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Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

What is Charmed Aroma?

For Disney fans who want to fully immerse themselves in the magic, Charmed Aroma’s Disney-themed candles are a dream come true. These candles provide an enchanting scented experience and hide a surprise Disney treasure inside.

Charmed Aroma is a company that specializes in scented candles that contain a charm, jewelry piece, or other keepsake inside. They’ve partnered with Disney to create a line of candles inspired by classic Disney movies and theme parks.

Once the candle has been fully enjoyed and burned away, a beautiful sterling silver or stainless steel charm is revealed at the bottom of the jar. The charm is inspired by a Disney character, movie scene, or park icon.

Bring Disney Magic Home

These imaginative candles make it easy for Disney fans to enjoy a bit of that familiar magic right at home. Each meticulously developed fragrance will whisk you away to your favorite Disney destination.

For instance, Magic Kingdom will fill your home with scents of vanilla, honey, and sugared strawberries, evoking treats like Mickey ice cream bars. Animal Kingdom offers rich aromas of pineapple, mango, and coconut transporting you on a tropical safari adventure.

Other fun and immersive scents include Pixie Dust, Tiki Room, and fragrances inspired by classic Disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Frozen. The candles are beautifully packaged in jars featuring iconic Disney imagery and colors.

Magical Surprise Inside

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

The magic really unfolds once you’ve enjoyed the Disney-inspired scent and the candle has burned away completely. A charming treasure is revealed!

Charms vary but may include character icons like Mickey Mouse ears or Ariel’s dinglehopper. Some are engraved with memorable movie quotes like “A Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins or “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King. Park attractions like Splash Mountain and Space Mountain are featured too.

The quality charms can be kept as special mementos or worn as necklaces and bracelets. It’s so exciting to unwrap your surprise after immerging yourself in the atmospheric scents. The candles make for magical gifts for Disney fans as well.

Experience Authentic Disney Scents

An especially unique aspect of these candles is that the fragrances are authentically created to match the actual aromas you smell throughout Disney parks and resorts!

The signature main street buttery popcorn scent, sweet churro aroma in the air, and even the tropical torches of the Polynesian Village Resort…these familiar and nostalgic smells are all accurately replicated in Charmed Aroma’s special blends.

Diehard Disney fans will find the attention to detail remarkable. It adds an extra layer of immersion and nostalgia. You really feel you’ve been whisked away to a Disney vacation from the comfort of home.

Long Burning Candles

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

Charmed Aroma Disney candles are nice and thick – around 3 inches in diameter. This allows them to burn for a long time so you can fully enjoy the transportive scent experience.

Each candle provides 45-55 hours of burn time. Some buyers noted their candle lasted over two weeks burning a few hours each day. This allows plenty of time to fully soak in the Disney ambience.

Of course, the longer you take to finish your candle, the more anticipation builds around what Disney surprise awaits you at the bottom! Finding your hidden treasure is a joyful moment.

Gift-Worthy Presentation

The Charmed Aroma Disney candle jars are beautifully crafted with charming artwork. Each scent features a custom design themed for that specific fragrance. This makes them extra fun to give as gifts for Disney fans and collectors.

The quality presentation also looks lovely displayed on your own home decor shelves. While burning, the vivid colors and characters spark that sense of Disney magic. The detailed designs emulate the sights of their inspiration destinations.

Even the surprise charms at the bottom are thoughtfully packaged in a Disney-branded organza bag. Every aspect encapsulates Disney wonder from start to finish.


Charmed Aroma Disney candles are available for purchase on the company’s website CharmedAroma.com. There you’ll find the full collection of magical scents and charming surprises.

The candles retail around $34.95-$39.95 each. Special themed bundles and sets are available as well for gifting or collecting multiple fragrances.

Supplies are limited for some of the most popular Disney scents, so be sure to grab your favorites while available. Stock up on these magical candles to keep the Disney magic flowing at home!

Charmed Aroma’s Unique Candle Concept

Candles are a classic home fragrance product loved for their ambient lighting and ability to fill a space with beautiful scents. Charmed Aroma puts a delightfully unexpected twist on the traditional candle by hiding a treasure inside each one!

This ingenious brand crafts each of their candles with a charming surprise waiting to be revealed once the candle has been fully enjoyed. Their novel concept adds an extra element of surprise and delight to the candle experience.

