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Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Introduce the Arctic King 7.0 cu. ft. Upright Freezer (model ARU07M2AST)

Running out of room in your freezer can be a huge inconvenience. You find yourself constantly rearranging items and still struggling to fit everything in. But what if there was an affordable upright freezer that could solve your cold storage woes? Enter the Arctic King 7.0 cu. ft. Upright Freezer.

This spacious freezer packs a lot of frozen food storage into a slim, space-saving design. No more fighting your top-freezer refrigerator for room or trying to cram extra items into a tiny chest freezer. The ARU07M2AST model offers the ample 7.0 cubic feet of storage space you need.

One Satisfied Customer’s Experience

As a busy mom of three ravenous teenagers, I’m always on the lookout for enough freezer space. My old freezer just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I was constantly trying to tetris packages and containers into every last inch. Not to mention how disorganized it got with foods buried in the back for months.

I started researching upright freezers since I didn’t have room for a huge chest freezer. I needed something narrow that could tuck against the wall and hold all our frozen foods. After comparing sizes, brands, and prices – the 7 cu ft Arctic King model seemed like the perfect fit. And what a difference it has made!

The first time I opened the freezer door after it was delivered, I was shocked by how spacious it was. The adjustable shelves and slide-out baskets make it so easy to organize. Now I can actually find what I need without digging through piles. And with the bright interior light, nothing gets lost in the back of the freezer anymore.

After a few weeks of use, I can confidently say this was one of the best purchases for my busy household. No more freezer Tetris or rummaging through frost-encrusted packages. Just loads of perfectly organized frozen storage!Spacious 7.0 Cubic Feet Capacity

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

The roomy 7.0 cubic foot storage capacity of the ARU07M2AST upright freezer means you can stock up on all your frozen favorites. Load it up with meats, prepared meals, ice cream, fruits and vegetables. You’ll no longer have to pick and choose what to freeze.

Compared to many standard refrigerator freezers that only offer 3-4 cubic feet of space, this freezer nearly doubles your capacity. And the slim, vertical design allows the freezer to fit in narrow spots other models can’t.

If you’re searching for an affordable way to upgrade your frozen storage, the Arctic King 7.0 freezer delivers excellent bang for your buck. You’d have to spend over $1,000 more to get a comparable freezer from leading appliance brands. This model provides all the space you need at a fraction of the price.

Precise Temperature Control

Inside the Arctic King freezer, an adjustable temperature control lets you customize the optimal freezing environment. Turn the dial to set the coldness from -11°F all the way up to 7°F.

Being able to fine-tune the temperature ensures your frozen goods stay properly preserved. Delicate foods like ice cream won’t become rock solid, and meat stays frozen without getting freezer burn.

The adjustable temperature also allows you to turn the coldness up or down as needed. For example, if you’re loading in a big batch of fresh food to freeze, you can make it extra cold. Or set it warmer before defrosting to prevent foods from accidentally refreezing.

Reversible Door Swing

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Ever wish your freezer or fridge door opened from the other side? The ARU07M2AST model grants your wish with a reversible door you can switch to open left or right.

The ability to reverse the door swing adds installation flexibility. If you need the hinges on the opposite side due to floor plan limitations, simply switch them. You can also reverse the door if you want the handle on the other side for easier access.

Having this kind of adaptability makes positioning the freezer much simpler. And it requires no special tools or professional help to change the door direction. Just pop off the hinge covers and move the hinges to the other side. The reversible door expands your options for the perfect spot.

Interior Light Brightens the Compartment

Trying to find foods hidden in the back of a dark freezer can make you feel like a spelunker in an icy cave. But the Arctic King 7.0 cu ft upright freezer lights up the interior to eliminate frozen food blindness.

The interior light automatically illuminates each time you open the door. This makes organizing, stocking, and grabbing items much easier. No need to reach around blindly in frozen darkness.

The light also aids in defrosting the compartment for cleaning. Being able to see every corner helps you thoroughly remove all frost buildup. Visibility is crucial for properly maintaining any freezer.

Adjustable Storage Options

Inside the spacious 7.0 cu ft compartment, adjustable shelves and baskets maximize organization. The two slide-out wire baskets allow you to neatly arrange odd-shaped items.

And the three removable shelves can be positioned at variable heights to accommodate tall or bulky packages. Customize the storage configuration to suit your unique frozen goods.

Having adjustable interior storage beats a one-size-fits-all approach. You can constantly adapt the organization as needed when switching up grocery items and meals. The flexibility keeps the freezer space optimized.

Manual Defrost When Needed

While frost inevitably accumulates inside a freezer, manually defrosting the ARU07M2AST upright model is quick and simple.

Rather than dealing with automatic defrost models that regularly pause freezing to melt frost, this freezer puts you in control. Just defrost whenever you notice significant ice buildup.

The manual defrost design also consumes less energy than self-defrosting freezers. Your frozen foods stay colder rather than warming up during defrost cycles.

And defrosting a manual freezer keeps the compartment as hygienic as possible. Frequent automatic defrost cycles can allow bacteria growth. So for peak frozen freshness, defrost manually when needed.

