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Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Introduction to Unionbay Combat Boots

Combat boots have come a long way since their utilitarian origins on the battlefield. Today, they are a fashion staple that adds an edgy, rugged vibe to men’s wardrobes. One brand that has become synonymous with stylish yet durable combat boots is Unionbay.

Unionbay is a Seattle-based clothing company that got its start in 1989. They initially focused on denim before expanding into other casual bottoms and footwear. Their combat boots quickly developed a cult following among men looking for a pair of boots that could transition seamlessly from day to night.

So what sets Unionbay combat boots apart from the competition? Let’s take a closer look at some of their key features and benefits:

Rugged Materials

Unionbay combat boots are constructed from premium leathers and fabrics designed to withstand whatever you throw at them. The uppers are made from full-grain leather or waxed canvas, which age beautifully over time. These materials are thick and durable, yet still flexible enough for all-day wear. The boots also feature a supportive rubber cupsole that provides plenty of traction.

Comfort Features

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Despite their rugged exterior, Unionbay combat boots are designed with comfort in mind. The leather upper and fabric lining forms to your feet over time, while the cushioned insole provides arch support and shock absorption. Many styles also have a gusseted tongue to prevent uncomfortable rubbing and debris from getting inside the boot.

Timeless Styling

Unionbay combat boots are crafted with versatile, timeless styling to complement any wardrobe. They strike the perfect balance between casual and refined, with clean stitching, minimal hardware, and just the right amount of weathered character. The sleek silhouette pairs well with both rugged workwear and more polished looks. You’ll find traditional 6 to 8-inch lace-up boots along with some chukka and slip-on Chelsea styles.

Quality Construction

All Unionbay footwear is bench crafted for quality construction and durability. The boots feature triple stitching, sturdy hardware, and Goodyear welt construction on some styles. This level of craftsmanship ensures they will hold up well for seasons to come. The quality materials and construction allow the boots to last years with proper care and maintenance.

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023?

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

With so many combat boot options on the market, it’s reasonable to wonder if Unionbay’s offerings stand out from the competition. Based on their track record and reputation, Unionbay boots remain a top choice for men in 2023.

Here are a few reasons why Unionbay combat boots continue to be a wise investment:

Timeless, Versatile Style

The classic Unionbay combat boot style remains in demand year after year. Their iconic boots effortlessly walk the line between rugged and refined. This versatility allows them to complement casual to more polished looks. So while trends come and go, a pair of Unionbay boots in smooth black leather or brown waxed canvas will always earn their place in your closet.

Built to Last Durability

With proper care, Unionbay combat boots stand the test of time thanks to their premium construction. Those who own a pair can attest to their durability after years of wear. The full grain leather upper develops a wonderful patina over time. With a resole every few years, they can remain a staple of your wardrobe for 5-10 years or longer.

Unbeatable Value

While not the cheapest combat boots around, Unionbay footwear offers outstanding value in the mid-range price point. Consider the quality leathers, sturdy stitching, and Goodyear welt construction on some styles. This high level of materials and craftsmanship makes them a worthwhile investment that will last. When factored over years of wear, they offer an excellent cost per use.

Superior Comfort

Nothing beats a pair of well-broken in combat boots when it comes to comfort. The leather upper, padded collar, and cushioned insole provide daylong comfort. Unionbay boots require little to no break-in period before conforming to your feet. The fit and comfort level improve over time as the materials soften and mold to your feet. Few boot brands can compete with the out-of-the-box comfort Unionbay provides.

While other brands certainly give Unionbay a run for their money, the original Seattle brand remains tough to beat. Their dedication to quality, comfort, and timeless styling keeps Unionbay combat boots a top choice year after year. Considering their reputation and loyal following, Unionbay boots deserve strong consideration from discerning men shopping for their next pair in 2023.