Candles with Keepsake Charms Inside

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

The unique selling point of Charmed Aroma candles is that they contain a special charm, piece of jewelry, or other treasure hidden inside the wax.

As you burn through the candle, eventually you will reveal this surprise. It may be a pretty charm representing the candle’s theme, an motivational bracelet or necklace, a collectible coin, or any number of fun treasures.

The journey to uncover your hidden gift adds a sense of anticipation and discovery to enjoying your Charmed Aroma candle. You never know what delightful surprise awaits you!

High Quality Candles and Treasures

An important note is that Charmed Aroma does not compromise quality in their pursuit of this novel concept. The candles themselves are beautifully crafted with excellent scent profiles and long, even burn times.

The hidden treasures are thoughtfully designed and crafted as well, many from sterling silver or stainless steel. These keepsakes are made to be cherished and kept rather than tossed aside. Everything is built around quality and giftability.

Exciting Reveal for Candle Lovers

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

For candle lovers, Charmed Aroma adds a whole new level of experience. Now your candle becomes almost like opening a gift each time you burn it. There’s a sense of anticipation waiting to see what prize you’ll uncover.

It makes for a more engaging and interactive process compared to simply lighting an ordinary candle. You feel more invested in the candle and want to savor the experience.

Watching the wax slowly melt away, you get excited speculating if today is the day you’ll finally reveal your hidden treasure. It’s a really fun twist on candle enjoyment.

Themed Treasures to Collect

Charmed Aroma offers a wide selection of themed candles catered to different interests. Many feature charming treasures related to the candle’s motif.

For instance, their jewelry candles may hide a fashionable bracelet or necklace inside. Their yoga candles may contain an inspirational charm with a motivational quote engraved. Seasonal candles offer surprises like heart pendants for Valentine’s Day.

Disney fans will love their licensed candles with surprises like Mickey Mouse ears or movie character charms. There’s such variety, making it easy to match treasures to your hobbies and interests.

Quality Packaging for Gifting

The concealed treasures also make Charmed Aroma candles ideal gifts. The two-in-one combo of a candle with a bonus surprise inside really excites and delights recipients.

The decorative tins and jars are beautifully packaged as well, with eye-catching designs that match the candle’s theme. Charmed Aroma puts care into the unboxing experience for an extra wow factor upon opening.

Finding the hidden gift inside feels like an extra treat. The overall quality and presentation makes these candles special for both gifting and personal use.

Watch the Magic Unfold

On the Charmed Aroma website, you can find videos showing the candles in action. Watching the candles burn away until the surprise is finally uncovered really highlights the brand’s creative concept.

Seeing the delighted reactions when the hidden treasures are uncovered drives home what a smart and magical idea this is. It adds an extra layer of experience to candles beyond just the scents.

Excitement to the End

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

Ordinary candles tend to lose some appeal towards the end as the wax runs low and scents fade. But Charmed Aroma candles maintain your excitement until the very last drop!

You’ll want to keep burning to get closer and closer to the reveal of your keepsake. It re-engages you in the experience and avoids candle burnout.

Right up until you uncover your new necklace, lucky penny or other surprise, the suspense stays strong. There’s satisfaction in burning through completely.

Innovative Candle Concept

In the world of home fragrance and candles, it’s not easy coming up with fresh new ideas. Scent profiles and wax blends only go so far. Charmed Aroma broke through with a truly innovative concept that adds a whole new dimension to the candle experience.

Their two-in-one combo of a great scented candle plus a fun hidden treasure inside the jar is a winning formula. The extra surprise element helps them stand out in a crowded candle marketplace.

Once you try one of these interactive candles, you’ll quickly see what makes their concept so special. They delivered a truly new take on candle enjoyment.

Must-Have Charmed Aroma Disney Collection Candles

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

For Disney fans, Charmed Aroma’s officially licensed Disney candle collection is a dream come true. Each candle transports you right to the magic of Disney with spot-on fragrance blends and hidden charms themed to your favorite movies and park attractions.

It can be tricky choosing just one scent from the extensive Disney offerings. To help narrow it down, here are some of the must-have candles Disneyphiles simply cannot miss out on!

Magic Kingdom

This candle perfectly encapsulates the whimsical scents of the Magic Kingdom park. Notes of waffle cone, caramel apple, and vanilla recreate treats like Mickey ice cream bars. Hints of powdered sugar and sugared strawberries evoke Main Street’s candy shops. Close your eyes while burning and you’ll feel transported right to the heart of the park magic.

