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Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

Classic Bar & Shield Logo Signs From The 1940s

Nostalgia runs deep when it comes to Harley-Davidson, and vintage tin signs are a great way to decorate your garage or man cave. Signs from the 1940s featuring the iconic Bar & Shield logo take you back to the early days of H-D. These signs have a cool retro look with distressed edges and faded colors that give a rustic, aged appearance.

Enameled tin signs with the Bar & Shield are fairly common from this era, as Harley dealerships used them heavily for exterior signage. Look for signs with great condition original paint, as these tend to be more valued by collectors. Signs that are excessively rusted or have large sections of missing paint will be less desirable.

Some standouts to look for are signs painted in Harley-Davidson’s classic orange and black paint scheme. These really pop visually. Signs shaped like shields are also popular, playing off the Bar & Shield logo itself. And keep an eye out for signs depicting vintage motorcycles from the 1940s, like the Knucklehead, WLA, and Servi-Car models.

Condition is very important for tin signs from the 1940s. Find signs that have their original glossy paint finish intact. Surface rust can be removed fairly easily, but chipping, flaking, or missing paint will hurt value. And look for signs with no major dents, creases, or other physical damage.

When shopping for 1940s Harley signs, be wary of modern day reproductions. Some remakes can look quite authentic at first glance. Look closely at the paint and edges to spot signs that may have been distressed artificially to mimic an aged appearance.

Overall, Bar & Shield signs from the 1940s allow you to decorate your space with a tangible piece of Harley history. With their weathered look and classic branding, these signs will never go out of style.

Colorful Enamel Signs From The 1950s

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

The 1950s were a great era for Harley-Davidson signage, with dealers using colorful, stylized enamel signs to grab people’s attention. These signs have a fun, retro-modern look that really captures the spirit of mid-century design.

Porcelain enamel was a popular sign material in the postwar era, as it was durable and allowed for vivid, bright colors. Harley made the most of this with signs featuring bold graphics, custom lettering, and color schemes to match their bikes.

Some of the most sought-after 1950s signs promote specific models like the Sportster, Hydra Glide, and Duo Glide. These often have artwork of the bike itself. Other great finds are signs with neighborhoods or city names, used to advertise local dealerships.

When collecting 1950s signs, condition is key as always. Minor surface scratches and small chips are acceptable. But look for signs free of major damage like cracks, deep rust, or missing chunks of enamel.

Another thing to inspect is the color quality. Signs that still have their original gloss and vibrancy will be worth more. Faded paint is common on old enamel, but excessively faded signs should be passed over.

Finally, check that sign hardware like bolt holes or hanging brackets are intact. This increases display options.

With their playful designs and bold use of color, 1950s Harley signs are sure to put a smile on your face. They have an undeniable retro charm that makes them must-have items for any Harley collection.

Light-Up Neon Signs From Bike Shops & Dealerships

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

Vintage neon signs instantly conjure images of bustling storefronts, diners, and roadside attractions. For motorcycle fans, neon signs from old Harley shops and dealers are the ultimate piece of memorabilia.

Neon signs were a staple of 20th century advertising. Their glowing, eye-catching tubes were ideally suited for store signage and branding. Harley-Davidson dealers made good use of neon, with brightly lit Bar & Shield logos beckoning riders inside.

When looking for vintage Harley neon signs, condition is king. Proper restoration is costly, so try to find signs that are still functional or just need minor electrical repairs. Avoid ones with broken tubes or cases.

Localized dealership signs have extra appeal, like “Joe’s Harley-Davidson, Kansas City.” They represent a physical piece of motorcycle history from that area. Custom circular and arrow shapes also attract collectors.

Be wary of modern day reproductions, which may mimic vintage styling but lack the quality components of true neon signs. When powered on, authentic neon signs have an unmistakable bright glow unlike LED imitations.

Though delicate and requiring some maintenance, vintage neon signs reward you with instant nostalgia. They cast a warm, distinctive light that simply can’t be replicated. For shop decor with true biker character, nothing beats the real thing.

