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Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN’s 911 Help Now Pendant Solves Your Safety Worries

Introduce HSN’s 911 Help Now Emergency Response Pendant

Life can throw unexpected emergencies our way when we least expect it. Whether it’s a sudden fall, injury, or health event, having quick access to help can make all the difference. That’s why the 911 Help Now Emergency Response Pendant from HSN provides an invaluable service for peace of mind and safety.

This innovative pendant works anywhere in the U.S. with built-in GPS and cellular connectivity. With just the press of a button, you’re immediately connected to a 24/7 emergency response center. Help can be dispatched based on your location, even if you can’t speak. Read on for a detailed look at how this pendant works and why it’s a smart choice for personal safety.

GPS Tracking Capabilities Offer Security

The 911 Help Now pendant utilizes advanced GPS tracking to pinpoint your location in an emergency. When you press the help button, it activates the GPS chip inside the pendant. This sends your exact coordinates to the emergency response center so they know precisely where you are.

The GPS tracking continues every 5 minutes until help arrives. So even if you move locations, emergency personnel can still find you. This GPS functionality provides security and peace of mind that emergency services can reach you quickly.

Fall Detection Feature Can Automatically Alert for Help

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

A useful feature of the 911 Help Now pendant is its intelligent fall detection capability. The pendant contains advanced sensors that can distinguish normal motion vs. the impact of a sudden fall or accident.

If a fall is detected, the pendant will automatically place a call to the emergency response center, even if you are unable to push the button. This provides an added layer of protection in case you are injured or unconscious after a serious fall.

Waterproof, Durable Design for Wear Anywhere

Designed for active lifestyles, the 911 Help Now pendant has a waterproof rating of IP67. This means it can be submerged in water up to 3 feet deep. You can comfortably wear it in the shower, swimming, or out in the rain without worry.

The pendant is also engineered from durable materials to withstand bumps and drops. The tough silicone band ensures long-lasting wearability without damage. You can wear your pendant daily, knowing it’s ready to work when you need it.

Built-In SIM Card Provides Nationwide Coverage

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

Your 911 Help Now pendant comes ready to use with a built-in SIM card and cellular plan. After an easy one-time setup, the pendant works anywhere across the U.S. with nationwide coverage.

You don’t have to worry about connecting it to your own cell phone plan or managing monthly fees. The cost of the cellular plan is included with your purchase, keeping things simple.

24/7 Emergency Response Center Access

Pressing the SOS button on the pendant connects you directly to the 24/7 emergency response monitoring center. You can talk to a live agent who can assess your emergency situation and dispatch police, fire/EMS, or other resources based on your needs.

The emergency response center has access to your GPS location and profile details to assist you quickly. Help is just a button press away at all times when wearing the pendant.

One-Button Activation Design for Easy Use

The 911 Help Now pendant uses a straightforward one-button activation design. To summon help in an emergency, you simply press the large SOS button on the center of the pendant.

There are no complex sequences to remember. Just press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds, and emergency assistance is on the way.

The simple, intuitive operation makes the pendant easy to use even in high-stress situations. You don’t have to waste time fumbling with buttons when every second counts.

Valuable Safety Benefits of Wearing the 911 Help Now

Wearing the 911 Help Now pendant provides many valuable benefits for safety and independence. The discrete, stylish design looks like jewelry but acts as a lifeline in emergencies.

Knowing help is available at the push of a button can give seniors and singles living alone added security. It also provides peace of mind for family members worried about their loved one’s safety.

The pendant allows active, healthy lifestyles by providing backup protection. Whether enjoying daily walks or traveling, the pendant offers coverage anywhere cell service is available.

Tips for Getting the Most From Your 911 Help Now

Here are some tips to ensure you get the full benefits of the 911 Help Now pendant:

  • Wear it daily and get used to having it on.
  • Add emergency contacts to your safety profile.
  • Keep the SOS button accessible (don’t tuck under clothes).
  • Remember to charge regularly to keep the battery fresh.
  • Test it periodically by pressing the button to confirm it’s working.
  • Update your profile if you move or your contacts change.

Customer Experiences Show the 911 Help Now’s Value

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

Many customers have shared their positive experiences using the 911 Help Now pendant. Its life-saving response in emergencies gives them confidence to keep living independently.

One customer, James, took a serious fall while gardening far from his house. Unable to get up and severely cut, he pressed his pendant’s SOS button. Paramedics arrived shortly after to treat him.

