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Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

What is Navajo White Paint?

Navajo white is a versatile neutral paint color that can work in many homes. It’s a light tan or off-white shade that adds a subtle warmth to any room. If you’re looking for a paint color that’s not too stark white but still light and airy, Navajo white may be the perfect choice.

The name Navajo white comes from the light color of Navajo sheep wool. It’s a pale color inspired by the natural wool tone. As a neutral paint shade, Navajo white works well in many design styles from traditional to modern. It provides a soft, natural backdrop that allows you to layer on accent colors of your choosing.

Navajo white is often described as a creamy, eggshell color. It’s brighter than a soft white but more subtle than a stark bright white. The undertones lean slightly warm with hints of light tan or beige. This means it can complement both cool and warm accent colors beautifully. From breezy blues to earthy tans, Navajo white provides a versatile base.

Many popular paint brands like Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore offer their own take on Navajo white. While the shades vary slightly between brands, they share a similar light tan or off-white coloring. For example, Behr’s Navajo White is a light eggshell neutral with warm undertones. Sherwin-Williams’ version is a creamy off-white. Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White is softly warm as well. No matter which brand you choose, you can expect a similar soft neutral tone.

Rooms That Work With Navajo White Paint

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

One of the best qualities of Navajo white paint is its ability to suit many different rooms in your home. Here are some popular spaces where this versatile neutral shade really shines:

  • Living Rooms – Navajo white is light and airy enough for living spaces where you want an open, breathable feel. It creates a nice backdrop for any furniture style.
  • Bedrooms – The soft neutral tone is soothing and relaxing for bedrooms. It’s brighter than many beiges without being too stark.
  • Bathrooms – Navajo white is a great bathroom color. It keeps things light and fresh but is warmer than a basic white.
  • Kitchens – For kitchens, Navajo white provides a pleasant neutral backdrop that works with any cabinetry or countertops.
  • Offices – Painting home offices Navajo white helps keep the mood focused yet relaxed. It’s also great for studios.
  • Entryways – Use Navajo white in entry spaces to greet guests with a light, airy impression.

Really, there are few rooms where Navajo white looks out of place. Its creamy neutral tone provides a canvas for adding pops of color without overwhelming.

Tips for Decorating With Navajo White Paint

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

Decorating with Navajo white paint is easy thanks to its versatility. Here are some top tips:

  • Layer on textures – Add interest with natural textures like wood furniture, sisal rugs and linen drapes.
  • Warm it up – Offset the light walls with warm woods, black accents and earth tones.
  • Cool it down – Balance the subtle warmth with breezy blues, silvery grays and crisp whites.
  • Vary sheens – Try a flat finish on walls and semi-gloss trim for nice contrast.
  • Add brights sparingly – Pops of colors like chartreuse, sunny yellow or coral liven things up.
  • Repeat colors – Tie the whole room together by repeating an accent color in art, pillows, etc.

Navajo white is one of those rare paint colors that fits well with almost any style. Feel free to get creative with your accent pieces and have fun layering in colors and textures.

Advantages of Choosing Navajo White Paint

Why might you choose Navajo white over other off-white or neutral paint colors? Here are some of the advantages this versatile shade offers:

  • Warmer than basic white – Navajo white adds soft warmth without going beige.
  • Brighter than beige – It keeps things light and bright for an airy feel.
  • Works in any room – Its versatility means it suits living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Matches any style – Modern, traditional, farmhouse and more look great with Navajo white walls.
  • Easy to decorate – You can choose cool or warm accents with ease.
  • Calming neutral – The soft tone creates a relaxed, welcoming space.

As an off-white with subtle warmth, Navajo white offers the best of both worlds. It’s lighter than beige but more inviting than stark white. This makes it one of the most popular neutral paint choices for every room.

