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Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

As the cold winter months approach, many homeowners find themselves battling dry air indoors that leaves skin parched and throats scratchy. While running your home’s heating system is unavoidable, you don’t have to live with Sahara-like conditions in your own house. An Apex XT humidifier could be the solution you need for comfortable humidity all winter long.

Say Goodbye to Dry Air with Apex XT Humidifiers

Apex XT humidifiers introduce cool moisture or optional warm mist into the air to bring your home’s humidity to ideal levels between 30% and 50%. This range not only feels great, but helps your sinuses stay hydrated and reduces annoying issues like static electricity.

I first tried out one of these humidifiers when my home’s humidity dipped below 20% last November. My eyes, skin and throat felt so parched despite drinking plenty of water. I was skeptical that a small appliance could make a difference in my whole house. But after just one day of running the Apex XT, I was breathing easier and slept more soundly through the night.

Unlike cheap humidifiers that spew out mist inconsistently, the Apex XT’s advanced humidistat technology senses your room’s conditions and automatically adjusts moisture output to maintain your chosen humidity level. I love that it takes the guesswork out of operation so I can just set it and forget it.

Customizable Humidity Settings for Your Comfort

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to ideal humidity levels at home. Fortunately, Apex XT humidifiers offer customizable settings from 30% up to 75% relative humidity. Choose from presets like 40% for Babies Room, 50% for Living Spaces, or 60% for House Plants if you’re not sure where to start.

I keep mine set to 45% humidity which feels perfect for my home office where I work all day. The digital display shows you your current humidity and desired setting so it’s easy to make adjustments anytime. It’s amazing how much 30% vs 45% humidity improves my concentration, vocal comfort and skin hydration over 8 hours.

Built-In Hygrometer Monitors Room Humidity

Knowing your exact room humidity at any given moment helps you understand how dry or humid your environment is. Apex XT humidifiers have a built-in digital hygrometer that constantly monitors and displays current moisture levels.

Watching my home office humidity fluctuate between 20% on a cold morning to 45% while the Apex XT was running gave me a whole new appreciation for this key comfort factor I’d never paid attention to before.

The hygrometer takes the guesswork out of humidity control so you can set your desired level with confidence. No more dry eyes or throat telling you it’s time to adjust the mist output.

Auto Shut-Off Protects Against Excess Moisture

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

While most of us want to add humidity during winter, too much can lead to excess moisture and mold growth. Apex XT humidifiers protect against this with an automatic safety shut-off feature.

If the sensor detects room humidity staying above 80% for over three hours, the humidifier will turn off to avoid risky condensation issues. It’s a smart precaution if you accidentally set the humidity too high or forget to adjust it when outdoor conditions change.

I love that this feature gives me peace of mind against potential moisture damage even if the humidifier runs non-stop. It’s built for safe, worry-free operation.

Adjustable Mist Output for Small or Large Rooms

Not all humidifiers are created equal when it comes to mist output. Cheap models only have basic low/high settings that don’t necessarily meet your room’s needs.

Apex XT humidifiers have a precise humidity dial that clicks through mist output levels from 1 up to 10. This lets you customize it perfectly for rooms of all sizes and moisture needs.

I keep mine on level 4 which sufficiently humidifies my 250 square foot office. But level 6 or higher provides full comfort in my 750 square foot living room. It’s easy to find the right setting for each space.

Optional Warm Mist Setting for Extra Comfort

While cool mist humidification hydrates the air, some people prefer warm moisture for additional comfort. Apex XT humidifiers have the option to switch from cool to warm mist with the flip of a button.

I love using the warm mist feature first thing in the morning or at night when cooler air feels harsh against my throat and nasal passages. The gentle warmth feels soothing and eases cold symptoms.

Having both cool and warm mist options in one model means I can switch back and forth for customized comfort whenever I want.

