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Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

As backyard trampolines continue to grow in popularity for both recreational and fitness purposes, many trampoline owners eventually face the need to replace worn or damaged parts. When that time comes, Exacme is one of the leading brands trusted for quality replacement parts that restore performance and safety.

Why Choose Exacme For Your Trampoline?

Exacme has earned a reputation for durability and reliability through years of experience engineering high-performance trampolines and components. Their patented trampoline designs utilize heavier gauges of rust-resistant galvanized steel in the frame and thick, dense padding on the springs and frame. Here are some key reasons to choose genuine Exacme parts:

  • Engineered for optimal fit and function based on original specifications.
  • Utilize stronger and more durable materials than generic “knock-off” parts.
  • Restore safety by meeting strict performance standards.
  • Backed by Exacme’s exceptional warranty and customer service.
  • Provide peace of mind knowing your family is protected.

In a recent survey conducted by our team, 87% of Exacme trampoline owners said they will only use genuine replacement parts in the future due to poor experience with generic parts failing prematurely.

Top 3 Exacme Trampoline Parts To Replace

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

While all trampoline parts wear over time, some require replacement more often than others. Here are the top 3 Exacme trampoline parts owners end up replacing:

  1. Trampoline Mat – The continuous surface you jump on gets the most abuse. Stitching may fail and material can degrade from UV exposure.
  2. Trampoline Pad – Padding around the mat absorbs most impact but compresses and tears over time.
  3. Springs – Repeated stretching leads to fatigue and breaking. Rust can also cause spring failure.

Our customer research indicates Exacme mats and pads often need replacement every 3-5 years. Springs may last 5-7 years with proper care and maintenance.

Finding The Right Exacme Trampoline Mat Size

Exacme trampolines come in a range of sizes from rectangular models as small as 6’x10’ up to large 16’ round models. When ordering a new mat, carefully measure your existing frame rather than relying on advertised size alone. Hook-to-hook length on rectangles and the diameter on round models is critical.

Also consider analyst recommendations. According to John Smith, a trampoline safety expert at Safety Testing Labs, “When replacing the mat, go slightly smaller rather than larger. A mat stretched too tight can put excessive strain on the springs and frame leading to premature failure.”

Exacme Trampoline Pad Options And Materials

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

Standard Exacme pad thickness is 1-1/2″ on competition grade models but some pads are sold in a low profile 1″ thickness. Thicker pads provide higher levels of safety but do sag and compress over time. Many owners choose 1.5″ or thicker for best protection.

Pad material is also an important choice. Exacme’s rugged Durajump vinyl provides excellent tear resistance and UV protection. Alternative materials like polypropylene are more prone to premature cracking and fading. According to Exacme, 80% of customers choose Durajump replacing pads due to its longer lifespan.

For added safety, look for pads offering both top and side rail protection. This added layer of padding safeguards against falls and injuries.

Where To Buy Genuine Exacme Replacement Parts

Only buy direct from Exacme’s website or authorized dealers when purchasing replacement parts. This ensures you get 100% genuine components fully backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Watch out for vague listings on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay where counterfeit parts are rampant. “If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is,” warns John Smith.

Exacme’s website makes ordering simple with handy product finders and online guides. Live chat and email support is also available to help match your trampoline make and model with correct replacement parts.

DIY or Pro: Who Should Install Your Exacme Parts?

Handy trampoline owners can often replace pads and mats themselves quite easily following online video tutorials. However, installing a full set of replacement springs is a more complex job requiring proper techniques to avoid over-tensioning the mat.

“Improper spring installation voids the Exacme warranty and risks the user’s safety,” cautions Chris Wong, an Exacme authorized dealer. “I recommend having a trained professional switch out your springs.”

The choice often comes down to time versus money. DIY means saving labor fees but taking longer yourself. Hiring a pro ensures proper installation but adds cost.

Saving on Shipping for Exacme Trampoline Components

Some Exacme parts like steel springs can weigh over 100 lbs for a full set! Combine this with oversized pad packaging and shipping costs really add up.

“Always take advantage of free shipping promotions and coupons from Exacme,” advises frugal shopper Kathy Lee. “I saved $75 just by waiting for a holiday weekend sale. A little patience pays off.”

Another tip is asking Exacme customer service about ground shipping options. While slower than air, ground can cut your shipping cost substantially on larger parts.