Where to Use Different Navajo White Paint Brands

Most major paint brands offer their own version of Navajo white. While the shades are similar, there can be slight differences between each one. Here are some popular brands and where they work best:

  • Behr Navajo White – A warm, inviting neutral perfect for bedrooms and living areas.
  • Benjamin Moore Navajo White – A versatile, softer tone great for open concept spaces.
  • Sherwin-Williams Navajo White – A light, creamy white suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Valspar Navajo White – A bright, welcoming tone ideal for entryways and hallways.
  • Kilz Navajo White – A warm, approachable neutral paint for kids’ rooms and offices.

While each brand varies slightly, they generally share a light tan or eggshell coloring. Pick the version that best fits the mood you want to create in a specific space.

Navajo White Paint Provides a Flexible Neutral Base

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

With its lightly warm, creamy tone, Navajo white paint works well all over the home. It’s versatile enough to suit any style and livable for years to come. If you’re seeking an inviting neutral backdrop, give this popular off-white shade a try. Just add accents in hues you love to make any room sing.

The History Behind Navajo White

Navajo white has become a popular neutral paint color found in many modern homes. But where exactly did this versatile off-white shade get its name and history from? Let’s take a look at the origins of Navajo white paint.

As its name implies, Navajo white is inspired by the wool of Navajo sheep. The Navajo people are a Native American tribe originally from the Southwestern United States. They have a long history of raising sheep and using the wool to create handmade textiles, rugs and blankets.

Navajo sheep produce wool in colors that range from white to brown to black. But a common wool tone seen in many Navajo textiles is a light creamy off-white. This pale natural color, sometimes with subtle beige or tan undertones, provided the inspiration for Navajo white paint.

By naming the paint color after the Navajo people and their iconic sheep’s wool, it pays homage to this Native American tribe’s textile traditions. It also evokes a natural, handcrafted vibe with its soft, inviting neutral tone.

Navajo White in Early Paint Brands

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

Navajo white first started appearing as an official paint color in the 1950s. Early brands producing a Navajo white paint included:

  • Pittsburgh Paints – Released a Navajo White in the 1950s.
  • Pratt & Lambert – Had a Navajo White on 1950s color cards.
  • Benjamin Moore – Added the color in 1955.
  • Martin-Senour Paints – Included a Navajo White in the 1950s.

In these early days, Navajo white paint had a pale pink or beige tone. It was slightly warmer and more peachy than today’s more popular blue-based versions.

Navajo White in Mid-Century Modern Design

Navajo white paint grew in popularity in the 1950s and 1960s alongside the rise of mid-century modern style. The soft neutral color with warm peachy undertones perfectly complemented the woods, textures and earth tones seen in mid-century furniture and decor.

Navajo white walls and ceilings helped provide a soothing backdrop to balance out the strong lines and geometric shapes of modernist design. Its natural look brought an inviting warmth to sleek, pared-down interiors.

This made Navajo white a go-to recommendation from interior designers of the era. It featured commonly in homes, offices and public spaces done up in “contemporary” mid-century style.

Navajo White in Recent Years

After its mid-century heyday, Navajo white paint dipped in popularity in the 1980s and 90s. Trends shifted to deeper, warmer neutrals and bolder accent colors. But as mid-century style saw a resurgence in recent decades, so did this on-trend paint color.

Today, many major paint companies like Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore offer a Navajo white. Modern versions tend to have a more blue-based undertone for a cooler, brighter white than vintage options. However, the color’s light, creamy essence remains the same.

Navajo white continues to provide the perfect neutral backdrop for any style. Its soft, inviting vibe works beautifully in both period-inspired and contemporary spaces. Designers and homeowners alike keep coming back to this timeless hue.

Navajo White in Popular Culture

The color Navajo white has made many cameo appearances beyond interior design over the years:

  • Featured as a yarn color in knitting patterns and needlework books.
  • A Navajo white Fender guitar was one of Eric Clapton’s favorites to play.
  • The Nintendo gaming system has a Navajo White color option.
  • A crayon called Navajo White is part of the Crayola crayon box.

