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Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

Sound Quality – How good is the audio quality and volume level? Look at speaker drivers, power output, frequency response.

When purchasing a portable Bluetooth speaker like the Aomais Go, one of the most important factors to consider is sound quality. You want a speaker that can produce clear, detailed audio with punchy bass and crisp highs. The overall volume level or loudness should also be sufficient for your needs, whether casually listening at home or providing tunes for a small outdoor gathering.

One specification to look at is the speaker driver size – generally larger drivers can reproduce a wider range of frequencies. Many Aomais Go models use 40mm or 60mm neodymium drivers that deliver full-bodied sound. Power output measured in Watts relates to volume capacity – the higher the Watts, the louder the maximum volume. Look for speakers rated 30W or higher like the Aomais Go 40W for louder audio.

Pay attention to the stated frequency response range – the low and high end Hz numbers indicate the span of bass and treble sounds the speaker can produce. A wider response like 50Hz to 20kHz means you’ll get deep lows and sparkling highs. Also check if the speaker has a passive bass radiator or dual drivers for enhanced bass.

Bluetooth signal strength affects audio quality too – Aomais Go speakers use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 for faster pairing and minimal dropouts or artifacts when streaming music from your phone or tablet even at range. High bitrate audio codecs like AAC and aptX provide CD-like sound quality over the wireless link.

When possible, listen to the speaker in person at high, mid and low volumes to get a sense of the sound signature. Read professional product reviews that measure audio specs to compare. Consider watching video demos on YouTube to hear the speaker’s actual performance.

Key Takeaways

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

  • Larger speaker drivers reproduce wider frequency range
  • Higher power output means louder maximum volume
  • Look for wide frequency response like 50Hz-20kHz
  • Passive radiators and dual drivers enhance bass
  • Bluetooth 5.0 provides reliable wireless streaming
  • AAC and aptX codecs offer high-quality audio
  • Listen in person and check reviews for sound quality insights

When evaluating Aomais Go speakers like the Aomais Go 40W, Go Mini or Go Jr, taking the time to understand the audio specifications and performance will ensure you choose a model that sounds fantastic playing your favorite tunes or podcasts anywhere you go.

Portability – Consider size, weight, battery life. Is it easy to transport?

Portability is a key benefit of Bluetooth speakers like the Aomais Go. You want a speaker that’s easy to pack up, carry with you, and use on the go – whether heading to the beach, camping trip, or just using around the house.

The Aomais Go line offers compact sizes ranging from the palm-sized Go Mini at just 3.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches to the larger but still portable Go at 8 x 3 x 2.8 inches. Weight ranges from 12.5oz for the Go Mini up to 1.76lbs for the Go. Consider the right balance of size versus audio power for your needs.

Battery life is crucial. The best Aomais models boast 15-30 hours of continuous playtime per charge. Helpful battery saving modes can further extend runtime. Fast charging support via USB-C lets you quickly top up before heading out.

Given their rugged, weatherproof designs, Aomais Go speakers can be tossed in a backpack without worry. Integrated strap hooks or cords allow attaching to bags for hands-free transport. Compact and lightweight form factors make these speakers ideal for use anywhere – beach, yard, camping trip, hiking, and more.

Key Takeaways

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

  • Choose compact size that fits your needs
  • Lower weight makes portable use easier
  • Look for long 15-30 hour battery life
  • Battery saver mode further extends playtime
  • USB-C fast charging support
  • Rugged build and hooks allow easy transport
  • Lightweight and packable for use on the go

When evaluating portable Bluetooth speakers like the Aomais Go series, size, weight and battery life are important considerations for true on-the-go usability. Prioritize compact, lightweight designs with extended playtime per charge.

With their durable build, long battery life and variety of portable sizes, Aomais Go speakers like the Mini, Jr and 40W models allow you to easily take powerful audio anywhere life takes you.

Portability – Consider size, weight, battery life. Is it easy to transport?

