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Must-Have Super Mario Funkos: Top 10 Mario Bros Figures

Mario – The Famous Plumber Hero

Mario is undoubtedly one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. Since his debut in the 1981 arcade classic Donkey Kong, the famous plumber has become a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. With his red cap, bushy mustache, blue overalls and infectious cheerful attitude, Mario has charmed multiple generations of gamers over the past four decades.

The enduring popularity of Nintendo’s mascot has led to Mario being featured in a wide array of merchandise over the years. One particularly fun and collectible Mario item comes in the form of Funko Pop vinyl figures. Funko Pops offer cute and stylized interpretations of popular characters in a compact and affordable format. They have exploded in popularity in recent years, covering a vast range of movies, TV shows, video games, comics and more.

For Nintendo fans, Funko Pop has released dozens of different vinyl figures capturing the essence of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser and other classic characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Here are 10 must-have Mario Funko Pops to add to your collection:

1. Classic Mario

Must-Have Super Mario Funkos: Top 10 Mario Bros Figures

You can’t go wrong with the OG red-and-blue outfit Mario! This Funko Pop features Mario with a joyful expression, holding a golden coin overhead. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the heroic plumber’s upbeat spirit. This is a quintessential addition for any Super Mario Funko collection.

2. Super Mario Odyssey Mario

From Mario’s latest globe-trotting 3D adventure on the Nintendo Switch, this Funko Pop depicts Mario in his sharp white wedding tuxedo and top hat. The figure captures Mario’s newest dapper look with charm and whimsy. An essential for Super Mario Odyssey fans.

3. 8-Bit Mario

Go old-school with this blocky pixelated rendition of Mario! Modeled after Mario’s primitive 1980s sprite, this Funko Pop oozes retro charm. The perfect nostalgic centerpiece for your collection.

4. Tanooki Mario

Tanooki Mario is one of the most iconic Mario power-up forms, giving him a cute raccoon tail and ears. This Funko Pop captures the magical flying raccoon suit with adorable detail. A must-have for Super Mario Bros. 3 fans.

5. Cat Mario

Must-Have Super Mario Funkos: Top 10 Mario Bros Figures

After Tanooki Mario comes Cat Mario! This power-up from Super Mario 3D World gives Mario cat ears, paws and a cute tail. This Funko Pop is super detailed down to the blue cat eyes. A fun vinyl for feline fans.

6. Fire Mario

When Mario gets a Fire Flower, he becomes the fiery Fire Mario! This Funko Pop colorfully depicts Mario’s white and red fire suit with a translucent flame base. Feel the heat with this eye-catching vinyl.

7. Propeller Mario

Soar to new heights with Propeller Mario from New Super Mario Bros. Wii! This Funko Pop shows Mario preparing to take flight using his handheld propeller box. Definitely one of the more unique Mario designs.

8. Gold Mario

Gold Mario first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS, obsessively chasing coins. This shiny Funko Pop captures the glittering golden Mario atop a stack of coins in all his greedy glory. A true treasure for collectors.

9. Dr. Mario

Before Mario was a plumber, he was studying to be Dr. Mario! This retro Funko Pop shows off Mario’s alternate medical career. He’s ready to prescribe some mega vitamins to annihilate those viruses. Nurse Peach not included!

10. Super Mario Cereal

Okay, this isn’t technically a Mario figure, but it’s still an amazing novelty Funko Pop. Released as a promotion for Super Mario Cereal, this vinyl is modeled after a real cereal box featuring Mario. What a super way to start your day! An absolute must-have for Mario fans.

That covers 10 of the very best Mario Funko Pops you need in your collection. From 8-bit to Tanooki, Fire Mario to Cat Mario, there’s a vinyl figure to delight every Mario fan. These Funkos are the perfect way to display your fandom for Nintendo’s beloved mascot. So jump and smash those bricks to add these awesome Mario Pop figures to your stash today!

Luigi – Mario’s Green Clad Brother

Luigi is Mario’s taller, younger brother and longtime player two. Though he originally debuted in the arcade game Mario Bros. as a mere palette swap, Luigi has since emerged from Mario’s shadow to become a beloved character in his own right. Known for his timid and clumsy personality, Luigi provides a humorous counterpoint to Mario’s courage and confidence.