Another customer, Marissa, activated her pendant when she began experiencing chest pain while home alone. She received prompt medical care after the emergency center dispatched an ambulance in response.

These real-life examples show the 911 Help Now pendant can truly provide a lifeline. For seniors, singles, and frequent travelers, it’s an essential item that offers protection, security, and peace of mind.

Describe the Pendant’s GPS Tracking Capabilities

When an emergency strikes, every second counts. Fortunately, the 911 Help Now pendant provides advanced GPS tracking capabilities to quickly pinpoint your location and send help faster.

After pressing the SOS button, the pendant’s built-in GPS chip activates to identify your precise coordinates. This isn’t some imprecise, general area location we’re talking about. Using state-of-the-art GPS satellite tracking technology, the pendant can identify your location down to a 10 foot radius.

It rapidly transmits these super-accurate coordinates to the 24/7 emergency monitoring center. They instantly know if you’re in the backyard, on a hiking trail, or in the mall parking lot. Your exact location pops up on their digital maps for dispatching responders.

And here’s the key – the GPS updates your location every 5 minutes until emergency crews arrive. So if you fell hiking and had to crawl to a clearing, the responders still know where to locate you as the situation evolves.

This continuity of GPS tracking provides invaluable information to reduce emergency response times. Without it, precious minutes could be wasted trying to find your whereabouts or waiting for you to describe your location.

Of course, the pendant needs a clear view of the sky to connect with orbiting GPS satellites. But it’s designed to work in most everyday environments. The GPS works reliably outdoors, inside multi-story buildings, and even in covered parking garages.

So you can count on the pendant’s intelligent GPS tracking to cut through the confusion in an emergency. Within moments of triggering the SOS button, emergency personnel have your coordinates. And they can remain confident of your location as the situation develops.

This precise GPS functionality is a key benefit of the 911 Help Now pendant compared to basic medical alert buttons. When fleeting seconds influence medical outcomes, the pendant’s location tracking could help save a life.

Having the power of GPS at your fingertips provides protection, security, and most importantly – peace of mind. So you can live life to the fullest, knowing help can find you wherever you are.

Explain the Fall Detection Feature That Can Alert for Help

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

Falling is a leading safety concern as we age. Over 3 million older adults are treated in emergency rooms annually for fall injuries according to the CDC. But with the 911 Help Now pendant, falls don’t have to lead to tragedy.

This innovative pendant contains intelligent sensors that can automatically detect falls and alert for help. It’s constantly monitoring your movement patterns for abrupt changes indicative of a fall.

How does it work? The pendant’s accelerometer analyzing your motion and orientation. If it detects the sudden impact of a fall as opposed to normal movement, it triggers the SOS alert process.

For example, if you trip walking up the stairs, the pendant senses the rapid descending motion and sudden stop. Or if you collapse getting out of bed, it recognizes the velocity changes. In either case, it immediately begins contacting the 24/7 emergency monitoring center on your behalf.

The fall detection feature removes the need to manually push the SOS button after an accident. Especially if you hit your head or lost consciousness, you may be unable to call for help yourself. But the pendant has your back covered.

This function provides an invaluable safeguard for seniors and higher fall risk individuals. However, it’s also great protection for active users. Maybe you fall mountain biking and break your collarbone in a remote area. Even if unable to reach the button, the pendant still alerts for help to be dispatched to your GPS location.

The pendant’s designers fine-tuned the sensors to minimize false alerts while maintaining accurate fall detection. It can distinguish falls from ordinary activities like sitting down hard or dropping the pendant.

Of course, you’ll still want to press the SOS button if able after a fall to provide additional details. But if that’s not possible, take comfort knowing the pendant is on the job monitoring your safety 24/7.

Having an automatic fall detection safety net provides great freedom and confidence to stay active and independent. Falls may still happen, but their consequences are greatly reduced knowing emergency help is on the way.

Note the Pendant’s Waterproof and Durable Design

Life happens – we get caught in the rain, splash around in the pool, or accidentally bang our valuables. But the 911 Help Now pendant is designed to withstand the messiness of daily life thanks to its waterproof, ultra-durable construction.

The pendant has an IP67 waterproof rating, meaning it can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for short periods without damage. Sudden downpours, bath time, or pool dunks are no match for this pendant.

