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Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

An Introduction to Baldwin’s Smart Key Technology

Securing your home is one of the most important things you can do to keep your family and belongings safe. That’s why high-quality locks, like Baldwin’s Smart Key deadbolts, are a wise investment for any homeowner. With Baldwin’s innovative Smart Key technology, you get the ultimate in keyless convenience and home security.

So how exactly does Baldwin’s Smart Key system work? Unlike traditional keyed locks, Baldwin Smart Key deadbolts use an advanced cylinder system that allows you to control and rekey your locks anytime, without hiring a locksmith. Here’s a closer look at what makes Baldwin’s Smart Key so smart.

Easy Rekeying at Your Fingertips

At the heart of Baldwin’s Smart Key system is the innovative Smart Key cylinder. This cylinder has a unique track system that allows the internal tumblers to be reset to new combinations in seconds. To rekey the lock, all you need to do is insert the Smart Key tool, turn it, and remove your old key. Now you can insert a new key and test the lock by removing the key again. The cylinder automatically reconfigures itself to only work with the new key. It’s that simple!

Being able to rekey in seconds without tools is one of the biggest advantages of Smart Key. You don’t ever have to deal with the hassle and expense of calling a locksmith again. Plus, you have total control over who can access your home. If you need to change the locks due to lost or stolen keys, or if you want to revoke access from a previous homeowner or tenant, you can do it yourself in no time.

No Bumping or Lock Picking

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

Along with convenient rekeying, Baldwin’s Smart Key provides maximum security. The innovative cylinder uses advanced sidebar locking features to prevent lock bumping and picking. In fact, Baldwin Smart Key has been tested to exceed the industry’s toughest lockpicking and destructive entry standards.

Lock bumping, a technique that uses special tools to quickly jiggle the lock open, won’t work on Baldwin’s Smart Key. The unique sidebar locking blocks the bump key from fully engaging. Pick-resistant technology also protects against lock picking tools. You can rest assured knowing Baldwin Smart Key keeps your home safe from even skilled lock pickers.

Sleek, Secure Style

Not only does Baldwin Smart Key provide smart security, but it also looks great on your door. Baldwin offers the Smart Key feature across many stylish finishes and hardware designs. Choose an elegant satin nickel or matte black finish to complement your home’s aesthetics. Or opt for a distressed, antique brass finish for a more rustic style.

Baldwin’s luxury handlesets, available with Smart Key cylinders, provide both beauty and strength. Baldwin Prestige and Reserve handlesets feature solid brass and zinc construction with heavy-duty springs and mounting hardware. With their dazzling finishes and reliable quality, they’ll add long-lasting luxury to your home’s entryways.

Simple, Stable Keying

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

Forget juggling a huge bundle of nearly identical keys. With Baldwin Smart Key, you only need one key that works for every Smart Key lock. Baldwin Smart Key uses a technology called “fixed keying”, rather than master keying. This means each Smart Key operates independently, with no master keys or key hierarchies to worry about.

Many keyed systems use complex master key setups. But these can be difficult to manage and often require calling a professional. With Baldwin Smart Key, each lock has its own unique key combination. Rekeying one cylinder does not affect the others. This eliminates the frustrations and risks of managing master key systems.

Exceptional Durability

Like all Baldwin hardware, the Smart Key deadbolts and handlesets uphold Baldwin’s legacy of strength and endurance. The Smart Key deadbolts feature a solid brass cylinder and locking mechanism encased by a protective zinc housing. The internal parts are shielded from damage and tampering. Even under intense usage and adverse weather conditions, Baldwin’s Smart Key keeps working smoothly.

And Baldwin puts the Smart Key locks through strenuous testing for guaranteed performance. They test for over 1 million key cycles, freeze/thaw conditions, corrosion resistance, vertical/horizontal impacts, and more. When installed and maintained properly, your Baldwin Smart Key system will deliver years of reliable security.

Total Convenience

Baldwin’s Smart Key technology combines effortless rekeying with maximum residential security. No more dealing with the cost and hassle of traditional lock rekeying or replacement. And Baldwin’s sleek designs and durable construction ensure your locks keep working and looking great.

With Baldwin Smart Key, complete keyless control over your property is at your fingertips. Keep your keys secure without ever having to leave home. Baldwin makes it easy and affordable to keep your house – and everything inside it – safe and secure.

