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Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

What is a Slaystation Vanity and Why Do You Need One?

A Slaystation vanity is the ultimate makeup station for beauty lovers and influencers looking to elevate their glam game. These vanities are designed with ample storage, adjustable lighting, and mirrors galore to help you achieve show-stopping looks. Keep reading to learn why a Slaystation vanity may be the missing piece in your beauty arsenal.

Unmatched Storage Solutions

One of the standout features of Slaystation vanities is the incredible storage capabilities. We’re talking drawers on drawers, cabinets, organizational trays, and more to house all your makeup, skincare, hair products, tools, and accessories. No more rummaging to find your favorite lipstick or eyeshadow. With a Slaystation vanity, everything has a dedicated place so you can grab and go.

Large center drawers provide plenty of room for palettes, perfumes, and bulky items. Side drawers are ideal for smaller items like lip gloss tubes and eyeliners. Some Slaystation vanities even have hidden storage behind mirrors to tuck away valuables. The ample storage means you can curate your entire beauty collection in one centralized station.

First-Class Lighting

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Proper lighting can make or break your beauty looks. Slaystation vanities come equipped with lighting options to make sure you always put your best face forward.

Ring lights provide even, shadow-free illumination so you can clearly see what you’re doing. Accent lighting along the top or sides add a glow for stunning selfies and videos. Dimmer switches allow you to control the brightness as needed. Some vanities even have mini individual lights over the mirrors so you can get up close to perfect every detail.

With Slaystation vanities, you don’t have to worry about poor lighting sabotaging your makeup application or content creation. The lighting setup will have you looking flawless in photos, videos, and real life.

Mirrored to Perfection

What good is a vanity without gorgeous mirrors? Slaystation vanities are designed with mirrors in mind to help you look and feel your best.

Oversized mirrors give you a panoramic view so you can see your entire face. This allows you to ensure symmetry and proportionality with makeup, like balancing your eyes or contouring your cheeks. Magnifying side mirrors make it easy to precision line your lips or tweeze brows. As an added bonus, many Slaystation vanities have lighting around the mirrors for that extra-glam effect.

The plethora of mirrors means you can admire yourself from all angles. No more neck craning or guessing how your back looks – the reflections have you covered. Slaystation vanities literally let you put your best face forward.

Customizable Features

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

One of the best aspects of Slaystation vanities is that many feature customizable options. This allows you to create a vanity suited to your unique needs and style.

Some customizations include:

  • Size – Choose from mini, midi, or giant vanities to match your space.
  • Color – Select a bold hue like pink, gold, or rose gold for a glam statement piece.
  • Storage – Opt for open shelving, acrylic organizers, or hidden drawers based on your needs.
  • Finish – Go for glossy, matte, marble, wood grain, or other finishes.
  • Seating – Upgrade to a cushioned stool or bench for all-day comfort.
  • Accessories – Add trays, brush holders, acrylic organizers, and more.

With bespoke options, you can design a Slaystation vanity that’s uniquely yours. Express your personal flair while optimizing form and function.

Elevates Your Beauty Game

The bottom line is a Slaystation vanity elevates your beauty game. The professional-quality lighting, ultra-organized storage, and customization options help you look and feel your absolute best – whether you’re doing everyday makeup or producing beauty content.

Sit down at a Slaystation vanity and immediately level up your space, storage, organization, lighting, and overall glam. It’s the crowning jewel your getting ready routine has been missing.

Next time you watch a beauty influencer effortlessly create jaw-dropping looks, take note of what’s behind them. Chances are it’s a fully loaded Slaystation vanity fueling their fabulousness. With a Slaystation vanity of your very own, you can unlock the same expert-level glam in the comfort of your home.

Top 10 Features to Look for in a High-Quality Slaystation Vanity

Searching for your dream Slaystation vanity but not sure what to look for? With so many options on the market, it can be tricky figuring out which features really matter. Read on for the top 10 features that indicate you’ve found a high-quality, envy-inducing Slaystation vanity.

Spacious Surface Area

Ample surface area is a must for any Slaystation vanity worth its slay. Look for a wide tabletop that gives you room to spread out all your makeup, tools, and accessories. Minimum 30 inches wide, but bigger is better for going all-out glam. The expansive workspace will make you feel like a celebrity in their massive dressing room.