This waterproofing provides peace of mind that even in wet conditions, your emergency connection stays active. Plus the waterproof silicone necklace band won’t absorb moisture and get musty like fabric bands might.

In addition to waterproofing, the 911 Help Now pendant boasts a tough-as-nails design. Enclosed in a hardened plastic housing, the pendant’s inner electronics are shielded from drops and bumps. You don’t have to fret over babying it.

The rugged pendant underwent extensive testing to ensure longevity – buttons tested for 300,000 presses, unit drops from 6 feet, tumbles in a rock barrel, and more. This thing is made to last through years of daily use and abuse.

The silicone necklace band is also designed for all-day comfort, in and out of water. It has plenty of stretch to move with you and wick away moisture. And the clasp is engineered to withstand over 50,000 openings without breaking.

Having a pendant that shrugs off the spills and drops of everyday activity lets you wear it 24/7 with confidence. You can keep it on doing chores, exercising, traveling and more. It maintains the waterproof and durable reliability needed for quick access in an emergency.

The 911 Help Now pendant is your tough-as-nails emergency sidekick ready for adventure or relaxation – rain or shine. You can count on its resilient design and long-lasting performance year after year.

Discuss the Built-In SIM Card for Nationwide Coverage

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

A key feature that makes the 911 Help Now pendant so useful is its built-in SIM card providing nationwide cellular coverage. Without needing your own cell plan, the pendant works anywhere across the U.S. and Canada.

The pendant comes pre-loaded with an activated SIM card and data plan. There’s no need to insert your own SIM or worry about managing cellular service. Once you complete the quick setup, the pendant is ready for use coast-to-coast.

This onboard cellular connectivity allows the pendant to communicate with GPS satellites for tracking your location. More importantly, it enables contacting the 24/7 emergency monitoring center at the touch of a button regardless of where you are.

Whether you’re home, on a road trip, or across the country visiting grandkids, you remain connected. The pendant works in all 50 states, Canada, and even on cruise ships in international waters.

There are no roaming charges or service interruptions to deal with either. Everything is pre-paid and handled by the pendant’s designers. You just wear it and use it as needed wherever your travels take you.

The nationwide coverage provides peace of mind for active seniors or frequent travelers. You have an emergency lifeline handy across state lines and time zones. If an accident happens far from home, help is still just a button press away.

And you don’t have to maintain the cellular plan yourself. The built-in SIM means no bills to keep track of. The pendant arrives ready to provide protection anytime, anywhere.

Knowing emergency responders can locate and communicate with you regardless of geography is a key feature distinguishing the 911 Help Now pendant. It truly delivers nationwide, hassle-free safety and security right out of the box.

Mention the 24/7 Emergency Response Center Access

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

In an emergency, getting fast human support can be critical. That’s why the 911 Help Now pendant connects directly to a 24/7 emergency response monitoring center at the touch of a button.

After pressing the SOS button, you are immediately connected to a live agent ready to assist. There are no automated phone trees or waiting on hold. Just instant access to a caring professional ready to handle your emergency.

The monitoring center staff are highly trained experts in assessing emergency situations. You can speak to them directly through the pendant’s built-in speakerphone and microphone.

The agents will evaluate your emergency, help you remain calm, and dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel based on your needs and location. Whether that’s ambulances for a medical event, police for an intruder alert, or fire crews for a smoke alarm – help gets sent straightaway.

The monitoring center has instant access to your information for faster care. Your profile, medical history, home address, emergency contacts and GPS location help them assist you appropriately.

And you’re not just getting a random call center – this emergency response team is exclusive for 911 Help Now customers. They are dedicated professionals trained specifically for these emergency situations.

Knowing paramedics, law enforcement, and other emergency personnel can be alerted and enroute with one call provides great comfort. Even if you can’t speak, just triggering the pendant’s SOS alarm will bring the urgent assistance you need.

The 24/7 emergency response monitoring center access gives you an invaluable lifeline for safety. Within seconds, caring professionals with your information are ready to send help to your exact location.

Highlight the Pendant’s Easy One-Button Activation

In stressful emergency situations, fumbling with complicated devices can cost precious time. That’s why the 911 Help Now pendant uses an easy one-button activation design to quickly summon help.

The pendant has one large, centrally located SOS button. To trigger an emergency call, you simply press and hold this button for 3 seconds. That’s it – no complex sequences to remember or multiple buttons to find.

