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Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

Intro – Why you might need a taller bookcase from Target

If you’re an avid reader or have a large book collection, you may find yourself running out of room on your existing shelves. Target offers a variety of bookcases in different heights, widths, and styles to help maximize your storage space.

A taller bookcase from Target is a great option if you have high ceilings and want to utilize vertical wall space. Going taller rather than wider can help keep a room feeling open and uncluttered. Target’s selection ranges from modest 5-shelf units to bookcases over 6 feet tall, so you can find the right height for your space and storage needs.

In addition to books, a taller bookcase provides ample display space for collectibles, photos, art, and other treasures. The varying shelf heights allow you to organize items of different sizes in a visually appealing way. More shelves mean you can neatly arrange even small objects rather than having them crowded together.

Some key benefits of choosing a taller bookcase from Target include:

  • Maximize vertical storage and wall space
  • Prevent a cluttered or crowded appearance
  • Create defined display areas with shelves of varying heights
  • Accommodate your expanding book and object collections
  • Modernize the look of your room with a sleek, floor-to-ceiling unit

Let’s explore some of the stylish, functional bookcase options Target has to offer to meet your storage needs.

Target Room Essentials Bookcases Offer Adjustable Shelves

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

The Room Essentials 5-shelf bookcases from Target are a budget-friendly option made from particle board with a laminate finish. The neutral white color and clean lines give it a contemporary look suitable for any decor.

This bookcase style comes in heights ranging from 58 inches up to a ceiling-high 72 inches, so you can find the right size for your available space. Each unit provides 5 fixed shelves, but the shelves are adjustable so you can space them out to fit your specific storage needs.

Having the ability to customize shelf placement means you can accommodate taller items on the lower shelves. The sell construction and weight capacity allow you to safely fill the shelves with heavy books.

If you need additional storage, you can always purchase two bookcases and position them side by side. The neutral white color makes this basic bookcase easy to incorporate into any existing color scheme and decor.

Get a Bookcase with Doors for Concealed Storage

For a cleaner, less cluttered appearance, consider a Target bookcase with doors. The Threshold Barrington bookcase blends form and function.

This polished white bookcase is 71 inches tall with a mixture of open and enclosed storage. It has two glass-front doors that allow you to neatly conceal items inside without hiding them entirely. Four open cubbies are ideal for displaying decor, while two enclosed cabinet spaces provide discreet storage.

The doors feature decorative nickel-finished pulls that complement the fixed shelves’ metal accents. With assembly required, this bookcase is easy to put together. The mix of open and closed storage makes this a versatile piece.

The glass doors maintain an airy, open feel while hiding clutter you don’t want on full display. Shut the doors to instantly declutter a room.

Vintage Charm: Bookcases from Target’s Opalhouse Collection

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

For farmhouse, vintage or shabby-chic style, the Opalhouse collection from Target offers charming bookcases with extra storage space. Made from a mix of solid and engineered wood, these bookcases have a distressed painted finish and built-in wire storage baskets.

The textured paint and visible wood grain add warmth and dimension. The woven baskets provide concealed storage for odds and ends you want hidden but still easily accessible. You can stash kids’ toys, linens, office supplies and more in the baskets.

Opalhouse bookcases come in a few color finishes like navy, light blue, white and natural wood tones. The vintage vibe makes these bookcases perfect for cottages, farmhouses and cozy spaces.

Display your favorite books and decor on the open shelves to contrast with the hidden storage baskets. The visual combination creates a relaxed, casual look perfect for living spaces, bedrooms and more.

Modular Book Storage with Target Cube Organizers

For a flexible, budget-friendly book storage solution, check out Target’s selection of cube organizers. These modular shelving units come in different configurations to meet your space and storage requirements.

With stackable cube bins, you can create your own custom bookcase by assembling the cubes in any shape you like. Lay them horizontally to make a wide, low-profile bookcase or stack them vertically for a tall, narrow unit – whatever your space allows.

The cube compartments are ideal for organizing and displaying books upright rather than stacking flat. The divided cubes prevent books from falling over and letting you see the titles.

If you run out of space, it’s easy to add more cubes. Available in neutral shades like white, black, espresso and gray, Target’s fabric or wood cube organizers blend into any decor. They provide budget-friendly storage that you can rearrange as needed.

Sleek and Modern: Target’s Metal and Wood Bookcases

Target offers a variety of modern bookcases that fuse sleek metal frames with wood or metal shelves. These bookcases have an industrial vibe perfect for loft, urban and contemporary spaces.

The Threshold Windham bookcase, for example, has a sturdy metal frame with real wood shelves in a whitewash finish. The contrasting materials and neutral shades give this bookcase a contemporary, loft-ready look.

Or choose the Threshold Tarek metal and wood bookcase for a similar mixed materials design with dark bronze finish rather than white. The fixed shelves provide sturdy support for heavy books or decor items.

Both bookcases are tall and narrow for a striking vertical display. The metal brings modern durability and visual interest to the real wood shelves. Add one of these contemporary bookcases to maximize storage in any city loft or modern decor.