Nintendo has celebrated Luigi’s popularity over the years with special Year of Luigi events and even designated 2013 as “The Year of Luigi.” The green machine has starred in his own games like Luigi’s Mansion and headlined Super Mario adventures without Mario. Though Luigi helps his big bro out plenty, he’s more than earned his place as a Nintendo icon.

Funko Pop has immortalized Luigi’s uniqueness as a character through several fun vinyl figures. Here are 10 must-have Luigi Funko Pops for all fanatics of the green brother:

1. Classic Luigi

Must-Have Super Mario Funkos: Top 10 Mario Bros Figures

You can’t start a Luigi Funko collection without his classic look. This figure features Luigi in his familiar green hat and shirt, happily posing with a golden coin. The perfect encapsulation of the bashful hero.

2. 8-Bit Luigi

Go retro with the blocky pixel charm of 8-bit Luigi! Modeled after his NES sprite, this Funko Pop is a nostalgic blast from the past. A perfect pairing with the 8-Bit Mario.

3. Tanooki Luigi

Tanooki Luigi is an adorable figure, capturing Luigi’s raccoon suit and ears. His striped tail curls around the back of the vinyl base. A must for Super Mario Bros. 3 fans.

4. Cat Luigi

Meow! Cat Luigi joins his feline brother Cat Mario. This Super Mario 3D World power-up gives Luigi blue cat eyes, ears, paws and a curling tail. Too cute!

5. Fire Luigi

When Luigi gets a fire flower, he becomes the fiery hot Fire Luigi! This Funko Pop colorfully depicts Luigi’s green and white fire suit. The translucent orange flame stand completes the heat.

6. Propeller Luigi

Must-Have Super Mario Funkos: Top 10 Mario Bros Figures

Modeled after New Super Mario Bros. Wii, this Propeller Luigi vinyl figure shows Luigi preparing to take flight with his handheld propeller box. One of Luigi’s most unique power-ups!

7. Mr. L

Say hello to Luigi’s mischievous alter-ego Mr. L! Debuting in Super Paper Mario, this figure features Mr. L’s green and black costume with domino mask. The perfect villainous version of Luigi.

8. Lederhosen Luigi

Represent Luigi’s cultural heritage with this Pop in traditional Bavarian lederhosen! The figure includes an Oktoberfest hat, green vest, and leather breaches. A fun festive version of the hero.

9. Luigi’s Mansion Luigi

This Funko Pop brings to life Luigi’s ghost-hunting adventure in Luigi’s Mansion! The timid Luigi is captured holding his Poltergust vacuum pack, ready to suck up some ghosts. A great vinyl for fans of Luigi’s solo series.

10. Lego Luigi

Lego meets Nintendo! This special Funko Pop reimagines Luigi as a blocky Lego Minifigure. The creative design captures Luigi’s essence through simple Lego pieces. An awesome novelty addition.

That covers 10 must-have picks for the best Luigi Funko Pop figures. Luigi plays second fiddle no longer with Funko! The unique styling of these vinyls highlight Luigi’s quirky personality and power-ups. With designs ranging from 8-bit to Cat Luigi, Fire Luigi to Lego Luigi, any fan can build the ultimate Luigi Funko Pop collection!

Princess Peach – Mario’s Lady in Pink

For over 35 years, Princess Peach has been a staple in the Super Mario Bros franchise. With her signature pink dress, golden crown, and iconic high heels, Peach brings both elegance and spunkiness to the Mushroom Kingdom. As Mario’s damsel in distress and love interest, Peach plays a pivotal role in many Mario games, going all the way back to her debut in Super Mario Bros in 1985.

Given Princess Peach’s popularity and importance, it’s no surprise that Funko has created a variety of Pop! vinyl figures to capture her likeness. From her classic 8-bit sprite to wedding gown variations, Funko has translated Peach’s style into their cutesy big-headed aesthetic flawlessly. For Mario fans looking to showcase Nintendo’s leading lady, Peach is a must-have addition to any Funko Pop collection.