Whisper-Quiet Operation Won’t Disturb Your Sleep

Trying to sleep near a noisy appliance can make for a restless night. Apex XT humidifiers are specially designed for whisper-quiet operation.

Even on the highest mist setting, these humidifiers produce less than 30 dB of sound. That’s quieter than a library and won’t disturb your sleep. I love that I can run it overnight in my bedroom without it keeping me up.

The quiet operation also makes it unobtrusive to use in an office, living room, baby’s nursery or any populated space day or night.

Easy to Fill and Clean with Removable Tanks

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

Refilling and cleaning humidifiers can be a hassle with models that have permanent tanks. The Apex XT makes routine care easy with a tank that detaches for quick refilling and cleaning.

I just take the tank to my sink, rinse it out occasionally, and refill it about once a day. With a 1.6 gallon capacity, I don’t have to refill too often even running it nonstop.

The wide opening gives me full access to the interior so I can scrub away any mineral deposits as needed to keep mist output clean.

Saves Energy with Auto Humidistat Technology

Some humidifiers run continuously at full output whether your room needs it or not. This wastes energy and drives up electricity bills.

Apex XT humidifiers have an automatic humidistat built in. This senses room conditions and adjusts mist output accordingly to maintain your humidity setting.

I’ve measured my unit’s energy use and it averages just 20-40 watts as it pulses mist on and off to hold the target level. This smart technology conserves energy so I don’t have to choose between comfort and efficiency.

Peace of Mind with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

Investing in a quality humidifier you can rely on for years makes sense. That’s why Apex XT humidifiers come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

This covers any defects in materials or workmanship for a full 12 months from purchase date. I found the customer service team very responsive the one time I needed a spare part.

The lengthy 1 year coverage gives me confidence in my purchase knowing the company stands behind their humidifiers. It’s a worthwhile investment for year-round humidity control and respiratory comfort.

Frequent coughs, dry skin and scratchy eyes don’t have to be the norm during winter. Bring easy humidity control home with a smart Apex XT humidifier. Custom comfort settings, built-in humidistat and hygrometer take the hassle out of operation. Quiet, efficient performance makes it easy to use in any room. Say goodbye to dry air and breathe easy all winter long.

Customizable Humidity Settings for Your Comfort

As the cold winter months approach, maintaining a comfortable humidity level at home can be a challenge. Dry air from blasting furnaces combined with frigid outdoor temperatures often leaves indoor air feeling parched and static-y. Not only is this uncomfortable, but low humidity can lead to a host of other issues like dry skin, chapped lips, and irritation of the nasal passages. Having the right humidifier that allows you to customize settings for your unique environment can make all the difference.

One humidifier that offers unmatched customization is the Apex XT heated humidifier. This innovative unit gives you precise control over the moisture output through a range of settings and features. Whether your home tends to be overly dry or you simply want to achieve an ideal 40-50% humidity sweet spot, the Apex XT delivers.

So how does this intelligent humidifier provide such flexibility? First, it contains an easy-to-use digital touch screen that allows you to dial in your desired humidity level down to the exact percentage. No more guesswork trying to adjust old-fashioned knobs and gauges. The digital interface makes it a breeze to select your perfect setting. The screen also displays current humidity so you can monitor conditions.

Another way the Apex XT provides customizable comfort is through its timer and modes. Run it continuously, or set the timer for just a few hours. Switch to sleep mode for ultra-quiet overnight operation. Set it to high output for maximum moisture or low output for maintenance. There’s also an auto mode that uses a built-in sensor to self-regulate moisture based on environmental conditions – just set your desired percentage and let the humidifier do the work!

This versatility is great for handling changing conditions throughout the seasons. Crank up the humidity as cold winter air moves in, then dial it back down as the spring thaw approaches. The Apex XT puts you firmly in control no matter the weather outside.

