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Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

WinCo Offers Affordable Deli Trays and Platters

Planning an event and need to feed a crowd? Look no further than WinCo for high-quality, budget-friendly deli trays and platters. With a huge selection of customizable deli trays, sandwiches, veggies, fruits, cheeses, and meats, WinCo has all your party needs covered.

As someone who has organized many potlucks, family gatherings, and work events over the years, I’ve learned that WinCo is the place to go for affordable bulk deli trays. Unlike some supermarkets that cater only to smaller groups, WinCo offers deli trays and sandwich platters large enough to serve parties of 30 people or more. This makes it easy and cost-effective to order food for big events.

Based on my personal experience, here are some of the reasons why WinCo is my go-to for deli trays and platters:

1. Huge Variety of Customizable Deli Trays

At WinCo’s expansive deli counters, you’ll find seemingly endless options for building your own deli tray. Want a meat and cheese tray? They have tons of quality sliced deli meats like turkey, ham, roast beef as well as cheeses like swiss, cheddar, pepper jack. For veggie trays, you can load up on fresh classics like carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and more. Or go for a fruit tray brimming with pineapple, grapes, strawberries, melon and other fresh favorites. You can also find pre-made trays featuring pinwheels, cocktail sandwiches, veggies with dip, and other crowd-pleasing combos.

2. Satisfying Sandwich Platters

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

If you’re feeding a crowd, WinCo’s sandwich platters really hit the spot. Their deli offers budget-friendly sandwich trays with up to 36 halves on a tray. Choose from classic combos like turkey and cheese, ham and swiss, roast beef and cheddar, or vegetarian options. The sandwiches always taste fresh – not stale or soggy like you might find elsewhere. For large groups, ordering a couple of these loaded sandwich platters makes lunch or dinner easy.

3. Ideal for Big Parties and Events

Unlike some grocery store delis focusing on individual meals, WinCo caters to large gatherings. Their deli trays are expansive – we’re talking enough cubed cheese, salami slices, crackers and dips to feed 30 people or more. Same goes for the hefty sandwich and fruit trays. For a recent work conference, I ordered several of WinCo’s largest deli trays and they were enough food to feed over 100 people. We got lots of compliments on the delicious assortment of sandwiches, veggies, cheeses, and fruits. All at a fraction of what professional catering would cost.

4. Order Ahead for Faster Pickup

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Hosting an impromptu office lunch? With WinCo, you can call ahead to order deli trays and platters so they’re ready when you arrive. I’ve found their to-go ordering process quick and easy. The person who takes your order is friendly and makes sure they understand your custom tray selections and the exact pickup time you need. This makes party planning so much less stressful.

Recently when my kid’s swim team parents coordinated an end-of-season potluck for 50+ people, I was assigned drinks and sandwiches. I called WinCo’s deli a few hours before pickup and they had my two huge sandwich platters and drinks ready right on schedule. It was so fast and convenient.

5. Affordable Everyday Prices

No matter the occasion, WinCo’s deli trays and platters offer premium quality at affordable prices. Even their largest sandwich and veggie trays cost noticeably less than comparable options from big grocery chains. For my husband’s work summer picnic, I priced out deli trays at WinCo, Safeway, Albertsons, and Fred Meyer. WinCo had the best value by far, with the added bonus of better selection and customization. Whether it’s a birthday party or a work function, you can’t beat WinCo’s deli trays for quality and budget-friendliness.

Bottom line – if you’re feeding a crowd on a budget, hit up WinCo’s deli department for customizable trays and platters. With their huge deli selections, bulk sizing, and everyday low prices, WinCo takes the stress out of party planning. Next time you need to serve sandwiches, veggies, cheeses, fruits or other appetizing morsels to a big group, let WinCo make it easy for you.

Customize Your Deli Trays with WinCo’s Huge Selection

When it comes to catering a special event, presentation is everything. At WinCo, their expansive deli selection allows you to create a customized deli tray that perfectly matches your occasion and impresses your guests. With quality meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, and more to choose from, the options are virtually endless.

As someone who loves hosting parties, I’ve come to rely on WinCo’s deli for their unbeatable variety when putting together crowd-pleasing trays. Their impressive deli counters offer all the fixings to make your platter pop. Here are some of my tips and tricks for building the perfect custom deli tray using WinCo’s extensive selection:

1. Mix Up The Cheeses

A stellar cheese board starts with variety. WinCo’s deli features all the best block cheeses like sharp cheddar, Monterey jack, pepper jack, swiss, provolone, and havarti. Have them slice off chunks of different cheeses so guests get an array of flavors and textures in every bite. I also love to incorporate WinCo’s packaged cheese spreads like chive cream cheese, jalapeño pub cheese, and garlic herb goat cheese. Get creative and make your cheese board unique.

2. Feature Quality Cured Meats

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Elevate your custom meat and cheese tray with WinCo’s premium deli meats. Fill out your tray with thin slices of favorites like smoked turkey, honey ham, Genoa salami, and roast beef. I always ask for extra peppered salami because it adds great flavor. For variety, include some party pleasing rolls, nuts, and olives alongside the cheeses and meats.