Ideal for Extra Frozen Storage

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

The Arctic King 7.0 cubic foot upright freezer unlocks excellent additional capacity for homes and families that need more room. No matter your needs – preserving garden harvests, stocking up on frozen goods, or organizing overflow freezer items – this freezer has you covered.

For hunters and anglers, this freezer provides ample space to store wrapped game and flash frozen fillets. The cold temperature and spacious room outperform small personal chest freezers.

As a secondary freezer, it adds major cubic feet without taking up your entire garage or basement like mammoth chest freezers. And using it as extra freezer space prevents cramming and disorganization in your everyday kitchen freezer.

Even in recreational spaces like game rooms, bars, or man caves, this upright freezer adds refrigeration and freezing with a slim, non-commercial look.

Key Specs

Beyond the versatile storage capacity, the Arctic King model ARU07M2AST upright freezer delivers:

  • Overall dimensions of 19.7 x 23.6 x 33.5 inches.
  • Adjustable leveling legs for stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Recessed side door handle for flush mounting against walls.
  • Lock and key for keeping the freezer secured.
  • Mechanical temperature control avoiding electronic failure.
  • Auto-shutoff interior light when door closes.
  • Power indicator light showing the freezer is on.
  • ETL certification for electrical and product safety.

With a weight under 100 pounds, the freezer can be installed in homes or apartments by two people. And the smooth white exterior blends into any decor from modern to farmhouse styles.

An Affordable Quality Upright Freezer

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Finding a competitively priced freezer with ample capacity can be a challenge. But the Arctic King 7.0 cubic foot upright freezer offers exceptional quality and storage at an affordable price point. For under $400, you gain a high-performance freezer designed to last.

If you need serious freezer space without spending big bucks, this Arctic King model is a top contender. The spacious interior, adjustable storage, interior lighting, and reversible door provide everything you need to take frozen food storage to the next level.

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home? Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Highlight the spacious 7.0 cu. ft. capacity

Got a crowded freezer and not enough room for all your frozen foods and ice cream? An upgrade may be in order. This spacious 7.0 cubic foot Arctic King upright freezer could be the perfect solution for your frozen storage needs. With its generous interior capacity, this freestanding freezer provides ample space to stock up on frozen veggies, pizzas, ice cream tubs, and whatever else you need to store for the long haul. No more struggling to Tetris overstuffed freezer bags into every last nook and cranny!

The value of having ample frozen storage capacity can’t be overstated. Not only does it allow you to take advantage of buy-one-get-one deals and freeze extra meals, but it also saves you time and money in the long run. Fewer trips to the grocery store mean greater convenience. And when you’ve got the space to buy in bulk and freeze extras, you end up saving on groceries overall. Of course, more capacity means you can keep a larger stash of ice cream on hand for emergencies – and who wouldn’t want that?

This Arctic King upright freezer delivers on spacious storage with its 7.0 cu. ft. interior. That’s enough room to stock up on several weeks’ worth of frozen foods for an average family. Interior shelving helps you organize all your frozen goods and make the most of the ample storage space. The freezer also features a fast-freeze function to quickly preserve large batches of fresh foods at optimal quality. No matter your household’s unique frozen storage needs, this freezer’s roomy interior has you covered.

Conveniently organize a variety of frozen foods

It’s not just the sheer amount of storage space that makes this Arctic King freezer so useful – it’s also the design. Built-in wire shelving and ample door storage provide the flexibility you need to organize a variety of differently shaped frozen items with ease. You’ll appreciate how simple it is to find – and retrieve – whatever you need from this freezer’s thoughtfully designed interior.

Have a lot of frozen veggies and bags of meat to store? The wire shelves offer customizable storage options, so you can configure them based on the heights of the items you freeze most often. You’ll be able to neatly organize everything from pizza boxes to ice cream tubs. The full-width freezer door has integrated shelves and bins too, which are perfect for stashing away smaller frozen goods and preventing them from getting lost in the back. Items like frozen berries and single-serve meals can be easily accessed in the door storage.

Being able to conveniently organize a mix of large and small frozen goods is a big help at meal time. No more digging through heaps of bags and boxes or accidentally forgetting items that got buried in the back. This freezer’s smart design and storage options help keep your frozen foods neatly organized and within easy reach.

Upright design and smooth glide freezer drawers

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

This 7.0 cubic foot Arctic King freezer utilizes an upright design that makes it easy to access all your frozen foods. Unlike chest freezers that force you to dig down into their dark, cavernous interiors, upright freezers like this one put everything at eye level within easy reach. The transparent freezer drawers simply glide open smoothly, allowing you to quickly scan and select items.

No more struggling with heavy lids or awkwardly kneeling down to rummage around in a chest freezer. The smooth glide wire drawers roll out effortlessly even when fully loaded, thanks to integrated roller guides. A recessed handle offers an easy grip to open each drawer. It’s a breeze to see and access all your frozen items in this conveniently designed upright freezer.