Key Features of Unionbay Combat Boots

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Unionbay has become a go-to brand for men’s combat boots that strike the ideal balance between rugged and refined. But what exactly makes their boots stand out from the competition? Here’s a deeper look at some of the key features that make Unionbay combat boots a cut above the rest:

Premium Leather

The upper portion of Unionbay combat boots is constructed from high-quality, full-grain leather sourced from tanneries around the world. Full grain leather comes from the outermost layer of the hide and is valued for its durability and ability to develop a natural patina over time. Unionbay uses full grain leather on their boots rather than cheaper corrected grain or faux leather options. This premium material ensures long-lasting wear and a supple feel as it molds to your feet.

Goodyear Welt Construction

Higher-end Unionbay combat boots utilize a Goodyear welt for the sole construction. This involves stitching a strip of leather around the perimeter of the boot’s upper. The outsole is then stitched to this leather strip for a super durable connection. Goodyear welted boots can be resoled again and again, prolonging their lifespan. This quality craftsmanship comes through in the construction of Unionbay boots.

Triple Stitching

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

You’ll notice triple stitching on all Unionbay boots rather than just single or double stitching. This triple-needle stitching provides extra reinforcement for high-stress areas of the boots. With rugged wear in mind, the triple stitching improves durability so the seams don’t split over time. It offers an instantly recognizable detail that speaks to thoughtful construction methods.

Supportive Rubber Outsole

The outsole of Unionbay combat boots consists of a sturdy rubber compound designed for traction, shock absorption, and lasting wear. The lugged rubber outsole grips surfaces well, making the boots suitable for urban settings and light to moderate hiking. The boots strike a balance between flexible and supportive thanks to a modest heel and rigid arch. A layer of cushioning adds comfort during all-day wear.

Moisture-Wicking Lining

Sweaty feet are no match for the moisture-wicking lining inside Unionbay boots. The fabric lining pulls moisture away from your feet while also preventing rubbing and hot spots. This comfortable lining combines with the leather upper for superior breathability. Some styles also feature a gusseted tongue to keep dirt and debris out.

Customizable Fit

The lace-up style of Unionbay combat boots allows you to customize the snugness of the fit. Cinch the laces tight for lots of support or keep them more relaxed for casual wear. Most styles also incorporate speed hooks at the top of the shaft for easy on and off. This versatility enables breaking the boots in to your ideal fit for all-day comfort.

Lightweight Feel

Despite their rugged look, Unionbay combat boots are pleasantly lightweight for their size. The boots strike a nice balance between sturdy and overly heavy. This enhances mobility and prevents fatigue from setting in. The modest weight makes them suitable for activities beyond just casual wear.

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023?

With their standout features and reputation for quality, Unionbay boots remain a frontrunner for men shopping for combat boots in 2023. Here’s a look at some reasons why they are poised to continue their reign this year and beyond:

Timeless Style

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

The classic Unionbay combat boot style remains popular year after year thanks to its versatility. The sleek silhouette complements both casual and more refined looks seamlessly. While fashion trends evolve, a pair of Unionbay boots in black or brown leather always earns its place in a man’s closet.

Comfort Right Out of the Box

Ask any longtime fan of Unionbay boots and they’ll tell you just how comfortable they are right out of the box. The padded collar, supportive footbed, and quality leather lining create a fit customized to your feet. Unlike some stiff boots requiring a substantial break-in period, Unionbay’s offerings feel great from day one.

Quality That Lasts

Unionbay proudly stands behind the durability and longevity of their footwear. The premium leathers and thoughtful construction allow their boots to hold up beautifully even after seasons of frequent wear. With some periodic conditioning and resoling, they’ve been known to last 5-10 years or longer.

Compliments Galore

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Put simply – people notice a great pair of combat boots. The stylish yet rugged look of Unionbay boots garners compliments and questions about where to pick up a pair. Their boots subtly communicate a refined, intentional sense of style that doesn’t go unappreciated.