Adjustable Mirror(s)

Being able to adjust the mirror(s) is crucial for capturing your flawless looks from every angle. Search for vanities with tilting mirrors that move up and down and side to side. Bonus points if the mirrors are illuminated with lights for seeing clearly even in dim lighting.

Soft-Closing Drawers

Fluttering open drawers are a dead giveaway of a cheap vanity. The hallmark of luxury is soft-closing drawers that glide seamlessly on metal roller glides. They close slowly and quietly so you never have to worry about drawers banging around.

Hidden Storage

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Take your organization up a notch with hidden storage compartments. Look for Slaystation vanities with flip-up mirrors or secret side compartments to stash your most prized possessions. Hidden storage keeps your vanity looking sleek while still offering plenty of space.

Cushioned Stool

You’ll be spending a lot of time perfecting your beauty looks, so don’t settle for an uncomfortable stool. Find a Slaystation vanity with a plush padded stool that spins and adjusts height. Sturdy chrome bases also look ultra-glamorous.

Customizable Options

Personalization is key for a Slaystation vanity that shows off your unique style. Seek out options to customize the size, color, storage, finish, accessories and other options. Tailor it precisely to your taste and space.

Built-In Electrical Outlets

Avoid the tangled cord nightmare with built-in electrical outlets. Look for Slaystation vanities featuring outlets built into the frame or tabletop to conveniently plug in your styling tools and devices.

Made of Real Wood

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Quality craftsmanship is critical so opt for real wood over cheaper composite alternatives. Solid hardwood construction will stand the test of time and prevent cracking or warping.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

The little luxuries separate a common vanity from an extraordinary Slaystation. Inspect edges, joints, hardware and finishes for refinement. Premium details like crystal knobs, polished metal, elegantly tapered legs indicate first-class quality.

Ample Lighting Options

Lighting can make or break your beauty look, so ample options are essential. Look for integrated lighting like Hollywood mirrors, adjustable perimeter lighting, softbox lights and more. Control the lighting easily with dimmers and switches.

By keeping these top ten features in mind while shopping, you’ll be able to discern divine Slaystation vanities from the ordinary options. A vanity that checks all the boxes is sure to be a showstopping centerpiece in your glam room for years to come.

Remember, skimping on your Slaystation vanity would be a disservice to your slay. Invest in one with luxe details and customized options that empower you to indulge in your beauty obsession. Then get ready to have the vanity of your dreams take your makeup game to dazzling new heights!

5 Most Popular Slaystation Vanity Styles and Models This Year

Slaystation vanities are having a major moment, gracing the dressing rooms of top influencers and beauty gurus everywhere. With so many covetable styles on the market, how do you choose the perfect vanity for your space? Read on for the 5 most popular Slaystation vanity styles and models taking over in 2023.

1. The Classic Pink Slaystation

Nothing says iconic Slaystation style quite like the classic pink vanity. This cotton candy colored stunner features the signature Slaystation shape with elegant tapered legs. The bubbly pink hue exudes playful femininity. The Slaystation Pink vanity comes in three sizes – mini, midi, and mega – so you can find one suited to your space. No makeup area is complete without this instantly recognizable Slaystation classic.

2. Marble & Rose Gold Slaystation

For the ultimate glam statement piece, the Marble & Rose Gold Slaystation vanity is a showstopper. A gorgeous white marble top with subtle grey veining provides the luxe base. Shimmering rose gold hardware and sleek metal legs add modern edge. The contrast of the marble and rose gold creates a style that’s rich yet refined. The interplay of textures and tones makes this one of the most covetable Slaystation vanities this year.

3. Rustic Chic Slaystation

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

The Rustic Chic Slaystation vanity embodies cozy, lived-in style with a bit of southern charm. Crafted from solid reclaimed wood, no two look exactly the same due to the rich natural variations. Intricate wood grain and hand-carved details give this vanity an organic, bespoke feel. The wrap-around shelf provides ample display space for your favorite decor. For boho beauty vibes, the Rustic Chic Slaystation is on point.

4. Modern Minimalist Slaystation

Skip the bells and whistles with the Modern Minimalist Slaystation vanity. This streamlined style features sleek lines, an angular silhouette, and an absence of ornamentation. The high-gloss white finish keeps the look light and bright. Hidden storage compartments keep clutter out of sight. Contemporary hardware in brushed gold, matte black, or chrome finish off the refined modern aesthetic. Simple yet statement-making.