When shopping for the best Aomais Go speakers in 2023, ease of use should be one of the critical factors you consider before buying. The most user-friendly Bluetooth speakers offer intuitive controls, seamless device pairing, and flexibility in switching between devices. The goal is to maximize convenience while minimizing hassle and frustration.

Let’s explore some key questions to ask regarding ease of use for Aomais Go speakers and other top portable Bluetooth speaker models:

What type of controls does it have?

The best controls are simple and intuitive. Many Aomais speakers feature straightforward button controls for core functions like power, volume, play/pause, skipping tracks, and activating voice assistants. Models like the Aomais Go Jr provide a multimedia button for convenient switching between phone calls and music playback. Touch controls and capacitive buttons allow for sleeker, more minimalist designs as well.

However, button placement matters too. You don’t want controls located where they could easily be accidentally pressed. Also, any auxiliary ports should be protected by rubber flaps but still easily accessible.

How straightforward is the device pairing process?

Connecting your phone, tablet, or laptop via Bluetooth should be quick and hassle-free. Many Aomais speakers boast fast and stable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The latest Bluetooth technology offers extended range and bandwidth compared to older versions. Auto-pairing and one-step pairing modes make establishing that initial link even more seamless.

NFC pairing is also convenient, allowing you to simply tap a compatible NFC-enabled device to the speaker to connect instantly. Speakers like the Aomais Go and Aomais Go Jr include this NFC pairing capability. Multi-point pairing allows simultaneous connections to multiple devices, enabling seamless DJ-style switching between music sources.

Can you easily switch between paired devices?

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

For multipurpose Bluetooth speakers, having the flexibility to switch between paired phones, tablets, and laptops is clutch. Whether taking a call in the middle of a playlist or letting a friend DJ the tunes, you don’t want to fumble with repairing devices. Thankfully, many Aomais models allow seamless switching with the press of a button.

The best speakers will automatically pause music when a call comes in, then resume playback after the call ends. Auto source switching then kicks back over to your music device. Having independent volume controls for each paired device is another handy feature for managing transitions smoothly.

Does it have wake word activation for voice assistants?

Voice assistant integration is becoming more common on Bluetooth speakers. Models like the Aomais Go Jr allow you to activate Siri or Google Assistant with wake words (“Hey Siri” or “OK Google”). This allows handy hands-free access to play music, get information, set reminders, control smart home devices, and more.

Of course, keep in mind that microphone quality affects how well wake word activation and voice commands work. Dual mics provide clearer voice pickup. Noise and echo cancellation algorithms also help improve performance in challenging environments.

Is the speakerphone serviceable for calls?

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

Taking calls directly through your Bluetooth speaker can be convenient but audio quality varies widely depending on the model. Factors like microphone number and quality, noise cancellation, and overall loudness and clarity can affect call performance. Speakerphones on Aomais Go models provide decent hands-free calling but are best suited for quieter environments.

That said, look for speakers that advertise call-friendly features like HD voice transmission, customizable EQs to boost voice frequencies, and dedicated call buttons. Of course, you can always default back to your phone’s mic and speaker if needed.

Does it have wireless pairing for stereo sound?

Models like the Aomais Go and Go Jr allow you to wirelessly pair two units for expansive stereo sound. This delivers a wider, more immersive soundstage. Controls are simplified since both speakers can be controlled from either one. Of course, keep in mind that wireless pairing requires both speakers to be charged and powered on.

If true stereo pairing isn’t available, some speakers at least have TWS (true wireless stereo) mode. This syncs music playback between two speakers over Bluetooth but doesn’t provide channel separation for genuine stereo effects.

How durable and water/dust resistant is it?

Portable Bluetooth speakers need to withstand the rigors of travel and outdoor use. Aomais Go speakers boast solid IPX7 waterproof ratings, meaning they can be submerged in 1m of water for 30 minutes. This makes them suitable for pool parties and beach days.

Look for speakers wrapped in durable silicon or rubberized materials with reinforced corners and protective grilles. Integrated straps are convenient for clipping onto backpacks or bikes. Rugged designs hold up better when tossed in bags and suitcases on adventures.

