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Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

When it comes to protecting systems from excess pressure, Aquatrol safety valves are the gold standard. These innovative pressure relief valves play a critical role in preventing damage and costly repairs in facilities across industries.

Introduction to Aquatrol Safety Valves and How They Work

Aquatrol safety valves are spring-loaded mechanical devices designed to automatically release excess pressure from a system. They open at a pre-set pressure level, allowing fluid to escape until the pressure returns to a safe range. Once the pressure normalizes, the valve re-closes to seal the system.

These valves work by using the system pressure to compress a spring which holds the valve closed. When the force exerted by the system pressure exceeds the spring tension, the valve opens to discharge the excess pressure. The spring tension can be adjusted to set the desired release pressure point.

Aquatrol offers a range of safety valve types for various applications. Some common varieties include conventional pressure relief valves, pilot operated relief valves, temperature relief valves, and vacuum relief valves. No matter the type, Aquatrol valves provide reliable overpressure protection.

Top Reasons Facilities Trust Aquatrol Pressure Relief Valves

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

There are many good reasons why leading companies choose Aquatrol to safeguard their equipment and processes:

  • Adjustable set points to suit specific system pressure limits
  • Rugged construction withstands high temperatures and pressures
  • Compact and lightweight for easy installation
  • Low blowdown minimizes wasted discharge
  • Variety of connection types and sizes for any application

With a proven track record across industries like oil and gas, chemical processing, agriculture, and power generation, Aquatrol valves provide reliable and efficient overpressure protection.

Adjustable Set Points Prevent Damage from Excess Pressure

A key benefit of Aquatrol safety valves is the ability to precisely set the pressure relief point. Using the adjustment screw, the spring tension can be calibrated so the valve opens at the desired threshold.

Properly setting the release point is critical to avoid either nuisance openings or failure to open when needed. With Aquatrol’s adjustable design, the set point can be tuned to match equipment limits and prevent component damage from excessive pressure.

The adjustment screw is tamper-proof, maintaining the calibrated set point until re-adjustment is needed. Facilities can dial in the optimal relief setting for their system’s protection.

How Aquatrol Valves Protect Equipment from Costly Repairs

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

Excessive pressure can wreak havoc on pipes, vessels, pumps, and other system components. The results range from reduced efficiency to catastrophic failures requiring expensive repairs or replacement.

By providing a controlled pressure release, Aquatrol valves safeguard equipment from over-pressurization damage. They are like a pressure release panic button, opening before the system exceeds safe limits.

This preventative capability is far more cost-effective than repairing or replacing damaged equipment. Facility managers praise Aquatrol valves for being an affordable way to avoid replacement costs and downtime from failures.

Built-in Safety Features Provide Added Protection

In addition to the primary pressure relief function, Aquatrol valves have secondary safety features for enhanced protection. This includes a resilient seal disc, inlet filter screen, and thermal lockout on some models.

The seal disc provides a tight seal when closed and is resilient enough to withstand repeated opening cycles without cracking or warping. The filter screen prevents debris from interfering with valve operation. Thermal lockout disables the auto-reseating function during fire exposure.

These extras reinforce the reliability and safety that make Aquatrol the go-to name for pressure relief valves across industries.

With their precision pressure relief, durable construction, and built-in safety extras, Aquatrol valves form a key line of defense against excess pressure. Facilities who rely on Aquatrol enjoy reliable equipment protection, avoiding unnecessary shutdowns and repairs.

When protecting systems from hazardous overpressure, industrial facilities need a safety valve they can count on. Many leading companies choose Aquatrol for reliable pressure relief valves that safeguard equipment and prevent failures.

Top Reasons Facilities Trust Aquatrol Pressure Relief Valves

Aquatrol has earned a sterling reputation among plant managers and engineers for innovative, high-quality safety valves. Here are some of the key benefits that make Aquatrol the go-to name in pressure relief:

  • Precision Pressure Relief – Aquatrol valves maintain tight seals and open reliably at preset limits to discharge excess system pressure before damage occurs.
  • Rugged and Durable Construction – Built of sturdy materials like stainless steel and hardened metal alloys, Aquatrol valves withstand years of opening cycles without failure.
  • Ease of Maintenance – With easy access to internal components and a straightforward design, Aquatrol valves can be serviced and repaired quickly to minimize downtime.
  • Compact Size – The space-saving footprint of Aquatrol products allow installation even in cramped equipment areas.
  • Low Lifecycle Costs – The exceptional longevity and reliability of Aquatrol valves helps control maintenance budgets over decades of service.

With a 75-year history of pioneering pressure relief technology, Aquatrol has fine-tuned valve performance and safety. No wonder leading facilities trust Aquatrol above other brands.