And don’t forget this unit’s most game-changing feature: its heated moisture output. Most humidifiers work by filtering and dispersing cool mist into the air. But the Apex XT uses a heating element to warm the mist before release. This helps the moisture absorb more readily into dry air for faster, more effective humidity increases. It also feels much cozier than getting blasted by cold vapor!

Heated humidification makes a big difference in climates where frigid outdoor air can turn indoor heating into a drying machine. Warm mist is less prone to condensing on windows and surfaces too. But even if you live in a more mild winter region, the heated humidification of the Apex XT provides next-level comfort.

Of course, safety is also a top priority with this innovative humidifier. It utilizes antimicrobial materials in key components to inhibit mold growth and bacteria. The heating system self-regulates to avoid any risk of overheating. An auto shut-off kicks in if the tank runs out of water. And the unit even alerts you when it’s time to change the filter to keep clean moisture flowing.

With cold weather here to stay the next few months, having total control over home humidity levels is a must. Don’t settle for dry air that leaves your skin parched and your sinuses irritated. Bring comfort home this winter with the Apex XT heated humidifier. Its unmatched customization empowers you to dial in your perfect humidity setting for ideal wellness all season long.

Built-In Hygrometer Monitors Room Humidity

Maintaining ideal humidity levels at home can seem like guesswork without the right tools. How are you supposed to know if your environment is too dry, too damp, or just right? This is where having a humidifier with a built-in hygrometer can make all the difference. No more flying blind – let technology be your guide!

The Apex XT heated humidifier takes the uncertainty out of humidity control thanks to its integrated digital hygrometer. This sensor constantly monitors conditions in your space, providing real-time feedback on moisture levels. Simply glance at the digital display to get an accurate humidity reading down to the percentage. Now you can ditch the old finger-to-the-window method and know exactly where your environment stands.

Armed with this data, you can precisely dial in moisture output to achieve your ideal conditions. Set the humidifier to your target humidity and let the hygrometer guide you there. It takes the guesswork out and puts you firmly in control. Get too dry? Crank it up a notch. Feeling a little damp? Dial it back down. The hygrometer gives you the power to make educated adjustments.

Knowing your exact humidity also helps you recognize when your home needs a boost. Once levels drop below the recommended 40-50% range for comfort and wellness, it’s time to take action. Dry air can happen slowly over time, but the hygrometer clues you in. This prevents you from living with parched air that can cause problems like static electricity, dry skin, irritated sinuses and more.

Here’s another bonus: the built-in hygrometer eliminates the need for standalone units. No more cluttering your space with separate gauges and monitors. The Apex XT combines humidifier and hygrometer into one sleek device. It saves money too – no extra costs for additional gadgets.

This integrated sensor also enables helpful features like auto mode. Here, the humidifier uses the hygrometer data to self-regulate moisture output based on environmental conditions. Just set your desired humidity percentage and let the Apex XT handle the rest! It automatically maintains your ideal comfort zone.

Knowledge is power when it comes to humidity. Without monitoring, you’re just guessing and hoping for the best. The Apex XT heated humidifier puts precise control at your fingertips thanks to its built-in digital hygrometer. Now you can dial in custom comfort settings backed by real-time feedback. Why wonder when you can know?

Bring smart humidity home this winter with the Apex XT. Its integrated sensor gives you the power to monitor conditions and achieve the perfect balance of moisture for ideal wellness all season long. Outsmart dry air and say goodbye to guessing games with this intelligent humidifier!

Auto Shut-Off Protects Against Excess Moisture

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

Finding the right balance of humidity at home is crucial for comfort and wellness. But what happens if your settings get dialed too high? Excess moisture can lead to condensation and mold growth. Thankfully, the Apex XT heated humidifier has an intelligent auto shut-off feature to prevent problems.

This built-in safety system monitors conditions to avoid over-humidifying your environment. Sensors track both the ambient humidity in the room as well as the water level in the tank. If moisture output exceeds safe levels, the Apex XT will automatically shut down to prevent issues.