Ladder Bookcases from Target: Style and Storage

Another modern bookcase option from Target is a ladder-style design. These bookcases feature X-shaped metal frames resembling a ladder. Shelves made of wood or metal fill in the ladder rungs to complete the storage piece.

Available in white, black, natural wood and more, Target’s ladder bookcases have an airy, sculptural look. The open metal frame doesn’t obstruct views of the books and objects on display, so items take center stage.

Ladder bookcases offer both form and function. Add visual interest to any blank wall or empty corner while also gaining storage and display space. The compact footprint of these tall, narrow units is perfect for small spaces.

Let a ladder bookcase take your room decor to new heights. The popularity of these bookcases stems from their blend of industrial inspiration and rustic warmth.

Bookcase Baskets for Concealed Storage

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

Any bookcase from Target can gain extra hidden storage space with the addition of decorative baskets. Woven baskets made from natural materials like rattan, bamboo and jute make attractive accents.

You can tuck the baskets into open cubbies on a bookcase to instantly gain concealed storage. Use them to stash clutter like remote controls, controllers, cables, office supplies and anything else that can make a room look messy.

Baskets come in assorted sizes, so you can find options that fit neatly into many standard bookcase cubbies. Neutral natural colors like tan, brown and gray blend in with most decor.

In addition to the practical storage benefits, the textural look of woven baskets adds visual interest to bookcase displays. The organic texture contrasts nicely with the clean lines of most bookcases.

Styling Tips for Bookcases

Once you’ve chosen the ideal bookcase for your needs, have fun styling the shelves to show off your books and treasures. Here are some tips:

  • Group books by color to create block patterns
  • Display decorative objects at eye level and group books lower
  • Add bookends to keep books upright and organized
  • Place larger items on lower shelves
  • Angle books or decor for visual dynamics
  • Incorporate art, photos or small plants for pops of color
  • Style items in threes for a pleasing vignette
  • Illuminate with table lamps or pendant lights above

Let your interests and personal style shine through in your bookcase display. The right bookcase from Target with plenty of adjustable shelves will provide ample space to store your book collection and treasures while showcasing your unique taste.

Consider the Target Room Essentials 5-Shelf Bookcase – Sleek and Space Saving

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

As we explored earlier, the Room Essentials line at Target offers an affordable and versatile option for extra book storage. Let’s take a closer look at why their 5-shelf bookcase is a sleek space-saving choice.

This budget-friendly bookcase provides generous shelf area without a bulky footprint. At just 11.75 inches deep, it can squeeze into tight areas without protruding too far from the wall. The slim depth maximizes walkway space, making it ideal for smaller rooms.

With its smooth laminate finish and minimalist design, this bookcase has a streamlined contemporary aesthetic. Available in crisp white or a rich espresso brown, it complements both light and dark palettes. The neutral tones allow your vibrant book spines and decor to take center stage.

Don’t let its slender size fool you – the sturdy particle board construction supports up to 15 pounds per shelf. You can securely fill the shelves with sizable books, displays and more without sagging.

The 5 fixed shelves provide ample area to get organized. Spacing them closer together near eye level lets you highlight special decorative objects. More widely spaced lower shelves can neatly hold larger coffee table style books and accessories.

While the shelves are fixed, their height is adjustable to accommodate different item sizes. Simply attach the included shelf pins at your preferred spots on the interior columns. Customize as needed.

This simple yet functional bookcase ships flat to save on shipping costs. Easy step-by-step instructions walk you through quick and easy assembly. All necessary hardware and tools are included – just provide the elbow grease!

Standing 50 inches high and just under 30 inches wide, multiple units can be positioned side by side for expanded storage. Place two bookcases perpendicular to create an L-shaped display area.

The low cost makes this no-frills bookcase easy to incorporate into home offices, kid bedrooms, entryways and other living spaces needing a storage boost. Don’t overlook this closet space maximizer!

More Designer Looks from Target’s Bookcase Collections

While functionality is key, Target’s bookcases also supply style. Here are some top picks for designer flair:

  • Threshold’s Carved Decor Bookcase – Deep carvings and textured details for visual drama
  • Opalhouse’s Scalloped Bookcase – Soft curves and vintage charm
  • Project 62’s Mid-Century Bookcase – Clean angles emulate retro influences
  • Hearth and Hand’s Rustic Wood Bookcase – Distressed paint and vintage hardware for a timeworn look
  • Pillowfort’s Rainbow Bookcase – Fun colors to brighten kids’ rooms

Target’s exclusive brands and designer partnerships allow you to find the ideal bookcase to express your personal taste, no matter how trendy or traditional. The options provide almost endless possibilities.

Creative Bookcase Uses Beyond Books

Bookcases aren’t just for books! Here are some clever ways to repurpose a Target bookcase as chic and functional home storage:

Kitchen storage: Fill a bookcase with cookbooks, colorful dishware, spices, or pantry items. Place in a kitchen or dining area for quick access to cooking essentials.

Kids’ rooms: Use cubbies to organize toys, games, art supplies, and more. Mixing open and closed storage keeps clutter at bay.