With over 30 years in the game, Unionbay continues putting out quality combat boots again and again. While the competition from new brands is stiff, Unionbay’s track record and loyal following speak for themselves. For men seeking a pair of boots that balance fashion-forward looks with rugged dependability, Unionbay remains tough to beat in 2023.

Top Benefits of Wearing Unionbay Combat Boots

Unionbay combat boots offer more than just rugged style – they deliver a number of benefits that make them a versatile, comfortable footwear choice. Here are some of the top reasons to consider lacing up a pair of Unionbay combat boots:


Unionbay boots are built to last thanks to premium materials and quality construction. The full grain leather upper holds up well to scuffs and abrasions while the Goodyear welt stitching keeps the sole firmly attached even after years of wear. With proper care, the boots develop a fantastic patina over time. Rest assured your investment will pay dividends for many seasons to come.

Weather Resistance

The oiled leather upper repels light moisture so you can trek through wet conditions without soaking your feet. The lugged rubber outsole also grips well on slick surfaces, making Unionbay boots ideal for traversing unpredictable weather. No need to store them away during rainy seasons – just add protection spray and you’re covered.

Surefoot Stability

The supportive structure and lugged sole of Unionbay combat boots promote stability for your feet, ankles, and overall posture. The modest heel and padded collar lock the heel in place while the shank provides arch support. Lace them to the desired snugness for customized stability that reduces fatigue.

Stylish Versatility

Unionbay combat boots complement a range of casual to more refined looks, allowing you to build a variety of outfits around them. Their sleek silhouette pairs equally well with jeans, chinos, joggers, and more. Boost your fashion flexibility by choosing a black or brown pair in smooth leather or textured canvas.

Out-of-the-Box Comfort

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Many combat boots require breaking in stiff leather, but Unionbay boots feel great right away thanks to quality construction. The leather lining molds to your feet over time while the cushioned insole minimizes impact. Wear them all day out of the box without blisters or hotspots.

Lightweight Mobility

Despite the rugged exterior, Unionbay combat boots maintain a lightweight feel for their size. You gain freedom of movement without heaviness dragging you down. The modest weight makes them suitable for light hiking, traveling, and all-day wear without fatigue.

Urban-Ready Traction

The lugged rubber outsole and stabilizing shank equip Unionbay boots for urban terrain. Navigate busy city sidewalks, metro steps, snowy streets, and slick surfaces with steady footing. The traction takes on everyday urban obstacles while retaining an refined look.

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023?

Given the well-rounded benefits Unionbay combat boots provide, it’s easy to see why they remain a frontrunner for men shopping for boots in 2023. Here are a few reasons they continue to be a smart choice:

Time-Tested Reputation

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Unionbay stands behind the quality and construction of their boots given their decades of experience. Their reputation and loyal customer base speak volumes about the dependability men can expect from their footwear.

Accessible Price Point

While not the cheapest boots around, Unionbay combat boots deliver outstanding value at a mid-range price point most can afford. Considering their longevity and versatility, the cost per wear makes them a worthwhile investment.

Easy to Dress Up or Down

The sleek Unionbay style plays well with both casual weekend and polished professional wear. Simply swap out jeans for chinos or add a blazer to dress them up. Their versatility amplifies the value even more.


People take notice of a sharp pair of boots like those by Unionbay. The unique personality and stylish look garner compliments left and right. Why not add an eye-catching pair to your footwear arsenal?

Unionbay boots check all the boxes providing top-notch design, materials, fit, and long-term wearability. For men after a pair of boots that balance attractive looks with functional utility, Unionbay remains a frontrunner in 2023.

Why Unionbay Stands Out from Other Combat Boot Brands

The combat boot marketplace is filled with options from both established brands and trendy startups. So what makes Unionbay stand out as a frontrunner among men’s boots? Here are some of the key reasons Unionbay combat boots rise above the competition:

30+ Years of Experience

As a Seattle-based company launched in 1989, Unionbay has over three decades of experience designing stylish, quality footwear. They’ve refined and perfected their combat boot game over the years while new brands come and go. Their tenure and proven reputation speak volumes.