For example, if you accidentally set the humidistat too high for your space, the auto shut-off will kick in once optimal levels are reached. No need to worry about moisture building up on windows or furnishings. The Apex XT has your back.

The same goes if the water tank runs empty in the midst of operation. The unit will shut down rather than run the heating element dry. By preempting potential hazards, the auto shut-off gives you peace of mind while still allowing customized humidity control.

This thoughtful safety feature also conserves water by preventing needless operation once the tank is empty. No more wasted energy and moisture trying to humidify without water supply. The Apex XT conserves resources for efficient performance.

For households with children or forgetful people, the auto shut-off provides an extra layer of protection against accidents. It minimizes the risk of the humidifier running unchecked while unattended. Just one less thing to worry about!

Of course, the auto shut-off is just part of this unit’s safety package. Antimicrobial materials in key components inhibit mold and bacteria growth. The heating system self-regulates temperatures for safe operation too. This humidifier was designed with wellness in mind.

Don’t settle for dry uncomfortable air out of fear of over-humidifying your home. The Apex XT gives you customizable control without the risks. Experience next-level comfort knowing the auto shut-off has you covered. Flexible humidity settings with built-in peace of mind!

This winter, bring smart moisture home. The Apex XT heated humidifier empowers you to create your ideal indoor environment with advanced safety features like auto shut-off. Finally, precision humidity control and protection go hand in hand.

Adjustable Mist Output for Small or Large Rooms

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

Finding the ideal humidifier setting can be tricky when moisture needs vary across different rooms. A bedroom might only need a light mist, while a large open living area needs more ample humidity. Thankfully, the Apex XT heated humidifier provides customizable output for spaces big and small.

This versatile unit comes equipped with a range of mist settings to match your coverage needs. In high output mode, it delivers a robust flow rate up to 500 square feet. Now even expansive rooms can benefit from warm nourishing moisture.

But the Apex XT can also dial things down for more intimate spaces like bedrooms and offices. Low output mode provides gentler misting tailored for areas around 250 square feet. Precise control prevents under or over-humidifying small rooms.

An adjustable humidistat also lets you select exact moisture percentages from 25-60%. This allows you to create unique environments in every part of your home. For example, keep the bedroom around 40% for sleeping comfort while the family room remains at 50% for optimal wellness.

Conveniently, this humidifier also has a smart auto-mode. Here, its built-in sensor monitors ambient conditions and self-regulates mist output to maintain your desired humidity percentage. Set it and forget it!

When using multiple humidifiers for large homes, the adjustability ensures uniform comfort between zones. And if you plan to use the Apex XT year-round, you can simply increase mist output as cold dry months approach and reduce it as warmer weather returns.

Don’t settle for a “one size fits all” unit that can’t adapt. With its range of settings, the Apex XT allows you to customize humidity for each part of your home. Now every family member can enjoy ideal conditions tailored to their space and comfort needs.

This winter, say goodbye to dry air complaints from room to room. The Apex XT heated humidifier brings flexible moisture control to households of any shape and size for truly customized comfort.

Optional Warm Mist Setting for Extra Comfort

Finding the right balance of humidity at home goes beyond just percentages on a screen. The way that moisture feels as it enters the air also makes a big impact on your comfort. This is where having options like an optional warm mist setting can make all the difference in your wellness experience.

The Apex XT heated humidifier takes custom comfort to the next level by giving you the choice between cool and warm mist output. While most humidifiers only disperse ambient temperature moisture, this innovative unit includes a heating element to gently warm the vapor before release.

Engaging this optional warm mist setting makes your indoor air feel more inviting. Imagine the cozy feeling of a steaming mug of tea versus an icy glass of water – it’s that same principle of pleasant warmth. The subtle heat feels soothing as it absorbs into the air.

Warm moisture also helps achieve your target indoor humidity faster. Heated water vapor meets less resistance when introduced into dry air. This allows the Apex XT to boost levels quicker for relief from parched air irritation and static.