One of the best Princess Peach Funko Pops is the classic Super Mario Bros style. This figure features Peach in her immediately recognizable red and pink dress with puff sleeves, tall white gloves, blue gem brooch, and golden crown atop her flowing yellow hair. The 8-bit pixelated design pays homage to Peach’s debut and is a great nostalgic piece. This Funko Pop remains faithful to the vintage video game sprite while adding Funko’s signature oversized head and eyes.

For a more updated look, the Super Mario Odyssey Princess Peach Funko Pop also captures her signature style. In contrast to the retro pixel look, this figure features more realism and detail. Peach wears her modernized pink gown with a flared skirt, dainty gloves, and tiara on top of her long blonde hair. She even holds her blue and white umbrella. The elegant contemporary design matches Peach’s appearance in the Super Mario Odyssey game.

Funko also has a Princess Peach Funko Pop of her sporting athletic wear from Mario sports games. This Pop features Peach ready for action in a pink crop top, shorts, wrist bands, and white tennis shoes. With a determined expression and tennis racket accessory, this Peach Funko exudes power and girl boss energy. It’s a fun stylized take on Peach’s competitive side.

One of the most unique Princess Peach Funkos is the wedding gown version. As a love interest of Mario’s, Peach occasionally dawned a wedding dress in certain Mario games. The Funko Pop immortalizes this outfit with a stunning ivory gown, veil, and bouquet. The flowing dress captures all the grace and elegance you’d expect from a blushing bride Peach. It’s a beautiful collectible that also symbolizes Peach and Mario’s relationship.

For fans of the Mario Kart series, the Princess Peach Funko Pop Rides are a cool way to display Peach. Choose from Mario Kart riding in her standard kart, her motorbike, or even her adorable heart-shaped frame kart. Each Funko Pop Ride portrays Peach in her iconic racing outfit complete with helmet, gloves, and trusty vehicle. Zoom past the competition and add these Peach Rides to your collection!

Part of Peach’s charm comes from her sassy, girly, yet strong-willed personality. Funko did an excellent job encompassing different facets of Princess Peach’s character through their fun variations. Whether you prefer the retro pixel Peach, graceful bridal gown Peach, or competitive tennis Peach, there’s a Funko Pop to appeal to every side of Mario’s leading lady.

For over 35 years and counting, Princess Peach has been a central fixture in the ever popular Super Mario franchise. She represents both Mario’s eternal motivation to save the princess and the heart of the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach’s presence spans countless games, making her an obvious necessity in any Nintendo or Mario-themed Funko Pop collection. Show your love for gaming royalty and add these Princess Peach Funkos today!

Bowser – Mario’s Spiky Shelled Nemesis

Must-Have Super Mario Funkos: Top 10 Mario Bros Figures

What villainous video game ensemble would be complete without the inclusion of Mario’s eternal nemesis, Bowser? The menacing, fire-breathing Koopa King has been antagonizing Mario since his introduction in 1985’s Super Mario Bros. With his spiked turtle shell, sharp horns, and brawny build, Bowser is an imposing foe who serves as the archetypal adversary to Mario and Luigi in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Given Bowser’s prominence as Mario’s arch rival, it’s no wonder that Funko has immortalized gaming’s beloved bad guy in many collectible Pop! vinyl figures. From his early pixelated days to modern fiery incarnations, Funko captures Bowser’s essence in a variety of fun and funky styles. No Mario Funko collection would be complete without this iconic villain.

For a classic retro Bowser, the 8-bit Super Mario Bros Funko Pop delivers. Modeled after his original 1985 video game sprite, this Pop features blocky pixels and a simplistic angular design. The menacing grin and fiery red hair epitomize Bowser’s villainous nature. This old school Pop is perfect for fans nostalgic for Bowser’s early days.

Bringing Bowser to life in vivid color, the Super Mario series Bowser Funko Pop radiates energy and attitude. Bowser takes on a bold red and green color scheme, complemented by his spiked collar and armbands. His curved horns, massive shell, and flowing red mane capture his iconic look. This dynamic Pop leaps off the screen like the Bowser we love to battle.

