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Mounting Your TV on The Wall. 10 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Floating TV Cabinet

When it comes to mounting your TV on the wall, choosing the right floating TV cabinet is key. The cabinet you select will impact both the look and function of your wall-mounted TV setup. Here are 10 essential tips for picking the perfect floating TV cabinet to pair with your mounted television:

Consider The Size – Match your cabinet width to your TV size for optimal fit

One of the most important things is ensuring your floating TV cabinet is properly sized for your television. Measure the width of your TV screen and look for a wall-mounted cabinet that matches or is slightly wider. Having a cabinet that’s too small will look awkward, while one that’s overly large can be bulky. The ideal is having the cabinet frame the TV subtly without overwhelming it.

Focus on Storage

Think about your storage needs when selecting a floating cabinet. Look for options with enclosed storage or shelves to stash devices, movies, games, etc. Closed cabinet spaces keep items concealed while open shelves allow easy access. Measure your components to ensure the cabinet offers adequate room inside.

Mind The Material

Mounting Your TV on The Wall. 10 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Floating TV Cabinet

Consider cabinet materials like wood or metal. Wood offers a classic warm look that pairs well with various decor styles from industrial to modern. Metal floating cabinets have an edgy, contemporary vibe. Ensure the material is durable and able to handle the weight of your mounted TV.

Add Glass Doors

Glass cabinet doors are a popular floating cabinet option. They maintain a streamlined, floating aesthetic while also hiding components when closed. Illuminated glass cabinets with interior lighting create a stylish focal point. Frosted, smoked or tinted glass help conceal contents.

Now that we’ve covered some design considerations, let’s look at functionality.

Include Cable Management

Messy cables ruining your sleek wall-mounted TV look? Quality floating cabinets integrate cable management features to neatly route cords, keep things organized and out of sight. Look for cutouts, channels, holes with brush lining or other discreet cable management solutions.

Mount It Securely

Mounting Your TV on The Wall. 10 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Floating TV Cabinet

Avoid cabinet calamities by securely mounting your floating TV cabinet into studs. Heavy-duty mounting brackets that anchor into studs can support cabinet weight. Ensure it can handle your specific TV and component load without sagging over time.

Adjust Shelving

Floating cabinets with adjustable shelves let you customize storage to fit your media components and accessories. Flexible configurations accommodate gaming consoles, receivers, disc players and more. Adjust shelves to fit your gear.

Light It Up

Ambient lighting transforms a functional floating TV cabinet into an eye-catching focal point. LED lighting along the top or bottom of the cabinet provides soft illumination. Some cabinets have illuminated interior shelving for a dramatic effect.

Floating cabinets are available in a wide range of styles – consider how it fits your room.

Go Minimalist

For contemporary spaces, a minimalist floating cabinet has a light, airy feel that puts the spotlight on your TV. Clean simple lines and frameless glass doors blend seamlessly into modern decor.

Choose Your Style

Beyond minimalism, you’ll find floating cabinets in styles from industrial to mid-century modern. Match the look to your home. Rustic barnwood cabinets complement farmhouse spaces, while sleek lacquered designs work well in glamorous rooms.

With the right floating TV cabinet, you can create a wall-mounted TV focal point that maximizes both form and function. Carefully measure your space, TV and components. Look for the ideal size cabinet with cable management, secure mounting and style elements like lighting or glass doors. With these tips, you’re sure to find the perfect floating cabinet!

When selecting a floating TV cabinet for your wall-mounted television, storage capacity is a key consideration. The right cabinet provides both hidden storage for media components and display space for decor.

Focus on Storage – Look for cabinets with enclosed storage or shelves

Think about how you’ll be using your wall-mounted setup when choosing a floating cabinet. Do you need storage for DVD players, gaming consoles, stereo receivers and other media gadgets? Closed cabinet storage offers out-of-sight clutter relief. Measure electronics to ensure adequate room. Consider easy-access open shelves for routine items like remotes. Or combine open and enclosed spots. Interior cabinet lighting illuminates contents.

For a streamlined look, closed cabinet storage keeps everything tucked away. Frosted or opaque glass doors maintain the floating appearance while hiding components. Shelving can adjust to fit equipment. Ample closed storage eliminates media clutter to keep your wall-mounted TV zone serene.

Open shelving provides grab-and-go access in a floating cabinet. Display decorative objects or frequently used items like tablets or oversized remotes. Just be sure to neatly maintain open shelves. Combining open display areas with enclosed cabinet storage gives the best of both worlds.

Specialized media storage like slide-out drawers or pull-out shelves optimize cabinet space. Designate specific zones like a drawer just for gaming accessories that can slide out of sight when not in use. Adjustable tie-downs keep components from shifting around.

Don’t forget about the little stuff. Look for integrated hooks to hang headphones, drawer organizers for cables, and outlets for powering devices. A cord access hole maintains a streamlined look by routing cables to your TV in a hidden channel.

For media libraries, find cabinets with CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc storage. Slotted cabinets keep enormous media collections organized. Or add multimedia storage units like LP bins for album collections.

A floating cabinet is essentially a piece of wall-mounted furniture. Approach the interior storage options like you would any other furniture purchase. Determine what you need to store and how you prefer to access it, then find the storage configurations that best suit your lifestyle. An organized media center reduces headaches when components are out of sight but still easily accessible.

The right floating TV cabinet minimizes visual clutter while providing ample organized storage. Whether you need closed cabinet spaces for extensive media collections or open shelves for decorative display, optimize for your storage needs.

Now let’s explore how the style and material of your floating cabinet impacts the overall aesthetic…