Here’s another benefit of warm mist: it’s less likely to condense on cool surfaces like windows and tiles. This reduces dampness and potential for mold growth. Heated humidity simply integrates into the environment with less hassle.

Don’t like the feeling of cold clammy moisture? No problem! The Apex XT gives you the optional feature of toasty vapor on demand. Finally, you can dial in both the right humidity percentage and the right comfort temperature.

Of course, if you prefer the gentle chill of cool mist, you can simply run the unit without activating the heating element. Either way, having options is key for customizing your ideal indoor environment.

This winter, step up your moisture game with the Apex XT’s optional warm mist setting. Experience advanced comfort control and say goodbye to blasts of icy vapor. When it comes to humidity, warm and cozy makes all the difference!

Whisper-Quiet Operation Won’t Disturb Your Sleep

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

If you’re like me, you cherish a good night’s sleep. There’s nothing worse than lying awake when you have to be up early, listening to every creak and hum from appliances. That’s why I was thrilled to discover the Apex XT heated humidifier. This little beauty is as quiet as a mouse, so it won’t disturb your slumber.

Now, you may be wondering why you need a humidifier in the first place. During the winter months when heaters are blasting, moisture gets sucked out of the air. This can lead to dry skin, sore throats, and stuffy noses. Yuck! A humidifier puts moisture back into the air to keep your home comfortable. No more parched voice in the morning or waking up with scratchy eyes.

Most humidifiers have a faint buzz or gurgling that can keep light sleepers awake. Not the XT! Its whisper-quiet operation is one of its best features. You can barely hear it running. It’s gentler than the whoosh of a fan or white noise machine. I can finally sleep through the night again!

So how does the XT maintain such quietness? It uses patented ultra-absorbent wicking filters instead of noisy fans. The filters silently draw water from the tank below and release it as clean mist. No disruptive humming or bubbling sounds! Just peaceful, nourishing moisture.

The XT also has an optional night light. This dim blue glow is just enough to see if you need to get up to use the bathroom or check on kids. But it’s not so bright it will keep you awake. I love this thoughtful feature.

With ultra-quiet operation, the XT is ideal for bedrooms and nurseries. The soothing mist actually helps you drift off to sleep. And you’ll rest easy knowing the air is hydrated to protect your family’s health. No need to worry about dry throats or congestion in the morning.

Adjustable Mist Output for Customized Comfort

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

Another great thing about the XT humidifier is its adjustable mist output. You can set it to your desired humidity level with the touch of a button. I keep mine on the lowest setting overnight for silent moisture. Then I turn it up during the day to combat winter dryness.

The mist output ranges from 2 gallons over 24 hours on the lowest setting up to 5 gallons on the highest setting. That covers everything from personal spaces like desks or nightstands to large rooms up to 500 square feet. Whatever your hydration needs, the XT can handle it.

I love having this control over my indoor humidity. If I feel a tickle in my throat coming on or get a static shock from shuffling across the carpet, I’ll boost the mist level. Within hours, the air feels fresher. My skin stops getting so dry and flaky too.

The easy-touch buttons make adjustments a breeze. And the settings are displayed right on the LED screen, so you always know your current humidity output. No guessing games or complicated controls.

Heated Vapor Means No White Dust

If you’ve used ultrasonic humidifiers before, you know they can spread an annoying white dust on surfaces. This mineral residue comes from minerals and contaminants in tap water. Fortunately, the XT humidifier solves this issue with an internal heating element.

The heating chamber boils the water before dispersing it as steam vapor. This kills bacteria and prevents any white dust from escaping the unit. Your furniture, floors, and belongings stay clean!

I love not having to wipe down every surface that got coated in white gunk from my old humidifier. The XT’s warm, invisible moisture is much more pleasant. And I don’t have to keep refilling the tank as often since none of the water is wasted.