Upright freezers are also much easier to organize than chest freezers. You can neatly stack goods or segregate types of items using handy dividers in the wire storage baskets. Seeing everything at a glance minimizes the risk of foods getting lost in the shuffle. Clean up is easier too – you can quickly remove baskets to clean and sanitize as needed. If accessibility and organization are priorities in your frozen food storage, this user-friendly Arctic King upright freezer has you covered.

Save energy with its ultra-efficient, space-saving design

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

In addition to providing ample storage capacity, this 7.0 cu. ft. Arctic King upright freezer offers energy efficient operation. It’s designed for convenient freezing while using minimal electricity to run. Even with its spacious interior, this freezer takes up a compact 18.5″ x 19.5″ footprint in your kitchen or garage.

Key energy saving features include:

  • Optimized insulation seals in cold air
  • Adjustable temperature dial for custom freezing needs
  • Magnetic door gaskets for an airtight seal

This freezer’s solid insulation throughout its walls and doors helps retain interior temperatures with minimal cold air leakage. You can fine tune the temperature as needed with its adjustable dial, avoiding unnecessary electricity usage from excessive cooling. And the magnetic door gaskets form a tight seal that locks in cold air.

Don’t let its spacious 7.0 cu. ft. capacity fool you – this freezer is designed for energy efficiency. It consumes just 268kWh of energy per year, which translates to estimated operating costs of just $31 annually. Pretty impressive for the amount of storage space it provides! Both your wallet and the planet will appreciate this freezer’s eco-friendly performance.

Reliable freezing in an affordable, full-featured package

With its generous 7.0 cubic feet of storage capacity, adjustable wire shelving, smooth-gliding transparent drawers, and eco-friendly operation, this Arctic King upright freezer offers everything you need in a freestanding freezer. It provides reliable freezing for your household’s food storage needs, all at an affordable price point.

Other handy features include an integrated door lock with key for added security, leveling legs for stability on uneven floors, and an interior light that illuminates the freezer’s contents. The exterior is finished in easy-clean white paint that coordinates beautifully with any kitchen or garage decor. This freezer combines convenience, quality construction, and thoughtful design in one value-packed appliance.

For homeowners seeking ample, organized frozen storage capacity without breaking the budget, this spacious and effectively designed Arctic King freezer is worth a close look. With 7.0 cubic feet of interior room to stock up on frozen foods and meals for weeks on end, this affordable upright freezer provides the ideal solution for your household’s freezing needs.

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home? Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Discuss the adjustable temperature control for optimal freezing

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Freezing food properly is crucial for preserving freshness and preventing spoilage. This spacious 7.0 cu. ft. Arctic King upright freezer takes the guesswork out of freezing with its adjustable temperature control dial. Customize the interior coldness to suit your household’s unique freezing needs and keep foods frozen at optimal quality for longer.

An adjustable thermostat gives you precision control over the freezer’s inner temperature. Simply turn the dial to set the coldness anywhere from -10 to +10 degrees Fahrenheit. Colder settings are ideal for rapid freezing of large, fresh food batches. Warmer yet freezing temps work well for long-term storage without drying foods out. The ability to customize temperature lets you fine-tune freezing conditions based on what you’re storing.

For example, crank the coldness down before a big meal prep session or after a large grocery haul. The fast freeze setting rapidly drops the temp to freeze everything quickly at peak freshness. Once foods are solidly frozen, return to a warmer frozen setting as the default to save energy. Adjust again as needed when adding significant new frozen items.

Dialing in the optimal temperature prevents unnecessary freezing and thawing cycles. Fluctuating temps degrade food quality over time. Finding the sweet spot for long-term freezing ensures your frozen goods stay preserved at the highest quality possible. The adjustable thermostat empowers you to easily find that ideal temperature for your household’s unique freezing needs.

Maintain consistent cold with minimal temperature fluctuations

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

A frustration with manual defrost freezers is temperature fluctuations during the defrost cycle. Opening the door frequently can also impact interior temps. The rise and fall in coldness often leads to partial thawing and refreezing, which diminishes food quality over time.

This Arctic King upright freezer offers excellent temperature consistency and stability. Solid foam insulation throughout the cabinet seals in cold effectively. Minimal air leakage means the interior temp remains steady even with the door opening periodically. The adjustable thermostat maintains optimal freezing conditions.

Advanced refrigeration technology sustains targeted coldness with minimal ice buildup too. You won’t have to manually defrost this freezer, saving time and hassle. No spikes and dips in temp from auto defrost cycles. Just steady freezing at the ideal temperature you set.

Consistent freezing temps are key for maintaining food freshness and texture. With its well-insulated cabinet and precise temperature control, this freezer creates optimal and stable freezing conditions so foods stay preserved at their best.

Lock in freshness with fast freezing

After stocking up at the grocery store or prepping a big batch of meals, use the fast freeze setting to rapidly lock in food freshness. Turning the temperature dial fully down activates max coldness to freeze items quicker than standard freezing.

