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Are You Considering The Cybex Balios S For Your Baby. Discover The Features You’ll Love

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your little one. You spend countless hours researching the safest car seats, the sturdiest cribs, and the most versatile strollers to accommodate your baby’s growth. When it comes to strollers, the Cybex Balios S checks all the boxes and then some.

What Is The Cybex Balios S And Who Is It For?

The Cybex Balios S is a luxury 2-in-1 convertible stroller system designed for parents looking for an all-terrain stroller with a smooth ride and sleek styling. It transitions from a bassinet for newborns to a fully reclining seat for toddlers up to 55 pounds. The Balios S offers the ultimate in safety, comfort and versatility for babies starting from birth through the toddler years.

Here are the standout features you’ll love about the Cybex Balios S:

Smooth Maneuverability With All-Terrain Wheels

The Balios S glides effortlessly over grass, gravel or city streets thanks to its all-terrain 12″ air-filled rubber wheels with suspension. The wheels absorb shock for a smooth ride while the one-step locking brakes provide peace of mind.

Reversible Seat For Baby To Face You Or The World

Are You Considering The Cybex Balios S For Your Baby. Discover The Features You

The seat can be positioned parent-facing for bonding with your newborn or world-facing once baby is ready to take in their surroundings. The multiple recline positions, adjustable footrest and extendable sun canopy ensure your child’s optimal comfort.

Luxury, Safety And Comfort Details Worth The Investment

From the leatherette handlebar to the oversized UPF 50+ canopy and cozy calf support, every detail was carefully considered. The 5-point harness, side impact protection and inclement weather boot keep your baby safe. The roomy storage basket and easy fold mechanism add convenience.

Car Seat And Base Options For Ultimate Convenience

The Balios S is compatible with Cybex infant car seats, adapting the stroller into a travel system. The car seat clicks securely into the frame without adapters. Additional bases can be purchased to keep in multiple vehicles for seamless transfers.

Style And Design To Suit Any Parent’s Taste

With 7 frame colors and 12 fashionable fabrics to mix and match, you can select a Balios S to match your personal style. It looks just as fabulous strolling city streets as rural pathways. The muted tones and sleek styling blend into any environment.

Add On Accessories Like Cup Holder And Parasol

Are You Considering The Cybex Balios S For Your Baby. Discover The Features You

Customize your Balios S with add-ons like a parent cup holder, child snack tray, parasol to shield from sun, or cozy footmuff. You can adapt the stroller as your family’s needs change.

Convertible From Bassinet To Toddler – Grows With Your Child

The Balios S truly grows with your child, with a lay-flat bassinet perfect for newborns and an adjustable seat up to 55 pounds. Inserts are included to provide proper support at every stage. You’ll get years of use from birth through toddlerhood.

Why Parents Say The Balios S Is Worth The Splurge

While more expensive than standard strollers, parents overwhelmingly say the versatility, longevity, safety features and premium design make the Cybex Balios S worth the investment. It outperforms lower-priced strollers and retains its resale value. For parents wanting one stroller that can do it all in superior style, the Balios S delivers.

If you seek the total package in a convertible, all-terrain stroller from a trusted brand like Cybex, the Balios S deserves your consideration. From city streets to nature trails, it promises a smooth ride, seamless transitions and enduring quality. Your baby will journey in safety and comfort as you traverse your new world together in this top-of-the-line stroller.

As a parent, finding the perfect stroller for your baby can feel like an overwhelming task. With so many options on the market, how do you choose? When it comes to versatility, safety, comfort and premium quality, one stroller rises to the top of the pack – the Cybex Balios S.

This luxury 2-in-1 convertible stroller system from trusted brand Cybex is designed to grow with your child from birth through the toddler years. It features an adjustable seat that transitions from a lay-flat bassinet for newborns to an upright seat for older babies and toddlers up to 55 pounds.

But what truly sets the Cybex Balios S apart? Here are the key features that make it stand out from the crowd:

Key Features That Make The Balios S Stand Out

All-Terrain 12” Air-Filled Wheels

The Balios S navigates smoothly over grass, gravel, uneven sidewalks, and more thanks to its large 12” air-filled rubber wheels with adjustable suspension. Air-filled wheels provide better shock absorption compared to plastic wheels, giving your baby a comfortable ride.

Reversible Seat

The seat can face towards you so you can interact with your baby or outwards so your toddler can observe the world around them. The multiple recline positions ensure proper support as your child grows.

Superior Safety Features

From the 5-point harness to the side impact protection and foot brake, the Balios S prioritizes safety. The stroller frame meets strict stability and durability standards for long-lasting peace of mind.