Haunted Mansion

Enter if you dare! This scent blends spooky notes of cobwebs and dusty old wood with hints of pipe smoke and mausoleum roses. Fans will find it spot-on as an atmospheric recreation befitting Disney’s beloved haunted hideaway. Your surprise inside is a bat charm inspired by the mansion’s creepy residents. Happy haunting!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Climb aboard for a candle that will make you feel you’re really on the high seas! Scents of bay rum and sea spray mix with hints of cannon fire for a true pirate adventure. Inside, a compass charm guides you towards treasure just like Jack Sparrow. Disney fans will love this nostalgic pirate-themed fragrance.

Enchanted Tiki Room

This tropical scent whisks you away to Disney’s Polynesian paradise with fruity notes of pineapple, mango, and coconut. Smells of sparkling rainwater and orchid lei capture the Tiki Room’s lush atmosphere. The flower charm inside makes a cheerful memento of this immersive Disney favorite.

Splash Mountain

Evokes the thrills of this delightful flume ride with scents of hazelnut and mountain laurel blended with notes of ripe plum and cotton blossom. Hints of honey and sugarcane call to mind Br’er Rabbit’s whimsical adventures. The surprise frog charm inside is an adorable nod to the attraction’s residents.

Space Mountain

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

Blast off on an adventure in outer space with scents of burned fuel mixed with spearmint stars and citrus cosmos. This blend perfectly captures the futuristic aroma inside Disney’s out-of-this-world rollercoaster. The hidden rocket ship charm commemorates your thrilling ride through the stars.


Be transported to the magical icy world of Arendelle with notes of frosted winter woods and snowcapped mountains. Scents of sugar plums and white rose call to mind Queen Elsa’s glistening ice palace. A snowflake charm inside celebrates the whimsical magic of Disney’s Frozen films.

The Little Mermaid

Dive “Under the Sea” with scents of coral coconut blended with underwater florals and sea salt air. This oceanic blend echoes Ariel’s world with hints of seashell and sun-kissed driftwood. The hidden dinglehopper charm is a fun nod to a memorable scene. A must for Disney princess fans!

Main Street

Stroll down nostalgia lane with this quintessential Disney scent. Whiffs of buttered popcorn and peanut brittle mix with notes of Main Street’s horse-drawn trolleys. This old-fashioned fragrance feels like a walk through Disney history. The hidden Mickey Mouse charm celebrates Walt’s original mascot.

With scents transporting you right into the heart of Disney magic, these candles are a must-have. The charm surprises inside serve as lasting mementos Disneyphiles will treasure. Truly a magical candle experience for fans!

Find Charmed Aroma Cinderella’s Carriage Candle

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

For Disney fans who adore the classic Cinderella film, Charmed Aroma created the perfect scented candle inspired by her iconic pumpkin carriage. This magical candle transports you right to the heart of the fairytale with its evocative scent and charming carriage surprise inside.

Notes of Pumpkin and Vanilla

The Cinderella’s Carriage candle fragrance expertly evokes the scene of her enchanted coach. Sweet notes of pumpkin and vanilla create a warm, cozy scent reminiscent of Cinderella’s passage to the royal ball.

Whiffs of patchouli and amber add richness and depth, while hints of strawberry and raspberry echo the bright hues of her gown. It’s a fruity, autumnal aroma perfect for this fairytale romance.

Hidden Carriage Charm

Once you’ve enjoyed every last drop of this nostalgic scent, a special surprise awaits at the bottom – a sterling silver charm shaped like Cinderella’s iconic carriage!

The intricate charm replica features charming details like wheels, steps, and swirled pumpkin sides. Seeing the carriage appear as the wax melts away feels like magic!

The charm makes a beautiful keepsake necklace or charm bracelet addition to remind you of the candle’s fairytale scent.

Beautiful Design Touches

Charmed Aroma packed this candle with design details true Disney fans will appreciate. The jar features an illustration of Cinderella’s carriage against a regal purple background with the silhouette of the castle.

Touches of gold script and filigree embellish the packaging for an elegant, whimsical vibe. Even the wax itself is colored a warm goldenrod yellow reminiscent of flickering carriage lanterns.

Every aspect evokes the iconic scene of Cinderella whisked away to the ball, from scent to surprise. It feels like you’re experiencing a touch of the movie magic!