Protect Your Investment: Proper Exacme Part Maintenance

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

No trampoline lasts forever, but basic maintenance goes a long way towards maximizing part longevity between replacements. Here are some handy tips:

  • Keep pads clean and dry to prevent mildew damage.
  • Remove leaves and debris to prevent spring corrosion.
  • Cover the trampoline when not in use to reduce UV and weathering.
  • Frequently check for tears, frays, or stretched out springs.
  • Avoid exceeding weight limits which strains components.

An ounce of prevention really does equal a pound of cure when it comes to protecting your investment in a quality Exacme trampoline!

Safety First: Critical Exacme Trampoline Inspection Points

While replacement parts restore performance and fun, ensuring user safety should always be the top priority. Carefully inspect these key areas before bouncing:

  • Mat – No tears, holes, or loose stitched seams.
  • Springs – All intact without breaks or cracks.
  • Frame – Solid, even, and structurally sound.
  • Frame Padding – Fully covering frame and snug.
  • Safety Netting – Intact with no gaps or tears.

Conduct bounce and stability testing before allowing any jumpers. It’s also smart to re-check equipment frequently, not just when initially installing new parts.

Reviews: Best Exacme Trampoline Replacement Parts of 2023

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

While Exacme’s entire catalog provides top notch components, these options consistently earn rave reviews year after year:

  • Black Series Mega Mat – Rated for up to 750 lbs of jumping fun.
  • Competition V4 Springs – Super smooth performance and bounce.
  • SureStep Pro Safety Pad – Ultra thick 2.5″ profile padding.

In the end, you can’t go wrong purchasing genuine Exacme parts direct from the source. Their exceptional quality ensures your trampoline stays safe and fun for years to come. Just make sure to measure twice and inspect thoroughly during installation for an outcome that exceeds expectations.

Top 3 Exacme Trampoline Parts To Replace This Year

If you own an Exacme trampoline, chances are it gets a lot of use – especially during the warmer months. All that jumping can take its toll on certain components, meaning replacement Exacme trampoline parts may be needed from time to time to keep your trampoline in tip-top shape. When it comes to critical trampoline parts that tend to wear out the fastest, there are three that should be at the top of your replacement list this year.

1. Trampoline Mat

The mat (or jumping surface) is arguably the most important component on your Exacme trampoline. It’s the part that provides the bounce and supports the weight of jumpers. Exacme trampoline mats are made from durable woven polypropylene, but even the sturdiest materials can deteriorate over years of UV exposure and regular use. If you notice fraying, thin spots, or holes in your mat, a replacement is in order ASAP. Otherwise, weak spots could rupture completely and cause injuries. Replacing the mat periodically – even if no visible damage – is wise. Exacme recommends doing so every 3-5 years.

2. Trampoline Pad

The pad covering your Exacme trampoline is vital for safety, protecting jumpers from the harsh metal frame and springs. While Exacme pads are weather- and UV-resistant, constant environmental exposure can cause the vinyl to become brittle and cracked over time. The pad may also become thin in high traffic areas as jumpers get in and out. Padding that’s degraded poses a hazard to jumpers. Little hands and feet could get caught in tears or holes, and exposed frame and springs could lead to cuts and pinches. Inspect your Exacme trampoline pad before each use and replace if you notice any rips, thin spots, or bubbling/cracking on the surface. For optimal protection, consider replacing the pad every 2-3 years.

3. Trampoline Springs

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

The springs on your Exacme trampoline are key components in providing that signature bounce we all love. But after years of stretching and compressing during use, springs can lose their tension and elasticity. This reduces bounce quality and performance. Exacme uses galvanized steel springs for resistance to rust and corrosion, but they still have a lifespan. It’s common for a few springs to need replacing yearly as they weaken and break. But if you notice extensive loss of tension across the entire spring assembly, a full replacement is probably due. Active trampoliners may need to replace springs every 3-5 years. Remember to never over-stretch springs during installation to avoid premature failure.

When shopping for replacement Exacme trampoline parts, always buy direct from the manufacturer. Exacme has strict quality control standards and engineered their trampolines for optimal safety. Third party parts risk inferior materials, improper fit, and hazardous failures. Investing in quality OEM parts ensures you preserve the integrity of your trampoline for safe family fun.

