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How to Organize Your Closet with Sterilite 1963 Clip Boxes: 7 Clever Hacks to Maximize Your Storage

Introduction to Sterilite 1963 Large Clip Boxes

Sterilite 1963 clip boxes are the ultimate storage solution for keeping your closet organized and decluttered. These large plastic containers have become a staple in households across America thanks to their versatile design and budget-friendly price point.

The key to the popularity of the Sterilite 1963 is its perfectly sized dimensions. At 18″ x 12″ x 6″, it fits neatly on closet shelves, slides effortlessly under beds, and stacks efficiently in garages and attics. The clip-on lid securely contains contents while still allowing you to view what’s inside through the transparent plastic walls.

These hardy polypropylene boxes are lightweight yet sturdy enough for years of reliable use. The attached lid ensures contents stay clean and dust-free. Built-in handles make Sterilite 1963 boxes easy to transport around your home. With millions sold, Sterilite 1963 remains one of the best-selling storage/organizational containers on the market.

Clever Closet Organization Hacks with Sterilite 1963

How to Organize Your Closet with Sterilite 1963 Clip Boxes: 7 Clever Hacks to Maximize Your Storage

So how exactly can these versatile clip boxes help you conquer closet chaos? Here are 7 savvy tips and tricks for leveraging Sterilite 1963 to maximize your closet storage space:

Categorize Clothing by Season

Do you swap out lighter clothes for heavy sweaters and jackets when seasons change? Sterilite 1963 boxes keep categorized wardrobe sets organized yet accessible. Label each box by season – “Summer Clothes,” “Winter Accessories,” etc. Stack according to current season.

Store Infrequently Worn Items

Got clothes you rarely wear but can’t bear to donate? Designate a Sterilite 1963 “archive box” for specialty or sentimental clothing folded neatly inside. Out of season or unworn items stay protected from dust in storage.

Corral Hats, Gloves and Scarves

Hats, gloves and scarves are notorious for getting jumbled and lost in closet corners. An open Sterilite 1963 makes quick work of rounding up these accessories. Toss them in for easy viewing and access on shelf tops or closet floors.

Wrangle Shoes and Purses

How to Organize Your Closet with Sterilite 1963 Clip Boxes: 7 Clever Hacks to Maximize Your Storage

Bring order to chaos by assigning a Sterilite 1963 box for each family member’s shoes and purses. Adding a shelf divider creates compartments to keep pairs together and bags upright. Now you can find what you need in a snap!

Sort Seasonal Accessories

Earmuffs in summer? Sunglasses in winter? Keep seasonal accessories handy by packing them away with Sterilite 1963 containers. Label each clearly so you know at a glance where to find the items you need when seasons switch.

Divide by Clothing Type

Pants in one box, blouses in another, sweaters and hoodies too – grouping clothing types into separate Sterilite 1963 containers makes assembling outfits effortless. Use additional smaller boxes for belts, ties and other accessories.

Protect Delicates and Off-Season Bedding

Protect bras, bathing suits, comforters and other hard-to-store textiles in Sterilite 1963 bins on closet shelves. You’ll breathe easier knowing your delicate and bulky linens stay clean, undamaged and wrinkle-free.

Benefits of Sterilite 1963 for Closet Organization

After seeing how valuable Sterilite 1963 clip boxes are for keeping closets clutter-free, why not stock up? Here are some key benefits that make these storage workhorses a budget-wise buy:

  • Stackable and modular design is perfect for maximizing closet space.
  • Lightweight construction allows easy transport and rearranging.
  • Transparent plastic lets you see contents at a glance.
  • Attached lids keep storage bins dust-free.
  • Affordable pricing makes multiple boxes economical.
  • Durable polypropylene withstands years of use.
  • Totes keep categorized items together when moving.
  • Versatility works in any room – closets, garages, attics and more.

Make the most of cramped or cluttered closets with customizable storage solutions using Sterilite 1963 clip boxes. Keep seasonal wardrobes organized, protect special textiles, or simply stow away the things you use least often. However you utilize them, these handy containers are sure to maximize your closet storage space!

Best Uses for Sterilite 1963: Craft Supplies, Office Supplies, Seasonal Decor

How to Organize Your Closet with Sterilite 1963 Clip Boxes: 7 Clever Hacks to Maximize Your Storage

The versatile Sterilite 1963 large clip box lends itself to an array of handy uses throughout your home. Let’s explore some of the best ways to utilize these storage workhorses beyond just basic closet organization.