Entryway: Hide away hats, scarves, bags and other outerwear items. Stylish baskets and hooks keep items handy but out of sight.

Office: Bookcases do double-duty holding office supplies, paperwork, and equipment like printers and files. Floating shelves are great for desk accessories.

Bathroom: Try a sleek ladder bookcase to stow towels, self-care products and other bathroom necessities.

Garage: Take advantage of a bookcase’s rugged storage with sports equipment, tools, auto accessories like batteries and fluids, gardening supplies and more.

Let your creativity run wild! A basic bookcase becomes infinitely more useful beyond housing your book collection. Discover all the possibilities with Target.

Don’t Overlook Safety When Choosing Target Bookcases

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

While style and function are top priorities when bookcase shopping, don’t overlook important safety considerations:

  • Weight capacity – Load shelves gradually, starting with bottom. Don’t overload top shelves.
  • Wall mounting – For tall bookcases, attach securely to studs in wall if not already designed to be freestanding.
  • Heavy items – Place large, weighty decor on bottom shelves for stability.
  • Kid-friendly – Avoid sharp corners. Bolt cases to walls in kids’ rooms.
  • Earthquake prep – Use provided hardware to anchor bookcases in earthquake-prone areas.

With basic precautions, you can prevent tip-over and collapse hazards. Select sturdy Target bookcases with wide, balanced bases and weight capacities that exceed your needs.

Additionally, take care to assemble any RTA (ready-to-assemble) bookcases properly according to included directions. Improper assembly can lead to instability and collapse.

Focus on safety and your stylish Target bookcase will become a lasting living space addition providing you abundant storage and display space for years of reading enjoyment.

Final Tips for Choosing and Styling Target Bookcases

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

Ready to hit Target and browse their fabulous selection of bookcases and shelving? Keep these final tips in mind:

  • Measure carefully to ensure the bookcase dimensions are right for your space.
  • Photograph the area beforehand so you can visualize sizing.
  • Read online reviews for helpful first-hand feedback.
  • Choose adjustable shelves for maximum versatility.
  • Pick a style that matches your existing decor – or makes a statement!
  • Have fun styling! Switch up your bookcase look seasonally.
  • Add mood lighting atop or inside a bookcase for ambiance.
  • Incorporate other vertical storage like canvas bins and wall hooks.
  • Float a bookcase to open up floor space.

However you fill them, bookcases from Target offer stylish ways to conquer clutter while showing off your personal flair. With such a wide variety of sizes, finishes and designs, you’re sure to find the perfect book storage solution.

Happy bookcase hunting and happy reading!

Target Threshold Bookcases Offer Adjustable Shelves

Another quality option for customizable book storage from Target is their Threshold brand bookcases. Threshold products are designed to be both stylish and functional. Their bookcases come in various configurations, colors and sizes, but a key feature is the adjustable shelf option.

Being able to tweak shelf height and placement provides flexibility to accommodate the diverse sizes of books and display items. Some spaces like the gap between shelves may be perfect for hardcovers but too tight for thick art books or decor pieces.

With adjustable shelves, you can space them out based on your unique storage needs. If you have a particular collection of tall coffee table books, you can widen a lower shelf just enough to house them upright. Move shelves up to fit large vases or down for framed photos.

The Threshold Feldman bookcase is one excellent choice if you want both style and adjustability. This metal and wood ladder style bookcase has an airy, open frame accentuated by crossbars. The frame comes in matte black or white to meld into your color scheme.

To contrast with the metal, the shelves are made of natural pine wood with a distressed whitewash finish. The wood grain adds warmth and texture. Able to hold up to 50 pounds per shelf, you can securely load books, binders, supplies and decorative items.

Thanks to the adjustable shelf pins, you can space the shelves as close or far apart as needed. Reviewers praise how easy it is to adjust the shelves to fit different room layouts and purposes over time.

If you prefer an enclosed cabinet look, the Threshold Farview bookcase has a similar adjustable design inside its glass-fronted doors. Two drawers provide space for office supplies or DVDs while the interior shelf heights can be customized.

The airy glass lets you view contents while keeping dust at bay. Sliding frosted glass doors add modern flair. The metal frame comes in matte white or black to coordinate with your existing furniture.

For a more traditional take, the Threshold Windham bookcase offers an adjustable shelf design inside a distressed wood cabinet supported by a black metal frame. The contrast of the salvaged-looking wood against the sleek metal creates an industrial edge.

This bookcase can also transition to different rooms if needed. Use it for dishware in a dining room, linens in a bathroom, or office supplies in a home office. Wherever it goes, you can tweak the shelves to fit the items stored.

With their blend of style, versatility and adjustability, Target’s Threshold bookcases make it easy to create your ideal custom storage and display solution.

Take Advantage of Target’s Convenient Services

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

To make your Target bookcase purchase even more streamlined, be sure to utilize their convenient services:

  • Order Pickup – shop online and pick up in-store
  • Same-Day Delivery – get it fast through Shipt
  • Drive Up – they’ll bring it right to your car
  • Assembly – select in-store or at-home assembly
  • Gift Wrapping – let Target wrap it up pretty

With options like buy online, pick up in store combined with assembly services, you can shop from home and have your new bookcase ready to load up right away.