Precision-Tuned Pressure Relief Prevents Failures

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

Going beyond basic overpressure protection, Aquatrol valves offer precision control of the relief pressure point. An adjustment screw accurately sets the spring tension so the valve opens at the desired threshold.

This prevents nuisance openings while still protecting equipment from exceeding safe pressure limits. Aquatrol’s exacting pressure control helps prevent both unnecessary valve openings and component failures.

Facility managers praise this ability to finely tune relief settings to match system requirements. It provides an added level of safety.

Built for the Long Haul

A big pain point for facilities is safety valve failures, which can lead to disastrous overpressure damage. That’s why long, trouble-free service life is central to Aquatrol’s design.

Using robust materials like stainless steel and hardened metal alloys, Aquatrol valves resist corrosion and wear. Their sturdy build withstands continuous opening cycles without cracking or breaking.

By eliminating premature valve failures, Aquatrol delivers reliable protection facilities can count on 24/7. Their exceptional longevity removes worries about surprise shutdowns from faulty valves.

Compact Size Simplifies Installation

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

For facilities struggling with tight equipment spacing, Aquatrol’s compact, lightweight designs are a blessing. Taking up less space than many competitive models, Aquatrol valves fit into cramped, hard to access areas.

Their smaller footprint still packs powerful pressure relief, making installation much easier. This flexibility helps avoid complex modifications or re-routing when retrofitting safety valves.

Thanks to their trimmed-down scale, Aquatrol valves simplify integration into existing systems of all sizes.

With hassle-free installation, proven durability, and ultra-precise pressure relief, it’s easy to see why leading facilities look to Aquatrol first for their safety valve needs. Backed by decades of innovation, Aquatrol delivers the performance and reliability that industrial plants demand.

Industrial facilities rely on safety valves to prevent catastrophic overpressure events. Aquatrol’s innovative adjustable relief valves allow custom protection against damage from excessive pressure.

Adjustable Set Points Prevent Damage from Excess Pressure

A key advantage of Aquatrol safety valves is the ability to precisely set the pressure relief point. This prevents both premature openings and failure to open when needed.

An adjustment screw changes the spring tension so the valve opens at the desired system pressure threshold. Proper calibration matches the relief setting to equipment limits, avoiding component damage from over-pressurization.

For example, if a vessel is rated for 150 PSI, the Aquatrol valve can be tuned to open at 145 PSI. This prevents the system from exceeding the vessel’s pressure rating and risking a catastrophic failure.

One Valve, Many Pressure Settings

Aquatrol’s adjustable design means one valve model can protect various equipment items. The relief point just needs calibrated to match each component’s maximum pressure rating.

This simplifies valve selection and spares facilities the cost of stocking multiple preset relief models. One adjustable Aquatrol valve covers a wide pressure range.

Protecting Equipment from Surges

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

Pressure spikes from events like blocked outlets or power failures can quickly overload equipment. By adjusting relief points below maximums, Aquatrol valves swiftly respond to relieve surges before damage occurs.

For critical system components, the relief setting may be tuned slightly lower for an added safety buffer. Aquatrol’s precision adjustment gives facilities flexibility to protect assets against pressure transients.

Easier Compliance with Safety Codes

Facilities must adhere to pressure vessel codes that mandate safety valves preset below equipment maximums. Aquatrol’s adjustable design makes it simple to calibrate relief points and document compliance.

Portable test kits allow periodic valve re-verification. The tamper-proof adjustment screw also prevents unwanted changes to relief settings.

With their precision adjustability, Aquatrol valves both safeguard equipment and support regulatory adherence. Fine-tuned overpressure protection gives facilities confidence in system safety.

Aquatrol adjustable safety valves are a simple yet powerful method for preventing process upsets, accidents, and shutdowns. Custom relief settings safeguard facilities from the dangers and high costs of exceeding equipment pressure limits.

Uncontrolled overpressure events can inflict severe damage, ranging from reduced efficiency to outright equipment failure. Aquatrol valves are a proven, affordable way to protect system components.

How Aquatrol Valves Protect Equipment from Costly Repairs

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

By providing a controlled pressure release, Aquatrol safety valves safeguard facilities from destructive over-pressurization damage. They discharge excess pressure before it can push system components past safe operating limits.

Preventing Pressure Damage

Excessive pressure strains system materials, eventually causing failures like ruptured tanks, cracked pipes, and blown pump seals. Aquatrol’s automatic relief action minimizes equipment exposure to hazardous high pressures.

Common damage modes averted include:

  • Deformed boiler tubes
  • Split filter housings
  • Failed pressure vessel welds
  • Blown out piping gaskets
  • Stripped pump impeller threads

By venting overpressure before it escalates, Aquatrol valves help avoid such failures that lead to costly downtime and repairs.