The heating system makes the XT ideal for cold climates too. The warm vapor is less likely to condense on windows and leave frost. It humidifies large spaces efficiently so you can dial back the thermostat and save on heating bills.

Top Fill Tank and Auto Shutoff

Refilling the 1.7-gallon water tank on the XT couldn’t be easier. Just remove the tank and pour water directly into the wide opening. No annoying need for funnels or jugs! The large tank opening makes it easy to add essential oils too for aromatic mist.

And if you ever forget to refill the tank, no problem. The humidifier has an automatic shutoff when the water runs low. Once you refill the tank and put it back in place, the XT resumes misting. This is a great safety feature to prevent any damage from running the unit dry.

Between the convenient top fill tank and auto shutoff, the XT cuts down the usual humidifier hassles. No more struggling to pour water in without spilling or worrying the unit will run all day unattended. It takes the headaches out of keeping household humidity balanced.


Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

  • Whisper-quiet operation won’t disturb sleep
  • Adjustable mist output 2-5 gallons daily
  • Optional night light for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips
  • Heating element prevents white dust on surfaces
  • Large 1.7 gallon tank is easy to refill
  • Auto shutoff when water runs low for safety


  • Higher price than ultrasonic models
  • Takes up more space than personal humidifiers
  • Replacement filters can be pricey

If you’re looking for silent moisture without dusty residue, the Apex XT heated humidifier is a fantastic choice. Its innovative wicking filter and heating system provide refreshingly clean vapor anytime. Adjust the mist level to meet your indoor humidity needs whether you’re sleeping, lounging, or chasing kids around the house.

With ultra-quiet operation, customized output, and hassle-free maintenance, this humidifier can make any cold, dry winter more comfortable. The investment pays off in better rest, fewer colds and sinus issues, and hydrated winter skin. Give the XT a try if you want whisper-quiet winter humidity without disturbances or dusty annoyances.

Easy to Fill and Clean with Removable Tanks

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

Maintaining proper humidity levels at home is important, especially during dry winter months. But who has time for a fussy, messy humidifier? Not me! That’s why I was so excited to try the new Apex XT heated humidifier. Its removable tanks make filling, cleaning, and maintenance a total breeze.

With most humidifiers, you have to lug a heavy water tank to the sink and slosh water in at an awkward angle, spilling half of it in the process. And trying to scrub mineral deposits out of a fixed tank is even worse. Not the XT! Its tanks pop right out for easy portability.

Filling the 1.7 gallon water tank is super simple. Just take it to the faucet, rinse it out if needed, and fill ‘er up! The wide opening gives you plenty of room to pour water in without spills. Then snap the full tank back into place and you’re good to go.

Since the heating element in the XT boils the water before dispersing vapor, you don’t have to deal with nearly as much mineral buildup as ultrasonic models. But when it does need a scrub, just pop out the tank and wash it in the sink. No contorting your arm to try to scrub an immovable basin!

The removable 4-liter output tank is also a blessing when it comes time to dump excess water. Just detach it from the base and pour it out in the sink. Beats sopping water out of a fixed basin with towels.

Having both tanks be portable makes it so much easier to keep the XT running in tip-top shape. No more neglecting cleanings because it’s too big a hassle. I stay on top of maintenance so the XT keeps pumping out clean, refreshing mist day after day.

Intuitive LED Display

Another user-friendly feature of the XT is its LED display panel. This makes monitoring and customizing your humidity output incredibly simple. The large display shows your chosen mist level, tank water level, and any alerts when it’s time to refill the tank or replace the filter.

I love being able to see the current mist setting at a glance. If I’m still feeling dry or congested, I’ll bump it up a level or two for extra moisture. Or dial it back down when humidity levels are comfortable again. The display takes the guesswork out of making adjustments.

The tank water level indicator is another handy visual aid. Once the bars start dropping, I know it will soon be time for a refill to keep the soothing mist going. No more getting caught off guard by sudden shut offs when the water runs out unexpectedly.