How the Smart Key System Works to Enhance Security

Installing high-quality locks on your doors is the first step to securing your home. But if you really want superior convenience and security, Baldwin’s innovative Smart Key deadbolts are the clear choice. Baldwin’s Smart Key system takes keyless technology to the next level.

So how does Baldwin’s Smart Key work its magic? The genius lies in the Smart Key cylinder and how it allows for instant rekeying without tools. Here’s an inside look at the technology that makes Baldwin’s Smart Key deadbolts so smart.

The Resettable Cylinder

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

At the heart of Baldwin’s Smart Key system is the innovative Smart Key cylinder and its resettable tumbler design. The cylinder contains a series of internal tumblers that must be aligned at specific heights for the correct key to turn and retract the lock. Here’s where the magic happens.

The Smart Key cylinder tumblers are positioned on tracks that allow them to be physically rearranged to new locations when desired. By inserting the Smart Key tool into the cylinder and turning, you can reset the tumblers to create new locking combinations instantly.

Rekey in Three Simple Steps

Rekeying a Baldwin Smart Key deadbolt takes only seconds and can be done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Insert the Smart Key tool into the cylinder and turn the cylinder to the rekey position.
  2. With the tool still inserted, remove the existing key if one is present.
  3. Insert the new key and test it by removing the key again. The cylinder automatically resets to only work with the new key.

That’s all it takes to get a fully rekeyed lock! No new hardware or locksmith required. This ability to reset combinations on the fly lets you maintain total control over your property’s access.

Cutting-Edge Security

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

In addition to effortless rekeying, Baldwin’s Smart Key technology utilizes advanced security features. While normal keyed locks can be vulnerable to lock bumping, Baldwin Smart Key
Here is a 1083 word article on choosing the right Baldwin Smart Key lock:

Choosing the Right Baldwin Smart Key Lock for Your Needs

With Baldwin’s innovative Smart Key technology, upgrading your home’s security is now easier than ever. But with the range of styles and options Baldwin offers, how do you choose the right Smart Key lock? Whether you need an entry door deadbolt or new handles and knobs throughout your home, this guide will walk you through deciding on the perfect Baldwin Smart Key locks.


Deadbolts are essential for securing exterior doors. When properly installed, the deadlatch provides the strongest resistance against forced entry. Baldwin offers several Smart Key deadbolt models to fit your home.

For a basic deadbolt with Baldwin’s Smart Key convenience, look at the Baldwin Smart Key Single Cylinder Deadbolt. Available in Satin Nickel, Matte Black, and Antique Brass, this deadbolt offers simple styling to match most homes. It provides 1-inch throw steel deadlatch and anti-saw guard plate for strength.

For a higher-end look, the Baldwin Prestige Single Cylinder Deadbolt features stylish detailing on the turnpiece and rectangle escutcheon. The satin nickel and matte black finishes give a modern, sophisticated look. The deadlatch provides the same sturdy security as the standard Baldwin deadbolt.

If you prefer separate exterior and interior cylinders, choose the Baldwin Prestige Double Cylinder Deadbolt. This allows you to control access from both sides of the door. It also lets you set different key combinations for the interior and exterior. Go for the distressed antique brass finish for a unique vintage style.

Handles and Knobs

While deadbolts secure the door itself, choosing new Smart Key knobs or levers allows you to rekey all your interior doors. Baldwin’s luxury handlesets feature solid construction and dazzling finishes to enhance your decor.

For a simple, streamlined look, the Satin Nickel Baldwin Reserve Handleset features curved lever handles and an elegant sage finish. All Reserve hardware boasts solid brass cores and zinc casting for durability. The Smart Key cylinders provide integrated keyless convenience.

If you prefer bold, eye-catching hardware, consider the Baldwin Prestige Handleset. This luxury handleset comes in unique matte black and rubbed bronze finishes. The handles feature straight line contemporary styling with inset crystal accents in the lever and rose. It makes a gorgeous statement piece while sealing out intruders.

For grand, old-world charm, choose the Antique Brass Baldwin Prestige Handleset. The elegant filigree designs and distressed finish evoke Victorian style. It’s ideal for adding a touch of time-honored sophistication. And the Smart Key cylinders make rekeying the interior a breeze.

Additional Features

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

Baldwin Smart Key locks also offer additional features to ensure easy usage and maximum security.