Target also offers free returns within 90 days if you change your mind or need a different size. Their return policy makes it easy to get the right bookcase for your space.

Think Beyond Books – Creative Ways to Fill Bookcase Shelves

Adjustable shelves mean your Target bookcase doesn’t have to be just for books. Get creative with ways to fill the shelves:

  • Pretty glassware and dishware for an open kitchen or bar shelf
  • Framed photos and art prints to make a gallery wall
  • Baskets to hide clutter like cables, remotes and chargers
  • Plants, vases and small sculptures to liven up any room
  • Movie and game collections organized on media shelves
  • Files, folders and supplies for tidier home office organization

Bookcases create both display space and concealed storage. With adjustable shelves, you can constantly evolve how you use your bookcase.

Add Function and Safety with Bookcase Accessories

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

Accessorizing your Target bookcase expands its functionality and safety. Consider adding:

  • Bookends – Keep books upright and prevent tipping. Heavy styles add drama.
  • Drawer organizer – Neatly stow office supplies and other small items.
  • Glass doors – Protect against dust and conceal contents.
  • Baskets – Hide clutter in style. Labels keep organized.
  • Lighting – Install a shelf light inside or pendant above to illuminate.
  • Anti-tip kit – Secure tall bookcases to the wall for safety.

Don’t forget the finishing touches like stylish baskets, bookends and lighting. Target offers accessory options to take your bookcase from basic to beautiful.

Target Bookcases Grow with Your Needs

The advantage of adjustable bookcases from Target is their adaptability. As your storage needs change, easily modify your bookcase:

  • Add new shelving units like cubes for expansion
  • Remove shelves if you need taller compartment height
  • Repurpose it in a different room if you move
  • Update the look with a fresh coat of paint
  • Switch up styling and organizers to change the vibe

An adjustable bookcase adapts as your interests and living space evolve over time. You can refresh the look just by reconfiguring the internal components like shelves and drawers.

With the variety at Target, you can select an adjustable bookcase to match any style. Their versatile Threshold collection makes it easy to customize both form and function.

Get a Bookcase with Doors – the Target Threshold Barrington Bookcase

Sometimes an open bookcase doesn’t provide the concealed storage or protection from dust you need. A great solution is the Target Threshold Barrington bookcase with glass doors to neatly hide contents.

This stylish bookcase combines the benefits of open and enclosed storage. The middle section features two glass-fronted cabinet spaces flanked by open cubbies. This design allows you to display favorite items in the open cubbies while hiding more private or messy items behind the doors.

For example, storebooks and decorative objects on the open shelves. Use the enclosed cabinets to conceal extra supplies, paperwork, or clutter you want out of sight. The glass fronts keep the overall look airy while still concealing contents.

The mixed storage options make this bookcase extremely versatile for many different rooms. Use it in an entryway to stow hats, scarves and bags behind the doors. Let it replace a hutch in a dining room to display dishware while hiding serving pieces. In a bathroom it can hold neatly folded towels on open shelves and toiletries behind the doors.

Made from a mix of metal, wood and engineered wood, this substantial 71 inch tall bookcase comes in sturdy yet lightweight pieces for easy assembly. The frame, shelves and doors come in a matte white or black finish to blend with your decor. Sleek nickel hardware on the doors provide eye-catching contrast.

The side cubbies feature an open metal grille panel rather than a side wall, adding to the overall visual lightness and airy feel. Items placed on these open corner shelves are easy to access from the side rather than just frontally.

With its clever combo of display space and concealed storage, the versatile Threshold Barrington bookcase can adapt to serve needs in almost any room of your home.

Creative Ways to Use a Glass-Front Bookcase

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

A glass-front cabinet bookcase offers unique advantages beyond just hiding contents. Take advantage by:

  • Creating a display area for collectibles, treasures or decorative objects
  • Protecting fragile items or heirlooms from dust and grime
  • Organizing media collections like DVDs or video games while keeping titles visible
  • Housing plants or flowers to create a greenhouse effect from the glass
  • Storing liquor while keeping bottles aesthetically visible

The visibility provided by the glass lets you get creative with ways to neatly display special items you want to highlight, not hide. The see-through doors become a framed showcase.

Maximize Vertical Space with Tall Bookcases

The 71-inch height of the Threshold Barrington bookcase lets you take advantage of vertical wall space. Going tall instead of wide opens up floor space in a room.

Place the tall bookcase in an empty corner to create a new storage and display area without eating up floor footage. The vertical lines also draw the eye up, making ceilings appear higher.

Use the upper shelves and cabinets for items you access less frequently or need help reaching. Lower shelves can hold your most-used books, decorative objects and supplies within easy arm’s reach.

For stability, always anchor extra tall bookcases to the wall. Target’s anti-tipping kits make securing a bookcase quick and easy. With the proper safety precautions, tall narrow bookcases allow you to scale the heights of your storage needs.