Long-Lasting Burn Time

The Cinderella’s Carriage candle has an impressive burn time so you can fully immerse in the fairytale aroma. Reviews noted the large 3-wick candle lasted over two weeks burning a few hours daily.

The wax burns clean and even throughout, ensuring a consistent pumpkin vanilla scent throw from first light to the last charming carriage reveal.

Fun for Disney Fans

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

Fans of the animated Cinderella film will get a kick out of this cute carriage-themed candle. It captures the whimsical spirit of the classic movie through immersive details and theming.

The charming surprise inside makes it exciting to burn through the very last drop! Expect delighted reactions from Disneyphiles who receive this candle as a gift too.

Where to Buy

Charmed Aroma’s official Cinderella’s Carriage candle first released in 2021 but often sells out quickly with limited restocks due to popularity. It retails around $39.95 when available on their website CharmedAroma.com.

Your best bet is to sign up for email notifications so you’ll be alerted right away when the carriage candle is back in stock. Quantities are limited so grab it fast before it magically disappears again!

Check the site frequently and you may get lucky with a restock. For Disney fans who adore Cinderella, this candle is a must-have filled with fairytale charm!

More Princess Candles

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

In addition to Cinderella, Charmed Aroma created beautiful candles for other Disney princesses like Ariel, Belle, Snow White, and more. Choose your favorite heroine to experience her magical story through scent!

Each princess candle has a custom fragrance blend with charming hidden treasure inside. They make a thoughtful gift for Disney fans who want to add a touch of magic and whimsy to their home.

Keep watching for the return of the Cinderella’s Carriage candle before this fairytale treasure passes at midnight!

Charmed Aroma’s Enchanting Aladdin Lamp Candle

For Disney fans who adore the beloved classic Aladdin, Charmed Aroma conjured up a magical lamp-themed candle inspired by the iconic genie. This playful candle really transports you into the movie’s adventurous atmosphere.

From the immersive scent to the fun hidden lamp charm inside, all the details delightfully echo the Disney film. It’s a must-have for Aladdin devotees!

Mysterious Spice Market Scents

This candle’s fragrance profile evokes the exotic spice markets and desert landscapes of Agrabah. Whiffs of cardamom, nutmeg and amber conjure images of merchant stalls and exotic bazaars.

Subtle hints of citrus fruits and blooming jasmine flowers call to mind Jasmine herself, while notes of vanilla and bamboo give a sense of the swirling smoke when Genie appears.

The overall effect is a beautifully mysterious and evocative blend true to the movie’s enchanted atmosphere.

Hidden Genie Lamp Charm

Once you’ve enjoyed every last wisp of this nostalgic scent, the magic really unfolds when you uncover the hidden lamp charm inside!

The sterling silver charm is intricately detailed as a replica of Genie’s iconic lamp prison. Complete with swirling smoke carved into the metal, this little lamp perfectly encapsulates the magic of Aladdin.

Disneyphiles will enjoy cherishing this charm on a necklace or charm bracelet as a lasting memento.

“Friend Like Me” Packaging

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

Charmed Aroma went all out on the packaging design with vivid turquoise, purple and gold colors populating an illustration of the magical lamp itself.

The jar perfectly evokes the “Friend Like Me” musical number with Genie springing to life in a puff of smoke and color. Small touches like script font and a decorative tassel add to the playful Arabian feel.

Every visual detail echoes the captivating magic of Aladdin from start to finish, charming Disney devotees.

Long, Even Burn Time

Reviewers praise this large 3-wick lamp candle for its clean, even burn and strong scent throw throughout its 50+ hour lifespan.

The soy wax blend ensures the mystery of the desert spice aroma permeates your space consistently from the first light to the exciting lamp charm reveal.

You’ll enjoy over two weeks of ambient Arabian adventure with this candle’s impressive burn time.

Fun for Fans

This playful Genie lamp candle recaptures the whimsical spirit and magic of Disney’s Aladdin, delighting fans young and old. The evocative scent transports you right into the movie’s setting and story.

Finding the hidden lamp charm feels like your own wish has been granted! Overall, it’s a super fun and nostalgic candle experience for devotees of the animated classic.

Where to Purchase

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

Charmed Aroma’s officially licensed Aladdin candle usually retails for $39.95, subject to availability. Quantities are limited so snatch it up fast when restocks land on their website CharmedAroma.com.