Affordable Protection from Replacement Costs

Replacing or repairing components damaged from overpressure can easily cost thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The bill for a single ruptured vessel or cracked heat exchanger can be eye-watering.

Aquatrol valves provide an economical alternative to after-the-fact repairs. Just a few hundred dollars buys reliable protection safeguarding capital assets worth orders of magnitude more.

Minimizing Downtime

Beyond direct repair costs, overpressure damage also incurs heavy losses from process downtime. Key equipment failures can put facilities out of commission for weeks or longer.

By controlling pressure before failures occur, Aquatrol valves help minimize productivity interruptions. Keeping processes running safely averts profit losses from prolonged shutdowns.

With their proven pressure protection, Aquatrol safety valves deliver savings that go far beyond just the purchase price. They are an investment in avoiding much larger losses from failures and downtime.

In addition to reliable pressure relief, Aquatrol safety valves incorporate secondary safety features for enhanced protection of facilities and equipment.

Built-in Safety Features Provide Added Protection

While pressure relief is the primary function, Aquatrol valves also include extra safeguards to reinforce reliable, trouble-free operation.

Resilient Seal Disc

The seal disc provides the tight shutoff when the valve is closed. Aquatrol utilizes high-grade resilient materials so the disc can flex and re-seal through countless pressure cycles without cracking or deformation.

This resilient disc is critical for maintaining a leak-tight seal over years of service. Its durability means no seal replacement or maintenance worries.

Inlet Filter Screen

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

A fine mesh screen installed on the valve inlet filters out any pipeline debris or contaminants. This prevents foreign objects from interfering with the seal or impeding valve movement.

The filter requires only occasional inspection and cleaning. It provides cheap insurance against fouling issues disrupting valve operation.

Thermal Lockout Function

Select Aquatrol models feature a thermal lockout function for fire protection. If exposed to extreme heat as in a fire, it disables the self-resetting mechanism.

This ensures the valve stays open and continues venting pressure until manually reset, preventing resealing that could lead to an explosion.

User-Friendly Testing and Maintenance

Embedded safety features are complemented by Aquatrol’s straightforward valve design. Simple disassembly eases inspection, cleaning, or component replacement when needed.

This user-friendly serviceability reduces maintenance labor while supporting functional testing per safety codes. Enhanced protectability at an affordable cost.

With their layered safety extras and protective design, Aquatrol valves provide complete, reliable protection facilities can count on 24/7.

To maintain reliable protection, safety valves must be properly maintained over their service life. Aquatrol simplifies upkeep with a user-friendly design built for quick servicing.

Easy Maintenance Keeps Valves Working Properly

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

Safety valves that are difficult to maintain often suffer from lapsed upkeep. But Aquatrol’s straightforward design minimizes maintenance hassles and makes routine care simple.

Quick, Tool-Free Disassembly

A hallmark of Aquatrol valves is the ease of full disassembly using only hand wheels. No tools or special skills are needed to access internal components for inspection and cleaning.

Unlike valves requiring bolt removal or meticulous dismantling, Aquatrol products open swiftly. This simplifies tasks like seal checks, debris removal, or spring tensioning.

Simplified Seal and Disc Replacement

The resilient seal disc is easily swapped out if replacement becomes needed after extended service. The disc slips on and off the hinge pin in minutes without fuss.

For sealed models, the shaft seal is similarly straightforward to access and change out. Minimal effort and downtime for critical component renewal.

Built-in Ports Speed Performance Testing

Aquatrol valves include dedicated test ports to simplify mandated performance checks. There’s no need to disrupt piping or operation.

Built-in test connections allow verifying set pressure, blowdown, leakage, and other parameters to validate functionality and compliance.

With Aquatrol’s maintenance-friendly design, facilities can keep valves tuned and calibrated for ongoing safety assurance.

Lower Lifetime Cost of Ownership

The easy servicing of Aquatrol products saves maintenance labor hours and cost over decades of use. Reliable protection without the hassle of difficult upkeep or costly repairs.

Aquatrol simplifies maintenance for real-world safety valve longevity. Their upkeep advantage lowers total cost of ownership.

For safety valves to deliver lasting protection, their construction quality must withstand years of rugged service. Aquatrol manufactures valves to perform reliably over decades.

Quality Construction for Reliable Performance Over Time

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

Aquatrol’s exceptional longevity stems from a commitment to precision manufacturing and robust materials in valve construction.

Stringent Manufacturing Standards

Produced in ASME-certified factories, Aquatrol valves adhere to strict build standards ensuring dimensional accuracy and quality welds.

Thorough functional testing on every valve guarantees they meet rated pressure relief capacities before shipment. This quality focus results in products that perform to specifications consistently.

Durable Materials Resist Wear

Aquatrol utilizes heavy-duty materials like stainless steel alloys, brass, and hardened metal components. These withstand the rigors of continuous temperature and pressure cycling.