One handy option is Baldwin’s Smart Touch technology. This electronic touch button allows you to lock and unlock from the interior without turning the lever. Simply press the discreet button located on the interior rose. It’s great for securing interior rooms with a touch.

For optimum exterior defense, consider Baldwin’s BumpGuard protection. This technology uses advanced sidebar locking to thwart lock bumping. Baldwin Smart Key locks with BumpGuard provide ANSI grade 1 certified bump resistance.

Baldwin Smart Key locks can also be integrated into smart home systems. Pair your Baldwin Smart Key with a Z-Wave or Zigbee-compatible smart lock module. This allows you to control and monitor your Baldwin locks using your home automation system.

Matching Your Home

When selecting the perfect Baldwin Smart Key, keep in mind your home’s existing look and style. Consider finishes that coordinate with current hardware and fixtures. For example, opt for rubbed bronze handles to match oil-rubbed bronze lighting.

The style of your home is also important. If you have a Craftsman bungalow, choose hardware with simpler, straight-lined designs. For Victorian homes, select locks with more intricate, elegant detailing. Ensure the hardware complements and enhances your home’s architecture.

Placement is also key. Use single cylinder deadbolts on doors with glass panes or sidelights to avoid locking yourself out. For garage entry doors, opt for handlesets without keyed cylinders on the interior to allow easy exit.

Easy Installation

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

While professional installation is recommended, Baldwin Smart Key locks are designed for simple do-it-yourself installation. All necessary mounting hardware is included. Baldwin provides printed instructions with step-by-step guidelines.

Some key steps for proper installation include drilling holes to the correct size, making sure doors are adequately prepped, and carefully installing and adjusting the strike plate. Taking the time to install Baldwin locks correctly will ensure optimum security and performance.

Investing in Your Safety

At the end of the day, choosing the right Baldwin Smart Key lock largely comes down to deciding what makes you feel the most safe and secure in your home. With Baldwin’s innovative Smart Key technology and range of design options, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Achieving total peace of mind is priceless. Investing in durable, high-quality Baldwin Smart Key locks gives you keyless convenience, fortified protection, and stylish appeal through every season and every year.

Baldwin Prestige Series: Their Most Advanced Smart Key Deadbolts

When you want the ultimate in high-end style and next-level security for your home, turn to Baldwin’s Prestige Series. This luxury smart lock line offers all the innovative features of Baldwin Smart Key technology, encased in striking, premium hardware.

Keep reading to learn why the Prestige Series represents Baldwin’s most advanced Smart Key deadbolts and handlesets yet. With their robust construction, unique finishes, and sophisticated styling, these locks deliver advanced protection you can’t get anywhere else.

Unparalleled Quality

Like all Baldwin products, the Prestige Series is crafted to the highest standards to last a lifetime. Each component, from the solid brass cylinders to the internal locking mechanisms, is made with premium grade materials.

Baldwin pulls out all the stops with the Prestige Series. These locks feature the strongest grade-one deadbolts available, with 1-inch steel deadlatch throws for maximum security. The cylinders are protected by reinforced casings to prevent drilling or prying.

In addition, the Prestige Series handles and exterior escutcheons are made of top-shelf diecast zinc. This provides superior resistance to elements and normal wear-and-tear from daily use. When it comes to robustness, the Prestige Series is in a league of its own.

Unmatched Style

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

Not only does the Prestige Series deliver Baldwin’s best security, but it also offers unique style you won’t find anywhere else. Contemporary styling and exclusive finishes give your home an instant upgrade in luxury.

Choices like Matte Black, Satin Nickel, and Metallic Bronze offer modern, sophisticated elegance. And the gorgeous rubbed finishes, like Oil Rubbed Bronze and Distressed Antique Brass, create a timeworn vintage charm.

And the detailing increases the visual appeal. Graceful filigree designs, crystal inset accents, and intricately embossed patterns set the Prestige Series apart. When you want hardware that is as beautiful as it is strong, the Prestige Series shines.

Keyless Convenience

Of course, the Prestige Series includes all the latest Baldwin Smart Key advancements. The innovative Smart Key cylinders allow for easy rekeying in seconds, without tools or locksmiths.

With Baldwin’s Smart Key tool, you can quickly reset the internal tumblers to work with new keys anytime. So you maintain total control over access to your home. No more fussing with masses of nearly identical keys either, since each Smart Key operates independently.