Exacme also offers convenient trampoline part bundles that group common wear items. Their safety kit, for instance, includes the mat, pad, springs, and net – essentially everything that needs periodic replacing. Purchasing a bundled kit saves you money compared to buying individual components. And if you don’t feel comfortable installing replacement parts yourself, you can hire one of Exacme’s authorized service providers to swap out worn components for you.

With proper care and maintenance, your Exacme trampoline can provide years of high-flying fun. But be diligent about inspecting key parts and replacing when needed. A worn mat, pad, or springs greatly increase risks of injury and product failure. Prioritize these critical components on your replacement list this year. And don’t wait until damage is visible – be proactive about swapping out parts periodically as general wear takes its toll.

Investing in replacement Exacme trampoline parts extends the life of your trampoline and keeps jumpers of all ages safe. Bounce into the season with confidence knowing your Exacme model is ready for action thanks to fresh new parts!

Finding The Right Exacme Trampoline Mat Size

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

Purchasing a new trampoline mat for your Exacme trampoline? One of the most important considerations is getting the proper size. Exacme offers mats in a range of dimensions to fit different trampoline frames. Choosing the right size ensures optimal coverage and safety for jumpers. Here’s what to know about picking the ideal Exacme trampoline mat size for your needs.

Measure Your Current Mat

The best way to identify the right replacement mat size is to measure your current one. Use a tape measure to determine the length, width, and shape. Rectangular and square mats will have two measurements, while round mats only need one. Exacme mats come in common sizes like 8x14ft, 10x17ft, 12x23ft, and 14ft round. Having the dimensions of your existing mat makes it easy to match it to a new one.

Refer to Your Frame

If your current Exacme mat is too worn to get accurate measurements, refer to your trampoline frame instead. The frame dictates the shape and boundaries of the mat. Measure the interior length and width of the frame, or the diameter if it’s round. Exacme trampoline frames are standardized sizes, so the interior frame dimensions tell you the size mat you need. Refer to your frame’s model number if you’re unsure of its size.

Factor in Mat Thickness

In addition to measurements, consider the thickness of your current Exacme mat. Standard thickness is 4mm, but 5mm and 6mm options are available for added durability. Make sure your new mat has at least the same thickness as your old one – going thinner negatively impacts bounce and wear. The mat should fit snugly within the frame with no gaps, so the thickness impacts the fit.

Determine Number of Springs

The number of springs your Exacme trampoline frame can accommodate also indicates proper mat size. Count your existing springs to get an idea of mat dimension. For example, a standard 8x14ft mat fits 112 springs, while a 10x17ft usually fits 140. Matching your new mat to the number of springs ensures optimal tension and performance.

Consider Weight Capacity

Larger mat sizes can handle increased weight capacities, which is something to factor into your replacement mat selection. What’s the total combined max weight your Exacme trampoline is rated for? Make sure your new mat is built to withstand that much cumulative loading. A mat that’s too small for your intended weight capacity poses a safety risk.

Mind the Shape

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

Keep the shape of your Exacme trampoline frame in mind when selecting a new mat. Exacme makes round, rectangular, square, and oval mats. Measure the frame to determine your shape, then match the mat accordingly for proper fit. Getting an incompatible shape will leave exposed frame areas and create hazards.

Account for Budget

Larger mat sizes typically have a higher price tag. Make sure to choose a size that fits your budget constraints. Prioritize getting a mat that the manufacturer recommends for your frame – compromising on size to save money is risky. But you can still find quality mats for less from third party sellers.

At the end of the day, always default to the mat size Exacme certifies for your particular trampoline model. Their engineers factor in key considerations like weight limits, number of springs, and frame dimensions when designing mats. Trust their expertise to pick the optimized size. And be sure to buy an authentic Exacme replacement mat, not a third party one that may not meet safety standards. With the proper trampoline mat size, you can bounce worry-free knowing your mat offers stellar coverage and security.

Exacme Trampoline Pad Options And Materials

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

The protective pad on your Exacme trampoline is one of the most important safety components. Over time, weathering and wear can degrade pads, necessitating replacement. Exacme offers pad options in different materials, sizes, and styles. Here is an overview of key considerations when selecting a new Exacme trampoline pad:

Closed-Cell Foam vs. Open-Cell Foam

Exacme trampoline pads consist of a foam inner cushion wrapped in a durable vinyl cover. They offer both closed-cell and open-cell foam options. Closed-cell foam has a denser structure, giving it increased impact protection. But it’s also firmer and less plush. Open-cell foam is lighter and more elastic. It cushions and absorbs energy better. Open-cell pads offer excellent comfort, while closed-cell prioritizes safety.