3. Make Fruit the Star

Brighten up a dessert tray or fruit platter with produce from WinCo’s fresh departments. I love to accent classic fruits like grapes, strawberries, and melon with unique seasonal picks like starfruit, guava, and kumquats. Ask the produce workers for recommendations on what’s ripe and delicious. With WinCo’s huge fruit selection, your platter possibilities are endless.

4. Wow Them with Veggies and Dips

A fresh veggie tray paired with creamy dips makes a vibrant, satisfying appetizer. At WinCo, all the veggie tray staples like baby carrots, grape tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumber are bountiful. For extra flair, I add in things like sugar snap peas, radish flowers, or jicama sticks. Then pull it all together with multiple dips like hummus, ranch, and guacamole.

5. Think Outside the Tray

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

With WinCo’s expansive deli and fresh departments, you can create almost any type of custom platter your event calls for. Try a taco bar spread with seasoned ground beef, tortillas, salsa, guacamole, and fixings. Or an antipasto tray brimming with cheeses, cured meats, roasted veggies, olives, and crusty bread. You’re limited only by your imagination, because WinCo has everything you need to build your dream spread.

The next time you need to wow guests at a party, shower, or work function, hit up WinCo for endless options to customize the perfect deli platter. Let their top-notch deli meats, cheeses, veggies, fruits, and other tasty morsels make your presentation shine.

Get Crowd-Pleasing Sandwich Trays from WinCo Deli

Looking to feed a crowd? WinCo’s deli section has got you covered when it comes to sandwich trays and platters. With a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, pinwheels, and more to choose from, it’s easy to order up a tasty tray that will please everyone at your next gathering.

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays? WinCo Has You Covered:

One of the best things about WinCo’s deli is the huge assortment of trays and platters available. Whether you need to feed a small gathering of 10 people or a large party of 100, WinCo deli can assemble custom trays and platters at various sizes to fit your needs. From sandwich and wrap trays to fruit, veggie, cheese, meat and seafood platters, you’ll find it all at WinCo.

WinCo really shines when you need to order party trays on short notice. Their full-service deli can whip up a crowd-pleasing tray fast, making them a great choice for last minute events and get-togethers. The knowledgeable staff can guide you in selecting the right amount and variety of sandwiches, pinwheels, wraps and finger foods for your headcount. Feel free to customize your order with your favorites from their always-stocked deli case.

One of my personal go-to’s for feeding a crowd is WinCo’s sandwich and wrap platter. You just pick your favorite deli meats and cheeses, breads, and spreads, and they’ll assemble a visually appealing tray with all the fixings. Italian and ham subs, turkey bacon wraps, classic deli sandwiches – they offer all the good stuff. The presentation always looks top-notch too. At my last event, I ordered one of these trays for about 25 attendees and it was a major hit. Big sandwich slices with lots of fillings, cut in halves or quarters, make for perfect finger food.

If you need something more upscale, be sure to check out WinCo’s gourmet sandwich tray options too. You can elevate your event with mini sandwiches featuring prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, avocado, and other upscale ingredients. They also offer trendy pinwheel sandwiches in all sorts of flavor combos like Buffalo chicken, Greek veggie, and more. These make sophisticated but substantial appetizers for cocktail parties or fundraisers.

Customize Your Platter with Special Diet Options:

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

No matter your guests’ dietary needs, WinCo deli can accommodate them. Their sandwich and wrap platters can be customized to include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Low-carb lettuce wraps, vegan subs, and veggie-packed sandwich pinwheels can all be added to your order. The knowledgeable WinCo staff can advise on the best ingredients and bread choices for various diets and food allergies. It’s a great option for office events, church functions and other large gatherings where you need to please people with diverse eating preferences.

If you give them advance notice, WinCo deli staff can also prep platters based on common diet choices like keto, paleo, low-FODMAP, etc. Just provide some guidance on the ingredients you want to include or avoid. With their extensive inventory of fresh meats, cheeses, breads and produce, they can get creative in assembling diet-specific trays that still feel abundant and satisfying for guests.

In my experience, the WinCo near me has been super accommodating for my guests with food allergies. I really appreciate that they change gloves, use sterile surfaces, and take measures to avoid cross-contamination when preparing specialty platters. It provides peace of mind that even guests with severe allergies can enjoy the sandwiches and finger foods.

Lean On Their Expertise for Personalized Service:

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

The full-service WinCo deli really provides that personal touch you don’t get from grab-and-go supermarket sections. Every order is assembled fresh just for you, based on your custom preferences. The staff takes pride in making sure your sandwich and food trays look and taste just right for your particular event.

I’d recommend stopping into your local WinCo deli counter a few days before your event to place your order. Their team can get to know your needs and preferences first-hand. Tell them about your event plans, expected headcount, and budget. They can suggest sandwich and platter combinations that hit the right balance of variety, quantity and price point for your situation.