The materials resist corrosion, deformation, and fatigue cracking even after years of repetitive opening and closing events.

Weatherproofing Features

For outdoor installations, Aquatrol incorporates weatherproof features like steel coatings, protective caps, and water-tight shaft seals.

These provisions enable lasting performance despite exposure to rain, snow, humidity, pollutants, and extreme temperatures. Outdoor reliability.

Ongoing Design Refinements

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

With 75+ years improving safety valve technology, Aquatrol products benefit from countless evolutionary enhancements.

These incremental improvements deliver today’s most durable and reliable Aquatrol valve designs ever produced.

Aquatrol’s uncompromising construction ensures the longest possible working life. Facilities can count on valves to perform 24/7 over decades of rugged use.

In regulated industries, facilities must prove safety valves comply with required codes. Aquatrol products are designed to support compliance needs.

Compliance with Safety Standards and Regulations

Aquatrol safety valves include provisions to facilitate mandated regulatory compliance in process facilities.

Certifications to Industry Standards

Carrying certifications like ASME and API, Aquatrol valves are built to comply with prevailing pressure vessel, boiler, and process industry codes.

The certifications document design code conformance for installation approval in regulated plants. Aquatrol also maintains a global quality system registered to ISO 9001 standards.

Documentation for Inspectors

Aquatrol provides documentation like material test reports and functional test certificates for regulators and insurance auditors.

Detailed valve data enables facilities to prove adherence to safety valve selection, capacity, and setup requirements.

Test Connections to Verify Function

As highlighted earlier, Aquatrol products incorporate dedicated test ports to facilitate periodic testing by plant personnel or third-party inspectors.

Quick connection of test gauges and equipment validates performance to re-certify compliance status without operational disruptions.

Tamper-Resistant Settings

The tamper-proof adjustment screw maintains integrity of the calibrated set pressure. This reassures inspectors that certified relief settings remain unchanged.

With their code compliance aids, Aquatrol valves simplify the process of installation approval and ongoing verification. One less regulatory headache.

To maximize safety, pressure relief valves must be installed and operated correctly. Aquatrol provides unparalleled customer support and training to ensure proper valve use.

Customer Support and Training for Proper Installation

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

Beyond manufacturing quality valves, Aquatrol believes providing excellent customer guidance is equally important for safety.

Expert Pre-Sales Consultation

Aquatrol application engineers help customers select the optimal valve type and size for their needs before purchase.

Proper sizing and specifications prevent issues like under-capacity valves or nuisance openings from incorrect models.

Instruction Manuals and Online Resources

Clear documentation outlines valve installation, startup, settings adjustment, and maintenance procedures.

Web knowledgebase articles and videos provide additional troubleshooting and training content for plant personnel.

Onsite Training Sessions

Aquatrol specialists conduct plant classroom and hands-on training covering safety valve operational best practices.

Sessions ensure personnel have the know-how for proper installation, testing, and maintenance.

Responsive Technical Support

Are You Protected Against Excess Pressure. Learn Why Aquatrol Safety Valves Keep Systems Safe

Once installed, Aquatrol’s customer service team is ready to assist with any technical questions, warranty support, or parts needs via phone and email.

Their expertise helps customers maximize long-term valve safety and performance.

Aquatrol goes beyond just delivering quality valves to enable their proper use. Customer training and services lead to optimized safety and lower lifetime costs.

While critical for safety, companies often avoid installing new relief valves due to high upfront cost. But Aquatrol offers budget-friendly pricing on quality valves to fit any protection need.

Affordable Pricing on Safety Valves to Fit Any Budget

Aquatrol understands safety valves represent a major capital expenditure for companies. Their pricing strategy focuses on providing the most competitive value possible.

Cost Savings Through Volume Manufacturing

By producing high volumes across global factories, Aquatrol achieves economies of scale that lower production costs.

These savings are passed along to customers, keeping Aquatrol’s prices on par with lower-tier brands while maintaining premium quality.

Budget-Conscious Product Line

Aquatrol supplements their standard professional series with a value valve line. It provides no-frills pressure relief at budget-conscious pricing.

This economy line extends protection to price-sensitive applications that may have foregone new safety valves previously.

Fair, Transparent Pricing

Through their website and distributors, Aquatrol provides upfront valve pricing information to help customers budget.

Their pricing model avoids hidden fees or complex bundled packages that obscure actual costs.

Flexible Purchase Options

Besides outright purchase, Aquatrol offers procurement options like rental units and leased valves to spread costs over time.

This provides financial flexibility to customers implementing new overpressure protection across facilities.

Aquatrol’s pricing philosophy aims to make advanced safety accessible. Quality valves with competitive pricing find a home in more facilities across more industries.