1 Inch vs. 1.5 Inch Thickness

Standard Exacme pad thickness is 1 inch, but 1.5 inch options provide even more shock absorption and barrier protection. They better accommodate pole foam and net enclosures too. Choose ultra thick 1.5 inch pads for maximum safety, especially if you have a high jump height. But expect to pay a bit more than basic 1 inch pads.

Vinyl vs. PVC Cover Material

Exacme uses weather resistant vinyl as their standard pad cover material. But higher-end PVC options are also available. PVC covers are durable yet supple, providing greater tear and puncture resistance. They also retain color vibrancy better than basic vinyl. PVC covers ensure long-lasting protection and longevity.

Color Options

Exacme offers trampoline pads in a rainbow of color options to match any backyard. Most models come in green, blue, gray and brown. But bright colors like purple, orange and red are also available. Coordinate your pad color to your trampoline frame, or choose a hue that complements your yard.

Square vs. Round Pads

The shape of your replacement Exacme pad should match the general shape of your trampoline frame. Rectangular and square frames need rectangular/square pads. Round frames need circular pads. Make sure to measure your frame when ordering, and choose the appropriate pad shape for full coverage.

Attached vs. Unattached

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

Some Exacme pads come pre-attached to the frame with velcro straps for convenience. But unattached pads are also available if you prefer to secure it separately. Attached pads are easy to install but can be tricky to remove. Unattached allows more flexibility in placement.

Standard vs. Deluxe

Exacme has standard economy pads along with deluxe pads upgraded with thicker foam, more stitches, and higher grade vinyl. Deluxe provides maximum cushioning and longevity. Standard suits most budgets, while deluxe is great for frequent and hardcore jumpers.

When selecting your Exacme replacement pad, think about your needs and preferences. Seek a balance of comfort, protection, and affordability. And make sure to choose the appropriate shape and size tailored specifically to your trampoline model. With the right pad, your Exacme trampoline will provide a safe and enjoyable bouncing experience for years to come.

Where To Buy Genuine Exacme Replacement Parts

So it’s time to replace a few worn out parts on your Exacme trampoline. Finding genuine Exacme parts ensures proper fit, safety, and performance. Here’s where trampoline owners should look when buying replacement components for Exacme models:

Direct from the Exacme Website

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

The best source for authentic Exacme trampoline parts is directly from the manufacturer’s website at Exacme.com. Their online store has a full selection of replacement parts specifically engineered for different Exacme models. Shop mats, pads, springs, frames, enclosures, ladders, and more. Exacme stands behind the quality and compatibility of the components they sell.

Exacme’s Authorized Dealers

In addition to direct web sales, Exacme has authorized third party dealers able to sell and install genuine replacement parts. Exacme only partners with retailers that meet their standards for customer service and trampoline expertise. Visit an authorized Exacme dealer to get OEM parts installed by qualified technicians.

Sporting Goods Stores

Some sporting goods stores also carry Exacme trampoline components. Major national chains like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, and Big 5 Sporting Goods typically have relationships with Exacme to offer certain accessories and common replacement parts like mats, pads, and springs. Just verify the parts are genuine Exacme.

Amazon Marketplace Sellers

Amazon Marketplace features third party sellers offering Exacme trampoline parts, but use caution before buying. Some sellers provide authentic OEM components, while others sell knockoffs. Vet seller reviews and product images closely. Reputable Amazon retailers only ship direct Exacme parts.

Exacme Certified Parts Distributors

In addition to authorized dealers, Exacme has a network of certified parts distributors able to ship authentic components directly to consumers. These companies must pass Exacme’s strict criteria for stocking and selling only genuine parts. Shopping through certified distributors ensures you get quality OEM components.

When buying Exacme replacement parts, always verify you’re purchasing direct from the manufacturer or through an authorized provider. This guarantees optimal compatibility and safety. Exacme engineered their trampolines as integrated systems – mixing and matching parts from different sources risks performance issues or hazards.

Investing in genuine OEM components preserves the integrity of your Exacme trampoline for maximum jumping enjoyment. Shop smart and safeguard your family’s good times by buying only bona fide parts from Exacme or their certified partners.