The Prestige Series also offers Smart Touch, Baldwin’s electronic locking feature. The discreet interior touch button provides keyless locking and unlocking. This ultra-convenient feature is perfect for interior doors you want to access without keys.

Enhanced Protection

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

As Baldwin’s most robust smart lock line, the Prestige Series boasts enhanced security features you won’t find in basic Baldwin Smart Key models.

For instance, the Prestige Series deadbolts offer BumpGuard technology. This uses advanced side locking bars to prevent lock bumping, the technique thieves use to quickly jiggle locks open. Prestige Series locks exceed grade one certifications for bump resistance.

You can also get Prestige Series locks with Baldwin’s unique dual-cylinder design. Having two independent Smart Key cylinders allows you to set different key combinations for the interior and exterior. And you can rekey each cylinder separately for custom control.

Strength Behind the Beauty

With their unparalleled quality, exclusive styling, and enhanced features, Baldwin’s Prestige Series represents the pinnacle of smart lock technology and high-end security. The sophisticated appearance conceals the robust protections inside.

Like a bank vault concealed within ornate architecture, the Prestige Series melds strength and beauty flawlessly. No other smart locks on the market offer the Prestige’s combination of premium materials, unique finishes, and advanced security capabilities.

When you want discerning, luxury access control for your home, insist on the reinforced durability and keyless convenience only the Baldwin Prestige Series can provide. Baldwin’s signature craftsmanship and innovation shine through in every detail of these modern smart lock masterpieces.

Invest in the Prestige Series for long-lasting strength, individual style, and technology-enhanced protection that redefines total home security. Discover firsthand the elite difference Baldwin’s most advanced deadbolts and handlesets offer.

Programming and Re-keying Baldwin Smart Key Locks

Installing a Baldwin Smart Key deadbolt is one of the best ways to secure your home in 2023. With Baldwin’s patented Smart Key technology, you can easily re-key your locks yourself in seconds – no need for a locksmith. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about programming and re-keying Baldwin Smart Key locks.

How Baldwin Smart Key Locks Work

Baldwin Smart Key locks utilize a patented side locking bar technology. This side locking bar has ridges that correspond to pins in the lock cylinder. When you insert the proper key, the ridges on the key align the pins and allow the cylinder to turn and the lock to open.

Here’s the genius of the Smart Key system – you can re-key your Baldwin Smart Key lock by inserting any working key and giving it a simple twist. This rotation realigns the pins inside the cylinder to match the new key. It takes less than 10 seconds and no special tools required!

Programming a New Baldwin Smart Key Lock

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

When you first install a new Baldwin Smart Key deadbolt, you’ll need to program it to work with your new keys. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Insert the original constructor key that came with the lock into the cylinder and turn to unlock the door.
  2. With the constructor key still inside the lock, insert your new key and give it a turn. You should feel the lock reset to the new key.
  3. Remove both keys and test your new key to ensure it unlocks the deadbolt.

It’s that easy to program a new Baldwin Smart Key lock! The lock is now keyed only to your new key.

Re-keying an Existing Baldwin Smart Key

Over time, you may need to re-key your Baldwin Smart Key lock – for example, if you want to remove a lost key from the lock or add new family members. Re-keying an existing Smart Key lock is just as simple as programming a new lock:

  1. Insert any current working key into the lock cylinder and turn to unlock the door.
  2. With the original key still inside, insert your new key and give it a turn. You’ll feel the lock reset.
  3. Remove both keys and confirm the new key operates the lock.

And that’s all there is to it! All previous keys will no longer work, and now only your new key will open the lock. You can repeat this process anytime you need to change the keys.

Baldwin Smart Key Security Features

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

Baldwin Smart Key locks offer excellent security thanks to these built-in features:

  • Pick-resistant side locking bar makes it extremely difficult for lock picking.
  • Re-keying ability removes lost keys from the lock instantly.
  • Lockout mode disables re-keying if needed for extra security.
  • Available in grade 1, 2, or 3 for residential or commercial security levels.
  • Bump-resistant configurations for premium security.

With over a billion key combinations possible, Baldwin Smart Key locks provide robust key control and flexibility for homes and businesses.

Matching Baldwin Smart Key Locks

For the best results, make sure your Baldwin Smart Key deadbolts and door knobs feature the Smart Key logo and are all the same grade. Baldwin offers a full product line up including deadbolts, levers, and door knobs to outfit your entire home. Using the same-grade Smart Key locks allows seamless re-keying and consistency across your property.