Be sure to take a look at the ingredients and freshly prepared items they have available behind the counter when you visit. That will give you a good starting point for building custom trays with all your favorites. The more details you can provide upfront, the better your special order will turn out.

On the day of your event, swing by the WinCo deli counter again to pick up your assembled trays. The convenience of one-stop sandwich and party platter shopping can’t be beat. You can even grab side salads, beverages and other accompaniments to round out your spread while you’re there.

Well Worth It for the Convenience and Quality:

When it comes to party trays for a crowd, WinCo deli is my tried-and-true go-to. The convenience of custom ordering, personalized service and broad selection can’t be beat. I’ve been consistently impressed with the freshness and presentation of their sandwich platters and finger food trays for events both large and small.

While their deli platters might cost a bit more than DIY assembly, I find it well worth it for the quality ingredients, variety of options, and time savings. The fact that I can order up a great custom spread on short notice has been a lifesaver when hosting impromptu family or work events.

The next time you’re on sandwich tray duty, give the WinCo deli a shot. Their expertise in serving crowds and accommodating special diets can take the stress out of party planning. No matter the size or tastes of your gathering, WinCo has tasty and crowd-pleasing sandwich and food trays to bring people together.

WinCo’s Deli Trays Are Big Enough to Feed Any Size Party

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Planning a party can be stressful, especially when it comes to figuring out how much food to make or order. You want enough variety and quantity to please all your guests without ending up with tons of leftovers. That’s why WinCo’s deli trays are the perfect solution for any size gathering.

With a wide selection of deli tray options, from sandwich platters to fruit trays and everything in between, WinCo has something for everyone. Their trays come in multiple sizes, from trays meant to feed 10-15 people up to giant trays designed to serve a crowd of 100. No matter if you’re hosting an intimate dinner or a huge block party, WinCo has a deli tray size that will fit your needs.

One of the best things about WinCo’s deli trays is the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Their sandwiches feature premium meats and cheeses paired with fresh veggies and condiments on artisan breads. Salads are crisp and colorful, made with seasonal produce. And sides like macaroni salad and potato salad are creamy and flavorful, made in-store from scratch. You can trust that WinCo uses high-quality ingredients that look and taste homemade.

In addition to traditional deli platters, WinCo offers some unique hot and cold appetizer trays perfect for parties. Try their buffalo chicken wing tray for a spicy appetizer or their bruschetta display for an elegant bite. Loaded nacho and taco bars make fun interactive stations at informal gatherings. And for sweets, you can order trays piled high with fresh fruit, cookies, or brownies. With all these options, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect trays to suit the theme and vibe of your event.

What’s great about WinCo’s selection is that you can mix and match different trays to come up with a personalized menu. For a formal sit-down dinner, you might do a combination of a smoked salmon platter, various sandwich and wrap trays, macaroni and potato salad, fresh fruit, and dessert bars. For a casual pool party, tacos and nachos, wings, veggie trays, and seasonal fruit would hit the spot. With so many deli tray choices available, you can be creative and come up with a unique menu.

WinCo makes catering easy by allowing you to order trays right on their website. You can browse tray options, customize by adding or removing items, and place your order for delivery or in-store pickup. They provide all the details you need including pricing, serving sizes, ingredients, and preparation instructions. You can easily assemble your ideal spread without the hassle of calling a caterer or visiting a deli counter.

An added perk of ordering from WinCo is that their prices are incredibly affordable compared to other grocery stores and catering companies. Even their giant party-sized trays are very reasonably priced. So you can order plenty of food to satisfy a crowd without spending a fortune. Reviewers praise WinCo’s deli trays for providing delicious restaurant-quality food at grocery store prices.

When it comes to feeding hungry guests at your next celebration, WinCo has appetizing trays and platters to suit any occasion. Their generous portions, customizable options, quality ingredients, and affordable pricing make party planning a breeze. Next time you’re hosting a gathering, do yourself a favor and let WinCo’s deli trays handle the food so you can actually enjoy the party.

Sandwich Trays

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

If you’re looking for a hearty and satisfying appetizer or meal for your guests, WinCo’s sandwich trays are sure to be a hit. These platters come piled high with both classic and gourmet sandwiches on freshly baked breads.

For a traditional sandwich tray, you can order an assortment of deli meats and cheeses with lettuce, tomato, onion, and condiments on white, wheat, and rye breads. Or go for one focused on regional flavors like their Italian sub tray loaded with ham, salami, provolone, banana peppers, lettuce, tomato, and Italian dressing.

In addition to subs, WinCo offers sandwich trays featuring wraps and panini sandwiches on specialty breads. Their buffalo chicken wraps make for a spicy and filling appetizer option. And grilled paninis like ham with brie and apple or turkey pesto melt are perfect for a fancy luncheon.