Porcelain & Tin Advertising Signs From The 1960s

The 1960s saw an explosion in Harley-Davidson’s popularity, and the company created many collectible advertising signs to promote their brand and bikes. Durable and colorful, porcelain and tin signs from this decade attract collectors today.

Enamel signs remained popular in the 1960s. Harley produced porcelain signs with logos, graphics, model names, and more. The glassy, protective enamel coating helped preserve these signs’ paint.

Tin litho signs also came into vogue as a lower cost option. Printed on thin metal with bright inks, these signs could include almost any artwork Harley wanted.

When buying 60s Harley signs, look for strong colors without major fading or wear. Minor scratches and small chips won’t hurt value much. But avoid signs with excessive rust, cracks, or missing sections.

Signs touting iconic 1960s models like the Electra Glide and Sportster are very popular. Anything linking to Willie G. Davidson’s design work also brings premiums.

Because reproductions are common, inspect signs closely for paint bubbling, poor metal quality, and other indicators of modern remakes. Buy from reputable sellers when possible.

Whether porcelain, tin, or other materials, Harley’s 1960s signage combined bold graphics with durability. These vintage signs beautifully capture an era when Harley-Davidson cemented its status as an American legend.

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Colorful Enamel Signs From The 1950s

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

As Harley-Davidson roared into the 1950s, their dealerships were beckoning new riders with colorful, eye-catching enamel signs. These vintage porcelain beauties had a sleek, modern look fitting the postwar boom.

Enamel signmaking was all the rage in this era. Unlike metal signs prone to rust, porcelain enamel was durable, weather-resistant, and allowed for vivid painted graphics. H-D leveraged this technology to create signs with a cool retro-modern vibe.

Popular designs included model names like Hydra Glide and Duo Glide in bold, swooping fonts. Some signs incorporated stylized artwork of the bikes themselves. And Harley’s classic orange and black color scheme popped on many dealership signs.

When evaluating 1950s signs, look for strong original paint without major flaws. Minor scratches and small chips are expected with age. But deep cracks, excessive rust, or missing sections of paint will hurt value.

Check that coloring is still reasonably vibrant and not excessively faded. Original glossy finishes are ideal. Hardware like hanging holes or brackets should also be present.

Since replicas abound, know what to inspect for. Signs with artificial aging like paint bubbles or incorrect logos are red flags. Purchase from trustworthy sellers whenever possible.

With their sleek retro charm and bold graphics, Harley’s 1950s enamel signs are true works of art. These collectibles will add a fun, vintage vibe to any space.

Light-Up Neon Signs From Bike Shops & Dealerships

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

For vintage charm with an extra glow, Harley-Davidson neon signs from decades past light up any space. These classics from dealerships and shops are hot items for collectors.

Neon lighting was ubiquitous in 20th century storefronts. Glowing vibrantly day and night, neon signs attracted customers in a way no other medium could. Harley leveraged this with bar and shield logos lit up to guide riders to their local dealer.

When buying vintage neon, condition is critical. Restoration costs can be high, so search for signs that function or just need minor electrical work. Avoid broken tubes or cases.

Personalized dealer signs like “Harold’s Harley-Davidson, Reno” are extra special, tying the sign to biking history of a town. Custom shapes like arrows and circles also attract collectors.

Be wary of modern day reproductions which mimic old neon but use cheaper LEDs. Under a trained eye, true neon has an unmistakable bright glow.

Yes, neon signs require care for their glass tubes and electrical components. But their warm, nostalgic glow simply can’t be duplicated. For Harley decor that truly stands out, vintage neon signs can’t be beat.

Porcelain & Tin Advertising Signs From The 1960s

Harley-Davidson signage saw creative new designs in the swinging 1960s, with porcelain and tin emerging as popular sign materials. These durable vintage signs capture Harley’s heyday.

In the 60s, Harley ad men realized porcelain enamel signs allowed for almost any graphics or text they wanted. Vibrant model names, logos, and artwork could make these signs real eye catchers.

At the same time, cheaper tin litho signs gained ground as an alternative. Harley plastered these thin metal signs on dealership walls to promote new models like the Super Glide.

