy or weak. Specific mentions are made of the sturdy spout and solid brass fixture housings. There don’t appear to be any consistent complaints about parts breaking, leaking, or failing over time with normal use. Those who have owned this Moen model for years report that it still functions like new. That type of longevity is exactly what you want with such an integral kitchen component.

Smooth Operation

Another common praise in Medina 87039 reviews is how smoothly the handle mechanics operate. The handle motion is easy and fluid when turning on/off and controlling water flow and temperature. This is thanks in large part to the cartridge design that Moen uses in many of its faucets. Cartridges essentially control the inner workings, keeping things tightly sealed while allowing precise handle control. So while the exterior metal casing feels strong, it’s the cartridge inside that really influences the smoothness and consistency of the faucet’s operation.

Good Water Pressure

Having adequate water pressure at the faucet is clearly crucial for cleaning and cooking tasks. Many reviewers say the Medina 87039 can deliver a sufficiently strong flow when needed, while also conserving water well during typical use. The flow rate is rated at 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm), which is pretty standard for a kitchen faucet. And the integrated aerator helps bolster pressure while using less water. Some do note that lowering the flow rate any further can impact pressure, so this may not satisfy those looking to install specialty low-flow aerators.

Spot Resist Stainless Finish

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

Moen prides itself on durable and scratch-resistant finishes, and its popular Spot Resist stainless steel coating lives up to the hype according to Medina 87039 reviewers. Spot Resist is formulated to repel water spots, fingerprints, and other smudges that can tarnish shiny steel over time. Owners generally say the finish still looks polished and new after years of kitchen use. It cleans up nicely while hiding traces of daily splashes, spills, and grime. Just be aware that like any stainless finish, it can show scrapes and scuffs if subjected to hard impacts from pots, utensils, etc.

Versatile Style

Style is always a personal preference, but many find the Medina 87039’s transitional look versatile enough to complement most kitchen decors. It combines a gently curved spout with slim arched lever handles. The silhouette is contemporary yet understated. Sleek and subtle seem to be apt descriptions of its style. Those with ultra modern or traditional kitchen themes may want a style that aligns more specifically. But for many kitchens, Medina’s middle-of-the-road styling is an advantage over faucets at either design extreme.

Handy Side Sprayer

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

Having a separate pull-down sprayer makes cleaning and rinsing so much easier at the sink. Moen’s 68-inch hose offers good reach, while the easy-press handle controls a focused spray for blasting crusty pots or giving dishes a rinse. The hose docks neatly back into place and the spray head resists mineral buildup. Some mention wishing the spray hose were just a bit longer for added versatility. But overall, owners find the side sprayer to be a worthwhile addition not always found on similar kitchen faucets.

Simple Installation

While some faucet installations can be plagued by confusing directions and finicky parts, Medina 87039 owners typically report a quick and painless install process. Moen includes clear instructions along with the necessary hardware and connections. The faucet fits standardized sink holes and water line placements. As with any install, having some plumbing skill helps, but most find this well within DIY abilities. Just be sure your sink can accommodate a 4-hole fixture before purchasing.

No product is perfect, and a few Medina owners have reported needing warranty replacements due to defective parts or Finish flaws. However, Moen’s warranty is better than average within the industry. So any manufacturing defects should be covered under warranty without issue. For the vast majority of owners, the faucet functions flawlessly for many years without the need for repair or replacement.

In the end, for those seeking a well-made stainless steel kitchen faucet with contemporary styling and handy sprayer, the Moen Medina 87039 earns its popularity and positive owner reviews. It delivers the right blend of style, performance, and durability that today’s homeowners need when outfitting their kitchens. Considering its reasonable price for the features, not to mention Moen’s reputation, it’s no wonder this model sells so well and satisfies most owners.

Breaks Down Available Finishes and Styles

The Moen Medina 87039 is one of the brand’s most popular kitchen faucet models. It offers a nice mix of contemporary styling, performance features, and durable construction at a reasonable price point. But with several finish and style options available, it’s important to understand the differences when deciding which version best suits your needs.

Spot Resist Stainless

The most common finish you’ll find is Moen’s Spot Resist stainless steel. This is a beautiful polished steel look that fits in with nearly any kitchen decor. The key benefit of Spot Resist is its fingerprint-proof coating that resists water spots and smudges. It makes the faucet much lower-maintenance compared to uncoated stainless steel prone to marks and prints. Just be prepared for some metal scrapes and scuffs over time, as no stainless finish can prevent all signs of wear and tear.


For an even more polished contemporary look, the chrome finish is another option. It provides that familiar gleaming silver/grey appearance. The benefit of chrome is it remains scratch-free a bit better than brushed steel. The downside is that it does show water spots and fingerprints much more readily. So you’ll have to wipe it down frequently to maintain the bright shiny look. Ultimately chrome versus stainless is an aesthetic choice for your kitchen.