Crafters will find the Sterilite 1963 ideal for corralling all those bits and bobs that tend to take over work spaces. Stash colored pencils, markers, and paint tubes of various sizes in these see-through containers to keep supplies right at your fingertips when inspiration strikes.

Got a clutter of office supplies spilling off your desk? Reign in the mess by assigning Sterilite 1963 boxes for tape, sticky notes, rulers, scissors and other desktop tools. Labels help you identify each container’s contents at a glance.

Holiday decorations packing up closet space? Give your seasonal collections room to breathe safely packed away in Sterilite 1963 bins. Christmas ornaments, Halloween props, Easter baskets – everything stores neatly until next year’s festivities roll around.

Other innovative uses for Sterilite 1963 boxes around your home include:

  • Under-bed storage for extra linens and off-season clothes
  • Garage storage for tools, car care supplies and sports equipment
  • Pantry organization for snacks, canned goods and baking supplies
  • Kids’ toy boxes, art supply storage, and activity kits
  • Protecting breakable heirlooms and collectibles from dust and damage

Sterilite 1963 offers limitless possibilities for keeping your home tidy thanks to the boxes’ standard space-saving dimensions and transparent design. Affordably priced and widely available, these storage staples are sure to be your new organizing obsession!

Now let’s explore more clever closet storage hacks to maximize your space using Sterilite 1963 clip boxes…

Optimal Dimensions for Closet Storage and Organization

How to Organize Your Closet with Sterilite 1963 Clip Boxes: 7 Clever Hacks to Maximize Your Storage

One of the key reasons the Sterilite 1963 large clip box is so popular for home organization is its perfectly optimized dimensions. At 18″ long x 12″ wide x 6″ high, these storage containers are sized just right to maximize most closet storage spaces.

The 18″ length allows Sterilite 1963 boxes to readily fit on most closet shelves situated above hanging clothes. The 12″ width likewise slides neatly onto shelf divider racks often found in closets. Some users even stack two clip boxes front-to-back to double storage on deeper shelves.

With their 6″ height, Sterilite 1963 bins easily slide and stack underneath shorter closet shelves too. Simply slide them back into vacant spaces between walls and shelves. The low profile keeps these storage totes hidden from view yet still accessible.

For vertical storage, the 1963’s 18″ x 12″ footprint has the ideal base to stack securely while occupying minimal floor space. The attached lids and straight sides lend stability so towers of boxes don’t topple over. Stacked boxes can be labeled by contents or categories for easy identification.

The standard 1963 sizing also maximizes roomy but shallow under-bed storage. Slide several boxes under on their sides to utilize all the available space beneath your bed frame. Less seasonal clothing items work well for under-bed boxes since you won’t need frequent access.

In addition to optimizing closet and under-bed storage, Sterilite 1963 bins are also sized right to:

  • Fit most garage and attic shelving and racks
  • Stack efficiently in basements to preserve ceiling height
  • Nest snugly on garage shelves beside tools, paint cans, etc.
  • Sit conveniently on a desk or work table to corral office supplies

With millions of units sold over 50+ years, the Sterilite 1963 box has clearly won fans for its versatile, space-saving dimensions. This iconic storage bin continues to be a top choice for keeping closets and other home spaces organized thanks to its smart size optimization.

Stackable and Modular Design Saves Space

One of the most useful features of the Sterilite 1963 for storage and organization is its innovative stackable and modular design. This allows you to customize configurations to make the most of the space you have available in your closet or other areas.

The straight sides and flat top surface enable Sterilite 1963 boxes to stack evenly and securely on top of each other up to three units high. Stacked boxes resist tipping yet are still easily accessible. You can conveniently view and retrieve contents from top bins without unstacking the whole tower.

Stacking also takes advantage of unused vertical storage on closet shelves and floor spaces. Going upwards with storage bins helps maximize every inch of real estate. Labels on each stacked box keeps contents clearly identified at a glance.

Sterilite 1963 boxes also excel at modular storage for custom organization. Their standardized sizing allows you to mix-and-match components to build a custom closet system. Stacked towers, rows on shelves, under-shelf units – create whatever configuration your space needs.

You can find creative ways to take advantage of awkward closet nooks and crannies too. Fill that narrow gap between the wall and shelf with a clip box. Use them as risers to make use of the space above your closet rod. Get innovative with arranging modules to conquer clutter!

The transparency of Sterilite allows modular closet systems to stay visually organized too. You can instantly see contents without unpacking bins. No more guessing what’s in which box!

Affordably priced, widely available, and offering versatile modularity – Sterilite 1963 continues to be a top choice for creating custom storage solutions. The possibilities are endless when you think outside the box (literally) and leverage stackable, modular design!