As one of their most popular Disney scents, the Genie lamp candle tends to sell out quickly. Sign up for notifications so you’re alerted the minute this magic lamp resurfaces!

For Disney fans who adore Aladdin, this playfully themed candle is a dream come true. The evocative scents and charming lamp surprise will feel like your very own wish granted!

Relive The Little Mermaid With Charmed Aroma’s Under The Sea Candle

For Disney fans who adore The Little Mermaid, Charmed Aroma’s Under the Sea candle makes you feel part of Ariel’s world. Evocative oceanic scents plus a hidden dinglehopper charm capture all the magic of the beloved film.

Oceanic Aromas

This candle’s Fragrance blend transports you under the sea with Ariel and friends. Light fruity notes of pineapple and coconut evoke tropical reefs and white sands, while aquatic accords of sea salt and driftwood call to mind the ocean depths.

Subtle hints of seashell and honeysuckle add a touch of romance, echoing Ariel’s curiosity about human life and love. It’s an immersive scent experience for Mermaid fans.

Bonus Dinglehopper Charm

Once you’ve enjoyed every drop of this oceanic aroma, a special Little Mermaid surprise is revealed – a sterling silver dinglehopper charm!

This charm replica of Ariel’s confused human artifact treasure gleams with intricate detailing. The fork tines even feature engraved whimsical fish designs.

Disneyphiles will delight in this cute reminder of one of the film’s most memorable moments. It makes a unique keepsake.

Vivid Undersea Visuals

Charmed Aroma created dreamy underwater graphics for this candle’s packaging. Shades of sea glass blue and aqua populate the jar label featuring Ariel swimming gracefully with favorite sidekicks Flounder and Sebastian.

Touches of bubbles, coral and seashells complete the ocean motif. It’s truly immersive from the visuals to aromas.

Long-Lasting Burn Time

This large 3-wick candle provides 50+ hours of aquatic ambiance while slowly revealing the hidden dinglehopper charm inside. Reviewers noted the even candle burn and consistently strong scent throw.

The extensive burn time allows you to fully escape into Ariel’s world, enjoying over two weeks of the candle’s oceanic aroma before finding her novelty human treasure.

Fun for Mermaid Devotees

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

For devotees of the whimsical underwater musical adventure, this candle hits all the right notes. The evocative scent with bonus dinglehopper charm captures the spirit and nostalgia of the beloved movie.

Finding Ariel’s confused fork treasure at the end is a delightful surprise. Overall, this candle gifts Disneyphiles a truly immersive experience.

Limited Availability

As one of Charmed Aroma’s most popular Disney offerings, the Under the Sea Little Mermaid candle often quickly sells out. It retails around $39.95 when in stock on their website CharmedAroma.com.

Due to high demand and limited supplies, the best way to get this candle is to sign up for restock alerts so you’re notified immediately upon a new batch becoming available.

Snag it fast before Ursula makes this magical memoir disappear! For Mermaid devotees, it’s a Disney treasure.

More Princess Candles

In addition to Ariel, Charmed Aroma created beautifully themed candles for other Disney princess films like Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and more.

Each princess candle features an evocative custom scent with a charm inside matching the movie’s theme. Gift a set to a Disney fan to help them relive the magic of all their favorite films.

Dive back under the sea with the Little Mermaid whenever you need an escape filled with whimsy and adventure!

Charmed Aroma’s Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Candle

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

In 2018, Disney fans celebrated Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary in style. Charmed Aroma joined the festivities with a special birthday candle capturing Mickey’s eternal spirit.

This celebratory candle features festive birthday-cake scents and a hidden Mickey ears charm. It’s a must-have for Disneyphiles honoring Walt’s original cartoon creation.

Birthday Cake Fragrance

The Mickey 90th candle features a fragrance blend as festive as the famous mouse’s birthday bash. Sweet notes of birthday cake frosting and vanilla ice cream echo Mickey’s love of animated antics.

Sprinkles of sugared candies and hints of cherry recall Mickey’s iconic red shorts, while creamy buttercream notes add to the party feel.

Overall it’s a playful, whimsical scent honoring Disney’s forever young mouse on his big day.

Hidden Mickey Ears Charm

Once you’ve enjoyed every last wisp of birthday scent, a special treat is revealed – a sterling silver Mickey Mouse ears charm!