Another great option is the Bowser Funko Pop from Super Mario Odyssey. This rendition mirrors his modernized appearance in the Nintendo Switch game. Bowser’s reptilian scales, deadly claws, protruding fangs, and wild eyes make him look particularly fiendish. And his famous Mario insignia emblem on his spiked cuffs and belt show his allegiance. This Pop exemplifies the evolved, fiercer Bowser.

For Bowser in a more light-hearted context, consider the Bowser Funko Pop holding his adorable son Bowser Jr. Bowser smiles proudly while the mini Bowser Jr. sits contentedly in his arms. The cute father-son moment provides endearing contrast to Bowser’s normally ruthless persona. It’s a unique Pop capturing Bowser’s softer side.

Of course, what better way to display Bowser’s villainy than atop his Clown Copter vehicle? The Bowser Funko Pop Rides series portrays just that, with Bowser firing away within his personal hovercraft. Between the spinning propeller blades, Bowser’s maniacal expression, and blasting weaponry, this dynamic Pop exemplifies Bowser’s evil ambitions of domination.

Part of what makes Bowser such an iconic villain is that he always comes back for more, no matter how many times Mario defeats him. Some Funko Pops celebrate this persistence, like the Bowser Funko with Bandage on Face. This comical Pop shows Bowser wrapped in bandages and an eye patch, pushing forward even after another failed mission against Mario. It’s a fun nod to Bowser’s undying dedication.

For glow-in-the-dark excitement, the Super Mario Bros Bowser Funko Pop also impresses. When the lights go out, the entire figure illuminates in an eerie green glow, from his gnarly horns down to his clawed toes. It’s a supernatural spooky take perfect for Halloween. Even in the dark, Bowser’s fiery spirit shines through!

Love him or hate him, Bowser has undoubtedly left an indelible mark as one of gaming’s most memorable and dastardly villains. He serves as the quintessential adversary to Mario, always showing up to kidnap Princess Peach and wreak havoc across the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser Funko Pops capture this menacing yet entertaining essence, from retro 8-bit days to modern fiery incarnations. Add these Bowser collectibles and complete your roster of Super Mario Funkos today!

Yoshi – Mario’s Loyal Dinosaur Sidekick

Must-Have Super Mario Funkos: Top 10 Mario Bros Figures

What would a Super Mario Funko Pop collection be without including Mario’s trusty dinosaur sidekick, Yoshi? Ever since his debut in Super Mario World, the adorable green Yoshi has been a fan favorite character. With his unique abilities like gobbling up enemies with his long tongue and flutter jumping, Yoshi provides helpful support on Mario’s adventures.

Given Yoshi’s popularity and significance in the Mario franchise, Funko did an excellent job translating the cute dinosaur into vinyl Pop figure form. They capture his distinctive features, from his large nose and big expressive eyes to his saddle and pointy back plates. Yoshi comes in a spectrum of bright color variants too. Add these essential Yoshi Funkos to your Mario Pop collection!

A great classic choice is the Super Mario Bros style Yoshi Funko Pop. Modeled after his vintage 16-bit appearance, this Yoshi sports a cute retro pixelated look. The blocky angular design and bright green color epitomize the Yoshi character while staying true to his video game origins. A must for old school Super Mario fans.

For a more modernized design, check out the Super Mario Odyssey Yoshi Funko Pop. This adapt’s Yoshi’s updated realistic aesthetic from the Nintendo Switch game. The figure’s large rounded eyes, prominent nose and toothed grin capture Yoshi’s expressive nature. Scaly texture, saddle, and correct posture give further attention to detail. A perfect update of the iconic sidekick.

Part of Yoshi’s charm comes from his adorably egg-shaped body. The Yoshi’s Crafted World Funko Pop capitalizes on this appeal, rendering Yoshi as an actual Easter egg. The smooth oval shape, felt-like texture, and cardboard wings make Yoshi look handcrafted. Vibrant teal and white polka dot patterns finish off this artsy take on the lovable dinosaur.

For glitter and glow, check out the flocked glitter Yoshi Funko Pop. This sparkly figure coats Yoshi in a layer of fuzzy felt-like texture. The bright white glitter embedded throughout makes Yoshi practically shine. This Pop brings an eye-catching new dimension and tactile appeal to the cute dino pal.