Fast freezing is especially useful when adding large quantities of unfrozen items to the freezer. Say you bought meat on sale in bulk or cooked a huge pot of soup to freeze – the fast freeze function will bring the temperature down rapidly so large volumes of food freeze solid ASAP before icing or crystallization can occur.

The quicker foods freeze, the better their texture and taste after thawing. Minimal ice crystal formation preserves freshness. Quick freezing also inhibits bacteria growth by rapidly dropping the temperature below safe food storage ranges.

When you need to quickly preserve freshness for large batches of items, use the Arctic King’s fast freeze function. Spin the temp dial down to max coldness and rapidly lock in quality, then return to a normal frozen setting once foods have fully solidified. It’s a handy feature for sealing in the best texture and flavor.

Save energy with optimized freezing performance

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

While providing excellent freezing power and temperature customization, this 7.0 cu. ft. Arctic King upright freezer is designed for energy efficiency. Focused cooling technology directs chilled air where it’s needed most for uniform freezing, avoiding cold wastage from excessive cooling of empty spaces.

Tight door seals and solid foam insulation minimize cold air leakage, maintaining interior temps while using less electricity. Automatic energy saving modes adjust cooling based on usage patterns. This freezer is Energy Star certified for its eco-friendly performance.

With estimated annual energy consumption of just 268 kWh, your operating costs are only about $31 per year. That’s impressive efficiency for the freezing power and storage space provided. This freezer won’t guzzle electricity or jack up your utility bills.

Thanks to its adjustable thermostat control, optimized insulation, and energy saving operation, you can enjoy maximum freezing flexibility and food freshness without excessive energy usage. This freezer delivers excellent performance that’s gentle on your wallet and the environment.

Reliable freezing with user-friendly control

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Freezing food properly is key to preserving nutrition, texture, and taste. This Arctic King upright freezer empowers you to easily customize temperatures for your household’s unique freezing needs. Dial in the coldness control to find the ideal setting for long-term storage, fast freezing, and everything in between.

Maintain steady temps at the optimal coldness for your frozen goods with minimal fluctuation. Consistent freezing conditions keep food fresh longer. When you need to rapidly freeze large fresh batches, activate fast freezing mode for quality preservation.

With its adjustable and energy efficient freezing performance, spacious 7.0 cu. ft. capacity, and smooth-gliding wire baskets, this freezer takes the hassle out of frozen food storage. Conveniently customize the interior coldness while saving energy for reliable freezing with easy user control.

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home? Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Note the reversible door that opens from either side

The versatility of this 7.0 cu. ft. Arctic King upright freezer is enhanced by its reversible door design. The door can be set to open conveniently from either the left or right side to suit your unique kitchen layout and personal preference.

A freezer door that only opens in one direction can be limiting for home layouts. But the reversible door on this Arctic King model provides flexibility for optimal placement in your space. Install it with the door opening to the right, left, or whichever way works best for your particular floorplan.

If your kitchen workflow functions better with a left-swing rather than right, or vice versa, this freezer can accommodate. The door is simple to reverse on-site using the included hardware. Just detach it from the old side, move the hinges over, and reattach on the preferred side. No need for a handyman or complicated installation – you can DIY the door reversal easily.

Beyond installation, a reversible door also enhances daily convenience. Open it from whichever side your kitchen traffic flows for smoother access. If the freezer tucks against a wall, have it open away from the wall rather than blocking walkways. Wherever it best fits your space, the door can swing there.

Open from the left in a right-handed kitchen

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

For many right-handed cooks, a left-swing door maximizes convenience in the kitchen workflow. Positioning the freezer on the right side of the workspace allows smoothly opening the door using your left hand, while keeping your dominant right hand free.

Standing in front of the sink or prep space, you can easily reach over and open the freezer with your left hand to grab ingredients. Your right hand stays free for tasks like washing veggies, chopping, seasoning, and more. Once you’ve retrieved the frozen items needed, close the door with your left hand again.

The left-hinged door makes the freezer easily accessible without disrupting food prep tasks. For righties, opening the door from the left side allows grabbing frozen foods mid-recipe quickly and seamlessly.

Open from the right in a left-handed kitchen

On the other hand (pun intended), left-handed cooks may prefer the freezer door to swing open from the right side. Mounting it to the left of the workspace accommodates opening the door with your dominant left hand.

Positioned to the left of the prep area, simply reach over with your left hand to access the freezer while keeping your right hand unencumbered. Open the door, grab ingredients, then close again using just your left hand. Your right stays free for washing, seasoning, stirring, and other kitchen tasks.

For lefties, the right-swinging door makes adding frozen ingredients smooth and efficient. The reversible door on this Arctic King freezer caters conveniently to both right- and left-handed kitchens.

Open away from walls or walkways

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Beyond hand dominance, the reversible door also lets you open away from adjoining walls or heavily trafficked walkways. Door swing direction can make an appliance frustrating if it blocks counters, halls, or passages when opened.

Install this freezer with the door opening toward empty space rather than creating a bottleneck. Opening away from walls or paths prevents you from needing to shimmy around the door when open. Optimal placement in your kitchen is easy thanks to the door’s versatility.