Just locate the sizable SOS button in the middle of the pendant and hold it down. Once it vibrates after 3 seconds, you know your call for aid is going through to the 24/7 monitoring center.

This simple, intuitive operation allows anyone to easily activate the pendant, even those unfamiliar with technology. And it’s designed for use during high anxiety emergencies or medical events.

For example, seniors with arthritis can press the button without fine motor skills. If someone is experiencing chest pain or stroke symptoms, they don’t have to strain to trigger multiple buttons or follow complex instructions.

And the pendant doesn’t require perfect placement either. Even if it shifts on your chest, you can quickly find and press the large SOS button by touch if needed.

This foolproof one-button activation gives you confidence help is readily accessible in any situation. Whether you’re injured, feeling threatened, or experiencing a health crisis, fast emergency assistance is just an easy button press away.

The 911 Help Now pendant’s straightforward operation could provide the lifesaving difference during time-sensitive medical and security emergencies. Get the emergency response you need now without complications.

Review Key Safety Benefits of Wearing the 911 Help Now

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go? HSN’s 911 Help Now Pendant Solves Your Safety Worries

Feeling secure and safe wherever you go is a top priority, especially for those with medical conditions or who live alone. An emergency can happen at any time, so having a way to get help immediately is crucial. That’s where the ingenious 911 Help Now pendant with built-in GPS comes in. This clever device provides peace of mind and assistance at the push of a button.

We’ve all experienced those worrying situations when out and about – a sudden dizzy spell, twist of an ankle on uneven pavement, or unease about a stranger approaching. Trying to use a cell phone to call 911 can be difficult or impossible. Even worse, without GPS the emergency operator may not be able to pinpoint your location. The 911 Help Now solves these problems and provides vital protection.

This handy pendant allows you to discreetly call for help and immediately get connected with a 911 operator. How does it work? Simply press the SOS button for 3 seconds and it will automatically dial 911, while using GPS and WiFi to give emergency services your exact location. Even better, it works nationwide without needing a cell phone plan.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Let’s review the key features that make the 911 Help Now such an essential safety accessory:

Emergency Help At The Press of a Button

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

In any risky or life-threatening situation, every second counts. The 911 Help Now allows you to alert 911 operators and get help rushing your way with just the press of a button. No cell phone required. The simple SOS button is easy to use in any circumstance. Whether you’ve fallen at home alone, are being followed by a stranger, or have a medical crisis, quickly connect with emergency services for fast assistance.

Pinpoints Your Location Using GPS

Here’s where the 911 Help Now really shines. It uses both GPS and WiFi data to give 911 operators your exact location. A computerized voice will give dispatchers your address and position. No more struggling to describe your whereabouts in an emergency. This takes the guesswork out of finding you fast. Even if you’re away from home, emergency responders will know precisely where to be.

The GPS tracking gives you peace of mind anytime you leave the house.Going on a walk, road trip, or errands? Bring the Help Now pendant along. Heaven forbid an accident or emergency arise, but rescuers will rush right to your aid thanks to the built-in GPS.

Nationwide Coverage – No Landline or Cell Plan Needed

This is a real game-changer. Since the 911 Help Now doesn’t rely on your cell phone service or home landline, it works virtually anywhere across the country. No cell phone plan, SIM card, or cellular coverage required. As long as the pendant can connect to GPS and WiFi networks, it provides help on-the-go coast to coast.

Going on vacation or road trip? Take it with you. Visiting family across state lines? Don’t leave home without it. The nationwide coverage provides safety and security wherever you wander. If an emergency strikes, you’ll get assistance regardless of location.

Comforting Voice Guidance

Here’s a special feature that provides extra reassurance. When you activate the SOS button, the 911 Help Now speaks aloud to let you know it’s working. A soothing voice confirms that your call has been connected and help is coming. The voice guidance provides confidence that assistance is on the way.

Even better, the operators can talk to you directly through the pendant’s speaker. Imagine spraining an ankle while hiking alone. Not only can you quickly call for aid, but you can communicate directly with EMTs racing to find you. The voice connection keeps you informed and comforted until help arrives.

Long Battery Life

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

Who wants the annoyance and stress of frequently recharging a safety device? The 911 Help Now keeps going and going, with battery life up to 7 days on standby. It conveniently recharges via USB, so you can juice it up anytime. Low battery alerts let you know when it’s time to replenish.