No matter the sandwich style you choose, you can trust that WinCo uses high-quality fixings. Their meats and cheeses are premium deli selections, the veggies are fresh, and the breads baked in-house. Each tray comes beautifully arranged for presentation yet easy for guests to grab and enjoy.

Sandwich trays are great for any casual get-together where you want to provide a filling and familiar option. Lay one out at a backyard BBQ, birthday party, shower, or game day celebration. WinCo’s sandwich platters offer both variety and volume to satisfy big crowds.

Fruit and Veggie Trays

In addition to their hearty deli and sandwich trays, WinCo offers lighter, healthier platters focused on fresh produce. Their fruit and veggie trays are excellent options for those looking to incorporate more plant-based foods. They make nutritious additions to any party menu.

Fruit trays come brimming with whichever fruits are in season. You may find grapes, strawberries, melon, pineapple, oranges, and blueberries piled high on a platter. WinCo sources quality ripe fruit and artfully arranges them in colorful patterns. Their fruit skewers or kabobs make for a fun and interactive presentation.

Meanwhile, veggie trays offer a medley of raw, crispy vegetables served with ranch or hummus for dipping. Standard platters include carrots, celery, cucumber, bell pepper, and broccoli florets. You can also request special veggie trays featuring items like sugar snap peas, zucchini, or pickled vegetables for a unique flavor profile.

In terms of catering, fruit and veggie trays are very versatile. They make refreshing snacks or light meals when served alone. They can also pair with heartier items like sandwiches and barbecue as lighter sides. And they work for formal occasions, game days, office meetings, showers, and more. Next time you host, consider ordering a produce tray for a healthy, guilt-free option.

With WinCo’s expansive deli tray catering menu, you’re guaranteed to find plenty of appetizing options to create a winning party spread. No matter the size or theme of your gathering, WinCo has trays suited for the occasion that will satisfy and impress your guests.

Order Ahead for Fast Deli Tray Pickup at WinCo

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Hosting an event and need to feed a crowd? Skip the hassle of waiting at the deli counter and order your party trays ahead online from WinCo. With just a little planning, you can breeze in and out with your freshly prepared trays with no fuss.

One of the most stressful parts of party prep is figuring out the food situation. You want a nice spread but don’t have time to cook everything from scratch. Heading to the grocery store deli is convenient but you often get stuck waiting around while they put together your order.

WinCo makes it easy by allowing online deli tray ordering for pickup. All you have to do is go to their website, browse the catering menu, and select your items. Choose from sandwich platters, salad bowls, hot apps, fruit trays, dessert bars, and more. Once your order is placed, you simply wait for the “your order is ready” email notification.

The beauty of ordering ahead is that WinCo can prepare your trays when their deli is less busy. That means your food receives quality attention without being rushed. And it’s ready at your specified pickup time, so all you have to do is park, grab your trays, and go. No lines, no waiting around, no hassles.

WinCo’s online ordering is great for securing deli trays for a specific event or date. Suppose you’re hosting a retirement party on Saturday. You can place your order early in the week and schedule pickup for right before the event. Then you can focus on other party prep tasks instead of worrying about the food.

Ordering ahead also ensures you get exactly what you want. WinCo’s deli trays allow for customization when ordering online. You can hand select deli meats and cheeses, veggies, dippers, desserts, and other items. This allows you to tailor trays to your guests’ preferences versus choosing a generic pre-made platter.

For example, say you’re hosting a baby shower. You can order a veggie tray with carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, and broccoli, knowing those are safe choices for expectant moms. Or for a birthday party, you can order a nacho bar with the teen’s favorite toppings. The ability to customize takes the guesswork out of ordering.

While WinCo allows orders up to 30 days in advance, you don’t have to plan that far out. As long as you order 24 hours ahead, you can secure whatever deli trays you need. So if you decide last minute to host game day at your place, WinCo can still accommodate your crowd.

The flexibility of WinCo’s online deli ordering makes catering events much smoother. No matter the occasion, you can ensure you have the right amount and variety of fresh, delicious foods. And not having to wait around for trays means one less headache when hosting.

Sandwich Platters

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Sandwiches make classicparty fare for good reason. They are hearty, filling, and familiar crowd pleasers. At your next event, save time by ordering sandwich platters for pickup online from WinCo.

WinCo offers all the traditional sandwich options you’d expect on their online deli menu. There are platters of assorted deli meats and cheeses along with veggie sandwich options. Or you can choose platter themes like Italian with ham, salami, and provolone on hearty bread.

In addition to classic subs, WinCo has gourmet sandwich trays that elevate the standard deli platter. Their wraps and panini options feature flavorful fillings like buffalo chicken, club, BLT, and caprese on specialty baked breads. So good!

What’s great about ordering sandwich platters from WinCo’s deli is the freshness. The breads are baked daily in store, meats and cheeses sliced to order, and veggies prepped and crisped every morning. You can expect restaurant-quality ingredients versus stale grocery store platters.

WinCo’s online ordering makes it easy to get those fresh subs on demand. No waiting around the deli counter to place an order. And your customized platter will be waiting at your specified pickup time. Quality and convenience!