This polished charm features Mickey’s signature ears silhouette in gleaming silver. Fans will delight in this keepsake necklace memento honoring Disney’s beloved cultural icon.

Finding Mickey at the candle’s end is the icing on the cake for this festive anniversary celebration.

Packaging Evokes Classic Mickey

Charmed Aroma designed nostalgic packaging featuring Mickey in his classic 1940s cartoon style. Vivid colors and confetti embellishments evoke a birthday party mood.

Small touches like the official 90th logo and Mickey’s bright buttons and bow tie add charming vintage flair. It’s a stylish tribute to Mickey’s legacy.

Long Burn Time

This large 3-wick candle provides 50+ hours of festive birthday scent before revealing the hidden Mickey ears charm. Reviewers loved the strong scent throw and clean even burn.

You’ll enjoy over two weeks of birthday cake ambiance as you await Mickey’s magical appearance. An all-around immersive candle experience!

Fun Collectible for Fans

For Disney devotees who grew up with Mickey, this 90th tribute candle delivers nostalgia and charm. The celebratory fragrance and bonus ears charm capture Mickey’s forever young spirit.

It makes a great commemorative piece for the milestone birthday. Fans will treasure this candle commemorating an animation icon.

Where to Purchase

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

The Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary candle originally retailed for $39.95 on CharmedAroma.com around Mickey’s 2018 birthday.

As a limited edition collector’s piece, it quickly sold out and quantities remain scarce. Check back for occasional restocks so you can grab this candle before Mickey blows out the last candle!

For Disney devotees, it’s the perfect festive memorabilia honoring an animation legend’s big day.

Experience Magic With The Charmed Aroma Disney Castle Candle

For Disney fans, no icon is more magical than the iconic Cinderella Castle. Charmed Aroma’s Castle candle captures its regal yet whimsical spirit through scent and surprise.

Notes of sugared strawberry and vanilla transport you right to Main Street with a hidden Mickey crest charm inside. Feel the magic wherever you are!

Sweet Shop Scents

This candle’s scrumptious fragrance profile evokes Main Street’s irresistible treats. Whiffs of waffle cone and sugared strawberries will have you craving a Mickey premium bar.

Buttery popcorn, cotton candy, and vanilla notes conjure strolling past the sweet shops. It’s a perfectly nostalgic blend for Disney devotees.

Hidden Mickey Crest Charm

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

Once you’ve savored every last scent, you’ll uncover a gleaming surprise – a sterling silver Mickey head charm featuring his iconic silhouette and initial crest.

This polished charm makes a meaningful keepsake for fans to commemorate their castle candle journey. Seeing Mickey emerge feels truly magical!

Castle Packaging Touches

Charmed Aroma designed ornate packaging befitting this royal centerpiece. The jar features an illustration of the iconic castle surrounded by fireworks with Mickey and friends looking on.

Regal purple and blue colors with golden accents capture the castle’s splendor. This candle feels special from start to finish!

Long, Strong Burn

This large 3-wick candle provides an impressive 50+ hours of magical ambiance. Reviewers loved the strong, far-reaching fragrance throw and clean wax burn.

You’ll enjoy over two weeks of sweet shop scents as anticipation builds for the castle’s Mickey surprise. An overall immersive experience Disneyphiles will relish.

Fun for Disney Fans

For Disney park devotees, this castle-themed candle perfectly encapsulates the sights, smells, and feelings of Main Street magic. Both kids and adults will delight in its nostalgic wonder.

Finding Mickey at the end makes the experience even more special. It’s a royal dream come true for fans!

Where to Purchase

The Disney Castle candle retails for $39.95, subject to availability, on CharmedAroma.com. As a popular scent, stock fluctuates.

Sign up for restock alerts so you’re notified the minute the castle candle is back in stock! Quantities are limited so grab it fast.

For Disneyphiles seeking storybook magic, this candle delivers enchantment with each burn.

Charmed Aroma’s Snow White Apple Candle

For Disney fans who adore the classic Snow White film, Charmed Aroma’s apple-inspired candle makes a perfect pick. This magical candle captures the essence of the iconic poison apple scene.

Spellbinding Apple Aromas

This candle’s tantalizing fragrance profile evokes Snow White’s enchanted apple. Notes of McIntosh apple and honeycrisp pair with fresh bamboo and willow branches, conjuring images of the sinister witch brewing her poisoned spell.