Clear Boxes Make Contents Visible at a Glance

How to Organize Your Closet with Sterilite 1963 Clip Boxes: 7 Clever Hacks to Maximize Your Storage

One of the handiest features of Sterilite 1963 clip boxes is their transparent plastic construction. Being able to visually identify contents prevents the all-too-common problem of forgotten storage bins buried out of sight.

We’ve all experienced storage frustration fumbling through a stack of opaque boxes trying to remember what’s stashed inside each one. The 1963’s clear sides eliminate the mystery so you can see exactly what you need in an instant.

The see-through walls make Sterilite 1963 containers ideal for storing craft, office, or garage supplies. You can quickly grab scissors, ribbons, or tools right when you need them without unpacking multiple boxes.

The visibility factor also helps keep closet storage organized seasonally. You can instantly identify boxes of summer clothes vs winter wear. No more jumbled messes of unknown bags and boxes!

For maximum visibility, be sure to:

  • Pack boxes neatly without overstuffing.
  • Face labels outward for easy identification.
  • Stack carefully so contents of bottom boxes remain visible.
  • Put smaller items in front and larger items toward the back.

The transparency of Sterilite 1963 bins promotes tidy habits too. You’ll be motivated to keep contents neat knowing boxes aren’t hidden away. Making contents instantly visible reduces closet chaos!

Visibility also deters mystery “junk drawer” scenarios where stray items get tossed in boxes. Being able to see exactly what’s inside helps keep your storage purposeful and precise.

Next time you’re staring hopelessly at a large stack of storage boxes, remember it doesn’t have to be that way. Sterilite 1963 clip boxes let you see and access contents in a glance. Clear bins truly are the window to your organized soul!

Durable Yet Lightweight Construction

How to Organize Your Closet with Sterilite 1963 Clip Boxes: 7 Clever Hacks to Maximize Your Storage

An ideal storage bin strikes the perfect balance between sturdy durability and lightweight versatility. Sterilite has engineered their 1963 clip box to do just that, making it a top choice for home organization and storage tasks.

Constructed from polypropylene plastic, the 1963 box is dent and shatter resistant to withstand years of use. The rigid sides maintain their shape despite frequent packing, stacking, and transporting.

Reinforced bottom panels add stability so boxes don’t sag or warp even when fully loaded. The attached lids clip securely to keep contents safely contained during moves or rearranging.

Despite the tough construction, Sterilite 1963 bins remain lightweight at just under 3 pounds each. The low weight makes these storage boxes easy to lift, carry, and slide around your home effortlessly.

The lightweight design has advantages for storage and organization:

  • Convenient to retrieve boxes from high shelves or reach far under beds
  • Safer for kids to help unpack and repack seasonal decor
  • Easier for seniors to lift and access contents
  • Comfortable for anyone to transport up and down stairs

Don’t let the plastic material fool you – Sterilite 1963 boxes are surprisingly hardy. The edges won’t crack or shatter if dropped. Contents stay protected despite accidental bumps and bangs.

Yet the slim silhouette keeps stacks from toppling over and allows compact storage. The tough-yet-light combo makes these iconic clip boxes highly versatile organizational heroes!

Affordable Price Point for Any Budget

In the era of rising prices, it’s refreshing to find reliable products still affordably priced for any budget. The Sterilite 1963 clip box remains an organizational staple thanks in part to its value pricing.

At approximately $5-10 per box, the 1963 provides an economical storage solution. The price is budget-friendly enough to stock up on multiple containers for your needs. Closet makeovers, garage overhauls, and attic organization projects become accessible possibilities, not just luxuries.

When comparing container options, the Sterilite 1963 also comes out favorably:

  • Cheaper than decorative baskets and bins
  • More affordable than proprietary closet systems
  • Lower cost than heavyweight storage tubs
  • Priced less than multi-section organizers

The economics make sense for homeowners, renters, and DIYers alike. Even those living in small spaces can afford to better utilize their storage real estate.

College students love the Sterilite 1963 for dorm living. The inexpensive boxes allow custom organization on a ramen noodle budget. Renters use them to maximize apartment closets and necessities without huge investment.

Large households appreciate the ability to outfit everyone’s storage needs economically. Buy boxes for the kids’ rooms, family closets, seasonal decor and more without going broke.

Even crafters and hobbyists find value in Sterilite’s pricing. Affordable clear containers keep countless craft supplies neatly corralled.

In a world where prices keep going up, it’s nice to know that a highly-rated organizational staple like the Sterilite 1963 remains easy on the wallet. The budget-friendly price point makes organized living accessible to all!