Funko also captured fun Yoshi expressions, like the Yoshi Funko Pop holding a red pepper. Eyes watering and mouth agape, this vinyl recreates Yoshi’s reaction to eating a spicy pepper. A speech bubble saying “HaAaAah!” completes the scene. It’s a funny and relatable moment for the normally polite dinosaur.

There’s also a Yoshi Funko of him hatching out of a Yoshi egg. The cracked egg shell and baby Yoshi peeking out captures the iconic moment when Mario first discovers these helpful companions. This Pop would make a great partner piece along with the super cute Baby Mario Funko Pop.

For dazzling colors, check out the rainbow and gold Yoshi Funkos. These bright variations give Yoshi an eye-catching makeover with metallic gold armor or a vibrant rainbow of colors covering his entire body. They lend a playful, youthful spirit perfect for completing any fun Pop collection.

Of course, you can’t forget about Yoshi’s signature mode of transportation – the Yoshi Bike Funko Pop Ride! This vinyl captures Yoshi cruising along on his trusty motorbike. The biker jacket and goggles add to the fun transportation theme. Use it alongside Mario Kart Funkos for ultimate racing representation.

However you prefer to collect him, Yoshi Funko Pops encapsulate the essence of Mario’s cute dinosaur companion. Whether retro pixel, glittery, shiny, or sporting creative expressions, these vinyls showcase Yoshi’s unique personality and design. No Nintendo or Super Mario Funko ensemble is complete without including multiple versions of Yoshi!

Toad – The Mushroom Retainer

You can’t fully explore the wonders of the Mushroom Kingdom without the help of Toad! This loyal servant to Princess Peach has been assisting Mario on adventures since the early Super Mario Bros games. With his recognizable white and red polka dot head and bubbly smile, Toad quickly became a beloved character within Nintendo’s universe.

Given Toad’s prominence, Funko did well representing this cute character in Pop! figure form. His vibrant colors, spotlight eyes, and OVERALLS help capture Toad’s spirit. Add these Funko Pops to your Mario collection for a dose of Toad’s perky helpfulness!

For retro nostalgia, check out the 8-Bit Super Mario Bros Toad Funko. Modeled after the vintage video game sprite, this Pop epitomizes old school Toad. The sleek pixel look, bright colors, and simple smiling face encapsulate Toad’s earnest charm. A great throwback for OG Mario fans.

Bringing Toad to life, the Super Mario Toad Funko Pop looks like he leaped from the screen. With smooth textures, a body under his vest and HEAD COVERING, and clearer facial features, this Pop modernizes Toad with realism. His pose and expression capture infectious joy. A wonderful updated take on the classic character.

Part of Toad’s appeal comes from his cute mushroom cap HEAD COVERING. The Super Mario Toad with Super Mushroom Funko celebrates this by portraying Toad holding his power-up namesake. His huge grin shows pride in presenting the iconic mushroom. With its eyes, spots, and stem, the Super Mushroom looks equally adorable.

For some flashy fun, check out the glow-in-the-dark Toad Funko. When lights go out, Toad’s entire body emits an eerie yet captivating green glow. From the spots on his HEAD COVERING down to his feet, Toad appears supernatural. It’s a spookily cool way to highlight one of Mario’s most vibrant comrades.

Funko also captured some of Toad’s various vocations, like Toad the DJ. Dressed in headphones and a scarf, Toad looks ready to lay down some sick beats! With a music record in hand, Toad will keep the party rocking in the Mushroom Kingdom. A perfect nod to Toad’s multifaceted roles.

There’s also Builder Toad holding his sledgehammer and lunchbox ready for a hard day’s work. His tool belt and blueprints showcase his construction expertise. And the bright safety vest ensures Toad adheres to on-site regulations!

For powering up, the 8-Bit Super Mushroom Toad is a great choice. Toad’s polka dot cap and clothes grow comically large alongside the iconic mushroom. His red vest can barely contain the transformation! This Pop captures the magic that makes Mario’s world so wondrous.