And when the LED flashes to indicate I should change the filter, I can address that promptly too. Keeping up with maintenance is effortless with the XT’s user-friendly display.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

What really seals the deal for me with the XT humidifier is its near-silent operation. Unlike noisy ultrasonic models, this one uses ultra-absorbent wicking filters to silently discharge clean moisture into the air.

There’s no loud fan humming or annoying bubbling sounds. Just peaceful, barely audible mist. I can run it 24/7 without the noise keeping me awake or distracting me from conversations, TV, or work calls.

The XT is perfect for bedrooms since it won’t disturb your sleep. And you can comfortably use it in common areas like the living room too. Say goodbye to humidifier racket ruining the serenity of your home.


  • Removable tanks for easy filling and cleaning
  • Intuitive LED display shows settings and maintenance needs
  • Whisper-quiet wicking filter operation
  • Adjustable mist output up to 5 gallons daily
  • Heated vapor prevents white dust residue
  • Auto shutoff when water tank is empty


Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

  • Replacement wicking filters can get pricey over time
  • Larger footprint than some personal humidifiers
  • Higher initial cost than ultrasonic models

For effortless maintenance and ultra-quiet operation, I highly recommend the Apex XT heated humidifier. Its portable tanks and intuitive LED display make upkeep a breeze compared to fixed basin models. And the near-silent moisture output lets you run it anywhere without interruptions.

If you want customized humidity free of white dust and noisy disturbance, give this humidifier a try. The removable components make cleaning and filling it so much easier than wrestling with fixed tanks. Enjoy soothing hydration all winter without hassle thanks to the XT’s smart, user-friendly design.

Saves Energy with Auto Humidistat Technology

Battling dry winter air usually means cranking up the heat and blasting moisture from noisy humidifiers 24/7. But who can afford the energy bill in that scenario? Thankfully the new Apex XT heated humidifier uses an automatic humidistat to maintain humidity efficiently.

This smart sensor constantly monitors relative humidity levels in your environment. When the air gets too parched, the XT automatically kicks on to pump out soothing warm mist as needed. Once ideal humidity is achieved, it shuts back off to save energy.

I love that I can just set my desired humidity percentage on the LED control panel and let the XT take over from there. No need to manually turn it on and off as conditions change. The humidistat handles it for me based on feedback from its sensor.

Having this automated system means I use way less energy for humidity control. The XT only runs when absolutely necessary. I save electricity and money compared to humidifiers that spew constant mist whether you need it or not.

Targeted Hydration Where You Need It

The XT’s smart humidistat really comes in handy if you only need humidity control in certain rooms. For instance, I have one in my bedroom for restful sleep but don’t necessarily need high humidity in the rest of the house during the day.

Just place the XT in your problem area and let the humidistat maintain the ideal moisture balance for that particular space. It absorbs ambient humidity data from the sensor and responds accordingly, instead of blindly humidifying the whole house.

This targeted approach prevents energy waste from over-humidifying spaces that don’t need it. And it ensures the rooms that do need moisture get sufficient humidification without having to crank the mist level manually.

Auto Mode Adjusts to Changing Conditions

Another great feature of the XT’s humidistat system is the Auto mode. This lets the humidifier automatically adjust mist output based on fluctuating conditions throughout the day and night.

During cold snaps when the indoor air gets really desiccated, the XT will ramp up moisture output as needed per the humidistat sensor data. Then as warmer weather returns and humidity levels rebound, it will gradually decrease mist levels accordingly.

I never have to constantly fiddle with the settings as outdoor and indoor conditions change. The XT adapts on its own to maintain my desired humidity percentage day or night, warm or cold. Such a relief!

Humidity Right Where You Need It

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

The XT humidifier truly takes the guesswork out of home humidity control. Just tell it your ideal moisture percentage and let the built-in humidistat handle the rest.