While ease of use centers on controls and connections, durability also affects the overall user experience. A finicky speaker that constantly glitches or breaks is inherently not user-friendly!


When evaluating Aomais Go speakers and comparable portable Bluetooth speakers, take a close look at the control scheme, pairing capabilities, switching flexibility, voice assistant support, call performance, stereo pairing options, and ruggedness. Prioritizing usability and convenience makes for a better overall listening experience. Intuitive controls, seamless device connections, durability, and versatile functionality are hallmarks of a user-friendly Bluetooth speaker that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Design – Do you like the aesthetics and styling? Make sure it fits your taste.

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

A Bluetooth speaker’s design directly impacts its visual appeal and portability. When evaluating Aomais Go speakers and competitors, consider whether the aesthetics and styling fit your tastes. The goal is finding a speaker that looks as great as it sounds.

Here are some key design factors to weigh:

What colors and finishes does it come in?

Aomais Go speakers come in colorful options like blue, red, gray, and camo. Vibrant colors complement outdoor use, while neutral shades blend in better indoors. Consider which hues best match your personality and existing tech ensemble. Do you appreciate minimalist Scandinavian decor or flashy neon accents?

Beyond colors, pay attention to finishes. Soft-touch coatings add grippiness, while some models boast stylish metallic or speckled paint jobs. Aomais Go speakers feature smooth semi-gloss finishes. This allows some customization – you could add skins or decals for a personalized look.

How portable is the design? Does it have an integrated strap?

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

Since these speakers are designed for mobility, portability is key. Compact footprints like the Aomais Go Jr’s cylindical shape slip easily into bags and backpacks. Rounded corners prevent snagging. An integrated strap adds further carrying convenience – just clip and go!

On the flip side, larger speakers may have deeper sound but compromised portability. Make sure bigger models still have some sort of handle or strap for toting around. Also consider battery life, as bigger speakers tend to drink more power.

How minimalist or flashy do you want it to look?

This comes down to personal preference, but some speaker designs lean more low-key while others veer towards flashy. The Aomais Go Jr keeps things minimal with its plain cylindrical body. Conversely, the Aomais Go shows off more attitude with its faceted shape and bold grille.

Consider where you plan to use the speaker most. Do you need something subtly refined for the office or home? Or a conversation piece for parties? Match the aesthetic boldness to the vibe you want to project.

Does it look durable enough for your needs?

Along with visual flair, the design should signal durability – especially for portable outdoor speakers like the Aomais Go series. Robust materials capable of surviving drops and dunks are a must.

Look for reinforced metal speaker grilles, durable fabrics, and thick silicone edging. Aomais speakers boast solid IPX7 waterproofing thanks to reinforced driver housings and sealed ports. Judge whether the construction seems rugged enough for poolside parties or camping trips.

Are the buttons and ports well-designed?

A speaker overloaded with confusing buttons and ports quickly becomes frustrating. Look for intuitive, thoughtfully laid-out controls that match common usage patterns. For example, volume and playback buttons should cluster together within easy thumb reach.

Ports like AUX inputs and charging connections should tuck discretely out of the way but still remain accessible. Well-designed rubber flaps prevent water and debris from getting into ports when not in use. These details affect daily enjoyment.

How customizable is it?

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

Some speakers allow customization through detachable grille panels in different color options. The JBL Xtreme 2 lets you swap grilles for a different look. Removable corner caps on the Aomais Go open up decorating opportunities as well.

Consider whether the default design suits you or if you’ll want to personalize it down the road. Custom speaker skins and decals offer inexpensive ways to refresh a speaker’s look after extended use.


Aesthetics matter – you want a Bluetooth speaker that looks as great as it sounds. Evaluate the colors, finishes, portability, visual boldness, durability, control layout, and customization options offered by Aomais Go speakers and comparable models. Make sure the look and feel match your taste preferences. With so many options on the market today, you can find a stylish portable speaker that expresses your personal flair.

Extra Features – Are there useful extras like built-in mic for calls, RGB lighting etc.?