But perhaps the most adorable Toad Funko is him caring for Baby Mario. Toad holds the infant Mario gently while pointing to the trademark “M” on his hat. Baby Mario in turn sucks on a pacifier contentedly. The cute crossover is sure to delight Nintendo fans.

However you prefer him, Toad Funko Pops highlight Mario’s relentlessly cheerful mushroom-headed companion. Whether retro pixel or modern detailed, Toad’s spirit shines through. His various outfits and poses showcase Toad’s wide skillset for supporting Mario’s adventures. Add these essential Funkos to your Super Mario collection today!

Donkey Kong – The Barrel Throwing Ape

Must-Have Super Mario Funkos: Top 10 Mario Bros Figures

What collection of Super Mario Bros Funko Pops would be complete without including the one who started it all – Donkey Kong! This burly barrel-tossing gorilla debuted as Mario’s first adversary in the 1981 arcade game bearing his name. With his muscular build, fierce face, and red tie imprinted with his initials “DK”, Donkey Kong made an immediate impact on gaming.

Given his significance as Mario’s original nemesis, Funko translated DK’s iconic design into several fun Pop figures. His menacing glare, hulking stature, and various poses capture Donkey Kong’s aggressive yet entertaining essence. Add these Donkey Kong Funkos to showcase where the Mario madness began!

For retro appeal, the Super Mario Bros Donkey Kong Funko delivers 8-bit pixel perfection. Modeled after his boxy arcade sprite, this Pop oozes old school charm. The vibrant red, blue, and yellow color scheme pops against the sleek black background. Pixelated details like DK’s peg teeth and arching eyebrows epitomize his original look. A true blast from the past!

The Donkey Kong Funko Pop from the Mario vs Donkey Kong series modernizes the ape with vivid personality. More realistic details like furry texture, a playful grin, and muscular arms bring Donkey Kong to life. The red initialed tie remains, along with his gleaming gold medallion for bling. This energetic DK is ready to rumble!

Part of the fun with Donkey Kong is his range of animations showing off his strength and attitude. The Donkey Kong Funko with Barrel captures DK mid-toss, hoisting the explosive cask high over his head. His giant palms and strained expression convey power and precision. Meanwhile, the barrel’s peg-like fuse adds danger to the scene.

For more barrel bowling action, check out the Donkey Kong Funko Pop Rides on Mine Cart. DK confidently steers a rickety mine cart filled with his trusty barrels. As dynamite fuses burn down, you can almost hear DK’s maniacal laughter echoing through the mineshafts. This dynamic Pop puts DK’s barrel-tossing skills front and center.

Funko also captured DK’s love of bananas with the Donkey Kong eating Banana Funko. This vinyl portrays DK happily munching a bright yellow banana almost as big as himself! Eyes closed in contentment, DK gets to relish his favorite fruity snack. An adorable and fitting choice for any Nintendo collection.

The 8-Bit Barrel Blast Donkey Kong Funko combines retro pixel art with modern sculpting for a unique fusion Pop. While DK’s body remains boxy and pixelated, his barrel blasting pose gets portrayed realistically for added dynamism. This clever vinyl celebrates Donkey Kong’s origins while enhancing his iconic actions.

For more wacky barrel antics, the Donkey Kong Throwing Barrel Funko is also a great option. Caught mid-throw, this DK flings a peg-laden barrel with all his might. Meanwhile, an already tossed barrel flies through the air, poised to blow. Together the pair epitomize Donkey Kong’s explosive shenanigans.

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Donkey Kong’s enduring popularity and influence. He emerged as Mario’s first-ever villain, setting the stage for decades of Nintendo lore. Pay homage to this groundbreaking antagonist by adding Donkey Kong Funkos to your Mario Pop figure collection today!

Wario – Mario’s Greedy Doppelganger

Must-Have Super Mario Funkos: Top 10 Mario Bros Figures

Every hero needs an evil counterpart, and for Mario that notorious role belongs to none other than Wario! Introduced in 1992, this greedy garlic-loving anti-Mario has been causing mischief across Nintendo games ever since. With his muscular physique, villainous mustache, and iconic “W” cap, Wario represents an alter ego gone wrong.