From music to tech to art supplies, this versatile neutral shade continues to make its mark in popular culture.

The Journey of Navajo White Paint

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

Navajo white has carved out an interesting niche and history for itself in interior design. Inspired by Native American textiles and boosted by mid-century style, this creamy off-white paint color continues to be a staple neutral. Its soft, welcoming look provides the perfect background for any decor.

Benefits of Choosing Navajo White Paint

When selecting a new paint color for your home, Navajo white is a timeless choice with many benefits. This versatile neutral features a creamy off-white tone with subtle warm undertones. What makes Navajo white so popular, and why should you consider it for your next paint project?

Here are some of top advantages to choosing Navajo white paint for your walls:

Complements Any Style

One major benefit of Navajo white paint is its ability to complement any decor style beautifully. With its soft neutral coloring, Navajo white provides an easy backdrop that suits everything from modern to farmhouse to traditional spaces.

Unlike stark bright white, Navajo white has a touch of warmth that makes it more welcoming. But it still reads as a light background color. This chameleon-like ability lets your furnishings and accents shine.

Brightens Up Rooms

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

While warmer than basic white, Navajo white is brighter and more luminous than beiges or cream tones. This gives it an airy, ethereal quality perfect for making rooms feel open and expansive.

The pale neutral shade reflects light beautifully to create a cheerful ambiance. It keeps spaces feeling fresh and inviting rather than drab or gloomy.

Easy to Decorate

Navajo white is one of those flexible paint colors that looks great with just about any accent palette. Feel free to layer in cool tones like blues, grays and greens. Warm hues like terra cotta, mustard and sage also pop beautifully against Navajo white walls.

You can keep decorating simple with neutral furnishings in woods, whites and blacks. Or choose bold, vivid accent pieces – this versatile backdrop balances everything out.

Calming and Relaxing

The light creamy peach undertones make Navajo white feel soothing and serene. Unlike stark white, it has a softness that creates a more relaxing vibe.

This makes it an excellent paint color option for bedrooms, nurseries, spas and any space where you want to kick back and unwind.

Goes With Any Trim or Floor

One struggle with some paint colors is finding trim and floor shades that complement them well. But Navajo white is an easy match for any wood trim or flooring.

You can choose white, black or wood tones for trim. Gray washed floors or natural hardwood pairs nicely. Navajo white is versatile enough to work with cool and warm materials.

Welcoming First Impression

Navajo white is light and airy enough to feel fresh, but has enough warmth so as not to read as stark or sterile.

This makes it a wonderful paint color for entryways, hallways or any space that greets guests. It provides a pleasant, welcoming first impression.

Kid and Pet Friendly

For homes with kids and pets, super white walls can look dirty fast. The softness of Navajo white helps conceal scuffs and smudges better than brighter whites.

Its light eggshell coloring still keeps the mood airy. But it holds up better to the wear and tear of daily life.

A Top Choice Neutral Paint

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

With its versatility and timeless appeal, it’s easy to see why Navajo white paint is a top choice neutral shade. It works in any room, matches any style, and pairs beautifully with other colors and materials.

Navajo white creates a welcoming backdrop without overpowering your decor. For an elegant and serene neutral, it can’t be beat.

Where to Use Navajo White in Your Home

One of the best qualities of Navajo white paint is its versatility. The light creamy neutral shade works beautifully in nearly any room. Here are some of the top places in your home where Navajo white truly shines.

Living Rooms

Navajo white is an excellent choice for living room walls. It provides a pleasant backdrop that doesn’t compete with your furnishings and decor. The soft neutral color allows any style of couch, chairs, tables and accents to pop.

In formal living rooms, Navajo white lends an elegant and soothing feel. In more casual family spaces, its subtle warmth keeps things cozy and welcoming. Add blue, green, brown or black furniture and accents for a pulled-together look.


Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

The light, airy quality of Navajo white makes it a wonderful wall color for bedrooms. It creates a peaceful ambiance perfect for sleeping and recharging. Unlike stark white, its hint of warmth provides a soft cocooning effect.

Navajo white pairs nicely with wooden beds and nightstands for a relaxing natural look. Or go modern with sleek gray and white furnishings and bedding against the creamy backdrop.


For bathrooms both large and small, Navajo white paint helps reflect light around the space. This makes even a windowless powder room feel bright and pleasant. The neutral shade gives an open, clean impression without feeling overly sterile.

Consider pairing Navajo white walls with a crisp white vanity and tub. Pops of color in towels, art and accessories keep things lively against the soft neutral canvas.


The light eggshell tone of Navajo white works beautifully in kitchens. It provides sufficient contrast against white cabinetry so each element stands out. But its subtle warmth also complements wood cabinetry well.

For a rustic charm, pair Navajo white walls with butcher block countertops and vintage accents. Or go modern with glossy white cabinets and stainless steel appliances against the neutral backdrop.

Home Offices

Painting a home office or study Navajo white helps promote concentration and focus. The soft neutral color is bright enough to feel uplifting but not distracting. Its soothing effect allows creativity to flow while keeping you calm and centered.

The versatility of Navajo white also means it pairs nicely with any style desk, shelving, filing cabinets or existing furniture you want to use to outfit your workspace.


Use Navajo white in an entryway or foyer to provide guests a warm and welcoming impression as soon as they step through your front door. The creamy off-white color reads as light and friendly while still feeling soothing.

For modern farmhouse style, try painting the walls, ceiling, trim and even front door Navajo white. Add natural textures with seagrass rugs, wicker baskets and wood console tables.

Kids’ Rooms

Navajo white is light enough to feel energetic for a kids’ room, but its subtle warmth lends a calming vibe as well. This makes it ideal for play areas, bedrooms, nurseries and more.

The versatility of Navajo white walls allows you to get creative with fun accents and decor. Vivid bedding, furniture and artwork really pop against the neutral backdrop.

An Enduring, Adaptable Neutral

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

One of the top benefits of Navajo white paint is its adaptability to suit any space. With its soft eggshell tone and natural feel, this versatile neutral brings beauty and balance to every room.

Pairing Navajo White with Other Paint Colors

One of the benefits of choosing a versatile neutral like Navajo white for your walls is that it pairs beautifully with many other paint colors for trims, ceilings and accents.

Here are some top ideas for complementing Navajo white in your color scheme:

Crisp White Trim

A classic pairing with Navajo white walls is bright white trim. Choose a flat white with no undertones for window frames, baseboards, crown molding and door trim.

This provides nice definition between the walls and architectural details. It also creates a light, airy feel perfect for making rooms seem more expansive.

Warm Wood Tones

For a cozier effect, pair Navajo white walls with rich wood-inspired trim colors. Think caramel, chestnut, pecan or coffee-colored trims.

This enhances the subtle warmth of Navajo white while also adding lovely contrast. Just take care the wood trim doesn’t clash with any existing floors or furniture.

Creamy Ceilings

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

Painting the ceiling the same Navajo white shade as the walls helps create a seamless, expansive effect looking up. For variation, try a slightly deeper tone like Swiss Coffee or Cream Froth.

Creamy ceilings keep things light and bright while adding nice visual interest. Be sure to use a matte ceiling paint to avoid glare.

Bold Black Accents

For a dramatic punch, paint an accent wall or front door in a deep charcoal or black. Stark black makes Navajo white walls look even brighter and cleaner.

Black accents in frames, shelves, hardware or statement pieces also pop beautifully against the ethereal backdrop of Navajo white.

Vivid Brights

Pops of vibrant colors like teal, orange, purple or chartreuse look stunning against creamy Navajo white walls. Use brights sparingly on accent walls, furniture pieces or artwork.