Next time you’re hosting and want an easy crowd-pleasing option, order sandwich platters ahead online from WinCo. The variety, freshness, and ease of pickup make their subs perfect for parties, game days, and work events. Your guests will be delighted!

Fruit and Veggie Platters

Balance out the heavier party foods with fresh, light fruit and veggie platters from WinCo’s deli. These colorful trays provide healthy options guests will appreciate.

Make your fruit platter unique by customizing your order online. Choose mixed berries, tropical fruits, stone fruits, or citrus—whatever is freshest. Melons like honeydew and watermelon make refreshing additions. And don’t forget fun skewers and kabobs!

For veggies, start with classic crudité like carrots, celery, cucumbers, and bell peppers. Then add seasonal varieties like snap peas or zucchini ribbons. Don’t forget flavorful dips like ranch, hummus, and spinach artichoke. Yum!

Fruit and veggie trays are great for showers, birthdays, book clubs, meetings, and anytime you want to provide lighter fare. They require minimal prep work yet still feel gourmet. WinCo’s fresh produce dazzles on its own.

Order your produce platters when you reserve sandwich trays and other goodies on WinCo’s website. Choosing fun friction fruits and arranging veggie varieties will be a treat for your guests. Then breeze through pickup and enjoy the party!

WinCo makes catering easy by allowing you to order customized deli trays online for scheduled pickup. No waiting around the counter or settling for generic options. Just fresh, quality ingredients tailored to your event. Now that’s smart party planning!

WinCo Has Delicious Veggie, Fruit, Cheese, and Meat Trays

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Planning an event and need food for a crowd? Look no further than WinCo’s catering trays, which offer something for everyone. Their fresh veggie, fruit, cheese, and meat platters make party planning a breeze.

Starting with veggie trays, WinCo has standard platters with carrots, celery, cucumbers, bell peppers, and dressing for dipping. But you can also customize by adding trendy options like sugar snap peas, roasted Brussels sprouts, or avocado toast bites.

Fruit trays are filled with whatever produce is freshest, from berries and melons to citrus and stone fruits. Skewers and kabobs add interactive flair. And chocolate-dipped options like strawberries make tasty indulgences.

Cheese lovers will flip for WinCo’s artisan cheese trays showcasing gourmet varieties like smoked gouda, herbed goat, and aged cheddar. Assorted crackers, nuts, and dried fruit round out the platters.

Of course, WinCo offers an array of classic deli meat trays including assorted sandwiches plus Italian, ham and turkey platters. Heartier options like pinwheel wraps, shrimp trays, and stuffed mushrooms are available too.

What makes WinCo’s catering tray options so stellar is the freshness and quality. Produce is delivered daily, cheeses cut to order, and meats sliced fresh. Their in-house kitchens cook and assemble trays with care. You can expect restaurant-quality flavor.

Variety is another WinCo asset. Their expansive deli menu allows you to mix and match meats, veggies, fruits, apps and more. Customize your spread to perfectly suit your event theme and guests.

Planning an elegant cocktail party? Choose gourmet cheese and charcuterie trays, smoked salmon pinwheels, and chocolate-dipped fruit. Hosting a game day BBQ? Nachos, wings, sandwich platters, and veggie trays would hit the spot. With limitless options, WinCo makes it easy to customize quality catering.

Ordering trays is convenient through their user-friendly website. Browse the full catering menu, select your items, order far in advance or last minute. Then simply pickup at your designated time. Much easier than waiting at the deli counter!

Of course, WinCo’s famously affordable prices apply to their catering trays too. Keep your entire party budget reasonable by ordering platters priced lower than other grocers and caterers. Yet the food looks and tastes gourmet!

Next time you host an event, let WinCo provide the eats. Their fresh, customizable deli and catering trays check every box–quality, variety, convenience, and affordability. Now that’s how you plan a winning party!

WinCo Veggie Trays

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Veggie trays make healthy, refreshing additions to any party spread. WinCo offers crowd-pleasing platters with all the classic crudités plus customizable options.

All their veggie trays include carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers, and broccoli florets with ranch dip. You can also add cauliflower, grape tomatoes, radish, jicama, and other crunchy picks.

For seasonal variety, choose veggies like sugar snap peas, zucchini ribbons, roasted Brussels sprouts, or asparagus spears. Items like avocado toast bites and garlic hummus add gourmet flair.

What’s great is WinCo allows you to hand select vegetables based on your event. For a baby shower, mild crunchy veggies would appeal to mom’s changing tastes. A kid’s birthday calls for fun dippable veggies like carrots and snap peas.

The flexibility of WinCo’s veggie platters makes it easy to complement your party theme. Their customizable trays prevent you from being stuck with one generic crudité platter.

And of course, you can expect fresh, quality vegetables cut, cleaned, and perfectly arranged by WinCo’s staff. Their attention to detail is noticeable in each crisp, colorful tray.