Given Wario’s distinct design and relationship with Mario, Funko did an excellent job capturing him in Pop! form. Several vinyls showcase Wario’s greedy, mischievous personality through creative poses and expressions. Add these Wario Funkos to your collection for a touch of mayhem!

For old school fans, the classic 8-Bit Wario Funko delivers retro pixel perfection. The chunky square body, garish purple and yellow colors, and jagged W emblem on his hat recreate vintage Wario flawlessly. Pixelated details like his zigzag mustache and pointy elf shoes complete the blast from the past.

The Wario Funko Pop from the WarioWare series modernizes the antihero in vivid style. Cropped in mid-stride, this Wario conveys motion and energy. Details like his sinewy muscles, fiendish smirk, and clenched fist give him a troublemaking edge. His yellow hat even sports a “W” built from coins to symbolize greed.

For more animated antics, check out the Wario Funko Pop picking his nose. Caught in the unsavory act, this oblivious Wario digs for gold without a care. His goofy expression and finger up his nose provide some light-hearted comic relief to offset Wario’s more nefarious nature.

You also can’t go wrong with the iconic Wario chomping on garlic. This Wario Funko Pop celebrates his favorite food – the stinky bulbous vegetable that fuels his despicable deeds. Eyes closed in delight, Wario happily munches his beloved garlic clove. A fun nod to a quirky character trait.

The mischievous spirit continues in the Pirate Wario & Chicken Funko Pop. Dressed in full pirate garb, Wario grins while holding a stolen chicken and golden chalice. The parrot on his shoulder squawks as if protesting Wario’s loot. This Pop perfectly captures Wario’s roguish greed and troublemaking.

For more treasure hunting, the Wario with Money Bags Funko shows Wario triumphantly clutching two bulging sacks overflowing with coins. The look of joy on his face conveys immense satisfaction. This vinyl epitomizes Wario achieving his lifelong goal of getting filthy rich!

But perhaps the most amusing Wario Funko is him clad in a thong…and nothing else! Cheeks exposed and belly sticking out, mostly nude Wario rocks his revealing swimwear boldly. It’s an outrageous yet fitting representation of Wario’s brash shameless attitude.

Love him or hate him, Wario has certainly made his mark on the Nintendo universe as Mario’s hilariously immoral doppelganger. From his debut in the early 90s, Wario has appeared in dozens of titles across multiple genres. Add these Wario Funko Pops to showcase gaming’s beloved rotten antihero today!

Princess Daisy – Luigi’s Special Lady Friend

What would the Mushroom Kingdom be without its sassy flower princess? Introduced in 1989, Princess Daisy has blossomed into a fan favorite Mario character. With her iconic yellow and orange dress, crown of daisies, and energetic attitude, Daisy brings her own spirit to Nintendo’s universe. And as Luigi’s rumored love interest, she adds romance to the mix!

Given Princess Daisy’s popularity and flair, Funko did an excellent job translating her into vinyl Pop form. Her bright colors, big expressive eyes, and cute poses capture Daisy’s vibrant personality. Add these essential Daisy Funkos to give your Mario collection a dose of flower power!

For a classic vintage look, the Super Mario Bros Princess Daisy Funko delivers retro pixel charm. Modeled after her debut appearance, this Pop features Daisy in her traditional floral printed gown. The 8-bit blocky design and simple smiling expression capture old school Daisy perfectly.

The modern Princess Daisy Funko Pop provides a contemporary update with flowing hair, a ruffled dress, dainty shoes, and elegant jewelry. Detailed facial features like blushed cheeks convey Daisy’s cheerful energy. This stylized vinyl brings Super Mario’s girly sidekick to life.

Part of the appeal with Princess Daisy is her spunky attitude, portrayed playfully in the Daisy Funko Tennis Player. Ready for action on the courts, Daisy sports a visor, wristbands, racket, and cute tennis outfit. The determined expression shows Daisy’s competitive spirit, making her a perfect partner for Luigi.

For more athletic fun, check out the Princess Daisy Funko as a soccer player. Clad in soccer shorts, jersey, cleats, and ponytail, Daisy juggles a ball like a pro. The mid-kick pose highlights her strength and skills. Combine her with the Luigi soccer Funko for the full Mario Strikers duo!