Beyond just sound quality and portability, extra features can make a Bluetooth speaker more versatile and enjoyable to use. When evaluating Aomais Go speakers and other models, look at bonuses like integrated mics, voice assistant support, RGB lighting, and more.

Here are some of the most useful extra features to look for in a Bluetooth speaker:

Does it have an integrated microphone for calls?

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

Taking calls through your portable speaker is convenient, especially for speakerphone conferences. Models like the Aomais Go Jr include a built-in mic that enables hands-free calling.

Dual mics provide better voice pickup and noise cancellation for clearer call clarity. The speakerphone should be loud and intelligible on both ends. Bonus points if the speaker auto-pauses music for incoming calls.

Can you access voice assistants like Siri or Google?

Voice assistant integration allows convenient hands-free access to music, information, smart home controls, reminders, and more. The Aomais Go Jr lets you activate Siri or Google Assistant via wake words.

This requires built-in mics and voice recognition capabilities. Alexa voice activation is also common. Touch buttons providing one-touch access to voice assistants are handy too.

Does it have flashy RGB mood lighting?

RGB lighting casts colorful illumination that pulses and reacts to the music. While not essential, it adds visual flair to liven up parties and gatherings. Models like the Aomais Go boast RGB strips with adjustable brightness and multiple lighting modes.

Of course, conservatively styled speakers focus more on subtle elegance. But pulsating lights appeal if you want a conversation-starting statement piece.

Can you wirelessly pair speakers for stereo sound?

Higher-end speakers like the Aomais Go support wireless stereo pairing between two units. This delivers wider, more immersive audio by separating left and right audio channels.

Controls are also simplified since you can control both speakers from either one. Just make sure to keep both units charged if you use this feature regularly.

Does it allow pass-through charging of devices?

Some Bluetooth speakers double as external chargers for phones and tablets thanks to USB ports. This lets you conveniently juice up a low-battery device right from the speaker battery.

The Aomais Go houses a 8000mAh battery capable of pass-through charging. Just make sure to factor in the power drain if utilizing this feature heavily.

Can it serve as a power bank?

In a pinch, certain Bluetooth speaker batteries can be repurposed as makeshift power banks for charging devices. The Aomais Go’s 8000mAh capacity provides enough juice to partly refill a phone.

Just keep a charging cable handy to tap into the speaker battery as needed. This provides peace of mind for off-grid adventures when power outlets are scarce.

Does it have an AUX input for wired connections?

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

While Bluetooth wireless streaming is convenient, having a 3.5mm AUX input allows backward compatibility with wired devices that lack Bluetooth. The Aomais Go line provides this handy wired option.

Just make sure the AUX port is protected by a durable flap cover when not in use to prevent water and debris intrusion.


Bonus features like integrated speakerphones, voice assistant access, RGB lighting, stereo pairing, and power bank functionality increase a Bluetooth speaker’s versatility. As you evaluate Aomais Go speakers and other models, factor in which extra capabilities would prove most useful for your personal needs and usage habits.

Prioritize extras that align with how you plan to use the speaker. The right supplemental features can take your listening experiences to the next level.

Brand Reputation – Stick with trusted brands known for quality and good customer service.

When selecting a Bluetooth speaker like the Aomais Go models, the brand’s reputation is a key consideration. Established, reputable brands inspire confidence in receiving a quality product backed by good customer service.

Here’s what to look for when evaluating a brand:

Do they have a track record of quality products?

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

Research the brand online to gauge customer satisfaction across their product line. Brands like Aomais, JBL, Sony, and Bose have built trust through years of producing well-made audio gear. Check reviews to confirm if a company consistently meets quality standards.

Beware brands with mostly generic, knock-off looking products. Lack of design originality could signal mediocre manufacturing as well. Stick with brands that innovated their way to the top.

How long have they been around?

Established brands have endured because of their commitment to quality. Aomais launched in 2015 but its parent company Anker has sold consumer electronics since 2011. JBL and Bose also boast decades in the industry.