When buying, look for bright, unfaded paint on both mediums. Some light scratches are fine, but avoid major flaws like cracks, excessive rust, or missing sections. Original sheens and gloss are ideal.

Signs for 60s icons like the Electra Glide or Willie G. Davidson’s custom bikes are particularly valued. Anything linking Harley history from this era grabs attention.

With so many reproductions around, know what marks to look for. Poor metal quality, misaligned paint, or modern screws are all giveaways.

Whether enamel, tin, or other materials, Harley’s signs from the 1960s make a bold statement. These classics are a great way to celebrate Harley’s most iconic decade.

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Light-Up Neon Signs From Bike Shops & Dealerships

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

Neon signs have long been a staple of old-school bike shops and dealerships. The glowing tubes of colored light grab your attention from blocks away, beckoning you to stop in and check out the latest two-wheeled creations. While many dealers today have moved to more modern and energy-efficient signage, there remains something special about the classic neon motorcycle signage of yesteryear.

Back in the early days of motorcycling, neon signs were an important way for shops to advertise their wares and stand out on busy city streets. Bike brands like Harley-Davidson, Indian, Excelsior, and Henderson all had signature neon designs that dealers proudly displayed. Neon tubes could be arranged into all sorts of shapes, from simple words to elaborate graphics depicting riders leaning into turns.

Neon motorcycle signs really hit their heyday in the 1950s and 60s during the big bike boom. Bright orange, red, and blue tubes advertised Triumph, BSA, Norton, and Ducati. Signs featuring chromed fenders, flashy tanks, and stylized riders attracted buyers looking for power and speed. Even smaller shops got into the neon sign game, using glowing lights to highlight their repair and customization services.

Over the years, certain neon signs have become iconic and collectible among bike enthusiasts. The famous Indian headdress is probably the most well-known. Other classic designs include the H-D Bar & Shield, the Triumph griffin logo, and the “Harley-Davidson Motorcycles” script. Vintage neon dealership signs are regularly traded and sold online to collectors looking to decorate their garages or man caves.

While neon has been largely phased out today for LED and other energy-efficient lighting, nostalgia for those classic glowing signs remains strong. Many dealerships will incorporate neon into their contemporary signage as a nod to tradition. And companies like Kustom Neon offer modern takes on vintage styles, allowing riders to enjoy the iconic look with updated electric technology.

So while they may no longer dominate the streets like they did in decades past, neon signs still hold a special appeal for motorcyclists. Their bright colors and bold designs evoke a sense of freedom and adventure from a bygone era. For bike lovers who want to add some retro flair to their space, a glowing neon sign is the perfect way to celebrate the two-wheeled lifestyle.

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Porcelain & Tin Advertising Signs From The 1960s

The 1960s were a colorful and transformative time in advertising, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the bold porcelain and tin signs of the era. These vintage advertisements used bright images and catchy slogans to grab consumer attention in an increasingly competitive marketplace. For collectors today, they offer a nostalgic glimpse into mid-century commerce and design.

Mass production techniques in the post-war years allowed factories to churn out large quantities of porcelain and pressed tin signs inexpensively. Gas stations, diners, general stores, and auto dealerships all used these signs to draw in motorists. Brands like Coca-Cola, Texaco, and Budweiser became ubiquitous roadside sights. Even smaller local businesses got in on the action, using signs to advertise their wares or services.

The 1960s saw some particularly iconic sign designs take hold in the American imagination. The Marlboro Man on his horse galloped across the landscape on metal signs, promoting the image of the rugged cowboy smoker. McDonald’s rotating Speedee character beckoned hungry travelers. Esso’s Happy Motoring slogan spread optimism about the freedom of the open road. Despite often being made of fragile materials, many of these signs have survived half a century to become prized collector’s items.

Porcelain signs were especially popular for their durability and ability to incorporate color images and text. Manufacturers like the Flange Sign Company produced enamel signs for Standard Oil, Seven-Up, and numerous other brands. Flange signs featured a raised fluted edge that protected the sign face from damage. Collectors admire the company’s craftsmanship in blending graphical elements into creative compositions.