Small Batch Production

Unionbay boots aren’t mass-produced in huge batches like many mainstream brands. Instead, they use smaller batch production runs which allows for meticulous quality control and attention to detail. This craftsman-like approach shows in the construction.

Premium Materials

The full grain leathers and rugged canvas fabrics used in Unionbay boots exceed the quality found in many combat boots today. Rather than cut costs with artificial materials, they invest in supple leathers that age beautifully. This ensures longevity.

Timeless Silhouette

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Many brands chase temporary fashion trends that fade fast. Unionbay, on the other hand, sticks to a classic combat boot silhouette in black and brown that complements any casual aesthetic. This versatility keeps them in demand year after year.

Commited to Comfort

Unionbay designs their boots to feel broken-in right away thanks to pillowy padded collars and moisture-wicking lining. No long break-in period required. All-day comfort right out of the box keeps customers coming back.

Responsive Customer Service

As a company that stands behind their products, Unionbay offers exceptional customer service to address any questions or issues. They handle exchanges, repairs, and other needs promptly – a benefit of their Pacific Northwest roots.

Reasonable Pricing

For their quality and construction, Unionbay boots deliver outstanding value at a reasonable mid-tier price point. While not dirt cheap, they remain accessible to a wide audience seeking the ideal balance of cost and value in their boots.

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023?

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Given the standout qualities that elevate Unionbay above the average combat boot brand, it’s easy to see why they remain a top choice going into 2023. Here are a few more reasons they are poised for another big year:

Go-Anywhere Versatility

With their rugged yet refined styling, Unionbay boots transition seamlessly from weekday work settings to weekend adventures. They have your back no matter the scenario.

Rave Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it – Unionbay boots are backed by rave reviews and loyal customers. The overwhelming positive feedback says it all about quality and longevity.

Wardrobe Staple

Because of their classic silhouette and versatile black/brown colors, Unionbay boots become a wardrobe basic to build looks around. They’re an anchor piece you’ll reach for again and again.

Conversation Starter

Put simply, Unionbay boots get noticed and draw compliments. The stylish-yet-rugged look makes them a great way to start a conversation about fashion.

In the sea of combat boot options for men, Unionbay stands tall by sticking to their proven formula. For a balance of form, function, and staying power, Unionbay remains tough to beat in 2023.

Finding the Right Fit and Style of Unionbay Combat Boots

With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky finding the perfect pair of Unionbay combat boots. But considering a few key factors will help you select the right boot in terms of fit, style, and purpose.

Identify Your Size

The first step is determining your general sizing in Unionbay boots. Be sure to try them on in-store and walk around to get a feel for the fit. Unionbay boots tend to run true to size, but it’s smart to test a half-size up or down to find your ideal fit. The boots will mold to your feet over time, so focus on the length being comfortable with a little extra toe room.

Match Leather to Use

Smooth leather Unionbay boots work well for both casual everyday wear and dressing up an outfit. For more rugged activities, consider a pair in durable canvas or waxed suede. Matching the leather finish to how you plan to use the boots ensures they hold up. Going for versatile black or brown colors widens how you can wear them.

Compare Height of Shaft

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Unionbay offers 6 to 8-inch shaft heights for their combat boots. The taller 8-inch shaft provides more coverage and stability for activities like hiking. A 6-inch shaft has a bit more versatility for tucking into slimmer trousers or layering with certain outfits. Choose your shaft height based on aesthetic appeal and intended use.

Weigh Boot Weight

In general, Unionbay keeps their boots fairly lightweight despite the rugged exterior. However, certain leathers and sizes shift the weight up or down slightly. Try on a few options to find a boot that balances sturdy construction with comfortable, wearable lightness through the day.

Mind the Outsole

The outsole impacts traction and durability. Unionbay boots typically use a rugged rubber cupsole ideal for gripping urban terrain. But they offer some shoes with a foam or hybrid outsole better suited for all-day wear rather than heavy activity. Choose an outsole to match the environments you’ll be in.