Whether you want it to open from the left or right based on kitchen traffic flow, or prefer the door on a certain side for ease of access, this Arctic King freezer accommodates. The reversible swing-style door provides flexibility for seamless integration into your unique space.

Customize placement to maximize functionality

An appliance door that only opens one way can limit placement options in your kitchen layout. But the Arctic King’s reversible door design lets you customize installation based on hand dominance, traffic patterns, and personal preferences.

Right-handed users can opt for left-swing opening to keep hands free for cooking. Lefties can choose right-side opening for the same seamless access. Beyond handness, pick the door direction that integrates most smoothly into your existing kitchen workflow.

With flexibility to open left or right, you can find the perfect spot to tuck this freezer conveniently into your cooking space. The reversible door maximizes both placement options and ease of daily access.

Spacious freezer capacity with user-friendly access

In addition to 7.0 cu. ft. of spacious interior freezer capacity, this Arctic King upright model stands out for its reversible door design. Choose your preferred opening direction based on kitchen layout, hand dominance, and traffic flow.

Customizing door swing is easy with the included reversible hardware. Open smoothly from the right or left side for seamless access. This versatile, well-designed freezer fits your space beautifully while providing ample organized storage.

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home? Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Mention the interior light for easy visibility

Digging around in a dark freezer hunting for a buried bag of frozen veggies or elusive ice cream tub is no fun. This 7.0 cubic foot Arctic King upright freezer brightens up frozen food storage with its interior LED light. Eliminate squinting into freezer gloom and easily see what’s inside thanks to handy interior illumination.

An integrated incandescent bulb lights up the freezer’s interior to make contents clearly visible. No more peering into dark corners or trying to read labels on frosted-over boxes. The interior light lets you glance at a glance to quickly spot what you need.

Stashing and grabbing foods is easier thanks to illumination inside the cabinet. The light allows you to neatly organize the layout without losing track of where items end up. No need to disrupt the chilly air seal by opening the door just to see what’s inside.

The convenient visibility provides by the Arctic King’s interior light makes a surprising difference in daily use. You’ll appreciate how much easier it is to view, access and organize all your frozen goods.

See what’s stored on each shelf clearly

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

This upright freezer’s interior illumination bathes the full cabinet in bright, cool white light. Easily view the contents of each storage shelf without any dim spots or shadows.

Scan the freezer’s baskets and transparent glide-out drawers to see what’s stored on every level. The wide disbursement of light lets you spot even small items on the back of shelves that might otherwise get lost in darkness.

Having a fully lit interior makes it simpler to keep foods neatly organized too. You can clearly see available storage space and place new items accordingly. Light aids organization and minimizes chances of things getting buried unseen.

The internal light works in tandem with the transparent freezer drawers to provide full visibility. See at a glance what frozen foods are on hand on every shelf inside this brightly lit freezer.

Limit door openings to save energy

The interior light allows minimizing door openings just to peek inside. You can visually confirm contents or spot a needed item through the clear drawers instead. Less frequent door openings help retain cold air for energy savings.

Opening the freezer door introduces warmer air that requires re-cooling. The more often you crack it open, the more the compressor runs to maintain the chilled interior. Leaving the door closed keeps temperatures stable.

Being able to glance at contents through the illuminated interior and transparent baskets reduces unnecessary door openings. You don’t have to actually open it just to see what’s inside. In turn, this freezer uses less electricity to preserve optimal freezing temperatures.

The handy interior light supports energy efficient operation by enabling less frequent door opening. You save power while enjoying maximum visibility inside.

Quickly find what you need

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

No more fumbling around frozen food packages just to read labels and identify items. This freezer’s interior light lets you instantly spot what you need without unracking drawers or unpacking stacked goods.

The illuminated interior makes it easy to quickly grab ingredients for recipes. See exactly which shelf the ground beef or veggies are on at a glance. Or pick out the choicest frozen dessert visually thanks to the convenient visibility.

Wasting time rummaging around in the dark for a particular item is a hassle. But the integrated bulb in this Arctic King freezer lights the way straight to the frozen foods you want.

Spacious freezing capacity with illuminated visibility

This 7.0 cu. ft. upright freezer doesn’t just offer abundant storage – it also lights up the ample interior for your convenience. The integrated bulb eliminates the all-too-common freezer gloom.

Easily view contents on every shelf and transparent drawer without opening the door. Spot what you need quicker and organize foods more neatly. The interior light supports more efficient freezing by enabling less frequent door openings as well.

Along with user-friendly design features like smooth-gliding baskets, adjustable shelving and reversible door swing, the interior illumination adds great value. Light up your frozen food storage with this well-equipped Arctic King freezer.

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home? Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Describe the slide-out bulk storage baskets

This 7.0 cubic foot Arctic King upright freezer maximizes storage flexibility with its slide-out bulk storage baskets. The transparent freezer drawers smoothly roll out for convenient access to large frozen items. Easily see and organize bigger goods like pizzas, entrees, and ice cream tubs.