Pressed tin signs offer an even more vivid 1960s aesthetic. Companies like ACME Sign Letter use a multi-step process to imprint colorful designs onto thin metal sheets. The reflectiveness and shine of tin signs helped them stand out. ACME produced signs for Pepsi, Camel Cigarettes, Pennzoil, and others. Finding vintage tin signs in good condition can be challenging, making intact originals highly desirable.

For enthusiasts looking to decorate a garage, game room, or vintage retail space, porcelain and tin signs deliver a one-of-a-kind mid-century vibe. They remind us of a period when driving was freedom, road trips were adventures, and eye-catching signage was an essential part of the American landscape. The next time you see one of these pieces of history at an antique store or flea market, take a moment to admire its unique retro charm.

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Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

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Vintage Tin Signs With Cool Graphics & Lettering

Harley Davidson lovers, get ready to rev up your decor! When it comes to outfitting your garage, man cave, or any space with bold, badass style, you can’t go wrong with vintage Harley Davidson tin signs. These nostalgic beauties add that gritty, biker edge and pay homage to the iconic motorcycle brand we all know and love. If you’re on the hunt for rare vintage finds to elevate your Harley décor game, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 wicked cool vintage Harley tin signs to lust after.

Kicking things off is this killer 1950s “Join the Forty & Eight” Harley Davidson tin sign. For the uninitiated, “Forty & Eight” refers to a fun-loving fraternal organization of American war veterans who rode Harleys. This bright red and blue sign features ornate illustrations of riders cruising down the open road. With its vintage patina and nod to Harley history, this rare tin makes a seriously badass statement. Another blast from the past is this 1930s Orange & Black Harley Davidson porcelain enamel sign bearing the iconic Bar & Shield logo. Featuring bold graphics in Harley’s trademark colors, this art deco beauty is sure to class up your shop or garage.

Vintage Harley signs also make prized collector’s items. Case in point: this 1930s tin litho Harley Davidson sign featuring a solo rider shooting down a country road. In fantastic condition with crisp color and graphics, it depicts the classic flathead V-twin motorcycle Harley was known for. Collectors covet signs like this for their rarity, vintage styling and like-new condition. For a fun pop of color, check out this retro 1950s “Ride A Harley-Davidson” tin sign featuring a rider cruising down an open highway. The cool aqua blue and red color scheme combined with the curvy font and kitschy graphics make this a visual stunner.

No collection is complete without a vintage Harley Davidson dealer sign. This 1930s porcelain beauty advertised a Harley shop in Minneapolis and features the Bar & Shield logo and “Harley-Davidson Motorcycles” in bold red lettering. Dealership signs like this are hot tickets since they represent a piece of real Harley history. Turning to the 1960s, we have this sweet “Wild Hogs of 61” tin litho sign. It depicts a gang of riders tearing up the highway on their Sickle & Hammer motorcycles. This is a cheeky spoof on the famous Harley club the “Wild Hogs” established in the 60s.

Wild hog fans will also dig this 1960s “Born to Raise Hell” biker tin sign. It shows a grizzled rider smoking a cigarette while cruising down an open highway. The worn edges and scratches only add to its rugged biker charm. And you can’t forget about the ultimate biker accessory: sexy biker babes. This vintage 1965 Harley Davidson sign celebrates the curvy ladies who loved to hold on tight during those wild rides. The bright colors and cartoon artwork make this a gorgeous retro gem.

Lastly, we have a trio of badass hand-painted signs. First up is this wicked skull rider sign from the 1960s boasting incredible artistry. Hand-painted metal signs like this are rare, making this a truly special piece. Next we have this flame-adorned 1970s Harley Davidson sign featuring exquisite airbrushed graphics. And completing the trio is this mega cool 1980s rider sign painted in stunning detail. With their artistic craftsmanship and uniqueness, signs like these are the crown jewels of any collection.