5. Mid-Century Glam Slaystation

Channel retro 1950s style with the Mid-Century Glam Slaystation vanity. Iconic mid-century details include tapered wooden legs, an angular tabletop silhouette, and bubble-shaped mirrors. Metallic accents in brass, gold, or silver add a hint of flair. The vintage shape gets refreshed with modern colors like sage green, blush pink, daylight blue and more. For contemporary spaces craving a dash of mid-mod style, this Slaystation totally delivers.

Trends come and go, but Slaystation vanities are built to last thanks to high-quality craftsmanship and materials. That’s why the most coveted styles today embody iconic silhouettes modernized with of-the-moment colors and finishes. With so many options, you can find your perfect Slaystation match.

Set up your new Slaystation vanity in a walk-in closet, bedroom corner, or dedicated glam room. Then get ready to organize your beauty essentials, create show-stopping looks, and document your slayage with optimal lighting. Slaystation vanities empower you to live – and look – your very best!

Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Size Slaystation Vanity for Your Space

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Slaystation vanities come in a range of sizes, from mini to mega. With so many options, how do you determine which size is right for your space? Follow these expert tips to select a properly sized Slaystation vanity that fits and functions beautifully in your room.

Consider Your Room Dimensions

First, assess the size and layout of the room where you plan to place your Slaystation vanity. Measure the width and depth of the space you have available. Make sure to account for other furniture or items already in the room so the vanity will fit seamlessly. In general, you need a minimum of 30-36 inches for a mini vanity, 48-60 inches for a midi, and 60+ inches for a mega.

Factor in Your Storage Needs

Think about how much beauty product storage you need to determine the ideal vanity size. Mini Slaystations often have 1-3 drawers, while midis have 4-6 and megas have 7+ drawers. If you have an extensive makeup, skincare or hair product collection you’ll want more and larger drawers for ample storage. But if you only use a handful of products daily, a more compact vanity will suffice.

Consider Your Seating Situation

Most Slaystation vanities come with a matching stool or bench. Make sure to select a vanity width that allows comfortable seating space. You generally need 12-15 inches of clearance between the center of the vanity and the wall. If space is tight, some stools tuck neatly under when not in use.

Check the Weight Capacity

Factor in the weight of your must-have vanity essentials to choose adequate surface space. Standard lightbulbs, small decor pieces and makeup organizers will be fine for any vanity size. But if you plan to use heavier professional lighting or accessories, reference the product specs to ensure the vanity can handle the load.

Mind the Traffic Flow

Consider if the vanity will impact room traffic flow when sized up. Measure the walking areas around it to ensure you or others can easily move around. Doorways are also key – measure to make sure you can maneuver the vanity through thresholds during delivery.

Scale It to Your Height

Consider your height when deciding on a mini, midi or mega Slaystation. While stools are adjustable, you want the vanity height and mirror position to be comfortable for your frame. Shorter folks should go more compact, while taller people can size up for adequate headroom and visibility.

Maximize Existing Space

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Take advantage of unique nooks like alcoves, corners or gaps between furniture. A customized mini or midi Slaystation can often fit nicely into these areas that may otherwise go unused. Just be sure to measure carefully.

Envision Your Dream Design

Picture your ideal vanity setup and how much surface area you’d like for displays, organizers and other beauty essentials. Size it up accordingly – a grand mega Slaystation makes a major style statement and leaves room for creativity.

Allow Room to Grow

Leave wiggle room for upgrades or additions down the road. Makeup collections often expand over time, so don’t size your Slaystation vanity too tightly. Allow space to incorporate new goodies as needed.

By keeping these expert tips in mind, you can select a Slaystation vanity size that’s a custom fit for your space. Take measurements, assess storage needs, and visualize the setup to make the right size choice. Soon you’ll be slaying your beauty game in front of the perfect vanity!

Must-Have Accessories and Add-Ons for Customizing Your Slaystation

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

You found the perfect Slaystation vanity, but now it’s time to make it your own with custom accessories and addons! From functional to fabulous, these are the must-have items for personalizing your space.