Matte Black

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

Recently Moen added a matte black option to appeal to contemporary and transitional kitchen styles. Matte black is currently on-trend for fixtures and appliances, providing an edgier look compared to traditional polished chrome or steel. This finish is prone to showing some fingerprints and water marks, but not nearly as bad as glossy finishes. If you want a dark modern style for your kitchen, matte black is worth considering.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

On the opposite styling spectrum, oil rubbed bronze is ideal for traditional or rustic kitchen designs. This is a living finish meaning it develops a patina and darker markings over time for an antique appearance. The overall look can range from brown to almost black. It fits well with natural materials like stone and wood. Just know that the dark color and uneven patina can make cleaning and scuffs more apparent.

Spot Resist Brushed Nickel

Finally, for kitchens trending towards transitional or contemporary rustic, Moen offers a brushed nickel finish. Brushed nickel provides a warmer grey metallic look. The Spot Resist coating helps minimize fingerprints and water spots that can detract from the beauty of brushed metal finishes. This finish option allows you to get the modern brushed metal look with fewer signs of daily wear.

One or Two Handle

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

Beyond the finish, the other main variation is choosing between a single lever handle or two handles. The single handle is more contemporary, allowing you to control water flow and temperature with one smooth motion. The two handles provide a more traditional style with separate hot and cold handles. This gives you marginally more precise water temperature control for each handle, but usually isn’t significant for most kitchen tasks.

Side Sprayer or Downspout

Nearly all configurations of the Medina 87039 come with Moen’s useful side sprayer for rinsing dishes and cleaning the sink area. It offers a 68-inch flexible hose for good reach. A button on the spray head controls the water flow. The only exception is a version with a down-spout in place of the sprayer. The down-spout provides a second water stream from the end of the faucet, controlled by a separate handle. This alternate configuration sacrifices the versatility and convenience of a pull-out sprayer.

In the end, the most popular style is the single lever version with side sprayer in either Spot Resist stainless or chrome finish. These complement both contemporary and classic kitchen designs. But ultimately the choice comes down to your kitchen’s decor and personal style preferences. The good news is Moen provides enough design options to give you flexibility without compromising on quality and performance.

No matter which finish or style you select, the Medina 87039 is backed by Moen’s solid warranty. So you can install with confidence knowing replacement parts are covered in the unlikely event of any defects. Given the typical longevity of these faucets, you can expect many years of reliable service once installed. Your Moen Medina faucet will likely outlast kitchen remodels and upgrades down the road.

Provides Guidance on Parts and Repairs

The Moen Medina 87039 kitchen faucet is designed and constructed to provide years of reliable service. But over time it may need occasional maintenance, repairs, or replacement parts. Here is some guidance on keeping your Medina faucet in great working condition.


The inner cartridge controls the faucet’s handle operation and water flow. Moen cartridges are high-quality and very durable, but may eventually need replacing if the faucet develops leaks or stiff handle movement. Identify the specific cartridge model inside your Medina from the underside sticker. The most common are 1225 and 1222 cartridges. Purchase an authentic Moen replacement and follow instructions to swap it out.


At the tip of the spout is an aerator which mixes air into the water stream while eliminating splashing. It can become clogged with mineral deposits over time. Unscrew the aerator to clean debris and flush it out. Replace it every few years to maintain optimal water flow and pressure. Moen sells replacement aerators, or you can purchase affordable off-brand versions.

Spray Head

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

The pull-out spray head on the side of the faucet can also accumulate mineral buildup and sediment inside its mechanisms which will reduce water pressure over time. Try soaking it in vinegar or lime deposit remover. Replace the spray head if cleaning doesn’t restore full pressure and flow.


The flexible 68-inch hose connecting the spray head to the faucet may eventually wear out, develop leaks, or become kinked. Replacing the hose is fortunately an easy fix. Simply order the Moen 87039 replacement hose, remove the old one, and attach the new hose. Make sure to thoroughly flush it out before using.


The faucet handles receive a lot of repeated use over the years. Friction can wear down their internal components. This will lead to handles feeling loose or slipping when trying to turn water on/off. You can purchase replacement handle assemblies and easily switch them out using basic household tools.


If the faucet’s finish gets badly scratched, pitted, or discolored with age, Moen sells touch-up kits and waxes to improve the appearance. But for heavy damage, it may be necessary to contact Moen and order a replacement handle kit matched to your finish. This will include new handle housings and escutcheon plate.

While basic repairs are doable yourself, for complex issues you may need to hire a plumber. Fortunately, the Moen Medina 87039 is less prone to critical failures or flaws compared to inferior faucet brands. But it’s still helpful to know which parts tend to wear over time when maintaining any frequently-used fixture.

One advantage of Moen is that replacement components are readily available either direct or through retailers. Other brands may require frustrating special orders. Moen also provides detailed instructions for repairs on their website and YouTube channel. Their customer support can also walk you through any troubleshooting.

Don’t forget that your Moen Medina kitchen faucet comes with their impressive limited lifetime warranty. Any parts with defects in materials and manufacturing will be covered by Moen with proof of purchase. Labor may not be included however. But the warranty does offer peace of mind against poor workmanship.