When you’re ready to give your Harley décor some vintage vigor, look no further than these spectacular blasts from the past! With their bold graphics, gritty edge and nostalgic charm, you can’t go wrong decking out your walls with these collector’s gems.

So fire up those hogs and get your man cave roaring. These rare vintage Harley Davidson tin signs are calling your name!

Original Dealer Street Signs From Legendary Locations

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

For devoted Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, collecting memorabilia and decor from the iconic American motorcycle brand is a cherished hobby. From leather jackets to highway bars, H-D merch holds a special place in a true fan’s heart. And for many, the holy grail is scoring authentic Harley-Davidson tin signs – especially ones from the company’s original dealerships in legendary locations.

These vintage metal advertisement signs are a window into Harley history, often dating back to the early 1900s when the company was just gaining traction. Enamel signs were one of Harley’s first bold marketing moves, using eye-catching designs and vivid colors to capture public attention. Dealers would prominently display them on Main Streets across America to attract walk-in traffic. Each sign tells a unique story of a fledgling dealership making its name in a burgeoning industry.

For collectors lucky enough to find a vintage dealership sign today, it’s like owning a little piece of the past. A metal sign from a renowned Harley outpost like Philadelphia or Chicago summons up images of bikers cruising through decades gone by. The older and more renowned the dealership, the more prized the sign. Here are 10 rare vintage H-D enamel signs that would make any enthusiast’s man cave a true treasure trove.

1. Bob’s Harley-Davidson, Baltimore

Founded in 1923, Bob’s is the oldest continuously operating Harley dealership in the world. This colorfully vintage sign from the dealership’s early days would delight any collector. With its orange and blue diamond-shaped border, script lettering spelling “Harley-Davidson”, and graphic of a 1920s bike, it transports you right back to the roaring twenties when Bob’s first opened its doors.

2. Ray Price Harley-Davidson, Raleigh

North Carolina’s oldest dealership got its start in 1978, making it a relative newcomer compared to others on this list. But Ray Price has made its mark on H-D history, becoming one of the largest dealerships in the country. This large black-and-orange sign featuring the dealership’s name in bold letters makes a statement in any man cave.

3. Hill’s Harley-Davidson, San Francisco

Founded in 1912, Hill’s holds the honor of being the very first H-D dealership on the West Coast. This brightly-colored red, white and blue enamel sign from Hill’s early days features one of the classic Harley logos that are still popular with collectors today. Owning a piece of history from such an iconic NorCal motorcycle shop is a major score.

4. Bishop’s Harley-Davidson, Illinois

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

The town of Harvard, Illinois is home to the oldest continuously operating Harley dealership, opened in 1912 by Earl Bishop. While the business is now called Byron Harley-Davidson, early enamel signs bearing the Bishop’s name are highly sought after. This rustic-style sign featuring a vintage motorcycle graphic would be right at home in any vintage Americana-themed man cave.

5. Philadelphia Harley-Davidson

Philly’s H-D dealership dates all the way back to 1911, making it one of the country’s very first. This ornate oval sign in orange and black featuring the dealership’s name in fancy script letters harkens back to its early 20th century roots. Any fan would be proud to have this piece of American motorcycle history from one of the pioneering dealerships.

6. Carl’s Cycle Supply, Chicago

Located on the iconic Route 66, Carl’s was the very first authorized Harley dealer in Chicago back in 1928. This bright red and blue sign featuring the company’s name in bold vintage letters captures the retro spirit of the historic Motor Row district where it all began. With Chicago being such a special place in H-D history, this sign would be a real treasure.

7. Joe’s Harley-Davidson, Joliet

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

Operating since 1961, Joe’s lays claim to being Illinois’ oldest family-owned Harley dealership. Their memorabilia is especially prized in theHarley collecting community. This rustic green and white metal sign featuring the shop’s name in a fun retro font would delight any fan lucky enough to find one.

8. Laconia Harley-Davidson, New Hampshire

As host of the famous Bike Week rallies for over nine decades, the town of Laconia is iconic in motorcycle culture. This dealership’s memorabilia is highly coveted as a result. With its patriotic red-white-and-blue color scheme and custom art, this Laconia H-D sign is a rare treat.