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023?

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

When it comes to narrowing down your combat boot selection, Unionbay remains a frontrunner brand to consider in 2023. Here’s why they should be on your radar:

On-Trend Styling

Unionbay boots balance classic and contemporary with their versatile designs. This ensures they complement modern casual men’s looks while retaining rugged appeal.

Comfort Features

From cushioned collars to moisture-wicking lining, Unionbay packs their boots with comfort features right out of the box. No painful break-in period necessary.

Quality Construction

Contrast triple stitching, sturdy eyelets, and Goodyear welt soles demonstrate the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail Unionbay is known for.

Brand Reputation

With over 30 years under their belt, Unionbay has earned a reputation for designing boots men love to wear. Their staying power speaks for itself.

While no boot is one-size-fits-all, paying attention to fit, style, and construction will lead you to the ideal Unionbay pair. Their balance of form and function keeps them a strong contender among men’s combat boots this year.

Taking Care of Your New Unionbay Combat Boots

Unionbay boots are built tough, but taking proper care of your new pair will help them last for seasons. Follow these tips to break in and maintain your boots so they hold up well for the long haul:

Waterproof Before First Wear

Before wearing your new Unionbay boots, apply a waterproofing spray. This seals the leather and stitches to prevent moisture damage. Re-apply every few months for continued water resistance, especially during wet, winter months.

Break Them In Slowly

Wear your new boots for short periods at first to allow for a gradual break-in process. Let them mold to your feet’s shape over a few weeks rather than forcing it. Wear them around the house before taking them on long trips or all-day wear to prevent blisters.

Use Cedar Shoe Trees

Invest in cedar shoe trees to place inside your boots after each wear. The cedar absorbs moisture and maintains the boots’ shape overnight. Rotate between two pairs of shoe trees to keep them dry.

Clean Regularly

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Use a horsehair brush weekly to remove dirt and debris from your Unionbay boots. This prevents abrasive particles from ruining the leather. Every few months, clean the boots fully with leather cleaner and conditioner to replenish oils.

Treat Stains ASAP

Don’t ignore scuffs or stains. Gently blot them away immediately with a damp cloth. For tougher stains, use a leather cleaner containing vinegar to help break it down. Avoid aggressively rubbing the leather.

Use Leather Conditioner

Nourish the leather every 2-3 months using a conditioning balm or oil. This keeps leather supple and prevents cracking over time. Use your fingers to gently work conditioner into scuffed areas.

Heel Taps When Worn

Have rubber heel taps applied by a cobbler once your heels show significant wear. This prevents uneven wearing of the heel and extends the boot’s life between resoles.

Resole When Needed

Unionbay’s Goodyear welt construction allows their boots to be resoled once the outsole wears thin. Resoling every few years refreshes traction and support. Breaking in resoled boots goes faster.

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023?

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Unionbay boots remain a frontrunner going into 2023 thanks to their quality construction and materials. Here are some other factors that make them stand out:

On-Trend Styling

The classic Unionbay silhouette pairs perfectly with modern casual menswear. Their designs balance trendy and timeless appeal.

All-Day Comfort

Pillowy ankle padding and moisture-wicking lining allow Unionbay boots to be worn comfortably right out of the box.

Rugged Durability

Full grain leather and triple-stitching ensure Unionbay boots stand up to rough daily use while retaining their stately look.

Giving your new Unionbay boots proper TLC through cleaning, conditioning, and resoling ensures they’ll be a staple for years to come. Their stellar construction keeps them a top choice for men in 2023.

Outfit Ideas to Pair with Your Unionbay Combat Boots

The versatility of Unionbay combat boots allows them to complement a variety of casual menswear looks. Here are some stylish outfit ideas to inspire you on ways to wear your boots:

Jeans and Flannel

For a classic casual vibe, pair your Unionbay boots with relaxed fit jeans and a plaid flannel shirt. Roll the sleeve cuffs for a laidback look. Throw on a field jacket or denim trucker jacket when it’s cool out.