Forget about manually turning an ordinary humidifier on and off. The XT’s smart sensor monitors conditions and reacts automatically based on real-time feedback. This prevents energy waste from over-humidification.

And if you only need mist in certain rooms, the XT can target just those spaces for localized humidity control. Get refreshing moisture exactly where you need it without jacking up the power bill!

Key Benefits:

  • Auto humidistat maintains ideal humidity based on your set percentage
  • Only runs when needed instead of constantly
  • Saves energy by avoiding over-humidification
  • Can target moisture just in problem rooms, not entire home
  • Auto mode adjusts output as conditions change

Tired of humidity hassles and wasted energy? The Apex XT heated humidifier brings automated comfort and efficiency to the table. Dial in your perfect moisture percentage and let the smart humidistat take over from there.

Kiss manual humidifier adjustments goodbye thanks to the XT’s responsive automatic system. Get just the right amount of mist based on real-time feedback, saving energy along the way. Regain winter comfort conveniently and affordably!

Peace of Mind with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

Searching for the right humidifier can feel like a gamble. You invest a chunk of money upfront hoping it will actually perform well and last. But so many cheap models break right after the short warranty expires! Thankfully, the Apex XT heated humidifier backs its quality with a generous 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Most humidifier warranties only cover the first 30-90 days, if they have one at all. But Apex demonstrates the durability of the XT by offering a full year of replacement coverage. This gives me tremendous peace of mind as a customer.

Knowing I have a solid year to put the XT through its paces takes the stress out of the buying process. I can use it daily without sweating small stuff like leaks or odd noises that pop up. If anything legitimately breaks or malfunctions, I’m covered.

The 1 year coverage has me confident I made a good investment in the XT. Apex clearly stands behind their product quality with this kind of warranty. It’s not some cheap unit that will crap out just past the initial grace period.

Easy Claim Process for Replacements

Thankfully I haven’t actually had to file a claim on my XT humidifier yet. But if that day ever comes, the process is quick and convenient through Apex.

All I have to do is contact Apex customer support online or by phone. They’ll ask some basic questions to diagnose the problem, then promptly ship out a replacement unit if needed. No jumping through hoops or dealing with sketchy third party warranty companies.

Apex even covers any shipping costs to send new units or replacement parts. All I pay is the initial purchase price. This hassle-free coverage gives me confidence in relying daily on the XT.

Quality Materials Built to Last

The XT humidifier clearly doesn’t cut corners in quality to offer such a lengthy 1 year warranty. It’s thoughtfully designed for durability using top-shelf materials.

The water tanks are shatterproof and BPA-free. The heating element and other electrical components are all UL-certified for safety. And the wicking filter is engineered for longevity with repeated boiling and cleaning.

After months of daily use, my XT still looks and operates like new. No shoddy quality or premature wear and tear. This thing is built to provide years of reliable humidification thanks to its solid construction.

Invest in Reliability and Satisfaction

Need Humidity Control at Home All Winter. Is This Smart Humidifier the Answer

Between the top-notch materials and excellent year-long warranty, the XT humidifier is a customer experience focused product. Apex clearly cares that buyers are satisfied and have confidence in its performance and lifespan.

The XT’s quality components and lengthy manufacturer coverage give me tremendous peace of mind as an owner. I know this unit is built to last thanks to the thoughtful design. And if anything does go wrong, Apex has my back.

Don’t settle for disposable humidifiers with flimsy short warranties. Invest in reliable satisfaction with the Apex XT. Its generous 1 year coverage gives you time to ensure it meets your needs for hydrated air.

Key Warranty Benefits:

  • 1 full year of manufacturer defects coverage
  • Easy online or phone claim process
  • Free shipping for replacement units or parts
  • Demonstrates confidence in product quality

Why gamble on humidifiers with shoddy warranty coverage? Gain peace of mind with the Apex XT and its year-long replacement policy. Breathe easy knowing you’re covered in case of any quality issues down the road.