Why Baldwin is the Smart Choice

With over 60 years experience, Baldwin is a leader in innovative lock technology. Their Smart Key system delivers advanced key control and flexibility without complexity or cost. If you’re looking for premium American-made locks to protect your home or business, Baldwin Smart Key is the smart choice in 2023.

Installing a Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolt on Your Front Door

Securing your home starts at the front door. Installing a Baldwin Smart Key deadbolt provides premium protection using innovative Smart Key technology. In this guide, we’ll walk through the full process of adding this smart lock to your entryway.

Why Choose a Baldwin Smart Key Lock?

The Baldwin Smart Key deadbolt delivers advanced features that make securing your home a breeze. With the ability to rekey in seconds without a locksmith, you gain total control over your keys. The Smart Key system is pick resistant and bump proof for robust security. Made in America and backed by Baldwin’s reputation, this lock is a leading choice for peace of mind.

Preparing Your Door

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

Before installing your new Baldwin deadbolt, check that your door and jamb are properly prepared:

  • Ensure the door is between 1-3/8″ and 1-3/4″ thick for proper deadbolt function.
  • Confirm there is existing crossbore clearance and chisel space for the deadbolt latch.
  • Inspect that the jamb area is flat and intact for secure mounting.
  • Verify jamb alignment to avoid binding when the door is closed.

Adjust or repair your door as needed so it’s ready for trouble-free deadbolt installation.

Installing the Baldwin Smart Key

Once your door is prepped, it’s time to install your new lock. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Use the template provided with your deadbolt to mark drill points on the door edge and jamb.
  2. Bore holes using a hole saw on the door edge and a drill bit on the jamb.
  3. Insert the latch mechanism into the door edge and use screws to secure in place.
  4. Align the exterior assembly on the door face and attach with longer screws.
  5. Similarly affix the interior assembly using the included screws.
  6. Attach the strike plate on the door jamb using the supplied screws.
  7. Insert battery pack and perform testing to ensure smooth function.

Take care to drill properly aligned holes and securely tighten all screws. For aesthetic purposes, choose a finish like Satin Nickel that matches your existing hardware.

Programming Your New Smart Key Lock

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

Once installed, you’ll need to program your Baldwin Smart Key deadbolt to work with your new keys:

  1. Insert the original constructor key and turn to unlock the door.
  2. With the constructor key inside, insert your new key and rotate – you’ll feel the lock reset.
  3. Test the new key to confirm it operates the lock.

That’s all it takes to sync your new Smart Key. Repeat this process anytime you need to change the keying.

Enjoy Your New Baldwin Smart Key Security

With your new Baldwin deadbolt installed and programmed, you can rest easy knowing your entryway is securely protected. The Smart Key technology makes it a cinch to maintain total key control. No more hiding keys under the mat – just rekey in seconds anytime access needs to change!

Investing in a premium Baldwin Smart Key lock for your front door provides convenience and security for many years to come. It’s the smart choice to protect what matters most – your home and family.

Using the Baldwin Smart Key App for Added Convenience

Baldwin Smart Key locks provide robust home security along with the convenience of keyless entry. The Baldwin Smart Key app takes that convenience to the next level, allowing you to control your locks right from your phone.

What is the Baldwin Smart Key App?

The Baldwin Smart Key app pairs with Baldwin’s Bluetooth-enabled Smart Key locks to provide complete mobile access. With the app, you can lock or unlock your door, view access history, add and delete digital keys, and more.

Key features of the Baldwin Smart Key app include:

  • Remote lock/unlock from anywhere
  • Generate unlimited digital keys to grant access
  • Monitor your lock’s status and battery life
  • Get instant notifications whenever your lock is used
  • Block lost digital keys immediately
  • Set schedules, auto lock/unlock and more

With these capabilities, the Baldwin app adds a huge level of convenience to your Smart Key deadbolt.

Connecting Your Smart Lock to the App

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

Connecting your Baldwin Smart Key lock to the app only takes a few minutes. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create your Baldwin app account
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone
  3. Open the app and select “Add New Lock”
  4. Scan the QR code on your lock’s interior panel
  5. The app will automatically sync with the lock

Once connected, you’ll see your lock’s status on the app dashboard. You can now start using the app’s features to manage access and receive notifications.