9. Knucklehead Harley-Davidson, Sturgis

Any sign from Sturgis has an instant cool factor among Harley fans. As home of the legendary annual motorcycle rally since 1938, the South Dakota town is sacred ground. This Knucklehead dealership opened in 1996 to capitalize on the area’s popularity. Their signs are already fast becoming collector’s items.

10. Legendary Harley-Davidson, Clifton, NJ

This dealership made history when it first opened way back in 1922, operated by the man responsible for building the first Harley service department years earlier. The shop’s lengthy legacy and connection to iconic H-D history make signs like this green enameled beauty especially noteworthy to fans and collectors.

Whether it hails from a century-old dealership in a small town or a more recent hotspot in a famous rally destination, a vintage Harley-Davidson tin sign adds some instant cool to any man cave. For devoted Hog fans who love the nostalgia and craftsmanship of yesteryear’s memorabilia, these rare finds are like striking gold.

Retro Metal Signs Celebrating Specific Models

For Harley-Davidson superfans, collecting memorabilia related to specific iconic H-D models takes their passion to a whole new level. While general dealership and logo signs capture the essence of the brand, enamel signs spotlighting classic motorcycles themselves are the ultimate treasure. Each sign depicts a groundbreaking model that paved the way for Harley-Davidson’s success.

Enamel signs were originally used in dealership windows and walls to advertise the latest models when they launched. Featuring colorful designs and bold graphics, these signs helped generate buzz and attract riders into the showroom. Dealers would quickly swap in signs showcasing each year’s newest bikes.

For today’s Harley collectors, model-specific signs are coveted rare finds. Own an sign celebrating the Knucklehead, Hydra Glide or Duo Glide, and it’s like you’ve captured a little slice of motorcycling history. Here are 10 must-have vintage Harley model signs for any superfan:

1. 1961 Duo Glide

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

The classic Duo Glide was Harley’s first touring bike, featuring a hydraulically telescopic front fork. Dealership signs like this black-and-orange beauty featured a stylized graphic of the game-changing model.

2. 1929 JD Model

JD models were some of the very first Harleys, built for speed and performance with sporty styling. This bright red oval sign commemorates the bike that helped launch the brand.

3. 1963 Topper Scooter

During the scooter craze of the 1960s, H-D tried its hand at the trend with the Topper. This sign’s retro graphic mirrors the bike’s space-age styling.

4. 1941 Knucklehead

The powerful Knucklehead engine made Harley a serious force to be reckoned with. This vivid green dealership sign features Knucklehead lettering with an engine cutaway graphic.

5. 1969 Electra Glide

The Electra Glide took cruising comfort to new heights with its “Panhead” engine and suspension seat. This dealership beauty celebrates Harley’s game-changing dresser.

6. 1952 Hydra Glide

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

The Hydra Glide introduced Harley’s first telescopic front suspension system for a smoother ride. Fans love the stylized vintage graphics on signs like this one.

7.1957 Sportster

The lightweight, nimble Sportster became wildly popular as an affordable model for entry-level riders. Sportster sign graphics were designed to reflect the bike’s sporty attitude.

8. 1966 Shovelhead

The powerful Shovelhead replaced the Panhead and was lighter and more reliable. Dealers proudly displayed graphic signs like this one praising its performance.

9. 1948 Panhead

The Panhead engine replaced the Knucklehead with major upgrades for increased reliability and power. Panhead sign graphics were particularly bold and eye-catching.

10. 1940 EL “Knucklehead”

The EL series gave the Knucklehead engine stylish new bodywork and geardriven valve train. This badge-style sign encapsulates the magic of this legendary model.

For hardcore Harley fans who live for vintage bike history, model-specific signs are the ultimate man cave decor. When you can gaze up at a colorfully vintage piece celebrating the Panhead, Electra Glide or Hydra Glide, it’s like you have your very own dealership showroom from decades past. These rare finds evoke the magic and innovation of Harley’s most famous rides.