With long battery life, you can wear the pendant daily without worrying about it dying before you’re able to call for emergency help. It will be there when you need it most.

Water Resistant Design

No need to worry about getting caught in the rain or accidentally submerging this handy pendant. The 911 Help Now is designed with water resistance, so splashes and spills won’t affect its performance. Just don’t deliberately take it swimming.

Wear it in the shower or bath without issue. Get caught in a downpour while walking the dog. Spill your coffee or drop it in a puddle. The water protection provides durability and reliability.

Stylish and Discreet

Who wants a bulky, ugly emergency pendant? Not us! The 911 Help Now has a fashionable, minimalist design that looks great around your neck or clipped to a bag or belt. It’s lightweight and comfortable for all day wear. Plus, it’s discreet and won’t draw undue attention in public.

Choose from multiple attractive colors to complement your style. The smooth oval shape has a modern, elegant look. You’ll feel confident wearing it everywhere you go without feeling self-conscious. Stay safe in style!

Why Everyday Safety is Priceless

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

Is emergency protection with the 911 Help Now worth the investment? Absolutely! Think about the peace of mind and security it provides wherever you go. The ability to get immediate aid in any fearful situation is truly priceless. It offers safety, assurance, and confidence for people of all ages and activity levels, including:

  • Elderly individuals prone to falls and medical emergencies
  • Those with chronic health conditions like diabetes or heart disease
  • Anyone with mobility or stability issues
  • Those who live alone and can’t easily call for help
  • People who walk or exercise alone

It also gives loved ones the comfort of knowing you can get assistance when needed. Who wouldn’t want that? Considering the nationwide coverage, GPS tracking, and reliable performance, the 911 Help Now provides outstanding value. Don’t wait until it’s too late – get this essential safety pendant now!

Provide Tips for Getting the Most From the 911 Help Now

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go? HSN’s 911 Help Now Pendant Solves Your Safety Worries

The 911 Help Now emergency pendant is an excellent device for getting immediate assistance when you need it most. But to really make the most of its safety features, it helps to use it properly. Here are some great tips for maximizing the benefits of your 911 Help Now pendant:

Wear it Regularly

For the 911 Help Now to be useful in an emergency, you need to have it on your person at all times. Make a habit of putting it on first thing when you get dressed, just like you would your watch or jewelry. Clip it to your clothing, belt, or purse strap. Having it on hand ensures you can easily press the SOS button should an emergency arise.

Ensure it’s Charged

While the 911 Help Now has impressive battery life, you don’t want to get caught off guard with a dead battery. Check the charge regularly and plug it in to recharge anytime it’s running low. Keep it topped up for reliability. Set a reminder to charge it fully every few days. The last thing you need is a safety pendant with a dead battery!

Understand the GPS/WiFi Function

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

This pendant relies on both GPS and WiFi signals to pinpoint your location when calling 911. For best results, use it in areas with good WiFi coverage and strong GPS connections. Indoors near a WiFi router or outdoors with clear skies work great. Avoid places like underground garages that may interfere with the signals. Test it occasionally to ensure it provides your address accurately.

Accessorize for Quick Access

In an emergency, every second counts, so you want quick access to that SOS button. Consider adding a lanyard, carabiner, or keychain so you can easily grab the pendant without fumbling. Around the neck, clipped to a purse or belt, or on your keys keeps it handy to press rapidly when needed.

Carry ID Information

It’s helpful for emergency responders to have your identification details handy. Add a small card with your name, emergency contacts, medical history, allergies, and medications. Secure it to the 911 Help Now or on the lanyard so EMTs have vital info. You can focus on your crisis without worrying about relaying details.

Alert Loved Ones

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

Let close friends and family know that you have the 911 Help Now pendant for emergencies. Explain how it works and what to expect if you need to use it, so they aren’t caught unaware. Provide your contacts with clear instructions in case you require assistance. The more prepared your support system is, the better.

Practice Using It

Don’t wait for a real emergency to test out your 911 Help Now pendant. Do a trial run now and then to ensure you know how to trigger it properly and confirm the GPS locating works correctly. Just let the 911 operator know it’s a test. This ensures if an actual crisis occurs, you’ll know exactly how to activate it for help ASAP.

Consider a Subscription

For only $4 per month, you can upgrade to a premium plan that provides text alerts to designated contacts when the SOS button is pressed. It also includes access to a 24/7 emergency call center. The subscription adds an extra layer of safety and security for ultimate peace of mind.