Granting Digital Key Access

One major benefit of the Baldwin app is the ability to generate digital keys. To grant someone access:

  1. Open the app and select your lock
  2. Choose “Add User”
  3. Enter the user’s name and email
  4. Set permissions and expiration date
  5. The user will receive access via email

You can add unlimited users and set the days/times their digital key works. Revoke access anytime by deleting their digital key.

Smart Features for Peace of Mind

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

In addition to basic access control, the Baldwin Smart Key app provides intelligent features to enhance security:

  • Notifications – Get alerts whenever your lock is operated.
  • Lock History – Review detailed access records for your lock.
  • Auto Lock/Unlock – Set your lock to automatically open or lock at set times each day.
  • Lockout Mode – Temporarily disable re-keying for extra security.

These capabilities let you monitor activity and customize your lock’s operation remotely via the app.

Convenient Keyless Entry

With the Baldwin Smart Key app installed, you’ll always have your “keys” with you on your phone. Unlock your front door from anywhere with just a tap. No more fumbling for keys!

You can also grant access to visitors with a digital key for convenient short-term use. The Baldwin app provides the ultimate flexibility and convenience for managing your home’s security.

Advanced Features Made Simple

The Baldwin Smart Key app delivers powerful control of your electronic deadbolt lock in an intuitive package. With remote access, notifications, and digital keys, you gain both security and convenience from one app. Keyless entry has never been so smart and secure!

Smart Key Security Benefits: No More Lost Keys or Locksmiths

Baldwin’s Smart Key lock technology provides homeowners with advanced security features and flexibility. With the ability to rekey locks in seconds, Smart Key removes the headache and cost of lost keys and locksmith calls.

The Hidden Dangers of Lost Keys

Losing a physical key can create major security issues and expenses. Once a key is missing, you face these risks:

  • Anyone finding your key has full access to your home.
  • You may need to rekey all locks or even replace them entirely.
  • Paying for an emergency locksmith to rekey can be very costly.
  • It takes time to make and distribute new keys to family members.

With Baldwin Smart Key locks, a lost key no longer poses a security threat or financial burden.

How Smart Key Technology Secures Against Lost Keys

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

The innovative Smart Key system makes rekeying your locks fast and easy. Here’s how it prevents lost key issues:

  • Rekey your Smart Key in under 10 seconds anytime using your other valid keys.
  • All lost, stolen or duplicate keys are instantly disabled in the rekeying process.
  • No need to call, schedule and pay for a professional locksmith.
  • Quickly provide new keys to family members without the hassle.

With Smart Key, lost keys become a non-issue. You remain in total control of your home’s security.

Avoiding Costly Locksmith Bills

Professional rekeying or lock replacement due to lost keys can carry a hefty price tag. Locksmith services average over $200 per lock. For a whole home, you could end up paying $1000 or more!

With Baldwin Smart Key locks, no locksmith is needed. You can rekey as often as necessary without tools or special skills. This saves you the time, stress and significant expense of locksmith fees.

Rekey in Seconds Anytime

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

Beyond lost keys, Baldwin Smart Key makes it easy to rekey for other reasons like:

  • Changing roommates or visitors
  • workers
  • Updating home rental between tenants
  • Revoking access from lost or stolen keys
  • Rekeying after a break-in attempt

No need to wait for a locksmith opening – just rekey in seconds yourself using existing keys. Smart Key is always available to protect your home.

Total Key Control and Convenience

Baldwin’s innovative Smart Key technology puts you in charge of your home’s security. With the ability to rekey quickly and easily yourself, you no longer need to worry about lost keys or unsecured locks.

Key control has never been so convenient. Smart Key removes locksmith hassles and provides peace of mind your home is properly secured at all times.

Protecting Your Home with Baldwin’s Lifetime Mechanical Warranty

When investing in new locks to secure your property, you want the assurance of long-term reliability. That’s exactly what Baldwin’s lifetime mechanical warranty provides on Smart Key deadbolts and other Baldwin locks.

What Baldwin’s Warranty Covers

  • Mechanical – Lifetime guarantee against defects in function and workmanship.
  • Finish – Lifetime protection against tarnishing, flaking and discoloration.
  • Replacement or repair of any failing lock and/or finish.

With this comprehensive warranty, Baldwin stands behind their locks for dependable security you can count on.