Car Seat Compatibility

Use the Balios S as a travel system by pairing it with a Cybex infant car seat. The car seat clicks right onto the frame for smooth transfers in and out of the vehicle.

Modern, Sophisticated Styling

Are You Considering The Cybex Balios S For Your Baby. Discover The Features You

The muted color palette and sleek design blend seamlessly into any environment from urban strolls to the countryside. Customize the look with a variety of frame and fabric combinations.

Premium Details

From the leatherette handlebar to the roomy storage basket, UV protective canopy, and extra-large wheels, every detail is thoughtfully designed for an exceptional experience.

Grows With Your Child

The convertible seat takes your baby from birth through toddlerhood, saving you the cost of purchasing multiple strollers. Inserts provide proper support during each stage.

Add-On Accessories

Enhance your Balios S with convenient extras like a child tray, parent cup holder, foot muff and more. Build a system to suit your family’s lifestyle.

When you seek the total package in an all-terrain yet urban-friendly stroller, the Cybex Balios S delivers exceptional quality, safety, comfort and versatility. From country roads to city streets, it promises a smooth ride for parent and child alike. If you desire one stroller to fit every need in superior style, the Balios S is worthy of your consideration.

As first-time parents, my husband and I obsessed over finding the perfect stroller for our baby girl. We wanted something safe and comfortable that could adapt as she grew from a newborn to toddler. After much research, we ultimately chose the Cybex Balios S. Now that our daughter is 18 months old, I can fully attest to how this convertible stroller has effortlessly grown alongside her.

Convertible From Bassinet To Toddler – Grows With Your Child

Are You Considering The Cybex Balios S For Your Baby. Discover The Features You

The Balios S converts from a lay-flat bassinet suitable for infants to an upright seat for older babies and toddlers. As a new mom, I loved having the bassinet option to let my daughter sleep comfortably on walks. Now as a busy toddler, she likes sitting up high to see everything going on around her.

The bassinet features a soft, padded mattress with ventilation holes and an adjustable canopy. I felt at ease knowing my newborn was cradled safely while shielded from the elements. For the toddler seat, the multiple recline positions, adjustable leg rest, and supportive harness ensured proper ergonomics as my daughter hit growth milestones.

The stroller comes with inserts to provide extra padding and support at different stages. This allowed me to use the Balios S for my daughter from birth through toddlerhood without needing any extra purchases. It truly grows with your child!

Smooth Ride Quality

Whether using the bassinet or toddler seat, the all-terrain 12” air wheels provided an exceptionally smooth ride over all kinds of surfaces. I never had to worry about waking a napping baby! My daughter loved looking around as I pushed her along.

Car Seat Compatibility

I also used the Balios S as a travel system by pairing it with a Cybex infant car seat. Having the stroller and car seat from the same brand allowed me to click the car seat securely into the stroller without needing adapters or straps. This made transfers in and out of the car a breeze.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Despite nearly two years of constant use, the Balios S still looks and functions like new. The quality materials and construction have held up extremely well. I have no doubt this stroller will last through years of adventures with my daughter and any future children!

As a parent, you want to choose a stroller that flexibly meets your child’s needs at every age and milestone. The Cybex Balios S does just that, with a fully convertible design that promotes safety, comfort, and proper development from birth through toddlerhood. This 2-in-1 stroller truly grows with your child while maintaining its premium quality and performance. It’s an investment that pays dividends as you embark on the parenting journey.

As an active mom who loves jogging and hiking with my baby in tow, a smooth ride and all-terrain versatility were my top priorities when stroller shopping. After testing out many options, the Cybex Balios S quickly emerged as the champion thanks to its shock-absorbing 12” air-filled wheels and advanced suspension system.

Smooth Maneuverability With All-Terrain Wheels

Are You Considering The Cybex Balios S For Your Baby. Discover The Features You

Right away I noticed how the Balios S glided effortlessly over bumpy sidewalks, grass, trails and more. The large air-filled rubber wheels absorb vibration so my daughter barely feels any bumps, allowing her to sleep soundly as I push the stroller.

The front wheels swivel for easy steering and can be locked for added stability when jogging. I’ve even taken the stroller over packed gravel and it handled beautifully. The adjustable suspension smooths out the ride even further.

All-Wheel Suspension

Unlike strollers with basic front-wheel suspension, the Balios S boasts an advanced suspension system on all four wheels. This means excellent shock absorption whether rolling forward or turning corners.