Unproven newcomers may offer budget prices but lack the track record to instill confidence. Proven veterans likely invest more in product testing and development.

What do customer reviews say about quality issues?

Dig into reviews of specific speaker models to gauge quality concerns that pop up: glitchy Bluetooth connections, buttons that stop working, condensation behind screens, etc. Well-built speakers see far fewer complaints. Some issues only emerge after months of use.

Professional review sites like Rtings provide in-depth insight too. All products have trade-offs, but good brands minimize serious deficiencies.

Do they offer decent warranty coverage?

A strong 1-3 year warranty indicates the brand is confident backing up their products. Aomais provides a standard 1-year warranty butextends it to 2 years if you register. Other top brands offer similar coverage.

Meanwhile, no-name companies may only provide 30-90 days of protection. Robust warranties give you peace of mind should issues arise down the road.

Is customer service helpful and responsive?

Check brand forums and reviews for common experiences dealing with customer support. Do problems get promptly resolved or ignored? For instance, Aomais receives praise for its helpful service when troubleshooting issues.

Brands that invest in solid after-sales service engender loyalty. You want to feel like the company has your back.

Do they specialize in audio products?

Brands focused on audio deliver better results than generalists dabbling across categories. JBL, Bose, Sonos, and Aomais all specialize in speakers and headphones.

Meanwhile, Amazon makes everything under the sun. Expertise gains through focus often leads to superior sound. Consider audio pedigree.


Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

For an important purchase like a Bluetooth speaker, buying from a trusted, reputable brand provides peace of mind. Aomais and other top audio brands earn your confidence by consistently delivering quality products backed by good service and support. Customer satisfaction fuels their success. Make sure any speaker model and brand checks the right boxes before handing over your money.

Price – Compare prices between models that meet your needs and budget. Don’t overpay.

Price inevitably factors into any tech purchase. With Aomais Go speakers ranging from $50 to $100, assess your budget and value needs to avoid overspending. Comparing prices between models that meet your requirements leads to the best deal.

Use these tips when factoring price into your Bluetooth speaker purchase:

Set a budget cap based on how much you can afford.

Be honest about what you can realistically spend on a speaker right now. maybe $50 to $100 for a tight budget, $100 to $200 for moderate spending, or $200+ for a premium splurge. This gives a rough range to narrow options.

Consider saving up if you need more time to afford the features you want. Setting a budget prevents overextending yourself financially.

Compare prices on the same models at different retailers.

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

Price variations between retailers mean it pays to shop around. The Aomais Go may cost $10 less on Amazon than at Best Buy or Target for the identical item.

Check multiple outlets like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and manufacturer websites for the best deal. Avoid assuming one vendor is cheapest.

Look for coupons, promo codes, and seasonal sales.

Timing your purchase around big sales events like Prime Day or Black Friday can net huge savings – often 20% or more. Signing up for retailer newsletters provides coupon codes too.

Consider open-box discounts for lightly used returns as well. Saving $20+ makes a meaningful difference for this product type.

Compare pricing between new, used, and refurbished conditions.

If you’re flexible on condition, “like-new” refurbs with warranties provide big discounts. Lightly used models can save 30% or more versus new-in-box versions.

Just inspect closely and confirm the return policy in case of issues. Big savings make small cosmetic flaws worthwhile.

Weigh value, not just lowest price.

A speaker too cheaply built will break quickly regardless of price. Prioritize reasonable quality within your budget. The Aomais Go hits a sweet spot around $70.

While you don’t want to overpay, make sure you’re getting fair value. A flaming deal on an off-brand dud does you no good long-term.


Setting a realistic budget and taking time to comparison shop leads to the best bang for your buck when purchasing Aomais Go speakers. Factor price alongside other attributes like sound, portability, and brand reputation. A little extra effort can prevent either underspending on a dud or overpaying for more speaker than you need.

Reviews – Read reviews and look at ratings/scores before deciding. Learn from other buyers.