Next time you need an appetizer, side, or lighter offering, let WinCo create a customizable veggie tray. With their diverse selection and freshness, you can delight party guests in a more unique, healthy way.

WinCo Fruit Trays

Alongside veggie trays, WinCo’s fresh fruit platters make nutritious and crowd-pleasing additions to any catering menu. Their abundant seasonal selections elevate the standard fruit tray.

Berries like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are popular picks for their sweetness and color. Melons like honeydew and watermelon satisfy when fresh and ripe.

Stone fruits like plums, peaches, nectarines and cherries hit the spot in summer. And citrus like grapefruit, orange and kiwi slices add tart brightness year-round.

WinCo arranges their fruit artfully, either in colorful patterns, geometric designs, or deconstructed for a rustic aesthetic. Skewers and kabobs make platters interactive and festive.

Chocolate-dipped fruit is an indulgent option, with strawberries, pineapple, and bananas dunked in rich dark chocolate. Cheesecake-stuffed strawberries also provide a decadent treat.

Fruit trays work for most catered events from birthdays to anniversaries, showers, parties, meetings and more. The light, refreshing nature suits gatherings of all kinds.

Let WinCo provide signature fruit trays for your next event. Their fresh, high-quality fruit is a crowd-pleasing option. And their presentation elevates platters from mundane to gourmet!

WinCo’s deli and catering selection has seemingly endless tray possibilities. Their veggie, fruit, cheese and meat platters provide variety, freshness, and customization ideal for events. Guests will be wowed by the quality!

Get Your Next Event Catered with WinCo’s Bulk Deli Trays

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Planning events always involves figuring out food to feed your guests. While home cooking for a crowd may seem daunting, WinCo makes it easy with their selection of bulk deli trays perfect for catering.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering of family or a huge celebration with 100+ attendees, WinCo has the deli tray sizes to accommodate your event. Their bulk platters include giant subs, overstuffed sandwich trays, mega fruit displays, huge veggie crudité bowls, and more.

What’s great is you can customize bulk trays with your guests in mind. Order Italian subs for a work retirement party or pinwheel wraps for a bridal shower. Create a taco bar for a teen’s big birthday bash. With so many deli tray options, it’s easy to cater to your crowd.

Don’t worry about the quality with WinCo’s bulk trays either. Even their giant platters are made fresh with premium ingredients. Meats and cheeses are high-end deli cuts, breads baked from scratch, veggies and fruits cut daily. Their bulk sizes don’t compromise freshness.

When it comes to volume, WinCo’s deli trays can serve anywhere from a few dozen to over 100 people depending on the menu you select. Guests can even return for seconds. No scrimping on portions here!

Ordering online makes getting those bulk deli trays for your catered event smooth and simple. WinCo allows you to order well in advance so you can secure what you need. Then you simply wait for the “ready for pickup” notification.

Best of all, WinCo’s bulk deli trays remain surprisingly affordable. You can cater events with gourmet quality foods without overspending your budget. It’s cheaper and easier than hiring a traditional caterer.

Next time you need to feed hungry guests, let WinCo’s bulk deli trays handle the catering. Their size, selection, and prices solve food service for large celebrations with ease.

Giant Sub Trays

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Sub sandwiches make classic party fare. But how do you cater a crowd with subs? Let WinCo’s 3-foot and 6-foot giant sub trays take care of serving hoards of guests.

Picture oversized subs on soft fresh-baked bread piled sky high with layers of quality fixings like deli turkey, roast beef, ham, salami, and cheese. Crisp lettuce, tomato, onion, oil and vinegar complete these behemoth sandwiches.

A 3-foot sub can feed around 20 people, while the 6-footer can easily serve 40. Place trays on your buffet and let guests dive in for hearty Italian-style sandwiches. Easy, satisfying catering.

Customize your giant sub trays by selecting meats, cheeses, and veggie toppings to suit your party. Go all Italian meats or classic mixed deli. Add banana peppers, pickles, olives for more flavor.

Giant sub trays from WinCo take the hassle out of sandwich catering for a crowd. With their oversized portions and customizable options, you can keep even the biggest bunch happily fed. Mangia!

Bulk Veggie Trays

Don’t forget about lighter, healthier options when catering your next event. WinCo’s extra large veggie platters are sure to please.

Their bulk veggie bowls start with carrot and celery sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper strips, and cucumbers. Then you can add any salad veggies you like.

Sugar snap peas, zucchini slices, radish, jicama, and roasted Brussels sprouts bring color. Items like pita and hummus, avocado toast bites, and grilled veggie skewers provide unique flavors.

WinCo’s bulk veggie trays serve 20-30 people or more, ensuring everyone can get their fill of fresh good-for-you fare. The generous size means you don’t have to skimp on portions.

When catering for a large crowd, quality veggies lend balance. WinCo’s oversized trays encourage guests to consume antioxidant-rich produce. And the variety and colors dazzle.