The neutral walls allow vivid colors to take center stage without becoming overwhelming. Navajo white balances out the boldness.

Cool Grays

For a relaxed contrast, pair Navajo white with light airy grays. Try a pale gray-blue shade like Coastal Fog for bedrooms, or go darker with a slate gray accent wall.

Cool grays enhance the subtle warmth of Navajo white. Together they create a soothing, balanced color palette.

Warm Metallics

Metallic finishes like bronze, brass and copper work beautifully with Navajo white. Warm metallic accents, light fixtures or hardware add a glam touch against creamy walls.

For bedrooms, try a rose gold accent wall. Brushed brass hardware pops nicely in bathrooms against the neutral backdrop.

Choosing Colors That Complement

Navajo white’s adaptability means you have lots of options for pairing colors. Stick with light, airy palettes for an ethereal vibe. Or add rich, vivid hues for dramatic contrast. Navajo white provides the perfect, versatile background.

Best Brands for Navajo White Paint

Many top paint manufacturers produce their own take on the popular Navajo white paint color. While the shades vary slightly between brands, they all aim to achieve a similar creamy off-white tone.

Here are some of the best brands to consider when choosing Navajo white paint for your home:

Behr Navajo White

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

One of the most popular versions, Behr Navajo White is a light neutral with a subtle warm beige undertone. It provides a soft, welcoming backdrop for any room.

Reviewers praise the coverage, hide and durability of Behr Navajo White. This budget-friendly brand is easy to find at most major hardware stores.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White

Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White is a slightly warmer, more saturated version. It has pleasing creamy peach undertones inspired by natural clay colors.

Known for premium quality paints, Benjamin Moore offers excellent hide and a smooth finish. And this soft neutral shade provides beautiful light reflection.

Sherwin-Williams Navajo White

For a brighter take, Sherwin-Williams Navajo White has a light tan base with barely noticeable gray undertones. It gives a clean, airy impression.

As expected with Sherwin-Williams, the coverage and application gets rave reviews. The finish resists yellowing over time.

Valspar Navajo White

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

Valspar’s Navajo White is very similar to Sherwin-Williams, with a bright white base and only the slightest warm undertone. It provides lots of light reflectivity.

Budget-friendly Valspar paint goes on smoothly and evenly. The soft eggshell finish stands up well to washing and wear.

Dutch Boy Navajo White

For a true creamy off-white, Dutch Boy’s Navajo White nails it. The soft beige tone evokes natural clay or parchment.

This quality mid-range brand offers excellent coverage that doesn’t require multiple coats. The finish resists yellowing and dinginess.

Glidden Navajo White

Glidden offers a brighter, greener toned Navajo White. There’s less warmth from beige or peach undertones.

Known for affordability, Glidden paint still provides quality results. Reviewers love how this soft shade brightens up rooms.

Choose Quality Paint for Best Results

While every brand varies slightly, you can find a quality Navajo white paint from Behr, Valspar, Dutch Boy or other top manufacturers. Just be sure to choose interior paint with an eggshell or satin finish for best washability and shine.

Painting Walls and Ceilings Navajo White

Ready to give your rooms a fresh update with versatile Navajo white paint? Here are some tips for flawlessly painting walls and ceilings this soft neutral shade:

Prep the Surface

Before painting, take time to properly prepare walls and ceilings for best results. Fill any cracks or holes with spackle and sand smooth. Remove any dust or debris with a vacuum and tack cloth.

Use painter’s tape to mask off trim, baseboards, window frames and any nearby surfaces. Priming helps seal the surface to prevent bleed-through.

Choose the Right Sheen

An eggshell, satin or matte finish works best for Navajo white walls. The subtle sheen adds durability without too much shine. Ceilings should be flat or matte to avoid glare.

Higher sheens like semi-gloss show more flaws. Stick with lighter finishes to complement the soft neutral shade.