Before choosing any Aomais Go speaker, consulting reviews helps avoid disappointment. Experienced owners provide key insights you won’t find on spec sheets and sales pages. Reading feedback across multiple sources paints a clearer picture of pros, cons, and real-world performance.

Follow these tips for effectively using reviews in your research process:

Read both professional expert reviews and regular customer reviews.

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

Pro reviewers like CNET, Wirecutter, and PCMag provide detailed testing and comparisons between models. Meanwhile, Amazon and Best Buy reviews reveal feedback from regular buyers about long-term use.

Together these perspectives highlight strengths and weaknesses you may not have initially considered. Get the full story.

Note common pros and cons that pop up repeatedly.

Look for consensus around certain benefits like “amazing sound quality” or complaints like “battery life could be better.” Widespread feedback indicates core traits of that speaker model.

Also watch for red flags like glitchy Bluetooth connectivity or speakers failing after light rain. Determine which pros and cons carry more weight for your needs.

Pay attention to ratings and review scores.

High average ratings suggest stronger overall satisfaction, while lower scores indicate deficiencies. The Aomais Go earns mostly 4+ star reviews, affirming its solid quality.

Be wary of brands with many ratings below 3 stars. Additionally, compare ratings between retailer and expert review sites for consistency.

Factor in the number of reviews written.

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

Speakers with 500+ reviews across multiple outlets provide a larger data pool than those with only 10 reviews. More people validating pros/cons lends greater credibility.

Just make sure to verify the reviews seem authentic and not suspiciously fake or paid.

Watch video reviews to better evaluate claims.

YouTube reviews add visual and audio evidence to back up strengths and weaknesses claims. Actually seeing and hearing the speaker adds clarity.

Look for reviewers that compare multiple models head-to-head. This provides helpful perspective between brands and models.


Reviews serve as a crucial reality check when researching Bluetooth speakers like the Aomais Go line. Leaning on the experiences of both experts and fellow buyers highlights key considerations you won’t find in marketing hype. Let feedback guide you towards a speaker that best fits your needs and priorities.

Personal Needs – Consider what features matter most for how you’ll use it. Pick what’s best for you.

Ultimately, choosing the right Aomais Go speaker comes down to matching features to your personal usage and listening preferences. Consider how you plan to use it most and which attributes matter most to you.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

Will you use it mostly indoors or outdoors?

If outdoor use is a priority, focus on speakers with excellent water/dust resistance like the Aomais Go. But if mainly using indoors, premium sound quality in a smaller form factor may suit you better.

Portability also becomes less important if the speaker will largely stay in one place inside your home. Match durability to environment.

Do you value sound quality over portability?

Larger speakers with bigger drivers and greater power output typically provide fuller, louder sound – but compromise some mobility. Decide whether great audio eclipses the need for compact portability in your use cases.

For example, the Aomais Go sacrifices some sound for its smaller size versus a larger model like the JBL Boombox 2. Know your priorities.

Will you use smart voice assistant features?

Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

If you want voice access to music, info, and smart controls, make sure to choose a speaker with integrated microphone(s) and support for wake word activation of your preferred assistant – Siri, Alexa, etc.

Models lacking mics or voice support won’t allow these convenient hands-free features. Assess your needs.

How much does battery life matter to you?

Think about typical listening scenarios – do you need a long-lasting battery for all-day pool parties or multi-day camping trips? Or will mostly shorter usage sessions suffice?

If runtime is critical, compare battery specs between models to get ample juice. Frequent recharges would get annoying.

Will you pair speakers for stereo sound?

If you envision pairing two speakers for room-filling stereo audio, make sure to choose a model that supports this feature. The Aomais Go allows wireless stereo pairing.

Otherwise, mono sound from a single unit may suffice for most of your uses if stereo isn’t a priority.


Best Aomais Go Speakers for 2023: 10 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying

Evaluating your planned usage and listening preferences helps identify the Aomais Go configurations and features that best suit your lifestyle needs. The right Bluetooth speaker balances sound, portability, durability, and extra perks based on how you’ll actually use it day to day. Choose what’s most important for you.