Funko also captured Daisy’s grace and poise in the elegant Princess Daisy with Scepter and Dress Funko. This royal Pop features Daisy in an ornate pink ballgown, matching opera gloves, tiara, and bejeweled scepter. She waves politely with a gentle smile – perfect for a princess meet and greet!

For some silly fun, the Princess Daisy Funko Bobblehead provides a unique springy look. Atop a base of daisies, Daisy’s head bounces and wobbles with the slightest touch. The dynamic bobbling conveys Daisy’s energetic and cheerful personality. A must-have for Mario fans.

The Princess Daisy Funko Mystery Minis also offer a fun variety, with Daisy portrayed as a mermaid, snow princess, cat burglar, and more. Each 7-inch mini vinyl features Daisy in creative costumes with matching accessories and expressions to delight collectors.

But perhaps the cutest Daisy Funko is her walking arm-in-arm with Luigi. As Mario’s lesser-known brother, Luigi found the perfect match with Daisy, culminating in adorable chemistry. This 2-pack conveys their sweet relationship through bashful smiles as the pair strolls together.

However you choose to collect her, Princess Daisy Funko Pops encapsulate the charm of this girly flower child. With her bright colors, energetic nature, and cute costumes, Daisy brings a playful feminine touch to the Mushroom Kingdom roster. No Mario Funko ensemble is complete without the perky princess!

Boo – The Bashful Ghost Who Stalks Mario

Must-Have Super Mario Funkos: Top 10 Mario Bros Figures

What would a Super Mario Funko Pop collection be without including the franchise’s iconic ghosts? Known as Boos, these timid phantoms have been haunting Mario’s adventures since his Super Nintendo days. With their spiky fangs, long tongues, and ability to turn invisible, Boos add a spooky element to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Given their popularity, Funko did an excellent job translating these bashful ghouls into vinyl Pop form. Rounded ghostly tails, wide glowing eyes, and transparent sheens capture the Boos’ supernatural charm. For fans wanting to showcase Mario’s spookiest foes, these Boo Funkos are a must!

A great classic choice is the Super Mario Boo Funko Pop styled after the character’s vintage 16-bit design. Modeled after the original angular floating ghosts, this Pop features a cone-shaped Boo with beady eyes. The bright white color pops against the transparent finish. A nostalgic nod to Super Mario World Boos!

For a more updated look, the New Super Mario Bros Boo Funko adopts a rounded curved shape and expressive face. Covered in a subtle sparkly sheen, this bashful Boo squeezes its eyes shut and smiles wide revealing its signature fangs. The bright blue hue provides cheerful contrast to the ghostly pallor.

Funko also captured some of the ways Boos interact with Mario, like the Boo holding a POW block. This tricky ghost readies the iconic POW weapon, poised to slam it down on poor Mario below. Clear spiral sculpting adds visual intrigue while conveying devious intentions.

There’s also a Boo Funko Pop peeking playfully out of a Warp Pipe. Only the Boo’s head and hands emerge from the green pipe as it mischievously watches for its next victim. The bold yellow and white stripes on the pipe provide an eye-catching backdrop.

For more camouflage, the Glow-in-the-Dark Boo fading away Funko truly seems to disappear when lights go out! Only the Boo’s eyes and fangs glow, giving the illusion of vanishing. This ghostly trick embodies the character’s shy elusive nature perfectly.

If you prefer your Boos to stand out, the Neon Orange and Pink Boos Funkos deliver. These vividly colored ghosts seem to vibrate with supernatural energy. The concentrated bright hues make them pop against any collection. Perfect for brightening up the gloom!

For multi-character appeal, you can also collect the Boo Trio 3-pack. This set features the classic white Boo along with magenta and turquoise Boos for triple the phantasmal fun. Show off the ghosts in all their transparent glory together!

However you choose to collect them, Boo Funko Pops provide a spooky accent to any Mario assortment. With their ghostly sheens, glowing eyes, and mischievous expressions, these vinyls showcase the Boos’ timid yet troublesome nature. Every Super Mario Pop display needs these iconic ghosts!