Enhance Bookcase Function with Interior Upgrades

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

To get even more use out of your Target bookcase, consider easy interior upgrades like:

  • Adjustable shelves – Provides flexibility for diverse storage needs
  • Extra interior shelving/cubbies – Multiplies storage real estate
  • Drawers – Perfect for storing office supplies, remotes and other small items
  • Glass cabinet doors – Keeps contents dust-free while visible
  • Pull-out baskets – Makes items in back accessible and conceal clutter
  • Lighting – Install battery-operated LED lights to illuminate contents

Built-in upgrades create a more custom storage solution tailored to your unique space and needs. Take advantage of the options Target offers to enhance functionality.

Care Tips for Target Bookcases

Follow these simple tips to keep your Target bookcase looking its best:

  • Dust shelves frequently using a soft microfiber cloth
  • Clean glass doors using glass cleaner and newspaper or coffee filters
  • Vacuum interior shelves and storage areas to remove dust and dirt
  • Wipe spills immediately to avoid stains or damage
  • Use furniture polish on wood finishes per manufacturer directions
  • Avoid placing in direct sunlight to prevent fading
  • Keep away from heating/cooling vents to prevent temperature damage

With periodic cleaning and care, a quality Target bookcase will stay beautiful while organizing your space for years. The ease of online ordering, in-store pickup and assembly services make getting the perfect bookcase solution convenient.

Target Opalhouse Bookcases Have Vintage Charm with Extra Storage

If your home decor leans toward the charming and vintage, Target’s exclusive Opalhouse collection offers bookcases with plenty of functionality and farmhouse flair. Made from salvaged wood, these dresser-style bookcases have extra built-in storage to keep clutter out of sight.

Opalhouse bookcases are crafted from a mix of solid and engineered woods with a signature distressed paint finish. The display shelves have a whitewashed appearance while the base cabinets feature peeling antique blue, green or pink paint.

The visible wood grain and varied paint colors add welcoming texture reminiscent of an old country cottage. But besides being pretty, these bookcases offer ample storage options behind cabinet doors and inside built-in lift-top compartments.

The lift-top sections allow you to neatly tuck away odds and ends you want out of sight but still easily accessible. Lift the lid when you need something inside, then close it again to maintain the clean, clutter-free look.

Spacious cabinets down below provide room for bulkier items, with antique brass hardware adding to the vintage farmhouse vibe. The cabinet interiors also feature bright white paint so contents are easy to see.

Display your favorite decorative pieces and books on the open shelves. Then take advantage of the concealed storage areas to hide kid’s toys, craft supplies, linens, bathroom essentials, clothing and shoes, pantry overflow or anything else that needs organizing.

The distressed finish gives these bookcases lots of cottage character. But built-in storage options make them equally practical for any room needing function and charm.

Creative Ways to Use Concealed Storage Space

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

Take advantage of the hidden storage areas in Opalhouse bookcases to neatly organize:

  • Kids’ toys, games and art supplies
  • Extra towels, toiletries and cleaning products in bathrooms
  • Mugs, baking pans and overflow pantry items in kitchens
  • Scarves, mittens and other seasonal accessories
  • Wrapping paper, cards and gift bags
  • Tech accessories like cords and chargers

The possibilities are endless! Use the concealed spaces to gather items cluttering counters and drawers. Then simply tuck them neatly away in your cottage-chic bookcase from Target.

Vintage Styling Tips for Opalhouse Bookcases

Play up the vintage charm of Opalhouse bookcases with easy styling tips:

  • Display vintage books, baskets and garden-themed decor
  • Add lattice backing inside open shelves for a cottage look
  • Use distressed boxes and woven baskets for concealed storage
  • Incorporate floral accents like framed botanical prints
  • Layer in white or pastel linens folded in open shelves
  • Paint the interior backs a light, bright color to illuminate contents

Have fun pairing the chippy Opalhouse finish with antique-looking accessories and floral touches. The options for customizing these bookcases are endless!

Safety Tips for Bookcases with Concealed Storage

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

While built-in storage spaces allow you to neatly tuck away clutter, keep these safety guidelines in mind:

  • Avoid overloading lift-top compartments to prevent sagging lids
  • Secure freestanding bookcases to walls to prevent tipping
  • Install child safety locks if small kids will access the storage spaces
  • Open cabinets and doors slowly to avoid items falling out
  • Place heavy items on lower shelves for stability
  • Never climb on shelves to prevent injury and bookcase tipping

With safe use, storage bookcases become the perfect home helper to corral clutter. Target’s Opalhouse collection fuses storage solutions with vintage beauty.

Mix Old and New with an Opalhouse Bookcase

The distressed charm of Opalhouse adds cozy vintage appeal to any room. But the contemporary storage functionality makes these bookcases ideal for blending old and new styles.

Use an Opalhouse bookcase in a home office to store supplies behind doors while decorating open shelves with modern geometric accessories. Or fill it with potted succulents and floating shelves in a midcentury modern living area.

In a contemporary bedroom, an Opalhouse bookcase can provide concealed storage for clutter while displaying sleek minimalist bedding textures and art prints.