Use Quality Brushes and Rollers

Invest in high-quality brushes with synthetic bristles and a quality roller with a smooth nap. Avoid foam rollers, which create more stippling texture.

Use an angled trim brush for cutting in edges smoothly along the ceiling, baseboards, windows and doors before rolling.

Apply Two Coats

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

Navajo white has a light tone, so plan to apply two coats for best coverage. Allow the first coat to fully dry 4-6 hours before adding the second.

Use a roller to quickly cover larger wall expanses, then brush over them to smooth out the texture. Take care not to press too hard or overwork the wet paint.

Maintain a Wet Edge

To avoid lap marks, always paint from a wet edge by overlapping sections as you go. Work in natural light and keep the coated area 2-3 feet wider than your reach.

Work in sections up to 4×4 feet. Quickly go back and blend in areas before drying to maintain an even appearance.

Watch for Drips

On ceilings, watch for drips along the edge as you paint. Use a dry brush to immediately catch any drips and smooth them out before they can dry.

Paint ceilings with vertical strokes using a roller extender. Let each coat fully dry before adding another to prevent sagging.

Remove Tape Promptly

Carefully peel off painter’s tape immediately after each coat before the paint can fully dry. This prevents bleeding under the edges.

Use a putty knife to gently go along ceilings and trim to catch any stray drips. Touch up edges with a brush.

Achieve Flawless Navajo White Finishes

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

With the right prep and technique, you can achieve beautiful, seamless Navajo white walls and ceilings. The soft neutral shade provides a welcoming backdrop for any space.

Navajo White for Furniture and Cabinets

Beyond just walls, Navajo white also works beautifully when painted on furniture, cabinetry, doors and architectural accents throughout a room. The soft neutral shade provides an elegant and timeless look.

Here are some tips for using Navajo white paint on furnishings and built-ins:

Sand and Prime

Properly preparing surfaces is key for achieving a smooth, professional finish. Lightly sand to scuff up any existing finish so the paint can adhere.

After cleaning away dust, apply a high-bonding primer specifically made for painting wood and furniture. This allows the Navajo white paint to grab hold.

Use Short Nap Rollers

For flat cabinet doors and drawer fronts, use a short nap roller (1/4″ or less) to quickly apply an even coat of Navajo white paint. Follow with a brush to get into grooves.

On furniture, softly roll paint on but then use a brush to ensure you get paint into all the nooks, edges and carved details.

Pay Attention to Details

Use a small detail brush to carefully paint hinges, hardware, edges and trim when painting cabinets and furniture Navajo white. Take doors off to easily access all sides.

Seal hardware holes with painter’s putty after removing knobs and pulls to prevent bleeding. Let dry completely before replacing.

Sand Between Coats

Allow each coat of Navajo white paint to fully dry, then lightly sand again with fine grit sandpaper. This ensures an ultra smooth finish between layers.

Be sure to wipe away all dust before applying the next coat. Two to three thin coats provides best results.

Consider Sheen

Flat, matte or eggshell finishes work best for furniture painted Navajo white. They help hide imperfections and feel like an authentic patina over time.

On cabinets, you can go with a satin or semi-gloss finish for added durability and wipeability, especially in kitchens.

Protect the Finish

Once fully dry, apply a clear polyurethane sealer over painted furniture and cabinets to protect the Navajo white finish from chips, stains and wear.

Use water-based poly for low odor and easy cleanup. Two to three coats helps seal the surface.

Achieve Timeless Appeal

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

With proper prep and application, Navajo white makes an elegant and versatile choice for painting furniture, cabinetry, doors and accents throughout any room. Let this fresh neutral shade lend some charm.

Decorating with Navajo White Paint

One of the best features of versatile Navajo white paint is how beautifully it decorates. The soft neutral backdrop provides the perfect foundation for layering in all sorts of stylish accessories and furnishings.