Joggers and Hoodie

Give your boots an athletic edge by pairing them with joggers or track pants and a zip-up hoodie. Choose a tonal hoodie and pant combo accented by your rich brown or black boots.

Chinos and Oxford

For a sharp casual office look, wear your boots with flat-front chinos, an oxford shirt, and fitted blazer. Roll up the shirt cuffs and leave the blazer open for a relaxed business vibe.

Cargo Pants and Henley

Try rugged cargo pants or chinos with a long-sleeve henley shirt to complement your boots’ utility vibe. Keep it casual by leaving the henley untucked and rolling the sleeves.

Black Denim and Tee

You can’t go wrong pairing Unionbay combat boots with black jeans and a graphic t-shirt. Choose a faded band tee or simple logo pocket tee to let the boots stand out.

Layers on Layers

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Embrace fall and winter layering with your boots. Try a sweater over an oxford over a t-shirt with the collar popping out. Top it off with a fleece-lined jacket or puffer vest.

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023?

When shopping for new boots this year, Unionbay remains a leading choice thanks to their versatility. Here’s why they are poised for another standout year:

On-Trend Silhouette

The classic Unionbay combat boot design meshes perfectly with contemporary casual men’s style. They have modern appeal that still feels timeless.

Quality Materials

Full grain leather and sturdy canvas uppers give Unionbay boots their distinctive personality while ensuring durability.

Out-of-the-Box Comfort

Unionbay boots feel broken-in right away thanks to plush padding and moisture-wicking lining. No painful break-in period required.

Outfit ideas are endless with Unionbay’s adaptable boots. Their balance of trendy and timeless makes them a frontrunner for men in 2023 when versatility is key.

Reviews from Satisfied Unionbay Customers

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

The best testament to a combat boot’s quality comes from reviews by real customers. Unionbay boots are backed by overwhelmingly positive feedback from buyers praising their comfort, durability, and style. Here’s a look at what satisfied customers have to say:

“Most Comfortable Boots Out of the Box”

“I just got my first pair of Unionbay combat boots and I’m amazed by how comfortable they are right out of the box. No painful break-in period at all! The leather felt soft and the padding around the collar cushions my ankles. After a full day of walking around the city, my feet felt great. So happy with this purchase.”

“Built to Last”

“After going through cheap combat boots every year, I finally invested in a pair of Unionbay boots and they were worth every penny. I’ve worn them almost daily for two years now and they still look and feel fantastic. The materials have held up so well with no cracks or wearing down of the sole. With proper care, these can definitely last 5+ years.”

“The Perfect Balance of Stylish and Rugged”

“Unionbay nailed it with these boots, they are the perfect balance of stylish for going out while still being rugged enough for hiking and everyday wear. I get compliments on them all the time. The classic design pairs well with so many outfits from casual to dressy. The quality and craftsmanship is obvious.”

“My Go-To Boots”

“I wear my Unionbay combat boots almost daily throughout fall and winter. They’re comfortable enough for all-day wear and provide great traction on slippery streets. I even take them hiking sometimes. The full leather upper looks better with age and the lace-up style provides great ankle support. Happy I invested in these rather than a cheap pair.”

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023?

Based on overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, Unionbay boots remain a frontrunner in 2023. Here’s a summary of why they excel:

Proven Track Record

With 30+ years perfecting their craft, Unionbay has earned a reputation for outstanding boots backed by rave customer reviews.

Leading Comfort

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

From the padded collar to moisture-wicking lining, Unionbay packs their boots with comfort features for all-day wear.

Built to Last

Full grain leather, Goodyear welt, and triple stitching ensure Unionbay boots hold up beautifully year after year.