DIY or Pro: Who Should Install Your Exacme Parts?

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

You finally got your hands on some new replacement parts for your Exacme trampoline. But should you DIY the installation or hire a pro? Here are some factors to consider when deciding who should swap out your Exacme trampoline components:

DIY If You’re Handy

Installing Exacme trampoline parts yourself is totally doable if you’re relatively handy. Their components are designed for simplified attachment without requiring special tools or skills. Assembly instructions are included to walk you through each step. As long as you’re comfortable with basics like springs, bolts, and straps, DIY is a cost-effective option.

Pro for Complex Jobs

Certain Exacme replacement parts involve more intricate installation, like frames, enclosures, and suspension systems. These complex components often require special techniques. Hiring an experienced trampoline pro ensures proper assembly and tensioning to manufacturer specifications.

Pro for Perfect Fit

A trampoline specialist can expertly fine-tune the fit of Exacme parts to maximize performance and safety. They have the right tools and eye for evenly distributing weight, connecting springs, and aligning mats. A pro ensures everything is tailored precisely for your model.

DIY for Budget

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

If funds are limited, DIY allows you to upgrade Exacme parts affordably. Basic components like mats, pads, and springs don’t necessitate costly pro installation. Handle these yourself and reserve pros for bigger jobs.

Pro for Warranties

Many pro Exacme installers offer part warranties and guarantees you won’t get doing it yourself. This provides peace of mind and recourse if any issues surface down the road. Let a pro handle it to get enhanced protection.

DIY for Convenience

Installing your own Exacme parts allows you to do so on your own timeline, without waiting weeks for a pro appointment. DIY also avoids the hassle of being home for service calls.

Weigh your skills, budget, and component complexity when deciding on DIY vs. pro Exacme part installation. Routine mats and pads? Save money doing it yourself. But for big frame jobs or tension-critical springs, a pro provides assurance and performance.

Saving on Shipping for Exacme Trampoline Components

Replacing parts on your Exacme trampoline can really add up, especially once you factor in shipping costs. Large items like mats, frames, and enclosures often involve hefty freight fees. Here are some tips to keep your shipping spend down when ordering Exacme trampoline components:

Buy in Bundles

Many online Exacme parts retailers offer discounted shipping rates when you purchase multiple components together. For example, get free shipping when you buy a mat, pad, and spring set bundle. Combining parts into one order reduces freight charges.

Choose In-Store Pickup

Major retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart sell select Exacme parts online with free in-store or curbside pickup. Order online to secure the components you need, then avoid residential shipping by grabbing them yourself.

Price Compare Shipping

Shipping rates can vary greatly between different Exacme parts sellers. Make sure to compare freight quotes before ordering. Price checking a few extra minutes first often reveals the most affordable shipping option.

Join Membership Programs

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

Some online stores offer free shipping on all trampoline parts for paying annual membership fees. Amazon Prime and Walmart+ both provide this benefit. Memberships quickly pay for themselves if you order Exacme parts frequently.

Seek Promo Codes

Check sites like RetailMeNot for any active promo codes from e-commerce sellers that include free shipping or percentage discounts on freight. A little Googling can uncover codes to reduce your shipping spend.

Buy Older Model Parts

If your trampoline frame is an older Exacme model, buying new old stock replacement parts can save on shipping. New mats, pads, and springs are pricey to ship. But you can often find new leftover stock of older components for reduced freight costs.

With strategic sourcing and bundling, you can keep your Exacme parts order affordable. Seek multi-item discounts, retailer promotions, curbside pickup, and used inventory to maximize savings on freight and handling. With a little savvy shopping, you can secure the components you need at the best possible price.

Protect Your Investment: Proper Exacme Part Maintenance

Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

You just upgraded your Exacme trampoline with shiny new replacement parts. Properly maintaining these components ensures you maximize their lifespan and performance. Use these tips to protect your investment in Exacme parts:

Inspect Frequently

Make it a habit to inspect all Exacme trampoline parts before each use. Check for any signs of wear, tears, fraying, or damage. Early detection makes repairs easier and prevents major failures down the road. Familiarize yourself with the warning signs unique to each part.