Matching Lids Keep Contents Contained

How to Organize Your Closet with Sterilite 1963 Clip Boxes: 7 Clever Hacks to Maximize Your Storage

Unlike flimsy cardboard boxes, Sterilite 1963 containers featuresecurely attached lids to keep contents protected inside. This prevents spills, damage, and lost items – a blessing for organized storage!

The snug-fitting lids create a dustproof seal when closed. No more cloak of grey fuzz coating boxes in the attic or garage. Your off-season clothes and decor items stay clean.

Attached lids also eliminate frustrations trying to match lids and bases. No more rummaging through a jumbled pile of mismatched tops and bottoms. Sterilite 1963’s integrated design ensures every base has its lid.

The see-through lids even allow you to identify contents without opening each box. Find exactly what you need faster without unpacking everything first.

Clip-style lids make packing and accessing stored items a breeze:

  • Lift lids completely off to neatly pack contents.
  • Clip down over edges to secure in place.
  • Lift partially to reach in and grab needed items.
  • Reclip firmly until next use.

To avoid broken lids or hinges:

  • Open boxes gently to avoid cracked plastic.
  • Check for damage before stacking to prevent cracking.
  • Avoid overloading that could warp the lid closure.

The convenience of matching, secure-closure lids is often overlooked but much appreciated when storing valuables. Sterilite 1963’s integrated lid design keeps your organization efforts from literally coming apart at the seams!

Versatile for Use Around the Home and Garage

How to Organize Your Closet with Sterilite 1963 Clip Boxes: 7 Clever Hacks to Maximize Your Storage

Sterilite 1963 storage boxes aren’t just for closet organization – their versatile design lends itself to handy uses all around your living spaces.

The garage is one spot where the 1963’s durability shines through. Use clear clip boxes to organize auto fluids, cleaning supplies, sporting goods and tools. The see-through plastic allows quick item identification.

In the pantry, 1963 containers corral snacks, canned goods and baking essentials neatly on shelves. The attached lids keep food sealed against pests.

Under bathroom sinks, store extra toiletries and cleaning products out of sight but still accessible in Sterilite boxes. Matching lids contain any potential spills.

The lightweight design makes Sterilite 1963’s ideal for:

  • Craft and hobby storage for quick access to supplies
  • Under-bed storage to maximize space and hide off-season clothes
  • Kids’ toy organization to separate types, store long-term, or transport to grandma’s
  • Office files, documents and supplies conveniently at your desk

Even stuff you may not think needs “organization” can benefit. Stash gift bags, wrapping paper and ribbons neatly in a closet Sterilite. Now they’re ready to go for any occasion!

The standard sizing, secure lids, and transparent walls make Sterilite 1963 boxes endlessly versatile all around your home. Any space that needs tidying up can benefit from these storage workhorses!

Tips for Maximizing Your Sterilite 1963 Storage

Sterilite 1963 clip boxes are designed for versatile storage, but a bit of planning helps maximize their organizational potential even more.

Categorize contents thoughtfully using a consistent labeling system across all boxes. Options include color coding, shorthand text labels, or combination methods. This enables quick identification of box contents at a glance.

When stacking 1963 boxes, place heavier items in lower boxes for stability. Top-heavy towers risk toppling over. Heavier boxes stacked under lighter ones creates a sturdy foundation.

Wrap fragile items like glassware securely before packing in Sterilite containers. Bubble wrap or foam sheets prevent jostling and damage. The see-through walls let you double check contents are secure.

Try to pack items vertically whenever possible. Fold sweaters and linens upward instead of horizontally to maximize box capacity. Vertically stored items also avoid toppling over when you open boxes.

Leave some wiggle room when packing Sterilite 1963 containers. Overstuffed boxes make shelving difficult. Allow a little space for easy stacking and access.

Take advantage of lid visibility by grouping like items in each box. Holiday decor in one, kids’ art supplies in another, etc. Now you can identify contents at a glance before opening.

Where possible, store Sterilite boxes on shelves close to point of use. Keeping needed items nearby saves time rummaging through attics and basements.

Turn small boxes sideways to use as risers double stacking larger boxes. This takes advantage of vertical storage space while keeping contents visible.

Avoid overloading to prevent cracked or broken boxes. Sterilite 1963’s are durable but not indestructible. Leave a little room at the top for stress-free stacking.

With some advanced planning and creative storage techniques, Sterilite 1963 boxes can be maximized far beyond basic closet decluttering. Make the most of your organizational investment through strategic use!