When it comes to winning over customers, the outstanding reviews say it all about Unionbay’s combats boots. They deliver on all fronts, keeping them a frontrunner in 2023.

Where to Buy Unionbay Combat Boots Online

Thanks to the internet, purchasing your next pair of Unionbay combat boots is now easier than ever. You can browse and buy Unionbay’s latest styles right from the comfort of home. Here are some top recommended retailers for finding deals on Unionbay boots online:

Unionbay’s Official Website

For the full selection of Unionbay boots, shop directly on their official website at Unionbay.com. Browse by category whether you are looking for 6-inch or 8-inch styles, leather or canvas, black or brown. Sign up for their email list to get notified about the latest releases and sales.


Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

As one of the largest online retailers, Amazon carries a wide range of Unionbay combat boot styles and colors. Read reviews from fellow customers to help select the right boot. Enjoy free shipping with Amazon Prime. Use Amazon’s free returns for any sizing issues.


Known for outstanding customer service, Zappos is a great option for Unionbay boots. They offer free shipping both ways in case you need to exchange sizes. Zappos also has a large Unionbay selection along with helpful sizing and fit guidance.


For a more upscale shopping experience, browse Unionbay’s selections at Nordstrom online. Enjoy complimentary shipping and returns. Nordstrom also offers a price match guarantee so you get the best deal.


Buy Unionbay combat boots along with other top brands at Dillard’s online store. Keep an eye out for promotional discounts and coupons from Dillard’s to maximize the savings on your boots.

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023?

When looking at all the combat boot options for men this year, Unionbay remains a frontrunner for several reasons:

Track Record of Quality

With over 30 years perfecting their craft, Unionbay has earned a reputation for outstanding boots that stand the test of time.

On-Trend Style

Unionbay strikes an ideal balance between a classic combat boot silhouette and modern sensibilities.

Superior Comfort

From the first wear, Unionbay boots feel broken-in and ready for all-day wear thanks to plush padding and quality lining.

Thanks to trustworthy online retailers, getting your hands on a pair of Unionbay’s signature boots is easy and affordable. The search ends at Unionbay when looking for hard-wearing men’s combat boots in 2023.

Are Unionbay Combat Boots Right for You?

With so many combat boot options on the market, it’s reasonable to wonder whether Unionbay’s offerings are the best choice for your needs and style. While no one boot is perfect for every person, considering a few factors will tell you if Unionbay combat boots are a good match:

Your Style

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

Think about the looks you currently wear and aim to build upon. If you lean towards casual button-downs, fitted denim, and rugged accessories, Unionbay boots will sync well with your wardrobe. Their versatile design meshes especially well with contemporary casual looks.

How You’ll Wear Them

Unionbay boots straddle the line perfectly between durable and refined. If you want boots suitable for work, weekends, city life, and light hiking, Unionbay has you covered. Their well-rounded abilities make them a good choice for men with an active lifestyle.

Comfort Expectations

If you want reliable comfort right out of the box, Unionbay delivers with pillowy foam collars and moisture-wicking lining. No need to suffer through a prolonged break-in period. All-day wear won’t leave your feet aching.

Quality and Durability

Unionbay uses premium leathers and sturdy fabrics suited for daily wear and abuse. If you want your boots to hold up for years, the full-grain leather and Goodyear welt construction has you covered.

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023?

Are These Unionbay Combat Boots the Best for Men in 2023

For men shopping for new boots this year, Unionbay remains a frontrunner for several reasons:

Proven Reputation

In business for over 30 years, Unionbay has earned an outstanding reputation for quality, comfort, and style based on experience.

Great Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it – Unionbay boots are backed by rave reviews and loyal customers who love their fit and durability.

Leading Value

While not the absolute cheapest, Unionbay boots deliver outstanding quality and construction for a very reasonable mid-level price point.

For men who want a pair of combat boots suitable for everyday wear that balance comfort, style, and ruggedness, Unionbay remains tough to beat. Give their designs serious consideration for your next pair in 2023.