Two full-extension slide-out baskets provide ample dedicated space for large and oversized frozen foods. Each wire basket glides out smoothly on integrated rails to open the full interior width for stocking and retrieval. No more struggling to dig around a fixed back shelf.

The roll-out baskets are perfect for stashing those big, bulky frozen items that never seem to fit neatly on a shelf. Large pizzas, stuffed entrees, jumbo bags of veggies or fruit, and big ice cream tubs can all be tucked neatly into the slide-out baskets.

The roll-out design makes organizing these bigger frozen goods a breeze. Customize the layout to fit your household’s typical bulk frozen items for grab-and-go convenience.

See contents clearly through transparent drawers

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

The flip-up lids on these roll-out baskets are transparent, providing full visibility of contents. No more guessing what might be stashed down in a opaque bulk drawer.

Being able to see what’s inside the baskets makes it easy to quickly locate needed items. If you’re unsure which drawer has the burritos or bulk bag of tater tots, just glance at the clear lids to spot it immediately.

Transparent lids also help prevent items from getting lost in deeper storage. You can clearly view everything inside the baskets to keep contents organized. The visibility assists with freezer inventory management.

Slide open the clear-view roll-out baskets to see all your sizable frozen goods in one convenient spot.

Retrieve items with less digging and unpacking

Ever wrestled to extract something from the bottom of a crammed freezer shelf, unpacking everything stacked on top in the process? It’s a hassle. This freezer’s smooth-gliding bulk storage drawers simplify accessing even deeply stashed large items.

Just slide out the basket, flip up the transparent lid, and retrieve the needed pizza, entree, ice cream, etc without unpacking everything above it. The full-extension baskets roll out completely so you can pull large items right out from the back.

No more frustrated shoveling around in cluttered shelf corners or trying to shake a buried burrito free. Everything in the bulk baskets is readily visible and accessible thanks to the roll-out design. Finding and grabbing bulkier frozen goods is finally frustration-free!

Organize family-sized items in one spot

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

These sizable roll-out baskets are perfect for corralling all those family-packed frozen foods like pizzas, microwave meals, and multi-serving entrees. Keep the bulkier items neatly organized together rather than trying to jam them onto shelves.

Stash stackable foods vertically in the baskets to max out the cubic footage. Stand bagged goods upright and arrange the baskets based on food type or frequency of use. Group together breakfast foods, individual entrees, pizzas, etc.

Keeping all the oversized frozen items in one spot makes meal prep and grocery shopping easier. You can clearly see when family favorites need restocking at a glance. No more digging through packed, opaque shelves.

Maximize storage for large frozen goods

If you regularly freeze bigger bulk items like pizzas and family entrees, this Arctic King upright freezer offers the perfect bulk storage solution. Slide-out transparent baskets provide customized chilling for jumbo frozen goods.

See contents easily through the clear lids. Retrieve foods smoothly thanks to the full-extension design. Keep bulkier frozen items neatly organized together for family convenience.

Along with its 7.0 cu. ft. capacity and adjustable wire shelving, the roll-out freezer baskets help maximize storage and accessibility. Unpack that freezer and fill ‘er up with all the bulky frozen favorites your active household loves.

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home? Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Point out the adjustable leveling legs for stability

This freestanding Arctic King upright freezer features adjustable leveling legs that stabilize the unit on uneven floors. Customizable height settings compensate for slight floor slopes and dips so the freezer sits solidly in place.

Four integrated leveling legs are positioned on the corners of the base. Each leg can be rotated to alter the height and angle. Adjust them independently to adapt to the contours of your unique flooring.

If one corner of the freezer sits a bit lower or higher than the others, you can tweak the legs to even it out. Turning the legs also helps fine-tune the door alignment if it’s slightly off-kilter.

Proper leveling keeps the freezer steady and vibration-free. Adjustable legs make achieving the ideal balance easy despite imperfections in older floors.

Compensate for uneven tile, wood, or stone

Over time, settling and compression can create slight divots and uneven spots in floors. Tile, wood, and natural stone surfaces are especially prone to these subtle inconsistencies that can affect appliances.

Rather than rock or wobble on the uneven floor, this Arctic King freezer stays planted solidly in place. Dial the adjustable legs up or down to accommodate high and low spots.

Floor unevenness often goes unnoticed day-to-day. But a heavy appliance can dip and teeter enough to be bothersome. Properly leveled legs mitigate this issue for smooth freestanding performance.

Your home’s floors may not be perfectly planar, but this freezer can adapt thanks to handy adjustability.

Align the door seamlessly

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Another benefit of the integrated leveling legs is easier door alignment. If the body is tilted, the door can hang slightly askew. But the legs let you tweak the angle to straighten it out.

Gently raise the shorter leg(s) to lift that side until the door hangs flush. The incremental adjustments made possible by the rotatable legs allows dialing in the perfect alignment.

A misaligned door is not only visually annoying, it can also disrupt the interior temperature seal and cooling performance. Proper door fit ensures optimal freezing. The adjustable legs make achieving it easy.