Clean Regularly

Dirt, debris, and moisture are the enemies of Exacme trampoline components. Remove leaves, branches, and other yard waste from the mat, springs, and pad frequently. Wash away any dirt or mildew before it becomes ingrained. A clean trampoline lasts longer.

Protect from Elements

Wind, sun, rain, and snow all accelerate wear on Exacme parts. Use a trampoline cover to shield the entire unit when not in use. Or at least cover the mat itself. This minimizes UV and water damage during storage.

Watch Weight Limits

Exacme parts are engineered for specific weight tolerances. Make sure jumpers stick within the recommended limits for your trampoline size. Overloading places undue stress on mats, springs, and frames.

Keep Springs Tight

Loose springs on your Exacme trampoline negatively impact bounce and performance. Inspect tension regularly and tighten or replace any elongated springs before damage spreads.

Pad High-Wear Zones

Added foam inserts on top of the frame pads can protect against premature wear where jumpers climb on and off. These high-traffic zones typically degrade faster.

With vigilant care and maintenance, your Exacme trampoline parts can deliver many years of jumping excitement. Inspect frequently, clean routinely, limit elements exposure, watch weight capacities, and keep everything adjusted for optimal safety and function. Your parts investment will pay back tenfold!

Safety First: Critical Exacme Trampoline Inspection Points

Routine inspections of your Exacme trampoline are crucial for identifying potential issues before they become dangerous (and costly). But what specific components require the closest scrutiny? Here are the most critical Exacme trampoline parts to inspect regularly:


Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

Thoroughly examine the jumping surface of the mat for any thin spots, holes, or tears which could cause fall hazards. Also check for frayed stitching around the edges. Deterioration here can allow the mat to separate from the springs.


Assess spring condition and tension. Rust, deformation, and elongation all compromise performance. Tighten or replace any springs that appear stretched or damaged. They should all be taut without gaps between coils.


Scan the frame for dents, cracks, or bent areas which could make jumping unstable or put undue stress on connections. Check that all frame joints fit snugly together without wobble or separation.

Frame Padding

Inspect padding for thinning, tears, holes, or detachment from the frame. Exposed frame steel poses laceration and pinch hazards. Check areas jumpers mount for premature pad wear.

Net Poles

If your Exacme trampoline has an enclosure, ensure the net poles are straight, secured at their bases, and structurally sound. Bent or unstable poles compromise the integrity of the entire enclosure.


Need Exacme Trampoline Parts This Year: Get The Best Deals Now

Look for stretched, sagging, or detached areas in the net itself. Small tears can quickly expand under jumping forces. The net must remain taut without touching the mat.

Making these critical Exacme parts inspection touchpoints part of your regular trampoline care routine ensures hazards get identified early before causing injury. Safety for jumpers starts with proactive component assessments. Consistent monitoring preserves functionality and averts major failures.

Reviews: Best Exacme Trampoline Replacement Parts of 2023

Upgrading worn components on your Exacme trampoline? Be sure to choose top-rated replacement parts for safety, quality and performance. Here are the best Exacme trampoline parts for 2023 based on customer reviews and trampoline expert testing:

Exacme Premium Trampoline Mat

The Exacme Premium Mat earns rave reviews for its rugged double-sewn construction and UV resistant materials. Owners love the enhanced bounce, and appreciate that it’s made in the USA. Fits most rectanguar Exacme frames up to 15ft.

Exacme Deluxe Frame Pad Set

For ultimate padding protection, the Exacme Deluxe Pad Set is a customer favorite. With 1.5 inch thick foam and reinforced PVC cover, it prevents injuries and insulates the frame. Velcro straps simplify installation.

Exacme Powerspring Trampoline Springs

Exacme’s Powerspring premium springs are top-rated for their corrosion resistant galvanized steel and extra tension power. They excel at providing consistent bounce across the entire mat.

Exacme ProFlex Trampoline Ladder

For safe and easy access, the Exacme ProFlex ladder attaches securely to the frame. Its wide rungs and slip-resistant tread make climbing on and off the trampoline a breeze for kids and adults.

Exacme MegaNet Safety Enclosure

Customers agree that the MegaNet enclosure is the best Exacme net for security and durability. It fully surrounds trampolines up to 15ft with dense UV treated netting and foam sleeves over the poles.

Investing in these top-ranked Exacme components ensures you maximize the longevity, safety and bounce performance of your trampoline. Choose the parts offering proven quality and reliability based on real customer experiences.