Rare One-Of-A-Kind Prototypes & Concept Bikes

For the Harley superfan who thinks they’ve seen it all, collecting memorabilia related to prototypes, concepts, and one-off custom builds takes their passion to an obsessive new level. These ultra-rare, even mythical bikes represent the bleeding edge of Harley innovation and imagination. Most were never made available to the public – and that’s exactly what makes relics from these models so irresistible to collectors.

Typically cloaked in secrecy while in development, Harley’s prototype bikes represent pure experimental vision without design constraints. The company has a rich history of using bold prototypes to test new technology and styling for potential production bikes. These test mules push boundaries and explore new frontiers years before their time.

Then there are the official H-D concept bikes – rolling lab experiments unveiled at prestigious shows to generate buzz. With cutting-edge custom styling and performance, they gave a thrilling glimpse into the future. And Harley has also built exceptional one-off custom bikes over the years to showcase new possibilities.

For the Harley collector who enjoys chasing unicorns, here are 10 stunningly rare sign finds celebrating the company’s most exotic special projects:

1. 1963 Duo-Glide Prototype

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

This prototype bike was used to test the soon-to-launch Duo-Glide’s telescoping fork suspension. Photos of it are ultra-rare.

2. 1999 MT-500 Prototype

This hand-built prototype led to the 2000 production of the MT-500 military motorcycle. Less than 50 were made.

3. 1971 FX Super Glide

The Super Glide combined Sportster and big twin components years before production. It was way ahead of its time.

4. 2002 V-Rod Prototype

The V-Rod’s innovative liquid-cooled 60-degree V-Twin engine was tested in this prototype before launch. Seeing one is a true rarity.

5. 1979 Nova Project Bike

This radically-styled concept bike was a bold vision of the future featuring an automatic transmission and covered upper frame.

6. 1999 Black Hawk Prototype

Built for military use, only a few examples of this rare prototype were constructed before the Black Hawk went into production shortly after.

7. Willie G. Skull Bike

This totally custom one-off bike was built by Willie G. Davidson himself featuring his signature skull motif throughout.

8. Nova II Concept Bike

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

Even more futuristic than the original Nova, the Nova II concept in 1983 continued pushing radical new styling ideas.

9. 1921 Prototype

Painstakingly hand-built, this prototype was used to develop Harley’s first production V-Twin engine for the JD series.

10. Nova III Concept Bike

The Nova III of 1985 took the series to even more sci-fi extremes, with enclosed body panels and tank.

For elite collectors who crave the allure of the unknown, memorabilia from Harley’s rarest special project bikes is the holy grail. Prototypes, concepts and one-offs represent motorcycle history in the making. Any relic from these cutting-edge machines is like owning a pot of gold – for diehard Harley fans.

Signed Limited Edition Signs By Notable Builders

For the Harley aficionado who appreciates the artistry of custom bike building just as much as the bikes themselves, collecting signed memorabilia from renowned H-D builders takes things to the next level. Owning a limited edition sign autographed in metallic sharpie by a master craftsman is like having a prized piece of art history.

Certain builders have achieved celebrity status for their hand-crafted Harley creations over the years. Though relatively few own an actual Willie G. or Arlen Ness original, signed relics from these masters are highly coveted by collectors. Each signature represents a moment in time with one of these legends.

Special autographed runs of signs are produced in collaboration with top builders to commemorate their achievements. Often serialized for uniqueness, these special pieces typically feature custom art with the builder’s signature prominently displayed. They capture a feeling of nostalgia for a bygone era when these bike artists reinvented ideas of what a Harley could be.

For the collector who appreciates the blood, sweat and grease that goes into custom motorcycles, here are 10 stunning autographed sign finds from the most renowned Harley craftsmen:

1. Signed Arlen Ness Series

Arlen Ness has achieved god-like status for his radically extended custom Harleys. His signatures on limited edition signs are highly coveted.

2. Classic Willie G. Skull Sign

As grandson of a founder, Willie G. Davidson embodied the Harley spirit. Signed Skull series signs with his drawing are very rare.

3. Signed “Indian” Larry Series

This street legend was tragically killed doing what he loved – stunts. His autographs on specially made signs are pure gold.