Use Older Adult Settings

If you’re buying the 911 Help Now for an elderly loved one, be sure to turn on the Older Adult Mode in the app settings. This increases the volume on pendant voice announcements for those hard of hearing. It also sends text alerts to emergency contacts any time the SOS button is pressed, whether accidentally or not.

Update Emergency Contacts

Be sure your 911 Help Now app has up-to-date contact info for your chosen emergency contacts. Assign at least two, providing their names, numbers and relation to you. Update this info any time those contacts change their numbers. Accurate details allow your contacts to be reached fast.

Add Medical Info

Take advantage of the 911 Help Now app feature for adding medical data like health history, conditions, medications, allergies and more. This gives responders crucial background details to assist you properly in a crisis. Keep this health profile updated for your safety.

Share Activity Updates

The Family and Friends feature in the app allows chosen contacts to view your GPS history and track your daily activity and location. This adds an extra layer of safety when you’re out and about. Let loved ones follow along on your trips and outings.

Utilize Fall Detection

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

Worried about falling when home alone and unable to call for help? Upgrade your 911 Help Now with optional fall detection. It can automatically contact 911 if you take a bad spill and can’t reach the pendant. This provides an added safeguard.

By following these useful tips, you’ll get the very most out of your 911 Help Now emergency pendant. Stay safe and secure knowing you have easy access to emergency assistance whenever and wherever you need it.

Share Customer Testimonials on Using the 911 Help Now

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go? HSN’s 911 Help Now Pendant Solves Your Safety Worries

Don’t just take our word for how great the 911 Help Now emergency pendant is. Read these real life stories from customers who have used their devices in true emergencies. Their testimonials speak volumes about how this ingenious product provides safety, security and peace of mind to users of all ages.

Saved Grandma from a Bad Fall

“I bought the 911 Help Now for my elderly grandmother who lives alone. She fell in her home and was unable to get to a phone. Luckily she was wearing her pendant. With one press of the button, it called 911 and paramedics were at her door in minutes! The voice spoke aloud and told her help was coming. It even allowed her to talk directly to the EMTs en route. This pendant absolutely saved her life!” – Amanda R.

Gave Peace of Mind on Solo Road Trip

Need Emergency Help On-the-Go. HSN

“I’m recently divorced and wanted to take a solo road trip to clear my head. As a single woman traveling alone, I was worried about breaking down or having an accident with no one to help. Having the 911 Help Now pendant gave me such peace of mind. I knew if anything happened on those long stretches of lonely highway, I could get emergency help fast no matter where I was. It provided huge comfort during my journey.” – Melissa W.

Alarm During Late Night Dog Walk

“I rely on my 911 Help Now pendant anytime I walk my dog at night. One evening a strange man approached us on a dark path which was terrifying. I pressed the SOS button right away and police were there in minutes to make sure we got home safely. This little device makes me feel secure even when walking alone at night. I won’t leave home without it.” – Susan P.

Gave Confidence When Mom Moved to Assisted Living

“My elderly mom just transitioned to an assisted living home. I got her the 911 Help Now so if she ever has a medical emergency or a fall in her apartment, she can get help without delay. Knowing it uses GPS to pinpoint her exact location within the building gives me real confidence that help could find her quickly. It provides great relief knowing she has 24/7 access to emergency responders.” – Mark D.

Saved a Diabetic from Low Blood Sugar

“As a Type 1 diabetic, I’m at high risk for passing out from low blood sugar. One day I started shaking, sweating and feeling faint while home alone. I pressed my SOS button and EMTs arrived in minutes to treat me. They said my 911 Help Now saved my life by getting help before I went unconscious. This little pendant provides invaluable protection from scary diabetic emergencies.” – Jacob R.

Got Quick Aid When Chest Pains Hit

“I have a heart condition so I never leave home without my trusty 911 pendant. One afternoon I started experiencing terrible chest pain while running errands. I pressed the SOS button and told the operator about my chest pains. An ambulance was there in no time flat to take me to the ER. Without my pendant, I may not have gotten medical attention so quickly before things worsened. It’s a real lifesaver!” – Donna A.

These testimonials prove just how invaluable the 911 Help Now can be in a crisis. See for yourself how this amazing device provides security, safety and confidence no matter where you go. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!