With periodic maintenance and occasional repairs when needed, a Moen Medina kitchen faucet should continue performing like new for over a decade. Paying attention to the common replacement parts mentioned will allow you to easily renew its function. Then you can continue enjoying this highly rated and recommended kitchen fixture that builds upon Moen’s reputation for reliability.

Shares Cost and Value Analysis

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

With kitchen faucets ranging in price from $50 to $1000+, determining the right investment for your home can be confusing. The Moen Medina 87039 hits a nice sweet spot around $200-300 at major retailers. Let’s examine what you get for the money with this popular model.


Constructed of solid metal rather than plastic, with brass internal components, the Medina’s material quality helps justify the moderate price. All-metal faucets feel substantially more sturdy and last longer than cheaper plastic varieties. The specific metals and alloys used also resist corrosion and mineral buildup better than inferior metals.


Moen uses premium finishes designed to maintain their luster for the faucet’s lifetime. For example, their Spot Resist stainless finish stays new-looking much longer than uncoated stainless steel prone to prints and scratches. And finishes like brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze add aesthetic value not found on basic chrome models in the same price range.


The value of Moen’s cartridge technology inside the faucet is a big factor in performance and longevity. Plastic cartridges found in budget faucets wear out relatively quickly. Moen’s durable metal cartridges will likely outlast the rest of the faucet’s components.


The Medina 87039 combines nice stylistic flexibility with its various handle and finish options. It fits with both traditional and contemporary kitchen decors, unlike more specialized ultra-modern or old-fashioned designs.


Having an integrated side sprayer is a worthwhile bonus not found on all competitors. It makes kitchen tasks much more convenient. And the 68-inch hose offers greater reach than some attachment sprayers. That flexibility adds real value.


Moen’s reputation for reliability and durability means you can expect at least a decade of trouble-free performance. Many cheap faucets start developing leaks, breaks, and operational issues after just a few years of use. The Medina 87039’s proven longevity adds confidence in your purchase.


Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

Should any unlikely defects arise down the road, Moen provides one of the best warranties in the industry. Their limited lifetime warranty covers replacement parts and finishes to the original purchaser. Labor may have additional costs, but Moen stands behind their manufacturing quality.

Considering all these factors – quality materials, thoughtful design, useful features, durable engineering, flexible styling, and strong warranty – the Moen Medina delivers excellent value at its moderate price point. You’d be hard pressed to find a similar faucet with all these attributes for much less. And paying significantly more does not necessarily get you a meaningfully superior product.

Of course, you can certainly spend over $400+ on premium chef-style faucets with professional-level performance and commercial styling. But for a reliable family kitchen fixture, the Moen Medina hits a sweet spot of quality, features, and sensible value. It will likely outperform lower-priced competitors, while offering comparable performance to far more expensive designer faucets.

This versatile Moen model represents one of the smarter investments you can make. It will become a hardworking fixture you can depend on 365 days a year. And with occasional maintenance, the Medina 87039 should stand the test of time and retain its function for the long haul, no matter how many times a day it gets used.

Final Verdict: Why Choose Moen Medina 87039

Moen Medina 87039 Kitchen Faucet: The Most Durable Model With Sprayer Worth Buying

After looking closely at the Moen Medina 87039 kitchen faucet’s features, performance, style options, and value, it becomes clear why this model is so highly rated and popular.

First, Moen is one of the most trusted and recommended faucet brands on the market. They have spent decades perfecting kitchen fixtures for the mainstream homeowner. So you can be confident in their engineering and manufacturing standards.

Beyond the brand reputation, the Medina 87039 delivers everything you need in an affordable but quality kitchen faucet:

  • Attractive and flexible styling suitable for a range of kitchen decors
  • Durable brass internal components and solid metal construction
  • Smooth single-handle operation with precise flow and temperature control
  • High-quality finishes that resist spots, prints, and corrosion
  • Integrated side sprayer for increased functionality
  • Reasonable price for the overall quality and features
  • Positive owner reviews highlighting reliability and longevity
  • Moen’s well-regarded warranty backing the product

The Medina checks all the key boxes without unnecessary bells and whistles driving up costs. It represents one of the smarter purchases for homeowners seeking a durable, convenient, and stylish kitchen faucet.

This Moen model should provide a great user experience day after day. The thoughtful design touches like the flexible hose sprayer and smooth cartridge mechanics make kitchen tasks that much easier and enjoyable. And small details like the fingerprint-resistant finishes demonstrate how Moen caters to real-world kitchen use.

While investing in an ultra-premium or designer faucet sounds appealing, the reality is the Moen Medina delivers everything needed for most kitchens. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better combinations of form and function for the reasonable price. It lacks some of the flashy commercial styling of high-end chef faucets, but outperforms in the areas that really matter for residential use.

This versatile Moen fixture represents a wise investment that should pay dividends with many years of superb performance. Given proper installation and occasional maintenance over time, it will likely exceed your expectations for longevity and reliability.

So for homeowners seeking a thoughtfully designed, well-constructed kitchen faucet with useful features and quality engineering, the Moen Medina 87039 is sure to satisfy. When you choose this highly rated model, you can have confidence it will become a valued fixture you’ll appreciate every time you step up to the sink.