Puncture-Resistant Tires

While air-filled wheels provide the best cushioning, I worried about getting a flat. However, the Balios S tires have an inner layer that prevents punctures from small objects. Over a year later, I haven’t had to refill the tires even once!

One-Touch Brakes

Are You Considering The Cybex Balios S For Your Baby. Discover The Features You

When stopped on hills or uneven terrain, I easily engage the linked rear-wheel brakes with one foot. The stroller stays locked securely in place, preventing any scary rolling.

As an active mom who doesn’t let the stroller limit my adventures, I can’t say enough about the Balios S’ smooth ride. The all-terrain wheels handle every kind of surface with ease. My baby enjoys a comfortable journey while I get the workout I want. If exercise and off-road excursions are your thing, this stroller is a must!

As a first-time mom, I was thrilled to learn the Cybex Balios S stroller seat could face both toward me or outward. Having both options allowed me to choose the position that best suited my baby’s needs and my own preferences at different stages.

Reversible Seat For Baby To Face You Or The World

In the early months when my daughter was a newborn, I loved that I could have her facing me. Seeing her adorable face, keeping an eye on her, and being able to interact helped us bond during strolls. The parent-facing position also allowed me to easily check on her comfort.

Parent-Facing Benefits:

  • Strengthens parent-child bond through face-to-face interaction
  • Lets parent closely monitor baby’s needs
  • Provides reassuring visual contact for baby
  • Allows easy access for nursing on the go

As my daughter got older and more curious about her surroundings, I rotated the seat outward so she could observe the sights and sounds of the world around her. She loved taking in trees, animals, people, and vehicles as I pushed her along.

World-Facing Benefits:

  • Stimulates baby’s mental development
  • Satisfies baby’s curiosity about surroundings
  • Entertains older babies and toddlers
  • Lets child interact with siblings or friends in front seat

The ability to switch seat positions provided the best of both worlds. Facing inward nurtured our connection in those precious early months while facing outwards opened up new discoveries once she was ready. The Balios S truly adapted to meet both our needs!

As soon as I started pushing my newborn in the Cybex Balios S, I immediately noticed the luxury details that make it stand apart from standard strollers. The premium materials, safety features, and added conveniences ensure an exceptionally comfortable experience for parent and child alike.

Luxury, Safety And Comfort Details Worth The Investment

Are You Considering The Cybex Balios S For Your Baby. Discover The Features You

Cushy Padding

The seat features plush padding and reclines to near-flat for ultimate comfort. As a new mom, I loved being able to let my baby sleep soundly while on-the-go. The bassinet option is equally cushy for newborns.

Adjustable Suspension

The all-wheel suspension smoothes out bumps and vibration, preventing disruption during naps. I never have to worry about disturbed sleep while strolling.

Ventilated Design

The breathable mattress and retractable canopy provide air flow on hot days while the extendable sun visor with UPF 50+ blocks harsh sun. I know my baby stays cool and protected.

Leatherette Details

From the soft handlebar grip to the plush bumper bar, leatherette accents add luxury while being easy to wipe clean. Metal details like the frame lock with a satisfying click provide durability.

Roomy Storage

The huge basket underneath holds all my essentials from diaper bag to groceries. I don’t have to juggle items in my arms.

While expensive strollers like the Balios S carry a higher price tag, the exceptional quality materials, safety, and comfort features are evident at first touch. As a parent, I’d rather invest in a product that prioritizes my child’s security and well-being. This stroller provides that peace of mind.

As a busy parent, convenience is key when it comes to baby gear. I loved that the Cybex Balios S stroller provided a seamless travel system by integrating with compatible Cybex infant car seats.

Car Seat and Base Options For Ultimate Convenience

Are You Considering The Cybex Balios S For Your Baby. Discover The Features You

The Balios S frame is designed to accommodate Cybex infant car seats like the Aton, Cloud Z or Anoris model without the need for extra adapters or straps. Simply click the car seat into the stroller frame and you’re ready to go!

Easy Transfers

Thanks to the car seat compatibility, moving my baby in and out of the car is a breeze. I don’t have to disturb her sleep by unbuckling and removing her from the car seat. I can transfer the entire seat securely into the stroller frame.

Extra Car Seat Bases

For added convenience, I purchased an additional car seat base to keep in my husband’s vehicle. This way, I don’t have to re-install the car seat each time we trade vehicles. It’s been a sanity saver!

Stroller Becomes Travel System

Transforming the Balios S into a travel system by pairing with a Cybex infant car seat allows me to get out and about easily with my baby from Day 1. I have a fully functioning stroller right from the hospital without having to wait until she can sit in the regular seat.