Let WinCo cater your next big bash with their fresh, customizable bulk veggie trays. These hearty platters check the boxes for nutrition, presentation, and smart value.

Simplify your next event by letting WinCo handle the catering. Their huge deli trays offer variety, freshness, and customizability in affordable bulk sizes ideal for big parties.

WinCo Deli Trays Come in Many Convenient Sizes

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

One of the best parts of ordering deli trays is the ability to choose a size that perfectly fits your event and guest list. WinCo makes it easy with their wide variety of tray sizes to suit gatherings both small and large.

For an intimate dinner party with 6-8 close friends, choose one of WinCo’s smaller trays like their antipasto platter for 10 or fruit kabob tray for 8. These miniature trays provide an elegant spread without loads of leftovers.

Mid-sized trays like the sandwich platter for 12 or veggie crudité for 10-15 serve groups of coworkers, book clubs, and family gatherings. These trays provide enough food without being overkill.

For big parties, opt for WinCo’s oversized shareable trays. Their giant subs feed up to 40, taco bars serve 20+, and nacho bars cater to at least 15. With these trays, all your guests can enjoy the spread.

WinCo even offers extra large bulk catering trays for mega events like reunions, office parties, and celebrations with 100+ attendees. Despite the generous portions, the food quality remains excellent.

What’s convenient is that each tray size clearly lists the serving amount, so you can easily accommodate your guest list. Just match the number of people attending with a same-sized tray.

WinCo’s range of sizes also allows you to order a variety for larger gatherings. For a birthday with 30 guests, you might get two 15-person trays plus a cheese platter for 10. Mix and match to customize your menu.

Don’t feel pressure to overload on one giant tray either. Even if you’re feeding just 10 people, order two smaller 5-person trays to add menu variety and reduce waste.

WinCo makes it simple to cater events of all sizes with their detailed sizing guidelines per tray. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or huge corporate party, they have a tray to fit your needs.

Medium Sandwich Platters

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Sandwich platters make classic party fare for gatherings of all sizes. For a mid-sized group, WinCo’s medium trays are just right.

Their medium sandwich platters provide 12 halves, so around 12-15 guests can enjoy. Platters come with an array of both cold cut combo and veggie sandwiches on assorted fresh breads.

Options like Italian subs with ham, salami, provolone, and banana peppers or turkey club sandwiches will satisfy most palates. WinCo uses quality fixings like bakery bread, premium meats and cheeses for fresh flavors.

Medium sandwich platters work well for book club meetings, family get-togethers, office celebrations, rec league parties, and more. The 12-half portion means everyone gets their fill.

WinCo’s mid-sized sandwich trays take the guesswork out of portions. You can comfortably feed 12-15 without tons of leftovers or not enough to go around. The size makes catering a cinch!

Mini Sized Trays

When hosting an intimate gathering of say 6-8 people, WinCo’s mini trays are ideal for smaller spreads.

Their appetizer trays for 8-10 come loaded with goodies like fresh fruit kabobs, cheese, crackers and cured meats, or bruschetta bites without too much excess.

Even mini sandwich platters provide 8-10 halves, so each person can enjoy their own sub. Plus, bitesize dessert trays with cookies, brownies, and bars create the perfect sweet ending.

WinCo’s tailored mini trays mean you can cater with variety without overwhelmed by too much food. Their scaled-down portions reduce waste while still feeding guests well.

Next time you host a dinner party or small get-together, take advantage of WinCo’s mini trays. With them, catering intimate gatherings is effortless yet still impressive.

Whatever your upcoming event size, WinCo offers a deli tray suited for the occasion. Their range of tray dimensions from mini to massive makes party planning a breeze.

Save Time with WinCo’s Ready-to-Serve Deli Platters

Party planning involves countless tasks from decor to activities. Make it easy on yourself by letting WinCo’s ready-to-serve deli trays handle the food. Their pre-assembled platters mean you skip laborious prep.

WinCo’s deli team does all the work of sourcing ingredients, assembling trays, and artfully arranging platters before you pick up. All their sandwiches, veggie trays, fruit displays, and appetizer bites come party-ready.

This saves you from food prep like chopping veggies, assembling subs, skewer fruits, cooking apps from scratch. WinCo’s ready-to-serve trays let you direct time elsewhere to have fun planning versus slaving away in the kitchen.

The convenience also ensures professional presentation and variety. WinCo’s experienced staff beautifully arrange trays for visual appeal. And they include diverse flavors, colors, and textures you might not think to combine.

Ready-to-serve also prevents you having to wait until the last minute to assemble trays. No racing around right before guests arrive. Just grab your pre-prepped platters and go!

WinCo’s online ordering makes grabbing ready-made trays even smoother. Peruse their menu in advance, select trays, customize add-ons, then simply pickup at your designated time. Easy peasy.

With minimal effort, you can supply an Instagram-worthy spread. Let WinCo wow your guests with their ready-to-serve charcuterie, fruit kabobs, taco bars, and sandwich platters. The convenience is priceless.