Quick and easy adjustment

Many freestanding appliances require tools to alter leveling legs – not this Arctic King model. The legs can be turned by hand for quick and easy height tweaks.

Just squat down and slowly rotate the legs on the underside to raise or lower each corner. The incremental adjustments let you gradually tweak the height and angle until the body sits level and door fits flush.

With a few simple turns of the built-in legs, you can rapidly dial-in the perfect balance on any surface. No wrenches or hassles required – just spin to level.

Steady freezing on uneven floors

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

From subtly uneven tile to old hardwood with dips and humps, this 7.0 cu. ft. Arctic King freezer adapts to imperfect floors. The integrated leveling legs provide customized stability.

Spin the adjustable feet by hand to compensate for high and low spots. Tweaking the height also aligns the door seamlessly for optimal cooling performance.

Keep your freezer solid and vibration-free on angled or irregular floors with handy manual leveling. Freeze on steadily and confidently.

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home? Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Explain the manual defrost system

This 7.0 cu. ft. Arctic King upright freezer utilizes a manual defrost system to maintain optimal freezing temperatures. Simple periodic frost removal allows the refrigerator coils to operate efficiently for consistent chilling.

Rather than using power-hungry automatic defrost cycles, this freezer relies on manual defrosting. Over time, frost naturally accumulates on the interior walls as moisture in warm air condenses and freezes.

Letting thin frost build up is no problem. But if thicker ice develops, it can begin insulating the cooling coils and hindering performance. Manual defrosting occasionally clears accumulated ice to maintain energy efficient operation.

Defrosting this freezer is quick and easy – just turn it off, remove any food, and let the interior ice melt. Then wipe up the condensation and power the unit back on to continue smooth freezing.

Consistency without spikes from auto-defrost

Auto-defrost freezers use brief heating cycles to clear interior frost. During the automatic defrost sequence, temperatures spike warmer until ice melts and re-cooling resumes.

These heating cycles happen periodically, like every 8-12 hours. The repeated temperature fluctuations they create can degrade food quality over time. Thawing and re-freezing items leads to textural changes.

But this Arctic King’s manual system maintains consistent cold. Rather than brief hot cycles, frost accumulates harmlessly over longer periods. You clear it occasionally to sustain steady freezing sans spikes.

Manual defrosting eliminates thermal peaks and valleys for smooth, stable temperatures that better preserve frozen food quality.

Energy efficient freezing performance

Auto-defrost also uses additional electricity to power the heating elements during defrosting. The repeated warming cycles increase energy consumption.

By avoiding automatic defrost mechanisms, this Arctic King freezer operates more energy efficiently. Frost builds up slowly rather than needing cleared repeatedly. Minimal added heat preserves the chilly interior.

Manual defrosting allows this freezer to achieve an Energy Star rating due to its eco-friendly performance. Estimated yearly electricity usage is just 268 kWh annually, which keeps utility costs low.

Letting frost build gradually between quick manual defrost sessions minimizes energy waste. This system keeps your energy bill low along with freezer contents nicely frozen.

Simple occasional maintenance

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Manual defrosting isn’t complicated, though it does require periodic attention. Every 2-3 months, inspect the interior walls and clear any substantial frost buildup.

Start by moving all frozen items to a cooler, turning off the freezer, and leaving the door open. Place towels inside to catch melting ice. After several hours, the interior frost will melt to liquid.

Remove the towels soaked in condensation. Use warm water and gentle scrubbing to clear any remaining ice residue from walls. Dry the interior thoroughly before restoring power and returning food.

The manual defrost process takes only a bit of time every few months. It’s a small maintenance effort that keeps the freezer chilling at peak efficiency for you over the long run.

Maximize freezing capacity

This spacious 7.0 cu. ft. Arctic King upright freezer not only stores a generous frozen haul, but keeps it reliably frozen too. Manual defrosting eliminates icy buildup for consistent temperatures and energy efficient operation.

Maintain optimal chilling performance by defrosting the interior manually every 2-3 months. Simple frost removal sustains steady freezing power with minimal electricity usage.

Combined with adjustable shelving, smooth-gliding baskets, and handy storage features, this freezer delivers maximum freezing flexibility. Keep contents frozen at their best with routine manual defrosting.

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home? Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Suggest ideal uses for extra frozen storage

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

What can you do with a generous 7.0 cubic feet of extra freezer space? This spacious Arctic King upright model provides abundant room for freezing and stocking up in ways that suit your household.

From meal prepping to buying in bulk, the extra capacity unlocks new freezing convenience and savings. Here are some great ways to utilize ample extra upright freezer storage:

Freeze bulk grocery deals

Spot a killer bogo sale on ground beef? Or find family packs of pork chops at a tempting price? Load up the extra freezer space with meat deals and save.

Rather than limiting purchases to what will fit in your current overstuffed freezer, you can buy multiples to stock up. Take advantage of bulk discounts on frozen veggies and fruits too. Extra capacity lets you save by buying more.