Thoughtful organization solutions meet farmhouse charm with Target’s Opalhouse collection. Discover stylish storage ideas for every space.

Utilize Cube Organizers from Target for Modular Book Storage

For the ultimate in adaptable book storage, check out Target’s selection of cube organizers. The modular cubes can be stacked and configured in unlimited ways to create custom shelving suited to your space.

Cube organizers come in materials like wood, metal wire, or cloth. Units stack atop each other like building blocks, with no tools required. Just decide the height and shape you want and start stacking.

Build a basic square tower to utilization vertical space. Or make a wide, low-profile bookcase. For smaller areas, create a narrow column of cubes. You can even assemble the cubes in an L-shape to fit a corner.

If your needs change later, just reassemble the cubes into a new configuration. The flexibility makes these storage cubes far from basic.

Target’s Threshold brand wood storage cubes coordinate with any decor. The Espresso finish leather-look cubes have a warm, upscale appearance. Or opt for versatile White Stain cubes with smooth woodgrain texture.

Metal wire cubes like Room Essentials Black or Slat Cubes have an industrial, airy look. The open design allows you to see contents while maintaining air flow. Sturdy canvas fabric cubes from Pillowfort come in lively colors like teal, pink and yellow.

Whatever material you choose, cube organizers offer the ultimate in adaptable book storage. Keep your book collection neatly organized as it expands and evolves over time.

Get Creative with Cube Organizer Book Storage

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

Take advantage of the possibilities cube shelves provide to store books creatively. Some ideas:

  • Arrange book cubes in a zig-zag shape for visual interest
  • Separate genres into different cube columns
  • Face book spines outward to easily scan titles
  • Use decorative cubes to bookend rows of book storage cubes
  • Incorporate baskets or bins for concealed storage
  • Add pops of color with vivid cube fabric colors
  • Spotlight favorite titles displayed vertically in a cube

Cube organizers allow you to constantly evolve your book storage with changing or growing collections. Simple rearrangements create a whole new look.

Maximize Empty Wall Space with Cube Bookcases

Cube organizers are ideal for making use of awkward wall areas like:

  • Above doorways and archways
  • Next to fireplaces or other built-in architectural details
  • On either side of windows
  • In unused corners of a room

Take advantage of the height and assemble your cubes in a tall tower to utilize vertical wall space. Or create a cube column in a narrow area beside furniture or appliances.

The modular pieces mean you can custom-fit cube organizers into whatever footprint works best for your unique room dimensions.

Creative Cube Storage Solutions Beyond Books

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

Don’t limit cube organizers just to books. Also use them to store:

  • Media like DVDs, video games and CDs
  • Craft supplies – yarn, fabric, adhesives, glitter, paints, etc.
  • Toys, stuffed animals and games
  • Shoes and accessories like scarves and hats
  • Pantry food items like cans and boxes
  • Foldable clothing like sweaters, towels and t-shirts
  • Sporting goods like footballs, tennis rackets and helmets

Anything you need neatly organized can find a home in cube storage. Mix book cubes with specialty storage cubes for hobbies, crafts, home goods and more.

Keep Cube Bookcases Clutter-Free

To prevent cube organizers from appearing messy:

  • Use fabric bins or baskets to conceal contents
  • Include decorative accents like plants or sculptures between book cubes
  • Spotlight favorite items vertically standing in a cube
  • Wrap cubes with colored contact paper or wallpaper for a custom look
  • Include closed cubes with doors to hide clutter

With practically unlimited possibilities, cube organizers from Target provide the adaptable storage and display options busy spaces need. Starting stacking cubes to de-clutter today!

Go Industrial Style with Target’s Metal and Wood Bookcases

For contemporary living spaces, Target offers metal and wood bookcases that infuse industrial flair into your storage solutions. The mix of sleek metal frames with warm wood shelving creates an urban loft-ready look.

Threshold’s metal and wood bookcases come in styles like ladder, z-frame and crossover to fit different spaces. Neutral finishes like matte black, brushed nickel and oak woodgrain coordinate with any existing decor.

The Wander Metal Ladder Bookcase has a minimalist iron frame resembling a ladder shape. Oak veneer shelving contrasts beautifully with the black metal supports and provides plenty of storage space.

With its riveted beams and crossbars, Threshold’s Tarek Bookcase has an architectural industrial vibe. The iron frame’s dark bronze finish coordinates with the rich acacia wood shelves.

For lots of shelf space on a compact frame, the Threshold Nathan Bookcase offers a zig-zag metal design. The geometric lines interlock to form strong supports for the smooth white wood shelves. Sleek and stylish.

The mixed media of Target’s metal and wood bookcases create visual drama and interest. Let these contemporary pieces infuse any room with modern industrial edge.

Design a Modern Industrial Style Room

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

Incorporate Target’s metal and wood bookcases into a fuller industrial style room with these tips:

  • Add an iron pipe desk or console table
  • Display geometric art prints in black and white
  • Use pendant lighting for an edison bulb or cage lamp look
  • Incorporate faux greenery and wood accents for warmth
  • Layer in cowhide rugs and tufted leather seating
  • Opt for sleek concrete-look floors and walls

The mix of woods, metals, and an earthy color palette create an urban yet organic look. Target’s bookcases fit right in with on-trend industrial decor.