Lighted Mirror

Proper lighting is key for beauty, so amp up your Slaystation with a lighted mirror. Hollywood-style mirrors cast even lighting with no shadows. Lighted mirrors around the perimeter add flattering brightness for selfies. Go grand with a giant sunburst mirror for a glam focal point.

Matching Side Tables

Complement your Slaystation vanity with matching side tables for maximum cohesion. Use them for extra storage and display. Add glam with metallic finishes like gold, rose gold and silver. Or opt for acrylic or glass tables for a lightweight look.

Chair or Bench

Swap the stool for a chic chair or bench for a cohesive custom look. Choose between tufted, velvet, lucite, acrylic or upholstered seating. Make sure it fits the width of your vanity and allows you to comfortably sit.

Organizers and Trays

Keep your vanity top tidy with acrylic organizers, divider trays and brush holders. Clear designs allow you to see everything. Metallic finishes in gold, rose gold, marble and faux croc add luxe vibes. Customize sizes to fit your vanity perfectly.

Decorative Accents

Make it your own with personalized decorative touches. Add frames with inspiring quotes or fun photos. Style with floral arrangements, candles, fairy lights or greenery. Monogrammed accessories also add unique flair.

Jewelry Storage

Incorporate jewelry storage into your Slaystation for multi-purpose functionality. Opt for hanging racks, freestanding trees, or hook-on options. Drawer inserts with divided compartments keep delicate jewelry safe yet visible.

Cosmetic Fridge

Keep skincare products chilled in a mini cosmetic fridge discreetly stored under or next to your Slaystation. Top models feature adjustable shelves, temperatue control, quiet operation and sleek finishes.

Hidden Storage

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Maximize every inch with hidden storage options. Flip-up mirrors conceal shelves for valuables. Floating cabinets mount over the vanity for tucking away extra items out of sight.

Personalized Details

Look for Slaystations that allow customization of the tabletop design, finish, legs, storage and more. Add initials or monogramming for an extra special touch.

Luxury Accessories

Go glam with luxury accents like crystal lipstick holders, monogrammed perfume trays, gilded candelabras and mirrored trays. The opulent touches will make your Slaystation feel like a Hollywood dressing room.

Pull together your dream glam oasis by tailoring it specifically to your style and storage needs. With the right mix of accessories and personalization, your Slaystation will become a space you never want to leave!

Clever Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Slaystation Vanity Space

One of the best aspects of Slaystation vanities is the ample storage for all your glam gear. But if your makeup, skincare and hair products are still overflowing, it may be time for some storage upgrades. Check out these clever ideas to further maximize your Slaystation vanity space.

Optimize Drawers

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Start by editing down your drawer contents to just the daily essentials you reach for regularly. Then use drawer organizers to neatly section off categories – lips, eyes, complexion, tools etc. Stackable dividers double storage. Clear organizers allow you to see everything at a glance.

Add Drawer Tiers

Along with organizers, use drawer tiers and risers to create layers. Tiers allow you to store small items that would otherwise get buried. Multiple levels let you see all your makeup, skin and hair care products in the drawer.

Display On Top

Maximize the tabletop space by storing frequently used items on display. Acrylic organizers corral brushes and tools. Lipstick racks show off your collection. Glass jars hold cotton pads and Q-tips. Keeping things visible makes them easy to grab.

Hang Tools

Free up drawer space by hanging tools on the sides of the vanity or on the mirror itself. Command hooks allow you to attach curling irons, blow dryers, straighteners and more. Hanging frequently used items makes them readily accessible.

Invest in Turntable

Spinning turntables are a game changer for corner vanity storage. They hold tons of products and spin for easy access to everything. Great for skincare, hair care, palettes and more. The spinning action lets you see – and use – all the items.

Add Floating Shelves

Fill dead space above the vanity with floating glass shelves. Use them to display decorative items, extra makeup, perfumes and products that boost your mood. Just secure tightly so they don’t fall!

Mount Storage On Wall

Take storage off the vanity by mounting wall cabinets or shelves nearby. Wall-mounted clear acrylic shelves create open storage for bulky hair tools and appliances without cluttering the vanity itself.

Conceal With Chic Skirt

For a super sleek look, add a skirt around the bottom of the vanity to conceal miscellaneous items. It hides things like backup products, overflow items and electrical cords.