Smooth Ride

Even with the infant car seat attached, the stroller maintains its smooth maneuverability and all-wheel suspension. I never have to disturb my sleeping baby when running errands or going for walks.

As a new parent, having the car seat seamlessly integrate with the stroller frame provided much-needed flexibility and convenience. When choosing baby gear, opting for integrated pieces from the same trusted brand really simplifies life!

One aspect of the Cybex Balios S I appreciate is the ability to customize the stroller with handy add-ons and accessories. Whether you want to enhance convenience or functionality, there are options to make the stroller uniquely your own.

Add On Accessories Like Cup Holder and Parasol

Here are some of my favorite Balios S accessories that take the experience to the next level:

Cup Holder

The parent cup holder neatly attaches to the handlebar, allowing me to keep my coffee or water bottle within reach. It swivels out of the way when folding the stroller.

Snack Tray

Are You Considering The Cybex Balios S For Your Baby. Discover The Features You

Once my daughter started solids, the snack tray was a must for holding food, sippy cups and toys. It securely fastens over the bumper bar within easy access.


The UPF 50+ parasol clips on to provide extra shade from the sun. It folds back completely out of sight when not needed.


For chilly weather, the cozy footmuff keeps my daughter warm and comfy. It’s reversible to match the seat fabric.

Rain Cover

The clear rain cover is an essential during showers. It protects my baby from wind and rain while still allowing her to see out.

Mosquito Net

The mosquito netting ensures bugs stay away while allowing airflow on stuffy days.

I love being able to modify my Balios S by adding components that increase convenience and comfort. Whether running errands or adventuring outdoors, the right accessories enhance our experience.

The adaptability of the Cybex system allows you to create a customized stroller that perfectly fits your lifestyle needs. The possibilities are endless!

Finding a stroller that reflects my personal style was important to me as a new mom. With its elegant design and mix-and-match color options, the Cybex Balios S allowed me to create a look that suited my taste.

Style And Design To Suit Any Parent’s Taste

Are You Considering The Cybex Balios S For Your Baby. Discover The Features You

Between the 7 frame color choices and 12 stylish fabrics, you can tailor the Balios S to coordinate with your wardrobe or simply match your aesthetic. I opted for a sleek black frame with a grey melange fabric, but the options span from bold primary hues to muted earth tones.

Sleek Design

From the leatherette accents to the modern silhouette, the Balios S exudes refined elegance. Its muted color palette incorporates easily into any environment from urban chic to laidback casual.

Premium Materials

The leather handlebar, aluminum alloy wheels and durable fabrics convey quality craftsmanship. This stroller is built to last across multiple children.

Mix and Match

With the interchangeable seat fabric, I can give my stroller a fresh look by swapping in a new color if my tastes change. I love expressing my style through this versatile product.

Functions in Any Setting

Whether navigating crowded city sidewalks or strolling tree-lined nature trails, the Balios S maintains its sleek sophistication. Its low-key elegance adapts beautifully to any surroundings.

As a new parent, finding gear that aligns with my personal sensibilities provided a fun creative outlet. The customization options of the Cybex Balios S allowed me to design a stroller that showcases my style.

With unlimited combinations, you can create your own signature look that turns heads for all the right reasons!

When researching premium strollers, I hesitated about spending over $1000 for the Cybex Balios S. However, after using it for over a year with my daughter, I can say unequivocally that it’s worth every penny. Here’s why parents believe this stroller is a worthwhile investment.

Why Parents Say The Balios S Is Worth The Splurge

Growing Family Needs

Because the Balios S converts from a bassinet to toddler seat, it serves our needs for years. We get our money’s worth since it’s the only stroller we have to buy before our daughter transitions to a big kid stroller.

All-Terrain Durability

This stroller withstands the demands of an active family lifestyle. After regular use hiking, jogging and traveling, it still handles like new. The quality ensures it will last through multiple kids.

High Resale Value

The Cybex brand and luxury design allow the Balios S to retain significant resale value versus lower-end strollers. I can resell it for a good price to put towards my next baby’s stroller.

Heirloom Quality

The gorgeous styling and craftsmanship give the stroller an heirloom feel. I will proudly pass my Balios S down to my children to use with their own families.

Seamless Travel System

Integrating with our compatible car seat created a seamless travel system that made life with a newborn so much easier. This convenience was well worth the investment.

While the Balios S costs more upfront, its longevity, durability and luxury details deliver lasting value. For parents seeking one stroller that can do it all in superior style, the splurge pays off through years of use across multiple children!