Modernize a Classic Bookshelf with Metal

Another way to use a metal and wood bookcase is modernizing a traditional shelf. Try these tips:

  • Replace an old wood shelf with a metal rod ladder-style shelf
  • Paint a thrifted wood shelf black, then style with wood and metal decor
  • Attach hairpin legs to a DIY wood plank shelf for an industrial edge
  • Spray paint an old solid wood shelf metallic bronze and add black accents

With a simple metal frame update, you can transform any outdated wooden shelf. The mix of old and new materials creates an eclectic, modern look.

Safety First – Securing Tall Metal Bookcases

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

The slim metal frames of these tall bookcases look lightweight but can tip if overloaded. Follow these safety steps:

  • Anchor to the wall using the included anti-tip kit
  • Mount into wall studs for most secure attachment
  • Read and follow all assembly directions
  • Fill lower shelves first, working up gradually
  • Avoid leaning or pushing on the empty frame

With proper assembly and wall mounting, Target’s chic metal and wood bookcases become both beautiful and safe additions to your modern decor.

Metal Bookcases Work in Any Style Room

While metal bookcases beautifully complement industrial decor, they also work in:

  • Modern – Pair with colorful abstract art and sleek furniture
  • Eclectic – Mix with vintage pieces for an updated mismatched look
  • Rustic – The wood shelves soften the metal frames with warmth
  • Transitional – Adds a touch of contemporary contrast
  • Farmhouse – White shelves feel airy in cottage rooms

Whether your style is urban loft or coastal cottage, Target has metal frame bookcases to enhance your space while storing your growing book collection in style.

Take Advantage of Target’s Ladder Style Bookcases for Height

If you have high ceilings and want to maximize vertical storage, Target offers chic ladder style bookcases to help solve your space needs with style.

Ladder bookcases take their name from the tall, slim ladder-like metal side frames. Horizontal wood or metal shelving connects the two side rails to complete the storage piece. The result is an tall, space-saving bookcase perfect for small areas.

The open metal frame maintains an airy, minimalist look so the bookshelf doesn’t feel overly bulky or crowded. Target’s ladder bookcase selection includes frames in black, white, bronze and natural wood finishes to match any existing decor.

The On the Threshold Lunden ladder shelf, for example, has an iron frame with wood shelf accents. The blend of black metal with natural pine wood makes a modern statement.

For a coordinating look, the Threshold Wander bookcase features a matching black ladder-style frame with shelves of oak veneer. The warm wood shelf tones contrast beautifully with the matte black metal.

Ladder bookcases strike an artful balance between industrial inspiration and rustic warmth. Let them take your room decor to new heights!

Style a Ladder Bookcase

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

Make the most of the display possibilities a ladder bookcase offers with these tips:

  • Spotlight special books and decor on eye-level shelves
  • Layer in greenery and trailing plants for an organic look
  • Use baskets to soften the metal and corral small items
  • Angle beautiful hardcover books with their covers showing
  • Incorporate art prints, photos or wall mirrors between shelves
  • Paint the back wall a striking accent color to frame contents

Ladder bookcases become a chic backdrop to show off your favorite books and treasures. Follow your creative inspiration to infuse personality into the display.

Ladder Bookcases for Every Space

A ladder bookcase fits right into many rooms in your home:

  • Bedrooms – Display favorite reads or framed photos
  • Home office – Neatly store office supplies and manuals
  • Bathrooms – Stack rolled towels or display candles/plants
  • Kitchen – Show off cookbooks, dishes or colorful mugs
  • Entryway – Stow bags, keys and accessories
  • Dorm rooms – Maximize storage in a compact footprint

Let ladder shelves bring vertical storage possibilities while adding architectural dimension and style to your space.

Ladder Bookcase Safety Tips

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

The sleek metal frames of ladder bookcases can create tipping risks if not properly anchored. Follow these safety guidelines:

  • Attach securely to the wall, especially for tall bookcases
  • Pre-drill holes to avoid cracking shelving material
  • Follow all assembly instructions precisely
  • Gradually fill shelves bottom to top to avoid top-heaviness
  • Supervise children and avoid climbing on shelves
  • Do not overload top shelves with excess weight

With proper care, ladder style bookcases create stylish and functional statement pieces. Let Target inspire you to reach storage heights in style.

Versatile Bookcase Styles from Target

Beyond ladder bookcases, explore all the stylish book storage options at Target like:

  • Cube organizers – Modular storage
  • Corner shelves – Maximize wasted space
  • Media consoles – Hide entertainment clutter
  • Bookcase headboards – Bedroom storage solution
  • Picture ledge shelves – Floating book display
  • Baker’s racks – Rustic open storage

Whatever your space constraints and style, Target has a bookcase solution. Discover convenient online ordering and in-store pickup to find the perfect book organizer today.