Pre-Assembled Sandwiches

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Sandwiches make classic party foods, but who has time to assemble trays of subs from scratch? WinCo’s ready-made sandwich platters are party lifesavers.

Their deli staff perfectly layers meats, cheeses, crispy veggies, and condiments between freshly baked bread. Options like Italian subs, turkey clubs, roast beef, and veggie sandwiches are ready to grab and go.

WinCo uses premium quality ingredients like artisan breads, cheeses sliced daily, and thin-cut meats for maximum flavor. You could not make gourmet subs this good at home!

Letting WinCo handle sandwich assembly saves you hours of tedious prep. And it allows you to order a variety like subs, wraps, and paninis you’d never have time to assemble yourself.

Next event, skip the DIY sandwich stress. WinCo’s party-ready platters mean delicious subs without the work. Your guests will think you’re a culinary genius!

Pre-Skewered Fruit Kabobs

Fruit kabobs make fun and interactive appetizers, but skewering all that fruit is time consuming. WinCo’s pre-assembled kabob trays prevent this hassle.

Their seasoned staff neatly skewer colorful combinations of fruit like pineapple, strawberry, melon, grapes, and orange onto sticks. Kabobs arrive perfectly prepped and ready for guests to devour.

WinCo hand selects ripe seasonal fruit so flavors pop. And their presentation with both rainbow patterns and geometrically spaced fruit looks professional.

Chocolate dipped and cheesecake stuffed fruit kabobs also provide decadent variety without added effort on your end. It’s next level catering made easy.

Allow WinCo to do the tedious kabob assembly for your next event. Their ready-to-grab fruit trays will dazzle guests with artistry and flavor.

Serve up a winning spread without the headache by letting WinCo prep your platters. Their ready-to-serve deli trays mean one less thing to worry about as party time nears.

WinCo Makes It Easy to Order Trays for Any Occasion

Need A Large Selection of Party Trays. WinCo Has You Covered

Hosting an event means figuring out food to satisfy your guests. But you want options better than basic chips and dip. That’s where WinCo’s expansive deli tray menu saves the day – they have platters suited for any occasion.

Their sandwich and sub trays work perfectly for game days, team parties, and other casual get-togethers. Loaded nacho bars and hot wings please crowds at birthday bashes. And refined fruit plates and crudités impress at baby showers and bridal events.

WinCo’s variety means you can order trays tailored specifically for your event theme and vibe. Planning a fuse cocktail party? Elegant cheese and charcuterie trays set the mood. Hosting a backyard BBQ? Hearty sandwich platters and salads do the trick.

Their menu features fun specifics like taco bars for Cinco de Mayo or football watch parties. Brunch trays with breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and fruit make holiday morning hosting easy. You name the occasion and WinCo has trays to match.

Beyond particular events, WinCo’s everyday platters work for reoccurring gatherings like book club, family dinners, office meetings and more. Standard subs, wraps, veggie trays, and fruit satisfy any group.

Ordering trays suited for your occasion is smooth through WinCo’s website. Peruse the options online, customize your order, choose a convenient pickup time. Then relax knowing you’ve handled party food without hassle.

WinCo’s affordable prices also encourage you to splurge on special trays. Even upscale options like smoked salmon pinwheels and caprese skewers won’t break the bank. Cater with quality without draining your party budget.

Game Day Platters

Game days call for hearty, filling foods to fuel fans. WinCo offers a full menu of trays to feed hungry crowds for the big matchup.

Always a touchdown are WinCo’s loaded nacho and taco bars. Layers of tortilla chips, cheese, salsa, guac and all the fixings satisfy. Bonus – guests can customize to their preferences.

Sandwich and sub platters also score big. Varieties like Italian subs, clubs, hoagies, and wraps make customizable meal options.

Don’t forget savory snacks like WinCo’s hot wings, meatballs, sausage bites and loaded potato skins. Vegetables, fruits, and dessert bars round out the spread.

Order WinCo’s game day trays for guaranteed success at your viewing party. Hearty flavors, crowd-pleasing picks, and customizable options let guests craft the perfect plate.

Baby Shower Trays

Expecting moms deserve pampering at their showers. Elevate the occasion with WinCo’s refined fruit, veggie, and tea sandwich trays.

Make the mama-to-be feel special with WinCo’s fresh, eye-catching fruit displays. The natural sweetness satisfies pregnancy cravings without excess sugar.

Crisp, light veggie platters also appeal to mum’s changing tastes. Radishes, snap peas, cucumbers, and zucchini with hummus dip make nutritious options.

Petite tea sandwiches on dainty breads offer nibbles for guests to nosh. Lettuce, cheese, cucumbers, and lean meats beautifully arranged say “baby shower.”

Delight the guest of honor and shower attendees with WinCo’s light, feminine trays. Fresh flavors and pretty presentation cater perfectly to this special affair.

Whatever your upcoming event or occasion, trust WinCo’s array of trays to provide a personalized spread. Their diverse options make party planning truly painless.