4. Special Rick Fairless Edition

Known for his gothic sensibilities with Harleys, Fairless’ autograph on a limited series sign exudes cool.

5. Cyril Huze Custom Sign

Huze has achieved fame for his ultra-clean custom Harley builds. His signature turns a sign into true art.

6. Special Edition Russ Brown Set

Russ Brown has mastered the vintage Harley style, especially Shovelheads. Signed pieces are a must-have.

7. Dave Perewitz Autographed Sign

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

Perewitz hand-crafts some of the most refined customs around. His autograph carries weight with collectors.

8. Limited Edition Cory Ness Run

As Arlen’s son, Cory carries the Ness torch into the future. Signed Cory Ness signs are instant classics.

9. Serialized Ron Finch Edition

Finch’s custom sport bikes inspire awe. A signed limited Finch series sign exudes exclusivity.

10. Special Carl Brouhard Signature Set

Brouhard’s old-school choppers embody the ’60s-’70s aesthetic. His autographed signs are truly special.

For devoted Harley collectors who put builders up on a pedestal, signed limited edition signs are the ultimate masculine art. When proudly displayed in a man cave, they capture the mystique of these legendary builders in an artistic time capsule. Signed right on the metal in ink, they’re like an intimate connection to the masters themselves.

Restored Signs From Defunct HD Dealers & Brands

For the Harley enthusiast who gets nostalgic about the old days, collecting antique signs from defunct dealerships and motorcycle brands takes their love of history to the next level. Restored tin signs depicting long-gone shops and manufacturers invoke a magical feeling of yesteryear.

Over decades of twists and turns in the motorcycle industry, countless Harley shops and competing brands have come and gone. Though out of business, their signs live on as relics from another era. Like ghosts from the past, these restored vintage gems tell a story of the rise, glory days, and fall of various companies.

Today, skilled craftsmen restore faded and battered old dealership and brand signs to their original glory. Meticulously recreated period graphics and colors make the signs look like they just came off the press. Owning a piece of Harley history in the form of a restored defunct sign adds an extra layer of mystique and nostalgia to any collection.

Here are 10 revived vintage signs from iconic Harley shops and competing brands of yore that would beautifully adorn any enthusiast’s man cave:

1. Indian Motorcycle Sign

Harley Davidson Tin Sign Treasure Trove: 10 Rare Finds For Your Man Cave

Once Harley’s biggest competitor, Indian went bankrupt in 1953. Their restored signs summon up classic Americana.

2. Aermacchi Sign

This 1960s Italian brand was noted for small bore Harley-Davidson bikes. Their signs exude Euro flair.

3. Value City HD Sign

A former Harley dealer in Ohio, Value City’s restored signs feature retro ’70s graphics.

4. Belmonte Cycles Sign

This mom-and-pop Massachusetts shop operated in the ’50s and ’60s. Their signs take you back in time.

5. Allied Motorcycles Sign

A distributor of British bikes like Triumph, restored Allied signs summon up the cafe racer era.

6. Harley-Davidson 120 Sign

The 120 model only existed briefly in the teens. Period graphics on restored signs are ultra-rare.

7. Davis Bros. Harley Sign

This family-owned Seattle dealership closed in 1969 after decades in business. Their vintage sign graphics beautifully live on.

8. Simplex Servi-Cycle Sign

This early 1900s American motorcycle brand folded by 1922. Their ornate oval signs capture an iconic lost brand.

9. Malcolm Smith Motors Sign

Noted SoCal dealer and Baja racer Malcolm Smith closed up shop in 2010 after a great run.

10. Dixon Sign

Dixon manufactured Harleys under license in the teens and twenties before fading away. Their signs summon up an era long gone.

For Harley collectors who love history, signs from defunct brands and dealerships bring ghosts of the past to life. Restored to their former glory, these vintage beauties invoke warm memories of an era when dozens of feisty brands vied for supremacy and independent shops dotted Main Streets across the nation. They beautifully resurrect the spirits of long-gone icons.