Add Baskets to a Target Bookcase for Concealed Storage

An easy way to gain hidden storage space on any Target bookcase is by incorporating decorative baskets. The variety of basket sizes, shapes, colors and textures make it simple to coordinate with your existing bookcase style.

Baskets instantly provide discrete compartments to neatly corral odds and ends you want out of sight. You can find baskets in natural materials like rattan, bamboo, jute, seagrass, cotton rope or wood. Different weave patterns like closed reed or open spaced styles further vary the look.

Closed baskets are ideal for fully concealing contents. Use them to hide clutter like cables, office supplies, toys, linens, controllers and more. Open or woven baskets still provide organization while enabling you to see what’s inside.

Square or rectangular baskets with flat bottoms fit neatly into many standard bookcase cubbies and shelves. Round hamper styles work for floor spaces beside a bookcase. Even lidded baskets can become impromptu side tables next to a shelf.

Beyond the practical storage benefits, decorative baskets infuse visual warmth and texture against the clean lines of most bookcases. The organic look contrasts beautifully with wood, metal and other shelf materials.

Choosing Baskets for Bookcases

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

When selecting baskets, consider:

  • Size – Measure shelf cubbies and dimensions
  • Shape – Square, round, oval, lidded
  • Material – Rattan, jute, wood, bamboo, etc.
  • Texture – Tightly woven vs loose and airy
  • Color – Natural, dyed, painted
  • Style – Traditional, modern, bold graphic prints

Take measurements and browse the options to find the perfect bookcase baskets for your needs and style.

Creative Bookcase Basket Ideas

Get inspired by these clever ways to use baskets on shelves:

  • Kids’ rooms – Toy storage, stuffed animals
  • Kitchens – Fruits and vegetables, cookbooks
  • Bathrooms – Towels, self-care products, cleaning supplies
  • Home offices – Files, paperwork, manuals
  • Entryways – Hats, scarves, gloves, umbrellas
  • Living rooms – Blankets, throws, remote controls

Any clutter items can find a discreet home in a stylish bookcase basket. Let them streamline your space both visually and functionally.

Mix Basket Materials and Textures

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

For lots of visual interest, place different basket textures side-by-side on a bookcase. Weave patterns and colors make each one unique.

Try combining baskets like:

  • Seagrass and jute
  • Rattan and bamboo
  • Wooden crates and coiled rope
  • Wicker and colorful recycled plastic
  • Neutral natural fibers with vivid dyed/painted styles

The blend of natural tones and varied weaves results in an eclectic display full of artisanal appeal. Browsing Target’s wide basket selection makes finding diverse options fun.

Repurpose Common Household Items as Baskets

Don’t overlook everyday containers to use as bookcase baskets on a budget:

  • Baking pans
  • Colanders
  • Hats
  • Planters
  • Buckets
  • Crates
  • Bowls
  • Ceramic pots

For an eclectic look, upcycle found items into chic bookcase baskets full of character. With a little creativity, any vessel can become stylish concealed storage.

Conclusion – Tips for Styling and Filling Your New Target Bookcase

Once you’ve selected the ideal bookcase for your space from Target’s versatile selection, the fun continues with styling and filling the shelves. Take advantage of the ample display and storage possibilities your new bookcase offers.

When arranging your bookcase, consider organizing books by color, size or genre. Place decorative objects at eye level in the most visible spots. Set out favorite titles horizontally with their spines facing out so the covers are easily seen.

Incorporate bookends in materials like wood, marble or metal to keep books upright and anchored. Choose sculptural styles that complement your decor. Bookends also add visual weight at each end for balance.

For lighting, install discreet battery-operated LED puck lights inside a bookcase to gently illuminate contents. Or place a table lamp atop a bookcase for accent lighting. Hanging pendant lights above the shelves also cast a warm, inviting glow.

Don’t forget the finishing touches that make a bookcase display truly yours. Add framed photos, art prints or small sculptures between book collections to infuse personality. Bring in natural elements like plants, vases and baskets for organic texture.

For more concealed storage, use baskets or fabric bins to neatly corral odds and ends. Labels help keep everything organized. Take advantage of all the vertical space a taller bookcase provides.

Rein in clutter by storing electronics, controllers, cables and office supplies behind closed cabinet doors or baskets. Display favorite decorative objects in open shelving areas.

Change up your bookcase styling seasonally if you want an instant room refresh. Rotate winter and summer accessories or colors with the seasons.

Most importantly, allow your passions to shine through. Show off travel souvenirs, favorite books, mementos, photos, art pieces, collections and interests. Your bookcase becomes a reflection of what you love.

Make the Most of Your Target Bookcase

Need More Shelf Space. Try These Target Bookcases With Extra Storage

Here are some additional tips for maximizing your new Target bookcase:

  • Start a wishlist of items to display/store as you browse for bookcase inspiration
  • Measure carefully before ordering to ensure the right fit for your space
  • Add drawers or cabinets for concealed storage possibilities
  • Use adjustable shelves to customize compartments to your needs
  • Reconfigure cube bookcases if your storage needs change
  • Repurpose it in a new room if you move

However you fill it, a stylish bookcase from Target can become a beloved living space focal point for years. Happy organizing!