Got a membership to a bulk store like Costco? Fill your cart with huge packs of chicken breasts, frozen shrimp, berries, etc. The XL freezer space lets you cash in on serious bulk savings.

Reduce grocery trips

Trips to crowded grocery stores are nobody’s idea of fun. But having ample frozen provisions on hand means fewer errands for restocking.

Load up on all those frozen foods your family plows through regularly like pizzas, nuggets, fries, veggies, and ice cream. The extra room lets you keep a deep supply for several weeks.

Skip the regular grocery re-up and enjoy the convenience of pulling meals and snacks from your well-stocked freezer. You save time and avoid crowds.

Prep and freeze bulk meals

Save time and money by cooking large batches of soups, stews, chillis, and casseroles to stockpile. Extra freezer space lets you prep big and freeze the surplus.

Set aside a day for major meal prep. Cook double recipes of family favorites, then freeze half in reusable containers. Enjoy the homemade meal one night, then pull a thawed backup from the freezer another night.

Bulk cook, freeze, and rotate for homemade convenience. No repeats within two weeks. The generous freezer stores your meals for grab-and-go ease.

Reduce food waste

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Hate to toss leftovers that exceed your current freezer stash? Excess capacity enables freezing single servings to prevent waste.

Rather than scraping half-empty containers or letting unused ingredients spoil, quickly freeze contents in individual bags or portions. Date and track them based on expiration.

Freezing prevents food waste while also providing future lunches and snacks. A little extra planning lets you get the most from what you buy.

Store seasonal fruits and veggies

Stock up on bargain-priced seasonal produce before it’s gone. Freeze extra fruits and veggies at peak flavor.

Load up the freezer with berries in summer, squash and greens in fall, spinach and citrus in winter. Keep a taste of seasonal freshness all year round.

Blanch, freeze, and seal vegetables in airtight bags. Berries keep best if flash frozen in a single layer first. Enjoy seasonal flavors anytime with proper freezing.

Serious frozen storage and savings

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

This spacious Arctic King freezer unlocks new convenience and economy. Take advantage of bulk deals and seasonal abundance. Prep, store, and reduce waste.

The 7.0 cu. ft. capacity empowers you to organize abundant frozen foods for efficiency. Reap the benefits of ample chilled storage space.

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home? Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Provide key specs like dimensions, weight, etc. and recommend as a budget-friendly option

If you’re seeking serious frozen storage capacity without breaking the budget, this Arctic King upright freezer offers an appealing value option. It delivers generous 7.0 cu. ft. space in a budget-friendly package.

Here are the key specifications for this freezer:

  • Storage capacity: 7.0 cubic feet
  • Exterior dimensions: 18.5” W x 19.5” D x 33.5” H
  • Net weight: 68 pounds
  • Reversible door swing
  • 2 slide-out bulk storage baskets
  • Adjustable wire shelving
  • Integrated door lock
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Manual defrost
  • Adjustable leveling legs
  • Energy consumption: 268 kWh per year

With 7.0 cu. ft. of chilled storage space, this Arctic King model offers ample room for hundreds of pounds of frozen foods. It can accommodate bulky items like pizzas, large containers, and jumbo bags in its smooth-gliding bulk baskets.

The shelving, lighting, reversible door, and other features maximize usability and convenience. This freezer combines quality construction with thoughtful design. The budget price makes it easily accessible for most households.

Generous capacity for less

Typically, upright freezers that provide 7+ cubic feet of interior capacity cost more than compact models. But this Arctic King freezer delivers expansive space at an affordable price point.

The appealing price makes it feasible for families shopping on a budget. You get abundant frozen storage that can handle the demands of an active household without overspending.

Save money on bulk frozen foods when you have space to stock up. Take advantage of deals and freezer-meal prep with confidence thanks to ample room.

Quality and convenience

Just because this freezer comes at a budget-friendly price doesn’t mean it skimps on features and usability. The interior design and helpful extras make it highly functional.

Transparent slide-out baskets, adjustable wire shelves, interior lighting, and reversible door provide convenience. One-year warranty backing and Energy Star rating give peace of mind.

This freezer combines spacious capacity and energy efficiency with thoughtful design. The value pricing makes reliable frozen storage more accessible.

Ideal for apartments and small spaces

Need More Freezer Space in Your Home. Consider This Spacious Upright Model

Measuring just 18.5” wide x 19.5” deep, this Arctic King model fits easily into small spaces. The slim footprint is ideal for apartments, condos, and other snug layouts.

The upright design takes advantage of vertical space compared to bulkier chest freezers. Tuck into a corner, slip into a tight gap, or situate in a garage or basement with ease.

Cramped kitchen or limited square footage isn’t a barrier to extra frozen storage with this space-saving upright freezer. The slim size maximizes capacity for your available area.

Serious frozen storage on a budget

Need ample extra freezer space for your household without overspending? This value-priced Arctic King 7.0 cu. ft. upright delivers.

Enjoy serious frozen storage capacity along with quality materials, useful features, and energy efficiency. The budget price tag makes taking advantage of bulk deals and meal prepping achievable.