Securing Your Home for the Long Term

Replacing worn or damaged locks can be a major expense and hassle. Baldwin’s lifetime warranty ensures your Smart Key deadbolt will deliver reliable protection for your home for years to come with no replacement costs.

Knowing your high-security lock is covered for a lifetime brings peace of mind. This warranty allows you to secure doors throughout your property with Smart Key locks, providing long-lasting safety and convenience.

Superior Materials and Engineering

What enables Baldwin to offer such an extensive warranty? Their premium materials and engineering, including:

  • Solid brass, stainless steel and zinc alloy construction.
  • Heavy-duty grade 1 certified lock bodies and components.
  • Reinforced steel locking bolts.
  • Patented Smart Key mechanism rated to over 1 billion key combinations.
  • Exacting manufacturing standards for proven reliability.

Baldwin Smart Key locks are built to last, giving you decades of smooth function you can trust.

Warranty Service Made Simple

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

In the unlikely event of a mechanical or finish defect, Baldwin makes it easy to enact the warranty. Just contact Baldwin’s customer service with a brief description of the issue. After confirming warranty coverage, they will ship a replacement lock directly to you free of charge.

Baldwin provides hassle-free support so you can promptly replace the faulty lock and maintain security on your home.

Investing in Lasting Protection

Baldwin’s lifetime mechanical and finish warranty demonstrates their commitment to quality and performance. You can install Smart Key deadbolts throughout your home with confidence they will deliver security for years to come.

Protect your property for the long haul with Baldwin’s industry-leading lifetime warranty. Your home and family will stay secure for generations.

Keeping Your Family Safe with Baldwin’s Innovative Deadbolt Line

When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones, few things are as important as a high-quality deadbolt. That’s why so many homeowners trust Baldwin Locks when choosing the right deadbolt system. Baldwin’s Prestige Series Smart Key deadbolts offer innovative security features and extreme durability, giving you the peace of mind that your family and belongings are safe.

Unlike a traditional deadbolt, Baldwin’s Smart Key system allows you to rekey your locks yourself in seconds without removing them. This means you can quickly control who has access to your home, without the hassle and expense of calling a locksmith every time you need to change your keys. The Smart Key technology uses a patented side bar design and special tool that lets you set and reset the lock combinations as often as needed.

Here are some of the standout benefits of Baldwin’s Prestige Series Smart Key deadbolts:

Effortless Rekeying

Baldwin Smart Key Deadbolts: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Home in 2023

As mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of Baldwin’s Smart Key locks is the ability to rekey them in seconds without removing the lock. This is perfect if you’re moving into a new home and want to ensure previous owners can’t access it, if you need to revoke access from a lost key, or if you regularly have guests, visitors, or contractors that need temporary access.

Maximum Security

While easy rekeying is convenient, security can’t be sacrificed. Baldwin’s Smart Key deadbolts offer the highest level of residential security. The locks exceed ANSI grade 1 standards and are certified BHMA AAA. Pick and drill resistant features prevent lock tampering and bump keys. The locks also come with Baldwin’s limited lifetime mechanical warranty for complete peace of mind.

Sleek Aesthetics

You don’t have to sacrifice style for security. Baldwin’s Prestige Series deadbolts feature a modern, minimalist design with a satin nickel or matte black finish. Slim profiles match perfectly with modern door handles and complement contemporary architecture and interiors.


Your deadbolt will see a lot of use, so durability is a must. Baldwin only uses premium materials, like solid brass or zinc housings. Components are also corrosion and rust resistant. Baldwin locks are extensively tested to over 1 million open/close cycles for long-lasting performance you can rely on.

Smart Technology Integration

For even more convenience, Baldwin Smart Key deadbolts can integrate with smart home systems, home automation, and access control systems. This allows you to control your deadbolts remotely via smartphone, as well as monitor activity. You can even set up notifications if a door is accessed at certain times.

Wide Selection

Baldwin offers Smart Key deadbolts in various styles and functions to suit your needs. Single cylinder, double cylinder, and high-security models are available. Choose from contemporary or traditional styling, as well as finishes like matte black, satin nickel, and bronze. There are also options for left or right-handed doors.

When comparing deadbolts, Baldwin checks all the right boxes. Easy rekeying, unmatched security, durable construction, and stylish design make Baldwin’s Smart Key deadbolts the best choice for securing your home in 2023. With Baldwin, you can relax knowing your family and belongings are protected behind the toughest deadbolts on the market.