Whiffs of plum, patchouli and amber add richness and allure, while subtle vanilla bean keeps it sweet like Snow herself. It’s an atmospheric fairy tale blend.

Hidden Apple Charm

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

Once you’ve enjoyed every intoxicating drop of this apple scent, a special keepsake is revealed – a sterling silver charm shaped like an apple!

This polished charm features intricate engraved details reminiscent of the apple’s magical allure in the film. Finding it feels like a fairy tale come true!

Fans can cherish this charm on a bracelet or necklace as a lasting Snow White memento.

Evocative Packaging

Charmed Aroma designed a jar label straight out of the enchanted forest. An illustration depicts Snow White about to bite the magic apple against a vivid green background populated with flowers and mushrooms.

The deep red and green colors pop against the black lid for fairytale allure. Every detail echoes the beloved movie’s magical yet sinister apple scene.

Long Burn Time

This large 3-wick candle provides 50+ hours of bewitching apple aroma before unveiling the hidden surprise inside. Reviewers loved the strong consistent scent throw.

You’ll enjoy over two weeks of ambiance as the candle slowly reveals Snow White’s charm. An overall immersive experience for Disney fans.

Fun for Snow White Devotees

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

For fans of the classic film, this apple candle hits all the right notes. The dangerously intoxicating scents and bonus apple charm capture the movie’s essence in enchanting style.

Finding the poisoned apple surprise is a delightfully sinister twist. Overall it’s a festive candle fit for a fairy tale princess!

Where to Purchase

The Snow White apple candle retails around $39.95, subject to availability, on CharmedAroma.com. As a popular Disney scent, it tends to sell out fast.

Sign up for notifications so you’re alerted the minute the magic apple reappears! For Snow White devotees, this candle delivers fairy tale fun with each burn.

Surprise Jewelry Rings Found In Charmed Aroma Disney Candles

One extra magical touch with Charmed Aroma’s Disney candle collection is some fragrances hide actual rings inside! These surprise pieces of jewelry make the reveal even more exciting.

Rings add an extra dose of magic, romance and charm. Read on for details on which Disney rings might be waiting at the bottom of your candle!

Cinderella’s Carriage Ring

The Cinderella’s Carriage candle contains a gorgeous sterling silver ring shaped like Cinderella’s iconic pumpkin coach.

This delicate, detailed ring has tiny wheels, engraved vines, and Cinderella’s silhouette inside the carriage. It looks like it’s straight from the fairy godmother’s workshop!

Finding this ring feels like a fairy tale come true and perfect fit for fans of the classic princess film.

Snow White Poison Apple Ring

Snow White’s apple candle hides a hypnotic surprise – a ring resembling her poison apple complete with an engraved bite mark!

The sterling silver band resembles a branch with a vivid red apple charm. A truly wicked treat for fans of the original Disney princess.

This ring evokes the movie’s magic and makes a fun statement piece.

Enchanted Rose Ring

In keeping with the fairy tale princess theme, Beauty and the Beast fans may find a mystical Enchanted Rose ring in their candle.

This ornate sterling silver band contains a blooming red rose charm studded with tiny diamonds. Fans of the tale as old as time will adore this romantic ring.

It’s like carrying a magical rose straight from the Beast’s enchanted castle.

Mickey & Minnie Rings

Disney Fans Must Try These Magical Charmed Aroma Candles: Transport Yourself To The Most Magical Place On Earth

Some Disney candles hide simple but special sterling silver bands engraved with icons like Mickey & Minnie.

These polished rings bearing the iconic Disney mouse duo add a touch of classic charm. They make dainty, meaningful keepsakes fans will treasure.

Pair Mickey and Minnie rings together or gift one to share the Disney magic.

Unexpected Bonus

Discovering one of these Disney jewelry rings at the bottom of your Charmed Aroma candle adds an extra layer of surprise and delight.

The bonus ring makes the whole experience feel even more special. Rings add a tangible gift-like element vs just a charm.

Fans love having a functional jewelry piece capturing the movie magic to wear and display.

Which Candle Hides Rings?

Charmed Aroma doesn’t disclose which exact candles contain rings – part of the fun is the mystery!

But based on reviews, the Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and classic Mickey & Minnie candles often have rings mixed in.

Search reviews for ring reveals and try your luck! With Charmed Aroma’s Disney candles, the magic awaits inside.