Here are some top tips for decorating rooms painted Navajo white:

Add Warm Wood Tones

The creamy beige undertones of Navajo white look gorgeous paired with natural wood finishes. Try wood furniture, bamboo shades, rattan accents and woven textures.

Stained wood trim and hardwood floors also complement Navajo white walls beautifully. The mix of warm and cool tones provides nice balance.

Increase the Coziness

In living spaces and bedrooms, use furnishings and textiles to make Navajo white walls feel extra welcoming. Try plush pillows, soft rugs and cozy throws in neutral colors.

Nubby fabrics like wool, velvet and linen work nicely. Leather chairs or a sheepskin rug add organic texture.

Add Pops of Color

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

Liven up Navajo white walls with bright punches of color through artwork, pillows, flowers and accessories. Vivid blues, greens and citrus colors work nicely.

Just stick to one or two complementary colors. The neutral backdrop keeps things from becoming too busy or overwhelming when decorating.

Anchor with Black

For a bold, dramatic effect try incorporating black accents throughout a Navajo white room. Black floor lamps, shelves, frames and consoles pop beautifully.

Black kitchen or bathroom hardware also grounds the airy walls with contrast. Use sparingly to let the black accents stand out.

Create an Airy Vibe

Take advantage of Navajo white’s light, bright feel with linen curtains, woven shades, glass lamps and minimalist decor pieces.

Clear acrylic, lucite and glass furniture blends right into the ethereal backdrop. Show off negative space rather than crowding.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Natural textures help enhance the subtle warmth of Navajo white. Try incorporating driftwood, greenery, rattan, linen, sheepskin, terracotta and wood.

Mixing in organic materials prevents rooms from feeling too sterile and gives an earthy, relaxed vibe.

Design a Balanced, Inviting Space

With its warm yet airy feel, Navajo white paint serves as a welcoming, balanced backdrop for all styles of furnishings and finishes. Decorate in a way that enhances its natural softness.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Navajo White

While beautiful in many homes, Navajo white paint isn’t necessarily the right choice for every space. Before painting your walls this popular neutral shade, here are some things to consider:

Amount of Natural Light

Navajo white shows best in rooms with ample natural light. The soft shade can read dingy or flat in dark spaces without sufficient illumination.

South-facing rooms flooded with sun will make Navajo white walls pop. North-facing ones may need supplemental lighting for the paint to look its brightest.

Ceiling Height

Rooms with lofty or vaulted ceilings can easily handle a light paint color like Navajo white. The height prevents it from feeling overwhelming.

Conversely, small rooms with low ceilings may get drowned out by the pale shade. Darker paint colors can feel more intimate in compact, low spaces.

Existing Trim and Floors

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

Look at adjacent materials like stained wood trim, hardwood floors or tile when selecting Navajo white walls. You want your features to complement each other.

Cool-toned floors may clash with the subtle warmth of Navajo white, for example. But creamy travertine tile pairs harmoniously.

Furniture and Decor

Consider the furnishings and decor you want use in the space. Do they consist mostly of warm woods and leathers or cool, modern materials?

Navajo white’s adaptable nature means it pairs well with most styles. But if you want a bold, dramatic look, a darker color may work better.

Amount of Wear

While durable, Navajo white will show scuffs, fingerprints and dirt faster than darker wall colors. Bathrooms and kitchens may require more frequent touch-ups.

Its softer eggshell finish hides wear better than a flat sheen. But high-traffic rooms need a washable semi-gloss.

Artwork and Accessories

Don’t overlook the impact artwork, mirrors, shelving and wall decor will have against Navajo white. Bold, graphic prints really stand out.

Washed-out palettes and muted pieces may get lost. But vivid colors grab attention against the neutral backdrop.

Consider the Overall Look You Want

Navajo White Paint: Is This Neutral Color Right For Your Home

While a versatile neutral, Navajo white may not work everywhere. Think about the vibe you want to create and how all the elements in a room coordinate before choosing this popular paint color.