A few vanity upgrades go a long way when it comes to maximizing your existing storage. Get creative, display visually and utilize all vertical and horizontal space available. Soon your Slaystation will have a place for everything – with room to grow!

DIY Hacks to Makeover and Personalize Your Slaystation on a Budget

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Slaystation vanities can be seriously pricey, especially for top-quality pieces with all the bells and whistles. But with a little DIY creativity, you can make over and customize your Slaystation on a budget. Try these simple DIY hacks to get the dream vanity look you crave without draining your accounts.

Spray Paint It

One of the easiest DIY Slaystation makeovers is simply spray painting it a new color. Choose a bright, bold hue like pink, gold, blue or white for an instant style update. Use painter’s tape to cover any areas you don’t want painted. Apply 2-3 thin coats for even coverage.

Change the Hardware

Swap out old hardware like knobs and pulls for newer ones that match your vibe. Black, brass, crystal and glass knobs can give a more modern feel. Colored handles provide personality. Spray paint is another quick hardware hack.

Get Creative with Contact Paper

Use removable contact paper to transform the look of your Slaystation base or drawers. Marble, wood grain, metallic and patterned contact paper allow you to customize without permanently altering the vanity.

Add Backlighting

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Install battery-operated remote-controlled LED strips along the back and/or underside of your Slaystation to create a trendy backlit glow. Choose lighting colors to match your vanity for a cohesive effect.

Display Your Personality

Make your space unique by styling and decorating it in a way that showcases your personality. Add photos, art, quirky accessories that inspire you and make you smile when you see them.

Organize Your Drawers

Use dollar store organizers and trays to neatly arrange vanity drawers. Sort by makeup category or frequency of use. Labelling clear organizers makes finding everything easy.

Stage Decor Up Top

Elevate your Slaystation style by decorating the top creatively. Opt for a bold patterned tray, trendy acrylic organizers, fun frames or vases, perfume bottles and other glam accents.

Frame Your Mirror

Pick up an inexpensive gilded or colorful frame that complements your Slaystation style. Position it around the mirror perimeter to add shape, hide edges and update the look.

Add Hidden Storage

Mount a paint-by-number Wall Canvas Storage box kit over or beside your vanity to conceal beauty clutter. When closed, it looks like wall art.

With a dash of imagination and elbow grease, the makeover possibilities are endless. Put your personal stamp on it to reflect your own style and interests. Soon your budget-friendly DIY Slaystation will look and feel like a million bucks!

The Best Lighting for Doing Your Makeup at Your Slaystation

Doing your makeup in poor lighting is one of the fastest ways to end up looking busted instead of beat. That’s why proper illumination is essential for your Slaystation vanity area. With the right lighting setup, you can perfect every contour, cut crease and highlight while avoiding makeup mistakes. Read on for the best Slaystation lighting for flawless makeup application.

Ring Lights

Ring lights have become a staple for beauty influencers for good reason – they provide perfect lighting for makeup! The circular shape emits soft, even light across your entire face, eliminating shadows. Go for daylight temperature lighting between 5500-6500K to see colors accurately.

Hollywood Makeup Mirrors

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

These mirrors have bulbs all around the perimeter, providing complete, balanced illumination. The soft glow is ideal for seeing every makeup detail for a pro-level beat. Many also feature magnification capabilities.

LED Strip Lights

For a budget way to light up your Slaystation, install LED light strips along the top or sides of the mirror. This backdrop lighting ensures your face is brightly lit. Go for adjustable brightness to customize as needed.

Natural Light

When possible, do your makeup in a Slaystation placed near windows and natural light. Daylight is the best for seeing true colors to get your makeup looking fabulous. Just avoid direct sunlight which creates shadows.

Dimmable Lighting

Look for vanity lighting that allows you to control brightness levels. Being able to dimCertain lighting is helpful for tasks like blending and contouring that require seeing contours and dimensions.

Magnification Mirrors

Lighted magnifying mirrors are clutch for precise makeup application, letting you perfect each stroke and flick. Opt for at least 1x/10x magnification capabilities.

Adjustable Lighting

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Flexibility is key for custom makeup lighting. Position adjustable sconces, gooseneck lights and dimmable lights at different angles to reduce shadows and illuminate every plane of your face.

Soft White Bulbs

Harsh bulbs can distort color perception. Opt for soft white bulbs around 2700-3000K to get a clear view of your makeup without excess brightness or yellow tones.

Great lighting brings out your best complexion, bone structure and features. With a well-lit Slaystation featuring ring lights, Hollywood mirrors and other pro-level lighting, you’ll be fully equipped to beat your face to perfection every single time.

Where to Find Affordable and Stylish Slaystation Vanities Online

Slaystation vanities are the crown jewel of any glam room, but many of the top brands come with premium designer price tags. Luckily, you can get the Slaystation style you crave at budget-friendly prices by shopping online retailers that offer quality vanities for less. Here are the best places to find affordable and stylish Slaystations online.


Everyone’s favorite Swedish furniture and home retailer, IKEA offers super affordable options for basic Slaystation vanities. Their no-frills MALM vanities come in a variety of sizes and finishes like white, black-brown and walnut effect. Easy to assemble too!


As the everything store, Amazon carries a slew of Slaystation-style vanities at budget prices. Search terms like “modern makeup vanity” and “glam vanity table” bring up endless chic options withPrime shipping.


Overstock is a home clearance online retailer with constantly rotating discounted inventory. Check their site frequently for sales and coupon codes on inexpensive Slaystation finds.


Wayfair has one of the largest furniture inventories online for unbeatable selection. Use their filter tools to find Slaystation vanities based on size, color, style, price point and reviews.


AllModern focuses on contemporary, stylish furniture usually outside of budget. But their clearance section is full of major discounts on luxe Slaystations if you catch items at the right time.


Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Along with everyday low prices, Walmart’s online inventory includes some shockingly chic Slaystation-esque vanities with free shipping. Their Mainstays line has minimalist options at entry-level prices.


The popular home design website Houzz allows you to search by style and price to find glam vanities on the cheap. Add ones you like to an ideabook as you browse to compare.


For a personalized Slaystation find, Etsy sellers offer custom vanities in any size, color and configuration. Message the shop owner for a quote for a one-of-a-kind piece.

Don’t drain your bank account just to get a luxe Slaystation vanity. With the right online retailers, staying on budget doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Shop smart and soon you’ll have a showstopping space to slay your beauty game.

Maintaining and Caring for Your Slaystation Vanity Like a Pro

A Slaystation vanity is an investment, and with proper care it can stay slay-worthy for years. Treat it right by keeping your vanity clean, maintained and stored properly when not in use. Read on for pro tips to care for your Slaystation so you can continue turning looks from your glam throne.

Clean Regularly

Are You Looking For The Perfect Slaystation Vanity. Get The Facts Here

Make it part of your routine to wipe down all surfaces of your Slaystation with a soft microfiber cloth and cleaning spray. Remove makeup residue, dirt, dust and spills to prevent buildup. Pay extra attention to handles, knobs and small crevices.

Protect the Finish

Choose a gentle cleaning spray formulated for wood, laminate, marble or other Slaystation finishes. Avoid harsh cleaners that could strip the finish. Also use coasters for any drinks on the vanity.

Organize Drawers

Prevent drawer damage by using organizers and dividers to keep items neatly sorted. Reposition things if the weight distribution gets off. Overflowing, heavy drawers put excess strain on the glides.

Check Connections

Periodically inspect the connections like leg attachments, bolts, knobs and drawer glides. Tighten anything loose to ensure the stability and function of your Slaystation.

Touch Up Paint

Use matching touch-up paint to cover any scratches, chips or scuffs on the finish. This protects the wood and keeps your vanity looking fab.

Clean the Mirror

Mirror cleaner and a microfiber cloth keep Slaystation mirrors polished and streak-free. Avoid liquid splatters on the mirror to prevent water stains under the glass.

Protect Electronics

Use surge protectors for any electronic components built into your vanity. This prevents power spikes from damaging lighting, outlets or electrical accessories.

Diffuse Essential Oils

Instead of perfumes and room sprays, use an essential oil diffuser to keep your glam space smelling divine. Oils won’t leave residue or damage the finish.

Store Properly When Not In Use

To prevent drying out, cracking or warping, cover your Slaystation with a sheet if storing for extended periods. Keeping it away from direct sunlight will also protect the color.

Show your Slaystation vanity some TLC and it will enhance your beauty routine for years. With consistent cleaning and protective care, your vanity will continue serving flawless lewks from every angle!